I know it's cool to bash Pokemon, but this is the objective truth...

I know it's cool to bash Pokemon, but this is the objective truth. This is what people mean when they say it has the most accessibility when it comes to competitive and more.

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>>520853850>streamlining>by removing all content and being a hallway simulatorIGNorant

how many times are you gonna spam this thread

Please post this in the containment board. Thank you

Best selling games since Gold/Silver

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they can't be stopped.

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>>520853990>>by removing all content and being a hallway simulatorWhat Pokemon game, other than Gen 2 and 4 (since Gen 1 and 3 were bare bones) removed content that isn't gimmicks?

>>520853990>hallway simulatorIt's been this way since Gen 5, but apparently people care now? Which is interesting to think about cause Gen 5 is praised years after release.

>>520854352Time to surpass 23 mil!

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>>520854352Pokegirls sell anything.

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>>520854685Gen 5 had a lot of optional stuff on routes despite them feeling more linear if all you cared about was getting from A to B. It was the best of both worlds.

>>52085477323 million what?

>>520854471Maybe take a good look at my list of returning shit: pastebin.com/raw/ZEvYmaGgAlso, doesn't matter if it's a gimmick. Shinies were a gimmick that increases the amount of model work needed and didn't give any actual gameplay use. They got to stay. Unless they delete them anything else isn't any excuse for the rest.

>>520855721There is no modelling work involved with shinies.

Good thread.

>>520854352Wow, Leon and Raihan looking weird.

>>520855426of refunds

>Sword and Shield are the b-Stopped reading there. fucking lol

>>520853850>Baiting with an IGN screenshotA Bionicle vidya thread died for this user!

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>>520855343lol you gen v faggots get mad at nostalgia pandering in the new games but then always try bring up the world tournament as if it was a good feature

>>520853850>competitive pokemonpffffftttt ahahahahaha

>>520856836It's sad that there are people who actually think it's fun to go online and stomp eight years using injected monsters

>>520853850Fuck you 90% of the main game is making choices about what Pokemon you want for your team it fucking sucks when everything is auto leveled and you can switch Pokemon form the box in the field

>>520857098It's not even that. There is so much RNG involved in Pokemon that you might as well play Mario Party competitively.

>>520853850>its the bestApparently its not because everybody says its shit.


>>520857916HMs were fucking garbage, are you seriously complaining about them getting removed?

>>520853850I really don't care about the opinions of people who seriously care about the competitive aspect of a JRPG.

>>520853850>the nintendo bonus doesn't exi-

>>520857231Why is RNG a bad thing again? Go run simulations instead of playing other people you fucking autist

>>520854340XY sold insanely well too and those were dogshit

>>520857972>HMs were fucking garbageand that was the fucking pointdo you think the best shit is just gonna be sitting around in the open? no, is it fuck.now it is and I hate one of the only games I have enjoyed throughout my lifenot only has this destroyed pokemon, it's gave nintendo the signal that DLC is completely fine for pokemon. Not a random event island or a mystery gift, no, DLC.On top of this, they also killed off the best family of systems to ever exist; the gameboy/DS

>>520857231meh, RNG in card games are more egregious since most card games are played competively

>>520853850Once you've played Showdown, there isn't really going back.The main games do a terrible job in having content of any kind, and the grind to even comfortably set up Online Battles on cart without hacking could be used to play on fucking VGC Showdown.

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>>520857814Outside of your bubble, sales say otherwise

>>520853850Did they ditch HMs finally?

>>520853850This is true, at least everything said after the comma

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>>520858468Yes finally. Now it's Pokemon (not in your party) that you summon for HM shit like flying and surfing

>>520858585that was in SM. In SwSh your bike just turns into a "water bike" that you ride on the water.

>>520858250This.Who cares about catching and training, the only things that matters are the battles.


Gamefreak should make a TCG based game next

Getting rid of HMs was a good move and anyone opposed to it has literally autism

>>520858076Because it introduces random unwavering chance into the game, which can influence or even determine the results. I understand that RNG is implemented in many games to make every match/battle unpredictable and different, thus fun, but it comes at the expense of the skill involved.>>520858237True.

>>520854685>GEN5GEN5GEN5Shut the FUCK up, fucking FOAZ.

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>>520859213What does FOAZ even mean?

>>520859407friend of all zionists

>>520859407father of all zombies

>>520859407Father of all zombies.

B/W was peak

>>520853990Only going to get worse from here on out.

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The issue is that there's nothing pushing you to play the games anymore.I remember in Red/Blue as a kid constructing my own team and choosing the Pokemon that would carry you through the game. At least some challenge was there. That slight challenge would pressure you into thinking about how you would choose Pokemon and moves.The series has been whittling away at that in every generation until there's nothing left. The games are so piss easy and brain-dead, constructing a team is purely for appearances.Pokemon has always been "streamlined". It's the simplest RPG out there. What kind of tedious traditions did they drop exactly? You still have to trade to evolve your Kadabra or Haunter. EV training and catching correct natures is has always been pointless in-game. Low encounter rate Pokemon are probably still in the game. They solved the HM stuff before Sword and Shield.Soon, Pokemon is just going to be a visual novel. And I know some visual novels that are 100x more complex than Pokemon.

>>520858228>it's gave nintendo the signal that DLC is completely fine for pokemon.yeah, it's better than buying the super version a year later and trivializing your base version purchase.

Not really. The single player is absolute shit and all the good shit is about making it easy to get into competitive.Do you think "journalists" understand shit about VGC? They don't, so they are picking a shitty rpg and calling it good

>>520853850ORAS had the best streamlining though

>>520855721>pairEnd this meme once and for all.One Pokemon version per gen. One Yellow, one Emerald, one Platinum, and so on. No more split versions.

>>520861295What's the point of trading Pokemon then? Make an MMO with aution house for perfect species?

>>520861803Trading has always been a meme. For a ton of the beginning gens, you'd be hard pressed to even be able to accomplish a trade because you needed a link cable. How many kids had one of those?Then you also need to know other people playing it at the same time. Like, if you go back right now and play Firered, do you know a friend that's also playing and will trade with you?Trading is also needed for evolutions and the later trading systems were stupid there too. Again, you need to know someone that will trade back immediately with you. Maybe on a message board?

>>520863025Top tier bait, well done

>>520863612>everything I don't like is bait

>>520863743I refuse to believe that isn't bait. For one thing the link cable came packaged with the first gen Game Boy, anyone that played Red and Blue (and coming from someone that was in fifth grade, they were everywhere at school) on it when it first came out had one or knew someone that did. Trading was a damn breeze back in the day, that user's talking out of their ass.

>>520863891Devil's advocate; this was absolutely 100% true for kids and teens, but if you were an adult playing Pokemon you'd have a rougher time.

>>520854340>more markets>more gamers>more gamer girls>less good games on the market>still sells less than games that were played on original game boybravo

>>520860727At least you can only buy the 3rd game and be fine. Now you have no choice to be fucked out of your money.

>>520853850>S&S sold the most copies since Gold and SilverIt's over, pokebros. They sold 18.2 million units.

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What I wanna know is how long GF is gonna be able to keep 2 versions costing $60 each going.

>>520853990IGN journos say you are acting Toxic.

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>>520860727>buy a single game for 45 dollars and have the best version>buy a 60 dollar game with two 30 dollar expansionsHow is this better?

>>520866315>ToxicFuck people who use that word to descripe things that are not toxins

>>520866649When the dlc comes out you don't even have to buy it. Regardless of the DLC you can use all the new Pokemon that get added.

>>520866649>look, I wait 2 years for $10 GOTY while others get shaftHow cool.

>>520863025Idk if you were playing games when early Pokémon was a thing but literally everyone I knew who had Pokémon also had a link cable.

>>520866997You could pretty much bank on them putting out the imporved version in the next holiday season. Now you have to buy the base game, two expansions, a Switch Online sub, and a Pokemon Home sub if you want to have the best version.

>>520853850Don't even care anymore, the series is dead to me. I'll just replay Colosseum, XD, Ruby, and Pearl until I'm dead. They can continue to run this series into the fucking core of the planet for all I care.

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>>520854340>install base of 50+ million>most valued brand in existence>one of the most anticipated titles on the Switch by brand name alone>first mainline "console" entry in the series>contains new Pokemon, region, and Pokegirls to generate another wave of 34Woah...who could've possibly guessed this would sell...millions???

>>520867686Same poster, also Battle Revolution

I just wanted a nice urban RPG but they removed so many aspects that its fucked.We're at the point where Pokemon doesnt even have dungeons anymore.

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>>520864260>if you were an adult playing PokemonI found your problem

>>520853850>IGNIGN is known for its nintendo cock sucking that they have made an entire separate youtube channel to shill Nintendo games.all of their reviews are worthless like how COD kept getting 9s and 10

>>520867782Kids back in the day could clear Rock Tunnel without Flash, but now anything that isn't a linear tunnel with road signs is "too hard".

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>>520854685Gen 5 is absolutely fucking not a hallway sim Castelia Sewers one of the biggest dungeons in the franchise

>>520854340The data is pretty skewed considering it's the first console Pokemon game (Let's go isn't a real Pokemon game, even the director said it).

Gen 4 remake fucking where.I don't care. I waited too long for this shit.

>>520868246yes but people who use gen 5 as a scapegoat pretend only B/W exists

>>520868263Go play Renegade Platinum or Flawless Platinum or fucking anything elseModern Gamefreak will only shit up Sinnoh

>>520853990The DLC fixes both of these as it adds a lot of content and the entire overworld is an open area

>>520863891>>520867015damn, I must've missed out. I started with yellow and I didn't have one.

>people didn't like HMsHMs actually put some RPG into those games.>can go through the tunnel without seeing shit and skip certain parts of the map>or get the HM needed to light the tunnel up making it a lot easierBut no, they had to remove them because autists didn't feel like teaching one of their spare Pokemon those moves.>BUT I NEED TO HAVE IT IN MY TEAM SO I CAN SURF ON WATER WHENEVER I WANT EVEN THOUGH THAT BARELY HAPPENS AND JUST SWAPPING A POKEMON OUT FOR A TEMPORARY TOUR IS TOO MUCH OF A HASSLE Thanks Gamefreak for making those games a boring ass streamlined experience where every playthrough is the same

>>520868397Many of them admit they never touched BW2, so that explains a lot. It's a bit similar to me, I think gen 3 is fucking trash but I also never played Emerald, and people think it's one of the best pokemon games.

>>520868475You shouldn't have to pay for fixes. Its a bigger insult that they hide fixes to issues behind a paywall even though it should have been in the base game if anything.

>>520868263>wanting them to make another remakeanon at this rate the gen4 remake will make ORAS look like a masterpiece just picture it:>mt coronet simplified for drooling zoomers>team galactic made more "lighthearted" because they are still trying to catch the lighting in a bottle that was team skull>ignores every PT improvement>railroads the gym, no more branching paths>the battle island is DLC

>no more RPG elements>no more collecting with the national dex being gone/gimpedWhy exactly do people play those games anymore? Just because POKEMON?

>>520860314>what is the battle tower>what is restricted sparring

>>520868707waifus and furryshit

adult pokemon fans are as bad as adult disney fans

>>520858585Thank god, I hate overcoming obstacles with my pokemon.All they had to do is let any pokemon capable of using an hm use it, without it taking up a move slot.Also get rid of the annoying "are you sure you want to smash that rock/surf/dive?" prompts, maybe make it an option in the menu

>>520868707Yes, just because Pokémon, and they will keep doing soPokémon has far & away the most braindead consumers of any Video Game media franchise ( And that's saying a lot given the competition, even just within Nintendo players that are already known for never buying anything but 1st party games ).

>>520868707dude for the experience lmao, even tho galar is by far the shittiest region yet, legit made me miss alola at least that was a nicely decorated hallway

>>520868687>you shouldn't have to pay for fixesWhat do you think Yellow/Crystal/Emerald/etc were for?

>>520853850>IGNAren't these the same fags that are willing to deduct point off games if it's too hard for them or because they're too stupid to understand a basic mechanic? Make sense why they think S&S is good then if it's just a game that holds your hands

>>520865409Nobody fucking does this unless they just weren’t interested or missed the time period when the original came out.>heh, dumbass I just wait 2 years to save 40 bucks gottem

>>520869034These are also the people that tried to hide the fact that they were playing on Easy Mode in a Pac-Man game but failed to do so because they mentioned in their review that the Ending was unsatisfying, which was due to it being because of Easy Mode.It was fun seeing a Dev BTFO IGN for that.

>>520854340Now imagine how much they could sell if the game was actually good

>>520868964Yellow was a worse experience imo though I agree on the others. It still is a shitty practice that they've been doing all this time yet there is barely any backlash for it especially in this day and age where you can patch things in.

>>520853850I haven't seen anyone argue that it isn't the best in the series, the issue with it for me personally is that this entry in particular has made it incredibly apparent how stale the franchise is due to its lack of innovation since generation III/IV. A Pokemon game from 15 years ago is pretty much identical to a Pokemon game today, all that's different is a graphical update and a one off gimmick like Poffins

>>520856836i wonder if the people who laugh at the idea of competitive pokémon are actually just losers who love playing against the garbage AI found in the singleplayer. they can't beat anyone, so the AI is all that they have.

>>520868707Because people like cutesy animals and people like being able to do what they want. It's a hit for kids, it's a hit for people who like cute shit. It's an insane market. The RPG element has always played a massive backseat bar the autists and the people who forcefully try to challenge themselves using underpowered Pokemon or doing insane shit. You know the game's easy when you can beat most of the game using unevolved Little Cup Pokemon without using items. Over the span of 2018-2020, the web has absolutely exploded with people trying to beat the game with some underpowered Pokemon without items, because the game is just that undertuned.How there hasn't been another company in the span of 20 years dethroning Pokemon (maybe Temtem? Doubt it but eh) is amazing. Do people not go outdoors and see the retarded dress-up shit and cuddling and whatever people do to their animals?

>>520853850>without losing any of the charmSword and Shield had no charm to begin with. The most bizarre thing about it is how it takes place in London and half the NPCs are brown. Japan is undeniably based.

>>520854352Why is the modern pokemon fanbase full of pedos?

>>520869863>Japan is undeniably based.Japan used to be based when they were passionate about making games.now they only care about making shovelware for coomers and to sell plushies.

>>520858228There's no functional difference between HM's and a super bike or whatever the fuck the replacement is besides not having to carry around a useless Pokémon with a shit move. The "best shit" is still gated off until you have the proper requirements.Ironically, Sw/Sh don't really have these issues because of on the go Pokémon switching and gimped movepools.

>>520866649it's 30 dollar for both expansions

>>520869863This. I played Sword and it felt like it had no charm at all. There wasn't any real villain in the game the gang was just a boring uninteresting filler gatekeeper and nothing came out of their involvement at all. You didn't feel like you were accomplishing much of anything with how the other characters pretty much just told you to ignore the threat and let then take care of everything. Atleast Sun and Moon you actually got to be involved with the story and team Skull and Guzma and see their fun characteristics and Ultra Beasts were cool.

>>520869908>modernThey grew up

>>520869908Most of Nintendo fans are pedos because nintendo allow them to be close to and play with children

>>520870514their taste in girls didn't though

>>520868131>Be 4>Gen 1>Not native English>Game not available in native language>Get stuck on the Safari section>Found Surf but did not understand how to use it>Restart game at some point>Be 5>Finally understand Surf + water = water travel>Mind blownI also didn't understand I had to get the drink for the guard so I could go to Sabrina. Figuring shit out when you're a kid, good times. So for the longest time I beat every gym except Sabrina and Giovanni. Getting stuck in Poke Mansion was fun too.

>>520870428It's a such a shame sun and moon was an easy snore fest too. That game had some neat ideas I liked

>>520870428I never thought I'd say "I miss Ultra Beasts" but I guess we're here now, and that's just what we're at

>>520869908>Pedos Drawings aren’t real girls stupid

>>520854340Wow, glad to see my favorites, Diamond and Pearl, were at number 3 before Sw/Sh

>>520853850Last pokemon game I played was Sun. I told myself I wouldn't bother with sword and shield until the inevitable sequel gets released a year later. What are the chances of that happening?