Why does Nintendo keep messing up with Metroid?

Why does Nintendo keep messing up with Metroid?

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>>520851464My wife

Honestly two bad games out of fourteen isn't bad.

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>>520851464Is there some kind of Miyamoto Mandate to make them bad on purpose for some raisin?

They tried too hard to do something different than what we're used to seeing. On one hand it's not necessarily a bad thing because the experiment was made and we know how it turned out.

Nintendo have been autistic retards about most of their IP for the past ten fucking years or so.

we need more gimmickswe need to appeal to 2d playerswe need to appeal to prime playerswe need samus to be a stoic badasswe need samus to be an overly emotional waifu

>>520851464The Zero Suit is gay, why can't she be in a leotard?

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>>520851464Just remembered that FOW was planning a Samus video where she would have died at the end. I think it was going to be some Ridley vore. Would've been nice, but I guess we can't have everything in life...

Bigger question is why they keep fucking up Star Fox.

>>520852669People like full body suites more.

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>>520851464R&D1 was scattered to the winds and all their series' struggle these days because they don't have dedicated teams in charge of them. Sakamoto still oversees Wario, Metroid, and Rhythm Heaven (assuming that last one will even get another game) but without an internal team consistently working on the series they don't get the support they used to back in the 90s and early 00s. Prime 4s biggest mistake was not just going to Retro from the start. They should be the 3D Metroid guys, don't let Japanese devs touch it. Metroid 5 is probably in development at MercurySteam after SR had a good reception but the last game was a remake so it didn't really scratch the new 2D Metroid itch the way everyone wanted, so it feels like it's been longer than it has.

because nobody actually likes metroid games. they just all want to fuck samus.

>>520851464I would argue only Other M and Federation Force were disappointments.Wasn't even Metroid Prime Pinball half-decent?

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>>520853702Samus was born to have her holes stretched can you blame us

>>520851464If a franchise is heavily influenced by the West, then it is almost guaranteed to be short-lived with Nintendo at the helm. See F-Zero, Startropics, 1080 Snowboarding, Wave Race, and Advance Wars. Fire Emblem just barely avoided it.

>>520851464>The tree beloved classic games were made by Yokoi>The three beloved 3D games were made by baka gaijins>That leaves Nintendo with other M and fusion.>MP4 dev is one hell of a clusterfuck.I think Nintendo juts dont like Metroid

>>520853870Prime Pinball is cool but with only two proper tables its not really a game with legs, which isn't the best quality for a pinball game to have. After running through it's ~1 hour campaign on both difficulties I was over it.

>>520853702I've never even played Metroid but Samus is top tier eye candy and wank bait desu.

>>520853702I like Metroid games and I also want to fuck Samus

>>520853702I still think that super metroid is one of the greatest games of all time. Top 100, at least

>>520851464I’m at the point now where I think Metroid just needs a total reboot. Metroid has gone through reboots before. Super Metroid was essentially a Metroid 1 remake. Metroid Zero Mission was another Metroid 1 remake. Why not just reboot the entire damn thing? Or de-canonize Metroid Fusion and Metroid Other M.Sakamoto: “Nooooo! My precious drama….”Fuck you, Sakamoto. Fuck you and your ‘maternal instincts’.Nintendo HAS to be conscientious of the IP meltdowns occurring in Star Wars, Star Trek, and Dr. Who. If IPs can implode due to shitty show runners, the same can happen in video games. Look at Last of Us 2 as an example. Metroid games like Metroid Fusion and Metroid Other M really hurt the franchise and essentially killed it.I find it hilarious that the Western made Metroids, like Metroid Prime or Metroid Prime Hunters, are designed as ‘side stories’ so they don’t do damage to precious Metroid. Yet, Sakamoto goes and makes Metroid Fusion (let’s change Samus’s suit to purple shit because ‘she is a ninja!!!’) and Metroid Other M (to explore inner feelings of Samus) which blew the legs from the IP. I don’t even think Metroid is salveable at this state. The last really good Metroid was Metroid Prime which came out nearly twenty years ago. Everyone who grew up with Metroid 1 and Super Metroid are around 40 now. The fan base of Metroid is aging too fast because Sakamoto kept putting out junk which didn’t grow fans but got rid of them.Why Sakamoto has anything to do with Metroid today, I have no idea. Nintendo, publicly, doesn’t admit they have done a creative error. They may be stubborn, but it is the fanbase that pays all Metroid’s bills.

>>520853702I like playing Metroid and jacking off to Samus r34

Built for anal.

>>520854638Why do you think Fusion destroyed the IP when it released the same fucking day as Prime and the two together ushered in the most successful period for the series in its history? The GameCube, Gameboy Advance and early Wii saw Metroid games releasing back to back.What killed Metroids accessibility to new players was Prime 2 looking pathetic next to Halo 2, then the damage Other M did to the IP. The latter built off of Fusion, sure, but that's like attributing the Final Fantasy series being a disaster last gen to FFX instead of FFXIII because it invented some of the problems the latter exacerbated.

>>520853619Samus returns was basically a new game it's so different.

>>520853316Because they don't know what made Star Fox 64 so memorable, which was its writing and direction. Star Fox 64 was written by Mitsuhiro Takano, who also did scripting and cinematic direction for both N64 and both gamecube zeldas, especially MM and WW, the two zelda games with the best storytelling. To make a videogame narratively compelling, especially if trying to sell family friendly content to general audiences, you have to strike a very precise tone. The key is to have the characters take their situation very seriously, while the game itself has a sense of abandon. Star Fox 64 is essentially a muppet parody of famous 80s and 90s scifi; the game is pretty silly, but the characters take it seriously, and the game feels like an interactive performance, right down to literally getting to pick the stage.All of the latter day star fox titles have fallen into the problem of trying to tell a completely serious story despite the inherently juvenile presentation, and so it comes off more like sonic 2006 than the muppets. Star Fox Assault is not a parody, it's just hackenied. star Fox Command is a shitty anime. An example of the opposite problem is post-super Paper Mario, where characters no longer pretend to treat their setting with any degree of sincerity at all.Of course gameplay is a huge issue too. Assault is slow and the TPS segments are odd, there's also not many levels. Command is repetitive and bland. Zero has fucking terrible controls. But I think these would be more easily forgiven if the games were just more charming.

>>520852304YesIt's the same reason why Starfox Zero and the newer Paper Marios have all been shit and why there are no new F-Zero games

>Created and popularised a genre on its own>Transitionning to 3D created one of the best game ever made>only 2 bad games in a 15 games long franchiseIdk, man, Metroid got a pretty good track record so far.

>>520855709>Metroid got a pretty good track record so far.Nintendo apparently thinks that’s a total failure.

How come Nintendo can only do big releases with Mario and Zelda and the rest of their ips are either dead or stagnant?

>>520856872Mario and Zelda prints money. The other IPs are gambles.

Metroid has had more good games then bad, if we're only counting mainline.The only objectively bad mainline Metroid game is Other M. The rest are all on some degree of good.

>>520856872Because Nintendo are fucking autistic and refuse to do normal fucking sequels anymore. Every FUCKING game has to have some fundamental change from the last, preferably an entirely new platform.

What is better? Having the means to go anywhere, but trying to figure out where to go? Or knowing exactly where to go, but have to discover how to get there?

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>>520851464>he asks while posting zeroshit

>>520859337>He forgets that sexy fan service is literally the reward if you beat its game either super fast and/or 100% then game.

samus' futa cock

>>520853870I enjoyed pinball, I think it just needed one more table, all the places you transport to are just boss tables, which are cool, but very limited.Still one of my faves along with Pokemon pinball R&S

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>>520858390I think they both have there merits and a game should try to balance them out.

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>>520860228>Spoiler.user, she has Chozo and Metroid DNA. She has A bird Cloaca lined with fangs.

>>520851464Well unpopular opinion it may be but SR was pretty good, even though that was a few years ago.But otherwise, it's because Japan just doesn't care about Metroid, and thus it isn't a high-priority franchise.

>>520860361THE BABY!

>>520853879Damn, you're right. What the hell?

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>>520851464Just finished up Metroid fusion again in less than two hours I don’t hate the zero suit but the other outfits are just so much cooler.>>520852205I think Other M is legitimately the only bad one.

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>>520853702Everybody loves Metroid and also wants to fuck Samus

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>>520851464I feel like it's some identity crisis thing. I really do think Nintendo have basically abandoned the preteen/adult audience or whatever the fuck Metroid was made for in order to chase wholesome family bucks.

>>520853558I'm one of those people. However the two piece is godly and better than both

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>>520860629Source on that image? What am I looking at?

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>>520860440Samus Returns is actually one of the better Metroid games and only gets glossed over because it's a 3DS game competing with a freeware game. I know a lot of Metroid fans completely uninterested in buying SR because of the hardware it's locked too, why bother digging out a 3DS when there's an equivalent PC game that'll cost you nothing?

>>520852080are ya codin

>>520859967>he thinks I have a problem with Samus being sexyMaybe I just miss her not being stuck in a fad left over from the mid-'00s.

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>>520860932You played Fusion right? That’s the opening cutscene.

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They kept giving the series to stooges instead of Retro, they learned their lesson after a decade

>>520860617Two guesses>Japs are ethnocentric and look down on Western creations>Japs don't understand western creations and they don't want to take a risk on something they don't understand

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>>520861274Sure, but they built it physically just to illustrate it and compress it. That would be a great sign of dedication, but I just thought there was a commercial I'm not aware of.

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>>520852080we all had her but you married her

>>520861416I'd bet on that latter

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>>520861226>They're all blonde and have long hair>must be the same person!You're the kind of retard that calls every single asian person "Jackie Chan" and thinks it's an original joke


>>520860932I found the video by searching the logical "Metroid Fusion japanese ad", but this looks like some behind-the-scenes/making-off thing that's harder to track. youtube.com/watch?v=bZde1K9N-dM

>>520861718If they all wore the same hair and clothing style, it would be funny cuz it's true.

>>520861718It's called hyperbole you fucking autist, but there was a definite look that was going around at the time.

>Nintendo no longer cares about metroidvanias as a genre>Nintendo doesn't want to make another Metroid FPS cause risky, costly and - let's face it - FPS on consoles is shit>Nintendo would rather shelf the IP and only use Samus for crossover games or merchandisingWhy is it hard to understand? They're not in this for other reason than to make money. Metroid is a great series but for today's Nintendo business model is just not relevant. Besides they just care about the casual gamer, and metroidvanias are not for casuals.

>>520851464They're technically spiritual rebooting 5, so how is dropping the shitty Fusion/Other M plot messing up with Metroid?

Because apparently it's hard to just make another fucking metroid game

If you're talking about how metroid games aren't as impressive as super metroid, then it's a modern thing. Other games have evolved way past the SNES days and outdid metroid's "explore on foreign planets". If you're talking about other M, pretty fucking obvious. Koei Tecmo didn't understand what metroid was about and focused on high-tense action and showing off samus' womanhood.Metroid samus returns ended up being forgettable as fuck, and that was pretty damn close to the original Metroids. I guess metroid is doomed to shit unless nintendo really fucking strikes gold that nails the foreign hostile barren planet exploration.

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>>520862465Fusion actually makes a decent ending to the series. But the question is....why bother when you never intended to end the series there? Like realeasing Prime on the same day?

>>520853702If you like Metroid but don't want to fuck Samus then you're literally a faggot.

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>>520862703Sakamoto never intended to end the series there, he made Other M specifically to give him ideas for Metroid 5, I actually believe he planned to actually go with that corrupt GF shit but after the backlash course corrected.

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>>520863503well thats just horrifying


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>>520862647>Koei Tecmo didn't understand what metroid was about and focused on high-tense action and showing off samus' womanhood.Koei Tecmo just didn't the grunt work, Sakamoto was still the project director.

>Why does Nintendo keep messing up with Metroid?the two people in charge are sakamoto and tanabe, the former who went senile after super whose only good metroid games since were remakes of yokoi's titles, and the latter being a grab bag of quality messing around with more popular nintendo IPs for the most part

>>520862647>people still blaming koei tecmo for sakamoto's fuck up a decade laterbaka desu senpai

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>>520864194Technically Sakamoto, Team Ninja, and D-Rockets all shitted the bed, only SPD1 had competence on the project but no one listened to them, what really pisses me off is Sakamoto didn't listen to them and they're his team, seems like they knew Metroid better than he did.

>>520851464there's nowhere left to go and no one has any original ideas for the character or her kitfusion ends with samus being labelled a criminal and more powerful than ever before, literally fused with the two most powerful entities in the canon. SR388 is completely blown up literally tying up every loose end that was available and essentially removing any semblance of 'Metroid' left in the series.No metroids, no X parasites, no Ridley, no Mother Brain, all we have left is the galactic federation and potentially the remnants of whatever space pirates would be foolish enough to mess with Samus' galaxy.

>>520864698>fusion ends with samus being labelled a criminal and more powerful than ever before,she just gets her varia suit back>literally fused with the two most powerful entities in the canonSakamoto said metroid DNA is gone at the end of fusion

>>520851464because they are japanese, and don't know why westerners like metroidI beat 4 was fine before they shit canned it and forced retro to start over from strach on it

>>520851464>keepThey don't do anything at all with Metroid though.

>>520864861japs/singaporeans were working on prime 4 before retro

Dark Samus!

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>>520853316nintendo refuses to spend big bucks required to make a good modern star fox

>>520853619we don't need dedicated teams. they need to outsource to other devs. look at f-zero gx, the best f-zero

>>520852205>>520860629What were they thinking?

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>>520865108>fuck, dem kids want a metroid but the wiiu is dead>shit alright lets have the westerners do it again but with a smaller budget and make it co op, that'll work right?probably how I imagine it went

>>520853619I liked that they finally have a team for 2D Metroid, Sakamoto and his small team are being helped out by MercurySteam now and I like it, it means more games, finally.

>>520853619>SR had a good reception but the last game was a remake so it didn't really scratch the new 2D Metroid itch the way everyone wanted, so it feels like it's been longer than it has.I think that's an unfair assessment given how different SR is from the original

>>520856872mario and zelda are the only games made in house. oh and miyamotos baby, pikmineverything else is outsourced

>>520864954I would have preferred Dark Samus (aka Metroid Prime) to genuinely believe she was the real Samus. Imagine a game where you play as Samus, only to find out much to her own horror that she is not.

>>520865108Tanabe did Tanabe things

>>520864848>she just gets her varia suit backeven if you want to interpret it this way this is still the most powerful thing in the series, more powerful than an omega metroid and able to absorb x parasites, the only thing that even stood a chance against her suitthe chozo suit is so unreasonably overpowered in the first place that it literally has to be depowered without explanation in every iteration post metroid 1>sakamoto saidwho caresregardless of your points they do not affect the issue ofnew game needs to depower samus AGAINthere are no threats left in the universe, the titular character is gone, the world in which it exists is gone, the world in which all of the games creatures is gone, all the creatures of that world besides the animals that samus saved are gone, why even call it metroid any more


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>>520851464Why do they keep messing up with Star Fox? Why did they abandon F-Zero?

>>520865454>even if you want to interpret it this way this is still the most powerful thing in the series, more powerful than an omega metroid and able to absorb x parasitesthis has been the case since the first game, there's also no x parasites left to absorb

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>Holla Forums claims to hate Other M>while having yet another ZSS porn dump thread where all they want is for Samus to be a submissive waifu, exactly the way she was in Other M

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>>520862158splatoon proves a 3rd person shooter could workjust make a 3d third person metroid game

>>520865627Submissive as in sexually available, not submissive as in battered housewife.

>>520865454Not him that's one of the things Sakamoto did right, makes it easier to drop the corrupted shit from Fusion and Other M and soft reboot Metroid 5 making it a proper Metroid game that tries something different and new with the gameplay instead of being another story centric game.

>>520865108God I feel so bad for Next Level games.theyre a competent developer but they cant turn shit into gold.

>>520865713>not submissive as in battered housewife.Don't feed me that bullshit. Anytime a waifu doesn't act like a battered housewife, the game gets lauded as "SJW propaganda". It's so tiring.

>>520864936well, of course it's shittropical freeze and luigi's mansion prove western devs are better. just outsource everything to america

>>520855527This is the first time I see someone argue that people played SF64 for the writing. It was mostly the gameplay.

>>520865627>Holla Forums is one person >coomers play video games Don’t pick either

>>520865108they slapped metroid on itshould have been a new ip

>>520851464There's only been one bad game.

>>520865860nintendo's western studios are a very rare case (NLG may as well be a nintendo subsidiary) although mercury steam did a better job than fusion/other M too


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>>520854638>Metroid has gone through reboots beforeI don't think you know what a reboot is.

>>520865727I wouldn't feel too bad, they just made a fuck ton off LM3

>>520865648>splatoon proves a 3rd person shooter could work>just make a 3d third person metroid gameThose are valid arguments I agree with. Nintendo, whoever, doesn't. Cause that would require actually making a good game with production value, thought, love and care. They want to produce for pennies and sell for gorillions.Or do I need to remember people of pic related?

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>>520865873i dont think its something that should be discounted, it is a very memorable and quotable game with very good voice acting for its time

>>520865986most western games are shit cuz publishers force them to release unfinished gamesjust need a publisher who pays workers and gives them time

>>520865648 They did that and we got Other M.

>>520866046They did? Thats good to hear.LM3 sorta released without me noticing. I only got the game like two weeks ago and am playing through it now

>>520866308How did you not notice?

>>520865648how the fuck is splatoon related to metroid? >>520866308sold 6.33 million copies

>>520866117>Cause that would require actually making a good game with production value, thought, love and careYou're talking about a third person space shooter user.

>>520865648>SplatoonThe game whose sole appeal is squid lolis that people want to fuck, and has shitty gameplay otherwise? I think I'll pass on that. Metroid has enough problems with people only playing it for coomer appeal.


>>520862158>another Metroid FPSThey've never made one.

>>520862158But they're making a 2D game and a Prime game currently.

>>520866220Other M failed for other reasons, not for being a 3rd person shooter.

>>520862158>and - let's face it - FPS on consoles is shitthe FPS conventions that are shitty with a controller don't apply to prime. Also gyroscopy improves console FPS greatyl

>>520862158>and metroidvanias are not for casuals.They've been for casuals since SoTN threw levelling and flashy graphics on top. Metroidvanias like that have always been dopamine hits and nothing more.

>>520866349It released halloween so I mustve been knee deep in finishing my bachelors thesis. I am wageslaving now so I dont exactly have a lot of time but I make sure to play some every week so I can get through my backlog.>>520866378Neat, they deserve it

>>520862158>Nintendo no longer cares about metroidvanias as a genre>releases SR and has Prime 4 in development>Nintendo doesn't want to make another Metroid FPS cause risky, costly and - let's face it - FPS on consoles is shit>metroid prime 4 was reset immediately after being canceled >Nintendo would rather shelf the IP and only use Samus for crossover games or merchandising>last metroid game was 2017 with one, likely two being in development nowcongratulations, you win retard of the day

>>520866503>What is Metroid Prime?

>>520866582>not for being a 3rd person shooter.After the story itself it was the biggest complaint many people had with the game.

>>520866653>bachelors thesisdo euros really >>520866702not an FPS, although they have made an FPS metroid

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>>520866582being in third person was one of its issues, sakamoto thought it would be a great idea to limit movement to the Dpad but wasn't satisfied with that alone and also put in a half assed first person mode to try and cash off prime's popularity. The horrendous story and fusion's style of hallway level design/railroading with an emphasis on unskipable cutscenes/handholding was an issue as well of course


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>>520866896And yet people still praise Other M as this unsung masterpiece in spite of it.

>>520866936I can do this too

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>>520866765metroid prime is literaly an FPS you mongoloid

>>520866896This, Sakamoto says he staying on 2D and I'm happy about that.

>>520867019it isn't retard, even nintendo themselves acknowledges it. shooting is not the primary focus of prime

>>520866220other m isn't a open world 3d platformer shooter

>>520866702Not an FPS and you would have known that if you had played it.

>>520867019It's quite literally an action adventure game dipshit.

>>520866961Who are these people? Who enjoy such a flop?

>>520867345ACfag and that's pretty much it.

>>520867129>open world>metroid

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>>520867345They don't care about gameplay, they just want glorified porn. The people ITT who praise Other M are these posters:>>520851464>>520860262>>520860739>>520860932>>520860883>>520862647>>520862741>>520863245>>520863503It's easy to spot the Other M lovers because they make themselves stick out like a sore thumb.

>>520867129>sequence breaks make it open world

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>>520867576So you're the only one who likes Other M then.

>>520867687I actually like good gameplay and hate coomershit, so that statement couldn't be more wrong.

>>520867869And yet here you are posting ZSS all the time. So either you're shitposting or the only game you like is Other M.

>>520867576>New to Metroid>Only played the 2D games>Never touched Other M or had any interest in doing so, also been told to avoid itI don't know what your fucking problem is.

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>>520868037>And yet here you are posting ZSS [citation needed]>>520868045>I don't know what your fucking problem is.My problem is when I'm trying to talk about Metroid, and I get shouted down as an "SJW" because I didn't post a pic of Samus' feet or some other shit. Just in this week alone I've tried to discuss some new metroid romhacks I discovered, but all anyone ever cares about is the latest pics of samus being fucked or showing off her ass. Yet I'm the bad guy here?

>>520867019Metroid Prime is an FPS like Dark Souls is a JRPGit isn't

>>520868273ACFag please leave


Samus character design by SpaceJin

>>520868353If I was the one posting porn, as >>520868037 claimed, then why wait until now to tell me to leave? Really does make you think.

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>>520865627Oh shit, whaddup ACfag?

>>520868273It only happens when you're around ACfag, we know it's you.

>>520868375Please elaborate.And no, just because the camera is in first person and Samus shoots with her beam cannon doesn't make it a first person shooter. If I play Skyrim in first person and only use a bow does it become an FPS? There's more to a genre than the name.


>>520868583Because you never do and because you evade bans its not like reporting you works.

>>520868583Because I just joined the thread and finally got to the bottom only to see your trademarked post style where you victimize yourself or some shit and claim everyone is 24/7 horny for Samus

>>520868273Get over it then.Posting ZSS doesn't immediately mean "they like da Other M gaem!!! They my enemy!!"In fact, people who post about the Zero Suit probably were first exposed to it in Smash Bros or its game of origin, and I'll admit I'm one of them. At least direct hate towards that as well, I get that Other M was heavily focused on making Samus more vulnerable as a character or some shit and heavily featured the outfit, but it's really stupid to assume anyone who posts ZSS likes that game.The pic I posted wasn't even from Other M or the outfit's game of origin.

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>>520864491I would

>>520868721Don't even try to argue with ACfag. He's either a troll or the most autistic man on earthl. No matter how logical or correct you might be, responding is only giving him what he wants

>>520863503is this the actual yandere dev doll ? didnt he have enough money to buy a high quality one ?

>>520868604see>>520868583Not a single porn poster was told to "leave the thread" beforehand. If it was me, you should've been on their case long ago.>>520868701[citation needed]>>520868719>claim everyone is 24/7 horny for SamusLook at the thread and tell me that this isn't the case. There's not even a pretense that anyone is discussing the actual games. It's nothing but people discussing porn. >>520868721>Posting ZSS doesn't immediately mean "they like da Other M gaem!!! They my enemy!!"Normally this might have a ring of truth to it, but it's not just about the origin of ZSS. It's about the mindset. People literally want a vulnerable Samus that never questions her male superiors, and just shows off her ass. This is exactly what Other M gave people. By reducing Samus to her most simplistic form of waifu pandering, you're saying that you want Other M, because that's exactly what it gave you.

Reminder that the metroid casual outfit is far, far superior to the Zero Suit in every single way.

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>>520868980>Not a single porn poster was told to "leave the thread" beforehand.Because we ignore you.

>>520855601Miyamoto has to go

>>520869173>thread starts out with porn>currently at 175 posts>"this is ignoring something"That's a funny definition you got there.

>>520869304Uh huh and until now each and every one of your posts were ignored.

>>520868898Yeah, good point. I should have just ignored him to begin with.>>520869163Agreed, but blue>orange in my opinion

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>>520869610By your logic, since I'm supposedly the only one posting ZSS pics, then >>520869638>>520868721would be me as well. Those weren't ignored.

>>520869894And the easy tell is that he's talking about the games while you never do.

>>520869976>talking about how much you want to fuck samus is "talking about the games"Can you explain the thought process here?


>>520869295t. tanabe

>>520861683shut up dutch

>>520865873SF64 is good because it's a good rail shooter. It's remembered because it was a good rail shooter with absolutely perfect presentation. Lots of perfectly fun games never left a permanent mark on cultural memory simply because nothing about the characters, setting, or story was able to leave a lasting impression.

>>520864158does this motherfucker still live at home

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Reminder that this is Samus' sexiest outfit

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>>520851464they need to try some remodeling