How do you beat the level where Drake has to escape prison?

How do you beat the level where Drake has to escape prison?

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>> used this.

>>520851119Oh shit its the ds version not the advance sorry senpai. Never played the ds game

now hug me brudda

His career is probably over but no way is he going to jail.

>>520851119>Toilet Showdownwat

>>520851119what happened now?

>>520851119fuck Drake Bell he disrespected Parma Ohio

>>520851119Not sure if I'm remembering correctly, but did he ever go through a redpill phase?

>>520851119Get Horse Cock Harry a pack of cigs and he shows you a way out through the back


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>>520854631What always happens. A random woman says things and now a man is satan reincarnated.

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>>520854517Lol a fellow oldfag I see

How did this get past Nickelodeon?

Favorite episode of Drake and Josh?

>>520855127You cheesy wanker

>>520853473Dude wtf, I can't stop watching this shitty game.

>>520854934so, #metoo?what reason?

>>520854517Came here to post this

>>520855635He raped his girlfriend when she was drunk off Mike's harder lemonade he anally penetrated as well

>>520855635>tfw your childhood crush got metoo'd by jealous ugly feminazis who are the definition of unfuckableWhy does this still happen Holla Forums?!

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>>520855939>Crushing on malesFaggot

>>520854934>>520855005>>520855635>>520855750Wow. Why are so many Nickelodeon stars fucked up?

>>520856065Entitlement like all fortnite zoome4s

>>520856065Fame often leads to degeneracy, or maybe the degenerates just know how to get famous

At least you can't have debts in prison

>>520856453What about cocaine from ppls assholes? And spice?

why does this keep happeningwhy does everything i like end up being involved with leople who are obsessed with rape

>>520856065you know who isn't fucked up?

>>520856065groomed by none other than dan "let me jam my pinky in your stinky" schneider

>>520857291that's hollywood and TV bro


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>>520858108Either he was touched too much by Dan or not enough


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>>520858386The actor for Gibby from iCarly makes youtube

Bro why do some many licensed games have that weird shitty dungeon crawler top down perspective with mingames shoved in? Also gibby chads where you at?

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>>520858573I forgot his channel name but I do remember him doing an E3 video years ago

>>520858573i see that but thhey confusee me i dont get it

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>>520858679right fucking here

>more me too shit>she doesn't even say anything about rape just "abuse">"he yelled at me and pulled me down the stairs by my wrist!"oh my god kill all men already!

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>>520855939Who is this character? I like the draw

>>520858916His videos are so weird. I like them. Glad he didn't become a fake eceleb or complete fuck up like some of this other co-stars

What happened to Miranda and Jennette? My dick still twitches thinking about them.

>>520858780FUCK OFF

>>520859424killyourself gibby you bald ugly fat fuck your videos suck cockk

>>520859490cope tranny

>>520859528that is honestly something gibby would have said

>>520859528your the only tranny here lmao

>>520859968he's still seething. make sure you dilate

>>520855005>Talk shit about someone without any evidence in order to ruin his life and career>Then mock him for a mere possibility of pursuing legal actionBlue checkmarks all deserve the rope, fully unironically they're all a waste of air with nothing to offer.

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>>520854310He didn't have much of a career to begin with

>>520854631ex makes a tiktok saying he abused her

>>520857570>>520858269>>520858573This is actually great

>>520862725Which one? Drake had a new girlfriend in every episode.


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>>520856065because Dan 'If you want money give me that cunny' Schneider

>>520856065Dan "the man with the plan to get her in his van" Schneider

>>520860103>uhh people are innocent until proven guilty, i hate cancel culture but uhhhhhhhhhhhhh cancel this manThis guy is a total fucking worm.

>>520857291most people are terrible

>>520867012that's because we live in a world were good is evil and evil is good and it enforced by the npc hivemind and their lord ZOG

>>520867649i was talking about people like you too.

>>520868190okay kike


What did you think of this guest appearance?I personally think it was

>>520855005>my own personal perspectiveYou mean your friend's personal perspective, likely exaggerated / not worth telling hence it's not coming from the horse's mouth. Good grief feminist """"""men"""""" are stupid

>go to his twitter>it’s all SpanishWhat the fuck???

>>520856453You are unfamiliar with the American prison system.

>>520855005>my friendLmao