>tfw major in comp sci so that i can make gamesit's too hard bros

>tfw major in comp sci so that i can make gamesit's too hard bros

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>>520850579art and writing bros, we can't stop winning

>>520850579cs major so far hasn't been too bad for me. how far are you into your major?

Hello, Matt

>>520850793junior year. what sucks is next year they are adding a game dev major specifically tailored for people who want to get into the industry. life is cruel sometimes. are you making a game?

Just study hard and finish the class. You will probably never use discrete math ever again afterwards. It's an almost completely useless class other than the parts about regular expressions and unless you are going to be creating compilers.

>>520850912who are you?

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>>520850579my eyes are too old to read that shit image but it looks like you are studying high school set theory in your discrete math class

>>520850946junior myself. no, currently im not. after doing some research and talking to some devs (dusk and risk of rain dev) about getting in the industry, it's become very apparent most people that get into it leave it within 5 years having lost all their passion for games. after some consideration, i've come to the conclusion i should do software development since it pays well and use my side time to develop a game for fun. it's a win-win situation as software development actually pays well and i can make a game at the pace and way i want. already did some freelance stuff and have made some considerable money

>>520850946>I want to join the bursting ranks of eagerly-exploited game devsdon't

>>520851051Not him but what high school has you learning discrete math?

Set theory is absolutely basic, your issue is probably with proofs. Practice those specifically.

>>520851254nice what did you make and what technologies did you use?

>>520851615making websites and raining a few k for only a few hours of effort

>>520851652making a few k* i don't know why i wrote raining. oh and forgot to mention but wordpress since that's the most currently used

>>520851447that particular problem was pretty easy yes, but it was one of the earlier ones on the exam so it is supposed to be. right now i'm trying to prove that 2x^5 - 5x^4 + 5 = 0 is not solvable by radicals

>>520851652>>520851745nice, yes i'm familiar with wordpress. i really like it because html and css shit is torture to me, but a lot of my webdev friends are worried it will put them out of a job. guess it pays to buckle down and learn the tough stuff too

>>520852163html and css grid is worth learning. it's fairly straight-forward. consider learning both and come to the conclusion if website development is right for you. it definitely isn't for everyone

>>520852350both wordpress and the languages i mentioned*

>>520850579>actually going to school to make video gamesWhy?

>>520850692>easier time in school so more socializing>don't have to slave away at a computer like a pajeet>use connections from school to land nice jobsyep, i'm thinking based

>>520850692>>520852693>not opting to be an ideasguy neetyou've been duped

why are all computer science people so awkward? i don't understand how it's that hard to socialize

>>520852665if you want to work on the development of technology for games you need a lot of math. a lot less otherwise. you could take nearly any engineering, math, or physics path to this knowledge if you also learn how to program machines. if you just want to be toby fox then i doubt his environmental science education was particularly important to using gms, but that's a long shot career path.

>>520853020most are white or asian so autism probably

>>520850579do mutts really write like that?

>>520854181post your handwriting faggot

>>520854313too much workhere in 2nd world we learn how to write cursive in schools

I fucking failed intro to java

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>>520854551Easter Europe?

>>520854551sounds pretty useless

>>520854739I dunno, it was all going pretty fine, I was understanding all the concepts okay, until there was one assignment worth like 20% that I could not even begin to wrap my head around at all so I just kinda gave up.

>>520850579CS majors have to take abstract algebra? Can't see how group/ring/Galois theory would be useful in the field

>>520850579Meanwhile I'm a unionized journeyman inside wireman and making 85k a year. Take the tradepill.

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>>520854893>so i kinda gave upanon, ya gotta give it your best shot. ask your teacher for help. anything. sounds like you are perfectly capable of it, but you gave up on yourself. you're capable of more user go for it

>>520854704So did I, and now I'm a professional developer :^)

Is math like the hardest part of a CS degree? I already finished Calc 1-4 and Linear Algebra when I was in university previously and didn't think any of them were particularly hard.

>>520854893what was the assignment?

>play vidya constantly>doing a computer science degree>no interest in vidya development because of all the horror stories about crunch>will get better pay and better hours making soulless business softwareI wish it don't be like that, but it do

>>520855172then why don't you make your own game on the side for fun?

>>520854798it's just a part of writing practice, kids have to learn drawing basic shapes anyway

>>520853020My parents had me when they were 40.

>>520855414sorry to hear that lawnmower man

>>520855081Yup. The only time cs classes are hard is when they start talking theory (algorithms, programming languages, etc). Everything else is just a grind.

I'm doing computer engineering, almost done the program. On my spare time I'm making a game. Covid gave me some personal time to get some work in on it. I have a few friends who are game devs. Some really like it, others say they feel they are being taken advantage of. I just want to make a small game by myself, or in a small group. No joining a company

>>520853020Because computers are more interesting than people so they spend more time learning how to computer instead of how to people.

>>520850579Try going to Rose-Hulman you retard.

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>>520855523sounds like you got a good feel for what you're doing. what i've been told is everywhere has grind and you do not get paid well unless you work for the companies like 2K and make sports games quickly. You get put through a grinder but make money very quickly. Indie development can be difficult but if you play your cards well things work out well usually

>>520854704>>520855034This for me but unironically.

>>520854704>intro to javaWhy is that even a class?

>>520855172I did this and now I have all the money for video games but no time. I wish I had gone back and made video games instead.


>>520855636I'm one of those games are art types. I wish to create my art, my vision. I don't think I could do game design under someone. At worst I could be an equal. I'm just gonna go be a software engineer somewhere. Or focus on communications technology. That shit is dope. Might do a masters and get into quantum computing research. We need to make quantum relay stations.

>hey medicine is kind of interesting, I'd like to maybe go into immunology or some form of biology>school costs>born into poor familyTrade school it is.

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>tfw when getting stomped by network sec and crypto

>>520854985when you are creating something new, it is good to have people in your team who have a deeper understanding of the underlying principles. during my short stint in telcomm industry I met this guy from Nokia-Siemens Networks. I was told that he is the top patent inventor of the team from the Siemens side. I also recognized him as one of the guys who competed at IMO for West Germany at the same time I represented Finland. A modest dude who explained the recipe of his success as "Oh, most of my inventions are trivial applications of modular arithmetic - programmers and engineers don't understand it." I will testify that his last sentence is true. They learn about the binary mod and various rules around it, but they don't learn the bidirectional power of congruences, and don't learn to think in terms of the residue class rings - it's all remainders of divisions of integers to them. So, by being at the right place at the right time, you can dine out simply because you can work swiftly with periodically repeating discrete structures and patterns.Again, something that not all the CS majors need to know, but "in the land of blind people one-eyed man is the king".

>>520855990I feel that, my family is very poor. I'm massively in debt from school, but I got hit by a bus so that lawsuit will end up putting me in the black once it resolves and I'm done uni

>>520850579You can hit a wall based on how you are used to thinking of things when you start looking at conditional reasoning. I found that trying to see that logic & operations in the day to day helped me come to terms with it.Remember that most of what you are doing now is not learning how to code, but how to think, how to solve problems. The code is second to that larger hurdle. If one way of considering the problem doesn't pan out then go in a new direction.Each problem is a pattern, each pattern holds lesser patterns and so on. Your classes are to teach you these patterns so you can build with and onto them. You may never use those symbols again, or structure your logic in that way, or use those terms but the reasoning in how the problem is solved is another tool for you to use & apply down the road.Programming without logic as a foundation usually ends up with the coder hacking together something that may barely work and is riddled with flaws as the logic was puzzled out to a point along the way. The next time a similar thing comes around some of that foundation is in place from what was learned earlier in the flawed approach.Programming is iterative. Each task brings more knowledge to leverage in other tasks. It will get better as the pieces fall into place and you build up your toolset.

>>520855771it is probably intro to programming

>>520856130The American Dream.

>>520856130lucky bastard, hope the bus didn't do any permanent damage to you. it's fucked that you have to rely on unfortunate circumstances like that to get through a university.

>>520856321Back problems this early in life is kind of shit, but that's how she goes

>>520856257that and/or python tends to be. in general, it's not bad to learn it at least at my university. gives people a good idea what's ahead of them and the mindset you need to perform well.

>>520854704this but with undergraduate thesis

Tfw 4.0 gpa stem degree

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>>520856395Its sad in its own way, but poverty is a big driver. This was a double sided boon for me though. I've been so poor my whole life, I figured I could use my brain enough to be an engineer. This stuff comes to me easy, I'm thankful cause I didn't touch computers much until I went to school. Good with logic and puzzles, so that's how I treat my work, as puzzles. Keeps me more involved.

>>520853114You don't pick up the CS major for games. The real game industry is harrowing and unfulfilling, and also gives you less money than you'd get elsewhere with less effort.>>520853020Did you get lost on your way to twitter?

>>520853020non compies wouldn't get it

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>>520856701>>520856785no, it's just i met my classmates. i know why they're awkward i just think they're retarded.

>>520854985groups are just the first thing you study in an intro algebra class. you'll take the class on your way to studying functional analysis.

>>520856862i don't know why im being retarded and not saying why. it's because the people who attend my school are extremely religious. i got forced into going to a religious university because my parents.

Is computer science a good degree if I want a career where I do nothing all day and get paid for it?

writing code on paper? how quaint

>>520855628I wish I had gone to Rose-Hulman, they were my first choice but I decided it was too much money. Now I'm literally a janitor.

>>520857182sure just learn how to do math

>>520851051is not the writing but also teh poor photo quality

>>520857182yes but take an IT job

Hardest class in my CS major was the writing class where I had to bs like 8 pages about some social issue.

>>520857182maybe if you work at google

>>520857182Maybe but starting out you have to really bust your ass. Everyone has a CS degree nowadays and the field is over saturated. Way too many people, not enough jobs. You'll have to compete with people with years of experience for "entry level" positions. Be prepared to never rest the entire time you're in school. All your free time must be spent on outside projects. Every summer has to be spent doing internships (99% of which are unpaid). Every waking moment that isn't spent on school or coding must be spent making networking and making connections with people in the industry. If you want to succeed with a CS degree, your life will be hell for years until you've built a solid career.

>>520857462>writing classThis shit will never not piss me off. If Im studying IT, why do I need write an essay about an unrelated topic.

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>>520857892>Every summer has to be spent doing internships (99% of which are unpaid)i hate boomers so fucking much

>>520855219You don't make games "on the side" they're fucking massive time commitments

>>520856130isekai'd into a world of financial stability

>>520858015you can make it on the side if you actually want to despite the time commitment retard

>>520857892Sounds shitty I think I'll be a neet instead

>>520857462filler classes to satisfy degree requirements/create employment opportunities for useless people are the the hardest classes

>Discrete math Took Calculus 1 through 3 instead and I feel like I made the right (ie easier) choice

>>520858252Discrete is pretty easy outside of proofs

>>520850579got BSc in comp scigot career in physics simulationsonly took discrete mathnever took physics classsmoothbrain at mathjust do it lol, as long as you can program you can do it

>>520854985AES operations are done in GF(2^8)

>>520858252Did you do CS? I'm surprised that any CS program would allow you to bypass discrete math.

I was two years into comp sci and realized I hated every single second of it and I couldn't see myself doing this 8 hours a day for the rest of my life and now I'm a drop out neet

>>520857892As someone who graduated with a bs in CS last year, listen to this user. I worked throughout my sophomore and junior year as tech support for Apple while in school and even then I felt like I was barely more qualified than my peers and now I have to compete for entry level jobs with people who have been in the industry for years

>>520858439Yeah if I remember correctly my school basically said Calc 1 is required for everyone in the major but then you have to take 2 more math classes, discrete math being one of the choices amongst 6-7 classes. As long as you took two though you got credit for that requirement so I took calc 2 and 3

>>520856086> at the same time I represented Finlandyou deadass made it to the IMO? thats impressive, I studied my ass off on math competitions and was no where near competitive enough to make it. what are you doing wasting ur time browsing this board lmaoo

>>520858439my program awarded me exemptions for discrete math(that i know nothing of) and here i am struggling in cryptography. same with with networking and am also suffering in network sec

>>520858252lmao bro you have it all wrong. after calc 2, discrete is like math candy my friend

>>520858487Could be worse, you could have convinced yourself it would get better and finished like I did. I should have dropped out. Now I have a ton of debt and a worthless degree that I will never use. I feel like I have PTSD from the stress of school, even four years later I'm still feeling the residual burnout and can't bring myself to code anything. Now I work at Burger King.

>junior in compsci>get shoved into the program anyways despite only lightly mentioning wanting to pursue gamedev even though i’m a lot more interested in machine learning and network infrastructure>see western game industry burn out, decide to not get too involved with that scene>want to do creative/business shit too, start grinding music and art during quarantine and get pretty far with it>start doing actual gamedev>make the sudden realization that making the game I want by myself is unfeasible considering the time I have, and that I want to try my hand at IP management or work on some sort of committee close to the actual codemonkey/wageslaveswhere the fuck do i draw the linei like designing and refining code but i can’t stay organized for shit, do i jump shit for art or business for something because there’s no way i’m putting up with this rat race

>>520858642What are you struggling with in cryptography? I graduated last December and cryptography was one of the classes I took that semester so some of the memories are still there. I got an B+ so I’m not a complete retard

>>520858817>an B+>not retardedLooks like I shot myself in the foot there >>520858653Well shit, I thought calc 2 was easy so maybe I did mess up

>>520858817public key cryptography, rsa, elgamal, knapsack etc. and its applications like ring signatures and what not

>>520850946Anon, get the most math heavy education you can. Take AI classes, take every single math class you can as electives. Math is the great intersection in CS. ALL data science, ML even sections of backend web dev make heavy use of math AND it looks great on your resume. There's no "game dev" education, you kinda just make stuff you enjoy and if you're good you might get hired by a studio who will consequently crunch every ounce of game dev passion out of your asshole.

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>>520850995>discrete math>uselesshaha...

>>520858653Discrete is so fundamentally different from calc that different people will find one easier than the other. I'm not that user but I also found calc 1-3 far easier than discrete (my school required them all)

Anyone feel like there are WAY too many comp sci majors? Like every other person I've talked to is comp sci. How the fuck can there possibly be this many software jobs?


>>520851652where did you get your job user?

>>520859086>where did you get your job user?im freelance

>>520858908>I thought calc 2 was easy so maybe I did mess upit is but brainlets get hung up on infinite series (precisely because they don't know to learn the theorems and use them). just knowing how to distill a mathematical statement into second order logic will take you far. too many people fail to realize that notation is a tool designed for your leverage when solving problems. remember this: think geometrically, work algebraically

>>520859062>How the fuck can there possibly be this many software jobs?There aren't. It's become an extraordinarily competitive field.


>>520859062Echo chamber. There aren't that many comp sci majors.It's the same with game dev minors. They all think programmers are more abundant than artists. Until you step out into the world and see for every gamedev there are like 5 artists willing to draw for games and 5 sound artists. And hundreds of idea guys.

>>520859062There aren't. But also like 90% of people in the major can't even do basic coding, even in the higher level courses. Most CS majors graduate not being able to code, and I don't mean that in the "you gotta have real world experience" sense, I mean that even in the context of a classroom they can not write functional code, yet they are given a degree.

>>520859165But everyone also says jobs are expected to grow in CS faster than anywhere else.

>>520855895>I'm one of those games are art typesYou can learn RenPy in a single day and proceed making sudashit tier """games"""

>Want to make a game>Only know pre algebraHow important is math for programming games?

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>>520850579be thankful it isn't the 80s anymore

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>>520859062i dont know, i heard this a lot but in my university there are only 60 cs students, compared to other major it's very small

>>520858723>Could be worse, you could have convinced yourself it would get better and finished like I did. I should have dropped outSame here, it hurts so much. Now I'm a code monkey wishing that I could get a terminal disease.

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>>520859303these days not AS important thanks to engines. back in the day it was a necessity. you should still learn someyoutube.com/watch?v=DPfxjQ6sqrc

>>520850579>>520850946>>520850793Recent CS grad here, stop. All CS prepares you for is a life of codemonkeying like a filthy Pajeet, and on the off chance you do get into the vidya industry it's notoriously miserable to work in. If you like computers and want a cozy time working with them, take the IT pill. Get a Cisco or CompTIA certification, set yourself up working remote at a decent corporation, you're set for life. I'm doing exactly that and already making more than my parents who are both teachers with Master's degrees.

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>>520859283Which causes everyone and their brother to run out and get CS degrees. The number of software jobs is growing but the pool of applicants with CS degrees is growing even faster.

>>520859303It depends.You can make games with basic algebra or you can be the guy making progressively generated landscapes. The latter requires a lot more.Tbh I find higher maths aren't that essential, we copy most things from physics and nature. Logic and logical reasoning as much more important (technically still math but usually seen as its own thing)

>>520851652How do you find freelance jobs? I know HTML and CSS well and have a solid enough grasp of JS.

>>520859303learn a bit more but it doesn't require insanely complicated math as some people make it out to be.

>>520859281Seriously this. A lot of times when I would have programs due I would have issues that took me a while to work through and fix and thought that maybe I was just retarded. Then I’d go to class and hear my classmates saying that they just turned in their programs with bugs and/or errors because they couldn’t figure out what was wrong. Yet somehow they’d get their programs back with a C/D and I’d get an A. 75% of CS students are drooling retards that are just scraping by and don’t actually know how to code. And then another 20% of the non-retards are YandereDev coders that have no concept of optimization

>>520859536based precision production retards

Im starting in cs in a couple of days and im nervous man i havent been in school in a while but im ready to do something with my life. this stuff looks daunting but im still excited to try my hand at it.

>>520859593look at local businesses, churches, etc. often they don't have good sites. you can make a good amount. be wary that it can be difficult to maintain the client relationship as you really have be clear and simple with how you talk with them. additionally, be patient.

>>520859303graphics programming is literally all linear algebraso if you want your game to actually look different you need to know mathtextures these days are precalculated inputs to shaders, changing art won't do as much to your artstyle as rewriting shader codethough this only applies to 3d because of all the hacks 2d lets you

>>520859283you'll know they're over-saturated when their wages are down where a civil engineer's are and not before then

>>520859536I'd put engineers and comp sci together to be fair. Also, 120k psych majors, Fucking kek.

>>520859627ThisMany of my classmates fucking sucked at programmingI went into a basic and advanced webdev classes knowing nothing literally of html, css, js, etc, and got A+ in both, while other students couldn't pick up a single thing our prof explained

>>520859690enjoy it while it last before you get burnt out and just want shit to end

>>520859501i've heard this before. i probably would be more convinced if i wasn't related to someone who works in the it field but doesn't like it and has transferred to a different major.>>520859690best of luck user. since you've been out of college, it'll be a little rough probably at the start. even moreso if it's your first time to college. you'll do well im sure user. give it your best shot and hang in there even if it's a little rough at the start

>>520859690Abuse the absolute fuck out of /g/'s /sqt/, /wdg/, and /dpt/

>>520859942field* unsure why i said major

is the angry slav programmer that hates ideasguys itt? i hope you're doing well

I keep on having nightmares about failing all my classes and I've been in uni for four years at this pointI've had these dreams every night for the last week

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>>520859062>Like every other person I've talked to is comp sci.Where you by any chance talking to people in your compsci class?Or maybe you're just, you know, one of those nerds interested in "fantasy" in "videogames" so your circle of acquitances is not representative of the general populace?

I love programming to death and I enjoy all the time I spend coding for whichever jew hires me until the project ends, but I keep wondering why I can't put all that passion and effort into something I wanna do for myself, am I dead inside bros?

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>>520860150I still exclusively dream about university even now, five years after graduation because I haven't had any life experiences since then.

>>520859690Biggest tip I can give you as a CS grad is to break your programs down into smaller parts to make debugging easier. For example let’s say you have to make a simple program that fills an array with random integers and then multiply the two biggest numbers in the array. Break that program down into chunks that you can create 1 step at a time like: making an array that fills correctly (correct bounding), making a random integer generator, making a search/sort algorithm to find the largest number in the array, etc. That way you can test each of those parts individually to make sure they each work correctly and then putting them together piece by piece. That way you can easily track down where your bugs are or anywhere you messed something up. This sounds basic and the example I gave is super simple but it’ll lay the foundation of some good practices. Even in your senior year you’ll still find people that decide to just program the whole thing at once and wonder why their code is a trash fire that they can’t navigate through and figure out what’s wrong

FUCK network sec

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>>520860263based user best cs advice in the thread honestly

>>520860150>>520860254>having dreams that make senselast night i dreamed my decapitated head on a robot body was helping master chief fight giant "time worms"i've never even played halo

>>520859942I can only share my own experiences Before graduating I was an IT intern for a summer at a Fortune 500 and I made literally $21/hr just to sit in my own office and skim through old Java code and write out what the methods do. The hardest part of every day was finding a way to kill 8 hours. IT is an incredibly cozy field that gets overlooked because coding is more glamorous.>>520860150They never go away. I still constantly have dreams about it, and even that familiar feeling of "I have something due soon that I'm neglecting but fuck what was it and why am I ignoring it?" flashes through my mind every so often just long enough to make my stomach drop. STEM is hell.>>520860263This is very good advice, if you're committed to CS pay attention

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>>520859119from words of mouth or some sites?

>>520859690Life tips for developers:Practice, practice, practice. Do small practice projects. Make a github, put your best-looking ones public.Try to find some topic that interests you and just throw shit at the wall and see what sticks, like try making a tiny game or something. This will help you immensely with learning programming, tools of the trade, time management, and project management.Fucking do it.Also, learn how to debug. Never skip this step.The sooner you learn how to debug for literally anything, your life will get immensely better.Lastly, never stop learning. There are always better ways to do things in less code. Parts of programming may look daunting, and you may be expected to learn a wide range of topics to maybe a shallow level, but don't be intimidated.

>>520860304>nonceYeah I can tell

anyone want to critique my code? it's a simple go fish game that runs in the command promptMain classhastebin.com/hopoduyeka.csPlayable interfacehastebin.com/yezezazobu.javaComputer playerhastebin.com/pajiradami.csUser playerhastebin.com/usacimizaq.cs

>all these kids ITTJust you fucking wait until Sophomore/Junior year and you have to start learning Assembly

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>complete my doctorate>entire job market for research collapsed in a couple of months

>>520860746>assemblyI took assembly over summer. All we did was assign registers and memory and some basic arithmetic. I'm guessing there's another assembly class later on that's much harder because that shit was piss easy.

I didn't realize there were so many STEMlords on Holla Forums.I think i'll stick to saving the world, please.>or should I say: your welcome.

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>>520860846>yourYeah, you sound like a humanities major

>>520860829The prestige of a PhD should net you some offers by itself.

>>520860746Literally never had to learn anything lower than C++ and that was for a single subject during master's. Also see some people talking about crypto which I never had to do either. On the other hand have barely seen anyone here talk about 3D models, animation and graphics, which were semi-mandatory for me.

video games industry sucks and pays too low.

>>520860564>STEM is hell.I feel with you computer lads. I used to be in geoscience but I've had nothing but hate towards the advanced stuff so fucking much. I'm finally switching to biology, so there's that.

>>520860918Problem is, you basically price yourself out of a typical lab tech position cause you are in a higher pay grade.

>>520860846You really have to know history, philosophy, and aesthetics to be a Hideo Kojima, but you need to know programming to be Konami

>>520860846>Implying the world can be saved from our avarice and narcissistic hubris sans some global "get your shit together" event You keep trying to move that mountain buddy.

>>520860580i have not coded for a company myself. i did what i replied with here >>520859702

>>520860746assembly is easy unless you're doing extended x86 SIMD shiteven then it's not that hardt. self taught


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>>520860564same, i got an internship as IT in college. probably the best job i ever had, my job is to solve hardware/software related issues. and also teach some professors who are not really proficient at using computers. killing time is unironically the hardest part

>>520859062comp sci majors are seriously overrepresented on:>the internet>internet discussion boards>internet discussion boards that talk about computer games>very autistic internet discussion boards that talk about computer games

>>520860846>humanities can tell you why it's a bad ideaKek, 2020 humanities version would be>T-Rexes are coming back and that's a good thing>T-Rexes are coming back. How will this affect women?>Decolonising paleontology. How to stop carnivore shaming?>Being eaten by a T-Rex can be an empowering experience!>Warmblood fragility: Why it is hard for mammals to talk about mass extinction events

>>520859690Im this user, keeping your advice in mind guys ty i fucking mean it.

>>520860682at a quick glance, it looks like your whole game prints into console. i noticed you have a print statement in your ComputerPlayer class. i'd recommend practicing model-view separation as it's a good habit to get into.

>>520859367doesn't look too bad

>>520850579>a fucking page to prove the powerset is a group, including numerous unnecessary restatements of basic concepts because you barely understand them and need to remind yourself, plus rewriting the entire problem at the top just for the hell of itWhen I was a TA I fucking hated people like you.For any T,U ⊆ S 1) T ⨆ S is a set of elements of S, therefore T ⨆ S ∈ P(S)2) S ⨆ {} = S so {} = 13) S ⨆ S = {} so S = -SQED

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>>520860846i hate michael crichton

>>520859303You need to know trig for anything above rpgmaker-tier. For anything related to physical simulation you'll also need calculus.

>>520861415>1) T ⨆ U is a set of elements of S, therefore T ⨆ U ∈ P(S)derp

>>520861415Fuck you nigger proofs are fucking faggotry

>>520860682it's a bit verbose but that's java i supposewhy are you starting multiple processes thoughadmittedly i don't really know java anymore but i don't remember having to do that to communicate over the consoleit doesn't even look like you're using them for multiprocessing, just spawning an instance of cmd with the /c flag

>be me>2nd year 1st semester CS Degree>have to redo the whole semester bc got stomped>corona hits during 2nd semester 2nd year and upcoming semester is now online making shit worseShould I just fucking drop out? I feel so god damn behind. What the fuck should I do with my life.

>>520861284so we're safe, because we're on Holla Forums and none of us has ever played a video game

>>520850579Is that discrete structures class?

>>520861513I mean I hate proofs the way he writes them as well, but you're subconsciously using this line of thinking in most of programming jobs that aren't Pajeet tier webshit. Otherwise you'd spend forever tracking down trivial bugs.

>>520860682forgot to mention but expand your comments as well. you mention what they do but you should mention what the parameters are as well as what they return for clarity. another good habit

>been doing some freelance webshitbros why is webshit so fucking boring

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>>520861374also im retarded just skipped while reading and didn't see you say this is for command prompt. if you don't know what model-view seperation is, essentially it's have other seperate class files do calculations and have your main file essentially call those functions to get the information you need, use, and then display it.

>>520861638>making shit worsecheat to your lil heart's content

>>520850579 Is modding a good entry point into game development? At least in terms of the learning programming and some game development.

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Write that shit in LaTex, can't even read your discrete homework. Yeah discrete is a bitch, I got 3 weeks left.

>>520860682in determineWinner() i would use more explicit variable names than i/j/k for clarity.in setupGame() there are more elegant ways to make a deck of cards, but this is passable. In a real game dev environment, I would pull the card names and counts into global consts in case you wanted to change them later. (using a real world alegory, a game designer might want to change the game to have 5 suits now instead of 4)overall looks pretty good user. thumbs up, would work with.

>>520861836sounds like it might not be for you. personally find it enjoyable since it's way better compared to my last job, i get to listen to music, be my own boss, and make good cash in the process >>520861952anything frankily is but modding tends to work especially well since it takes an understanding of how things work in the game already and can be more motivating to jump at since it's vidya

>>520859501How does it feel to take the give-up pill? IT is hell.

>>520861836Highly sterilized environment with many little factors that come into play that you must adhere to in order to bring said sterilized environment to fruition, along with tons of bloat that are fun in a niche but not useful in most cases (e.g. SPAs, SPAs are cool but not for simple things).It's like doing game development but having to do art, design, programming, sound all on your own, while being told how and what to do, and taking all the playfulness out of gamedev.

>>520861374yeah it runs in the console. i can do gui, i just had an itch doing something in the command line when i started (plus windows cmd has symbols for the four suits... i need to implement that)>model-view separationnot familiar with that, i'll look into it. thanks!>>520861594i am but an amateur>why are you starting multiple processes thoughahh that's actually just a command to clear the screen. unfortunately windows 10 did some update to where child processes don't inherit all of the capabilities of editing the cmd, so i chose to just clear the entire screen each round

>tfw only calc 3 left for math requirements>kike college won't offer it online during covid

>>520858974this is damn good advice, you better be taking notes OP

>>520861638I mean, if you're failing at first year stuff then it's very obviously not for you. 1st year stuff is beyond easy. I'm a ChemE who took CS classes for fun and went up to their 2/3 year level courses (I honestly should have just switched to CS, ChemE kicked my ass way worse than any CS course) The first year stuff is super simple, I got 4.0s without even trying. It gets waaaaay harder after that.It's ok though, some degrees just dont click right. I started in Electrical & Comp Engineering and got fucking destroyed.

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>>520862069>give-up>get to sit around chilling and raking in fat stacks for doing something that's hardly even the barest semblance of real work>making like $200 a day after taxes while sitting around and casually playing Age of Empires or Dorf Fort in my """home office""" (a second desk in my apartment)Feels pretty damn good.

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>>520861952>unfortunately windows 10 did some update to where child processes don't inherit all of the capabilities of editing the cmd, so i chose to just clear the entire screen each roundthat doesn't sound right, they have to, else TUI shit wouldn't workit could be that they disabled the easier ways of doing itin which case your hack is the right way to goyou do not want to interact with windows code, it is horrid

>>520862280Model-view separation just means to separate your draw code from your data model.Separating things is a general concept in case you want to change things. Like if today you had HUD A, but tomorrow you want to add HUD B. It's easier to both find, clean and extend code that is logically separated than code that isn't.

>Major into biochem on a whim cause the community college's career center said I had a high affinity for it and I had no idea what I wanted to do>And it sounded cool>Get accepted into a 4-year university, never thought that would happen>Four years later hit a huge fucking wall on ochem laboratory classes that I simply do not understand and cannot pass to save my life and despise with every fiber of my being>Every time I retake a class it somehow gets harder instead of easier>Just want out and have given up hope of ever having fun or doing anything with this major>Finally get a message of academic dismissal because I failed too many courses, treat it as an escape because I'm finally not enslaved in this hell>Take a break for a year, decide to go into compsci with programming or hardware or something, I dunno>Ending CS1 at my community college of C++ as my first programming language and kinda having fun with it>But I still fucking hate pointersGuess I can't really complain about this, at least it isn't those hellish labs anymore. And apparently I'm still in my old university's system, so I theoretically could get back in and switch majors if I do enough stuff here at my community college. Honestly I've really liked my courses at my community college far more than my university, that was just all unfun superhard bullshit and everyone either talked solely about their majors or were bible studies pushers. The one thing I liked there was a grand piano they brought out during finals week where random students would get on and belt out some symphony, often vidya ones. I liked that shit.Hell, my community college has a course on fuckin naginata wielding. That's too esoteric for me right now, but maybe one day I'll take it. It sounds like fun.

how hasn't this thread been deleted yet

>>520850579>get through the data structures class easily which is famously known as the first true filter for cs majors>bomb discrete mathFUCK

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>>520862897it's a productive if off topic discussionwould be nice if it at least got shunted to /g/

>>520862940what did you struggle with user?

>all these anons doing discrete mathcan someone explain to me euler's totient, fermat's little theorem and prime generators, or are those not covered in discrete math?

>>520862897cause this thread is still better than coomer and brand shill thread #123383848

>>520862943Being put on /g/ is worse than being deleted. You'll just get shits derailing and shilling languages

>>520859501This is true for any stem degree. Thing is, you need to deal with being a corporate bitch until you get out of entry level (5 yrs), then you need to work your way up the chain somehow, best way is to go horizontally with different companies. That's the only way to get paid big bucks.Get into big projects, maybe get an MBA, or figure out a way to get into a project that will let you get a Top Secret Clearance (will take away your citizen rights, but opens up to tons of jobs and will open up a good path to management at some companies). There's a lot of paths, thing is though is that you cant get complacent with your job position and you cant act like a little bitch, you need to man up and push your way up by always working to improve or change in any way. Otherwise you'll end up 65 with a dead end job and a shit-ass salary.

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>>520863105I only heard of prime generators. I think.

>>520859501I have all 3 comptia certs a+ s+ n+ and no one hiring me man

>>520862804pointers are easyit's just a number that stores where something is in memorywhich may or may not be RAM, your GPU, or hard drive because virtual memory and memory mapped IOthe hard shit is stuff like template metaprogramming, using templates as their own compile time programming languageit was discovered accidentally so the syntax fucking sucks but it can be really funfacebook's fatal library is a good example of industry tmp code

>>520862943nothing actually technical belongs on /g/

>>520857182What? Fuck no. You’ll be busting your ass with a CS degree. It’s literally the “manufacturing“ of technology. Have fun meeting outrageous deadlines and being expected to work 60 hours a week. At least you’ll get paid slightly above minimum wage.

>>520862943>/g/ no.

>>520863317>(will take away your citizen rights)This is what worries me, I'll never be able to yarhar again

>>520863370How long? Did you start looking for jobs after the viral outbreak or have you been at it since before?

>>520863370literally howare you actually submitting cover letters?

>>520850579Gamedev is a trap and good luck with your shit wage and crunches.

>>520859501this user gets it. video game industry is notorious for burnout and with CS the kinds of jobs you're going to find are likely just going to involve pumping JSON in and out of web forms for a few years until you either get enough money to start your own company getting other people to pump JSON in and out of web forms for you, or you quit if you get a shitty toxic environment.If you're going to do just one cert, do the Network+. It assumes you've done the A+ so many employers will assume you're at the same level, but unlike the Security+ which is the next level, the Network+ is seen as more generalizeable and most HR departments who are otherwise run by people who have no idea what the fuck they're hiring for will catch that before they catch the Sec+.here's a tip from an industry insider product manager turned sysadmin: get into anything that has to do with cloud security. if you're an expert on cloud security in the next 5 years, you'll be set. all the dumbass mistakes IT made with physical architecture are going to be made all over again with the cloud, and if you know how to unfuck that you'll never be out of a job.

>>520857182Yes but sure as fuck not the programming side, go into the sneaky IT one>>520863370You're doing something very wrong because that's a god tier setup

>>520850579>tfw associates degree in computer programming from a technical college back in 2013>had a single "game programming" class>built a semi-functional side scrolling "megaman" type game as my final project in two weeks because I was too lazy to participate in class up til that point>see some user complain it's too hardToughen up buttercup. 2 weeks and I had a map, a fully functional character that could swap gravity, shoot, lose hp, and die and reset, stage hazzards, and enemies that could attack me and die. Imagine what a couple of months would have yielded...

>>520860304Holy shit.

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>>520863830How is this any different from other jobs though? Pretty much anything that you can easily start a solo company in sucks as a first job or as job at all. I'd go sysadmin too were it not out of fear I'd lose my skills once going indie dev

>>520863830Thanks for the tip, I've been wondering what to get after my CAPMt. that user

>graduate cs with a 3.8 gpa>neet for two years with a whopping six interviewsI have a job now but what's the secret to getting interviews? I feel like there's some magic secret that everyone knows but me.

>>520862940I took Calc 2 at the same time because I'm a masochistic dumbass, so it was tough to manage for me. If I didn't I could've passed, but either way I got fucked by induction.

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>>520864148The secret is to know someone at the company. Networking/knowing the right people is more important than a degree.

>>520863839Would have yielded that, plus a little more. You get the first 80% of the game done in the first 20% of the time. As things get more complex, bugs start racking up and you end up having to spend more and more time adding every additional feature. Then you have to make the levels, which you wouldn't figure would be as hard as it actually is.

>>520863831Isn't IT an over saturated field due to too many people gunning for the job? Why not web developer instead as it's always in demand?

>>520864148tweak your resume to the jobwrite cover letters for everything, they are NOT optionaldo something else to build your skills because the longer you go without a job the worse it looks - as a relatively fresh grad i got hired on the spot because even with the chinkypox making it hard to find a job i had been working on certs and the interviewers outright told me that was very impressive and put me above the other candidates >>520864278also this, disregard everything I just said if you have a connection

>>520857182>get associates degree in programming>end up going down a career path that doesn't require a degree>go work 12 hour days, 7 days a week>earn around $28k a month>90% of my time is spent watching TV, movies, and playing games>am respected to the point where people who make half a million running a gas plant come asking me my opinion on their equipmentOnly bad thing is that when gas companies suffer, so do you. Still, working 4 months a year to make $100k and relaxing the rest isn't a bad life. I do get bored after being out of work for 3 months straight though.

>>520859989Unironically this, /g/ has saved me so many times. I'm learning React now to get an edge on other people in my major

>>520853020I've observed that it's students and hobbyists who are autistic as shit. Professional devs are actually very well-adjusted people.

>tfw too autistic for college

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So which skill tree does Holla Forums have

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>>520858015Wolfenstein 3D (or DOOM?) was literally made by guys who snuck their work computers away from the work place to work on the game in their spare time. The only limit is your own willpower.

>>520864438IT is much less oversaturated than programming and highly qualified IT professionals can basically write their own ticket, and unlike other positions the existence of so many certifications allows you to build your resume before actually getting a job.Webdev is a miserable field with a low skill ceiling because HTML and CSS are fucking braindead so it's full of pajeets

>>520864502I am a retard so please explain. What EXACTLY is it that you do? What is your designation really?

>>520864075because junior devs get treated like shit, overworked, and a lot of junior dev work is incredibly mind-numbingly boring. junior IT work is, in my opinion at least, slightly less boring, you get treated slightly better, and the pay is comparable.i can understand the fear of losing skills when switching. a key thing to do is to try and keep ambiently aware of the field you're leaving. read the news, follow the relevant twitter accounts and meme pages, it's what's helped me retain skills over the years and i'm not quite sure why insofar as it's not like i'm actually doing anything.>>520864094best of luck lad

>>520864651Java, Angular, MongoDB, Sysadmin, reluctantly GitI'm addicted to multiclassing

>>520864657Usually how it goes is you get your feet wet while you have a job, then when you see opportunity you dive in full on the last year-1.5 year

>>520864404>As things get more complex, bugs start racking up and you end up having to spend more and more time adding every additional featureAs long as I'm the only one working on a program, I can tear through bugs pretty easily. What I learned is that working on other people's programs is where all hell breaks loose. People need to learn fucking proper white spacing and leaving comments to explain what your segment of code exists for. Its really fun when you are trying to fix a 20 year old program with hundreds of thousands of lines of code in a language you have never worked on before and the fuckers leave 0 comments and no white space.

>>520864502This is by far the best life I can fathom please explain how

>>520864701Thanks user. I wanted to get into AI but not sure how long I'd last with it. IT sounds about right for me at the moment.

>>520859062There simply is that much fucking demand for people who know how to write software.

>>520864701Hi user. What IT certs would you recommend to obtain to slap on resume?

>>520859690Good luck, buddy

>>520864743He works on an oil field/oil rigHe also forgot to mention that he probably either has to live in the middle of bumfuck nowhere, or he needs to live on a fucking oil rig in the middle of the ocean for months at a time.

>>520860150It's a normal feeling, I wasn't sure I got my majors until the day I got the confirmation

>>520850579When I did my computer science degree this is how every class went:>Start class, 40 people in class.>4-7 guys all crowd around the only female in the class and give her the answer to any question she has>girl cant pass any tests because she does not actually understand anything>girl is the first one to leave>without girl, 5-7 guys who were helping her also lose interest in class and ditch>end of the year rolls around, 40 person class not has 4 people left in it, including me.>teacher basically has non-stop 1 on 1 time with us because there are only 4 of us.>get in good with teacher, have him sign off on classes so I don't have to do them to get my degree>profitHalf the course is just sticking it out until the end.

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I think I chose the wrong major.

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>>520864748Our experiences differ a lot, but I'm a lot younger.My experience has been>ITEasier to get in, less requirements but more bullshit. Generally filled with people who care less, so they are willing to put up more with shitty, repetitive antics. Generally more contact with customer>Prog (without IT)Mind-numbingly boring, especially web, higher requirements but once you get there, less bullshit, better pay and it's easier to get away with slacking because of how fucking many programmers are absolute goonies who don't know what to do>Prog with ITThe absolute worst of both worlds. You're a developer but expected to do helpdesk support as well.Though I'll admit Sysadmin seems more interesting than webdev, solely based on the little experience I have with CI/CD and sysadmin being more "do whatever you want as long as it works", whereas junior webdev is "do it the way we want to, or we will scream at you like autists for naming that variable X instead of Y"I'll keep the advice in mind though, thanks.

>>520850579>be college freshman>failed my pre-calc, calc 1, linear algebra classes even though i studied what the fuck do i do?


>>520850579You're the reason this major is so filled with idiots who don't actually care about theory. The only reason to study CS is if you find CS itself interesting, not because you like videogames

>>520865171so every degree that says science or engineering it you just remove those from your future plans

>>520865171Study better

>>520865026Not that user but if you only get one, get the CompTIA Network+. Study from multiple sources. Professor Messer is probably the best free resource, and you should absolutely get his practice tests and watch his study group videos and participate in one yourself. Rationale for Network+: it's one of the most commonly requested on job postings, relatively cheap compared to other industry certs, vendor-neutral, and not terribly difficult.

>>520865171patrickjmt and paul's math notes my friendi never even looked at my textbooks and aced the classes just using those resources

>>520865171Do more math

>>520865171first year in general at colleges people fuck up because often college expects you to interact with the material differently. i fucked up my first semester and almost failed my math class but im doing very well now. talk to an advisor and/or maybe hang in there a little longer.

>tfw got a dev job merely 1 week before lockdownAlmost everyone else I know who also graduated this year is jobless because of coronies, I got very lucky

As someone who just graduated with a CS degree and minor in game programming that is now working in the industry, the most important things I did were:Went to recruiter talks to add them on linkedin. This was how I got my job, as I was able to follow up after I graduated and got like 6 interviews this way.Took a class where you build a basic game engine. This is a great way to show you basically know how to program and it shows you are at least vaguely familiar with the most important parts that make up a game. If you go beyond what the class does even better.Work on a game project with a team of at least 10 people for at least a year. You'll have a lot to show both in terms of things you worked on as well as team experience that is necessary for the industry. For source control ideally use Perforce, but any team source control experience is good.There are other things I could go into but even if you only did these things you'd be well prepared.

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>>520865171Go do them again.

>>520865026CompTIA A+ (Net+ and Sec+ are great too), or IT Fundamentals if you're a freshman in college or something and then get your A+ when you graduate CAPM (into PMP once you have a few years of experience)Excel certAny of the Cisco ones I agree with >>520865334For the A+ just google "Comptia A+ Gold Guide" and it'll bring you to a Reddit page with a good list of resources; some are still for the older 900-series but most have links in them to the 1000-series documentation and they haven't changed that much. For the A+ I also HIGHLY recommend getting super familiar with the various [X]aaS styles, like half of the 1002 is about that shit.

>>520858015So are a lot of worth while hobbies.

>CompEng student, 5 years plan>started in 2014, it's been 6 and a half years>stuck at my third year>performance ranges between getting stuck hard, passing a class with a 6/10 or passing with a 9/10 like it's a cointoss>can't pass Physics 3 after three years, god damn quantum bullshit>was going to pass the first semester of the fourth year but corona came and shit home enviroment and unstable internet connection fucked me up>lost all motivation by this point>have to keep choosing between sacrificing my mental and physical wellbeing by locking myself up and enslaving myself to college to the point of existential dread or keep failing>i just wanted money to move out of here and have a lifeHow the fuck do normies do itHow can these people hang out and work and shit and still pass their courses, was I the brainlet all along?

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>>520865620yes you're a brainlet but also most normalfags take basic bitch shit like business and social sciences

>>520858015how long do you think people who restore cars work on them? or building anything for that matter

>>520865620Normie has nothing to do with it lol. If anything normies fail CS the most.>t. Nightowl introvert autist who passed CS with ease and got best grades on classes I only studied at home for

>>520858723>I feel like I have PTSD from the stress of school, even four years later I'm still feeling the residual burnouti use to dream i was taking integrals in my sleep... i think unless you're a genius this sort of stuff is stressful and takes a lot of practice

>>520865552>>520865334Much appreciated, anons.

>>520864743I'm an API 510 Inspector, which means I inspect pressure vessels and tell the owners what type of condition it is in and if it needs repairs and possibly how to repair it.>>520865094Oil refineries to be more specific. Southern TX and LA are common areas, but you also have other areas like OH, and I even worked in North Salt Lake. Can't say I've worked one out in the middle of nowhere yet.>>520864842Start in NDE (Non-destructive evaluation). As a helper, you will probably work hard unless you find a way to get a more gravy job. After a few months you can start trying to become a level 2 NDE tech, where you will start to get an easier life. If you work with API Inspectors, learn from them then after 3 years you can apply to take a test. If you know the code enough and pass the test then you are an API inspector. You can then try to work full-time, or like I do, you can work shutdowns. Since I am a contractor, it just means I lose out on shit like health insurance, but when you make a shit ton of money per shutdown, paying for your own insurance can be chump change. Nothing wrong with going full-time either though since you can get a comfy job at a single place where you work year round and usually bring people in to do the actual work for you.

>>520865976Good luck broIt's VERY practical, memorization of shit like port numbers and cable types will be mildly useful but being able to actually set shit up will help you pass it a lot more

>>520850579Don't worry. You'll get through it and then you can work for a big game company. You'll get to work on adding features you don't agree with but have to be implemented because they make money. You'll have to watch as marketing gives the game a launch date without consulting the devs or caring about their concerns because it has to launch for the holiday season. You'll get to stay up until midnight fixing your co-worker's janky gameplay code that not even they understand for the day 1 patch. The game will sell millions of copies but you won't see any of the profits beyond your usual no-overtime salary. You'll have great ideas for games that nobody cares about because they don't fit into the molds of what's known to be profitable.


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>>520866045>Can't say I've worked one out in the middle of nowhere yetmmm, my mistake, When I was a starting ChemE, I wanted to do oil for a couple of months, but the only jobs I could find were like midland Texas and shit.


>>520864701I am looking to make money which is why I am rolling with compsci. Is IT a good field to make lots of money?Please dont grill me over the money topic. After reading how poorly other jobs do in terms of money, I switched to compsci.

>>520866329>Studying a career just to make moneyDon't worry, with that attitude you won't be making any on the long run.

>>520866240It all depends on what type of oil job you are doing. Pipeline work would be the most out in the middle of nowhere, but if you can deal with that aspect then you can also have tons of freedom. My friend has times where he goes to the jobsite for 3 hours a day and gets 12 hours of pay. I have a traeger grill on the back of my truck for that kind of work.

>>520850579just do biology bachelors into pharmacy doctorate lmaoits easy as fuck and easy 100Kas long as you can get a job in the super saturated market that is

>>520866505What do you mean?

>Spend 4 years and $80,000 to get a $20 an hour programming job in an oversaturated market>Spend 2 months and maybe $1500 to get a CCNA and immediately start making $90,000 a year with companies tripping over themselves to snipe you

>>520866776>wiping assesu cant pay me enough user

>>520866771If you study something just to make money rather than because you like it/are good at it/find it interesting, you'll probably end up hating it or getting burned out.

>comp sci>ITWhich one's better lads if I want to fuck off and do other shit whilst still having a respectable degree.

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>reading this thread when I'm going into my final year for my BSI got a 3.9 GPA at the current moment and I'm trying to snag a math minor too. Am I gonna make it?

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>>520864509This. There is a filter in the industry. Spergs don't do well unless they are really really good or become researchers. Most people I work with are turbonormies with families.

>>520866329go medical field. pretty much anything medical. there is always demand for it and theres a lot of different tracts you can go.nursing, radiology, dental hygiene/dentistry, pharmacy, doctor of medicine, surgery, etcjust make sure you actually are interested in the field you pursue cause ya gonna need it. trust me user.

>>520851019Your worst nightmare, kid.

>>520866776I'll take bullshit for 1500, Trebek.

redpill me on functional programming /g...errr... Holla Forums

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>>520867158>be on a job>coworker is having a problem with his computer>he calls IT to fix it>they spend 4 hours trying to fix it but inevitably fail>he finally tells me his problem>I have it fixed after 5 minutes of testing shit outIT will be the better one for fucking off more likely, but fuck do I not consider it a respectable degree. Hell, my teacher even told me "IT is the degree everyone transfers to when they realize they aren't smart enough to write code". Not even professors will respect you.

>>520867240quick! solve pic related

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>>520866045ty user for detailing. not the person you were responding to but i'll take note in case shit goes south after pursuing my cs degree. i need to work because otherwise i feel like shit but would like the pay you make if not more

>>520866776>CNA>90kyeah nah unless your "CNAs" are fucking NPs

>>520867492magic fairy tale nonsense restricted to academic use that's incompatible with the physical hardware and has to have an extremely abstracted runtime environment to even worknonetheless it has some useful shit like monadic error handling

>>520867618Uuuuuh complete the square or trig substitution I don't fucking know man.

>>520867618*yawn*complete the square for denom then u sub and then a trig subnext...

>>520867158You're gonna hear conflicting info, I found IT more busywork than programming, but it depends how the opinion on juniors is (where I work, their opinion on junior skills are immensely low and seniors are god awful). IT is universally laughed at by all CS majors and minors.Figure it's different when your seniors try to push you to their level, and their level is actually high. Also, Agile/Scrum is a fucking stain to anyone who wants to chill.

i have no dreams of making video games. i don't have any dreams at all. why would i? why would you? you're not going anywhere. neither am i.

>>520867890Yeah, life is shit and meaningless. Might as well have some fun on this bitch of an earth before we all go out.

>>520850579Making comp games is either slave work or a fun hobby. You cant make a meaningful career out of making games anymore.

>>520867635>i need to work because otherwise i feel like shitYeah, after about 3 or 4 months without work, I start getting to the point where I can't even convince myself to play games anymore. That is why I hate this fucking retarded quarantine shit. Last job I was on was in February and it sounds like most shit isn't starting back up until next year. I'm borderline homicidal right now and just want to tear the throat out of democrats and the retarded masses that blindly support this quarantine shit.

>>520850579wow babby set theory, i learned that in highschoolt. software engineer doing systems programming

>>520868090Maybe you should work on your anger issues and try to find some form of self-actualization that doesn't involve work.

>>520868090the quarantine is rough on us all user. hang in there

>>520853020There definitely are weirdos, I remember going into my first CS class at uni and seeing for the first time a guy in a fedora, I shit you not he looked like the one in the memes. Either way, those kinds of people don't usually do well. Surprise, employers look for employees who are able to string two words together.

fuck modular arithmetic, it ruined the word "mod" for me, now i will be forever triggered by the word "mod"

>>520857273>Now I'm literally a janitorDo you at least get paid?

>>520867618>tfw you were smart enough to be the best math student in your state in high school>see people with math degrees trying to defend 1 = .999 repeating even though there is a huge flaw to that concept>decide not to pursue a math degree at that pointThat and all I knew you could get a job in was either something like cryptology or becoming a professor. Now I miss not doing math. Got as far as Calculus 3 in college before switching to a programming degree and now I don't even program.

>>520850579>comp sci so that i can make games>tfw did this but was born at just the wrong time to end up starting studies right after Facebook first boomed so the then brand new 3 year curriculum was entirely php, css and databases.

>>520857273Become Dr Jan Itor.

>theoretical calculusaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAA

can somebody explain to a 25 yearold who dropped out of school after year 10 what the general attitudes of people in tertiary education, i really thought id go to university but school was a notowrk for me after some shit happened.so for like 5 years ive been saying "id like to get educated but i dont know what i can do"i know i need to do a bridging course to finish year 12, and then...Like im asking is it really just up to the person enrolled, can you just up and leave engineering to go do like art or someshit and its all well and good because realistically its just your money you're out of pocket. k writing it out like that it actually seems way less daunting, its my educationjust old buried anxieties i guess that have me in kid mode thought processes.no idea how id manage work and school but hopefully it shapes me up a bitembarrassing to not even have finished highschool but das it mane

>>520868601>see people with math degrees trying to defend 1 = .999 repeating even though there is a huge flaw to that concept

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>>520868601Never too late if you're really passionate about it. It's worth it to suck it up and go back to school in the short-term if you think it will make you happier and more fulfilled in the long-term.

>>520850793>>520850579All you need to know for game dev is some basic algorithms like A* & Dijkstra's for pathfinding, and that's about it. Use a decent engine like GODOT if you're project is fairly small, and learn as you go.

>>520868754first of all, what country?

>>520850579>had to do this obtuse match for comp sci degree>most of my effort went into this subject>now work as a programmer and I dont use any math except basic algebramath in comp sci is a scam

Vidya doesnt pay competetive salaries anymore. They'd rather hire shitty women and minorities who graduated from coastie schools that cut standards to get the degrees on the cheap.

>>520868802this. i'm 31 and about to get my degree

>>520868847how do you code without using boolean logic?

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>had to take an elective to graduate>decide to take a single entry level programming>accidentally signed up for the class for CS majors instead of the braindead normie onebros i almost got filtered

>>520868754Hi Ricky, got any chicken fingers? The good kind.For real, tertiary education is very political. It's a fucking pain.

>>520869010i take it you passed then?

>>520857892>Everyone has a CS degree nowadays and the field is over saturated. Way too many people, not enough jobsWrong. There is a surplus of jobs compared to the number of (qualified) people to take them. >You'll have to compete with people with years of experience for "entry level" positions.That usually happens when you apply to shitty middle-sized companies who chew out devs; look into either bigger corporations or small businesses. Either way, having a couple of internships during summer while you're still in uni gives you a massive advantage.> Every summer has to be spent doing internships (99% of which are unpaid).Lol no, unless you live in a 3rd world country. I had two internships until now. One was admittedly a very low-paying one but I was also without experience. Either way, it taught me a lot of stuff and paved my way to getting a second internship, which paid massively at a large org. Just don't apply to shit positions in scummy companies and you'll be fine. >Be prepared to never rest the entire time you're in school.>Every waking moment that isn't spent on school or coding must be spent making networking and making connections with people in the industry.In my third year I have set foot on campus at most something like 20 times during an entire year. I was literally playing games and working out at the gym 24/7, albeit I had a good group of housemates and we were smart enough to finish any coursework together in under 2 days. Other than that, I have never 'connected', just built a basic linkedin profile, applied to a big org, got an interview, got an internship and am soon going to get a full time offer after graduating.

>>520868843Australia im in a pretty good position but i need to move out of homealso that shit was rambling and didnt really have a questionI think ill look into a welding tafe course or something because I wanna get cert for that and it probably has some student skills i can revive with it, namely just focusing on one subject and not saying "ehh fuck it ive still got time"

>>520869169aye but it was a close one. im not cut out for programming

>>520866776IT is shit pay. Pls.

>>520860846fucking hell this is goldi'm taking it to /g/ right now

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>>520864148The secret is to stand out somehow. Have a unique project in your portfolio. I don't even mean a "good" one either necessarily, it just needs to stand out in their memory so that they'll even remember the other stuff you put down after going through 50 applications. Theyll also be more interested in asking you about it and it will influence the decision to bring you in.

>>520866776My CS degree cost me less than 10k personally, I have no debt, and I have a software engineer job paying around 80k about a half year after graduating. Just don't live in a shithole bro.

>>520869620what are some examples of good projects?

>>520869440>Network Administration is shit pay. Pls.I literally made more money at my first Junior Network Admin position than most of the 15+ year programmers at my current workplace.IT pays incredibly well the moment you get out of Tier 1.

>>520868802I'm thinking about it when I reach a comfortable part in my career. Just bought a $75k truck for work so I need to do some jobs to pay it off. I don't like having multiple sources of debt, especially something like a vehicle loan, so I wouldn't want to take classes until I'm paying for them out of pocket. The question becomes, is there any kind of certificates I can take with high level math and can I actually put it to use at all. I barely remember shit from Calculus so I'd probably have to start over from there though.

>tfw brainlet>can only draw >no idea how to contact the rich furries for commissionsIt sucks being dumb and no social skills at the same time.

>>520860846>humanities can tell you why this might be a bad thingNo, humanities will tell you not to assume that dino's gender. Jurassic Park will tell you why this might be a bad idea.

>>520868950boolean is easier than algebra

>>520869768something like this github.com/uber/aresdb

>>520870125As a friend of my said: portfolio on DeviantArt and wait

>>520870125Post trend-chasing popular shit and make sure to tag it for visibilityIf you are halfway decent you will attract a followingThen you can open requests and commissionsIndicate in your profile or on the commission page what you're willing to do and people will flock to you if you put out results

>>520869768It depends on what business you're applying for and the people in charge largely. As an example, on my portfolio I have an indie game I developed and self published. Its nothing too crazy special and its not like it made a ton of money. BUT it stands out because the industry I was applying for had nothing to do with games (other stuff on my portfolio/resume was relevant of course). And since the lead was previously in a game related industry, he was more interested in hearing from me because of that connection. So I would say just try to have a variety of quality projects that demonstrate your skill clearly, especially if you're a newbie. Once you're in a career maybe being more specialized is more valuable, but imo early on its about standing out any way you can.

>>520870125idk have you tried going to Twitter or something?

>>520870343Good idea, I haven't updated my deviant art in ages though, only upload my shit on twitter.>>520870392>>520870453I'm pretty bad at chasing trends, though I do notice that people like my stuff more if I draw nintendo porn

>comfiest thread on Holla Forums is not Holla Forums related

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>had a full ride scholarship for undergrad specifically cause im a poorfag>got a doctorate after taking on an assload of debt cause im from a poorfag family to begin with and needed every cent of loan money>still no steady job two years after graduation, near zero incomeguess my degreedifficulty: not a humanities degree for both undergrad and grad

>>520867158You can still end up doing IT work if you have a CS degree. Doing CS stuff with an IT accreditation, however, is much more difficult.

>>520870551IDK, psychology? Depending on who you ask it can be humanities though. Useless fucking degree.

>>520850579that looks like discrete math? the proof stuff was kinda dumb


>>520870551>high school diploma>3 years of on the job experience>$900 to take a test>this is all it takes to earn $60/hrThis is why I laugh at anyone who took a degree just for the sake of making money.

>>520870807Theoretical computer science is basically math

>>520867492relatively cool programming style but it provides very little work opportunities. If you find it interested and can take it as an optional sometime in your first years of uni, go ahead, but don't expect to do actual work with it.

>live in Yurop so degrees aren't expensive>go to great college based on my grades in school>study software engineering>no debt>get a job 2 months after graduating>not in vidya because I wanna be comfy

>>520857918Because legible documentation is like 60% of your job. Fixing shit isn't very helpful if nobody can read how you fixed it for future reference. Troubleshooting skills are helpful on the spot in an emergency but otherwise you need those writing skills developed.>Senior manager whose brain deflates every time an issue escalates due to garbage notes and should be resolved on a single discovery call.Learn how to form coherent thoughts, record them and speak well.This is also overly prominent in development where developer notes throw other devs off and they have to do extra work referencing or may have to directly contact the person who was working on code so they don't botch shit, and still there are bugs that should have been caught. It's not there for the subject matter, although it would be more helpful it if were, it's more to get you to being writing in a way that others can follow.

>>520870720nah, distantly related to psychology but not directly>>520870853nah>>520870863first in me senpai to have a doctorate but i have fuck all to show for it. material conditions are never a guarantee ect

>>520870996>Because legible documentation is like 60% of your jobAnd you think documentation by programmers for programmers needs to fulfill some writing standards? lel


I nearly failed out of my CS degree multiple times and currently make $95k 1 year out of college. I unironically failed Calculus II three times

>>520855787If true that's fucking retarded.

>>520871016>distantly related to psychologylel this nigger studied sociology

>>520850579I devoted all my effort into english and not even basic understanding of com sci. Basically I just let it be for all of my childhoodpeople went ahead of me but I just don't care anymore, college's more of an achievement than to actually help you

>>520871068>lel!you're not gonna make it in IT.

>>520871093nah. science based.>>520871145>sociologynah. think of another field thats related to psychology but with more authority. thats a bit closer to my wheelhouse but not the exact thing.

>>520871125my degree wasn't setup in quite the same way but math II and theoretical CS (just more math) II had the highest failing ratesI also bumbled my way through by doing minimal work

>>520871068I feel like legible comments are better than some of the gibberish I've read and threw folks off, sure.

>>520850579that shit is hard as balls until it clicks, I aced that course with all corrects on the exam after having thought I was retarded when I first opened the book

>>520871236yeah im still fucking terrible at college-level math but its completely irrelevant to my job

>>520871223Oh shit, I'm gonna get fired out of my entire career after 5 years, just because I didn't reiterate in college that I need to put my strongest argument last?

>>520850579Most of comp sci courses are actually useless for making a game.

>>520871223To be fair he has a point. Guides on how methods of programming languages work differ from the most basic stuff with a sample, to "here is half a page written in a CS-style thesis without an example how to use it". If there's a writing standard, I have yet to see it and everyone would rather bicker over what variable name is better or if comments should explain what happens or not.

>>520850579Just graduated this summer, so glad I got out of that shit.