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I don't get it. Where's the funny part?

Who gives a fuck. just let people enjoy shit.

>>520850360His wife leaving him, haha

>>520850271>makes a shitty meme about shitty nu PM gamesGood threads died for this!

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>>520850550>super paper marioget that shit out of there

Nintendo unironically paid 50 bucks for this guy to make this picture and post it here

>>520850957nintendo is the sole brand where i honestly believe they don't have to pay people to shill for them, the fanbase is deranged and autistic enough to go out and do it on their own

>>520851180>the fanbase both vehemently protects and shills every aspect of the company yet curses and screams its name in same breath every dayWhere do we go so so wrong

>>520850379yes, they enjoy literal doggie's

>>520850587seethe thousand year tendie

>>520850271Based, that'll show those entitled gamer chuds!

>>520850271>using color splash in the image>when 90% of people who played both origami king and color splash think the latter sucks after playing the former

>>520851407he is right though, super paper turd is not a traditional rpg

>>520850550Super paper Mario is shit and only zoomers who grew up with the wii disagree.

>>520850550>bug fablesbut that game is trash

>>520851407Origami King is much closer to the first two games than Super, and Super was the beginning of the end for the series anywaysalso 64 is better than TTYD

>>520850271>funny dialogue and storyuhhhh...

>>520850587>>520851467>>520851529Kill yourself

>>520851702Cry more, bitch.

>>520851593Honestly, if TOK had battles that weren't shit and rewarded you in SOME meaningful way, it would probably have been one of my favorite PM games.

My opinion on the new Paper Mario game is that it's fun but it's very repetitive in several key areas. What it really needs is more variety in things like characters, battles and overworld abilities.

>>520851826You're a fucking retard.

>>520850271Why are The Thousand-Year Door fans so obnoxious that people enjoy dunking on them?

>>520850271>funny dialogue make me go hahaAnd unfortunately that’s all the news games have.

>tfw cried like a faggot when the bomb killed himselfmore like oriKAMI king

>>520850550>grouping dogshit SPM in with the first two gamesZoomer detected

>bad guy takes over peach castle>mario has to go to like 8 places to beat a boss and get something>mario comes back to the castle and beats bad guy>peach is saved and everyone is happywow great story, it's not like it's been done several times over a decade

>>520852721seething ttydumbass

Is hating SPM the new trend on Holla Forums? It was never to this point until TOK released.


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>>520852721SPM was directed by the same guy who directed 64 and TTYD. Also SPM is the last Paper Mario with actual partners, OCs, a decent story, no paper jokes, and soul.

TOK is a great game to watch someone else play. I got bored as hell playing it myself on Yuzu so I just said fuck it and watched a streamer's VODs of it. Then again seeing so much "see hidden Toad, hit Toad, get funny joke" does get annoying after a while.


What do you call this phenomena where a company makes or does something that a large group does not like, that group gets vocal about it, and then a new group emerges from spite to praise it? Sword and Shield had the same thing happen

>>520853296Bug fables 4 reviewsMario 49 reviewsBighmmm.jpg

If you faggots want another TTYD so much why can’t you just play TTYD (or better yet play 64 since it’s the better game) instead of being a faggot online?

>>520853841Nintendo fanboyism

>>520853965>More reviewers>More qualityYou best be trollin

>>520853028I saw the opposite. Right before and after release no one had any problem grouping SPM with the first 2.

M&L was the better series.

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>>520850587It's Tanabe's most autistic fanfic but it has the unique feeling before all those dumb restrictions.

>>520854263Nope sorryGood thing they died and you can cope for all eternity

>>520850550>BugshitLmao nice try shill

>He likes itjust accept defeat Holla Forums

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>>520854423PM is dead too. Nu-PM is basically a different series at this point

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>>520853309>actual partners>floating rectangles

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>>520854640ah yeah I forgot metacritic only matters when fanboys are bragging about BOTW

>>520854383So he's the one that I can blame for this?youtube.com/watch?v=XarbhcMST4Q

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>>520854640>game you like has high metacritic>OH NO NO NO (YOU) BTFO!>game I like has good metacritic>OH NO NO NO NO METACRITIC DOESN'T MATTER!

God I can't wait for Miyamoto to die and the theme park to flop.

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>>520854624viny is nintendo shill stop pretending he's channer he's tumblr and redditor nintendo lover

Is bug fables good? Considering buying it.

>>520854624I imagine he'd really like Undertale if his chat wasn't so spergy about it.


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>>520854815didn't he like it? don't really remember

>>520854624How many hours into it is he? You get sick of it by the second streamer tops.

>>520854803I don't know user

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>>520854932Vinny stayed away from it.Joel likes it.

>>520854762do these girls have any doujins

>>520854765I mean the smash community acts like Project M is an official game so gives a fuck what people put in their stupid memes

>>520854881Yes, i'm trying to cope with the fact that mario rpgs are fucking dead.

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>>520854949he's fighting the fire bird literally right nowand he's doing a shitty job

>>520854803It's very good. Kind of a slow start for me but I can't put it down now.

>>520855090That boss sucked dick. You leave him with little HP by accident and he fucking fully heals.

>>520850271hows it feel even the music, the shitty trilogys only saving grace is now shitty filler crap.


>>520854881I never understood why people say "cope" in any context.If you're telling a fan of a series to "cope" that probably means there's a problem with the series, hence why they're "coping".

>>520850271Gameplay is nice. I'll play for a nice and fun game.Second argument I'll just watch a playthrough instead of giving Nintendo money. Nice dialogue I'll just watch highlights or clips of the best moments of the game on YouTube. Don't think I need to pay $50 + to see a handful of good moments if I can see it online free

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>>520855357it's just a different flavor of "u mad", it's useless to reply to

>>520854624Vinny literally said "game good, could be better" which seems to be general consensus. Also he said he'd like it more if the battles were more rewarding and in line with 64. Think it was stream 2 or 3 as he was working towards first chapter boss.No clue what his opinion is now but he hasn't seemed to really have changed his attitude throughout the playthrough, just chilling through the game.

>>520855357Coping is a mechanism that people uses after handling severe trauma you uneducated swine

>>520855690>Coping is a mechanism that people uses after handling severe traumaSuch as being faced with a video game series going to shit.

>>520855690So it makes more sense if the people pretending PM is still good are the ones coping.

>>520854624And? It's not like he has a high bar on internet opinions.And I hope you guys know that the patrician man with taste worth acknowledging his opinions is ChuggaaConroy

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>>520855848holy based

>>520855847Now you need to know the meaning of projecting apparentlyI did like SMRPG and Paper Mario for n64, but I quickly moved on to other games. I am not the kind to be stuck crying in a corner about it because greedy shitter companies are gonna do this forever.

>>520856057>because greedy shitter companies are gonna do this foreverThat sounds like a coping mechanism though.

>>520850550>Super Paper MarioThe person who made this has never played a Paper Mario game

>>520856057You didn't really try to refute his argument or even address it.That user is still correct about what he said.

>>520856146>judges all paper mario games>"durr u havn play a single paper mario gam xD"

>>520855848Chuggaa is also just a guy. He has a niche trying to pick underwhelming or undersold big titles and then pedestalizes most good things of them while "seeming" neutral. He's not even that great of a gamer as seen on TRG.Dunno how Jon keeps up with him shitting on Sticker Star like the average /v autist. The game sucks, we get it, move on. He even admitted it wouldve been fine if it wasn't for the Paper Mario name.

>>520856209Ok totally not "that user".>>520856125Again with your deflection bullshit? do I also need to teach you the words "accept and move on"

>>520856353>accept and move onThat's a coping mechanism.I'm not deflecting at all. We're still talking about who is coping.

>>520856353>Ok totally not "that user".I'm not. Any sane person can tell that you're a complete retard trying to sound smart.

I am coping with the games being shit.You are coping with people enjoying the shit games.Nintendo is coping with Miyamoto's autism.Holla Forums is coping with everyone else's cope.

>>520856294If the pic is saying "same game and formula" and puts Super with the first two and Bug Fables, that person has, at least, not actually played Super Paper Mario.

>>520856471>He is pretending he has a brain while being in 4chanbye>>520856425>NO UStop replying to me


>>520856425Not even that user, but man, your arguments boil down to>>(comment about game)>that's a coping mechanism kekHell, you probably think that doing basic math to figure out an outcome is a coping mechanism, and that's your coping mechanismCope harder..

>>520850271>WifeWho? Toadette? because she the only girl Toad now.

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>>520856749My argument is that being an apologist for a declining game series, or simply "getting over it" is a coping mechanism.People who have real criticism aren't coping.

>>520856629you sound like you're coping

>>520854753metacritic score never mattered, only user score retard

>>520850271End your fucking life twitter watermark nigger

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>>520850271The writing, visuals and music were great but the gameplay was fucking dogshit.90% of the time I was actively trying to avoid enemies because I didn't want to bother with the lineup minigame and then executing it for an automatic win.

>>520850271I purchased Origami King and finished my playthrough today. I enjoyed it thoroughly.

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>>520857116What did he meant by this?

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Having beat Origami King twice, I'd argue it's closer to 64/TTYD quality than SS/CS quality.Return to form, indeed.

>>520857226Just the fact they might have one of the most interesting concepts for turn-based combat in the last few years but botch the execution by making it puzzle autowins with 1/2 solutions at most and so extremely linear makes me want to take the concept and experiment with it

>First two (three?) Paper Mario gamesThe paper part was not an integral part of the story and world but rather just the setting for the game >Every Paper Mario from Sticker Star onwardsHEY DID YOU KNOW THE WORLD IS MADE OF PAPER AND SO ARE WE? LOOK, WE HAVE SHITTY WHITE OUTLINES TO DRIVE THIS FACT HOME AND WILL REFERENCE IT REPEATEDLY.That right there is the biggest warning sign that the developers fundamentally don't know why the paper mario series succeeded in the first place or are being held back by Nintendo mandate bullshit which is just as possible. The game series also needs to fix their fucking reward system, the last 3 games have no sense of reward or progression for random battkes, leading many to skip non-mandatory fights as much as possible after awhile. You'd think they would have recognised everyone telling them this exact problem over and over and that this would lead them to do something about it but I think Tanabe is the one to blame for this bullshit.

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>>520857925cool revisionism

>Color Splash technically has more progression from battling enemies than TOK didHow sad

>>520852686mfw i went to the shogun studios photo booth afterwards and bobby still showed up

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>>520854084Lot of talk from a game that undersold like shit

>>520858730Source?Also hi toddy boy>SALES = QUALITY!

Why did this series spawn this autistic of a fanbase? I enjoyed the first ones way back then but the people who obsess over it and consider them perfect games are just weird to me.

>>520850550>Super Paper MarioFor the last time, you can't sit with us. We see you. You're not sneaky. >Bug FablesNice try, Doug Gables, creator of Bug Fables.


>>520858991No-one calls them perfect but they were better then what we've gotten for the last 3 entries. The issue is that there appears to be no real reason as to why the series was messed with so hard, it's not like Pokemon where they did the same thing over and over, getting lazier and lazier with it. PM had a thing that worked and then threw it away.

I played Paper Mario 64 and TTYD back when they released and I love them dearly.I skipped all the rest of the paper games until Origami King and I love it.Are any of the games between TTYD and ToK worth playing now?

>>520858593i didint even do anything in the studios after finishing, i just went straight into chapter 3

I find it interesting people shilling TOK never mention the gameplay. only the writing.


>>520859412I didn't go back immediately either, I went back after I got all of those radar accessories so I could have 100% completion.

>>520859345color splash is ok, SPM and SS is dogshit and shut be avoided at all costs though, heard paper jam was good? though i never played it myself

>>520859429I've seen people talking about the boss fights.>>520859558Paper Jam is an M&L game.

>>520859429it's very pleasant to look at and the soundtrack is amazingi also like the exploration and secret hunting your enjoyment of the combat will depend on how much you like puzzles

>>520859825I hate puzzles, but the combat is literally optional, isn't it?

Anyone over the age of 9 who laughs at 4th wall break humor needs to be killed.

>>520859951yes and no some of it is mandatory and all the bosses have a totally different way to fight them but if you hate puzzles you'll hate it all

>>520859429The gameplay is ok. The combat is ok at first but shit later, no evolution. Boss combat is gimmicky, which is fine first playthrough but breaks replayability, and gimmicks are either reused or devolve to "you have no answer now". Still they are the best part of the combat and show what the game could've been. The paper macho fights are too basic to consider very interesting, they are like Odyssey boss fights. Very bland and basic. Which is sad given that the sumo fight is actually interesting and should've been a midpoint in difficulty.

>>520859951there are some mandatory fights and you can throw coins at toads to help with puzzle solutionsin truth you don't have to solve the puzzles at all, you can brute force your way through random battles but you'll deal less damage and receive more from enemies

>>520859558SPM is personally worth a play just to see how it lays the foundation for the changes made for stickerstar 1 2 and 3

semi-related semi not, but does anybody have that image of the mario franchise being split into several stylistic ages?something like1981-1983: Donkey Kong (classic throwback to 20s-30s era cartoons)1984-1990: Super Mario Bros. (Mr. Nintendo)1990-1996: Super Mario World era (jungle excursions and escapades)1996-2001: Super Mario 64 era (artstyle experimentation)2002-2007: Sunshine era (Kitsch, exploration, and surprise)2007-2010: Early Wii era (grandeur, hints of sterilization)2010-2017: NSMB-Land era/Brand Mario (Strict adherence to brand code following success of NSMB Wii)2017-Current: Celebration era/Brand Mario v2 (double down on Mario brand for spectacle and not curiosity, wonder, or adventure)

>Intelligent SystemsYeah I can't even be excited anymore for anything this studios puts out. I'm glad that people are able to enjoy their recent offerings for Fire Emblem and Paper Mario. No fucking clue how they do, but I'm somewhat envious.

>>520850271Am I the only one here that wants a paper mario card game?

>>520850550>implying TTYDfags haven't been seething since 2012

>>520855045No they don’t. In fact most of them hate it for not being melee or not being the latest installment.

>>520855045Lol no

Gonna post a reminder that TTYDfags have lost. They can call this guy a shill all they want but he did hate CS & SS like they did and admitted to TOK being good.youtube.com/watch?v=3PNWcQTtdDE

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>>520862830This video is contradicting as fuck, none of his arguments really say "good game design" to me, it's literally just OK. TOK is not bad, but it's not nearly as good as this video would want you to believe.

>>520862830Oh fuck, this retardI saw a video of him, holy fuck what kind of person even talks like that? he sounded like not even him believed his own putrid diarrhea.

>>520862830ah because this one guy liked it guess that means i also have to. fuck off retard

>>520862830Snoman is garbage, doesn't matter if he is a shill or not

Did anyone else find out too late about the "beating the game without equipping accesories" mark on your save file and just... doesn't care? Would've been nice to get a hint or something the moment you get the first accesory, but I used them since there was literally no downside to them.

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>>520850587SPM is the only paper Mario I like

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>>520862608>In fact most of them hate itWho? All the top melee pros like Project M. Mew2King literally said it was better than melee while being interviewed by the Nintendo shill who tried to erase all mention of it from his streams

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>>520850550Why yes, I have only played Super Paper Mario and do consider it to be the best in the series.

Never forget that Origami King utterly and permanently defeated the Thousand Year Trannies. It has broken their very spirit, reducing them to babbling, seething messes.64>TOK>SPM>TTYD>CS>PJ>SS

>>520862830>Says Origami King has the best writing in a Paper Mario game>Talks up Bug Fables afterwards, yet says the writing isn't as charming as the first two Paper MariosI knew this guy's content was shitty before, but this is a new level of garbage.

I was a little boy when SMRPG came out; here are the official rankings:1.SMRPG2.TTYD3.PM64fuck the rest of the gay ass m+l and pm games that came out.

>>520864795Since when?

>Modern Sonic has bad writting that sums up to shitting on already established elements to seem "funny" in a bad attempt at self awareness>Everyone shits on it>Modern Paper Mario (and also Modern Puyo) has bad writting that sums up to shitting on already established elements to seem "funny" in a bad attempt at self awareness>It's suddenly okay now and if you say it's shit you get labeled as a nostalgiafagI hate the obvious shills in this board


>>520865425says the guy posting that wanker

>>520865525My only exposure to RLM is youtube clips and that January video what's wrong with them?

>>520850550>Bug FablesNot gonna lie, I read that as Fug Babies. It's awwwright, I guess.

>bring up actual arguments>get answered with memesShills can't help being fucking retarded

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>>520864676>he says when back in the groove is very similar to to the original

>>520866983Uhh, based?


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>>520865684they're far right weirdoes

Is sticker star worth playing, or should i go straight to the color splash?

>>520850550>super paper mariogarbage>bug fableshot garbage

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>>520869013it's enjoyable enough it's not violently terrible like the fanboys claim it's just simple mindless fun

>>520868879Sounds based.

>>520864676now this is based

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>>520869248None of that was any kind of genuine praise

new PM is good, go fuck yourself Holla Forums

>>520869156Sorry nostalgiafag, but Mr. Bing Bing Wahoo on the cover of this one.

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>>520850271references are not jokes. and meme references even less so

>>520850271at what point are you TOK fags going to kys? Game flopped.