Sonybros... we lost

Sonybros... we lost.

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Why haven't you built a PC yet?

What did we lose?

>>520849949holy shit who the fuck cares about what corporation won every day theirs 12 fucking threads jerking off sony or microsoft just fucking end it already


>>520849949>worse tech wise>more expensive>paid onlineLol

>>520850165That's it?

>>520850239Well, I'd say dignity too, but nobody on this board has that.

Not seeing problem with charging more when you actually have real games.

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>>520849949I'm used to losing at this point. If the PS5 is $500 or below I'll buy it at launch. Upgrading my to 3070 TI if I can.

>>520850349>Not seeing problem with charging more when you actually have movies.fify

>>520850349what games?

>>520849949My dad works at atlus persona 5 is coming on switch tomorrow

>>520850349based, just wait for the tendies to read this and seethe

>>520850651But Nintendo is the only company that has real exclusives.

Who the fuck is a sonybroHow can people have their identity so conected to a console to act like its their tribe

>>520849949>buying any console newI'm only just buying a PS3.

>>520849949ps3 was hundreds of dollars more and came out a year after the 360 and still won

>>520850768I know, I just felt like shitposting.

None of this matters. Digital-only Xbox can be $200 cheaper than the Disc PS5 and Sony will still win because they have multiplats and exclusives. Not to mention it doesn't matter which system is more powerful when something like Animal Crossing on the Nintendo Switch selling 20 Million.

>>520850349Goodbye Volcano High is not a real game user

>>520850168Don't forget censored.

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It is the better console, it deserves to be the more expensive one. If it was actually cheaper I doubt xbox would continue to exist.

>>520850776nobody adopts labelsthey are used exclusively to label other peoplefaggot (< example)

>>520849949>PS4 Pro can't into 4k>PS5 STILL can't into 4kThats pretty fucking ridiculous

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>really real

What does he know, he's just some asshole with a twitter account

>>520851095Not true, he also has a resetera account

We've known this for over a year though because of the github leaks. When that came out Sony fanboys were in denial saying it was fake and stuff because they knew the implications of those specs. Nobody wants the weaker console in 9th gen let's be real.

Why would the PS5 be more expensive than the XSX when the Xbox has better tech?

>>520849949My dad works for michaelsoft and he says that the xbocks is going to cost 5bajillion dolllars.

>>520849949Why did Sony cheap out on the GPU?

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>>520849949PS5 might be more expensive and less powerful, but it has the most important thing for a console: games.

>>520850349Just like the PS4 and it’s 1 oh wait 0 games now

Sony drones don’t care. As long as it has the name PlayStation their mental disorder compels them to buy.

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>>520851969Cool now explain why both have none for launch?

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>>520851834SSD and IO controller is expensive. They didn't brag about being "worlds fastest SSD" for no reason. It's also the most likely reason why the PS5 only has 825GB instead of a full 1TB. Most likely a cost cutting measure. The IO has 2 small CPU cores built into it as well (not ryzen but maybe something like ARM). Either way it looks like Sony blew their load on literally "Muh SSD" and it had ramifications on the GPU specs.

>>520849949Need to get the pampers ready i guess. Who needs a pack also?

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>>520851969Lol no, that’s what you drones said about ps4

>>520852290Demon Souls

>>520852342>I don't understand SSDsThe post. The saga.



If the Xbox is significantly more powerful and drastically cheaper it might still "win" even with no games considering how many people buy a console just for multiplats. I don't consider myself a fanboy for either side, just sitting here in amazement over how lackluster everything about the next gen is going to be.

>>520852145Oh they will care you can guarantee it. Everyone cares about specs now. Sony know this too hence why the did the 'Road to PS5' event which millions of people watched. Same for the UE5 demo. Playstation fans are hyped about the specs of the console, but the problem with that is the hype is built on essentially a lie. For example prior to the Road to PS5 event the xbox specs came out and showed much better graphical capability, which Sony addressed in the Road to PS5 event by basically claiming all the advantages xbox had such as more CU cores and more compute (tflop) don't matter. So uneducated Sony fans are going into next gen legitimately thinking PS5 is like the worlds most advanced gaming hardware and shit. I see it daily on twitter. These people will he severely disappointed when they find out xbox will run games better when the benchmarks come out over the next year. You will see intense butthurt I can guarantee you that.

Name something Microsoft revealed at their showcases that are confirmed coming out this year

>>520852145>ps4 sales are about double xbox one sales>trans people that prefer ps4 about double the amount that prefer xboxthis part of your post proves nothing. It's exactly what should be expected if you poll any large group of people.

>>520850931I think it says something about you when that's the only game you think of. What's the matter user? Why can't you get the gay dinosaurs out of your head?

>>520852497Oh no I understand them well enough. NAND is extremely expensive. Their weird 12 channel setup is the problem here too.

>>520852786Not in the USA faggot

>>520852786Did you not read the rest of it?

>>520852786That doesn’t explain Nintendo having the least

>>520849949>more graphics measuringCan we just slow down with this race and focus on the game part of these things?There's so many of these nice looking games coming out with either bare minimum gameplay or bjorked incomplete mechanics that felt like they had no time to complete themI'll take good art direction any day. Most of the games even on my PC could run on a potato and are more fun to play than the majority of ultra-graphical fidelity games

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>>520853117>gamesThey have fucking none.

>>520850104>holy shit who the fuck cares about what corporation won>every day theirs 12 fucking threads jerking off sony or microsoft just fucking end it already

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>>520853117>Can we just slow down with this race and focus on the game part of these things?the fuck you are? some kind of nerd?nobody cares for games grampa, its all about politics and graphics

>>520853164They did, though.

>>520852974>Oh no I understand them well enough.You think you do, but you don't.

My problem is literally half the games I’ve played lately have been ps exclusives, and I see maybe 1-2 Xbox ones id even give a go. If this holds true for next gen I’ll feel I have no choice. I’d rather have double the games then better hardware when it comes down to it. People that don’t tend to like Sony exclusives will have less reason though.

Any other consolebros finally giving up the hat this gen? I looked at my PS4 collection the other day and all I completed were Bloodborne, Persona 5, and KH3. I own a lot more than that. Why haven't I played anything else? I have...on PC. A lot of the games eventually came out on PC and played them there instead because it's more comfortable. I don't see a reason to own a console anymore now that I'm a working adult and can afford a gaming PC and incremental upgrades. The Demon's Souls remake is really tempting but I just know it'll be the same situation as Bloodborne on PS4 all over again.

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>>520853292Lol no. It’s the ps4/xbone all over again.

>>520853319>trust me I'm an expert He says as he fails to even engage in the discussion

>>520853442If you're just in it for the epic memes and shitposting, sure

>>520853439I tried to warn you kids

>>520853494>He says as he fails to even engage in the discussionYou're not setting the bar very high for an expert, given how little you understand.Do you at least get paid for shilling?

>>520850349What games?

>>520850168>worse tech wisehalo monkey

It's occurred to me that everyone is taking Microsoft's at it's word when they say they have the best graphics when we haven't seen a single game run on the Series X yet. At the very least we've seen shit run on the PS5.

>>520850349ONE GAME

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>>520853589I'm not the one suggesting I'm some expert, you are. Why not actually engage in the discussion outside of "trust me I know way more than you but I won't say anything I'll just keep saying you don't know anything but I do".Shill for who?

>>520853743Not any more with it getting ported

>>520850168xbox still has paid online

>>520853439Spiderman, ghost of tsushima, and god of war didn't interest you? Playing horizon, death stranding, rdr2, and gta5 years before release don't matter to you at a fraction of the price of a gaming pc? If so, then goodbye, I'm sorry your taste is so awful and your critical reasoning skills are nonexistent

>>520853439>based Yume Nikki PosterIt's tough. There's of a lot of hidden gems people miss out on that turn out to be bangers and each console. Every time I tell myself I'm done I'm suddenly presented with several niche exclusives that turn out to be phenomenal. Of course I could wait for a port but you just never know when or where it will happen

>>520853786>I'm not the one suggesting I'm some expert,I'm not either. You literally don't understand the basics of an SSD. Stop writing paragraphs about shit you don't understand.

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>>520850649Noooo Sonybros we lost.

>>520852516What’s wrong with Fortnite?

>>520853709Having better hardware isn't arguable. It's a fact. A 2080 is superior to a 2060, and Xbox is superior to PS5. There's to speculation to be made. This is essentially just confirming what we already knew but the benchmarks will verify that. Doesn't matter if games are shown or not right now because there's a whole gen of games and multiplats coming which will be the comparison tools.

I have a good PC and I'll get a PS5 for exclusives because I'm an adult and it's really not even a particularly expensive hobby lmao

>>520853908Why don't you inform me then, expert?

>>520853805With what getting ported?

>>520854086Because I'm not here to teach you the basics of an SSD, retard.


>>520854152The only game thr ps4 has

>>520850349It will have good exclusives eventually, if you're into the whole sony prestige third person adventure thing (personally I really enjoy those games, I know Holla Forums isn't keen).But at launch? What does it have? Some DLC for Spider-Man?

>>520854246Watch them on YouTube for free

>>520854012Seems like the pretty based option this gen. PC is getting everything the SeX is getting anyways.

>>520854009in reality it doesn't matter because the masses will buy the cheap S version of the new xbox which microsoft will sell for dirt cheap.

>>520853821nice b8 m8

>>520849949wtf is this guys problem? Is he an xbot?

>>520854158Yet here you are still replying claiming to know more and have failed to even discuss a single technical element of it. With these 10 posts we could have has a whole discussion on it by you, Mr self proclaimed expert can't even do that. Seeing as you refuse to even attempt to correct anything I've said, I'm right and you're wrong.



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>>520850048i did. having fun playing old favorites.

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So are you guys gonna no to buy the Xbox/Ps5 or what?

>>520853284Wojak posters lose the argument by default.

>>520854410True, if it even exists and isn't some cloud console BS. If you want to get the most out of your fancy new 4KTV though Xbox is a no brainer. I'm not even fanboying for it I owned a ps4 this gen because the xbox one was shit for 1080p.

>>520849949So as usual wait for about three years for it to get a couple of worthwhile games and a price drop.

>>520849949>4K memeUnironically, who the fuck cares?

>>520852085did I miss the Bloodborne port release?

>>520854469You're wrong and too stupid to know why you're wrong. The PS5 SSD is dirt cheap.


>>520851834Phil convinced Nadella that they need to sell the sex cheaper than the ps5, and they can afford to do it.

>>520852145>anarchist >has a major company's brand logo as a tattoo Either hes being ironic or is a moron. Either way hes a faggot.

>>520854763just another rumor from port-begging pcnigs


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>>520854474These are all fake. You never see someone with these in real life.

>>520850349>spider-movie: nigger editionvery real game

>>520854831Except its not. NAND prices keep fluctuating but we know the SSD in the PS5 at least 50% of the cost of the APU, which itself comes in at around $200 (double the PS4). If the APU is $200 the NAND chips alone are at least $100. That's not even including the cost of the controller which I've never bothered to search up but that's not going to be cheap either.

>>520850048I recently did. Spent about 1500 on it in total. Its weird how much its evolved since I last built a pc over ten years ago. Its always been easy to build one but they've really made it idiot proof at this point. I'm so happy I'm out of the console life again. I had a good run from nes to the 360 but everything after that has been hot garbage and this gen doesn't seem any different. It'll be another generation of shit graphics at 60fps or good graphics at 30 AND you as the consumer don't get to choose which one. The only positive is consoles are finally getting good ssds that won't make load times so unbearable like they are now.

>>520850168SNoys btfo!

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>>520854831eh, not that guy, but are you sure about that? Similar speed SSD's on the PC are still pretty fucking expensive.

>>520849949Who fucking cares?Just build a PC already why are you even on 4chan(nel)?

>>520855374>but we know the SSD in the PS5 at least 50% of the cost of the APU, which itself comes in at around $200Fucking lmao, how do you know? It definitely doesn't cost 50% of the APU.>That's not even including the cost of the controller which I've never bothered to search up but that's not going to be cheap either.>the cost of the controllerThat's cute.So you don't have any of the information, any of data, but have made wild assertions about its cost? You're too dumb to know why you're wrong.The SSD uses 12 64GiB chips (old tech), and an ARM core with custom firmware to prioritise Kraken decompression. It's cheaper than pretty much any NVME 1TB SSD.

>>520854831You can easily find similar SSDs on Newegg if you wanted to be proven wrong.

>>520852781>Name something Microsoft revealed at their showcases that are confirmed coming out this yearThe Medium. Bright Memory Infinite. MS Flight Simulator (for PC).

>>520849949hasnt the playstation always been more expensive? how is this a surprise

>>520855675You're defending and shilling a console, bro. You think we care about your opinion or "knowledge" about technology? Go play with your shiny dual shock. It glows!

>>520849949literally who?do we have to have these threads everyday with these cock sucking retards who go into hiding after they get "harassed" when they get called out for their bullshit they've been feeding people for months?

>>520849949>weWhy does Timmy Tencent go around Holla Forums making all these threads for every platform? What does he get out of it?China doesn't have its own console yet, right?

>>520855907Are you retarded? I'm literally saying the PS5 SSD is nothing special. Learn to read.>>520855719>b-but they're similar!But they're not. NVME SSDs have space constraints that make it unfeasible to use 12 chips. The PS5 SSD is directly on the motherboard. They're using old MLC chips rather than the newer, high density chips found in something like Samsung's SSDs.

>>520850939Based sony BTFO pedophiles

>>520855852It was only more expensive once

>>520855675People have already done costings for the PS5 and that's the price they get to. $100 for the SSD. Worst case scenario or not, its certainly not cheap.

>>520856354>People have already done costings for the PS5 and that's the price they get to.And they're miscalculating. You can literally buy TWO 500GB NVME drives and barely come out over $100. That includes:>Cost of an additional controller>2 PCBs, printed, chips soldered>Retail packaging and distributingThe real cost for Sony's 'magic SSD' is about $70. You got duped.


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>>520853821Not that guy, but as someone who played GTAV many years after it was released, I don't see how playing it on Xbox 360 or PS3 (which I did own) a few years earlier would have been an improvement in any way. Also, I still haven't played Horizon or Death Stranding even tho they've been released on PC.I don't get it. The games aren't gonna go anywhere.

>>520850048I'm too scared to emulate.

>>520849949It doesnt change the fact that developers of those games will never be able to fully utilize the capabilities of the respective consoles. Not even games developed for PC can pull it off.

>>520856547>You can literally buy TWO 500GB NVMEAt what throughput? Don't tell me 500mb/s

>>520856654scared of what?

>>520851959MS forced their hand with back compat. Because Sony doesn't have virtualization tech like Hyper-V they are unable to use an arbitrary number of CUs (remember PS4 pro butterfly GPU that was like 2x PS4 regular GPUs), it must be a multiple of 18 and 36. 72CU was out of the question for a console so they had to go with 36CU, hence the extreme overclocking in a desperate attempt to close the gap with SeX

>>520850048I did Only poorfags and children own one system

>ps5 has no games at launch>xbox series x has no games at launchWhy bother?

>>520856740and people who only want one system

>>520856621Even people with home theaters see the value in going to the movies if it's something they really want to see. Pretending there's no advantage to content access of equal quality years earlier is pretty simpleminded.

>>520856873Hardware doesn't change after launch man

>>520856692At standard PCI-E 3 speeds of 2-3GB/s. Even them, those SSDs have a marked up price based on RRP set by the manufacturers. Don't even begin to whine about the SSD speed, if you were a sperg you could RAID the two SSDs and still come out ahead (remember, the 5.5GB/s is a BEST CASE scenario). PCI-E 4 implementation is not the expensive part (other than the MB chipset, but that's another issue entirely).The fact you don't understand NAND density is the most significant factor in SSD prices, and that Sony have worked around this by using low density NAND because they're soldering the SSD to the motherboard, tells me your knowledge is wanting. Acting like having a controller - something literally every SSD has - shows me your knowledge is abysmal.I told you, you were too stupid to know why you were wrong.

>>520857037yeah but why would I buy this shit new when I could just wait a year or so until there are actual games on them?

blazing fast ssd speeds bro

>>5208570643gb/s SSD for $50? Link me up senpai And who claimed all SSD doesn't have a controller? You're making up arguments which don't exist. The controller on the PS5 is better than on your average SSD even you can't deny that. There are in depth videos about it.

>>520856706They could have created it with something like 48 and only used 36 of them when in backwards compatibility mode. They just cheaped out.

>>520849949Damn. This guy called aestheticgamer1 said so, so it must be true.Op is aestheticgamer1

>>520857374>The controller on the PS5 is better than on your average SSD even you can't deny that.It's er, literally not. It's a standard SSD controller with custom firmware for a different compression ssd&cm_re=nvme_ssd-_-20-250-109-_-Product ssd&cm_re=nvme_ssd-_-0D9-002V-003Y7-_-Product&quicklink=trueNobody gives a shit about 64GB NAND modules anymore. They're basically throwing them away.This is why I didn't want to tell you anything. Your snoyed brain can't handle the fact you were lied to by a large company, that convinced you their SSD was some magic boogaloo tech, when it's actually just one and a half NVME SSDs soldered to the motherboard.

>>520857374The PS5's SSD controller is no different than any NVMe controller except it supports 6 priority levels instead of the 2 standard for NVMebig fucking dealwhat sony should be worried about is if their NVMe drive addresses the awful perf losses NVMe drives have with non-sequential R/W operations, something Microsoft has confirmed to have addressed (2.4GB/s is the lower bound of XSX SSD) but Sony have not said a word about

>>520850956monke exbox chad

>>520857635Not possible. Sony's virtualization tech is shitty and only allows disabling at the shader engine level. shader engines are groups of 10 CUs (Polaris and Vega) or 10 dual-CUs (Navi). It HAD to be 36CU to support back compat.

>>520850048Too expensive for something you have to upgrade every year or the cool kids at Holla Forums will laugh at me.

>>520857710I'm no way a Sony fanboy but your overexggeration of the SSD being poor doesn't stand. It's not as cheap as you're making it out to be. $100 is about right. The PS5 controller has other features your run of the mill SSD controller doesn't have. >>520857748Yeah that's one thing I've been wondering about too. They're very quick to claim up to 5.5gb/s but they haven't mentioned if that's sustained.

>>520858118>I'm no way a Sony fanboy but your overexggeration of the SSD being poor doesn't stand. It's not as cheap as you're making it out to be. $100 is about right.No, it's definitely cheaper. You're basing this costing off of consumer prices, and likely off of 1TB NVME SSDs which use higher density, costlier NAND Flash.I never said it was bad, I said it was nothing special. You seem to have a habit of mischaracterising posts, accusing me of claiming to be an expert etc.>The PS5 controller has other features your run of the mill SSD controller doesn't have.A different set of firmware that would be impractical for PC usage? You're vastly overestimating the cost of this part.You're very emotional over a subject you obviously know very little about.

baka desu senpai


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>>520858349What about the coherancy block? And I'm just engaging in discussion here. Nobody is getting emotional except you evidently. This is a tech discussion not a head to head. We essentially agree on the same things except minor points like price and the impact of specific customizations.

>>520850514i suppose we'll find out by the end of its lifetime

>>520858579Not part of the NVMe controller

>>520850349Lol, typical retarded snoyboy

>>520849949So I'm going to change my mind because of an extra hundred bucks or so? Go be poor somewhere else faggot.

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>>520858579>What about the coherancy block?You can do that shit in software. Sony just don't know how. Their software is pretty bad.> Nobody is getting emotional except you evidently.>tries to claim I see myself as an expert>mischaracterises posts>not emotionalOh so you're deliberately trying to manipulate what I've said?>We essentially agree on the same things except minor points like price and the impact of specific customizations.Insufferable snoygger pretending to be smart all along.

>>520849949>claims PS5 is going to be more expensive>german listing showed Xbox at €699>€699 is currently $825.17Yeah, okay bro.

>>520850168PS atleast allows free onlinecwithout sub unlike Xbox.

>>520849949>tfw xbox is literally the better console on every front>4k>best specs>best games (quality over quantity, which is exactly what you want)>cheapest console>cheapest games with gamepassSnoyboys seethe more, your bitter rage is my sustenance

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That wont stop consoomer snoys.

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>>520857849This makes no sense to me You mean Sony can't via software just disable CUs?

>>520859027you can do most things in software, but hardware assistance helps a lot in a lot of cases. i only took issue with you because you were shitflinging at me without engaging in discussion. you'd do the same. don't pretend you wouldn't. ask me which console i'm getting on launch

>>520859646It's not that simple, you need very good software such as Hyper-V to virtualize and split up a GPU's HW resources arbitrarily. There are easy solutions like disabling an entire shader engine though which Sony has opted for since they don't have anything like Hyper-V that enables them to disable per CU

>>520859415Xbox doesn't have better games though. Their July event was a huge dud. However SeX hardware is much better than PS5.

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>>520858118100 for pcie3.0 a QLC or MLC/TLC of unchecked quality and a consumer grade memory controller is about right. but since its zen2, its likely pcie4.0, QLC would slow down to much when full, so it would have to be higher quality as they said it wouldnt go slower than 5GB/s. And if this thing is kicking the shit out of current high end ssds, then its memory controller is expensive and custom. None of this says inexpensive. im not going to be buying a ps5, but their custom ssd worries me that they will have another Cell Processor problem. requiring special development for their hardware from game devs to work properly, adding another layer of complexity that doesn't need to be there. And when only 1 platform is using it, why would developers waste their time on separate standards... likely resulting in no significant performance benefit to having it at all. which is currently the case for lots of games on pc that dont take full advantage of m.2 nvme drives. at no point are game files large enough or being called enough to make their throughput mean anything at this time.

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>>520859274??? hasnt been free for years

>>520859812Why hasn't Sony invested in such a software? Surely the cost of that wpuld be cheaper than limiting all your future consoles to 36 CU.IMO Mark Cerny needs to be fired. The PS5 is a garbage design. Same as PS4 Pro.

>>520853284hahahaha that looks just like them!

>>520849949>I was told not to say anything>buuuuuut here's all this baitShills should be shot dead on livestreams

>>520854209>>520854229>believing Bloodborne leaks in 2020

>>520859983I meant free onmine for F2P games. Wrote that poorly. Xbox requires sub even for F2P games.

>>520850850Fake news

>>520859824It would seem that Steamlards love Xbox games.

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>>520859994>Why hasn't Sony invested in such a software?Because they are not a software super-giant like Microsoft is. Hyper-V is an extremely complex piece of software that loads of fortune 500 companies use for their network and datacenter virtualization and other tasks. The amount of money and time it would take Sony to develop an equivalent would probably bankrupt them

>>520849949>be sony spend all your money on over developed CPU that is actually kinda shit for games>gimp your system because of it (PS3)>learn nothing and develop autistic NVME SSD with super fast speeds that will never be fully utilized>PC games have had access to NVME for a long time now and the speeds are never realized in gaming or most other computing >for some reason Sony wants to push the envelope for reasons I cannot fathom>even when accounting for a console that could be sold for the next 8 years it still doesn't make a lot of sense

>>520860179Oh and they don't have to limit future consoles to 36CU, it would just mean giving up back compat

>>520850349Oh boy, I sure love cape-shit.

>>520850048I am not 13 years old anymore and dont want to play indieshit and twitch streamer games

>>520859732>ask me which console i'm getting on launchThe fuck do I care?>you'd do the same. don't pretend you wouldn't.I try to avoid posting paragraphs about topics I don't understand. Do you shit post on /sci/ too?>>520859839Again, basing it off of commercial prices for higher density NAND flash. NAND Flash gets substantially more expensive with capacity. Sony are only using 64GB modules, which are very cheap at this point. It just uses 12 instead of 8, because they have the room to do it; it's all soldered straight onto the PCB, whereas NVME drives usually use m.2 form factor, and have to be quite compact. There isn't room for 12 chips on them.The drawback is, if the SSD fails (and I would bet the controller burns out sooner than people think), will the console still work?>requiring special development for their hardware from game devs to work properly, adding another layer of complexity that doesn't need to be there.You're implying this SSD will make any difference regardless.

>>520860179The fuck? So this means all future PS consoles will be 36 CU with ridiculous clocks to compensate? Proprietiary hardware is all nice and games until it no longer is. Maybe the solution would have been a PC-like design where a PS4 game isn't so tied down to just one hardware.

>>520850349Even without halo the sexbox has better games with Medium and scorn for it's Release

>>520850349You know, I was actually sold on the ps4 exclusives meme coming into the 8th gen, enjoyed uc 1-3 mgs4, gow 3 on ps3, after all the shit ps4 exclusives, you would be a legitimate fucking retard to buy into the ps5 reliant on that horseshit

>>520850048Cope. The XBOX X is going to be the better and cheaper console. I'm a PC gamer and it makes me smile as Sony needs to stop being arrogant so they stop censoring Japanese games.

I'm an xboxfag, and I don't believe the ps5 will be more expensive. The SeX outclasses it in almost every category, so how the fuck is Sony gonna charge more for it?

>>520860296oh ok then you should probably get a PC

>>520860162Xbox games are doing really good on Steam that's true. However Sony is actively keeping its most wanted games away from PC. Imagine if TLOU2 or Tsushima released on PC day 1...

After the PS4 I don't give a shit about the PS5>>520850048>Why haven't you built a PC yet?Because my laptop can run every PC game

>>520860456Microsoft can afford to sell at a loss, they will undercut Sony.

>>520860456MS can take losses in ways Sony can't. VBut I agree it's a stretch. SeX ought to be atleast $100 more expensive in production. Just look at the price gap between 2060 and 2080.

>>520860094who plays that shit. xbox will allow that too since they are making halo infinite free online.

>>520860692Who plays Fortnite, Apex and CoD Warzone? Let's face it MS should have dropped paid online this gen. That barrier makes no sense for MS' multiplat strategy.

>>520860456the ps3 was weaker in pretty much every single way and still cost a massive amount more than the 360.

>>520860453This, the only thing I like about Sony over Xbox is the weeb games like Tales or more niche shit like Utawarerumono. I couldn't give a damn about most their first party western movie games most of them look like soul less shit piles. But now they censor my weeb games and even if its timed exclusive the weeb shit often comes to PC or even the switch where it may or may not be censored. Even Yakuza is on PC now and Sega has said more of their shit that would of other wise been exclusive to Sony is coming to PC. I was going to get a ps5 at some point but I beginning to wonder if its even worth it? looking at my PS4 library there are not many games that did not end up coming out on PC or xbox that I actually thought were good.Most big studio multiplats are okay at best and generally better played on PC.

>>520860783Just dropping the price would do it. XBL only $20 to $30 a year.

>>520860819Not to mention if you buy a PS5 you tell Sony you're ok with them censoring your weeb games. The less players the PS5 has, the better. It will force Sony to stop being a feminazi company that suck up the metoo propaganda.

>>520856174Ey fuck you mang! Sony is the one full of pedophiles. I bet the entire staff in Sony's California HQ probably has CP on their PCs at home.

Attached: scarface-photo-xl-scarface-6235696.jpg (400x500, 50.74K)

>>520853657an xbox one game. microsoft already said there won't be any true xsx games for 2 years at least which is true for the ps5 as well sony just has an inherent policy of dishonest marketing and it works. they are worse than ubisoft when it comes to downgrades and they always lie about their hardware going into a gen.

>>520860789That's due to blu-ray costing more than DVD, Cell being expensive and the RSX GPU costing Sony more than the 360 GPU due to Nvidia kikery. SeX will definitely cost more in production than PS5. They have similar specs but SeX has superior equivalents in all fields. The meme SSD on PS5 won't be expensive enough to make it more expensive. The SeX has a high end AMD GPU that doesn't even exist on the market today. Whereas PS5 is an overclocked 5700.

>>520860789It was not lol the architecture was just weird and unconventional to develop for which is why a lot of multiplats were better on 360. Shit like the last of is would have been impossible on 360.

>>520860298>You're implying this SSD will make any difference regardless.we dont know how special/custom their controller is, so we dont know if it will have an impact. im of the opinion that the ssd wont matter. if its their major selling points, its an insignificant one because of what i said about SSD utilization from current games.

>>520861218To be fair, Sony showed us games running on PS5 hardware. Have we seen games run on SeX hardware yet? Infinite ran on a PC.

>>520849949>dirty falseflagger claiming to be a SonybroCope more

>>520861250you do know the 360 cpu was the same as the ps3 cpu, right? it was in fact 3 of the ps3 cpu's without the shitty spu's which made it hard to develp for.

>>520859027If you dont know anything about tech better dont act smart. Lmao at your "you can do that with software". Imagine not realizing the difference between hardwarebased and softwarebased solutions. You retard probably also think software rt or emulating is just the same as done in hardware right? Educate yourself before you talk out of your pc tranny ass

>>520861250Not true. PS3 was weaker that's factual. TLOU1 would have been better on 360. The low PS3 VRAM restricted level dedign too much and the weaker GPU gave a veeery poor performance on PS3. All the "pretty" PS3 exclusives did lots of smoke and mirrors trick to hide the many shortcomings of PS3.

>>520849949Just jailbroke my PS4, what's the best site to get PKGs? Used to use DarkUmbra.I want Castlevania Requiem

>>520850168It’s the Xbox one Reveal all over again

>>520861365they showed games running on a xsx before we even knew what the ps5 looked like

>>520860993>Not to mention if you buy a PS5 you tell Sony you're ok with them censoring your weeb games.This is a good point as well. I bought my PS4 before Sony went full retard with that shit. The censoring also became pointless after all that degenerate tranny shit in the Last of Us 2 anyway. Or is it okay when games like that do it because the characters are fuck ugly?


>>520862065>after all that degenerate tranny shit in the Last of Us 2 anywayImagine being so low IQ you fall for Holla Forums shitposting this easily

>>520850168Reminds me of the Switch

>>520860993Anon, PS5 won't ever fail because of brand loyalty and even if it did the last thing to go is the nonsense "localization" teams that forces their rules on publishers and small developers. This is the future of video games.

Attached: Ea1vS1ZXkAAtTHG.jpg (750x958, 127.49K)

>>520861358Let me tell you right now the impact will amount to a boot time for some games being about a 1 to 2 seconds longer in most cases it won't even be an entire second. People like to jerk off about NVME SSD's but the reality is you really only see the speed in fucking performance testing and some other rare circumstances where lots of data is being transferred around like types of video encoding.Remember the Blu-ray drive on the ps3 and how cool it was because the discs had such a high capacity. Well it turned out in reality the drive was slow as fuck to actually read. So the same game on PC or 360 was pushing like 6gigs while on ps3 it was 12 or more. The games were space hogs because redundant data had to be sprinkled around the disc to cut back on seek times. early gen ps3 games were slow to load. Sony got around this by starting to install data on the HDD's and that improved.Sorry I know im sounding really jaded but Ive been through a lot of console generations and Sony always lies like crazy and pulls some real bullshit moves. Every gen Sony and its idiot fanboys act like the new system is some powerhouse super PC. And every gen when the thing actually launches it feels like a PC with a GPU that came out 1 to 2 years before.

>>520850048I will buy it so my son can use it as a youtube machine

>>520862237Look the point is they allow that nonsense while censoring actual cute girls in swimsuits. Something you would see at the beach or the pool anyway.

>>520850939This, the PS4 version of Fallout 4 and Skyrim can't even have nudey mods because Sony limited mod support. The absolute state of Sonybros

>>520849949If the difference is something like $50, who really cares?

>>520861536>emotional snoySorry I hurt your favourite brand.>>520862559Yeah it's really not going to make a substantial difference to gameplay. If it ever does, and that is an astoundingly large if, it will take developers so long to take advantage of it, PCs will easily have matching hardware.

>>520863170the fact no one has released prices yet, though its not that far off until launch tells me its going to be ugly. they played this bullshit game with ps3 as well. Hyped as long as they could and then tossed the $600 no games dumpster fire at us.Either that or Sony and Microsoft are afraid of one upping each other and are waiting to see who blinks first.

The autists debating SSDs in this thread are literal morons with no fucking clue what they're talking about, holy shit. Legitimately kill yourselves.t. an actual engineer for Samsung

>>520850048Because there is nothing to play on it either.I just play old games

>>520863390This is why I think they have some other game. Like selling the drives for computers or some other shit on the side. Like how many smart T.vs and other consumer electronics ended up with cell processors. Not buying a sony drive for my PC though. They have had questionable build quality for years so no thanks until its proven.

>>520863489>t. an actual engineer for SamsungHey faggot. Make better phones. This is the third time my S9 has shitted out on me.

>>520850048I am considering it in a few years. I already have a good setup with my 1060 6gb. >>520860819>>520860453I know I might be laughed at but I would say a Switch would be a better bet as they are releasing most games uncensored or even PC as you can mod out the censorship and Steam support is pretty good on these things. Would also recommend Senran Kagura as its short and fun for a series.


>>520856079If I am not mistaken can you not replace them? Or is it a separate area. Either way I might consider a PS5 Pro anyways maybe Sony will change when they are on the losing end.

>>520852520Once Halo Infinite comes, it's over.

>>520850048I did 5 years ago and now I need to upgrade it again because my GTA780 can't cope with new games. Though I rarely even play new games so it's not an issue, but when the next GTX series comes out (if it does) I'll upgrade.

>>520863489>snoy larping after being called out for being dumbOk kiddo>>520863603>Like how many smart T.vs and other consumer electronics ended up with cell processors.Er, none? That shit used way too much bandwidth. Already said the SSD in its current configuration isn't possible because it uses too many NAND chips.

>>520852520Last get was the worst it's ever been. Yes there was Indies and a ton of AAA titles but there was hardly any middleware aka AA experimental titles. It was absolutely barren. Could of had the same experience on my PC.

>>520859824But they do have better games, I rather just have Nintendo and Xbox games and leave it at that.

>>520850048Because win10 is the worst os in existence stealthy "upgrading" your shit os with bloatwares and spywares every 2 minutes, activating the telemetry all the time and disabling Cortana/update leads to major fuck up because pajets can't code for shit, also the constant stream of quickly rushed updates create a gigantic clusterfuck in the register because again, packets and diversity hires can't code for shit. There's also a shitload of running "apps" you cannot disable in the background making it tedious to use this is on a cheap laptop when win7 was perfect.Open your task manager and give a quick look to "details"

Attached: 1597197233554.png (379x417, 439.97K)

>>520864135Xbros still clinging to that turd?

>>520864121Nah, it has an expansion bay. The base SSD is soldered on. If the ROM doesn't have an option to read from the expansion bay, then if the controller burns out or a flash module dies, I'm not sure how you'd be able to boot the console. Seems like a time bomb.

>>520860527They'll flop

>>520850349>Real games.>Implying people don't pick up a popcorn bucket instead of a controller to play sony "games". LOL

>>520860162The player count exposes that no one really cares though.

>>520864326It could be AMD HBC thing much like NVcache working in tandem.

>>520864348Tsushima would not. It's easily one of the highest selling games in Japan.

>>520864326Thats normal for consoles. In theory an ssd that isn't being written too often should last a good while. In practice who knows though. They make shit cheap and fail to adequately remove heat in consoles all the time.


>>520849949Snoys will feel stupid when the PS5 releases and their price is $599 because of the stupid SSD. Meanwhile the Xbox will be $399-$499 because they have a software solution to the SSD and CPU which is why Sony doesn't have quick resume.I honestly think the Series S will run games at the same levels of quality as the PS5 simply because I believe that Sony is lying about having RDNA2 architecture. The truth will be out there once both consoles are released.

>>520864731It is normal, but usually the main drive is removable. My chief concern is the controller. Sandforce SSDs used to fry themselves trying to compress and decompress files it couldn't actually compress. Wouldn't be shocked if the PS5 SSD managed to do the same thing. I reckon there'll be one or two games that fry the SSDs.

>>520864836>The absolute state of this delusional fanwankYou're not getting your own 2013. Cope.

>>520864754And it would sell better on PC. >Inb4 andYou should you consider drinking Bleach Eurozoomer.

>>520864836So you're banking on them being liars? How do you know that Microsoft isn't lying about the specs of their console?

>>520864969Sure it would.

>read several sources ps5 will be expensive as fuck>this guy says the same>just watched digital foundry john linemann say the same thinghe even said from what he's heard he's expecting it to be $600-700. there's no wonder why they're leaving pricing literally to the last minute. also explains the existence of xbox series s.

>>520864969Also, I'm not a Euro, shithead.

>>520864836LMAO you have zero clue of what you are speaking about. If we are talking speed PS5 has it easily. If you are discussing graphics Xbox slightly usurps PS5. Other than that AMD supplies both PS5 and Xbox.

>>520850349such as?

>>520865084Oh yeah that makes sense. Americans have no style and no grace. They are like Planet of the apes.

>>520849949this person literally types like a Holla Forums LARPer

>the ps4 is gonna be more expensive than the xbone>the ps4 pro is gonna be the same price as the xbonex>the ps5 is gonna be more expensive than the xbox series xand so on.

>>520865124>speedSpeed at what? Rendering? Reading data files?The whole SSD debacle reminds me of the old memes on /g/ of the Bulldozer CPUs: "at least they win at unzipping files"

>>520864836Series S is just Series X with GPU for 1080pYou can't even imagine how many people still game on 1080p TVs. 4K wasn't adopted that well.

>>520865013Yes I think they have lied by omission and doesn't have RDNA2.>>520864938When it happens it will blow your mind the butthurt ask yourself why isn't Sony being transparent?

>>520865124This must be your first new sony console gen. They always fucking lie about something.

>>520865202>I rather have a video game over some movie trash>no styleSonyfags not even

>>520860179Why doesn't Sony just buy a license for it from Microsoft, like how Microsoft paid Sony to use Blu-Ray technology?


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>>520859495>gaming PC brandlooks like a legit survey

>>520860456their SSD is this gen's Cell/Kinect

>>520865124No the SSD speed of both the PS5 and Xbox Series X will be roughly the same due to microsoft finding software solution while playstation brute forced it with hardware. I guarantee the playstation will be more expensive because of this.

>>520865124>If we are talking speed PS5 has it easilydumbest post in this thread by far. "speed" isn't a metric of hardware capability. it's not a fucking car. if you're talking about clockspeeds that doesn't matter unless the context of the hardware is known. just look at pic related. one GPU is running significantly faster than the other, but is 5 fps slower because it has 4 less compute units. for comparison, ps5 has 36 compute units whilst xbox has 52. that's a difference of 16.

Attached: 8547348768463.jpg (1246x703, 492.24K)

>>520865427They mean things like Razer and Alienware.>>520865329Are Sony also gonna buy licenses for Windows for it to run?

>worrying about costI'm going xbox because they have more powerful consoles, better player base, better controllers, and better games.

>>520865317They're both RDNA1.5, ESL Nugrohoite.

>>520865547if that's true than the survey is even stupider than I thought

>>520865590Five rupees have been deposited into your account

>>520850048no good exclusives and console ports take forever to be released and run like shit.

>>520865513>the SSD is like 800 GBs>game filesizes are in the hundreds now>they're supposed to be 4k, so they'll be even biggerImagine buying the SAD edition only to fill the stupid thing in a couple of months. It has less effective internal storage than the fucking Switch, cause in there you don't need to install the games if you have them physical.

>>520865598False AMD gives Microsoft all of the goodies when it comes to tech and their relationship is much larger than just the Xbox brand they have plans much larger than that.

>>520865761did they say what will be the SSD size in the digital-only version?

Sony is literally too big to fall, especially in Japan where it matters most. They're winning or getting 2nd place after Nintendo as always.

>>520865761They're claiming game sizes will go down, due to less model duplication compensating for HDD load times. My fucking arse will they.

>>520865861Not as far as I know, but it's not gonna be bigger, cause they have to sell it at a cheaper price, and they're not saving jackshit by not including the disc drive. It's all about the long term higher benefits they get from selling digital games.

>>520865669not an argument

>>520865942>Sony is literally too bigcompared to..?

>>520865598it's not though. MS made the DX12U next generation PC GPU standard and xbox series x complies with all the standards set such as VRS and mesh shaders. we have no confirmation from either sony themselves, any developer or any "insider" that ps5 supports these features. i think you should temper your expectations before you disappoint yourself man.

>>520865590The cost of the AA batteries will make the entire choice of system more expensive in the end

>>520856174t. Jason Schreier

what I keep hearing about this thing is>more expensive>less powerfulI know they got the more interesting lineup in terms of exclusives and devs, but they also doubled down on cinematic trash of late. Whatever, I'm still a second hardware iteration-buyer. Maybe I'll get the ''pro'' version or whatever the fuck comes up by then. Also hoping for a less retarded design by then.

>>520866246please, stop, you're embarrassing yourself

Attached: Annotation 2020-08-13 090105.png (1605x589, 503.4K)

>>520865997I don't know how much space could you save from that, but I don't believe it will make up for the increase in filesizes due to 4k.

>>520865942>Sony is literally too big to fallThey rely almost entire on sale of subscriptions. When this bubble pops so does Sony's gaming division

>>520866246That is the stupidest fucking thing I've read this month probably. Get a charger and then enjoy its longevity. Those built-in ones will only get weaker and weaker as time goes on. Dumb homo.

>>520866246>worrying about costwhat are you, poor?

I'm probably just going to go Xbox this generation since backward compatibility is a big deal to me. One had shit for games most of the life cycle, but at least I can play them with the new console.

>>520866360>I know they got the more interesting lineup in terms of exclusives and devsNot really. They have Ratchet and Clank, Dad of War and that's pretty much it. And the thing is gonna bomb like crazy in Japan, so don't expect any Japanese games. That market belongs to Nintendo now.

>>520866235Back to bed, Nugroho.

>>520850048because they are lazy

>>520866485something like 40% of revenue is from microtransactions since they get a 30% cut off of every single sale that takes place on their platform. as long as they have the fifafags, they're fine financially.


>>520867159>as long as they have [thing they literally do not control] they're fine financiallyhow is this not a bubble?

>>520866802Japanese devs will just appeal to the Western audience instead. They're loyal, did you see what the Senran Kagura reacting to Sony wanting to censor his games? He'd rather not make them than move to Nintendo.

>>520853542yes user a spiderman dlc and indie trash are console sellers

>>520864480sea of thieves is one of the top steam games though

>>520867249a bubble is something that is growing unsustainably and/or doesn't actually justify its valuation. third party microtransactions are a very safe revenue source because you will always have it as long as you move a lot of boxes. and if you're a console manufacturer and you're not moving a lot of boxes, you have bigger problems.


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>>520856584ClaymoreCHADHow are you doing? Dabbing on Berserkfags I hope.

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>>520850349What games though?

>>520853439IDK how anyone could be happy with their PS4 purchase. Looking in from the outside, it looks barren af.

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>>520865329Because tiny, but prideful yellow penises would never rely on piggu-tech.

>>520866246>We still assume people use throw away batteries for controllers. LOL, that hasn't been a thing since AAA's in rumble packs for the N64. Get with the times. Also, built-in rechargeable batteries are anti-consumer too.

Sorry snoyfags it is what it is

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>>520869209>Also, built-in rechargeable batteries are anti-consumer too.How so?

>>520869395It forces you to buy an exact type of battery that's made to fit only for the controller, unless you turn to 3rd party which can also be of dubious quality. Being able to use whatever type of rechargeable battery you want allows a lot more freedom and it's cheaper too.

>>520869395Three reasons.1. Apple started the trend with their smart phones to encourage people to buy new hardware as mechanical degradation affects battery life. 2. Because not all rechargeable batteries are equal in terms of quality and it's often where corners are cut. Much like PSU's and RAM in prebuilt computers. 3. Who doesn't like choice?4. If your controller is in great shape but can't hold a charge anymore. Why should you have to rip it apart, risk breaking it and swap out the battery for a new one?5. >>520869705 This. Proprietary shit is garbage.

>>520852145Nintendo confirmed chaddest of the consoles

>>520866246been using the same rechargeable AAs for years and when i do finally want fresh ones i can get quality ones for cheap unlike chinkshit batteries for psp/ps3/ps4 controllers

>>520868903But psnow is gonna use Azure servers