>Lock on>Aim assistWhy are controllerfaggots so reliant on these?Are they crippled?

>Lock on>Aim assistWhy are controllerfaggots so reliant on these?Are they crippled?

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>>520849435Just turn it off. Most modern games let you do that.

Because they aren't elitist tryhard PC faggots.

>>520849435Because games are very popular and majority of people just want to be entertained, but don't have good motor skills.


>>520849647really?? then why is it that in every alternative media its always the consolefags who are always tryharding?

>>520849435>hacks>cheats>trainerswhy are pc lards so reliant on these?are they crippled?

>>520849435No. Since aiming on console is more difficult, it's better to have them turned on and just focus on movement and getting a tactical advantage.

>>520849435I always play shooters and top down games with KB&M. But pretty much everything else is better with a controller desu.

>>520849435Joysticks are terrible at fine control.In development for Halo 2 Microsoft did a lot of research into controllers and game competency. They had a version of Halo multiplayer for development that let people play with a mouse and keyboard against controller users as well as adjusting the level of assist. On the controller side they had a few of the world's top Halo players they had been brought in for a fun PR event and to get some data on the best. On the M+KB just some random players from the non gaming arm of MS QC testers. As expected the controller users got destroyed and simply couldn't keep up. As they turned down the aiming assist and soft lock it just got even more one sided. Best in the world at Halo playing Halo and they got destroyed by non gamers because the controller is such a terrible interface for FPS.

>>520849647>What, you want to hammer a nail instead of slapping it down with a wrench?>Are you some kind of elitist tryhard faggot?

>>520849435Its fine if they just use them on their own platforms.Its completely absurd when they start mixing in on servers with people on keyboard and mouse. Any competitive environment where some people require built in cheats to perform is hopelessly flawed.

>>520851801sure dude like those things doesnt exist on a console, imagine being this much of a brainlet

I really want to see an implementation of gyro aiming where your crosshair isn't linked to your camera (e.g. I can use right stick to coarsely move the camera and then gyro to aim precisely without moving the camera).I can aim really precisely in CSGO using my PS4 pad's gyro, but I can't enjoy it because having it control the camera means I have to hold the controller perfectly still even when not trying to aim. Shifting slightly in your seat is enough to make the camera spin around spastically.

These are optional things user. Optional means you don't have to use it.

>>520849435>m+kblets jealous againControllers live rent free in your heads

>>520849435>Are they crippled?Mentally? Yes.

>>520849435controller actually can be precise.Problem is they turn on all that aim assist stuff on the assumption it's not. Try to pick up a shooter turn all that off and just binge that shit,the skill cliff is steep as fuck, but give it a couple months and you'll destroy people with it turned on.aim assist cripples aim at higher speeds, it's sticky so you can't aim at a target behind another target and it drags you toward chest so it rules out head shots.

How do you hold your controller? 1 or 2 fingers on each set of triggers? Regular or claw? I tried getting used to bumper jumper type control schemes but keep going back to claw gripping with X to jump. It just feels right to me

>>520849435Shitch trannies? Yes

>>520849435>Are they crippled?actually yes

>>520855543I have made myself a little prototype of this a while ago. Truth to be told, it feels really fucking weird and I couldn't get used to it at all.

>>520855543so similar to old shooters like golden eye and such? It could work honestly.

>>520849435>has gyro controls>only a handful of games use themWhy are Sony Ponies so fucking retarded?

>>520853349Then why is everyone bitching about crossplay in halo MCC? It has the same aim assist the original games and mousers are saying padders win because of the aim assist

>>520857984>It has the same aim assist the original gameswhich is borderline aimbot, the aim assist in halo is fucking insane

>>520857773More like any Wii shooter

>>520858043Exactly, so thats why Im questioning this narrative that in halo 2 testing mousers crushed padders, unless they disabled aim assist for padders in these tests

>>520858120im talking about reach specifically, dont know how halo 2 fares with its aim assist

>>520858120>>520858043>everyone says for years mouse player would destroy pad players in fps if they were in the same match>now that games like cod and halo allow it, all the mouse players are crying about not inherently winningFuck aim assist and all, but this is hilarious to me

>>520858232people arent crying about it in CoD, KB/M still has a stupid advantageHalo reach during mcc pc launch was fucking broken with it's assist

>>520857984>mousers are saying padders win because of the aim assistany excuse to not own up to being shit

>>520858207Every halo game (even the 343 ones) have identical aim assist mechanics.The ONLY standout difference is that Halo 3 has no autoaim for unscoped snipers. Everything else is the exact same across all games. From autoaim (bullet magnetism) to the crosshair movement (being dragged towards moving players) and so on

>>520858319>Every halo game (even the 343 ones) have identical aim assist mechanics.completely falsethey have tweaked and added different aim assist mechanics throughout the games, they even talk about this in dev videos.

>>520858232Well without cheats mouse would win of course.

>>520857984Because pc shitters are just shit. Anyone who's good at Halo can bounce back and forth between m/kb or controller and be good with either. Probably better with m/kb because you get all the sensitivity advantages, you can throw grenades accurately, you aren't limited to the limited aim assist range, and the sniper rifle becomes broken.

>>520858289>Halo reach during mcc pc launch was fucking broken with it's assistHows that? The aim assist is identical to the 360 version and hasnt been changed since launchThe only thing Ive seen that has changed is that mouse had patches for fixing input lag and shit

>>520858431its still just as bad but I was talking about how obvious it how insane the assist was when you compared it to kb/m gameplay. Players can go from only ever using kbm in shooters to using a controller for the first time and instantly be doing better purely from the aim assist.

>>520858367>they have tweaked and added different aim assist mechanics throughout the gamesSuch as?Sorry user, but autoaim and camera magnetism have been in since halo 1. Its an objective fact. The only new aim assist mechanic added in a later game is aim snapping and lunge for melee attacks starting with halo 2

>>520858547No, you'd have to be dog shit using m/kb in the first place to just pick up a controller and start doing better.

>>520858663nah, its just that easy in halo. Its fucking DUMBif you have the strategy down there is very little reason to use kbm outside of comfort with how the game basically plays itself. The DMR meta for example is braindead when aiming with controller. You dont even have to touch the fucking stick to land consistent headshots on a moving target

>>520858404But then controller players arent getting remotely the same game experience they would have had otherwise. Even against other pad players they would be shit.Its unfortunately not an apples to oranges comparison to take away what makes console shooters work when throwing them into mouse matches

>>520854267they do exist but they are not nearly as common

>>520858763Thats bs and you know it, the aim assist when enemy players move across your view doesnt keep you on target at all. Its more of a suggestion. You are still responsible for moving the crosshair near the head.Halo fights are almost purely about positioning, which is the same whether youre on pad or mouse

>>520858824>But then controller players arent getting remotely the same game experience they would have had otherwiseAnd why should I care? Consoles should have found better input methods instead of adding software crutches to any game involving aiming.

>>520858910>Thats bs and you know ityoutube.com/watch?v=sQ1wgBovU4cdozens of videos prove otherwise

>>520858930they have access to gyro but they refuse to use it

>>520849435otherwise you can't hit shit with a controller >>520849647fat fag

>>520849435PC players get banned for using auto aim, consolefaggots get rewarded for cheating. Why does anyone take the opinion of someone who plays on consoles seriously?

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>>520858971None of those are keeping the crosshair on the head.

>>520859045they have overshields so you cant even tell if its headshots. You can easily find numerous other videos of SWAT gameplay with controllers casually getting headshots just from being near the body.

>>520849435Because analog sticks are significantly more difficult to use than a mouse dumbfuck. Playing an FPS on a gamepad puts you at a huge disadvantage against someone with a mouse. Aim assist is necessary to balance it out a little bit.

>>520859019gyro feels like fucking ass, having to constantly rotate my controller to hit shit is absolutely obnoxioust. dropped splatoon because of it

>>520859194>getting filtered by one of the best gyro implementationsare you literally swinging your controller around like a retard? It takes very very little rotational movement to aim in that game.

>>520859194Ook boomer

youtube.com/watch?v=GzbZq4OjEwE&t=243swhy isnt this the standard

>>520849435I turn them off in every game, can't stand the camera jitteringI'm games like GTA I have to leave auto/assisted aim off because I like to obsseively kill NPCs but spray up the car so it looks like a real hit, or like to riddle them with bullet holes all over so I make sure they are dead

>>520859325What yall fail to realize is there is 0 incentive for controller players to go from aim assist + stick to gyroAim assist is good enough that mouse players bitch about it in halo and cod. Therefore a controller player would see no increase in performance if games add gyro but also take away aim assist.Sucks but thats just how it is. Gyro is only a cool improvement for games that didnt have aim assist.

>>520859134Why would you use something thats objectively worse than kb+m? Just get a pc. Stop gimping yourself and your reflexes with plastic with a brand on it. And why do you need to balance it out if everyone that uses a console, uses controllers?

>>520859325Console players don't want improvement.

>>520859439its a LOT more rewarding and fun to use a 1:1 aiming method vs having the game aim for youat least have an option for it

>>520858971Half of this video (bullet magnetism) also is enabled for mouse players (effectively if the enemy is anywhere in your crosshair circle your shots will skew towards enemy)Another aspect (aim flinching toward target when shot) was fixed in a patch

>>520849435Consoletards are usually under 80 IQ

>>520858763It isn't just that easy. If you just never touched the right stick you'd never hit any moving target because you need to lead your shots, in Halo 3 anyway. Also Reach never had a competitive scene, and no one gives a shit about it anyway.

>>520859554>(effectively if the enemy is anywhere in your crosshair circle your shots will skew towards enemy)which should be disabled entirely. Its fucking bullshit to have it enabled on kbm

>>520859494Console players dont give a shit, they just want the game to feel smooth and win. They wont like it if they suddenly have to put in more work to get the same performance outcome. It doesnt make sense.It only makes sense in a context where a game had no aim assist for pads to begin with (e.g. cs or siege)

>>5208596133 definitely feels better in terms of assist

>>520859494I don't think you understand user. The modern gamer doesn't care about being in full control. They just need to feel like they are.

>>520859617Thats just what Halo is and what Halo has always been, baby. The OG Doom games had a similar mechanic (and Im not just talking about up and down aiming, but it also aimed about 10 degrees side to side for you too) and people love that game.If you dont like it play a different game

>>520853480It’s almost the exact opposite if halo pc has any indication of how mouse and keyboard users get butt hurt paying against controllers

>>520849647cope more nigger

>>520859708>If you dont like it play a different gameI want the game to be better. Its amazing but flawed and they can work to remove said flaws.

>>520859662That probably just comes down to the differences between BR and DMRBR has pretty slow bullets and a little bit of spread, which means you have to put in some effort to land hits at rangeDMR doesnt have either of these penalties

>>520859253I shouldn't have to be rotating my fucking console to play a game

>>520849435I'll defend lock on but aim assist is absolute trash. Nintendo is the only company trying with gyro control but even they are behind compared to the Chad kbm.

>>520859764Why is Doom considered such a smash hit and such a hardcore difficult game (e.g. Plutonia) when it has the same mechanic?Its because the players simply accepted that it's how the game is from the beginning. Why cant people do that for halo?

>>520859895a fuckton of OG doom players used keyboard aiming which is arguably even worse than stick aimingdid quake have magnetism from the get go?

>>520859873How the fuck is lock on less pleb than aim assist??

>>520859895>Why cant people do that for halo?halo takes it and then runs a fucking marathon with the idea. It goes too far.

>>520857658Can you share?

>>520859950Quake 1 yes actually, though it's only enabled if you are looking perfectly level at the horizon (e.g. not aiming up or down at all)

>>520855543The Wii had some stuff like this. Off the top of my head, RE4.

>be consolefag all my life>swear by controllers and think they're better for shooters>build a PC>still new to using a KB+M for shooters, but play way better than I did on the PS4>can play shooters on the highest difficulty without any issues now

>>520859950Yet it also applied to mouse too, curious

>>520859895The mechanic is there because plenty of people used keyboard only back in the day. Just like console fags they used an inferior input device requiring assists to work. Unlike console fags PC players eventually moved on. No one plays Doom with mouse aim and assists nowadays.

>>520860135>>520860057absolutely abhorrent since thats the case

>>520860137But doom players who used mouse dont bitch about it. They just play the game and winI think the conclusion is simply that halo players are whiny faggots

>>520849435Flick stick>mouse

>>520859449there are a lot of genres that play as good or better on a controller. A controller is also much more convenient than m+kb because you don't have the same support or space requirements. And some people just find a controller generally more comfortable to hold and use.You've got to make your game fun, and tedious aiming does not make a game based around aiming fun. So there are assists. They very obviously don't make bad players good, and there is still skill when using a controller, but most games that make it impossible for someone who has not sunk a tremendous amount of time to even do anything don't do well.

>>520860229maybe because its very very subtle wheras halo is fucking blatant and borderline aimbot. They arent the same auto aim systems even remotely

>>520859764The thing is the people who have played halo since 2001 dont see it as a flawWhy would any pad player accept the game suddenly not playing like it has for the past 20 years if it gets patched out?

>>520849435consolefags are inherently low IQ and not capable of much. It is why they earn less, accomplish less and are generally considered cattle.Consolefags absolutely need to kill themselves

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>>520860281>They very obviously don't make bad players goodbut they do, a player literally does not have to aim as well and they still do just as good as someone who aims better because of the assists.

>>520849435Crippled in the brain.

>>520860328>Why would any pad player accept the game suddenly not playing like it has for the past 20 years if it gets patched out?for crossplay, if they want OG aim assist queue into a separate controller only queue

>>520860287This reply chain was specifically about the autoaim mechanic (where bullets skew towards enemy players in a 5 or so degree cone from center of the screen) which is identical to the mechanic in Doom, in fact Id argue its a smaller cone than Doom hasHalo also has another mechanic called magnetism, which is where your camera is actually pulled towards players that move on top of that. I agree that is a mechanic that takes it too far. But the replies were saying that the above mechanic is also cancer and proof the game is pleb when it is really this bottom mechanic that pushes it past what doom had.

>>520849647t. seething console pleb

>>520860427but I despise both mechanicsI give ZERO fucks what old people thought of original doom and its assists. All assists should be fucking purged from multiplayer games.

>>520860410Thats the route they are going with in the next update.Although, mouse players will then cry that their mouse only player count is low

>>520860497Doom is a great game, eat shit nigger

>>520849435I'm amazed at how common it is for pc players to have no experience playing fps games on console and vice versa for console players on mouse and keyboard

>>520860606I didnt say the game is bad you dumb dumb. I said the assists are bad, which they are. Good thing you can disable then with a quick console command.

>>520849647its like training wheels

>>520860497>what old people thoughtToo bad its current zoomer shooters like all the battle royale games that have astronomically better aim assist than halo has

>>520860623Why the fuck would anyone willingly subject themselves to playing an FPS on console when the PC is available?

>>520860716You say that like console shooters dont outsell pc shooters

>>520860703it hurts

For all the bitching do about aim assist on halo, I bet if you could see if players were using mouse or pad in the scoreboard, you would still be seeing mousers winning. Basically, git gud, faggots

Aiming with mouse is kinda stupid. You have to aim where you look.Aim assist for analog sticks is kinda stupid too. You're fighting two guys and the cursor jumps between the two and fucks up your aim.VR is the solution. Look with your head, aim with your arm.

Imagine playing a shooter on pcLiterally a point and click gameFucking pathetic no skill bsLook mommy I moved the mouse to where the bad guy was and clicked the mouse!!Wow impressive Timmy *fucks analog aiming console chad*

>>520860359But they don't. If someone aims better, they win. I play halo and aim assist doesn't magically make you hit people, and it damn sure doesn't magically make you make headshots. It just gives you a better chance of actually landing a shot if you're garbage. You still get rolled by anyone who has a firm grasp of movement, positioning, and where your reticle actually goes relative to how far you move the stick in any given direction.If you truly believe that the aim assist on a controller just suddenly makes anyone who picks up a controller an aiming god, you are a moron. If you're just complaining because someone skilled with a high sensitivity input device is on equal footing with someone skilled with a low sensitivity input device, you're a whiny moron.

>>520860914>You have to aim where you look.Whats wrong with that?

>>520860965>I play halo and aim assist doesn't magically make you hit people,AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAit literally does >>520858971>and it damn sure doesn't magically make you make headshotshave you never played SWAT? You aim at the chest and get headshots. Thats the aim assist working.>You still get rolled by anyone who has a firm grasp of movement, positioningthats not aim, I only talked about aiming.

>>520860410>I don't want people using a device I consider inferior to ever be able to beat me! CHANGE THIS NOW!Sounds like some baddie is getting stomped in halo and blaming aim assist

>>520860359>but they do, a player literally does not have to aim as well and they still do just as good as someone who aims better because of the assists.No, the one who aims better will still get their aim on target before the padder relying on autoaim, and all the aim assist in the world doesnt change the fact that mouse lets you turn way faster than sticks

>>520861164>game literally aims for someone>hurrr why are you complaining

You all can bitch all you want now, but when this shit gets input based cross play I never wanna hear another word about aim assist.

>>520861548Theyll bitch about low player counts in their separated pools instead

>>520861025I'm a sniper crawling through a trench and want to keep crawling forward whilst taking a peek around to look for targets without compromising my position.

>>520859708>The OG Doom games had a similar mechanic (and Im not just talking about up and down aiming, but it also aimed about 10 degrees side to side for you too) and people love that game.That is not the same thing. It existed in Doom because those games didn't have crosshairs or aim-down-sights. So aiming was a reflexive estimate of where you are supposed to shoot.

>>520860427>This reply chain was specifically about the autoaim mechanic (where bullets skew towards enemy players in a 5 or so degree cone from center of the screen) which is identical to the mechanic in Doom, in fact Id argue its a smaller cone than Doom hasYou can't compare it to Doom. Doom had no crosshairs or sights to aim with.

>>520860915FPS is a pleb genre anyway. They're so stagnant that they feel the same, dosn't matter if it was made in 2004, 2014 or 2020. Just shoot the other guy before he shoots you lol.

>>520860915>Imagine playing a shooter on pc>Literally a point and click gameThat is what shooting is. You acquire the sight picture, line the sights up on the target and pull the trigger. You even use the same finger that you use to click the mouse button.

>>520860716people like the accessibility of consoles compared to PC's. And thanks to aim assist, sticky aim and bullet magnetism, playing fps games with analog sticks doesn't need to feel slow and frustrating

>>520859449See you can just as easily apply the reverse logic and say that you are not challenging yourself unless you use a gamepad.

>>520861126>Has to move the reticle over enemy even with aim assist>Bullet magnetism lets you get shitty meatshots that still get you rolled if the opponent can land headshotsHave you actually played halo? If you can't finesse the reticle over the player's head, you lose unless both of you are terrible and potshot eachother until someone dies. Aim assist doesn't aimbot, you still have to have better aim control than your opponent to win.>aim at the chest and get headshotsI've played swat. If you're aiming at their neck, you'll get a headshot, but if you're aiming at their chest you don't get shit.>I only talked about aimingSo then do you agree that being better at controlling your aim is a function of aiming, and someone relying on aim assist but who sucks at aiming won't beat someone who is actually good at aiming?

>>520855543Hi Nerrel

Says the person who just points and clicks on what he wants to shoot.

>>520861219>game literally aimsliterally doesn't. The game does things that make it easier for the player to aim. If you can't see how that's different, you're hopeless. And if you're on kbm and getting beat, you're the weak link

>>520862420It sorta does, halo has 2 aim assist mechanics: autoaim and magnetismAutoaim is what people call "bullet magnetism" where if you are aiming like 5 degrees away from a target it will aim your shots at the target anyway. This is the "aiming for you" mechanicThe other is magnetism (not bullet magnetism) where your turning slows down on targets and camera gets pulled towards moving targets. This is the one that isnt really "aiming for you" but just helping out

>>520855543There's a scene in Dreams that does that exact thing. It works pretty well so I agree with you.

>>520863540How is the "aiming for you" part any different than me using hanzo and shooting arrows well over people's heads and still getting hits? Or hitboxes in CS extending past the actual character model?

>>520863540>This is the one that isnt really "aiming for you" but just helping outIt's also aiming for you. Just like bullet magnetism, it takes the player's inputs and corrects them to some degree resulting in higher time on target. Difference is that it also corrects the visuals as seen by the player.

>>520864624Its not about hitboxes, its actually adjusting where your shots are going. That's literally aiming for you.

>>520864624Halo 3 considers this a headshot. Tell me that cs hitboxes are that big.

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>>520849435>cheating>hackingWhy are PC fatfucks so reliant on these?Are they crippled?

>>520865009Thats fucking disgusting

>>520864786The effect is exactly the same. I'd sooner take aim magnetism over hitboxes that extend character lengths outside the model. You're not going to conceivably get shot around corners if the hitboxes are player accurate.youtube.com/watch?v=nRxIuR6jN-k>>520865009it doesn't and you know it. You were probably swiping your reticle quickly over someone's head and took a single frame where the crosshair was still red. Or you're just shitposting and never actually played the game.

>>520865246>it doesn't and you know it. You were probably swiping your reticle quickly over someone's head and took a single frame where the crosshair was still red. Or you're just shitposting and never actually played the game.It does dude, thats how red reticule works. Its not something that falls off over time, it is purely based on how close you are aiming. Red reticule is when the autoaim is at 100%, meaning the bullet fired will go directly towards that players head and not 2 feet up and to the leftHere it is in video form for you to see that the player gets that when he is completely static, not sweeping across.youtu.be/p5K3CKd5Pfg?t=103Sweeping across actually is a different aim assist in halo - it will compare the positions of your aim over 3 frames before and after you fire. If they connect in a line that intersects a player, it will also count it as a hit, even if you were not actually aiming at the player when you fired.

>>520865246>I'd sooner take aim magnetism over hitboxes that extend character lengths outside the model.Youre saying it like its an either or situation. How about fucking neither?The hitboxes in both OW are far far smaller than the halo magnetism makes the aim forgiving.

With mouse, position of your hand controls the facing of the character. You are directly changing facing when moving hand, and you can change it to anything you like by moving the hand at any speed you like.With controller, position of your finger controls the speed at which the facing changes. You can set it to any value you like very quickly, but you will still have to wait for the character to change facing in-game. Controller doesn't work for precise controls in 3D games because you literally have to wait for the character to change facing, which is basically a form of lag. Controller needs those techniques that would be considered cheating on PC because playing the game would be hell otherwise.

>>520849435The worst is when controller users argue that there is no aim assist.

>>520849435Funny how years ago, PC fats were jerking off how superior KB & M is to Controller, but now that they keep getting fucked by console chads in games with crossplay, they resort to seething about aim assist

>>520865810PC players werent assuming that the console players would have aimbots

>>520865810Which are the games where console players dominate?

>>520865810it's not even helpful. Aim assist on non hitscan games fucking destroys my accuracy

>>520866019Halo mcc, if you believe the endless whining across 4chan and forums

>>520866062And M+KB also has the same aim assist?

>>520858845because it requires more work. cheating would be just as common if it was a as easy as on pc

>>520866193Somewhat, it has the red reticule aim assist but not the autoturning towards moving players aim assist

>>520859714>give literal hacks to controllerfags>LOL WHY ARE YOU MAD???

>>520866295So what is funny about that again?

>>520866397>allcaps screechingyup, he's mad

>>520865530This video is telling me the aim magnetism is exactly the same across controller and m/kb. So where's the unfair advantage? And also, a red reticule in these contexts means very little against a moving target. Yes, you could in theory hit your target if they are just dead still, or strafing in unison so they're effectively still anyway, but that's never going to realistically play out. You'll miss all your shots. You need to aim.>>520865606>The hitboxes in both OW are far far smaller than the halo magnetism makes the aim forgivingThey aren't

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>>520859714Let M+KB use the same aimbot as controllers use and all complaints from PC users will go away.

>>520866718>This video is telling me the aim magnetism is exactly the same across controller and m/kb. So where's the unfair advantage?Nobody questioned whether it was different for mouse vs controller. You claimed that the game does not aim for you, when it does to a certain degree. It's that simple. Dont move the goalposts

>>520866872Then everyone would be bitching about your aim being pulled around everywhere when someone else walks by

>>520867017What actually needs to be done is to let player choose whether he wants aim chats or not, and let him play against players that have the same setting.

>>520853349Source? I’d love to see or read about that

>>520867095Theyre sorta doing that in the next update, by separating mouse players and pad players into separate matchmaking pools

>>520867251Shouldn't do that, should separate aim assist and no aim assist.

>>520866872No actual pc player wants that

>>520867156As evidenced by later replies in the thread it seems to be total bullshit. Such tests had to have been with controller aim assists disabled.

>>520867302But thats what it is. Gamepad pool is aim assist, mouse pool is no aim assist.

>>520866939I just don’t think he understand that mouse has bullet mag too

>>520849435Yes. Halo on PC is a joke hahahahahaha

>>520866668>yup, he's mad

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>>520866939I'm arguing with people telling me controller is broken and gives an unfair advantage. And I'm still not convinced that some aim magnetism is effectively any different than enlarged hitboxes. Just see the overwatch video i posted. That's more egregious than the aim magnetism i'm seeing. Even CSGO, while nowhere as bad as overwatch, still has inaccurate hitboxes that extend past the models.

>>520867415Let people play in the aim assist bracket with mouse.

>>520853349Things that didn’t happen>>520867156

>>520867476But mouse + aim assist would shit all over gamepad + aim assist. There would be no point in allowing that.

>>520867538It would shut up the retards in this thread claiming controllers offer performance in any way comparable to M+KB.

>>520867538Well I don’t know

>>520867589It does though - when controllers have aim assist and mouse doesnt. Thats the 'problem' that separated input matchmaking is trying to solve.

>>520853349this absolutely didn't happenaverage controller players stomp average and above average mouse players on Halo MCC on PC, so much so that the kbm playerbase has mostly moved on at this point, even with detuned aim assist H1 pros in 2003 would fucking annihilate an average mouse player

>>520867656Aim assist is not a part of the controller. It's something the game does to compensate for the faults of the controller.


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>>520867463>Even CSGO, while nowhere as bad as overwatch, still has inaccurate hitboxes that extend past the models.But nowhere near a fraction of how far out halo bullet magnetism is.This would NEVER be a hit in CS, unless you were spraying and the spread pattern made the bullet come out sideways.CS hitboxes arent even a quarter as far out as this, its comparing centimeters to feet

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>>520867703>aim assist of any kind>'pros'top kek

>>520867703Proof for this? One twitch streamer saying hes jumping over isnt enough data

>>520867703Halos a different beast compared to most pc FPS games thoughRegardless of input aim matters much less in halo than something like CSGO or quick reaction shooters

>>520867749So giving the same compensation to inputs without those faults would make that input inherently better in every way, you would get mousers stomping on padders regardless of whether it's an aim assist pool or not, making it a completely useless separation vs separating padders from mousers. This way padders get the same game theyve been playing since 2001, and mousers get the ultra pro bro no aim assist competitive game they want.

>>520867945It would shut up the retards in this thread claiming controllers offer performance in any way comparable to M+KB.

>>520867796Yeah halos a very aim forgiving game for mouse and controllers

I have never played any of ps4 or switch games with that shit.

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>>520858319you don't know what you're talking aboutaim assist works somewhat differently depending on the gameHalo 1: least aggressive aim assist cone, bullet magnetism pulls bullets to edges of hitbox if reticule is red (top players will aim slightly above the head to exploit this behavior in classic H1, not in MCC since they changed this recently)Halo 2: much more aggressive aim assist cone, bullet magnetism pulls bullet to center of hitbox if reticule is red and is very very aggressive (any top players in a BR fight is just a race to a 4 shot or two bursts + doubleshot, if you miss you lose almost every single time)Halo 3: feels slightly less aggressive than 2 in both respects, magnetism still pulls to center of hitboxReach: feels about the same as 2 overall to me, definitely very aggressive with magnetism that pulls to the center of hitboxes, not really sure because i don't play garbage

>>520867820>halo was never an E-sport on console

>>520849642>turn it off>everyone else is using it to get ez kills

>>520868036If you play shooters yes you have

>>520867878but Halo 1 "pros" allegedly lost to randoms from microsoft's QC department because they couldn't out-aim KBM? lmao fucking retards

>>520868082Everything youre saying is totally subjective, you can look at the tags yourself and see that the cones are pretty comparable across all halo games.The biggest thing affecting your perception is probably the FOV. Lower fov games mean the autoaim cone is bigger on your screen despite being the same number of degrees.Halo 3 only feels less aggressive because of the BR being a slow ass projectile gun instead of halo 2's hitscan; the autoaim being applied is identical

>>520868210Aim isn’t that important in halo in all honesty so I don’t believe you

>>520868248noH1 bullet magnetism pulls to the edges of hitboxes, H2-Reach magnetism pulls to the center of hitboxesmagnetism =/= aim assist cone

>>520867796Well, that's not the only point I made in my post. You're also firing fully automatic weapons in CSGO where one bullet to the head will kill you. So which one is really more forgiving? The one where your opponent can literally just catch a stray bullet and die instantly, or having to land 4 consistent shots(at best) to the head to kill someone? But I wasn't trying to directly compare Halo to CSGO anyway. So yea, if CSGO had those hitboxes the game would be broken, but it works in Halo because of the high TTK. My point being aim magnetism isn't so drastically different than stretched hitboxes, which have been around forever, that people need to bitch about it as hard as they do. Halo isn't "aiming for you" anymore than Overwatch is when you shoot well past someone's model and still get a hit.

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>>520868210Wait no halo one that’s so dumb if you said halo 2 or 3 it may have made sense but you have obviously never played one on multiplayer

>>520867989Why do you keep saying that you stupid autist??Controllers do offer comparable performance when they have aim assist, but if mouse had the aim assist to that comparableness goes away, making it completly pointlessLook at this way:>controller only has aim assist, not mouse: controllers seem to edge out in close range while mousers edge out in long range, fairly comparable>both have aim assist, mouse shits all over controller>neither have aim assist, mouse shits all over controllerThe first scenario is the current case in halo mcc, and even that variability is enough for people to bitch enough that aim assist should be removed. So they are separating gamepads with autoaim into a separate pool from mouse, which makes everyone happy

>>520868291that's what i'm saying, that story is nonsense and did not happen, maybe some version happened where the top players were actually just random thumbless shitters which explains why the h2 autoaim is so overtuneda top controller player in a game where aim is less important and power weapon/map control is king is gonna slap the fuck out of some random guy from mc's qc department regardless of the input method

>>520868248I know for a fact 343 made a new syestem for 4

>>520868325Youre still wrong, and the game literally calls bullet magnetism an autoaim cone in the tags. It is a cone based on degrees.

Aim assist on console for games like BF and CoD is great. Trying to line up and track shots with your thumb pushing a small stick is tedious and much harder than a mouse. Proper aim assist makes it snappier and easier. It's absolutely mandatory to aim at moving objects in 3D space. Games that do it bad are Red Dead Redemption and any game that uses heavy magnetism or actual full lock on.

>>520868559And what system is that?The truth is they only described the system in halo 4 videos; but those systems were around since halo 1, bungie simply never talked about them, and the average fag didnt know about it because its not as obvious as your view physically turning when a player runs across

>>520868093playing e-sports on consoles doesn't make you professional the same way sports in special olympics won't turn you into real sportsman (anybody healthy will still wreck you)

>>520868509There is no comparison possible for raw input devices if you're comparing them when using some assist software for one of them. Mosue > Controller. No one is asking how mouse compares to controller with aim cheat. I don't care abot Halo players. I am not offering some scenario to make the most amount of players happy. I only care to demonstrate that the mouse is better than a controller. Someone above said it's not the case and he is wrong.

>>520868509>Controllers do offer comparable performance when they have cheatswooow

>>520868451You can bitch all you want, but one game (Halo) is literally altering the trajectory of your shots (aiming for you) while the other game is notYou lose this argument user

>>520849435>console player comes to pc and deletes kbm playersyoutube.com/watch?v=VcA3cCQfe3sReally makes you think

>>520862016That's a dumb fucking point when on a controller you literally pull a trigger with your trigger finger to fire a gun

>>520868797It matters because the assist software is how it is being implemented into games. Nobody gives a fuck about whether mouse is superior or not. What matters is how the game itself plays, and mixing autoaim with mouse makes it an imbalanced experience.

>>520868575aim assist = reticule slows down near target, tracks for youmagnetism = bullet pulls toward hitbox when reticule is red (this is where the behavior is different between CE and other games)these are different things, please try to keep up i know you aren't very bright

>>520868163I disable that shit straight from start. I hate that feeling when they pull you to enemy like magnet

>>520868668then why don't you pick up a controller and dominate console pros? delusional geek

>>520868656youtu.be/zWzmbVFVT1kI don’t know what changed but it’s different ok

>>520868920Bullet magnetism is what the game tags call autoaimAim assist (view turning/slowing/etc) is what the game tags calls magnetismBoth are defined for each weapon. The values do not change much between halo games for the same BR.

>>520868825Mouse gets magnetism too just not sticky reticle and stuff

>>520869185Arguably the sticky reticle is more potent though, it pretty much totally defeats strafing with 0 effort

>>520868914I do give a fuck.

>>520869372Congrats on your useless autism

>>520869510You can say that to the person above who started this whole disussion by claiming controllers are better than mouse+keyboard.

>>520869357Although I would agree that strafing against a mouse would be easier I have been pretty consistently good at strafe since 3 and moving to pc may have helped but exactly how much I don’t know

>>520869019This is pretty much only showing max range for each weapon, which has nothing to do with aim assistOutside the one case where firing between the shoulder counts as a hit, the aim assist is still the same. Thats a hitbox issue if anything

>>520869595Everyone else else in this discussion knows that person meant controllers with aim assist, a sign of autism is not being able to infer things like that.

>>520869781The statement he said is meaningless then. There is no sense in comparing an input device to an input device with cheats enabled.

>>520870078There is because its discussing the current state of games with crossplay, which do exactly that.

>>520869708You might be right Their are lots of extraneous factors that effect the feel of the aim assist so that may be effecting how I see the assist

>>520870157Please do tell me what sense is there in making that comparison.

>>520849435>Games Better With KB+MFPS, Point & Click, RTS>Games Better With a ControllerTPS, Racing, Platformers, Fighting, Beat em Up, Stealth, and Rhythm

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>>520853349This sounds like complete bs, kek. My younger brother plays gears of war on PC using a controller and he constantly gets kicked from games because consolefags think he’s using a keyboard and mouse when really then people he’s playing just suck.


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>>520867538That sounds like it proves mouse is better than gamepad.

>>520849435>console gaymers

>>520866253and that's a good thing

>>520871008>>520870301Because people dont play games to prove whether mouse or gamepad is better. They play them have a fun and balanced time. Mixing inputs that need aim assist and inputs that dont does not do that. Since the increasing trend is for more and more games having crossplay between PC and consoles or between mousers and padders it is an important topic because how the games deal with that affect the game as a whole.

>>520849435this actually has a gyroscope but sony doesn't use itgreat feature!

>>520870705>>520870829>game tracks for youwhat the fuck is this

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>>520849435>Lock onis barely used anymore>Aim assisttakes more skill than a mouse whether you like it or not, the gap between a shit and skilled controller user is way higher than a gap between a shit and skilled mouse user

>>520870829This one seems more annoying than anything, since it isnt even aiming you at the target at all, just turning you when someone is moving within a 5 mile radius

>>520868509Are you fucking retarded. Your stupid fucking posts are the equivalent of claiming that niggers score comparatively with whites (and jews!) on college tests as long as they're allowed to use the textbook. You don't fucking compare shit while giving A an advantage B doesn't get just so they become equivalent then claim they're equivalent you stupid fucking schizo faggot what the fuck is wrong with your head.

>>520870705>>520870829Damn I never knew it was that bad

>>520871259tell me consolefags don't actually think like this

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>>520871270Youre the idiot, youre saying theres no point discussing it when all games these days are adding these fucking advantages.