Why was this game called Circle of the Moon anyway...

Why was this game called Circle of the Moon anyway? Isnt that name rather pointless for a series that usually takes place at night?

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>>520849304just posting to say CotM is the best castlevania game ever made

>>520849304Because Dracula comes out at night, and the moon is a circle.

>>520849547But that's always the case, its not descriptive of this game.

Castlevania titles in Japan are FUCKED. >English localizers came up with the "X of Y' scheme for IGAvanias>first game was called Akumajou Dracula (Demon Castle Dracula), Simon Quest is "Dracula 2", Dracula's Curse is just "Demon Castle Legend" while The Adventure is "Dracula Legend">Bloodlines is called "Vampire Killer">Harmony of Dissonance is called "Castlevania: Concerto of the Midnight Sun">Lament of Innocence is just called "Castlevania" >Aria of Sorrow has the prefix of "Castlevania", Dawn of Sorrow's back to using Akumajou Dracula>first two Lords of Shadow games are Castlevania, LoS2 is back to being Akumajo DraculaFor some of these, it makes sense not to use Dracula since he's not the villain of those, but it must get really annoying at times.

>>520849304I spent a whole summer playing this with a friend (basically I played and he kinda watched, it was really hard to see the screen). I was very hyped with this along with the whole gba release, good times

>>520850523>Concerto of the Midnight Sun>Midnight Sun

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>>520850831The English title makes a bit more sense given that, since a harmony of dissonance is also an oxymoron.

I'm playing through Portrait of Ruin and the two-character gimmick seems really under developed. Charlotte is cute and all but between Jonathan's weapon variety, subweapon mastery sidequests, and the quick cast button, there doesn't seem to be any reason to swap characters at all. I can't even let AI Charlotte run around because she ends up sapping my MP and killing enemies before I can tag them with a subweapon for the mastery points.

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>>520849304I mean what're you going to name it? It's a fucking Castlevania game. Descriptive titles are always going to be a mess since they're all about the same shit, may as well just go for something artsy and memorable.My alt titles for the GBA games would go just pureCastlevania: Levelling is FUCKED But The Weapon Card System Is CoolCastelvania: Dodge And Weave Everywhere For No ReasonCastlevania: Collect a Lot of Souls And Guns Are Not That Useful

>>520849304It got even more fun for me when I learned the cheat to use any combination of cards you want almost from the start.

>>520849304I Thought it had to do with a lunar eclipse or somethinggreat music in this game

>>520852731You're thinking of Aria of Sorrow

>>520852950Well they should have called that one circle of the moon then

>>520850831>>520851085Midnight Sun is an actual phrase. There are places on earth where at certain times of the year the sun doesn't set for months at a time.

>>520851581She's good for certain bosses and Hard Mode level 1, where you have to cheese in every possible way.

>>520849536based nathan chad.SotN is more creative, AoS is over all the most polished, but CotM is just fucking great. We don't talk about HoD

>>520855728I like HoD. It doesn't have anything that makes it stand out though, everyone remembers COTM's cards for better or worse, and everyone remembers AoS's Soul system.

>>520855619I think she would be more useful during the main game if she had access to more than one spell at a time. Her spells are generally better than Jonathan's subweapons at a much lower MP cost, but you have cast time compounded with the time it takes to get through the menu and Charlotte just has more use as quick, free stat boost while Jonathan does all the heavy lifting.

>>520856165I mean, I'll still play through HoD, but besides a couple banging tracks, the music is awful, the castle design (and A+B mechanic) is really bad, the enemies are mostly copy and pasted from other games and underwhelming (the multisprite enemies were cool, though), and the mechanics just kinda suck (spell books aren't very useful). it clearly was trying to copy SotN, but falls completely flat. I just felt let down after SotN and CotM. I was really excited when it came out, too

>>520855728Alucard got fucked in the ass and cried about it.

>>520851890>Castlevania: Collect a Lot of Souls And Guns Are Not That UsefulDofS is literally just Castlevania: Collect a Lot of Souls And Guns Are Not That Useful but better.

>>520852950Dracula is always revived under a lunar eclipse

>>520858125What? No he's not. Circle of the Moon, both the original and remake of Rondo of Blood, and Order of Ecclesia all show Dracula's resurrection happening on clear nights with the moon unobscured.

>>520849304I'm currently replaying it and I like it but there's a lot of bullshit things that make it less fun than the other 2 GBA CastlevaniaThe fucking drop rate of cards and the enemies that drop them is bullshit, sometimes you get lucky and get a card after killing a specific enemy for a few times but most of the time you have to grind for like 1 hour for a single card, specially the last action cards, I fucking hate candles and fallen angels

>>520849304Portrait of Ruin is objectively the best of the series.>CHARLOTTE>JONATHAN

>>520849304Dracula was planning to sacrifice Nathan's mentor under the full moon to gain back his full power so it had significance. Nathan was also a foster heir promoted to the task of banishing Dracula so the game follows his journey as he completes the cycle (or circle) of driving away Dracula.

>>520858882Dracs castle is empty as fuck in PoR though. They went to hard on the portraits they forgot to add anything interesting to the main map of the series.

>>520859061While I can probably agree, it's STILL the best.

>>520858125You're Thinking of Aku - the shapeshifting master of darkness, unleashed an unspeakable evil. But, a foolish samurai warrior wielding a magic sword stepped forth to opposed me.Before the final blow was struck, I tore open a portal in time and flung him into the future where my evil is law. Now, the fool seeks to return to the past and undo the future that is Aku.>>520858873Imagine actually giving a single fuck about the cards and not just whipping and superweaponing through the game

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>>520858873don't try to max out your items in any game mode but thief (the best game mode)


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When does it get good?

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>>520860775"You danced well, woman."

>>520860980Forgot pic. Shanoa!

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>>520860775You hit Dracula's castle eventually but its a small castle towards the end. Game's main draw is its glyph system and boss fights honestly. If you cant enjoy the simple stages, you may as well drop.

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>>520860775the castleso when you've finished 80% of the gamethat said it's one of the better castles ignoring how it's the probably contender for smallest castle

>>520849304im kinda annoyed that the title doesnt have any musical insinuation.

>>520861071First girl who gave me a fetish for women's backsides. Good lord.

>>520861454Mooning is often something that dissatisfied audiences do at a performance.

>>520849304First Castlevania protag to spin his whip in a perfect circle

>>520861871Its a pretty fun imitation of the Super Castlevania whip

Harmony of Dissonance is the most kino name.

>>520862165If we're ranking the names, it goesLament of Innocence>Harmony of Dissonance>Order of Ecclesia>Aria of Sorrow>Portrait of Ruin>Circle of the Moon>Curse of Darkness>Dawn of Sorrowfor me

>>520861871Uh, super?

Funilliy enough, the names started making sense at the very end with the DS games. Dawn of Sorrow is an ovious play on the system switch and Portrai of Ruin/Order of Ecclesia are actual descriptive names.>>520862467He's right, since while you do have infinitely more control over the whip, you'll never get the perfect circle that you get from auto spin.

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>Portrait of Ruin's subweapon masteryWhat were they THINKING?

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>>520856942That's a fair assessment, I remember navigating the two castles being a pain and feeling it was too easy all around.

>>520863795I beat the game and i don't know what you're talking about

>>520864069Jonathan's subweapons become more powerful the more you use them. After leveling them enough they change appearance and and gain some sort of buff like larger/additional projectiles. Not every subweapon had mastery but most did. The problem is that they require a huge amount of kills to master unless you buy this 500k gold accessory. In other words, it's not really practical to master subweapons unless you're playing NG+ games back to back.

>>520850831retarded animefag

>Lament of Innocence>Harmony of Dissonance>Order of Ecclesia>Aria of Sorrow>Portrait of Ruin>Circle of the Moon>Curse of Darkness>Dawn of SorrowWhat the actual fuck, Holla Forums

>>520865482The user was ranking the names as names.

CotM's big problem is that the difficulty can fluctuate wildly depending on the kinds of drops you get. If you miss some of the major cards, you can end up having a much rougher time.

>>520849304>moon>pointless at night

>>520869107It was pretty jarring going from something as piss-easy as SOTN to this

>>520869107That's my issue too. The two dragons, Carmilla, and Dracula were slogs to fight because I never grinded for cards.

>>520869107Some cards can make the game much easier but you can solve most of the game with nothing but decent equipment and the cross.