What are your hopes for the future of Castlevania?With Bloodstained taking up the mantle...

What are your hopes for the future of Castlevania?With Bloodstained taking up the mantle, do you think the franchise is in good hands?

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>>520849168Bloodstained is ugly trash.

>hopesFor a new collection that focuses on the mainline titles from Rondo to DespairFor Konami to seriously consider making a new Castlevania game.For Season 5 of the Netflix series to be a good adaptation of Curse of Darkness.

Pachinko with naked Succubus' of course.

Bloodstained was mechanically great. It just needs to return to 2D sprites with bits of 3D intertwined and ultimately have better art direction

Curse of the moon was pretty damn greatEasy on normal veteran but great

>>520849168I hope for the death of Konami, both in the figurative and literal sense. In fact I hope I can kill their management with my bare hands.Bloodstained is pretty good.

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>>520849168>What are your hopes for the future of Castlevania?Better character design for Bloodstained.I don't expect anything of Konami anymore.

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Curse of the Moon 1/2 made me hate Bloodstained's story. I like those 4-7 as a team, not the anime nonsense they're supposed to be in the "canon" story. A samurai, a wizard, a vampire, 2 fine-ass women, and a dog on a journey to kill the moon. Absolute kino.

>>520857614RotN's story is really stupid once you get past like the four twists that all of the "villains" were good guys and the "good girl" was the villain.Albus is dead because he just didn't tell Miriam "That trap was for the nun. She consorts with demons."

>>520849325Take your meds or fuck off, Craig.

>>520849168Konami could make millions if they just did a collection and ported them to pc.But I guess Konami just don't want money

>>520849168>hopesFor a collection featuring the GBA gamesFor Konami to make 2 Castlevania games, 1 2D and the other 3D like they used to in 2003 and 2005.For Season 5 of the Netflix series to be a faithful adaptation of Curse of Darkness since Ellis and his Hector hateboner are gone.

Having low expectations is crucial when it comes to castlevania. Don't hope, don't dream.>>520858616This is an incredibly cancerous posting style and you should consider how shitty the board would be if everyone talked like you.

What would be Holla Forums's ideal Castlevania game?

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>>520859649A third Sorrow game, a follow up to Symphony of the Night or a 1999 game.

>>520859649For a classic game it would be Castlevania 1, but with RNG drops removed, Holy Water being more balanced and better boss fights. With high quality sprites like the ones in old fighting games.For exploration vania, it'd be Symphony, but again with all its kinks fixed and game being actually balanced. Also instead of being muted, the music would only become quieter on menus and save rooms.I'm a simple guy and just want the best versions of the games I like.

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>>520860338Good taste, my friend.

>>520858486He was also trying to get rid of Miriam so she wouldn't get possessed/corrupted.

>>520860338>RNG drops removedHell, no. I only managed to kill Death in CV3 because a random enemy dropped a Triple Shot for no reason.

>>520849168Alucard got fucked in the ass and cried about it.

>>520849168I hope for Alucard not to be butt fucked ever again.

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>>520861134Double and Triple are tied to how many enemies you killed with the subweapon. Breaking candles also counts.

>>520861134Yeah but he could've also dropped the knife sub weapon.>>520861179*and user cried about it

>>520849325It's ugly, yes, but its good ugly trash

>>520861242LOL! Got'em!

>>520859649A 3D (as in 3D movement not 2D with 3D graphix) remake of Aria

>>520861179Netflixtards need to fuck off, It's not canon to the games.

>>520861521That would be kino.

>>520861307This was a random drop. It dropped from a whip kill and I hadn't killed any enemies with my subweapon for a while. It was in the room before Death's room with the 2 dudes in armor. I was conserving hearts to use with the Holy Water and the free Double Shot upgrade hidden in a wall right before Death.

>>520861324Speaking of sub, Alucard subbed and got fucked in the ass. Funny, huh? >>520861382What was really ugly was seeing Alucard sloppy booty hole after getting fucked in the ass>>520861521Hopefully someone can help remake Alucards asshole. It hasn't been the same since he got fucked in the ass. So leaky.>>520861554If we're talking canons, Alucard took quite the blast of cum when he got fucked in the ass, like a cannon blast lol

>>520861732Stop thinking about gay sex you queer

>>520861732Fuck off, shitposter.

Remember to report Netflix shitposters.

>>520849168CV is dead. >>520849325Castlevania never looked amazing either, maybe SOTN at the time

Why does the same Netflixtard spam every thread?

>>520862348He's probably some fat loser neckbeard and trolling threads is the highlight of his day since he has no job and waits in his basement for his mother to give him tendies.

>>520861941He probably jerked off to that scene and he wants to spread the word.

So Shenqu games releases their games in English like Fallout shelter for SEA. Any SEAniggers here gonna try it out?

More indie titles inspired by the series. Steam and cinder looks fucking amazing to me.

>>520863175I would also like more Castlevania fangames with the quality of Lecarde Chronicles 2.

>>520862983You mean Moonlight Rhapsody? Maybe.

>>520863175What's Steam and Cinder?

>>520849168I want more gacha phone games thanks!

This particular thread is attracting trolls.

/a/ here. Would you guys like a genuine Japanese Castlevania anime?

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I too was on YTMND tonight for some reason

>>520864338I wouldn't mind an adaptation similar to Phantom Blood.

>>520864409I made that site and this thread

>>520864724Which characters would you use?

>>520865369I mean if it were up to me I'd pick something like Simon or Rondo and focus 70% of screentime on fighting monsters and depicting baroque/gothic environments, but I think that would be a disaster as far as viewership goes. If I had to make it with an audience in mind instead of doing stuff I want to see I'd go with Lament or CVIII because their stories could be fleshed out more easily, obviously sticking closer to the canon than the Netflix series.

>>520865653I'd like Symphony of the Night then 1999 then Aria of Sorrow for three seasons.

What's your wishlist for the inevitable Bloodstained 2?


>>520867078Sprites or better graphics. Everything else was completely fine. Map was great, combat is fun, shard system is diverse and fun to use as well.

>>520849168Hello I have returned from thinking about this extensively in the shower.I wish for them to pretend the fucking bishounen era never happened and reboot it as a gritty Transylvanian horror without any fucking magical girls. I wish to be a Belmont who moves like a tank again.The grinding and pokemon shit I could take or leave, I just want it to feel sincere.

>>520849168It's dead as fuck. At best, they'll have M2 or some other capable company at the very least port their GOOD Castlevania games.As it stands, Bloodstained is pretty much the new Castlevania. Iga can possibly step it the fuck up with RotN2 or whatever the hell he plans on making now that he got his feet wet with a new IP. The CotM games were both excellent Classicvanias with their own identities instead of just following an existing formula to a T.I would say that Konami can choke on a dick and go defunct for all I care, but they unfortunately hold YGO hostage as well as their godly IPs.

>>520868275I'm fine with M2 making another Castlevania instead of porting.

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>>520867817Sounds cool. I also want a protagonist that's both in design and story a Soma Cruz ripoff.

>>520859649symphony of the night definitive edition with all the content that has ever been associated with SotN and the ability to choose things like which Maria to play as, which castle (saturn or ps1), which OST, and which dub. Also a boss rush and new game +

>>520869086That sounds pretty great, I'd also like some new content added.

>>520860114>1999 game

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