>Halo 4 was shit>Halo 5 was dogshit wrapped in catshit>MCC was literally broken on launch for X1; still suffers from...

>Halo 4 was shit>Halo 5 was dogshit wrapped in catshit>MCC was literally broken on launch for X1; still suffers from issues to this day>Infinite is no longer a Series X launch titleIs 343 the most incompetent developer of all time? How do they manage to fuck everything up?

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>>520848605Im just glad they're delaying it and giving it polish instead of releasing it broken+incomplete and patching it for the next year. Having a busted, incomplete Halo game for the Series X launch would've been much more devastating to the Xbox brand than not having Halo there.


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It makes me wonder what microsoft is asking of these devs. Do they just not give them enough time or money?

>>520849659They give them shitloads of both. Something is deeply wrong with 343, either in their management structure or the skill of their employees.

>>520850071pic related

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>>520848605>playing Halo after Bungie>playing Halo after being screwed by 343 with Halo 4>playing Halo after being screwed by 343 with Halo 5>not having moved on from this dead series

>>520848605Notice how all the classic games everyone loved from 1994-2010 were overwhelming made by passionate geeky dudes that just loved video games and strived to make something that they would love to play? Notice how from 2010-2020 “diversity” in being enforced and it’s not about passion anymore, it’s about representation and hitting quotas

>>520848605Who the fuck knows, It could be lack of talent or it could be severe mismanagement or something completely different, I can't wait for the postmortems from ex-employees years from now that explain what the fuck went wrong.

>>520850210I see some men dressed up as women in this photo.

>>520850071It just doesn't make sense to me that they would continue to rely on them for such a major IP that they've essentially killed.

>>520848605>How do they manage to fuck everything up?By not giving us playable elite waifus

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>>520849518I fucking hate this meme there is a lot to be upset aboutthey are killing halo and I can't make it stop

>>520849135I can't wait until after a year of polish and delay it still ends up being total shit

>>520850210Don’t blame the women for having a job blame the dipshits that hired them

>>520853512oy vey shut this down right now

>>520853512>be hired to do job>suck assYou can absolutely blame them

>>520853582>Hire someone woefully underprepared for the job>Fails at the job>”WTF DOOD WHY DIDNT YOU MAKE LE 10/10”

>>5208540916 years1 billion dollars


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>>520854091>apply to job knowing what it is while being ostensibly "qualified" for the position>retard hr department hires you>giggle>make shit productYou can blame both

>>520848605MCC on Xbox one X is damn near perfect finally

>>520849135It's going to be broken on launch screen cap this

>>520854519No it fucking isn't. This meme needs to die.

>>520848605Halo 5 was the second best shooter of the gen next to squidkid2

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>>520849135Delaying it for a year won't change the fact that the game was designed for the XB1 instead of the SeriesX, and the entire game's design philosophy is held back by hardware that was already obsolete in 2012 when it launched.And that this limitation is going to drive Halo Infinite from 2020 to 2027. Also, 343i said they're going to release a ray-tracing patch. Which means the game wasn't designed with it in mind, cementing the fact that short of ray traced reflections--the lighting will still suck for the entire life of the game.This was Microsoft's one opportunity to really set itself apart with their flagship title and they, along with 343i, in the name of being pro-consumer, fucked it up.It takes the height of incompetence to make it mandatory to take your flagship intellectual property and gate it behind 10 year+ old hardware.

>>520854649>grafics is design philosophylol cope harder

>>520854770>graphics>failing to understand that under that umbrella sits: physics, artificial intelligence, level design, world simulation, world persistence, etc.faggot.

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>>520854908Yeah and it runs at a buttery smooth 120fps 4k lol

Just another example of how it's better to let series go and not force them to continue

>>520854908WITH a wide open world no less :)I'm still hype, the textures look jank, but they looked jank in the last release trailer a year ago so I don't see why snoys are doing this now outside of desperation.

>>520855043No fucking TV in the market is native 120Hz dipshit.cnet.com/news/ultra-hd-4k-tv-refresh-rates/It's all fucking interpolation.

>>520854618>babby's first fps 5 was the second best shooter of the gen next to babby's literal first fps 2i kid, im sure you have your reasons.

They could delay it by 10 years it won't matter. It still has sprint and the game will be built around it so it's bad.

>>520855304lol cope>>520855348enjoy overwatch or uhh... Destiny? I guess? :)

>>520855494>copeThat only matters if I was gonna buy the game, there's no point with such a colossal fuck up.

>>520855591yet here you are coping about it, sad.

>>520854616What's wrong with it? I got it and played CE the other day, had a good time

>>520855941How about you cope with these digits?

>>520856187>digits on Holla Forumsa risky gambit for sure.

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>buy mcc for pc and play trough everything fine>decide to replay h1 with original graphics>game plays like a power point presentation and constantly get a unreal engine crash error>turns out it’s a launch problem all the way from 2019 that still hsn’t been fixed

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>>520853362>implying Halo wasn't dead after Reach.

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>>520849135I'm confident nothing will change and it will still be shit.

>>520848605>343 sabotaged the launch of the Series XIf Phil Spencer doesn't dissolve 343 after Infinite then he is literally the biggest retard in the industry

>>520854091i always lie on my applications every few years, get hired, fake it till i make it and learned the skills for the job and then eventually move onto a higher paying position with my previous work experience helping me get the next job. maybe it's the same for game devs?

>>520848605>>Halo 5 was dogshit wrapped in catshitActually the multiplayer was pretty good

>>520857785Then who the fuck will make Halo?It's shit, but they can't spend another 5 years building yet another studio to make Halo. Money down the drain. Halo is literally Microsoft's Mario.

>>520849135The engine itself is shit. Doesn't matter how much time they have, the graphics won't change much.Should've used UE5 like Gears

Honestly, Microsoft should rebuy Bungie.And whoever sold them off in the first place should be shot.

How could you possibly have hope for the franchise anymore? Move on. Jesus.

>>520854908God damn who is the artist

>>520856104>Halo 1Numerous effects missing like covenant shields, jackal shields, texturing on walls>Halo 2No option to select sound effects and music separately for original and remastered like in CE>Halo 3Fine I think>Halo 4Broken lighting in cutscene, no armor customization, audio glitches on the Pit remake level, framerate is still fucking trash like on 360>Halo ReachCovenants Seraphs fire double the speed in the space section cause their firing rate is locked to framerate, music looping was fucked up (may have been fixed)

>>520858587Certain Affinity. Halo 2 Anniversary MP and Doom 2016 MP aren’t perfect but they are far better than any shit 343 has done.

>>520859505Bungie took a deal to leave then went to activision volubtarily, staff realised they fucked up and quit its not the same studio.

>>520849135Remember Crackdown 3?

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Fucking someone remind me but hasn't 343 had a god damn NEW BOSS for every fucking Halo game that they've made? They had some asian chick for 4, random white woman for 5 and now it's just another guy for Infinite.The god damn company can't even keep its own leadership consistent.

>OGbox: two Halo games>360: four Halo games>Bone: One Halo gameLess productive and less talented

>>520848605Xfags never learned they pulled this strategy word by word in crackdown 3

>>520849135This is a live service broken at launch is the least to be expected delaying it wont matter

>playing halo by devs that don't understand the basic fucking subplot that humans are forerunners

>>520848605>Infinite is no longer a Series X launch titleMaybe you shouldn't have bitch about the graphics so much, huh?

>>520854519Only took half a decade to repackage previously made games with minor graphical improvements. This is considered a success?

>>520855125343 couldn’t make a linear Halo campaign if they tried, and they have, repeatedly.If 343 can’t make a good Halo story, despite trying and failing again and again, why do you think that the first 343 open word Halo story will be good?

>>520860759Did that ever come out?

>>520862402Maybe the graphics shouldn’t have looked like 360-era garbage. The most powerful console EVAR!!! And it looks like Halo 3 with additional explosion effects.

>>520854091>>Hire someone woefully underprepared for the job>all the ex-bungie staff who still wanted to work on halo>underpreparedThey were the most prepared devs in the world

>>520855043>Fucking LEGO brutes>Mr. Brute-face>Shadows failing to load repeatedly in a demo>Massive pop-in when viewing the landscape over a distance>Lighting effects scuffed>Brute Phantoms clearly on rails and shuddering back and forth unnaturally>But BUTTERY SMOOTH 120 FPS, a frame rate already common on PCImagine coping this hard


>>520848605>Is 343 the most incompetent developer of all time?*laughs at you in Sonic Team*

>>520863379yep, it was really lame and everyone forgot about it

>>520863762Really? It was so hyped up. It must've been incredibly shit.

>>520863645120fps multiplayer****Which hasn't been shown yet***

>>520863645the moment I saw the untextured AR, 343 grunts and those flat orange line bullet trails I knew I was in for a show

>>520853278I guarantee that if there was a trailer of Chief getting intimate with a female Elite, Holla Forums would be all over this shit.Companies need to start realizing that coom sells more than anything else.

>>520853512>>520854091So you're admitting 343 industries is a Welfare program for upper class whores, financed by gamers?

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>>520863898the oppression of gamers continues...

>>520863437Then maybe you should be happy it got delayed to make it look like a Series X title.

this delay has given me back the last bit of hope I thought I lostplease just give me a fun game, 343

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>>520863942If they can’t make a game look decent with the most powerful console ever, half a billion dollars, and more than half a decade of time, why would I believe that an extra year would change a damn thing?

>>520864014Why would this ever give you hope? Wake the fuck up dude.

>>520863753Actually good point, 343 can’t even win the “Most Incompentent Dev’s” award

>>520864014>hopeIt's like you want to keep getting hurt.

>>520864014Halo died when Bungie left, Reach was all that was left. You have to learn to move on, and leave behind this wreck of a franchise.

>>520864091>>520864176>t. cynicbeing le 'all new games bad' pessimist doesn't make you coolI actually play games still unlike most of you spastics

>>520863942It's made by 343, it could be made in 6 years or 1, it'll end up being a piece of shit no matter what.

>>520864241You're a moron. Enjoy your shit game.

>>520864287>no u stupitI will play the game on launch for 1 (ONE) dollarenjoy your 2000 hours of koikatsu party

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>>520863154To be fair, they combined multiple NetCode bases from across a decade into one uniform system. That's pretty impressive.

>>520864241Halo 4 was disappointingHalo 5 was shitFor a 500 million dollars game, for a 5+ year dev cycle, for a launch title for the strongest console ever Halo Infinite looks terribleThere’s pessimism, and the there’s realism. The reality of the situation is that 343 has a past history of dropping the ball, and the current Halo looks like a continuation of that pattern. Cynics might be annoying, but we’re either pleasantly surprised or completely correct. I’d be willing to bet the Halo Infinite Sooners are correct.

>>520849135It was never releasing broken or incomplete and no amount of polish will magically fix all this shit. So many people always spew this whenever a game gets delayed, yet have 0 clue about any of the reasons behind it.

>>520864241Eat shit, Doom Eternal and DMC5 were great games. A polished turd is still a turd, and that's exactly what Infinite is going to be.


>>520864241Just give up, it will save you from the pain.

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>>520864594Good for you, I guess.

>>520853362Yes, that’s all well and good, but...He monke

>>520864421Not when it took them half a decade after release to actually finish their job. Not when they sold it for years, with major glitches and bugs preventing core features from working properly.I just want a developer capable of releasing a product from 2004 without major bugs fucking up the final product. This really ain’t a high bar to meet.

>>520864061>>520864275Snoyfag cope in the thread.

>>520864594>I'm going to play a game that's going to be free with gamepassNo one cares dumbass, just quit pretending that it'll be good.


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>>520864207Reach is the worst Halo game in the series, eat a dick.

>>520864594I have hope for Cyberpunk 2077, becaus the developers have a history of producing decent products, and I like what I’ve seen so farThe developers of Halo Infinite are incompetent, and have wildly underperformed twice already with this franchiseI’m seeing nothing that gets me hyped, only Halo combat with major graphical bugs and poor graphical designThis game cost at least 500 mil to make, and you better believe that 343 intends to make that money back via in game purchasesWe still haven’t heard or seen ANYTHING about multiplayerThere are justifiable reasons to be hyped for Cyberpunk, but the only reason to be hyped for Halo is that it’s Halo. But in that case, 343 could shit in a box with MC on the front, and that would be just as good a reason to get hyped.

>>520864679>Still own my 360 to play what games aren't backwards compatible on the bone>Somehow I'm a snoyfag for not eagerly gobbling down shitShit games are shit regardless of what console they come out on.

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>>520864679I’ve only bought Xboxes with my friends since Halo 3 on the 360. Hall Infinite looks terrible. You can like the Xbox while still recognizing that 343 are a group of incompetents.

>>520864838It was leagues better than Halo 4 or 5. Stop being retarded, it’s not a good look fag

>>520865065Not him but Reach only has Exodus, New Alexandria and Lone Wolf with it's multi being a step down from 2 and 3. Everything is bland and boring as fuck, acknowledging that doesn't somehow make 4 or 5 any less trash in comparison.

>>520864241good goyim golem

>>520865253I’m not saying that Reach was perfect, but I really loved the story. I think the level design really needed improvement, but overall I thought that it’s slightly below Halo 2.Saying the Halo died with Reach is a fair point, because after Reach, Halo took a massive nosedive in quality with every subsequent game.

>>520865065Reach was literally defend your position the game in the blandest most boring environments in the series, it was pure shit, I somehow enjoyed 4 and 5 more and that's saying something.

>>520865441Somehow based schizo

>>520864838Obvious bait.

>>520848605>trusted a femaleWhat did they or you expect? Females = cancer.

If MS has tons of money, could they have just do studio development cycle like Call of Duty? Different teams every release?

>>520865631That's not bait, game was defend your position and nothing else even in space, shoved nothing but cock teases up your ass without delivering, levels were poorly made, environments were bland and boring, cool shit only happened in the background, story was crap, game had no plot until the ending of the game, characters were crap and not rememberable, Marty's music wasn't anywhere near as good as his trilogy work, gameplay was ass, worst multiplayer maps in the series, mp somehow worse than Halo 4 before the patch, really hit not feeling like a Halo game at home. After playing Reach, I never touch that game again.

>>520865738They tried that and it was terrible, I don't want yearly releases for Halo.

>>520864594more like infinite delayed ayyy

>>520864594Me too, I'm also buying it for the Xbox Series X.

>>520864535Why do Doomfags love bringing up nuDoom in Halo threads all the time?

>>520866629>buying SeXboxI'm the guy who you replied to and even I think that's retarded.

>>520866761>playing Halo on anything other than an XboxToday I will remind them.

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>>520866827>Halo Infinite>designed to ship on PC and consoles at launch>pay 1 dollar to play on the PC I already own>OR>pay 501 dollars to play on the SeXbox I'll never touch again

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>>520848605>Is 343 the most incompetent developer of all time?

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>>520867104They aren't really incompetent I would say. Just lazy and greedy and they know they can shit out some shitty game and still sell millions upon millions.

>>520867104they are competent at what they do; scamming manchildren

>>520866976>he thinks the PC version won't look worse, play worse, have missing features (ray tracing), have forced auto-aim, and won't have bugs exclusive to the PC version>he thinks 343 are working on the PC version and not only the Xbox version while one of the Halo 5 Forge outsource studio works on the Infinite PC versionEnjoy your shit version while I play the one made for Xbox Series X.

>>520867259whatever you gotta tell yourself to cope

>>520848605You act like Sonic Team doesn't exist.

>>520867259kekshould start a Holla Forums gameshow where you pull up posts like this and have to decide if it's cope or bait

>>520867330Cope>Halo 1 better on Xbox>Halo 2 better on Xbox>Halo 3 better on 360>Halo 4 better on 360>Halo 5 better on Xbone>Halo Infinite will be better on SeXOnly one coping here is you.

>>520867387You tell me, this is literally eating shit. Don't know how you PCfags accept shit like this.

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>>520868894looks like right on my PC, does it really look like left on your xboner?

>I get Halo games on PC

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>>520868894What the fuck does the Gearbox port has to do with Halo Infinite Xbot?

>>520868967for me it's project cartographer the definitive version of halo 2

>>520868958Now this is shitposting, no it does not look like right your PC, it looks closer to left but Jackal shields are more fucked unless you're playing the MCC version which kind of fixed it, a little.

>>520869003He doesn't have a gaymen PC and refuses to accept his favorite console game is going to be better on a different platform.Like watching your gf get blacked.

>>520869067imagine thinking vanilla ce and mcc are the only ways to play halo ce on pc

>>520869003Every single PC release for Halo has been shit and guess who's making the Infinite version for PC, not 343, the same devs that put Halo 5 Forge on PC so, yeah, PC Infinite is very fucked like the rest. For your sake, you better hope they add mod support.

>>520868894Fixed with mods, NEXT

>>520869208>guess who's making the Infinite version for PC, not 343good

>>520869193The Gearbox version is still fucked.>>520869153>KB&M loses every time against a controller on PC>betterSure it is.

>>520869218>modsWhy is it not fixed by the DEVS?>>520869286That's bad actually, Halo 5 on PC was dogshit.

>>520869287>aimbot wins everytime against keyboarddamn

>>520869287>aim assist has tricked him into thinking he's good at halogood thing infinite will finally separate matchmaking so you filthy controller plebs can fuck off

>>520869409>>520869382It's the number one reason to not get Halo on PC, you guys are just cucks.

>>520869376>Why is it not fixed by the DEVS?becuase 343 is incompetent>That's bad actually, Halo 5 on PC was dogshit.Halo 4, MCC and Halo 5 on Xbox were dogshit

>>520859709Based af Dandonfuga

>>520869530no, refusing to git gud with m+kb because aim assist has coddled you is not a reasonjust learn to shoot, retard

>>520869534No, it's because no one actually gives a fuck about PC and they know you guys are bottom feeders who wouldn't complain anyway so they make sure to give low effort to you fags while us Xbox guys don't find this shit acceptable.

>>520869647Cope, cuck

>>520869752stay out of my lobbies, faggot

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>>520869676>it's because no one actually gives a fuck about PCKek, says the Xbot

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>>520869814Don't plan to waste my time in your lobby on my SeXbox.

>>520869858neitherchads, wwa?

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>>520849135An extra year of damage control isn't saving this piece of shit.

>>520849135Do you honestly believe that the game will run fine when it finally does get released after being delayed? Literally everything they release is broken in some way.

>>520869858>being a SnoyfagPathetic

>>520853582Why didn't upper management fire them when they realised they were useless?

MCC is great =)

>>520849135I know, can't wait to get it on the Xbox Series X with Halo 5 as well.

>>520870451I'm not a consolefag

>>520866097creating a laundry list of items and just attaching "bad" or "crap" to them isnt a convincing argument

>>520870554I'm not a PCfag

>>520849135>what is scalebound>what is crackdown 3

>>520848605for me MS are lucky they had a good show with other games i'm interested in like fable and avowed. before the show my biggest hype for like the whole year previous was for halo. so i'll still get xbox but it's in anticipation for those other games now, not halo.


343 has to be the most incompetent AAA developers everIdk why they have so many shills here

>>520870660no one is a PCfag because they're called PCchads

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