>the most content filled and longest Final Fantasy of all time>it's all shitIs Final Fantasy XV the monkey paw of JRPGs?

>the most content filled and longest Final Fantasy of all time>it's all shitIs Final Fantasy XV the monkey paw of JRPGs?

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>>520848178no because i never wished for it to come out

>>520848178It wasn't long

>>520848178Perhaps. Its like wishing for a darker more mature FF that was supposed to be Versus but getting this dismembered frankenstein monster of its remains.

>>520848925Right well you can blame China for that. Something about the religious themes in what would be Versus barred it from sale in China so Square went back to the drawing board and Nomura was probably like nah fuck that let this Tabata stitch something together out of what's left.

>>520848909yeah, main story is like 40.My Platinum file is like 80 hours.Never touched the DLC but Comrades is long by virtue of being a Monster Hunter clone and still having the Hold O gameplay

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>>520849179Tabata had 3 years. It's not Nomura's fault half your playtime is loading the game and the combat system blows ass.

Genuinely the worst game I’ve ever played.

Noctis makes Rex look like an alpha male JRPG protag. That's how shit FFXV is

>>520851637Play more games

>>520848178You can definitely make the argument that it has the most content of any single player FF game.But does it really matter when all of said content is terrible?

>>520848909It takes nearly 200 hours to do all the main game and DLC.

>>520851814I don’t bother with shovelware. Name a non-shovelware game worse than this. FFXV is fundamentally broken at its very core.

>>520851878that's supposed to be long for a jrpg these days? wow

>>520851946I'd rather play it than a large number of recent AAA releases. But that's not saying much.

>>520848178>the most content filled and longest Final Fantasy of all time>it's all shitBoth of these apply to FFXII more than XV>>520851637This too>>520851662This applies to Vaan more than Noctis. Only Ivalice niggers would disagree Vaan is the gayest.

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>>520848178I thought the game was really fun the world was beautiful and the dungeons were nice it also had really cool monster designs but here are my problemsFuck the storyFuck the combat letting you spam recovery items especially when you get givin so much of themAnd fuck the fact i cant travel between the three kingdoms without going through the campaign

My problem with FF XV is>Hold O and press Square to win>Beautiful but boring open world, not explorable at all>NPC and fetch quests are forgettable>Story is a mess, you need to watch an anime and movie to understand itOtherwise, it's kinda ok, great graphics and OSTIf the game had a good combat system, it would be a 6.5/10 instead of a 4.5/10

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>>520851637It's not even the worst game in its own series though

>>520851878I never did the DLC, but I got the platinum trophy in around 120 hours. I even did the Menace Beneath Lucis dungeons and got everyone up to level 99, so I think it's safe to say that I got just about 100% on the base game. And it's not like I was rushing, I spent plenty of time just running around collecting shit off the ground, going on drives, level grinding, etc. I'm sure tons of people did it faster than me, and I seriously doubt the DLC could push an extra 80 hours onto that playtime.

>>520852487>Story is a mess, you need to watch an anime and movie to understand itNo you don't. The story in XV is so fucking straightforward that the extra material is way more ancillary than mandatory, and it's not even that interesting. Kingslaive in particular doesn't tell you anything important that the game doesn't already tell you.

>>520852087>hating on XIILook, man, I thought XV was a pretty decent game and I even defended some of its decisions, but don't you dare talk shit about Ivalice.

>>520851878Spent longer on Xenoblade X

>>520851878FF12 takes that and then some with Zodiac, and it's not a DLC-ridden garbage fire.

>>520853063Comrades alone takes at least 40 hours of tedious drudgery.

>>520848178The MMOs are absolutely longer story-wise. Well, I'm not sure about XI because I never played it. But XIV is longer by far.

>>520848178Man some of these huge ass cities are stunning, such a shame they ended up in a game that has a lot of problems

>>520848178Go back to your containment board >>vrpg

>>520853901No it doesn't. Especially with the 3x speed. You can 100% FFXII ZA in 80 hours tops.

>>520853096Kingsglaive does tell you why Luna has the Ring MacGuffin and how the king died so that's slightly important. Other than that it was a complete waste of time and money.

>FF XV Get bored of ebin ‘do it your way’ open world after 5 hours and refund>FF VIIRCompletely engaged with this ‘hallway simulator’ for he full 50 hoursWhat did They mean by this?

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>>520854862"muh corridors" is a meme perpetrated by open world niggers

>>520848178If XV wasn't stuck in development hell and instead took like 3 years to make everyone would think the game was fine. XV is good if you ignore all the outside stuff and just focus on the game.


>>520854320>>520855989>dude let's just make a board for every video game genre and delete Holla ForumsFor what purpose?

>>520848178>longest final fantasyits about as long as a XIV arc.

>>520854579Well, the game already tells you Regis dies as a result of the invasion. The question of "how" he dies isn't really all that important to the main story, but I guess Kingsglaive is there to answer those questions if you're curious.

>>520854862>Completely engaged with this ‘hallway simulator’ for he full 50 hoursYou were "completely engaged" with the boring fetchquests in VIIR? The fact that it was all done in linear corridors makes it worse.

>>520854935"muh open world is bad" is a meme perpetuated by linearfags.

>>520858101After playing FFXV?>accept quest>port to car>loading screen>get in car and select fast travel to quest area>loading screenor>no fast travel available, wait 5 minutes while the car drives itself to quest area>hold o or triangle until mobs die>port back to car>loading screen>get in car and select fast travel back to quest giver>loading screen>run through city, turn in quest, port back to car>loading screenYes, FFVIIR fetch quests were a godsend compared to this trash.

>>520848178I played this close to release and I understand that they added a lot to the game since, which is part of my problem. I had no clue what the hell was going on with the story and characters and became disengaged nearly immediately. Noctis looks cool, but I really disliked him the further on the game went. Same with the other 3 in the party.I just can't find myself reinstalling it to see more content. After I was done I just sort of said to myself, "Oh was that all this game had for me?" Finding the royal weapons for Noctis was probably the most fun in the game, but it was just dull by the end of that too. No more Final Fantasy for me.

I didn't care for driving around for pointless side quests and dropped the game

>>520854862The "open world" in FFXV is a big tan desert texture that stretches on and on and is completely fucking empty.

>>520852487I played it when it released on PC, had a blast because "muh graphics" and i was high as fuck all the time, camping and driving around was fun and some quests were great, really enjoyed the drug filled playthrough.Earlier this year i tried to play it while sober, dropped it after a hour because it felt just so fucking soulless for some reason.

>>520859965>Yes, FFVIIR fetch quests were a godsendNo. XV had actual hunts and sometimes entire dungeons for side content. That's way better than "go find these stupid fucking cats" or "fix this rat infestation".

>longest Final Fantasy of all timeblocks your path

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>>520862721None of which are fun because the combat is brainless dogshit. Wow a 100 floor copy lasted dungeon you hold triangle for 2 hours to clear...

>>520865365You can't navigate, dodge, attack, optimize your party's movements and cast spells all with a single button, but even if in some alternate universe you were right, then yes, that's still more fun than any of VIIR's dogshit quests.

>>520848178>most content filled and longestpadding is not a positive in JRPGs. I guess it is for the JRPG intended audience but we already know they'll readily swallow shit.

>>520853735XII is still the worst FF. Enjoy your offline mmorpg

>>5208548627R only beats 15 in the combat department. Its dungeons are even worse than 15's and there's almost nothing to do outside of mindlessly walking through corridors and talking to NPCs about locating their missing dog's turds.

>>520857495no one cares about your shit theme park mmo

>>520864673full with meaningless shit, bad dialogues, bad story, bad voice acting, bad animations and the worst lighting system of all video games.

>>520866473>offline mmorpgXII is nothing like an MMO and anyone who perpetuates this shitty meme only proves they never actually played it.

>>520866585filtered by ARR

>>520866648XII was the biggest disappointment of 2006. It is a shit game.

>>520866745You were still in my ballsack in 2006, kid.

>>520866731nope. filtered by shadowbringers. after i reached the city with the fat dude i had to quit the game. boring as fuck. 1.23 and 2.X was the best time.

>>520866126You don't have to do any of that shit unless you're playing the game wrong.

>>520867116You literally can't beat the game without doing three of those things, retard.

>>520848178>>the most content filled and longest Final Fantasy of all timeThat's 12.

>>520860872Don't worry, the additional content barely did anything to fix it. The story is still a hugely disjointed mess and the characters are still mostly unlikeable. t. only played it after Royal came out

>>520854353The speed settings were only added in ZA, they weren't in IZJS. You're not running FF15 at 3x speed either, so why make such a comparison?

>>520869942>12>contentthe only "content" that trash game has are just some additional mob hunts.

>>520866578are you agitated?

>>520870753So the same as 15 then? Except 12 has about 30x more maps to do them in.

>>520870871>So the same as 15 then?Didn't even bother playing that unfinished turd.