You did bang Liara, RIGHT????

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I wouldn't have had to if ashley didn't irritate me so much. Stop calling me skipper you whore

>>520848050>whoreAshley is a good christian girl who doesn't put out unless you're in a committed relationship.

>>520847832>best girl not there Jack for life

>>520847832Unfortunately she was the only viable choice.Miranda is manjaw incarnate, Tali is a lootbox

>>520847832Tali is best girl. But in multiple plays I got them all.

>>520847832Yeah but luckily in the sequel you can drop her for the superior nerd girlfriend.

childhood is making Liara your waifuadulthood is realizing that pretty much any other option is preferable

>>520847832no. i'm still upset we couldn't recruit Shiala

>>520850745Wanted that green so bad...

>>520847832>not fucking the space muslim with immunodeficiencyshiggy diggy

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>>520847832>big titty>bisexual>genius>powerful information and power broker>loves you unconditionally>will look the same when you die of old ageWas there a reason I wouldn't?

>>520847832I'm always going to pick between Tali and Liara.because REEEE no Samara mommy

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>>520847832I tried to bang Nyreen but she blew herself up.

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>Not banging Kaidan

>>520852889You always got Vetra too bad she's stuck in the meme'd game thats never gonna get a sequel

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>>520853604Sorry buying this wreck of a game aint worth it.

>>520853646fair enough, i only had one playthrough of it and haven't touched it since.

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>>520852889>>520853604>tfw no turian gf

Anyone know if it’s possible to port textures from 3 to 2? I want to port over one of Tali’s alternate armors and make it her loyalty armor.

>>520854241Ah bro... dont remind me

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>>520854604Today I will remind them

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>>520847832can't say no to that BIG BLUE COCK

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>>520854241I am cursing video games for ruining women for me. How can I ever be happy without an Alien gf? Esp. a without a Turian one? Fuck this gay earth srsly,

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>>520854324Gibbed save editor should do the trick Either that or textmod

>>520854716Imagine getting hugged and smooched by her. The pain is real.

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>>520853646>buyingPirating it ain't worth it. Its an absolute trainwreck.

>>520854976>How can I ever be happy without an Alien gf?you cant

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>>520854716god damn it...

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>>520849678>good christianOxymoron

>>520855281Yeah true.

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Didnt play that trashfire, isn't Vetra basically female Garrus


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>>520853604The first time I had to laugh at a Steam review was when the Commander Shepherd account, who only recommends with „This is my favorite game“ did not recommend MEA with „not even I can recommend this.“Fuck paying for Bioware‘s C team turd, even at a major discount.

>>520855653I don't want to waste my time let alone waste my seed on filthy roastie's. Fuck, ehy is God punishing me like this?

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>>520847832I banged everybody BUT Liara. That whore was throwing herself at me the entire trilogy and would never take no for an answer. She just kept trying and trying no matter how many other girls I fucked right under her nose. It got me hard thinking about her thinking about me and my other bitches and how she could never get any because she wasnt good enough.

>>520856092clearly you did something and ruined it for everyone

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>>520847832Only human women for me. It was bs that Kasumi couldnt be thoroughly examined with my omni tool.

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What do Turian women smell like?

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>>520856442>not betraying your species lol what are you an astartes?

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>>520856252B A S E D

>>520856336Based. Glad to see Mateschitz works together with Aliens to produce Galaxy Redbull. Fucking austrians baka.

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>>520855715You dropped this, friendo.

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>>520856531depends what fragrance of perfume you would by her

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>>520855740Yeah i guess so. its been a while since i played it but from what i remember she was also the least annoying to deal with for a straight dudep.b. = habitual liarhuman woman = loves asari WAY too much nice ass though vetra = muh sister dun goof'dsome of her scenes were cute too outside of that one 1000 yard stare that also got meme'd

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>>520856810I wouldnt want that some chemical shit overshadows her most likely perfect scent

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>>520847832>can fuck hot alien chicks>chooses a human mutt whore yikes

>>520856252If you‘ve ever played ME1 you‘d know why she throws herself at you. And it isn‘t a romantic thing either until YOU bring it up. In ME2 it‘s platonic af, unless you play LotSB and romanced her in 1. You can‘t start in 2.Then 3 comes along where EA decided new players should be able to get in on the action too, which is why you can start romancing her (and almost everyone else) in that for some fucking reason. Oh there‘s the gays now and all the females have gotten implants.Honestly. Liara, Ashley and Kaidan romances should have only been able to be initiated in 1 (the former two especially), since Liara was young an naive, Ashley was a good Christian girl and Kaidan wanted to bang his boss. In 2, Jack, Miranda, Samara/Morinth, Jacob and Garrus should have been the ones if you didn‘t carry a romance over and in 3 you should have a love interest already or be stuck with one-offs like Battletits or nobody.

>>520856442I always got a weakspot for the "weirder" looking aliens. Thos colour swapped Human "aliens" cant fuck right off.

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>>520857183I literally don't remember why Liara was interested in Shepherd. I haven't played either 1 or 2 in over a decade.

>>520857339Anon please, I know you are based but stop sending those pics. They are like daggers piercing throw my heart.

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>>520857446Short version: She‘s an autistic Prothean archeologists obsessed with finding the truth about their disappearance. Then you come along: Handsome human (the ‚new‘ exotic alien race that looks similar to Asari) and you conveniently have a Prothean vision in your brain and know all about what happened.

>>520857492>but stop sending those picsno

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>>520857492>>520857339It‘s sad how these pics are better than anything you get in the game. Go fuck yourselves with the fade to black.

ashleythen mirandathen liara

>>520857738I mean I know all of them. But it still hurts. Fuck you based user. I hope you suffer too.

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>>520857776Ashley would be top-tier if she wasn‘t almost completely ruined in me3

>>520857738>you will never feel those nails scratching your scalpAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH

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>>520857886claws, anonsharp, sexy claws

>>520857772>>520857772Just watch SFM's. Though I do agree they should have put in more intimate-touchy feely stuff in the game that wasn't just banging.

>>520857772Don't start me with this shit. Bioware were always fucktards. I rather spend time knowing my waifu better and have some perosonal mission with her than fighting those shit reapers. The story was gay after ME1 anyway,

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>>520857772am i the only one mad that bioware couldnt be assed to do a sex scene for her when sfm modders can do it, better, for free

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>>520853437Patrician's choice

>>520858021Wait, do you mean a genuine sex scene or why they just didn't add a fade to black scene?

>>520858178im talking me1 style sexytime scene

>>520858021Based Department? user won't stop posting.

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>>520857979>>520858021Didn’t even have to be full blown sex-scenes, although the contrast between the retarded Asari‘s scene and Vetra‘s was strange to see.>>520857990This bothered me to no end in 3. You could have had individual scenes/mission with your love interest but no, we have to pander to new players in the last part of a trilogy. Let‘s add some fetch-quests and boring side missions so your galactic army score has more numbers to add to it. They actually did it correctly in the Citadel DLC but that was far too little, far too late.

>>520858445>Shit, picked the mean option. Guess I‘ll let the shuttle pilot fuck me now.

>>520847832>>520850248>>520850298>>520850414>>520850559>>520850959>>520851934>>520851943>>520856252>>520857139>fraternizing with your subordinatesits basically rape. you faggots don't know how to roleplay a disciplined commanding officer

>>520858949Shut your whoremouth eunuch.

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>>520847832ill just rub my dick on a basketball

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>>520858949Tali and Liara are never part of the Alliance military though. Isn‘t that part of the reason why Admiral Mikahilolovichovski was pissed with you?

>>520859167No, straight up because aliens on board

>>520859071Okay that is one I didn't knoe. GJ user.

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"Due to the symbiotic relationship that quarians had with the flora of Rannoch and the fact that they carried the seeds of the world's plants in their bodies, the species evolved to have a higher concentration of erogenous zones in the termination point of their digestive system than in their reproductive system to incentivize the consumption and consequent excretion of various seeds." -What did Bioware mean by this?

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>>520859130Yeah but that webm by rigid3d makes the pp hard

>>520850298I laugh anytime someone brings up her jawline, imagine unironically being bothered by this. God damn what a fucking loser.

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>>520859685Anon do you have an enitre order of Turian waifus on your PC?

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>>520858949>why yes I do have mutual, respectful, platonic relationships with my female crew mates and we share an understanding that under existing hierarchies any potential relationship would be have a one sided power imbalance that would prevent the subordinate party from feeling absolutely safe and secure as an individual with a career and coworkers who would may develop reasonable worries that favoritism could prevent the most qualified personnel for a job from either a rightfully earned promotion or assignment on a hazardous task who's risks would have been better mitigated by a qualified engineer that I'm emotionally attached to as I would be both her supervisor and sexual partner, so for the good of our crew and the concept of meritocracy as a broader concept we reject our primal desires to bring about a more just and efficacious crew, how could you telllllllllllll???????

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>>520859783Tali likes anal


>>520859237they're still on your ship as crew members who report and take orders from you.

>>520860076no but i know where to get the sauce

>>520858949>Basically rapeThat's the best part.

>>520847832Yes. She was qt as fuck.Miranda was a bitch and Tali was a space muslim.

>>520860403You can just not romance anyone. If you‘re playing a female that‘s arguably the best choice as you‘ll have Garrus in 2

>>520859879>God damn what a fucking loser.What a relevant observation to make in a 4chan thread dedicated to speculation about banging fictional videogame women.

>>520858949But Kaidan really wanted it lel

>>520860635yes you're tight, thats lthe point of my moralposting. Most players would obviously engage with the waifu they want to fuck, its a fun point of debate and contention. The option to forgo romance is available, but isn't advocated for or defended as the correct choice, cause it sucks and boring and isn't cool at all. In a real life analogous setting, such a relationship would actually cause considerable harm to the unit and would be seen by peers and highers ups as unprofessional and problematic. Good thing this is a dumb game

>>520860501Good, mind to share? Cause my dedicated alien order need some reinforcments

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>>520861335you must journey to the darkness of /aco/'s xeno bread

I'll never stop being mad that they gave Tali a boring human face. Bioware is nothing but a bunch of Normalfags.

>>520861191I enjoyed the one full female Shep playthrough I did a lot. Blowing off Kaidan for exactly your reasoning. Keeping it professional with the teenage doctor and just enjoying the game was enough. Sometimes you don‘t need romance in a RPG.You‘re certainly right for a human military but I liked how it‘s explained that other races have far different views on fraternization between the ranks. Too bad Andromeda utterly destroyed the interesting interplay between the genders of the other races. Oh well

>>520861569Yeah, even this is attempting to be a bit too human in its idle shape. The lore goes out of its way to describe the species as something that is very different from the others.

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>>520861474Well thats were I got most of my Yautja/Xeno/ Sangheili pics but I rarely found any turian ones.

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>>520861569wasn‘t that adapted straight from some random stockphoto? Man I‘ve forgotten a lot of the dirty shit they pulled in me3

>>520861770Nice, Bioware took this from us

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>>520861785You shall not find gold on the surface, child. You must dig

ME1:LiaraME2: Tali and Liara on seperate playthroughs because as Much as I love Tali, Something about Liara and the first love and all that sappy shitME3: Same as in 2

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>>520861770how does it suck my dick?

>>520847832If I ever replay the trilogy I want to kill Liara as soon as possible.... She CAN die, right?

>>520861963And dig I shall

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>>520862330From what I hear... very, very well.

>>520862330through an emergency induction portsize of which may vary


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>>520865964Go getter Chief.

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ME2 was such garbage. It traded clunky gameplay for covershit shooter gameplay, added some decent characters that are overshadowed by other shittier characters and then mixed it with a plot that's pants-on-head retarded and could've been solved 15 minutes into the game. It's so bad it ensured ME3 would be a shitshow by having to cram 2 games worth of story into 1.

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>>520866725seethe some more, faggot


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>>520866725Yeah like Mass Effect 3 was."Hey Shapurd the world is burning here have a neat party while billions die,""Hey Shapurd go fix Omega and hel Aria in oder to save the galaxy. For some reason Omega is now important,""Hey Shapurd Cerberus could technically make a Shepard clone army but they don't."

>>520867215Do you think he is tormented by the lies he told or is he still laughing?


>>520866725And here I thought Biodrones were extinct.>>520867315ME3 is shit as well, I'm just saying some of the problems people had in 3 were directly caused by 2 being so shit.

>>520847832I only played 2 and beat it but never got a sex option.what did I do wrong?

>>520867515Never said otherwise. Just a reminder that mass effect 3 sucked dick as well. Mass Effect 1 was the best in all aspects.

>>520868201Loyalty missions and then regulary talk to them afterwards. Done. I mean I didn't bang any of them. Those hoes were all trash except samara and Legion who YOU CANT ROMANCE:

>>520853604The only good triangle is a dead turian

>>520868534I give you a new Triangle.

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>>520847832>Not pumping a dumping genetically perfected pussyLmaoing @ you gaylords rn

>>520858949>women aren't on equal mental footing as menWhy are you so sexist, it's 2020

I liked MEAIt does have major flaws but imo its way too overhated

>>520867515>>520868269Mass Effect 2 had some good things in it but the precious few plot points that needed to be picked up in 3 to make the overarching story work were completely ignored. The story should have branched out radically after 2. I‘m talking something like if you didn‘t destroy the base it‘d be your new hub world in 3. Your brief talk with the Council should have major consequences. But it was the same cookie cutter shit 2 did with the major decision imported from 1, only worse.The big end choice in Me1? Saving the Council? That‘s a few lines in Me2. The Collector Base and suicide mission? The base decision only amounts to what part of the Reaper you find in Cerberus HQ. People that died in 2 are replaced by copies that are the same as the characters they replace, just worse.So much potential. So much garbage.

>>520870669I think it gets the hate it deserves. Gameplay is actually good, as most people will tell you. But the story was trash. The story of a roleplaying game. Worse than Mass Effect 3. That‘s your selling point. Not animations or gunplay or abilities. That‘s why the game is shit

>>520870770I agree 100%. Imagine building up your world with passion and background only to ignore it or undoe in the future. Money, Time, ideas and potential WASTED

>>520859783that Tali orgasms when she takes a big steamy shit