Which did you choose, Holla Forums?

Which did you choose, Holla Forums?

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Kanji, no question.

How dare you imply I play weeb shit.I thought we were friends. This isn't just banter or poking fun, this is a serious insult you have levied against me.Fuck yourself, cunt. I'm keeping your copy of Spiderman for the PS1.

They all have pathetic bodies


Kanji, no question.

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>>520847452The p4 gang was too unrelatable, look at this group of chads and stacies. The p5 gang of misfits made for a much better story.

post Yukiko

>>520847574What part of Yosuke screams "chad" to you?

my bird bride

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my wife Naoto

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>>520847452I really fucking hated Yosuke. He was a dick to Kanji the whole game for no reason

>>520847202Kanji, no question.

>>520847669He rides a motorcycle

>>520847202Larry of course

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>never got to see Naoto in a swimsuitits not fair brehs

>>520847574>a guy into girly things trying to uphold his male pride>a heir to the regional walmart manager position who's probably a self hating homosexual>a dysphoric social shutout detective>Chads and Stacies

kanji romance mod when?


>>520847202I can't wait to see Chie.

>>520848169They can eat lunch together in the middle of the fucking classroom. The p5 protags had to hide on the roof because the entire school thought they were either literal criminals, sluts and/or good-for-nothing delinquents

>>520848360and the school was right

>>520847202For me, it's Yukiko

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>>520848360I mean, they were criminals

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>>520847202Why is Rise so thirsty?


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i chose not to play the game

>>520847836Yosuke is a closet homo, it’s tsundere or some shit

>>520848360They hide on the roof because they literally fucking ARE criminals, and are discussing actual crimes.

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>>520847574>P5>misfits>gorgeous gaijin model>star athlete>genius class president>rich heiress

>>520848707>young teenage girls are thirsty by default>idols aren't even allowed to think about thinking about involving themselves with men >suddenly unburdened by work related obligations

>>520847378>PS1 Spider-ManWhere's my Burnout 3 Takedown, you son of a bitch.

>>520848360So its unrelatable to eat lunch at school like normal highschoolers, and its more relatable having to hide to eat lunch? This is telling me alot about your childhood


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Rise is toppest P4 girlCan't believe they made Chie so shit, how do you fuck up a simple concept like "athletic spunky tomboy"? I'll tell you how, by making her a retard that won't stop talking about steaks

>>520847452Yosuke is such a faggot. Holy shit.

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>>520849104>gaijin>former athlete who was abandoned by his teammates>autistic bitch with no friends>5head with no friendsMisfits.

>>520847813>I HAVE DEDUCED YOUR INTENTIONS>YOU WERE PLANNED TO BE EVIL>WITH MY ACE DETECTIVE INTUITIONLiterally worse than Makoto, why does anybody like this bitch.

>>520847669Yosuke is a stacey, dummy.

>>520849553Adding "has no friends" to a personality type that would obviously have friends in real life is not convincing or good characterization. I literally cannot believe that a person like Haru would not have friends. It's not something that's possible unless she actively didn't want friends.

>>520849440The problem was they didn't make her tomboyish at all. She's just a girl with a shitty short haircut Watching kung-fu movies and exercising every once in a while barely toes the line of boyish.

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>>520847836>no reasonThere's a cut romance option with him. His behavior and personality makes a lot more sense when viewed through the lens of him being a closet homo.

>>520848543>>520849090Where is the law that says you can't steal someone's metaphysical heart

>>520849557because she's a cute boy

>>520849770I would like to remind you that actual theft, breaking and entering, trespassing, and threats are crimes that they do commit.

>>520849557because you need to do her social link for most of her character development.Also, moe gap

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>>520847202Kanji, so I can play off my fear of commitment as a joke. Just like real life, haha.....

>>520847836the camping scene made me mad

>>520849830Chie is superior in that regard though.

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>>520847202>no all of them option

I chose Rise in my heart

>>520849440>Rise is toppest P4 girlMy man.

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>>520847202I keep forgetting I bought this.

>>520849668This. Also the way Persona 5 portays Ryuji its like he is going to die alone. Like HES the worthless piece of shit. Fuck that. What kind of friend group is that? I thought this game was supposed to be about bonds or some shit.

>>520850194>big dogyou just know

>>520850194>no kids>wants a dogDamn shame. I mean its almost perfect.

P3 is still the best group dynamic and they're not even really friends. That's probably why the dynamic is so good.

Keep getting burnt out when I go to play, didn't have this issue with 3

>>520850484Goddamnit that actually makes sense. Its easier to stand someone you dont like if you aren't constantly exposed to them.

>>520850605because golden is trash, play vanilla

>>520850194>rise gets oldgross

>>520850484Because everyone wasn't jerking off the protag all day even tho he's actually a major plot device as oppose to Yu

>>520850194>house yeah I had that dream once too


>>520849542That fucking last one

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>>520847378>PS1 SpidermanHaha, I still get to keep my superior Dreamcast version of the game

>>520848487>>520847594>>520847426My negros of refined taste and culture

>>520850194I always knew Rise was best.

rise is fucking hot but I just hate the idol gimmick

>>520847202"Nanako, of course"

>>520847426>>520847594>>520847426>>520851185Running a traditional Japanese inn sounds pretty comfy, and i guess Chie could always come and visit for some threesome fun

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>>520850194>still in Inaba during P5.She's a burnout.

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>>520847202This cringe shit makes me not want to play this game.

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P3 re remake

>>520852603He and Yukiko would've made a great couple.

>>520851374>getting drunk with Chie and wife-Yuki in the onsen>start getting frisky with Yuki, resists slightly at first but gives in, Chie noticeably embarrassed but can't look away as you pleasure her best friend>convincing Chie into joining in, eventually take it back to the bedroom where turns into an all night fuckfest I'd fuck my own mum to live that night even once.

>>520852734Yukiko and Chie have definitively kissed

>>520847574the P5 gang were even worse for being Chads

>>520847836There is a reason. He's so deep in the closet he's hanging out with mr tumnus

>>520850771What the fuck does vanilla have, other than different VAs.

>>520852990no marie sue

>>520853101Marie wasn't even that bad.


>>520853223That's true, she has a cute hat

>>520853352Exactly, she was a funny amnesiac pottery writer.

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>>520849375Is this a porno? sauce

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>>520854462No you coomer, it's just from a cosplay photo shoot

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>>520849542Fucking based

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>>520854603Would you kindly give me the link?

>>520847202Always Yukiko

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Is this the remedy for gamer dent?

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>>520854719Sorry those are the only two images I have, the one cosplaying as Naoto is Fong, i don't know who the rest of them are.

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>>520847202 Kanji, no question.


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>>520854901where do i find a tomboy lads?

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>>520848360If they didn't hide on the roof everyone would overhear Ryuji and find out they were phantom thieves, not because they were ostracized

>>520857656if you repress your desires and run into an adachi irl you could get thrown into a hollow world where you're tormented by shadow tomboys till you die. that's my hope anyway

>>520857656try craigslist

>>520847202anyone who didn't choose kanji isn't playing the game right

>No Marie option>no Nanako optionshit game

>>520854859No, that angle literally can't work IRL

>>520847202>You, of course.

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Used to think the girls were pretty cute now idk reckon I'd like to have a go at kanji's pole narm sayin. Think I caught the gay

>>520847836his projecting

>>520851432shes in her early 20s in 5 right? she could just retire at this point.

>>520866135no, she's entering her JAV phase

>>520847202I don't really like any of the girls so I just go with Kanji at any opportunity

>>520852603elliot rodger before he was a thing.

>>520849753>>520847836it's typical for guys to mock each other and make jokes, trannies.

>>520847202Rise, shes my personafu.

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>>520847574>misfits>not a single uggo or fattykek

>>520851432>>520866135>>520866168peaked in middle school anyway, Sapphire was shit.

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>>520867667I wish they'd stop pushing this hag so hard. It's obvious that Kanamin surpassed her years ago.

>>520847202Is it just me, or are these games really hard to get into? SMT I have no problems with, but the social aspects of Persona just fly over my head.I have no idea what do to on most days so I ended up following what everyone else was doing.