My Neetbux came in yesterdayShill me your favourite games so that i may get itAny platformPic for attention

My Neetbux came in yesterdayShill me your favourite games so that i may get itAny platformPic for attention

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since youre a neet just pirate

>>520846782Buy a VPN so you can pirate games, and save/reinvest your remaining neetbux until you no longer need neetbux. When you're self sufficient and have a comfortable amount of disposable income stop pirating and start buying again

>>520846782dragon ball z budokai tenkaichi 3 is a really fun game idk I used to love it as a kid...Bully is also a pretty fun game with a nice atmosphere I guess

I would highly reccomend you play the DS version of The World Ends With You on actual hardware, but you should pirate it because a DS game should not be over 20$ today

>>520846782bio shock 2

>>520846782game is mediocre, tho

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right now foxhole.

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>>520846782Nioh, Ys origin

>>520846949>>520847093>>520847514I should have mentioned that im too retarded to pirateThe only pirated games i have on my pc are games that my mates from highschool distributed around the schoolId probably be able to get TWEWY if i can find the right emulator though>>520847417>dragon ball z I dunno if i should play that without having watched the series>BullyI think i might get that thoughEmulate, physical, or digital on ps4?>>520847595Lol i already have all 3I should really get to playing through the bioshocks though

>>520846782use your money to get into college

>>520848154You should not play TWEWY on an emulator

>>520846782Preorder Demon's SoulsAlso stop being a NEET before we purge the world of basement dwelling incels

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>>520847704What game? Filename only comes up with WoW and i dont like WoW>>520847904>cooperative sandbox massively-multiplayer action-strategyI think ive already been filtered just reading that, never been good at strategy games>>520848063>NiohI should really get back into that, i couldn't get past the first non tutorial level>Ys originInteresting, heard the nameWhat's the gameplay like?

>>520847704Not OP but can i ask you what do you like about this game ? interested in picking it up soon

>>520846782What games do you like?

>>520848294Planning to start uni next year or year afterMy grandma has money in a bank account sorely for my education so i dont needa worry about it til i pull the finger out of my ass and start signing up>>520848539>Preorder Demon's SoulsI actually cant yet, i cant even pre-order the ps5 yet, not that im going to, xbox first, ps5 later when demons souls actually releases also i actually have a job, i just don't get many hours a week and im scared the 'rona is gonna cuck me out of it

>>520848801>>520848775The Citadel on steam. It's more poorly optimized than it seems and the level color pallets are all the same. It's a decent novelty game if you've got the spare cash. And before you ask, yes the guy who made it has drawn some guro before.

>>520848501Oh you mean hack my dsI do have an old dsi lying aroundIs it easy to hack a dsi

>>520848775Its "the citadel" on steam. This user gets off not telling the people the name of it and he and his ilk are massive faggots. Game is cool but not worth its price seeing how its basically doom.

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>>520849317I'm not a hacking expert, but im sure you could just get something like a flashcart and put a ton of games on it

>>520849293>guro nah, but thanks for the warning

>>520849319>basically doom why is that a bad thing? i just watched the trailer the gameplay has some cool twists too it from what i've seen

>>520848895Heres my 3x3 of some of my favoritesI also love the doom games and the like

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>>520849508You can try out the demo. If you're not into the whole "blowing anime girls to bits" schitck that you get from the demo, you'll be fine with the rest of the game. The novel part of the game comes from everything shooting projectiles. No hitscan weapons from either the player or enemies. Actually one of the weapons the player can get has a secondary fire that's a laser beam which is hitscan. It's probably one of the strongest weapons in the game that'll carry you in boss fights.

>>520849682>Metroid PrimeBASED

>>520849682>F-ZERO GXYou're Alright

>>520849593Not at all a bad thing but it isnt worth like 10 bucks or whatever it is. Doom 1 still stands up as a great fps. Its like if someone made a mario clone in 2020 like sure cool but dont charge an arm and a leg for it.

>>520849682Since you like terraria and don't mind non-linear gameplay i can say that dead cells is the best bang for your buck

>>520850094>What are genres I mean if you can bring new concepts to the table of an already established type of gameplay then i think that game must be worth my time regardless if it's a derivative or not. but to each their own i guess.

>>520849981I really needa get back into 2, my TV is unable to play it but my grandmas is but ive hardly gone around there since corona started>>520850058I only played it last year and its genuinely the most fun in a racing game ive had since Burnout ParadiseF-Zero X was great too, got that a momth prior to GX

>>520850190I should give that a go one dayWhat platform though?

>>520850617Steam it's the one version that gets updated frequently.

factorio is currently the greatest game in existence

>>520849293>boring samey environments>minimal level designyea nah

>>520846782idk bout u but im finna get fall guys and dirt rally 2 with my next neetbux

>>520851042Being fair, the level designs can be pretty decent. The worst levels are the open air ones since you'll get peppered by a machinegunner from across the map that you couldn't see. The levels can be pretty boring to look at, though.

>>520846782All of my Favorite games:>Sega MegadriveRevenge of ShinobiShinobi III aka Super ShinobiGolden Axe IISplatterhouse 2>SNESSuper MetroidKiller InsinctCastlevania IV>Ps1The Unholy WarTeam BuddiesRising ZanLok Soul ReaverPoyPoy2Mortal Kombat Trilogy>Ps2Champions of NorrathChampions Return to ArmsGod of WarGod of War IIDynasty Warriors 5Tekken 4>XboxHalo CEHalo 2Ninja Gaidan Black>GamecubeWWE Day of ReckoningMetroid PrimeTimesplitters 2James Bond NightfirePhantasy Star Online Episode I&II (Also on PC)>Xbox 360Army of TwoHalo 3Halo 3 ODSTMortal Kombat (2011)Halo Wars>PS3Killzone 3Tekken 6ResistanceGod of War III>PCAge of EmpiresAge of Empires IIAge of MythologyEmpire EarthCivilization IIICivilization IVCompany of HeroesStrongholdStronghold CrusaderRome Total WarMedieval II Total WarShogun 2 Total WarTES MorrowindTES OblivionTES Skyrim

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>>520846782furiedf 5desperados 3door kickersdarkwoodunderrail>>520848775I second Ys if you've never played them. oath and origins are great starting points.ARPG, with a focus on the action, and the boss fights are incredible.

>>520846782I want to fuck that jew monster


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>>520846782Destroy all humans it's the one game that really deserves it.

>>520851596Bought this on sale, thought it was kinda neat but explain how you could ever recommend this to the general public

>>520851596How is ravenfield now? I dropped it mid 2019.

>>520846782Dolphin Blue on Atomiswave

>>520851476>Desperados 3 Shadow tactics also works


Id honestly say pirate before you buy but here's a a few titles that came to mine>Exanima (pic related)Dungeon crawler centered around its unique physics based environment/combat system. Every confrontation and fight is unique and potentially fatal due to the fact that rather than yourself and enemies having set moves/attacks, the combat is based around manually positioning then swinging your weapon in a direction controlled by your mouse (think Mount & Blade, but with total freedom to carve and control the direction your attacks rather than having programmed "upward" or "sideways" attacks). Weapons react to each individual piece of armor, characters/objects in the environment have weight and semi-realistic physics, and the dungeon itself is a hand-made, descending labyrinth with tons of secrets and alternate routes>Trackmania 2Top-tier arcade-style fun with loads of maps/challenges, as well as a massive modding/map making community. Overall pretty active online playerbase, you can directly view your place in the local/worldwide leaderboards, which is nice because you can directly compete to be the best player in your respective country/state/province and actually see exactly where you stand. Comes in three variations; Stadium, Canyon (my personal favorite), and Valley>Assetto CorsaMy VR racing sim of choice, sitting at around 50 hours since I got it in March. Endless amount of content when you factor in modded maps/vehicles. The online community tends to leave me in the dust but im slowely seeing my lap time get better and better, and there are a few vehicles I am starting to git gud with. Still, it's top-tier comfiness to just cruise around some massive map with a cool vehicle and just race the clock while listening to music. Im not an expert or even a big racing game guy but it seems really realistic, definitely on the racing sim side of the spectrum. Adjusting tire pressure? I dont know what the fuck that does but I can do it

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>>520851596It's a Battlefield clone with low poly aesthetic. Mainly for SP with 200 bit support, but there's a multiplayer mod with decent playerbase. Some people, including me, loves this kind of style. Also, there's a lot of mods for weapons, player models, and maps, and it's still expanding>>520851726They added campaign map. But still in beta


>>520850808I dunno if i can handle a management sim, but i have heard good things about it>>520851329I got fall guys with ps+Its fuckin weird>>520851352Fairly solid stuffI needa get my hands on the god of war games one day>>520851476>furiIt intrigues me, ill give it a look>underrailIve seen quite a few threads about thar here, whats the gameplay actually like?>YsMight end up getting that i guess, it does look promising>>520851596Looks weird but could be funWill consider it maybe>>520851654I grew up with that on ps2 and currently have the remake, its pretty great>>520851737It looks like anime contra just by a google searchIm interested

>>520846782Buy my books.

>>520846782Escape from TarkovArx FatalisBaba is You

>>520852268>ExanimaOkay I'm very interested now although im getting filtered already also the pic looks like a doom eternal hell knight fighting the chosen undead/ashen one from dark souls >Trackmania 2Ive heard the trackmania games are pretty good, i might check it out>Assetto CorsaHow many players does it support in a single race?And what are its spec requirements?I have a fairly mid range gaming laptop for my pc gamingIt can run games like Titanfall 2 and Dark Souls 3 perfectly but unsure how it will run anything more recent

>>520853257>Baba is you Based

>>520851924both are great games.>>520852683furi is basically a boss rush rush game with short breaks inbetween. the fights are a lot of fun, and the soundtrack is great.underrail is a modern version of a classic CRPG that doesn't lose focus of what made the genre great.Ys is a classic with a few rough edges, but a lot of wonderfully designed fights.

Okay Ys origin is purchasedGot it for $12 from g2a, not too bad

>>520846782Pathfinder: Kingmaker

>>520854194What plat should i get Furi on?

>RimworldA colony management simulator where you're not only manage the colony infrastructure, but also every colonist needs, from foods to mental state. Have steep learning curve but still forgivable for newcomer. Tons of mod support to add your quality of life, and the modding community can go crazy with it, which is good(like Rimjobworld) >KenshiOpen world RPG with limb based combat, set in post apocalyptic world with Japanese aesthetic. To combat effectively, you need to train your fighting skill day by day. You can decapacitated one body parts to disarm your enemies or just messing around with them. Also steep learning curves and reading walkthrough in wiki is recommended. They also has base building, party with 30 member max (so basically you can build an army in this), and crafting. >Spintires/MudrunnerDespite it's controversial issue, it's a kino car sim with advanced environment physic I've ever seen. Mud will mold according to your tires' movement is one of them. If you're a car autist and love off-roading or just want messing around in rural sandbox map, this game is for you. >Car Mechanic Simulator 2018Also another car autist game. But this time, you are garage owner who will accept job from various clients to fix their car. Every parts of car has another detailed part to connect. For example, to build suspension, you have to buy a suspension rod, springs, and upper cap, and then put them is somewhat called suspension maker thing to combine those parts into one full suspension. Things will get complex once you have to build your own engine from scratch. Oh yeah, you can build your own car from junkyard, barn, or auction. Be advise, it has steep learning curves when you have to understand how each part works, so make sure you set your favorite podcast/music on because this game will suck you up for hours and more.

>>520848154They've mastered the art of telling DBZ's story through games. it's literally as good or BETTER than watching the anime.

>>520855736I'd recommend yunica first.>>520855970PC w/ controller.

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>>520856476Noted and noted

>>520856118>RimworldHeard good things about this too, might look into it in future but not yet>KenshiSeen a few of my mates playing this on steam so might check it out>Spintires/MudrunnerIm kinda iffy about full-blown sims desu, i like fucking around in racing games and playing very aggressively which is partly why i love F-Zero so much coz it rewards aggressive play to an extentIll take a look at it though>Car Mechanic Simulator 2018Ill probably pass on this, im not much of a car autistIm pretty much >Woo fast >oo wall >crash>>520856181What platform/s is it on?

>>520846782Outer Wilds, if you haven't already

>>520848154you can't be too retarded to pirate. if you have enough brains to be able to type on your keyboard and post here you should be able to click download on a rom site. just have an adblocker extension enabled

>>520846782To be honest, that thing disturbed me more than most things in Berserk. What the fuck is it even? What does it do? How the fuck would you ever react if you saw one? Jesus...

>>520849682wind waker just had an amazing feel to it.

>>520858193You underestimate my retardation anonI tried to download some ps1 roms to hack my PS1 classic and fucked my old laptop


>>520853470>im getting filtered alreadyIt'll take a couple suicide runs to get a solid grasp of the combat but stick with it and you'll catch on. I recommend playing at least a bit of the Arena mode, you'll git gud at combat faster and also have the chance to practice fighting with powerful weapons that are otherwise only found late in the main game>Assetto Corsa>How many players does it support in a single race?I think 32 is the default maximum but ive heard of custom servers with 50+ players at a single time>what are its spec requirements?Not quite sure but I have a 1660ti and have no problem running the game with nearly every setting on high while in VR, although I start to lose frames if I bring the shadow quality past medium. Id recommend checking out the minimum specs though

>>520847704whatever nerd but can you cum on her ribcage?

>>520849682did you grow up on gamecube or something? me too

>>520849682Gonna be an odd suggestion here, but since you have WW, take a look at Sea of Thieves. Despite the always present risk of pvp or the (rather easy) pve bosses, just sailing around doing shit is super relaxing. It has come a long way since launch when it had very little content, and even then people were saying the core game is good it just needed more. The only complaint I see often now is that it doesn't have progression, but it is the kind of game where you just need to set your own goals. There are tons of titles and commendations (achievements) for doing out of the way stuff from old events, or newer stuff too. I tend to compare it a bit to EVE where you have to make your own fun.

>>520860659I grew up on ps2, gamecube and 64 (which is probably why i hold the 6th gen in such high regard)But i only played metroid prime and f zero gx fairly recently

>>520860871I actually tried sea of thieves but didnt like it muchAlthough i went in with an assassin's creed black flag mindset

>>520861202How long ago did you try it? A little over a year ago they added story missions that added a lot more puzzles and riddles, though they offer very little gold, each has its own cosmetics and stuff for completing it. They are a pretty fun adventure.I haven't played black flag so I cant really compare it to it, I just also have WW as one of my favorite games, and SoT as my favorite game for the last two years.

>>520861695I tried it about a week after i got my xbox in November last yearIt just didnt click for me

>>520846782when are we getting the new chapter

>>520862027It will be bundled with Elden Ring 2


Okay so ive gotten dead cells, Ys Origin and Furi, i won't get anymore games just yet but will write them down to check out another dayThanks for the recs though

>>520851352>Killzone>Halo>Tekken>SkyrimYou should rethink your life

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>>520846782get system shock enhanced edition. it's fun as fuck once you get used to the controls, which are pretty easy anyway

>Assetto Corsa>Baba is You>Outer Wilds>Bully>Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3>TWEWY>The Citadel>Underrail>Ravenfield>Dolphin Blue>Exanima>Trackmania 2>Escape From Tarkov>Arx Fatalis>Pathfinder KingmakerThese are the ones ill look into in the near futureIf you want let me know what plats would be my best experience

>>520865092I was planning to get the system shock games one day anyway honestlyHeard nothing but good things about them

>>520848154The absolute state of this site.

>>520846782Dusk, Ion Fury and Wrath

>>520865514I highly recommend them, but be sure to play SS1 first so you don't get put off by the clunkiness of the second one

>>520860327If cum means 7.62x51 ball then sure

>>520846782Lost Planet 2. It's broken on Steam unless you're a tech wiz so get it for any console you have. Playerbase is dead cold but the game itself offers a fuck ton of rewarding playthroughs to make. Please. I don't want it to be forgotten.


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