How do I do it, bros?

How do I do it, bros?

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hesitation is defeat

>>520846647don't hesitate

>>520846647hit him until he dies, avoid getting hit

>>520846647reduce his health pool to zero while simultaneously keeping your health pool above zero

>>520846647Hit and don't get hit... As simply as that...

>>520846647Play 「It Has to be This Way」 in the

Shit game cheats. don't bother.

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>>520846647You should be able to perfectly deflect everything until at least his phase 3 after a half dozen tries.The remaining time should be to dodge or reflect his lightning attack.Get gud nigger.

His 1st phase has very reliable openings, I'm sure you can figure out the strings. Running in his face and attacking to force him into blocking works too, but be ready for counter attacks.Safe approach to his 2nd phase is keeping distance until he is done with his combo, then mikiri the thrust that comes at the end of the combo.Reverse the lightning for the 3rd phase.

>>520848705>running awayShouldn't have hesitated, you deserved that.

>>520846647You must empty your mind and enter the zone.

>>520848705>running away>when you could simply blockIf anything, you get to cheat more since mikiri counter has a ridiculous range against isshin

>>520849336>block with high posture meternever played this game, have you?

>>520849612>Running for 3 seconds after his gun combo instead of blocking to clear posture and preparing to mikiriAgain, get gud.

>>520849612If you deflect your posture can't be broken. Even if you block and get posture broken you're only fucked if that happens in the middle of a string, which is clearly not the case in that webm.

>>520848705>running away in this fight ever

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>>520849612Actually I already was at 8NG+ but nice try pretending you know anything about the game.

>>520846647Faltering is loss.

>>520848705>homing jump attacksartificial difficulty



>>520850459Just deflect it, it's free posture damage.

>>520846647Pay attention to all of his moves, learn and appreciate the optimal (or at least passable) counter-moves to everything he does. Play with the intention of "I will figure this nigga out" rather than "I MUST WIN THIS TIME" and you will slowly approach the summit, and eventually you will kick his ass.

>>520848705>hesitatingalmost like you never listened

>>520849612>guncombo ends with a Mikiri you could have abused>instead run away>could have then held block to lower your posture and just take the hit>or gone for the deflect>or dodge the attack>nope just keep on sprintingfucking lol

>>520846647>style on Genichiro>feel the back and forward rhythm of phase 1, punish his strong moves>learn to bait out the Mikiri's and jump attacks in phase 2, and how to bail from or deflect the counters>zap his shit with lightning reversaleasy peasy, git gud. It's really not that easy, hardest boss since orphan kosm

Name the hardest boss in each (DLC allowed):Demon's SoulsDark SoulsDark Souls 2BloodborneDark Souls 3Sekiro

>>520851215>never played>Manus>Gank Squad in the first DLC>never played>Freide>Isshin

>>520851215>Demon's SoulsFlamelurker >Dark SoulsKnight Artorias >Dark Souls 2Fume Knight >BloodborneDefiled Watchdog of the Old Lords>Dark Souls 3Sister Friede>SekiroIsshin, the Sword Saint

>>520846647took my low iq brain 6 hours. i cried in self hate at one point. "why am i so fucking stupid"

>>520851215>Dark SoulsCalameet>Dark Souls 2Double Cats>Dark Souls 3Freide>SekiroIsshin Sword Saint

>>520851215FlamelurkerBed of Chaos (Fought O&S, Artorias, Manus, and Kalameet so many times they dont ever kill me but I still might die to Bed of Chaos a couple of times)DarklurkerOrphanFriedeDemon of Hatred

I kept trying to just do small hits and running away which kept getting me killed because of how well he chases youthen when I realized it was actually easier to go full aggressive and try to dodge up close, that changed everything

The umbrella shield cheeses the fight honestly

>mfw people try to play Sekiro like it's Dark Souls learn to deflect and aggressively counter, stop running away, use your combat arts, do not try to dodge like bloodborne unless you're fighting Demon of Hatred. It's not that hard of a game

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>>520852194>>520852194It makes most fights much easier on NG. It's far and away the best tool, yet so many people sleep on it outside of headless/shichimen cheese.

Check this funky mobile pape, my nigs.

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>>520848705>no Health Sippys left>just starting phase 2You already hesitated.

>>520851215No gamesKalameetIvory KingOrphanMidirDemon of Hatred

>>520846647Parry and avoid his attacks where applicable while counter attacking him during his vulnerable states after his own attacks.

>>520846647Take away 10% of his health in any form then just keep aggression on him, even if he's blocking attacks its fucking up his posture.If you just keep parrying aswell and landing those mikiri counters he dies very fast

>>520852475>do not try to dodge like bloodborneI don't think step dodge gets enough credit.Sure you can't just dodge through everything like a souls game, but there are a good amount of attacks that are better dodged than trying to deflect them, since dodging an attack doesn't lower your posture at all and almost always results in a free hit for you.>>520848705 is a great example of when step dodge is useful and why you shouldn't disregard it completely since he's already at low posture and step dodges work best against overhead swings.

Reminder that Ichimonji is a crutch for scrubs and one of the worst combat arts in the game.

>>520857108Nightjar slash is the shit

>>520857108Anon how can it be a crutch AND one of the worst combat arts? I get that you're angry but you can't just go around saying completely contradictory things about stuff you hate, you have to pick one or the other.

>>520851215>never played>Manus>never played>never played>Friede>Owl Father

>>520857242i meant to say in terms of damage it sucks ass. the windup is slow as fuck for no payout besides restoring posture

>>520857236I feel like what nightjar slash provides is done much better by chasing slice, and without having to sacrifice your one combat art slot for it.

>>520857349You're supposed to use it when your opponent is in the middle of recovering from an attack or just having finished their combo. It does pretty significant vitality damage when unblocked so clearly the issue is you not knowing how to use it.

>>520857503You dumbfuck there are plenty of other skills that you use in the same scenario that do double the damage. git gud ichimonji spamming skrub

>>520857349Every other move sucks because it wastes a limited resource or it takes so long that the boss recovery from hit stun and gets a free hit on you before you can finish. Also what this guy said.>>520857503


>>520857607Which one of them costs 0 spirit emblems and has a followup that's guaranteed to do either vitality or posture damage as long as the first one connects?

Am I insane or does the lightning reversal not work half the time? I can do the reversal just fine for the most part but it never seems to actually hit

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>>520857851The only time I ever have a problem with it is when I jump too soon and end up hitting the ground before I can swing. So I guess you're insane.

>>520857851I had that feeling. Seems to work if I center my camera on the target, but I don't know if that's just a plecebo effect. Had to use it against the Dragon.

>>520857691>taking enough damage that you have to worry about running out of emblemsthe shitters always expose themselves

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>>520857851I've had it occasionally not connect in Genichiro and Isshin but aside from that nope.

>>52085801735 spirit emblems is actually not a lot in a game where the longest boss fights can drag to 10 minutes long depending on how lucky you get with RNG.

>>520858017I'm pretty sure being so reliant on spirit emblem consuming combat arts that you actually need to use the tanto just exposes you as the shitter.

>>520858189>what is akos sugar>what is yashirakus sugar>what is divine confettialso>10 minute fights>blaming rngjust stop posting bro, its obvious you're a scrub

>>520858519>actually needs to span divine confetti to squeeze out that extra minmax damageJeez, what is this, noob central? Don't tell me you're so insecure about being able to tackle basic bosses that you minmax on them too.

>>520858608>he doesn't style on bosses in ng+4 with yasharikus sugar and divine confettino ur noob

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Grounded mode in last of us 2 will be harder

>>520858519>admits he needs 4+ items and spamming combat arts to beat bosses>keeps calling other people scrubsAll the combat arts are inputted with the same button press anyways so you don't even have any basis for claiming ichimonji is a crutch but any other move isn't. Is this one of those situations where someone embarrasses themselves so bad that the only way they think they can still "win" the argument is just just keep replying until everyone else gets bored and they can declare themselves the winner by attrition? I get the feeling it is. You can go ahead and get the last response against me if it's such a big deal to you.


>>520858775>need divine minmaxfeti to style on bosses>not using living force to shit on bosses while lighting them on fire because it looks way cooler than gay purple swordLame

>>520849807>>520850837>>520857670>>520849020>>520849336>>520850826>>520855625>Instead of making a character and playstyle of your own, you must follow the direct order and instruction of a chink telling you "this is how you MUST play the game"why do fromfags like this over dark souls? do they like the restrictions or is it because they get to play as a ninja?

>>520859105>>Instead of making a character and playstyle of your ownSekiro is an action game, not a RPG. Your mistake for not looking this shit up in advance.

>>520859105>enemy throws rock>throw scissors>lose>"what the fuck how am I supposed to beat this">"try using paper">fuck you don't tell me how to play the game I should be able to counter every attack in the game with any move I want

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>>520859006>he doesn't use living force and the lazulite flamethrower on his sword for maximum cool effectOH NO NO NON NONONNOO SCRUB BROS

>>520859356>he doesn't stack living force with shadowrush purely for the visual effect of fucking spinning and flying around with a flaming swordLooks like we got too cocky this time scrub bros....

>>520859279kek seeth harder, I already beat the game. >>enemy throws rock>>throw scissors>>loseYes because I like to play my games like guitar hero, imputing the same repetitive combo everytime.

>>520859549>kek seeth harder,

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Objective combat art tier list. Based on effectiveness across NG, NG+, charmless/demon bell and how long it takes to acquire. Best to worst.>Wolf TierAshina Cross, Senpou Leaping Kick/High Monk>Sword Saint TierIchimonji Double, Mortal Draw/Empowered, Shadowfall, Dragon Flash>Owl TierWhirlwind Slash, Shadowrush, Spiral Cloud Passage, One Mind>Gentle Blade TierIchimonji>Genichiro Tier Praying Strikes, Floating Passage, Nightjar Slash/Reversal

>>520859752>genichiro tier at the bottomtop kek

>>520859105There was about 5-6 different ways to handle the situation that user was in, and he chose none of them.>can't make your own playstylet. didn't play the game. You can only get so many skills (unless you farm like crazy) and tool upgrades in a single playthrough. That more or less determines your build. If you go into NG+ and NG++ you can get everything, but the same is true for souls.

>>520859484>he doesn't intentionally gimp himself by refusing to revive, use combat arts, items or prostheticsPffft, you fucking plebs arent even true gamers. It's almost like you faggots are trying to have fun or something.

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>>520859105>WhiningU mad, scrub?

>>520859105This is probably top 5 most ass blasted post ever made about sekiro. Stay filtered lmao

>>520860031>he actually needs to use the UI in game to see what the boss' vitality and posture are at>he doesn't instinctively knowNGMI

>>520857851Never really have a problem, although it can be difficulty if you do it on a hill. Plus the counter swing does have limited range and can miss if you are too far away. Mist Raven makes it easier to perform if you have trouble with the timing

>>520846647I cheesed this guy pretty hard the first time I beat him by baiting his long combo that ends with a mikiri and only countering lightning in his third phase. I went back and beat him legit the second time though was a much better experience

>>520851215>DemonsFlamelurker, got filtered on it pretty hard>DS1NG+ trying to get Leo ring from Ornstein. Smough has infinite hp and I die in 3 hits>DS2Didn't play>BloodborneDon't have PS4>DS3Unironically the first lothric knight in high wall, then learned how not to block and roll instead and the game went smoothly>SekiroOwl Father in Hirata by a large margin, isshin was a joke, owl father could Mikiri you and spams firecrackers

>>520860131>he didn't beat the bosses in actual sword combat with his going into games machineLMAO fucking filtered

>>520851215allantkalameet (with trying to cut his tail)fume manludwig/orphanfeet scythe girl i don't remember the name ofold isshin

>>520860437>actually needing to use swords in the going into games machine to beat bossesAcquire git gud

>>520853341Loved this boss. Deflecting is so satisfying

>>520859752What's wrong with floating passage?

>>520860470>isshin ashinaJust use the fire embrella or bonk him on the head with a high hit stun combat art when he tries to be fancy. Cucks him real hard because his hyper armour is weak

>>520857851You need to jump and DEFLECT the lightning, then spam attack before you land. If you get hit, then it pushes you back, sometimes outside range of your enemy. If you deflect then you stay in place.

>>520860549It does shit all posture damage. And while it does slightly more vitality damage than just attacking, enemies tend to block it so they only take the 25% chip damage (and very little posture damage). Meanwhile whirlwind strike does more vitality damage in a larger hitbox, but is also rarely blocked so it usually does it's full damage rather than piddly chip damage. Finally, the last hit of floating passage is surprisingly unsafe (unlike SCP). Floating passage is really only good when used with living weapon or ninja bestowal, and there's better ways of using living weapon anyway.

FUCK HEADLESS>>520846647You can kind of pattern lock him in phase 1 if you attack, deflect, attack, deflect his basic swipe.Phase 2 is running away like a bitch and fishing for easy Mikiri counters. Phase 3 is phase 3.

>>520860898I fucking hate headless I avoid them in every ng+. Except the sorcerers they are piss easy

>>520860437tried it, the smell was unbearable.

>>520861003You can just murder them with Malcontent Divine Confetti in NG+. Malcontent should stun them long enough that you don't actually fight them.

>>520860820Thanks for the explanation, I guess I'll use high monk instead, what with being something of a dodge and posture damage as well.

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>>520861151high monk is godly. Even without sweep attacks, it has great range and high hit stun letting you bonk enemies out of slow charge up moves, and it counts as an anti air too.

>>520861003I cheese the headless by holding sprint and walking behind them to lock them into a turning animation.

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>>520860898>fighting headless>he's about to disappear>try to unlock>manage to hit it right after the camera unlocks on its own>camera spins 180 degrees because some retard thought that the lock on button also needed to be the spin your camera 180 degrees button>get hit by his insta kill grab because I'm fighting with the cameraLegitimately infuriating.

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>>520861446Just jump forward before locking on.

>>520846647Don't forget about the glock

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>>520861446>parrying headless like a god>confetti runs out>spooky>parrying headless like a god again>he teleports behind me>he teleports into a wall>bugs out and insta grabs>死This is why we use the umbrella.

I'll start playing when the devs make the game playable again.

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>>520861446>he shoves the soul he pulled out your ass and up his ownIt honestly adds to their fearsome reputation.

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>>520861837based Genkun

>>520861837Genichiro always opens phase 3 with the jumping thrust lol

>>520861837>Another maddie baddie enters the thread

>>520861146I've never bothered with that prosthetic except sending Kuro to the hall of illusion. I'll try it out tonight>>520861393Didn't know they could be cheesed. Their sword swings covers 360 so I just hope I deflect everything.

>>520861837>starts the fight with eel liver>hasn't done Hirata>already lost the only 2 rezzes he gets>grab isn't instadeathYou set that up intentionally.

>>520862278>sending Kuro to the hall of illusionWait, what?

>>520861837You literally press circle at beginning of this fight. Every single time he does the same move it's free posture damage served to you on silver plate by Miyazaki. How are you this bad

>>520862347Ah sorry the other guy. Kotaro lmao

Umbrella made this shit disgustingly easyUse that for phase 2 and mist raven for phase 1 if you're having trouble with his attacks/parry windows. Phase three is piss easy with the lightning.

>>520862278They'll finish what ever attack animation they're in if you start circling them, so always be ready to deflect(or disengage for confetti/purple drank/sippycup)

>>520862278>I've never bothered with that prosthetic except sending Kuro to the hall of illusion. I'll try it out tonightYou're thinking divine abduction, and it's really good mid game. You can dash forward and get a stealth deathblow on any enemy that's been stun around (excepting ministry shinobi, non mustached red guard, and naginata monks, and okami warriors). Easy way to clean up taro troops, dwarf assassins, samurai fencers, and the extras from V for Vendetta.

>>520861837>>520862134Not only that, you even have time to pop 1 consumable and still easily nail the mikiri window

Does poison even stick on this guy? No matter how many hits of sabimaru it never seems to land. Also I never had trouble with the camera in this fight until now, fuck this shit.

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>>520862924i think those guys have an affinity for posion since they use poison attacks later on

>>520862924I think all the kick shinobi are fairly resistant to poison. Set them on fire instead.

>>520862924Do this for ez mode:1. Attack ONCE2. He will either kick (deflect), sword attack (deflect) or jump up and overhead (deflect) into thrust (Mikiri)3. Rinse and repeat until winDo not attack more than once. Once you get better abandon this cheese and style on him with high monk

don't hesitate lmao

>>520859752Dumb that there are hardly any abilities with super armor in this game.

>>520863679The Axe and Umbrella Projected force both have solid super armour, not many things can bust you out of them. Eat some rice and an ungo sugar, and axe spin to win can be pretty powerful.

>>520851215The king that steel your lifekalameetdidn't finish it so no hard boss yet ludwigdidn't finish it yet all easy boss up to new londodemon of hatred

>>520864539New Londo is in dark souls 3?


I still need to finish it. I put the game down around August last year after making it to Isshin and haven't touched it since. I did every boss after Genichiro by dodging ala DS3 or BB but for Isshin I'll have to get the mask and level up a bit because dodging only can take some time.

>>520864623I meant Irithyl valley so anor londo in ds 3 but I finish Irithyl dungeons so a bit later. I know the hardest boss are at the end and mostly in the dlc like in all souls game

>>520866037Why not just learn how to block and deflect?

>>520866478There aren't any bosses left for me to do that on except Isshin and DoH (Owl Father also but I don't feel like unlocking him if I even can anymore). And no the undead guy is borderline useless for practice.

>>520867762He really isn’t considering you don’t even have basic game mechanics down.

>>520863780They should've given Floating Passage super armor considering it's supposed to be for crowd control then maybe it wouldn't be so shit

>>520868284That honestly a good idea. It needs some sort of buff, and I don't think a damage/posture buff would be particularly balanced.

>>520867914The undead guy teaches me how to deal with shitties, which I have no trouble with. It's not hard deflecting basic swings. Even then I can deflect about 50% of the time, it's just that it's so risky and I get posture broken so fast deflecting fuck-off long combos like Genichiro's that I find it easier to just keep my distance and go in when they're done for a few cheeky hits. I could learn how to do mikiris but again they're so risky that I don't even try.

>>520869554With Genichiro's combo there's a few ways to back out or interrupt it, and if you want to try deflecting it you can spam the umbrella after the 4th hit to deflect relatively safely. But if you haven't played since last year, you're probably better off starting again, learning how to play properly and building your skills up to a level where you can beat Isshin. I imagine you'd enjoy the game more that way anyway, since it's designed around blocking and parrying, not dodging everything. I'm honestly surprised you manged to make it through Genichiro in the first place

Absolute retard here, how do I actually deal with the guardian ape? I just can't seem to get a read on it at all.I've seen phase two a handful of times, and I feel like it's even harder to read in phase 2 compared to phase 1.

>>520869554>Even then I can deflect about 50% of the timeTry gitting gud