Does having attractive women in games actually hurt anyone?

Does having attractive women in games actually hurt anyone?

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>>520845964unattractive womens' ego

>>520845964Yes it makes my dick hurt when I masturbate to them

>>520845964ugly gals i'd wager

>>520845964Ugly girls.

It doesn't actually hurt anyone, but it hurts the feelings of trannies who get mad at attractive women due to insecurity and the wallets of companies who want to appear woke for clout and people who buy the game just for that reason


>>520845964uggos and T-words

>>520845964That's not a woman, it's a drawing

>>520845964I fucking loved doing Mitsuru's social link in P3. Felt so good to cuck that upper class dude she was gonna marry.

>>520845964it hurts everybody when you put unrealistic beauty standards in your games


If only losers are attracted to drawings, then why do women want to ban attractive drawings at all? Shouldn't they be happy that losers are occupied?

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>>520845964I see ugly women featured in games (not just average looking), and I think somewhere in the chain of development the "male gaze" was considered, and it fucks up my immersion completely


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>>520846442just buy the PS2 version, you can still get them new

>>520846331Women want losers and winners to be attracted to them. The ability to reject losers gives them as much of a high as accepting winners.

>>520846084Seems right.

Persona panders to the lonely, overweight mentally ill cucks like >>520846117

>>520846117Her voice made me diamonds.

>>520847176I'm married with two kids and I want to fuck Mitsuru too. What the fuck you gonna say now, faggot?

I love Aigis.

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>>520846648That girl is pretty cute though, i'm sure she could cosplay Shahdee nicely

>>520845964Yes. Mitsuru alone has killed millions of sperm cells.

>>520847623Mon négre.

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>male character is a chad>boys have no problem with it>female character is a perfect stacy with huge tits>girls call it misoginy

>>520848124I think its because when imaginary girl are getting too hotthe beta leftover simp who suppose to be hook up with the ugly decide to ops out of real girl and just fap to cartoon girls instead become the problem

>>>Contrary to expectations, results from the current study did not find that sexualization increased body dissatisfaction or aggression toward other women. Media influences from video games appear to be minimal.>Results indicated that exposure to a sexualized avatar in a video game did not influence any outcomes for female participants. These results indicate that, at least for video games, exposure to sexualized females may not have a substantial impact on female players.

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>>520846331>Shouldn't they be happy that losers are occupied?Women don't want losers to have ANY fun or enjoyment out of life at all.

>>520846331It's not about themselves being happy, but about making others miserable. Or perhaps you can say, they can be happy unless others aren't.

>>520848124Men see better men as inspiration to be better. Women see better women as competition for attention and must have them removed .

>>520848774Roasties and "women" btfo.

Every time a journo or user complains about sexualized characters, we should just encourage that all future games with male leads feature a fat, balding, sweaty man with a hair lip. Then their tune will change right quick.

>>520851038Nowadays, they'd probably want that. Hell, I don't even know anymore.

My favorite thing about this "sexualizing women is bad" thing is how obviously bullshit it is.>hot girl in game>censor/make her less attractive>"It's good that games are finally growing up and not sexualizing women for the male gaze.">hot guy in game>censor/make him less attractive>"WAH-WAH-WAH?!? HOW CAN THEY DO THIS NO THIS IS NOT OK!!!"

>>520851131Nah, they'd only want that if it were called a female.

>>520851830Not to mention what about real women who literally get paid to be objectified like strippers or porn stars? They don't seem to worry about how they'll make men view women.

>>520853070GOTY contender right there.

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>>520853372Makoto really is just a poor man's Mitsuru

>>520845964The workers who make the game while those at the top of the studio are paid unreasonable amounts of the profit despite doing the least work

>>520845964It hurts the feelings of pity women and incels.

What are some games with cute and creepy girls?

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>>520856204Alice: madness returns

It hurts discussion surrounding the game because most of the discourse will be virgins arguing over which fictional girl is best

>>520857285>Only virgins can like those gamesAnd this is where you sound like a faggot.

>>520856204fausts alpatraum

>>520846648Why do they get angry at the fact that someone is be more attractive than them?I'm an ugly guy and i just deal with it

It lessens the power of women over simps


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>>520859384The thing they care about most in life is attention. When someone else steals it, that's like like stealing the Mona Lisa from the Louvre.

>>520859384Women are incredibly vain and competitive with other women, since their entire purpose is to use the beauty to attract a man. Also women generally hate other women, it's a pretty understood fact.

>>520859384you're not an ugly guy user, I'm sure of it

It hurts me because I know 3D women can't compare and I'll never have a cute gf.


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>>520845964Trannies can't stand being reminded of how they don't look like real women (Even super generic anime ones)

>>520853151This happened with booth babes at cons like E3, the vast majority of them want to do it and enjoyed doing it but women chimped and now they're out of jobs

>>520861826>but women and betas chimped and now they're out of jobsftfyAlso, if they cared about women so much, why would they take away jobs those girls were gladly willing to do?

>>520846015But do they even buy games? Why cater to them?

>>520862256No, they don't. Companies cater to them because they think people like us will buy the games anyway, while the untapped market of ugly women will surely flock to games if they don't feel threatened.

>>520862256no but they cry on twitter and the PR departments of these companies are also filled with screeching women

>>520856204Cute and creepy!Ceepy!

>>520845964No, but the opposite, IE presenting ugly women as heroic, desirable, or beautiful, hurts everyone. Ugly women included.Few understand this.

>>520845964Is that ugly shit supposed to be attractive?

The world would be a better place without coomers and whores on twitter. I just want appealing women in video games

>>520864017For straight males, yes

>>520845964I honestly can't see a downside to doing it, it's more likely to increase interest and anyone who's upset by it would be a minority .

>>520846015the average woman knows jack shit about video games, but for the insane cunts in the industry and media it does hurt their pride. just like in real life as well, women hate other women

>>520862256It's not about games. You see the same anger directed at top models and whatever. It's simply jealousy due to SOMETHING taking away attention from them.

>>520846015Pretty much.

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>>520846084I'm a tranny and I don't get mad at attractive women in video games, that would be kinda retarded. If anything I welcome it because then I can use the game as escapism.Don't you feel the same about men in video games who are more attractive/masculine than you?

it makes me want. and i don't want to want.

>>520869878>Anime avis fuck offwtf I love roasties now

>>520846868Well said good sir

>>520859384Women are constantly taught throughout their life that if they aren't attractive then they have no value, while guys can just get rich and fat.

>>520870657roastie hands typed this post

>>520859384>I'm an ugly guy and i just deal with itNo you don't