>communtiy project gets taken over by greedy youtubers and agenda pushersWhat are some other games with this issue...

>communtiy project gets taken over by greedy youtubers and agenda pushersWhat are some other games with this issue? It's even worse because of the bot situation

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What happened with this? I never played it but I thought they just hosted servers with custom weapons

Does anyone have McChicken's Francis E Dec tier list of demands?

>>520844575Aww shit what did these faggots do this time...


>>520846380*Sigh* when will they learn...

>>520844647I wanna know too. Lately I've seen a lot of people shitting on the project and making all sort of inside jokes about it

>>520844575/vp/ decided to make a Pokemon game, it was eventually stolen by a skype then discord cabal led by a literal tranny, of course now it's dead as fuck and never going to release


>>520844575>communtiy project gets taken over by greedy youtubers and agenda pushersstory?

>>520844575>agenda pushersWhat kind of propaganda are they pushing?


>>520844575>Team Fabulous 2/Kitty tribute server>chat filters prevent the use of the word "fagola" and 90% of the server hasn't seen Mass Defect/Elliot Goes to SchoolWhy do these people go through all this trouble and pretend to be sad because someone who made 1 (ONE) video they watched died?

>>520847518>>520847412>>520845317>>520844647it's servers made entirely for profit with barely any additions(all their weapons are sidegrades) and they focus on cosmetics more than anything of quality. It wouldn't be a problem if they weren't using the bots to force people on their servers

>>520846785Didn't they finish clover

>>520847707reddit and twitter

I thought tyler mcnigger was joking with that nintendo news network but no he is serious. god I hate that fuck up so much

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>>520849643his intentions are to take over any modding and archival group and take credit for any teams he manages to be a part of. He's going to try to be what he is to the Valve community but for those publishers. Nintendo is already filled to the brim with youtubers covering mods and news/leaks so he's not going to make it far within there, and I hope Bethesda fans are too edgy for him to handle since he would try to control stuff in mdos like how he pushes all this liberal shit on creators.tf

>>520849643He needs that youtube ad money, honestly I hope he goes homeless.

>>520850643He took a four year college course for a degree in journalism despite every bit of information he's reported on was taken from knockout and his discord. Once he loses his following he's screwed and won't be able to get a non minimum wage job


>>520850913huh? youtube.com/watch?v=cXiFgAx6q1M

>>520851010wait what the fuck is this, is this fat fucker serious

>>520850891Kek what a retard, imagine wasting thousand of dollars on catching unicorn degrees.

>>520850363Reminder that Valve has a dedicated person to deal with Tylers autism

what did he learn in journalism school? it surely wasnt being fact based and objective lol

>>520851358reminder The Final Hours of Half-Life Alyx proved he was right about everything

>>520851425what do you mean?

>>520851358>journalism in 2020>facts and being objectiveLol

>>520849643On the bright side, imagine a second instance where shit gets leaked, like nintendo would be on suicide watch if that happens

>>520851425>reminder The Final Hours of Half-Life Alyx proved he was right about everything>the only name in Valve information got one accurate source out of the hundreds of false reports and claimswoah dude, next you're going to tell me he was right about csgo getting ported to source 2 despite Valve stating otherwise

>>520847707Call me a retard, but I thought he says "Fagalot" rather then fagola

>>520851627Nintendo doesn't fuck around they would probably sue people and stuff

>>520844647Tyler paid to get bots to infest the game, forced the narrative that TF2 is dead, and funnel all the players into this server, which he's taking a cut in.

>>520851795So does Valve, like how they got a dude arrested by baiting him with a offer to work at valve, but they got fucked in the ass regardless. After the gigaleak, I don't know if Nintendo had found the guy or not, but it still happened

>>520851882thats a pretty big conspiracy to accuse him of, provide your evidence that isn't just you being gay

>>520851530i blame Hunter S. Thompson for this new wave

The revival of City of Heroes. Probably the penultimate case of this, seeing as the fucking game had actually existed in secret still for YEARS. Just that the only people who had access to it were a band of narcissistic, literal faggot 3rd worlders. And when it did get put on to a semi-open source? Left and right fucking biters and posers came out of the woodwork and started to already try and poison the water with bringing in FOTM idiots and shitting the game up with their horrible allegiances and opinions on "balance" like that means anything. Now it's, once again, a half-dead shadow of its former self fragmented into tiny circlejerks. Absolute fucking wreck of a game.

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>>520852040blow it out your ass, my proof is my dick.

>>520851517All the failed HL3 projects, L4D 3.

>>520851627Japanese business culture even for something as comparatively trivial as video games has a massive built-in anti-leak system. Shit gets locked down quick when it's found out with red herrings and bait.

>>520852158Nah this isn't gonzo journalism, it's sellout to Walmart, Coca Cola, and other big corps advertising. >>520851967I'm kinda surprise that Valve hasn't done anything to him ever since the source code leak.

>>520851231is it jill?

>>520852040there's not much information to go by, it's clear that NIGGERKILLER is a proxy persona since nobody can figure out anything other than his steam page. If it wasn't someone rooted in the community they would have been doxed and taken care of by now

>>520851231>Reminder that Valve has a dedicated person to deal with Tylers autismPlease show me, it seems plausible but too good to be true

>>520852383>Nah this isn't gonzo journalism, it's sellout to Walmart, Coca Cola, and other big corps advertising.They go hand in hand now. That is the point he was trying to make. Gonzo journalism is literally the core problem with the modern journalism system. Not just video games.

>Try to play TF2C>It's not classic at all and adds gay custom weaponsWhat the fuck? All of these revival projects fail every time. Why is it so difficult to just publish that fucking 2008 leak with a little polish and call it a day? Why do we gotta be lame and add dumb shit every time?

>>520852620I think the only issue are demos new weapons since those are easily spammable

>>520851231>Valve has a dedicated person to deal with Tylers autism

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>>520852620>Why is it so difficult to just publish that fucking 2008 leak with a little polish and call it a day?Because everyone who works on these kinds of projects has their own idea of how the game should be, their own ideas for new content, and they see this as their closest chance to get their ideas into TF2.With all the criticism people give Valve for the state TF2 is in, it's still 200% better than anything the fans have put together.

Just fucking play on the party Holla Forumsan, I don't know man. TF2 is killing itself everywhere else.It's kind of sad to say that the current Holla Forumsan has had more development and love put into it than the game itself has in fucking years. At least I have the old caber on there.

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>>520853317>play>party vanyou mean fuck around while listening to weebs micspam crappy anime music

>>520851010Tyler is one of the more pathetic gremlins to inhabit Youtube

>>520853547infinitely more fun than anything casual and creators can offer

>>520853547Play, fuck around, what's the difference when the goal is to have fun?

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>>520853317>insufferable mic spam that you have to disable voice>chat is full of muh porn>sprays also porn>maps are random le silly tryhard funnino thank you.

>>520853317isn't the van only on fridays or am I retarded?

>>520853297Ego is the reason man cannot create perfection.

>>520854135saturdays too

>>520854026>>520853547>having a problem with micspamUnless you have voice chat pumped up to ear bursting levels, I see no problem with it.

>>520849145weapons should be sidegrades, if they were just straight upgrades that'd be lame as fuck>>520851882tyler apparently split ties with creators a while agohe is still a bitch, though

>>520851010>that intro >Nintendo is uncommunicative jesus christ I can tell from the way he introduces himself that he's going to try and take over the Nintendo community too. I hope all the Nintendo other channels BTFO him before he gains any traction. Although with the amount of weirdos, pedos, and trannies in there he would probably fit in. I just want him to stop trying to kill tf2

>>520854284>dude whats the problem with 6 different people playing crappy music over the micso wacky and le random this is why I 4chan

>>520854026>>maps are random le silly tryhard funniMaybe you haven't played in a very long time, but the Holla Forumsan has been under new management for a while now, now we actual good maps.

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>>520854498if its not a stock map its shit. even then it can still be shit


>>520854641audible kek.

>>520854457>so wacky and le randomHave you considered that maybe you're just a bitter old fool?

>>520852410ah, fighing autism with autism


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>>520854728I always hated the party van tho

>>520854606Over 50% of the maps currently in the games base installation began as community made maps uploaded to TF2Maps or Gamebanana, or were just straight up outsourced to community map makers. Considering a large portion of the game's existing identity is community content, I'd be hard pressed to say that's a really valid argument.

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I dont get why trannies get mad about being called trannies

>>520854498...is that fucking nuke town in TF2?

>>520854457>there are still people who don't know how to mute others

>>520854778I want to parachute down Tyler's chimney, hogtie him to the bed and set fire to Electra in front of him

>>520855024 I do actually why would you even assume that. If you dislike everything about a server why would I join and go and mute or turn off voice chat when I could just avoid entirely.

>>520844575I haven't played since the pyro update. I know nothing has changed but is the average player better? If I went on quickplay would I have a good chance of playing w/ decent players that care about team composition.

>>520854880>GamebananaWhy, back in my day, it was FPS Banana, and it had more malware in the site ads than you could shake a jiggleboned horse penis dildo Scout bat replacement model at.

>>520854778I can hear the fat through his voice

>>520855136No the skill floor has never been lower and most people who play are idiots. dont bother.


>>520854778If you follow Tyler on any social media/youtube or play on any of his servers you're a cucked gay bitch. Open Fortress pride worldwide.


>>520855313Anon Open Fortress had Tyler McVicker as an announcer option for at least a year before he pulled out after threatening to sue them for using "stolen code". Are you retarded or shilling?

>>520855313Skial 24/7 turbine pride worldwide

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>>520855405A number of the devs hate his guts, something happened along the way and now, something about stealing assets from OF and handing them over to TF2 Classic. Tyler avoids mentioning the project at all on his channel now. Don't ask me why they still have his announcer pack


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>>520854778Jesus, what a bitch.

>>520855581At this point finding anyone connected to the source community who doesn't find mcchicken revolting is nearly impossible

even his wife doesnt like him. they have a poly relationship but she spends way more time with the other guy.

>>520856042The channel and status of community/developer mediator obviously got to his head. He was never humble by any means but now he's a smug obese jackass

>>520852993all new weapons encourages spam

>>520854026>maps are random le silly tryhard funnioh god that shit killed it for me, all the maps they played on were small shitty meme maps.


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>>520854331You know what is lame though? Two shotguns with +%/- % and 2 reskins out of 7 weapons added this year. Also Tyler is still involved with them as of their last themed update, he just took a small break after he was facing backlash for the contract stuff

>>520855136>pyro updatewhich one? the 2008 one, the 2012 one or the 2017 one?

>>520856593the hl1 spas is broken as shit with the stats they gave it, it's hilarious

>>520856184>nowHe's always been obnoxious but for whatever reason people gave him attention

>>520855405They removed his vox

>>520856302party van isnt for actually playing tf2 its to prove how much of an anime fan you are


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>>520849145so what you are saying it you made it up and think you are fooling more then teenagers with shit posts like this

How broken/annoying would this be?Feather DusterNew Knife for Spy>-100% damage (no damage)>On Backstab: Enemy laughs uncontrollably>On three consecutive regular non-backstab hits: Enemy laughs uncontrollably>Has "Fencing" taunt (which does its full usual damage)

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>>520854498>nuke townfitting for van's playerbase of underage newfags.

>>520857282LITERALLY no reason to use it over stock. if you're getting the backstab why not...i dunno just stab them?

>>520857396works against ubercharged enemies :)

>>520854498>nuketown>5 people micspammingfucking zoomers

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>>520855405>>520855581Tyler was somewhat promoting it(not as much as other mods) and had his own announcer pack. I'm guessing he didn't see the project as profitable to himself and decided to try and get back on Valve's good side by reporting about some accidentally stolen code to their copyright attorney. I don't know why Valve, a company with half of it's IPs starting as mods, would bother suing a mod team over one file, let alone listen to Tyler. You can see a change in his reporting and sources slightly before he starting saying tf2 is dead. He was directly quoting emails he received from employees and visited but I'm guessing he got too cocky/demanding and was blacklisted by Valve because last summer he started using anonymous sources and was making more baseless claims than usual


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>>520847707>they haven't seen Elliot Goes to SchoolGood. No man deserves seeing how the first one ends again. I randomly think about it.youtu.be/kkc5Exg6lwQ?t=567

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>>520852620They literally have a server that only has the 2007 version of the game running 24/7.

>>520852620You mean the custom weapons designed by valve, shown in 2006 and discarded?


>>520854778story on this?

>>520844575>haven't played tf2 in forever, put about 400 hours in>decide to start playing again>Voice and chat options are locked for this accountIs it because I didn't give gaben my credit card info? I would think steam could at least see that I am a human and not a bot.


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>>520857832get dabbed on you brazilian monkey

>>520857449Tyler kicked up such a stink over the newer (~4 years) leaks that Valve presumably hadn't given the ok for community projects to use that OF ended up removing bosses from the game altogether and making the git private. Truth is Valve probably doesn't give much of a shit but Tyler used that to push them around to favor creators.tf and TF2C

>>520857935I'm american with games bought on an account thats several years old. I just don't buy micro transactions and I don't care about hats.

>>520856184I'm surprised he hasn't been doxed or accidentally doxed himself yet

>>520858157You can easily find out where he lives on his Twitter. No one cares. I'd only do it to try and fuck Elektra

>>520857429the normal backstab can still send an ubercharged person flying. again, no reason to use it.

>>520858578what about sentries?

>>520858841what about sentries??? sap them lol

>>520852235lol gay

the servers are fine, more on the tryhard part of community servers but it's the only one that brings back valve servers in quickplay in somewhat of a spirit and I miss that shiteveryone is autistic since if you're still playing you're on the spectrum

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>>520859285b4nny(pro tf2 player) says they do a lot of shady shit and are involved with shady people who harass people and impersonate. I think they're 100% after the money

>>520860405What fucking money, until they start adding paid shit like intrusive ads or P2W I'm still gonna play it

>>520854778>Tries to kick some dude off the team for saying tranny>No one else gives a fuckHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


>>520857579I've never watched that video before and my god that ending hurt to hear.

>>520856652>2017Has it really been that long?

>>520860405need some proof

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server restarting


>>520857579"elliot goes to" is a gem


It's very clear that Tyler's just a dumb autist who never properly comprehended group work and such. To try and paint him as this mustache-twirling jew out to kill TF2 dead is just asinine, especially since source games as a whole have had a fucking massive underbelly of prolific hackers since before MyM.Like are you really going to tell me that a guy who unironically types out shit like>If you are a woman, hello!Would have the kind of brains to pull this shit off?And I want /tf2g/ to leave too. Bunch of fucking trannies.

Attached: c7mvhmiq0ds41.jpg (1024x742, 77.25K)


>>520854778>>520857729IIRC, the dude who sayed twitter tranny, is actually johnatan i think, johnatan used to be part of creators.tf team who hosted the servers, he used to lurk in /tf2g/ also hes based

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>>520857927>play on Weeabootique once years ago>mute some faggot playing what moeshit OPs nonstop>play again years later>"hey [user] do you have [player] muted">don't notice the message and keep playing>get kicked several minutes later for having him mutedIt's the single most autistic interaction I've ever had on TF2, that place has a fucking plug-in to tell if someone is muting other players. I can understand them banning people who bitch about the voice chat but they actively monitor mutes and kick people who don't even say anything out of autismLittle did they know I can just type voice_enable 0

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>>520862903Glad to see someone is fighting the good fight

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>>520863007>a fucking plug-in to tell if someone is muting other playersWhat the actual fuck?

>>520862743dear lord, /tf2g/ is now full of discord trannies lately

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>>520849376hardly counts, it's a reddit meme romhack worse than the original game

>>520845317BTFO main TF2 so butthurt valvies need to make up lies about it

>>520862903the guy who said tranny is an in-game moderator, John left in disgust after they tried to force a filter onto his servers.

>>520846785Literally nothing was ever stopping non-tranny discorders to make their own version other than laziness. The game can't be "stolen" if you faggots don't want to actually make it.

>>520863274thanks for correcting

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>>520863327no, because the original designs/wiki/all the good concepts and ideas can't be used since the trannies take possession of them. What you're basically saying is "lol just start over bro what's the big deal"

>>520854376>>Nintendo is uncommunicativeBut they are.

>>520863091I don't get it either. They also disabled the ability to mute players via the UI if I remember correctly, though I didn't try to for obvious reasons. It's some honest-to-god schizo behavior to care that much about people opting out of someone's shitty micspam. I think I'd prefer the 'tique to the party van just because it has a much better map rotation, but the community takes itself way too seriously.

>>520849376He's talking about Pokémon Sage. Clover is finished but Sage might as well be Duke Nukem Forever

>>520862743>>520863185it's like 2 trannies that randomly joined the frag zone right? I don't really see any difference in posting other than a bunch of bumping

>>520863007>spoilerthat server added a plugin that autokicks for having voice_enable 0

>>520862743>>520863524/vg/ was a mistake from the get go. Recurring vidya threads with the same returning posters was always bound to become some cringy furry circlejerk

>>520846785>4chan project>lead devs for the project end up going off-site breaking off from the community>project fucking diesEvery time. /vr/ tried making a Megaman game, had all the RM designs and even a good chunk of music and sprites done, and then the devs split and development almost instantly halted. It's been more than six years and I'm still sad

Attached: mega man VR.png (256x224, 10.83K)

>>520863007I never encountered this and i played tiq for years. it must have been that new abomination of a server made up of mentally ill weirdos.


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>>520863864im the RED demo on a killstreak

>>520844575Creators.tf is a pedo ring

>>520854498>good maps>anything made by a Holla Forumstardif the last van taught me anything, its that 90% of v can't map for shit. whoever ran the van before chug cycled maps out pretty often and had a good balance of memeshit and stock maps. wish he'd come back around and fix the van.

how many of you niggers are playing tf2 classic?

>>520844575creators has the worst mod team ive ever seen for a community project. I swear all of them are diversity hires.


>>520864331>ever touching those bastard versions of tf2not gonna happen

>>520864458it's all people who rode off other teams and became minor celebrities

>>520864589your loss melon muncher

>>520863646ive not been on that server before, so i don't know if this would work, but why not use voice_scale 0 instead? just turns the volume down to 0 without completely disabling it

>>520865020I havent heard anything about that or tried it myself, so im not sure if it would work.

>>520854457>he doesn't just turn down his speakeryikes... what a retard...

>>520855145> than you could shake a jiggleboned horse penis dildo Scout bat replacement model atGood times, good times.

Attached: russia2.jpg (960x720, 108.58K)

>>520855458based turbine player

creators servers have been fine. nothing great, nothing awful. dont know why people care about mod drama so fuckin much, just push the cart.

Excuse me. It's been 3 years since the last comic and 3 since the last major update. Where's the next stuff.

Attached: 1584160754488.png (777x316, 116.86K)

>>520865756in the same place as Day of Defeat

>>520865756>he thinks there's next stuffThey're too busy working on Artifact 2

>>520863646I'm unsure if it's true or not, but if it is, that's faggy even by 4chan server standards. It used to be an in-joke where a clueless pub would show up and get votekicked when they started complaining, but nobody really gave a shit if you did it and didn't say anything.

>>520865756>Where's the next stuff.>he thinks we're getting anything other than updated the localization files

Attached: 1529517829005.png (352x288, 172.23K)

>>520863251Hello Tyler McDamage Control

>>520863861Sounds like a "ILL MAKE THE LOGO" situationArt and music is the easiest part

Why doesn't Valve just hire a hitman to deal with VNN?

>>520865756>where's the next stuff

Attached: movegearface.png (859x652, 494.41K)

>>520866089>24 hour peak is 66 playersReminder that Artifact's dev team is significantly larger than TF2's despite TF2 having almost 100 times the peak and more than 100 times the current player count and that they're working hard on getting 2.0 out despite the cataclysmic performance of the first version

Attached: file.png (738x420, 112.99K)

>>520867082>Playing tf2 when CS existsKek, faggot


Attached: back to reddit.jpg (500x614, 123.23K)

>>520852620>Valve prototypes some weapons>Finds them miserable for game balance>Game that wants to "retain the feel of 08 TF2" adds them as real weapons>They're unbalanced as fuckGee fucking wiz what the fuck did they think? That they knew better?

So glad valve fixed the bot problem. wait no, they didnt all they did was fuck over new players. welp at least we have artishit right>we want the poor hue monkey market>they buy tons of keys

Attached: 20200813021530_1.jpg (1920x1080, 504.29K)

>>520867082they are just trying to save face. yes they are out of touch of course.

>>520867226>shoot one bullet>MAYBE two>instantly get a killzoomer game

>>520867616>play against niggerkiller bots>random spanish medic puts vaccinator up my ass and we just walk over them>eventually 10 more of them join and start initiating kickvotes against everyone

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