>2011+9I seriously hope you guys don't do this

>2011+9I seriously hope you guys don't do this.

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>>520843421Dying to know what you're going to do about if I do, pussy.

>>520843421Sorry your friends dont wanna talk to you OP

>>520843421how else am i gonna play coc 2

>>520843421The only friend on my Steam list is the alt account I use to send myself money.

Only when I’m modding and am having to open the game every couple of minutes to check and see if anything will fuck up the game

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>>520843421how do people like this even retain their simps kek?my current threshold is you do it once you're out. i'm not anyone's therapist


the final blackpill

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Anyone else notice they can't play almost any games while Invisible now? It's like the game thinks you aren't on the steam service at all.


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>>520843421I do. I went full autismo on a game for a few months and sometimes would start it up like 15 times in an hour so i just went offline so people wouldn't see my autism and since i never talk to anyone on steam anyway i just never bothered switching back


>>520843421What if I can't stand my "friends" IRL and they bother me to play shitty Riot games whenever I'm online?

Have fun stalking your "friends" OP.

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>>520843421If they really are your friends, they would know that you are in invisible status and you still talk to them

I'm 8/10, married with a gorgeous trad latina, have a good job, am fit and this my my default status.I am autism.In 20+ years of online gaming I haven't made a SINGLE friend. I only like to play on my terms. I can't be bothered to play dumb shit with weeb niggers.

Kill yourself.

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>>520843421I do it all the time.

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>>520843421>OfflineThe patrician choice

>>520844026there is an option to show no activity without appearing offline though


>>520844857>lying on the internet


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>>520844481I do this.

>want to play a game>friend messages me to play other game>I don't want to, so I tell him>get spammed with invites>still stay onlinewow

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>>520845225Don't give a shit if you believe me, tubby. In fact it only makes it better.

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>last online x days ago>constantly change his avatar while "offline"

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>>520843421No, I just jump straight to offline.

>>520845492乇乂丅尺卂 丅卄工匚匚

>>520845650>visible collarbones>extra thick


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>>520845714Looking too high

>>520845781That's average at best compared to other 2D girls. Are you new or something?

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>>520845575Nice mask.

@520845575>no neck

>last online 30 days ago>recent activity 250 hours in the last 2 weeks

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For what reason do you autists do this? Your friends know that you're avoiding them and they'll think that you're a spineless loser.

>>520845575Timestamp or didnt happened.

>>520846542you would think that the discerning autist would make their profile private to go with the autistic status

>>520843421my friends do this all the time then has the fucking nerve to complain why arent people playing games with them anymore. the worst part is they expect me to invite them when i have no fucking idea when theyre on.


I just private my play time because I don't want anyone to know what I'm playing or for how long. I get intimate with video games.

>>520846952because i at least know that they wont know when im playing games that they always bug me about playing together

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>one of my friends is last online 100 days ago>Recent Activity - 167 Hours Past 2 WeeksI just hope he's doing okay bros

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busybodies in this thread proving why this feature was needed. get a life stop stalking people

>>520850538nice job on installing spyware instead of just using the browser Love coomsumers just throwing away there data and seeming fine with it

>>520843871Not on steam I hope dear god.

>someone on my friends list offline for more than a month>removeThat easy bros

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>>520843421My girlfriend does this because she has a bunch of beta orbiters who invite her to play / try to chat with her whenever she's on.

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>>520843421>haven't appeared online in almost 4 months on PS4>appear online>faggots on my list send non-stop invitesThe worst part is I'll be playing a completely different game. Instead of just messaging me asking me if I'm down to play something else, they just spam random ass Fortnite invites or GTA V invites or some random ass game. I'm clearly not on that game...and if I wanted to play that shit I'd get on it. Fucking tards.

>>520843421i do when i see that 1 steam friend that spams you when you don't play with him, he's a nice dude so i don't have the balls to tell him to fuck off but i'm starting to regret not growing any

>>520851073200% this, if i open up tetris i'm clearly invested in playing tetris, why the fuck are you asking me if i want to play fortnite non stop you dumb cunt

>>520850828>t. paranoid schizophrenic

>>520851104Dude, just remove him. There's literally no reason not to, and it doesn't hurt you in any way. It's just some random fag online who doesn't even know you.

>>520851073>>520851228The problem I see here lies with the fact that you retards have friends that play Fortnite.

>>520851426part of the issue is that he's also a irl friend who lives 2 minutes away from me, just deleting him ain't enough unless steam breaks the space time continuum and deletes him irl too

>>520843421Because I just want to play video games and don't really care about the social element of Steam.

>>520851556>making clingy friends in real lifeAnon, I...

>>520843421I don't think I've ever added a single person on Steam. I just play games and occasionally do/say funny or crazy shit and people tail bite me and follow me around like little autistic children waiting for me to do the next act. I've got +50 friends and I don't even know who they are or what their real purpose for adding me was. I don't WANT to play that dumb ass game with you. I don't WANT to voice chat with you and talk about nothing. I don't WANT to "share memes." I don't WANT to join your discord. I don't WANT to entertain you. This isn't facebook you faggots. I'm not your god damn friend.

>>520851713we live in a somewhat isolated area and he's the only person my age, i know him since i was 6, how was i supposed to guess he was gonna turn out this way in his 20s

>>520843940What's the point of that?

>>520851061I have so many questions

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>>520850828Can you even play the games without the spyware?

>>520844784This. I talk to plenty of people who are on invisible because they're ducking some clingy fag or a girl.

If you play MP games at all you should be banned from ever playing videogames

>>520851541The issue is you're a fucking tard. It doesn't matter what the game is, if I'm not playing it stop fucking spamming invites. Appearing offline is completely reasonable if you have tards that spam invites. And then there's the SPECIAL kind of retards aka the people you've known for a while or people you know IRL that will literally just spam over and over and over until you go offline or fucking join them.

>>520851061>has a boyfriend>still accepts friend invites from random fags and orbiters and simps>he's okay with thisYou're a fucking cuck.

>>520852498>is too afraid to try and compete with real people

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>>520843421>spamming this gay thread while calling other people autistici seriously hope you dont keep doing this OP

>>520843421I do it all the time because I have friends who work 5-11pm and think I can play at 1 AM. Best part is any game we play the dude giga rages if it doesn't go his way.

My least favorite thing is >Random!>Joins game>Sorry I didn’t mean to invite YOUOr the classic invite, party queue time, join, lose>Sorry user! Got to go! Why even waste my time bro

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i love to appear autistic

>start game>friend212: YO MAN HOWS THAT GAME LEMME KNOW>friend101: WTF WHY YOU DONT YOU PLAY WITH ME BRO>friend076: hey you got (major spoiler) part yet??????????>friend010: can u buy me a copy of that game pls pls pls>friend876: that game any good?????????????????????>friend291: CAN I JOIN??????????????

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>>520843421>>2011+9Just say the year of our lord 2020 faggot.I do what I want. I am autistic and anti social and i need no validation from anyone. All my real friends play on console anyways. Bums me the fuck out because i despise randos

Wait does anyone here not play with their IRL friends or is v actually that autistic not to any physical friends

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>>520853281All my childhood friends moved onto different hobbies like fucking random women and working out too much. All I need is my wife, a fat bowl, and a good story and life’s good.

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>>520853281not really because most of them aren't into what i'm into, they're more into cod, league, that sorta shit

>>520852586It's guys she's known for a long time.It's very easy to tell they're interested in her, but absolutely have no chance with her because of what boring losers they are.It's always been very funny to me that dudes like this think girls they like are oblivious to the fact that that the guy wants to be romantic with them and that the girl will somehow reciprocate it despite being only being friends with them for years lmao. Why would they ever change their mind unless the dude had a complete personality overhaul? Lmao.

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>>520843421I do that only when I smoke weed. For some reason I really don't wanna talk with internet friends when high. I just wanna chill out with video games.

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>>520853742People in relationships don’t have desperation or desire for pussy. Edgy gamerlords need the “chase” and talk like that with any person who sounds anything similar to a woman.

>>520843421The only autist here is the clingy faggot who can't stop spamming messages and invites, that's why they go invisible, they're sick of you but don't have the balls to delete your ass

>>520853742I get how you believe your line of thinking is fair but you should really start to shut it down. If you ever want to get any further with this girl you need to start pruning the little weeds around her feet before they turn into actual problems. ESPECIALLY with them being online faggots. Women are dumb as fuck and don't conflate reality with the internet in the severe and realistic way we do. You're also operating under this assumption that your girlfriend's logic is as sound as yours and that she won't just change her mind on a whim or a passion of the wind and then regret it afterwards like a child (which they so often do). Get rid of these dog rats bro, seriously. Your girlfriend is being harried by these greasy, faithless, home-wrecking, brainlet coomers so much she has to go offline on her OWN account, and you don't see a problem with that? A lion may not fit through a crack in your wall, but a rat could, and it only takes a few to infest everything with vermin.

>>520854516>don't have the balls to delete your assah yes the fear of instantly dying IRL for being assertive about anythingcompletely relatable

>>520850730you should ask him

>>520844857Don't care, stupid normie

>>520845597maybe you should accept you are just blocked, bitch.

>>520843421>2010 + 10>year of our lord gaben>having friendslmao gtfo & kys

I do it while I wagecuck so I can play strategy games while waiting for shit

>>520853281I never had any real friends, they were all dude weed tier. I am not an hypocrite that maintains appearances and pretends you matter if you are a trash person, so I am alone forever.

>>520845575Now post a pic without jutting your traps forward to make your neck and traps look bigger

>>520858575>an hypocrite

>>520859273The h is silent.

>>520843421I stay invisible because a lot of the games I play tend to crash and I want to save my friends list the "user has started playing shitgame#47""user has started playing shitgame#47""user has started playing shitgame#47"

>>520859273Thank you for showing me that americans are fucking retards that can't even spell in their own lingo

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>>520843421It's fun to do while you have a lot of friends

>>520846952Sometimes I want to chill and play a singleplayer game without getting messaged to get on discord or an invite to a game I don't want to play

>>520856084On a date?

>>520859741I don't know what retarded website that is, but you and it are wrong dude. Say it out loud, seriously. "I am not an hypocrite." It's not right.

>>520860161I ain't falling for your bait.

>>520859741>the state of esls lmfao

>>520851853My main account is VPN'd to a country with absurdly cheap vidya prices, but I can't pay with a credit card, only Steam gift cards, which are now a giant pain in the ass to find. So it's easier to just send myself digital gift cards with an alt account.

>>520860570>My main account is VPN'd to a country with absurdly cheap vidya pricesSounds like you are an ameriburger buying from taco

>>520860310It's literally a basic tenet of English grammar that "an" is governed by a following vowel sound, and "a' is governed by a following consonant sound. Say out loud in your speaking voice, "You are an hypocrite," and then tell me I'm wrong.

>>520861097If every grammar checker says it is fine, who am I believing, a retardo in 4chan or like 5 or more dictionaries and spell checks.

>>520853742What a fucking cuck you are. Put her on a leash. She wanna be with you then make it clear she is NOT allowed to have any male friends, its that simple. Else you will inevitably be cucked, and you deserve that for being that soft.

>>520843421nobody wants to chat with you, user

>>520843421I only do it when I'm constantly launching a game, so I don't bother my friends with "user is playing _________" notifications

>>520861656those notifications can be turned off by them if they're not totally braindead

>>520843421Fuck off faggot OP. I already have enough people to talk to.

>>520844026Yep, I switch it on and off for that exact purpose as well. I can't stand when people are opening a game over and over in quick succession, so I don't inflict it on others. And I imagine if I do it, people will end up removing me. Not that I talk to any of them, but still.>>520845084Tthat only affects whether or not *you* see the pop-ups from others. Meaning they'd have to enable that option for your activity to not show up for them

>>520861434Enjoy making yourself look like a retard in public.

>>520843421I'm not autistic guys, see look you have to be communicating with someone all the time, its what normies do I'm not autstic, what do you mean I'm getting irritated because you're not doing what I want, I'm not autistic I'M A NORMIE I SWEAR GUYS

>>520862029Well I guess then I have to say cambrigde and other reputable mutt dictionaries are retards too, like yourself. After all, they are made by your own people.

>>520861434please be bait

>>520854804I got wayy too nervous to log on while my old real life friends from school were on my friends list. When i deleted them I got a text that asked me why I deleted them. I instantly starting sweating and felt like I was gonna have a heart attack. This fear isn't completely unjustified :(

>>520853208Stop having awful friends then

>>520862334go to>>520862172


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>>520843421nigger I do what I want

Friends interact irl, not online. Online friends are like online relationships: it's a lie you're telling yourself to feel better.


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>>520862965>>520862540post links, otherwise cool edit


>have girl character in avatar>get flooded 24/7 with random invites

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>>520843421Good one OP.

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>>520843421>worry about what other people think of you using a client feature>in 2001+19Sorry that you need to track your friends every move like some sort of fucking stalker when they want to play something single player, so you can message them with some kind of meaningless comment about the game. I'm here to play games, not fucking social network, faggot. I'll appear offline or invisible as much as I want and you can't do anything about it. Wanna call me out by looking at my profile's hours going up? I'll tell you that you're a fucking enormous faggot for being a fucking creepy stalker. I'll sign in when I want to.

>>520863283>have girl icon>fleece simps for games and gibs

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>>520843871>He doesn't proudly brandish his CoC II™ ownership to everyone on his friend list

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>>520863183>>520862965That's from grammarchecker.net, the first result you get when you type in "grammar checker." I'm guessing by this >>520862172 post that English isn't your first language and you probably aren't American or even European either seeing as how you compare Cambridge - a university and then dictionary originating from the UK all the way back to the 13th century - to mutts. I have a masters in English and there's nothing wrong with not getting something like this correct, especially something as confusing as "an" and "a" and their proper use as articles.

>>520862980what did he say wrong? all i see are straight facts

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>>520863465is that even doable these days? what kind of virgin retard doesn't even check for fakes or asks for some confirmation if it's really a chick?

>>520863859Here's an anecdote for you>2006>Start a female night elf character in WoW>Within 10 minutes, have someone whispering me about being sexy>2019>Start a female night elf character in WoW>Hit level 5 before someone whispers me about being sexy

>>520863859 Simps have amoeba tier intelligence. You're basically conning mentally handicapped losers. Actually it's even easier now cause these fags don't even care if you're actually a dude because they're undercover gayasf.

>>520863513inb4 they add achivements so you can never escape it

>>520863859it's even more doable now, consider the average intelligence of humans in their teens and early 20s these days. they've all been brainwashed by their magic rectangle.

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>>520864062we already did lol

>>520863859you under estimate thirsty discord retardsthrow in a :3 o-o c: D: o3o in casual conversation and they're all over you

>>520845575This amount of shameless autism? Kys

>>520863859is that even doable? are you serious? there's a whole market blooming as we speak of men using virtual cams to make themselves look like fucking anime girls while they stream on twitch and people unironically give them money. the only thing holding you back from doing shit like this is probably 3 things>the actual effort alone that goes into duping one of these coomers, and getting the right one that is willing to fork over something before getting any nudes/face pics>the disgust you'd feel actually pretending to be a girl long enough to get anything out of it>the time to payoff ratio: is it worth cybering with some faggot on the internet for a week over a 20-60 dollar game you could just pirate?these are why i don't do it. other than the fact it's pretty gay to do when you think about it, which is another big reason but may not bother some

>>520851821You can just cut your losses, cut contact and let go of the faggot. I've done this with people I've grown up with and am happier without them.


>>520863609Ok user I just don't like americans anyway.

>>520863609Probably a Pajeet

>>520861539Not him, but if my gf told me that I am not allowed to have female friends I'd throw her in the metaphorical dumpster

>>520843421Been using this feature ever since it was released. Deal with it niggerfaggot OP.

>>520865687Well you mutts say everybody is a pajeet if they aren't a black, jew, euro or mutt

>havent had a steam friend in fucking YEARS>never really cared for it, just logged on and played vidya in peace>bunch of randoms recently sending me friend requestwat do?

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>>520866320tell em each to fuck off then block them

>>520866320Ignore them all. Steam has turned into fucking Rome with all these gypsy-tier retarded bots adding people and trying to get their information. They'll even try to get you to "join their team" for CSGO or TF2 or whatever and have you "log in through steam" on some busted ass pick up game website. Fucking curryniggers and chinks are literally out in droves trolling the water for some little kid or idiot to scam on there now. I'm dead fucking serious. Don't even add them. Just block and move on.

>>520866320i'll be your friend user

>>520843421well yes I am probably somewhere on the spectrumjust realized this year lmfao

>>520865759You need female friends? What are you, gay? Not even females wanna hang with females



>>520843421No, I went a bit further. I made another account and family shared all my games onto it. I haven't been on my main account with my 'internet friends' since last October.

what did you guys put in the information part in your profile

>>520867083what games do you play

Literally me.

>>520843421I use it for modding games so people don't see me appear in a game over and over

>>520843421I do it because you never seem to take the hint that I don't want to queue with you because you're shit.


>>520843421I have a friend that does this, I just never invite him to play games with our friend group anymore because I can't tell if he's online or not. If he's not going to show me when he's online then I'm not going to take the time out of my day to message him every time not knowing if he's online or not, simple

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>>520848780shut up fag contact them outside of steam


>>520843421>using steam as a social platformWhy don't you fuck off back to facebook games.