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Previous Thread >>520795608>Post references and names in one post>Keep it vidya origin, no OCs>No shitposting, bumping requests or misusing Loomis and other artist names>If a post breaks the rules, DO report and hide it. DON'T respond to it.>When posting a delivery PLEASE don't forget to link to the anchor post.>Have funPost your art to the booru for anons to find later in case they miss a delivery or if it is NSFW:vidyart.booru.org/ (current)vidyart2.booru.org/ (backup)Also, to those uploading, if you know who the subjects of the picture are, please tag them!NSFW Deliveries (excluding loli/furry content) should also be posted in>>>/i/619102For NSFW Deliveries that go against the rules like loli/furry try these sites:catbox.moe/ or imgur.com/Want to learn how to draw or improve your drawing skills? Visit the /ic/ sticky>>>/ic/1579290Drawing Books and drawing programs:mega.nz/folder/sSYAxKqb#f2gWy-eQZJNvRfiUTu1ASA

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Requesting Coco Bandicoot taking a polaroid selfie at the Orient Express level. Optional suggestion: a juxtaposition between the original Playstation One graphics on the background and the new model from the PS4 N.Sane Trilogy as the main

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>>520843203Requesting Rajyaki from Muramasa and Shuten Douji trapping a guy's schmeat between their butts like this: files.catbox.moe/d2s64m.jpeg

Attached: Horns.png (1223x1057, 1.18M)

Requesting Sunny and Blade Wolf visiting his ancestor - the original AIBO.

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>>520843203Shark week is overPlease draw one last sharp toothed waifuThank you shark bros

Requesting Belladonna eating lasagna. Garfield style optional.

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>>520843281Good luck as you had with the double delivery a few threads ago!


Requesting Tax Fraud

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Requesting this ghost from Ducktales on NES as a male shortstack, with proportions similar to:files.catbox.moe/1h84fy.jpg

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Requesting Z1(Kancolle) sitting on Elizabeth's(persona) lap

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Requesting Succubus SMTV Protagonist getting fucked, or pegged, by a real demon or incubus while he jerks him off using his tail.

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Requesting Menat unable to move because she forgot to stretch

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Requesting your waifu having sweet dreams

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Requesting double titjob while the guy licks Roll's pussy

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Requesting Tataru from FF14 getting the WoL's(Shadowbringers version) measurements but with her hand down his pants groping his junk with an intrigued yet smug look on her face.

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Requesting Goth Poison with a skull between her thighs

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These threads make me depressed

Requesting Ramlethal bathing in milk

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>>520843928I'm sorry to hear man, do you want to talk about it?

Requesting Tanned Cirno giving a thighjob at the beach

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Requesting Luca Stolas with a ghost hand fingering her underneath her pantyhose.Or the roles are reversed and she's grabbing an anonymous sillhouette's cock, I don't know. I'm just throwing ideas around.

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requesting lailah being seductive in this outfit (tugging on it as a tease, blowjob gesture, etc)

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Requesting Io from Grandblue Fantasy getting her magic staff shoved up her ass. Really hard if possible. Pointy end first. It needs to be more of a comical interpretation rather than gruesome. Like Kancho but with her staff instead of someone fingers.

Attached: Io.Euclase.full.2451451.png (584x570, 306.79K)

Requesting the gang on Mario Strikers style

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Requesting this dumb conqueror playing Civilization IV

Attached: bad Civilization.gif (728x408, 2.76M)

Requesting Animal Crossing Style Marina visiting K.K. at their local bar

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Requesting this redraw with Scout from TF,2

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Requesting Pimp Sonsonyoutu.be/6vwNcNOTVzY

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>>520844401This, don't use this thread anymore.

Requesting Hoppo and her little sister giving a double thighjob

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>>520844401>>520844582Have you obsessed over being the one to make this thread for the last year because you feel you have no control over your real life?

Anchoring. Requesting Coco Bandicoot in casual clothes, driving a Vespa through downtown.

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Requesting this scene with Pit and Dark Pit from Kid Icarus

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Reminder to report early threads.

>>520844873Do it yourself.

Requesting Robo-Fortune laying in a beach chair in a bikini with a fan blowing on the end of her bionic arm trying to beat the heat

Attached: Robo-Fortune_Animación_Stand_Idle.gif (228x267, 1.32M)

>>520844401Do us a favour and step into a noose

>>520844873Okay then I'll report yours

Requesting Kat having a date with Snoop Dogg

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>>520844546>WW Redead designBased

Requesting Mrs. Victoria from Skullgirls with a visible boob window and suggestively showing off her cleavage like this gif (doesn't have to be animated) :files.catbox.moe/ogqjt9.gif

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>>520843232WIP from last thread. Will finish later.

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Requesting a Boomer version of these twoAlternatively a parody with Luigi and Mario

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Requesting Inkling singing jazz with some Octoling playing sax on the background.

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I want this to use as a meme for Lost Planet threadsWayne Holden drawn over BelleBandero drawn over GastonThe book cover should be replaced with the cover art of Lost Planet 3Please I'm begging a good user to do this

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Requesting Buro getting prone boned

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>>520845251Similar to this one which was done for FF7

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>>520845343You should make a proper collage with all the needed references. That'd be way easier, user.

Requesting Min Min doing a new promo add for her ramen stand with her butt painted like two juicy pork buns.

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>>520845231Looking goodGodspeed PM

Requesting Re-Class watching Shark Week

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Requesting this with Princess Daisy and Rosalina, alternatively suggesting Samus and Wii Fit Trainer

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>>520845251Make a better ref image for your request first, no one's gonna want to have to look up who the characters are just to get an idea of what they look likeAlso there's no need to waste an image with this >>520845343 as it's clear what your request is and doesn't need an example

Requesting a parody of the following scene with user and Van from NinjalaScene: files.catbox.moe/vtqkq3.png alt: files.catbox.moe/omq4n8.png

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>>520845231Sexy Nessa

Requesting Female Blood Dragon sticking her ass up and getting a rimjob from user.

Attached: bd.jpg (1024x576, 183.75K)

Requesting Marie Rose in her Deluxe Costume getting her ass licked by Honoka.Reference image:files.catbox.moe/kyq7ng.jpg

Attached: Marie and Honoka.jpg (1920x2072, 348.9K)

Requesting an outfit swap of Kina from Skyward Sword and Paya from Breath of the Wild

Attached: kina paya req.png (1285x1477, 1.29M)

Requesting Ness from MOTHER dealing with the pain

Attached: 1596706836989.png (590x350, 178.58K)

>>520846056What's with you and wanting to see Ness sad

Requesting Older Nyakuza Hat Kid as the leader of her own criminal empire. Please include a cat themed irezumi tattoo.

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>>520844546I have no idea what's going on thereBut nice sketch, Dave

Requesting Alucard working at Wendy's

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Requesting Momoko giving a sloppy blowjob

Attached: momoko11.jpg (600x800, 238.79K)

Requesting cute Beelancer.

Attached: Bs4wcoSCMAAg9NX.jpg (600x536, 39.04K)

Requesting Splash Woman singing a sea shanty

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>>520844970I meant both of them.

Requesting a fusion of all these Neptunia Goddesses into one Super Goddess.

Attached: Neptunia Super Goddess fusion 1.png (4140x1258, 3.31M)

Requesting Loba spreading her thick ass for the viewers while, she’s smiling from behind

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Requesting Retrofit Ranger from Azur Lane giving someone a titjob

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>>520846568Next time be more clear

Requesting Bunyan-chan visiting the Statue of Liberty.

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Requesting the Liar Princess in her human form with casual modern clothes of your choosing. Have free liberties on what she's doing.

Attached: princess refs english.png (1552x589, 1.48M)

Requesting Captain Falcon saying>"Winners don't do drugs!">"They gamble!"

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>>520847053Will try to be.

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Requesting Agent 8 drinking a smoothie

Attached: Agent 8.jpg (850x1270, 152.63K)

Requesting Rouge the Bat giving an armpitjob

Attached: rouge.jpg (683x1024, 70.79K)

Requesting gangbang

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Requesting Lucky playing against his (now-evil) older brother Lucas in Smash. Optional, but having Lyra behind Lucky and cheering him on would be cool. The top reference is official art, so having Smash in universe makes sense. Completely SFW, please.

Attached: 20200811_130752.jpg (1771x1920, 1.36M)

Requesting Nanako Dojima from the Persona series pregnant

Attached: Persona_nanako.jpg (323x738, 155.12K)

Anchoring. 21 eating sundae.

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Requesting user jerking him off and playing with his tits

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tfw no good futa requests

>>520847742>tfw the same old bait

Attached: punkass.jpg (531x374, 34.32K)


Requesting Non-Conventional Linne Bondage like in the reference (She's short so have her stuck in a container or tight space or something)

Attached: linnebondage.jpg (1200x900, 105.37K)

Requesting White Crane doing the Karate Kid pose

Attached: 1596950723018.jpg (514x699, 97.3K)

Requesting pregnant Roll as the result of her volunteering to be the testbed for a new artificial womb.

Attached: Roll.jpg (480x900, 85.03K)

Requesting Belladonna from Trials of Mana wearing the same outfit as Lunalight Leo Dancer (ygo card on the right), please.

Attached: Leo Reference.jpg (1202x1186, 286.11K)

Requesting Lilith facesitting user

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>>520847742Literally tons of them. Faggot doesn't draw girlcock

Requesting Neneko in a super short skirt and shirt bending over to pick something up with Moneko lifting her skirt to show off her butt in a thong. Neneko should look embarrassed or surprised.

Attached: BTCs.jpg (1284x722, 59.04K)

>put in the efforts and time to draw the request>Only gets a few repliesWhat kind of requests are the most famous here?

Requesting Little Northern Sister having anal sex for the first time

Attached: lnr.jpg (725x1024, 77.67K)

>>520848202It varies its all about the quality of your art to be honest

Requesting a Jojo inspired pic of the Sunset Riders.

Attached: Sunset.jpg (3296x3632, 2.6M)

>>520848202Are literal pixels formed to spell (You) THAT important?

Requesting fully armoured Samus giving a buttjob

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>>520848202you don't have to focus on (you)s user. draw whatever you want

>>520843203Requesting Maguro Sasaki from Puyo Puyo getting buttfucked in full nelson positionFull referencefiles.catbox.moe/cwidz6.png

Attached: Character_Maguro_Puyo20thAnniversary.png (483x702, 67.86K)

>>520848202You aren't an artist, but if you were I'd tell you to post on twitter if you want validation in upvotes.

Requesting pic related draw using Wario and Mona from Warioware or Plague Knight and Mona from Shovel Knight.

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>>520848497Numbuh 4

Requesting Kiyohime completely coiled around Gudako, like in the center picture.

Attached: kiyohimerequest.png (2402x958, 1.38M)

Requesting KI2 Orchid at a '90s dance party using her tonfas as glow sticks.Maybe to better populate the scene have Cassandra (SC2 look) and Iroha (SS7 look) on either side of her armed with mere regular glow sticks nervously trying to enjoy themselves while not getting whacked.

Attached: dac1sps-49ac0d98-d2f4-4b44-94c1-4386fffcaecb.jpg (1225x1722, 307.05K)

Requesting Acerola performing the mouth vacuum-seal double hand-twist gluck gluck 9000 combo blowjob technique

Attached: 15494829017489.png (849x1057, 870.59K)

Requesting Seraphina from Disgaea 5 in a sling swimsuit or any kind of slutty swimwear, and getting fucked at the beach

Attached: Seraphina thicc.jpg (5216x3640, 2.21M)

>>520848396why bother coming to this thread then?

loli or not request for shitty delivery

Requesting drunk bunny

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>>520848649Ok but who's rubbing who because I feel like Mona would be the one giving a Wario massage

>>520848857Anna's fat butt in a thong

Attached: anna_secret_seller_slide01.png (640x750, 287.18K)

Requesting this with Ami Bandicoot

Attached: Requesting this with Ami Bandicoot.jpg (3672x3832, 1.83M)

Requesting Saki and Kae from Suguri drawn in their regular outfits and bikinis full body.

Attached: orange juice request.png (1920x1080, 2.56M)

>>520848857Requesting naked Roll looking with horror at how she is being slowly dismantled.

Attached: 1591189759969.jpg (900x638, 103.5K)


>>520848951>I feel like Mona would be the one giving a Wario massageSounds canon to me

>>520848342But sometimes art that are not so good looking and still at sketch phase here lots of you.>>520848396Yes, it validates my efforts and let me know that I'm not doing it for nothing.>>520848475I just like to have some attention one in awhile.But in a good way.>>520848596I am, and did a request here.I'm not gonna get some cheap yous from some easily impressed fucktard on Twitter.I have dignity.

Requesting an ass-to-titjob with Mina and Valerie from Monster Promfiles.catbox.moe/tzeooi.jpg

Attached: cats_and_demons.jpg (1600x1800, 427.25K)

>>520848951You know what? That's true. I might need to add this detail next time. Thanks for the suggestion!

>>520847742I don't want your bad futa art based on good requests. I want your bad futa art based on my requests

Attached: gdu8houi65a21.jpg (1350x2284, 259.91K)

>>520848857Nepnep wearing a slutty outfit like these ones chan.sankakucomplex.com/post/show/7262072

Attached: Neptune_V2.jpg (575x1296, 144.44K)

>>520849272There's no perfect formula you gotta keep trying

Requesting Ring Fit Trainer at the beach modeling a similar bikini to the one from the reference on the right image.

Attached: ringfit.jpg (1024x703, 81.14K)

Requesting Elly from Xenogears wearing a skimpy Xenoblade Chronicles 2 type outfit based on the design of her actual uniform and being embarrassed because of it.

Attached: Elly-XBC2.png (1351x639, 793.09K)

Requesting Tita Russell from the Trails games getting her hair cut off short into a bob

Attached: 2C88BC90-3384-49DA-A16F-418F2EEE95C7.png (689x1224, 633.05K)

>>520849272>I'm not gonna get some cheap yous from some easily impressed fucktard on Twitter.So you're instead looking for cheap (you)s from some easily impressed fucktard in this thread? This is the thread that highly praises Iggy, you know. The standards couldn't possibly be lower.

Requesting my MMO character from the game "Mabinogi" wearing a simple black two-piece swimsuit with one of those partially transparent beach black pareo skirt, similar to pic related, swimming in a cute seaside bar glass filled with a colorful non-alcoholic drink.Character reference: i.imgur.com/fdxo87C.pngA swimsuit appearance (can use this one if you find the other swimsuit a bit too simple): i.imgur.com/QQnnMnZ.pngNo lewd allowed, it will be ignored, instantly rejected and sealed away.Please and thanks!

Attached: swimsuit2.png (800x600, 9.96K)


>>520849302No problem I hope it or the shovel knight one gets drawn

Requesting Terry getting arrested for not using his helmet

Attached: 1596243252912.gif (400x300, 1.09M)


Requesting Mega Man X5-7 Alia shopping for body upgrades, looking at her X8 design's torso in a shop window. Optionally if the artist feels like it, with other reploid busts next to it in the shop display.

Attached: aliaref.png (637x727, 358.08K)

Requesting Silent Hill Nurse gridding her ass against user's crotch

Attached: __bubble_head_nurse_silent_hill_and_1_more_drawn_by_ueno_petarou__0ed1610b4f4f2af3d0312dbf54f6b667.jpg (714x1000, 368.49K)

>>520849578>post made exactly one minute after bumping alf's threadReally makes you think.

>>520848202>What kind of requests are the most famousDraw some fucked up fetish shit with girls from popular franchises. Pokegirls or Persona characters taking monster shits for example. That's how you get max replies.>>520849523>Drags Iggy into an unrelated conversationObsessed. Just suck him off already

Requesting a before & after of Hajime princess carrying Hiyoko while she's young, and then struggling more when she's older.

Attached: 8934246563.jpg (525x604, 91.41K)

Requesting Bea getting her ass fingered at the beach

Attached: Bea.jpg (566x800, 328.83K)

>>520849757Iggy will always be relevant to any discussion involving cheap praise for bad artists.

Attached: 4bb04f9ee7099beea81febf148e1250b37e36203[1].png (2500x2000, 928.13K)

>>520849272Have you tried adding soul?

Requesting Taiga from Fate/Extra with her bum in the air wearing tights.

Attached: extra taiga ref.png (1330x1448, 898.9K)

>>520849896Should have used another, he did a "recent" one that shit, it was bent all over

>>520848857Sheffield in a swimsuit which looks like her maid outfit.

Attached: Sheffield.png (895x1024, 850.02K)

Requesting the bottom reference with 5-volt and 9-volt

Attached: smash.jpg (400x640, 109.71K)

>>520849721He's still right though, even though they're both faggots

>>520849946This one? It's an anatomy nightmare.

Attached: 93922f505cfb8712367c6dfe11bd790f00cc40ed[1].png (1400x2000, 476.83K)


Requesting Meopatra with a lustful look on her face giving a twin tailjob to user or stroking his cock with her front paws.

Attached: M_e_o_p_a_t_r_a.jpg (800x450, 140.44K)


>>520848857Pick a vidya character and draw his/her hand like this

Attached: FoolishBurial-LART-EN-UR-LE.png (493x720, 448.81K)

Requesting alone on her ship, wearing nothing but panties while letting her huge tits hang out.

Attached: samus ref.jpg (1521x1080, 523.61K)

>>520850183Banjo with a copy of Nuts n Bolts in his hand instead of the shovel


>>520843203Requesting Scorn Guy wearing a bucket on his head and flipping the bird while saying "I AM the law"

Attached: Scorn_87ad36_6365045.jpg (1200x1082, 130.49K)

Requesting Angel jamming to this songyoutu.be/U46pFIo5zsg

Attached: angel.jpg (676x1024, 56.03K)

>>520850102Yeah that one, fuck

Requesting girls being fucking retarded

Attached: EfObUt8XYAI6tr4.jpg (850x500, 49.23K)

Requesting a lewd Splatfest between Pearl's cute butt and Marina's big chest.

Attached: 1597150674619.png (800x779, 137.24K)

>>520798314Damn, that's great, thanks for doing that.

Requesting Red Queen using a set of arms to drink a cocktail, another one to hold a cigarette and the last one to hold her chin either looking bored or smug

Attached: Red Queen.jpg (593x1024, 105.6K)

>>520850309Requesting him and dark Samus having hot steamy sex

Requesting Soccer Mom Double Suggesting Aeon and Venus featured as her children

Attached: time_and_space.jpg (1008x979, 332.79K)

>>520850686That's your delivery? I thought it was a random doodle

>>520843232>>520832420>>520829129Will finish this later, tired now and was drawing a bunch earlier so I'm gassed.

Attached: lovedempringles.png (841x1060, 280.92K)

>>520850887Goodnight Rocket, nice sketch.

Requesting Azazel lying on her stomach reading "The Divine Comedy" while wearing her pyjama top and a thong.

Attached: (Azazel).jpg (850x1202, 189.63K)

>>520850887Cute Coco

Requesting Barbara and Elysia doing this posefiles.catbox.moe/svx4dm.jpg

Attached: barbara_and_elysia_by_games_are_my_life_d6lc8hn-fullview.png (1024x995, 488.92K)

>>520850887Looking good rest well

Requesting a drawing of Feena at the beach.

Attached: Feena.jpg (500x784, 122.12K)

>>520851101Here you go bro.

Attached: fd5c0a759d805fec9b048d66f30a079b[1].jpg (1000x1100, 1.3M)

Requesting Lusamine sitting on her daughter, Lillie's face.

Attached: Lusamine & her comfortable chair.jpg (772x1964, 255.11K)

>>520851101Double cake. See, they're even drinking just how you like it!

Attached: f92592dd9dabc876ef30c52d3bff1266[1].jpg (640x480, 37.05K)

>>520851186Pure comedy gold

Requesting Medusa with her makeup screwed up and her snake hair trying to contain their laugh

Attached: Uprising_medusa_e3_2011_press_kit.png (732x1163, 896.34K)

>>520851186He'll ask you to draw something else right now

>>520850812No, it was based on >>520712471

Requesting this scene from Ghost in the Shell with Q and Seth from Street Fighter

Attached: gits.gif (500x320, 918.65K)

>>520851293My badGlad you got yours done

Requesting Criminal Friends. Tasmanian and Australian Devil as bodyguards of Blackbuck. Think about Yakuza or the Godfather.>Themeyoutu.be/ckHnqXJ7zgc

Attached: kmnf.jpg (1024x888, 109.12K)

>>520850887Make the pringles wumpa flavored please

>>520849523>Rent free

Requesting Maya Amano sleeping with her ass in the air wearing just a tank top and panties that say either "CIAO" or WHOOP ASS" on them. I included some color combos that I thought looked nice.

Attached: Maya.png (1480x1224, 1.43M)

Draw a cute Riva from Legend of Dark Witch, please!

Attached: 003Riva.png (3225x2276, 2.91M)

>>520851573You're upset yet you don't offer any counterargument. It's good to know that you admit that I'm right.

>>520851573>>520851643Kiss, you faggots

Requesting an oppai loli verison of Mitsuru from Persona 3 in something embarrassingly revealing with lots of midriff and underboob.

Attached: Loli Mitsuru.jpg (336x896, 232.68K)

Requesting Mipha in a fish bowl

Attached: mipha official.jpg (850x935, 141.99K)

Requesting the Sorceress from Dragon's Crown dressed like a Witch monster from Dragon's Quest 8 or vice-versa with the Witch dressed like the Sorceress.

Attached: Witch Switch.png (2124x2976, 1.49M)

>>520851601Don't say please that lowered your chances. If you are lucky it'll happen.

Requesting PQ Elizabeth flashing her anus through a tiny thong string.

Attached: PQ2_Elizabeth_Glow.png (368x517, 110.67K)


Requesting Yukari doing a finger censor naked selfie.

Attached: In-game artwork.jpg (850x886, 159.87K)

Requesting Cooking Mama branding your waifu's butt

Attached: 1592012850647.webm (640x640, 773.59K)

Requesting the cover girl from the game Gururin (neogeo) as in imgur's image, but with veil (nsfw) i.imgur.com/XcCQySa.png

Attached: gururingirl.jpg (1188x1020, 482.57K)

Requesting the left image but with buzzy beetle girl

Attached: B6AC1602-DFE4-408C-AAAE-A044A71591F6.jpg (1024x777, 93.36K)

Requesting the manga panels but with PQ Aigisfiles.catbox.moe/qko3ol.png

Requesting Cavewoman Coco using her laptop to fix a problem like this scene from SpongeBob, reference: files.catbox.moe/4k9lux.gif

Attached: 1597263067638.jpg (683x1024, 52.49K)

>>520852182Cute request Bishop

Requesting Mei Raiden in a black hooded robe, shooting lightning out of her hands/fingers.

Attached: Striker_Fulminata.png (1198x1151, 622.7K)

requesting arche in a slutty tiger print bikini making suggestive poses

Attached: Arche_Klein_(ToP-NDX).jpg (800x1157, 98.97K)

>>520852237Pay it.

>>520851552it's gonna be nut flavour

Attached: going prone.png (540x233, 29.07K)

Requesting Black Tifa with a thick futa penis. Her futa penis being so long even when flaccid, that some of it is hanging below her skirt. Even when she's not erect, the top inches are visible, this is Black Tifa.

Attached: _76857.jpg (646x892, 93.23K)


>>520852337So simple yet brilliant

Attached: 1596663638083.gif (498x471, 2.16M)

Requesting a pic related of this, but with these two character in the picture.>Breath of the Wild: Zelda>The Legend of Zelda. Twilight Princess: Telma

Attached: Zelda&Telma.jpg (1720x2128, 627.67K)

>>520848202>put in the efforts and time to draw the request >OR is long gone

Attached: broly.png (738x697, 528.46K)


Requesting Eve from Star Ocean wearing an armor set like a Valkyire, like Lenneth. For colors, use her own color scheme of white and gold.

Attached: eve valkyrie.jpg (1858x1026, 509.07K)

>>520852456Just post it faggot


>>520852363I hate that people like you exist

Requesting futa astolfo

Attached: 78096428_p0.jpg (767x600, 331.07K)

Requesting Gum and Cube giving a implied buttjob to the same spray can

Attached: 1596189948143.jpg (819x1024, 105.91K)

>>520851186>>520851260Those were nice and all, but I just want a drawing of Fenna in the bikini she's wearing in >>520851101

Anchor for final delivery.

Attached: Estelle WIP-censored.png (566x1101, 564.65K)

requesting Garnet from FFIX dressed up like a Cleyran Dancer>>520848857This?

Attached: cleyradancer.jpg (538x286, 59.1K)

>>520852726Too late, you already got two deliveries and neither of them said that you could rerequest.

>>520852681I like that people like him exist.

Requesting Berecca trying to buy alcohol but being told her ID is fake and she is a minor

Attached: Berecca-Ninjala-Character-Bio-1024x498.jpg (1024x498, 48.72K)

>>520852456Source of this panel?

>>520852728How many weeks has it been since you got that WIP, two? Two and a half?

Requesting fat notte guzzling handfuls of cum

Attached: rcf3bukme6q11.png (675x667, 508.86K)

Requesting Kanna in her swimsuit and hat doing the pose on the bottom.

Attached: E7811B4E-0131-43B1-BD17-A0906BC0A39C.png (883x808, 1.3M)

>>520852936Requesting Layer in her swimsuit and doing the pose on the top.

Tsubaki's kimono turned into a bikini

Attached: Tsubaki.(Trinity.Universe).full.226683.jpg (500x749, 54.92K)

Requesting Mipha, Sidon and Link doing the Three Wise Monkeys pose.

Attached: cahil.jpg (950x696, 97.9K)

>>520852936Fantastic delivery, Gerald

>>520852912Should i be worried? I mean, the artist might be busy with far more important stuff right now (you know, the pandemic and all that) but i have faith that he will eventually return.

>>520853220I feel that if you haven't heard a thing out of the artist for more than a week it's probably time to let it go but who knows, maybe you'll be validated for your persistence.

Requesting Robo Fortune repairing her own damaged body

Attached: Robo_Action.jpg (1981x1879, 1.83M)

>>520853220He won't come back

>>520851697But we don't want oppai. We want flat with a big futa penis

>>520853220>expecting Holla Forums drawfags to come backlmao go browse the wip tag on the booru

Requesting Min Min playing Mahjong with Captain Falcon

Attached: min.jpg (567x839, 638.58K)

Requesting Annette (pre or post time-skip) dressed as Himiko Yumeno, making a smug/excited pose.

Attached: Annette and Himiko req.png (2365x864, 2.16M)

Requesting Yuffie with big breasts and flaunting them, maybe while wearing a qipao.

Attached: EVbhNX4U0AANRi3.jpg (600x848, 196.2K)

Taking requests for vidya girls wearing in-game equipment that have sprites or art, but are not depicted on the character's in-game sprite or model. I already have one character/outfit in mind but I'm taking suggestions for others. The fun part is interpreting the sprites so no swimsuits.Replying with just the name of the character and the equipment is fine if you don't want to bother posting refs. Pic related as an example of equipment sprites.

Attached: examples.png (761x800, 526.92K)

>>520854068Art sample

Requesting Kanadeko showing off her bra-lessness with only her wet tanktop, for example i.imgur.com/jPdDpzb.png

Attached: Kanadeko_Personal.png (700x1100, 181.2K)

>>520854103Holy shit faggot stop spamming

Requesting Phoenix trying to save anons ass from jail

Attached: Sprite_Phoenix_Wright_Sujetando_un_papel_PWAA.gif (256x192, 87.61K)

I had a bunch of ideas for Charlotte if anyone wants to tackle one or some:-Being kissed by a Succubus, one arm held and one hand on one of her breasts (happens when a succubus grabs either her or Jonathan)-wearing one of the many many pieces of body clothing from the game i.imgur.com/JYOoLqV.png (Nyx's nurse outfit as well, give her the same breast size as the Nyx too if possible)>>520854068This is perfect for you, since its also CV.

Attached: Charlotte Aulin.png (740x621, 360.56K)

>>520854328Seconding and it's him explaining that the girl in the picture in question is a "loli", meaning it isn't illegal

requesting nanako-chan giving K, the loli-loving Holla Forums meme version of him a blowjob. And the he's trembling, overwhelmed by it

Attached: _________.jpg (994x660, 108.61K)

>>520854441Fuck that's a nice suggestionThanks user

Requesting Squigly poledancing using Leviathan as a pole.

Attached: 1596309087901.jpg (724x1024, 135.62K)

>>520854328He always wins that case right? He can do it right??

>>520853293>>520853383>>520853635So, in your opinion, should i get back to post the request again, or will i be called a faggot for doing so? I rather keep posting the WIP and wait since it looks very promising, but you aren't giving me any hopes.

>>520854068The Convict from Enter the Gungeon wearing various powerup items such as the Full Metal Jacket, Sunglasses, Mimic Tooth Necklace, Blood Brooch, etc.enterthegungeon.gamepedia.com/Itemshttps://enterthegungeon.gamepedia.com/Full_Metal_Jackethttps://enterthegungeon.gamepedia.com/Mimic_Tooth_Necklacehttps://enterthegungeon.gamepedia.com/Sunglasseshttps://enterthegungeon.gamepedia.com/Blood_Brooch

Attached: Convict References.png (2760x2190, 3.89M)

>>520854068Could you do Princess Peach wearing either the Super Suit (top) or the Lazy Shell (bottom) from Super Mario RPG?

Attached: suits.jpg (215x310, 16.32K)

Why is action scene so hard to draw

Attached: 1597218713954.jpg (1016x774, 338.48K)

>>520850887Cute outfit.

Requesting Maiden in Black flashing her hairy vag

Attached: Maiden_in_Black.png (227x450, 88.09K)


Attached: kojimbo.gif (253x216, 942.24K)

>>520843232How does Lilly look in a bikini?

Attached: Lilly swimsuit.jpg (511x1000, 128.44K)


Requesting Pearl monster TF

Attached: pearl.jpg (234x216, 4.95K)

>>520853552I can't control what people make, but I just want oppai loli, no penis with the above mentioned. So yeah.

>>520855047I'd rather see her without the bikini, you know what to do.

>>520855047literally same pose as before

Requesting Scathach princess carrying Gudao (both from Fate Grand Order) like the scene from Witch Craft Works.

Attached: vquest.jpg (125x42, 1.85K)

>>520854068When I played Mother 3 I always thought it'd be cool to see the party wearing aloha shirts when I got the item in game, so if you want you could try drawing Kumatora wearing one

Attached: Kumatora ref.png (688x685, 231.4K)

>>520854068Frimelda Lotice from Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2, wearing a "Ribbon" and "Mirror Mail", while wielding a "Tournesol"Armor sprite references here - finalfantasy.fandom.com/wiki/Final_Fantasy_Tactics_A2:_Grimoire_of_the_Rift_armor#Ribbonhttps://finalfantasy.fandom.com/wiki/Final_Fantasy_Tactics_A2:_Grimoire_of_the_Rift_armor#Mirror_MailWeapon sprite reference here- finalfantasy.fandom.com/wiki/Final_Fantasy_Tactics_A2:_Grimoire_of_the_Rift_weapons/Edged_weapons#Tournesol

Attached: Frimelda.jpg (490x946, 67.06K)

>>520853220what makes you think reposting it every thread is going to make the artist any more likely to finish it?

taking requests for this qt

Attached: fnafcute.jpg (675x900, 34.62K)

>>520854068Miriam wearing either of these, bloodstainedritualofthenight.wiki.fextralife.com/file/Bloodstained-Ritual-of-The-Night/scarlet-dress-armor-bloodstained-wiki-guide.png bloodstainedritualofthenight.wiki.fextralife.com/file/Bloodstained-Ritual-of-The-Night/coronation-gown-armor-bloodstained-wiki-guide.png

Attached: miriam.png (920x920, 361.33K)

>>520855959Looks like a random OC

>>520855959getting caught browsing furry porn

>>520855959being locked inside of a suit

>>520855959Getting grabbed by Toy Chica like this

Attached: 1596865590935.jpg (933x1024, 153.32K)

Requesting Dark_skinned_male full_Nelson double_peace_sign torn_clothes optional qos tattoo but it’s discrete

Attached: ACEB1D44-3BA0-4AAF-9D5C-49394EB0AA8E.png (297x520, 112.26K)

>>520854068Hakuno using the gear listed in the picture

Attached: hakunoequips.jpg (852x1084, 212.13K)

>>520855959Top popping open from her large breasts

Are garyc threads still a thing? I don't draw enough to be good enough to deliver anything worthwhile here and also don't have any art programs, I just want to do simple stuff.

>>520856727>Are garyc threads still a thing?Never been to one myself but why not just make one and see if anybody else bites?

Requesting you draw Kid from Chrono Cross when she was in the clinic dress with her hair let down.

Attached: Kid Down.png (379x544, 493.77K)

>>520843232Reposting at a different timing for the requester.Please see this...Request from >>520503193 files.catbox.moe/8d08ud.jpg

>>520856790Kinda late right now. I also don't remember the url. Haven't seen em in a while, didn't know if they were even allowed anymore.

>>520855047This is the same image as before.Why are you anchoring a traced drawing for like the third time?

>>520850192I gotchyu, dawg.

requesting HOW THE FUCK DO YOU FUCKING DRAW LEGSI can draw thighs and feet super fucking easily but calves are fucking BULLSHIT

Requesting AK12 comforting a scared M4A1.

Attached: something sweet and safe for work.png (803x1015, 864.85K)


>>520855791I don't know, i just want to have some hope.Even if i return to post the request after a week or so, i don't think that the delivery i might get (if i get a delivery at all) would be as good as this one could be if completed, but who knows.

>>520857508Which is a shame, because delicious calves are the most underrated part of good legs. But yeah, study and look up the anatomy. Calves are weird because most limb muscles sort of taper into a tendon at the ends, with the thickest part being in the middle, whereas calves the muscle gets thick and then just suddenly turns into nothing but tendon.

New MMO drawings, my little character cant be this cool edition.

Attached: training15.png (345x905, 158.51K)

>>520858939why not stop stealing and start doing thing from your imagination?

Requesting fang singing reptar on ice youtu.be/-xlo-qTzC7s (1:50)

Attached: 217.jpg (900x506, 67.75K)

>>520843203>>520843232The summer 2020 collab has concluded!youtube.com/watch?v=UEuYszBXOAshttps://files.catbox.moe/kw38cp.pngThank you everyone for participating, every bit of contribution was valuable!Excuse me for being late and for posting during dead hours, this was a challenge to my 'babby's first video editing project' skills. I still wanted to fine-tune it more, but I ran out of time. I've learned a lot, so video collabs may be a possibility from now on. It was fun working on it.Until the next collab!

Attached: summer_collab_2020.jpg (3840x2160, 1.39M)


Attached: aa2.jpg (606x900, 162.66K)

Kolulu doing the famous Obari pose pleasefiles.catbox.moe/zrtjm3.jpg

Attached: Npc_zoom_3040222000_01.png (960x800, 145.71K)

>>520859573I always ignored this spammy post but I'm glad it resulted in something good

>>520859573Aw well ain't the just neat, good work my man

>>520859573Cool art from everybody involved.

>>520859573Nicely done. Wish I had enough spare time to contribute. Also good taste in music with JSR.

>>520850192I know it isn't EXACTLY what you asked for, but here you go.

Attached: samoose.png (1143x1143, 535.32K)

Requesting shrine maiden or sexy samurai babe Miriam

Attached: Miriam small teacup.png (1563x1944, 3.41M)

>>520859945>inb4 retard post

>>520859940Oh fuck it got blurry. Here's hopefully a better resolution.

Attached: samoose.png (2000x2000, 1.05M)

>>520859945Retard post->>520859990

Attached: chrome_2020-08-13_15-06-42.png (126x232, 37.47K)


Requesting a blue Spartan with a bag of peanuts sitting in a plane/Pelican seat.

Attached: H5G_Render_Armour-MarkV.png (414x1080, 675.73K)

>>520858997Not yet, until i get a bit more familiar with proportions and angles.

Requesting kanna hugging an user and smothering them with her breasts

Attached: 855208_teckworks_melon-melons.png (850x1100, 932.76K)

>>520860736it's obvious from the previous drawing you are not learning anything from thing you copied or traced.

Requesting Princess Peach showing off her wide hips in a similar sexual pose to this pic:files.catbox.moe/izitu9.jpgPlease

Attached: Princess Peach.png (1534x3066, 2.07M)

>>520859669ORGreat work, especially on the hair and torsoThanks a bunch!

Attached: 1592588108911m.jpg (576x1024, 88.74K)

>>520803657gonna try this one i guess

"Trust nobody, not even yourself." with Memory of Alessa pointing a gun at Heather.For some added fun, Memory of Alessa could have Cheryl behind her, who in turn has the original Alessa pointing a gun at her back and the caption being "Trust nobody, not even yourselves."

Attached: trustnotevenyourtrueself.jpg (3124x2672, 977.74K)

>>520859940Nice Samus you made there.

Requesting Manah from Drakengard dressed in an expensive black fur coat, jeans and sneakers. Kinda like this imgur.com/a/DgpneBK but without the hat. Also, have her wear sunglasses that are kinda angled lower so her red eyes are partly visible like in the reference pic. Please and thank you.

Attached: MVN.png (934x934, 1.84M)

>>520859573I have an idea for the next collab thatyou need to consider. For Autumn 2020, the theme should be leaf watching.

Requesting Laffey eating laffy taffy.

Attached: Laffey taffy.png (698x513, 208.64K)

>>520863392No he doesn’t.>autumn collab When was that ever a thing

>>520863392Pretty sure we'll just go with the typical halloween collab. But this one just ended, better just let collabs rest for the time being.

Requesting someone fix this picture

Attached: dawn.jpg (612x1000, 59.63K)

>>520863392this but they're watching people in leaf bikinis

>>520863647arch.b4k.co/v/search/text/Requesting someone fix this picture/

Attached: Ec_AaIcXgAsnhA0.png (900x750, 284.47K)

>>520859940>>520860123OR here, thank you so much! Samus looks great, and I love her outfit too. Great job!

>>520863647That one has been fixed to death. Bring a new meme image that needs fixing.

>>520863392Consider DEEZ NUTS


Attached: hahahaha-no.jpg (494x614, 32.2K)

>>520849356not exactly whats you asked but here

Attached: a.jpg (750x900, 144.14K)

>>520863858I'll fix yer mum!

>>520848202I see some really really good art pass totally under the radar sometimes and it hurts my soul. Harvesting you's is mainly timing but generally drawing pinups of big titty women yields the most yous. Or really well drawn generic porn of titty monsters. Fetish stuff gets little attention

Requesting Lara Croft as jungle girl

Attached: lara jungle girl.jpg (1652x1202, 690.32K)

>>520854731Probably because you need to study more gesture


Requesting Marianne from fire Emblem three houses wearing a Ra yellow school uniform from Yugioh GX

Attached: token-duelist-alexis-ra-yellow-cheeb.jpg (2080x2072, 636.91K)

I believe all women should have cute horns and be capable of defeating 10 able-bodied men at once, but until the day that's reality I'll draw something cool for you!

Attached: hornygirl1.png (717x1185, 177.92K)

>>520863392Fuck off, retard.>>520864046Catfag is ALF?

>>520865417Requesting Immorta catching a criminal, with her butt!

Attached: Immorta.png (487x600, 201.85K)

Requesting Cecilia from Hexyz Force in a red-&-white bikini. She will look so cute wearing it!

Attached: 727B1BD3-8097-452D-9C35-A35B579C71DE.png (1306x598, 560.86K)

>>520865417Reqeusting Cirno being ice cold

Attached: ice cold.gif (500x500, 30.05K)

>>520865709he said cool, not a fag tier repost

Requesting an anthropomorphic Ender Dragon, possibly wearing a detective's cap, shooting portals with a portal gun.

Attached: Ender dragon.jpg (512x512, 105.01K)

>>520865974What do you mean ice cold?

>>520866538it means to be cooler than cool

>>520865417Requeqting Daidouji topless, flashing her boobs for all to see but still acting manly like it doesn't bother her at all.

Attached: senran-kagura-estival-versus-2015-05-29-15-001_0000807798.jpg (640x680, 115.02K)

Requesting Balan and NiGHTs as strippers/poledancers.

Attached: Femboys.png (524x735, 483.22K)

Requesting small pixie Anzu

Attached: 1596942108727.png (256x256, 25.72K)

>>520864201>Fetish stuff gets little attentionGood.

Requesting the Guardian using Chaos Emeralds to power up.

Attached: Guardian.png (700x700, 158.98K)

>>520867745B-but I have to draw my fetish otherwise I can't motivate myself to draw...

>>520868485Maybe you should quit

>>520868485If you have a specific fetish just post a sample of your art followed by "give [fetish] requests"It's not difficult

>>520817572Sorry for the late reply, I was sleeping.Thank you for drawing my request, I was waiting on that one for a while.

>>520849272If you really want (you)s, sometimes subject matter will get you more attention than actual art quality or how 'complete' a picture is. FotM stuff will always get more responses than anything elsePoint is, try not to let (you)s be the ultimate deciding factor in your self esteem. I know it can bring you down and make you feel like you're going nowhere but there's too many deciding factors that determine (you)s to narrow it down to pure art quality.

Attached: happyday.jpg (1280x720, 166.89K)

Requesting FtM tg

Attached: b901652a3d69a1c082a04d9993826fdd.jpg (1357x1920, 625.82K)

>>520869174thank you for the advice wriggle

>>520869346That's Kyouko you dumb fuck

Attached: 1453141831326.png (421x248, 63K)

Requesting Linoone cosplaying as Squall

Attached: Squall Linoonhart.png (2096x1210, 734.77K)

Requesting a coloured version of this, characters are Silver and Blue from Pokémon

Attached: cf70ef79-6e39-4f4c-98f6-71ec15fab7e6.png (1200x780, 225.04K)


Attached: wrigglecoolbugfacts.png (552x539, 239.51K)

>>520869590Fuck off aunn

Requesting a grumpy looking Hibana from Nightshade drinking from a coffee mug that says "I hate..." and then a throwing star.

Attached: Hibana3.jpg (536x733, 257.72K)

>>520869346that's koishi

Attached: 1461989534580.jpg (893x499, 280.46K)

>>520856930Not the requester but that shits great