Switch users, how much do you "game on the go"

Do you find that you "game on the go" more than you thought? Less than you thought? Does it effect how much you use your Switch?

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>>520840094I barely use the dock and most games I buy for it are intended for handheld use

The Switch's portability did not factor into my decision to purchase it at all. It did come in handy during my last time on an airplane.

literally just to play it on the bed or sometimes take it to the shitter instead of the phone

>>520840094Almost exclusively use the dock. Most of my games have too small a text or are zoomed out so I can't see shit when it's handheld.

>>520840094I worked desk at one of my unis dorms and essentially got paid to sit for 2 hours playing katamari.It’s also just really nice for my adhd ass to not have to commit to a location, I can just reach over and start playing.

>>520840094>Do you find that you "game on the go" more than you thought?No. No self-respecting adult would play a Switch in public.

>>520840094>Does it effect how much you use your Switch?Affect, not effect.>>520840763>No. No self-respecting adult would play a Switch in public.I have a doctorate and a six-figure job. I regularly use my Switch when I fly.

>>520840094Almost exclusively use the dock because most games just look better on it. Only game I find looks better (in my opinion) on handheld mode are the megaman/zero legacy collection games. I just find I play much better using the joycons than my pro controller with those games.Hardly game in public, partly because I feel like everyone is looking at me like a loser autist, and I also don't want to run the risk of being robbed like a distracted bitch on the bus/train

I occasionally play Pokemon on the shitter so it doesn't get lonely.

With the way the world is now I don't even leave my house.


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I'm almost always in handheld mode around the house, unless I'm playing Ringfit or Splatoon 2. But I play it all the time - in bed, watching shit tv on the couch or browsing Holla Forums in the office. I have a decent backlog so I'll be playing it for a long while.The only time I'd play it outside is if I'm chilling in the car waiting on someone. For plane trips I'll bring my 3DS since I'm less worried about it.

>>520840763It's always posts like these that make me laugh the most.People aren't looking at you for playing your switch in public. They're looking at you because you're a 300 pound hambeast who hasn't showered in a week.

bout 50/50, but most of the portable use is just around the house

>>520842928How do you think Quentin feels that his mission was a failure? The 3DS took off and the Switch as well. To the point where Microsoft wants to be portable

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>>520840094I use it in handheld a lot but around the house. Taking it into my studio or bedroom or just removing it from the TV if it's in use. It's the flexibility for comfort I really appreciate.The only game system I take with me while traveling is the PSP.

>>52084009495% on TV docked5% in bed

>>520843087I would never play mine in public simply because it's so easy to steal. All it takes is 1 second for someone to snatch your $300 console with whatever eshop games you've purchased. Fuck that.


>>520842928>caring what other people think, especially strangers and normies who don't know you and will never see againYou have to go back

>>520840094I haven't taken it out of the dock since I moved to my new apartment.

I used to take my switch at work and play there.But ever since my gf moved in and got ACNH shes been using it all the time, she plays on the couch in portable mode whole I'm playing on ps4 or in bed while I'm on PC, I'm taking my Vita to work now as well.All in all, I think portable mode is great.Prime 4 when?

Less than I thought, but I still love playing on handheld mode and did once clear Megaman 6 for shiggles while out and about.

I take it on long car trips or when I'm hanging out in my backyard, so its pretty well worn outside. I'd probably be playing it about the same even if I wasn't taking it with me, I use it fairly often.

>>520840094Literally 0 times ever, and anyone who pretends that gimped hardware for the sake of portability so they can play in bed because they're too stupid to figure out how to play games in bed without it being a handheld is a retard that deserves to be fed into a wood chipper. I'd like to enter the Lost Woods to grab the master sword without my framerate getting worse than the N64 Zelda games.

I play handheld whenever I go visit my parents. They fall asleep early. I just play it on the couch or in bed because I don't feel like setting up their tv.

It's too bulky to be portable. The 3DS xl and Vita were better sized.

>>520840094late at night I'll take my switch out of the holder to play it handhold mode. although usually not too long since I have drift issues with my joy cons.

I have a Switch Lite

Usually 50/50. Splatoon is always played docked and I prefer to use my GameCube controller for Smash. Currently have cross-save set up with Witcher 3, so I play that on PC during the day and on Switch when I’m in bed.

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>>520840094Quite frequently I must say.

I have to stay near my desk while working from home, which makes handheld Switch a godsend.Battery life is too shit for anything more than taking it around the house though. For like a road trip or plane flight I'd much rather have my 3DS

I'm autistic enough to do so at work but I bring my Vita. Less bulky. Sticks don't drift.

>>520845337>Currently have cross-save set up with Witcher 3, so I play that on PC during the day and on Switch when I’m in bed.That sounds dope as hell. I guess if I ever felt the urge to replay I would double dip on that.

>>520840094On the bed sometimes outside at night when I was in college we played it alot otherwise it's in dock. When I had to wait in a hospital waiting room last time for a loved one I brought the 3ds cause the battery is way better no one gives a shit cause everyone's on their phone ipad their own gaming device whatever these days. It's not like it's 2004 and seeing a fat nerd with his psp games are normal now

>>520840094Mostly undocked. Docked if I'm home alone or it's dying.

Anywhere in my country I would get mugged in minutes if I played my Switch "on the go." However, a few times when my Pokémon Go friends needed Meltan boxes, I took it to a huge ass Wendy's and met them all there and then we played Smash for a while.

>>520846201Ah yes but I'm safe in Wendy's tm inc. The delicious buns and square meat will keep me safe from the joggers. Come on in and have a bite and avoid a nigger fight!

I didn't expect to use the handheld mode, and I don't use it often, but it's still nice to have. I sometimes take it up to my room when my roomates are being obnoxious in the living room and play games while laying in my bed.

I really like using my switch to play in bed, or on the couch. Sometimes on cross state buss rides. Its just more comfy than PC desk gaming.

>>520846652Right on, son.

>>520840094Haven't being doing much on the "go" lately if I am honest...Still, I play a lot of JRPGs, and portable mode is a blessing for mindless grinding.

>>520840094Only bought this because playing Android games with a clipped controller on the train was a lot more embarrassing

>>520840094I live in Florida. Just yesterday I needed to take it off the dock twice. The first time was to finish playing while taking a shit and the second time was so the lightning didn't ruin my progress.

>>520840094I mostly play it docked. Occasionally I'll use it as a mobile device but not often. It literally wouldn't change anything if it was a normal console.

>>520847620>It literally wouldn't change anything if it was a normal console.Your games would run better.

>>520840094I would never go outside with it because it's too fucking impractical to use as an actual portable device thanks to its fuckhuge size and shit battery life. Yes I'm aware that the revision SORT OF fixed the second problem, but it doesn't change the fact that the Switch doesn't actually fit in pockets unless you're an absolute unit.As it is, it's nifty in the home even if it can only be used for like 3 hours before it absolutely has to be plugged into a charger.

What did we get, like a two month heads up on Switch? I wonder when the next new console will be teased. I hope it's some kind of VR console hybrid like a Virtual Boy that doesn't suck.

>>520847897Let's be honest, Nintendo would still be using subpar hardware even if it was a traditional console.

>>520840094I don't use the dock. It being a handheld is why I bought it.I don't tend to take it with me currently but that's only because I'd like a good case first and nothing that's been made so far for the Lite interests me.Technically could use one of my OG like I used to but most of the games I play on the go have been moved to the Lite since they don't need sticks and I still have several DS and 3DS games I've yet to play anyway so I just continue to take one of those for now.

>>520848058Even with the same hardware, if it didn't have to deal with handheld shit they could push the CPU harder.

Game on the go?All the time.Game on the go with my switch? Fucking never because the thing is a damn brick. It is not a portable console if I can't fit it in my pocket.

>>520840094i take the train to visit my parents from college. Its nice to game during that 1-1.5 hour trip. I used to play on the bus going to work, usually just like a run or two of Enter the Gungeon or a battle on FE3H. I love to take it on vacations with a lot of down time. Things like playing on a hammock on the beach. Switch has been great for flights too. I also play sometimes in bed before i go to sleep.

>>520847897They run better in handheld than docked to begin with.The hardware isn't good enough to run it at the higher rates so handheld is ironically more stable.

...I've taken a different path OP.

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>>520849057A... are you mobile or docked?

>>520848869>They run better in handheld than docked to begin with.No. Go look at XB2.

>>520849057Based retard,

>>520849201Mobile as far as not being connected to a tv.

>>520848869>A CPU works better running off a battery than it does on AC.

>>520840094Almost never.

I used to play in bed a lot but stick drift put an end to that

>>520848869>>520849465Or DE for that matter. Same for most third party ports. As impressive as Panic's Button is, it does takes it's hit in portable.I honestly think the only one who benefits from the smaller screen is the Witcher 3.

>>520840094Never. It’s too big for my small femboy hands

>carrying this fuck huge thing around Hell no. I use it around the house and thats it


>>520849483 Why yes I'm a fan of Okuyasu from Jojo; how could you tell?

i rarely play it without a charger because of the dogshit battery life

>>520843424Do you avoid using your phone in public too

If I'm gonna play a game at 720p 30fps might as well be near upside down on the bed or couch being comfy. The comfy differential between switch handheld and docked is near the same between a PC and console.I would be happy if the switch "pro" just enabled docked tier performance on handheld. Would be fucking great.

>>520840094i never bring it outside and i never use the dockin hindsight i should've traded mine in for a switch lite

While I don't necessarily "game on the go" the Switch's mobility is very convenient for playing it around my house. It doesn't matter if I'm in the kitchen, bedroom, living room, on the fucking john, or wherever. I can keep playing. I often play it in bed. I'm of the opinion that every console manufacturer should make a switch equivalent for their platforms because the convenience of it really cannot be understated.

>>520853381Don't make me laugh, only Nintendo can manage that because their user base doesn't care about graphics. If Sony made a PS4 switch they would have to effectively create a new console that requires its own ports, which is a market they already gave up on

I use it 95% in handheld, and because of that it's by far my preferred way to play games. It's never left the house, though.

>>520853728You're pretty retarded, bub. By 2022 it will be feasible to get PS4 power in a Switch form factor for less than $399. People would love getting TLOU2 or GoW on a Sony handheld, even if it was 720p 30fps handheld. You can still have good graphics at those specs.

>>520840094Only bought it because I traveled for work, but i don't really go anywhere at all now. Regardless I usually prefer to play in handheld, reminds me of my Gameboy advance days

>>520853961Yeah sure keep waiting for that shit, I'm not holding any candle tho

>>520840094When I'm at home, I use it docked 99% of the time, but I travel quite a bit (before Corona-chan, at least), and that's where handheld is great. I've got one of those giant plastic grip stands, and I don't care how goofy I look on the plane.

>>520854115I don't think it's going to happen because the Vita flopped. Sony has exited the handheld market permanently but for any good reason.

>>520854238Sony always seemed lukewarm about their handhelds, especially when they didn't instantaneously become DS-level popular.

>>520853381>I'm of the opinion that every console manufacturer should make a switch equivalent for their platforms because the convenience of it really cannot be understated.It's a worthless gimmick and anyone who says "It's comfy to play around the house" is a literal retard whose opinions are worthless.

>>520854602NPC: the postI've got a $4000 gaming PC and I'm considering dropping $2k on a gaming laptop just to get a passable experience when sitting on my couch. Gaming while comfy is endgame tier.


>>520854771>NPC: the postYou're literally braindead and your opinions are worthless. If you're too fucking stupid to figure out how to play games from your couch or bed without a portable machine, stop pretending your opinions matter.

>>520854602t. Jealous bitch

>>520843298>MFW found out that controller only works on Android phones/tablets and is not compatible with PC or SwitchDammit I would've want that if it worked on PC and Switch.

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>>520855015It's either a gaming laptop or pic related.

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>>520840094if "game on the go" means my bed and the shitter then almost exclusively

>>520855036Jealous of what? Your extra chromosomes?

Everyday. I play my game at work. Im a train conductor so lots of time sitting around waiting.But now after 8 years I've earned my nickname and everyone calls me Nintendo....

>>520840094You need to keep in mind that "on the go" for most avid game players means playing while relaxing in bed or on the couch. Portability allowing you to have something else on in the background is peak relaxation. Have a comedy of some sort on while you play an RPG. Pause a bit if you become a bit more interested in what's on the big screen, or totally ignore or mute the TV when you are more engrossed in the game.

>>520855153lol u mad

>>520849057What the actual fuck is this nightmare you've concocted?

>>520855135Explain how a gaymen laptop is better than thisOr alternatively, just use a conntroller

>>520855585>Have a comedy of some sort on while you play an RPG. Pause a bit if you become a bit more interested in what's on the big screen, or totally ignore or mute the TV when you are more engrossed in the game.How's it like having ADHD

>>520849057Switch 2 will fix that, I fucking love the thing but it has some glaring flaws.

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>>520855135>it's either a thing on my lap that works, like a small table or a specifically designed product>or a laptop which is worse in every conceivable wayFucking retard.>>520855654And you're retarded.

>>520855915>how's it likeWhat's it like not being able to speak or type basic English phrases?

>>520856004seething retard, continue crying about electronic devices

i have bad eyesight, so very rarely. i hate putting my glasses on.

>>520843298This looks horribly uncomfortable to play on>no handles to grab>the phone and the arm is probably twice as heavy as the controller>face buttons are stupidly far apart

>>520856039Like not having ADHD, pretty good

I don't ever use it on trips or anything, but I do use it almost fully in handheld mode. I ended up rebuying a lot more pick up and play, or indie titles, on it just so I could play them for 15-30 minutes while laying down in bed. Ended up putting a ton of time into games that I enjoyed but would hardly touch on my pc.

>>520856061>be a complete retard who can't figure out how to play games on your couch so you actually prefer gimped hardware>call others retardContinue having a learning disability and lashing out at anyone smarter than you.

>>520856241In English, please.

>>520849057>jojo memes on discord>gamecube controller for smash>warframe>reddit notification on phone

>>520849057kek what the fuck user


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>>520840094Haven't used the dock in a while. Docked use is mostly Splatoon, SMM, or Mario Kart. Definitely don't use it as much on the go. Not really trying squeezing games in to wageslave breaks or at a fucking family gathering. Most of my use is handheld on the couch, or on the floor looking like an absolute soi boy when the baby is doing shit.

>>520856524What thing am I telling you not to like? I'm explicitly telling you that you don't need to sacrifice hardware in order to enjoy playing games in bed or on the couch. Are you completely illiterate?

>>520856737>implying I don't own a beefy PCLOLseething poorfag, keep bitching

I visit my mom a few times a month and spend the night most of those times so the switch is comfy for shit like that. Also before kung flu I used to go to the library to draw in one of the study rooms (I live in a crowded house) and would play my switch if I didn't feel like going home after I finished.I never play my switch or any other vidya on public transport because I don't wanna get robbed.

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>>520856248This. I've put hundreds of hours into mario maker just from playing a few levels here and there. Wouldn't even have half the amount if it weren't for handheld mode.

>>520856823Just be honest. Do you have a learning disability?

>>520857117>10PM>notification>random dude played your level>Let's check his levels>fall into the rabbit hole of obscure Mario levels>end up sleeping at 8 am

>>520857185Just be honest, you are a huge jealous bitch.

>>520840094I used "to game on the go" a lot, but then I lost my job.

>>520856371Hey retard; the GC controller is plugged to the phone.

>>520857421Jealous of what? I play PC and Switch from my bed without using portability modes because I'm not braindead.

>>520840094I usually play handheld at home, not really on the go since if I go out I typically have things to do

>>520843424>because it's so easy to steal.Do you have the grip of a baby or something?

>>520840094None. But I'm always playing handheld in the house. I'm not even sure if the Dock's HDMI is hooked up, I never use it.

>>520840094For me its a godsend, i play it on my bed and while i travel to my parents home who live in another state, i dont bring it to college or the streets because i dont really have the need of playing outside.

I'm more likely to play a game if it's good enough in portable mode like Animal Crossing, but if the game basically commands or warrants the use of docked I'll happily use it.I just enjoy the versatility of being able to play wherever I want and be able to stop without any fuss. I'm playing while sitting at my PC browsing Holla Forums right now, for example.I do bring it to work though, it's not the most ideal or competitive environment but it's always fun to cluster around a table in the breakroom and play some Smash in tabletop mode.

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>>520840094Me and my ex girlfriend would do picnics of sorts and play on the switch there, mainly multiplayer stuff like Astro Bears or Puyo Puyo Tetris. The main “portable” use I get of it now is either playing on it while my friends are all doing their own things together (one’s playing one game, ones watching a show, ones on twitter, etc) or playing in bed. It is comfy just sitting in bed and playing.

>>520840094I would do it more but, ya know... COVID.


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>>520855829>Use a controller

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>>520860763I have that and the SF30 Pro and both are amazing to use on Switch and PC. Wish the Xbox One SN30 Pro they made also worked on PC and Switch.

95% of the time I keep it docked but because I have overseas business, it becomes extremely helpful in those situations when I can take it anywhere.

>>520843298hes probably seething at everyone who uses portables.

mostly play docked but i bring my switch with me when i visit family since i've got all the jackbox games installed. i dont travel too much, but whenever i do, i bring it with me to hotels and shit. the convenience factor is absolutely amazing and is something that simply cannot be replicated by any other console currently available.

>>520840094The base switch absolutely flops as a handheld by being 10 inches long. The switch mini is what it should have been from the start.

>>520864126>it should have been a slightly smaller straight downgradewut

>>520864126>ah shit the sticks start drifting again I better replace the contro...

I've used the handheld feature maybe 2 or 3 times in the 3 years I've owned it.

>>520861137A controller with just joysticks is better than a fucking laptop to play on a couch.

>>520840094I visit my parents every so now and it's much more convinient to bring a switch than a bigger console.My girlfriend lives in another country, convinient for flights.

>>520840094Literally never because my joycons are fucked. Even before they got fucked I only undocked it so that I could play in a different room without having to unplug and replug everything.

I play it in bed. You'd have to be a complete retard to take that thing out in public.

Literally never. I wish I could just buy a consolized variant.

game on the go? almost nevergame lying in bed or while taking a shit? every day baby

am I the only one who doesn't find it that comfy in bed?I feel like it's gonna fall on my face at any time

>>520870614turn over, retard

>>520840094I've never used the dock.

>>520842928How is it ANY different then playing games on your phone? It isn't, try harder you incel