Street Fighter

Who is the target audience for this design?

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bro we already have a thread for pandering to video game femalesbut me, i am the target audience

Reminds me of...


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>>520838741Me, I bought all copies of Street Fighter.

>>520839256including that ex series shit?

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>>520840394why would any woman get a bull piercing? They know it's unattractive. There are way better ways to signal you are a prostitute.

>>520838741I fucking hate visualized smell clouds

>>520838741the ones that like Millia Rage ripoffs

I don't know why I have art of this bitch, but here.

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>>520838741You know who

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>>520841819but it's hot

>>520841883Kolin predates the entire GG franchise

>>520840394>pig nose ring>muttcore eyebrowslol

>>520842016he's just her bodyguard

>>520841696>They know it's unattractive.speak for yourself

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>>520842016I wish I were a big strong man that girls would want protected by. Guess I gotta lift.


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>>520842526you also have to be tall


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>>520838741>>520840845>>520840948>>520841983>>520842423>>520842489>>520842591>>520842837Br-b-b-bros.... I'm feeling kinda funny.

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>>520843385just give in

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>>520838741I'd say me, but she's a complete ogre in game.

>>520843509it's not that bad

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>>520843506God I want to smell them

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>>520838741Not you.

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>>520844538God she could crush a fucking car with those thighs


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sfv has some cool characters.too bad they are in SFv

>>520844637Do you think they get really sweaty when she trudges through the snow all day?

>>520844570>she will never wrap her thighs around your head

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>>520844385rent free

>>520844785imagine her sweat drenched socks afterwards

>>520844804>Kolin will never peel off her panties in front of you and give them to you as a gift

>>520844973Imagine Kolin stepping on your hard cock with her sweltering, steaming feet.

>>520845009imagine the smell...>>520845115all while she's berating you

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vote please!

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>>520845624I want to be Kolin's personal chair slave! I want her to sit on my face forever!

>>520846050she's really heavy, bro...

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>>520846313I think I can handle it. Anything for my queen

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>>520846050>>520846463I want to be her footstool!

>>520846463imagine her sitting on your face in public as people stare at you two

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>>520846651I want to support her breasts when she's having back pain!>>520846762I wouldn't be embarrassed, that's for sure.

>>520838741The graphics are disgusting in SFV. Glad I didn't buy it. Thank you for the free trial. The game is also not fun.

>>520846934>I want to support her breasts when she's having back pain!a hard working woman like kolin deserves daily breast massages

>>520847125>The game is also not fun.what didn't you like about?

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>>520838741Shitty over simplified 50/50 game. stop trying to promote your shitty game thats the only fighting game you can play, Capcom fanboy.

>>520847763what fighting games do you play

>>520847929All of them, once in a while. This fag is just some obsessed promoter from /vg/ who posts the same pictures and threads constantly.

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>>520847310I want Kolin to shrink me down, stuff me in her panties, and just go about her day.

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>>520848194how would you deal with being trapped in her bush?

how do we fix him?

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>>520848378I'd use it to stay warm

Kolin is built for _________

>>520849243Half blue half red cock.

>>520848613What if her bush stinks..

>>520843506>бaлтикa 9Not sure if based or cringe

>>520850201She based

>>520848481does anyone play him enough to care?

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>>520848290god.. so hard to resist

>>520849587Even better

>>520850976he can get away with bullshit online

>>520851110give in and submit to the queen

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>>520852021she is so very tempting


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>>520852241Would Kolin be good at twerking?

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>>520852604i think'd she would be a natural. she's got the dumper for it

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>>520857053that is one big booty

>Kolin is the only character I'm good with>MFW when seeing all this Kolin love on Holla Forums

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>>520857512this bitch better be in sf6

>>520838741Why are russian girls always look like 10/10 in games?

>>520857713because they're 10/10s irl?

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>>520838741Straight conservative white men.



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>>520858462Tы кoгдa в пocлeдний paз нa yлицy выхoдил, в мapтe? Ecли дa, тo coвeтyю пpoгyлятьcя пo paзным мecтaм и пocмoтpeть нa лoкaльнyю фayнy. 10 из 10 cтaнyт бaбa Haдя из 10.

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>>520858690why is is she so sad

>>520858121>>520858462>>520858586>Filthy Ivans on my American freedom forum

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>>520858690I'm gonna! become a russian sleeper spy

>>520858832>americanThis board always was a slav reservation. Get off.

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>>520838741High testosterone males

>>520858948>This board always was a slav reservation

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>>520859059But that's true. Do you know how many russians sitting here? You probably don't see them since they are lurking here during your sleep time.

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>kolin will never be your communist girlfriend

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>>520838741The lack of Zeku here is sickening!

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>>520838741Males 11+

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>>520865129imagine the smell...

>>520865232very good

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>>520865471got any falke or kolin?

>>520865883falke for sure

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>>520866142this bitch def shaves

>>520866142I keep forgetting Falke is even in this game lol


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>>520839256That’s literally impossible

>>520866926M E A T


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>>520867815any kolin?

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>>520869171is that cameltoe modded in?


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>>520869478we need more tight bodysuit costumes in the game

>>520838741CEOs who secretly want to bang their secretaries.


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>>520870147i wish capcom didn't remove cammy's puffy nips

>install nude mods>feel nothingI wish SFV sfm wasn't so shit.


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>>520870529I miss the days of street fighter 4 so much bro

>>520870529never install nude mods. only costumes that are revealing (but not too revealing)

>>520870728I tried, I installed some of the ones where they're wearing a schoolgirl uniform with nothing under for example and it was great for like 5 seconds.