Should Princess Zelda forever remain damsel in distress?

Should Princess Zelda forever remain damsel in distress?

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>>520836120Yeah so that when I save her, I can imagine link fucking her

Nothing in this thread will matter. She will be payable in BotW 2.

skyward sword zelda is cute!

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>>520837067I doubt it. At best she will be a supporting character who will play mission control in Kakariko Village, who will FaceTime with you through Purah’s Sheikah Slate.

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>>520837213>that noseshe has a snoozer

>>520836120why else would mario go to bowser's castle?

>>520837213We need more childhood friend Zelda.

>>520838038so what? are you're scared that she will feel your terrible stench? is that why you like anime girls with no nose?

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>>520837213My favorite Zelda

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>>520836120BotW Zelda would unironically be fun to play as but I more so want the Romance of Link to be a machiavellian grand strategy game where you play as Zelda and her descendants ruling Hyrule and protecting Link's bloodline without making them too inbred.


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>>520838359>wanted to kill Zelda in Breath of the Shit because of how obnoxious she was.She was supposed to be like that, then she eases up from it once she realizes that much she can related to Link.>Then again my other problem is Link. When you write any attempt at an intelligent and capable female the male characters are retarded useless faggot lame shits. That's what Link is. Do you think it's fun to see Link just accept being Zelda's punching bag?Link is a sworn Knight the son of the Knight, ordered by the King to protect the Princess. >Why should a woman who is unlikable be saved and protected? Easily the worst cliche ever created.She’s royalty... it’s kind of Link’s job.

>>520838359jesus calm the fuck down you angry incel

>>520838761I loved the credits showcasing her managing to get to the spring of courage all by herself, before being captured at the entrance of the 2nd dungeon.

>>520838761she and tetra are the only ones that had personality, and she is cuter than tetra so she's objectively the best

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>>520837213I would eskimo kiss her.


>>520837213>>520838180>>520838761>>520839474>>520839620>>520839915Don't you guys need to pick up some more hair dye or something, what about green this time?

That's pretty much the reason for her existence. Note how the only times Zelda does anything remotely useful is when her back is against the wall with no other options, see Shiek along her actions in TP, BoTW and Spirit Tracks. Hell in the last game I listed Nintendo made it known they're fully aware of what kind of person Zelda is and had her out herself to Link just exactly what her lineage has been doing since forever.

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>>520839474Would have been pretty cool if they gave us a short Zelda campaign where you play through her journey in the game while you were searching for her.>>520840123>Green to match LinkGreat idea user!>>520839620Also agree

>>520840123>Not liking feisty childhood friends.Horrible tastes. I bet you’re projecting about the hair dye.

>>520839620>Cuter than TetraNigger you are crazy

>>520840923Tetra is sassy, Hylia!Zelda is cute.

She should stay a footslut

>>520842682Where did she ever displayed interests in feet?


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>>520837067Exactly what services are we going to pay her for?

>>520836120I'd like a legit warrior prince Zelda who fights along side you and has a notable amount of screentime together with Link. Something like HW but with an actual personality rather than being some dumb waifish tart. ST is the only time we got anything like that in the main series and she was the best character-wise.

>>520840170God I wish Nintendo would reuse the whole Sheik concept. There is no reason why not a single other Zelda didn’t get some Ninja training. I wish a Zelda like that could be playable. Twilight Princess gave her no screen time, and was entirely not needed for the plot at all. I liked if BoTW Zelda has ambitions to drag Hyrule out of the middle ages and into the Industrial Age kicking and screaming. It’s a shame that ST Zelda is stuck in such a mediocre game.

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>>520837213>>520838492look at that SHNOZ

>>520840825The childhood friend is the worst girl 95% of the time. The other 5% they aren't the love interest.

>>520837067>>520843247>Zelda only playable as a DLC side content in her own short linear mission level game mode, separate from the main menu, and she is basically a stealth passive run invoking puzzle and avoiding combat.I can see this happening

>>520843745So the Ashley segments from RE4? I can see that.

When are the Links going to breed the Zeldas?

>>520839620>she is cuter than tetraHold up

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>tfw the hero gene is tied to blonde hair blue eyesVery interesting. Zelda can be brown if the gene isn't active it seems but once it is her complexion becomes pale.


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>>520839620>Jewda>personality>cuter than anyoneShe's generic childhood friend love interest #4,203. She's also probably the ugliest Zelda, only rivaled by BOTW Zelda.

>>520836120She got a chance to be hero. It ended in memes.

So how did everyone enjoy the latest TP Manga issue today? I wonder what Ganondorf has planned for Zelda, and how is he going to convince her to be his ally.

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>>520836120Honestly yes.

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>>520846508Cringe and OOC.

>>520846508imagine a slutty and smug dark zelda


A Link to the Past Zelda is the best one.

>>520847137I remember a fan comic that literally featured that. The art was crap, but Zelda (raised by Ganondorf) seducing Link (who was engaged to Malon) was an introducing concept.

>>520846341his plan is fuck zelda

>>520838008holy fuck them thighs

>>520847269that's hot

>>520846508She's suppose to be wise not courageous or powerful.

>>520847234New issue of the TP manga was released today. Ganondorf outright spills that he is remembers the alternate adult timeline thanks to the Triforce of Power to Zelda, and she allegedly admits she remembers too (implying she is a reincarnation) or is playing along to hide her cards. Link talks to the Hero Shade who reveals he’s the Hero of Time.

>>520836120What if Zelda was playably in a mainline game, and lore friendly?

>>520847394Have another.

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>>520846508This has every anime cliche including the Naruto run

>>520847294Based as fuck if you ask me.

>>520847683>Nintendo.>Ever being lore friendly.


>>520847481I like the idea of Zelda being a sort of magic archer as she's shown competency in both areas multiple times.

>>520847616what the fuck the TP manga is still going how have i never heard about this shit

>>520847294>>520847875Ocarina of Time manga DID have Ganondorf talk to child Zelda how they where they are engaged at the castle courtyard.

>>520847784Fuck, that is good art. Who is the illustrator?

>>520847896Dilate >>520847902>Sheik in OoT>TP Zelda with Light ArrowsZelda is a... stealth archer?>>520847909I admit, if I didn’t periodically checked Amazon, I would have forgotten it.


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>>520847784>canonical Sheikah LinkWhy has this not been a thing yet? This seems like the most logical event in the world given the purpose of the two.

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>>520848486Thanks, user.

>>520848625Hylia doesn’t want her Link to be a Simp for her descendants.

I wish we had a post-game.

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>>520846508stop shilling your garbage


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>>520846508This is gay as fuck.Like, using Sheik would make this less gay, and more fitting than Bitch of the Wild Zelda.

>>520843076Best Zelda

>>520837213Easily best Zelda with BotW Zelda as close second!

>>520846508>lets hit my enemy in the stomach with the BROAD SIDE Of MY SWORD

>>520836120What does Hylian breast milk taste like?

>>520851429Like vanilla cream.

>>520851429Fattier than human women milk.

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>>520851429grape fanta

>>520846508what the fuck is this cringy shit?


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>>520846508it always baffle me when the 'playable zelda' crowd wants her to use the master sword instead of the magic arsenal she's accrued over the years.

>>520851429Sweet, just a bit more dense and dreamy due to the high sugars and fats

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>>520852262They just want to play Link with boobs, nothing more.

>>520852262The playable crow just want Zelda to be Link

>>520836120The best Zelda was ST Zelda, so I would say no. >reluctantly comes with you, thinking she will be of no use to you>grows over the course of the game, realizing just how much her power can help link and achieve their goals>culminates in her coming to your aid to help deliver the final blow to Malladus

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>>520839620Spirit Tracks and BotW Zelda both have personalities, although the latter is mostly just a whiny skank

>>520852403but it stinks really, really bad

An ancient evil corrupts the Triforce causing those who bear its blessing to be sucked into it, only one able to exist outside of it at any given time. Link, Zelda, and Gannon are forced to work together to defeat this evil so they can return to normal.I was original thinking single player co-op ala Casltevania: Portrait of Ruin, but then I remembered Trine and that made more sense to me.

>>520852530Shame she is stuck with a game with lame control scheme and a shitty overworld.

my dick should remain in her hairy asshole if you know what i mean

>>520846508Yeesh, the fan fiction is strong with this one.

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>>520852965I don’t get it.

>>520852965When she farts, little bits of her asshole hair fall off.

>>520843638I'll admit, thats kinda cute

>>520836120Didn't she become a ninja at one point in OoT? But they could also go the Overlord Princess Renner route, that would be interesting to see. Pure damsel in distress to save again and again is just boring, gotta get that politics and intrigue in there, notice how there's no political opponent for her kingdom at all other than pure evil ganon

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>>520851429Shit. Zora milk is better.

>>520846508>puts this much skill and effort into making something completely cliche and out of sync with Zelda's actual styleAt this point why not use SAO characters

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>>520852262Because magic is for dorks, lol

>>520838038Imagine how hard she can sniff your 3 week unwashed cock.


>>520851429Rather sweet with a hint of earthy flavor. It also has some magic energy replenishing properties due to Hylians being elves.

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>>520836120I love that artist. He was the only one to give me fanart of ALttP Zelda before Smash.

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>>520856796She does look cute.

>>520852607Imagine getting rid of your going into games machine

>>520858479He's more famous for this one

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>>520860080Oh, I see.

>>520846508Why is this posted again.

Malon the better waifu. Prove me wrong.Protip: You LITERALLY can't.

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>>520861712>Malon is based on Marin.>Marin is based on Zelda.Malon is just a Zelda expy.

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>>520861964Except she is superior in every way

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thoughts on aghita?

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>>520862646She was okay in the GCN game. Then I hated her in Hyrule Warriors. Then I found her boring and pointless thanks to Wolf Link cave of ordeals.

>>520862949>playing non zelda zelda gamesyou have only yourself to blame

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>>520847481By that logic Link doing fighting doesn't make sense neither, since he isn't supose to powerful neither while Ganondorf is supposed to be just a dumb brute.

>>520846508I too must voice my hatred and criticism of this for not being exactly like how the games are. You make me very very angry.

>>520863867Why does she have a dumb sword instead of more clever weapons, Nintendo should hire me.

>>520864380Like a gun?

>>520865282A Sheikah naginata or yumi

>>520838008God my dick

>>520849658we'll get that shit in BotW 2, hopefully. It happens right after the game ends.

>>520838492I want to sniff Zelda's stench

Okay, but how _big_ is Zelda's _butt_?