So this pretty much confirms that GTA VI won't be in the 80s. Sad

So this pretty much confirms that GTA VI won't be in the 80s. Sad.

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>>520835559Before or after Tommy takes over?

>>520835756Just make him the coke boss and have the player kill him like in Vice City. Its like poetry, it rhymes.

>>520835893No, Tommy is based. Best GTA protagonist hands down/

>>520835559what if we get vice city but 80s cyberpunk

tommy will not appear in any capacity because ray liotta made the houser brothers whiny bitches

>>520836223Then make him a handsome jack-like character

>>520836380id love for someone to do a gta in space type game and thus simultaneously dab on cyberpunk and star citizen for all time.

>>520835559I knew it wouldn't, the smartphone in the game is too important for them to set it in a different era

Its prob Saints Row 5 or Cyberpunk

>>520835559Since Vice City is not very large, there may be two versions of the city. The modern and the old. And when the player changes protagonists, he also travels in time...

>>520836946>time travel between different charactersthis is actually a pretty neat idea.

Liberty city or san andreas= no buy.

>>520835559Why not GTA in another country, like Mexico?

>>520837224Or china, venezuela, canada, bolivia, russia, uk, france, libya, pakistan, india?.Or maybe different time periods? Terminator timeline, medieval times, napoleonic wars, revolutionary war boston?

>>520837224I think that if the game is set in Vice City, the guys will try to create two islands, one would be Miami and the other would be Havana.

>>520837008>do things as the past character>things change in the present

>>520835559Vice city sureBut rockstar's music department is way more competent than to use synthwave in their 80's game.

>>520836946>Since Vice City is not very largeThe map is not going to be the same as the original Vice City.

Nigga, that's just the expansion and enhancement they announced for the PS5

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>>520837589Nah, that would be a lot of work. In this scenario, it would be more likely that the city of the present already reflects all the changes that the city of the past will undergo during the game plot. Smart players can even deduce how the old story ends by looking at the present.

>>520835559It was never gonna happen, RDO flopped in comparison to GTAO. Gotta set it in present day so there's as much shit to sell as possible. There'll still be cars and fashion from the 80's.

Why would you want another 80s Vice City? It has already been done.

What are the chances that gta6 and elder scrolls 6 will come out in this next generation? Or is the PS6 more likely to have them?

>>520838123At this point, players want anything but the same map they've been playing on for a decade.

>>520835559It probably will take place in the 80's, they just won't use classic pop 80's music. Too expensive from, so they'll exploit the reddit/soundcloud synthwave artists. Cheaper and it'll save millions of copyright dollars

>>520835756New GTAs are in HD universe not 3d.

I'd bet 100 dollars there won't be a GTAVI this decade. GTAO sells too much.

>>520838316why wouldn't they pay? They still pay for VC licenses

>>520838219Elder scrolls 6 is a definite but like Skyrim will be a late gen 9 title. GTA 6 will not come out until they milk GTA 5 dry and that all depends on the recurrent paypigs on PS4 and PS5. If they stay or god forbid increase its game over

>>520835756Isn't the HD universe seperate from the 1st trilogy? Either way I'm not hopeful for GTA6. Sharkcards changed R* for the worse. We went an entire generation without a new GTA, and going on 3 gens without story DLC for a game still widely played and supported.

>>520838316Most retarded comment I've seen all day

>>520838552Them making GTAO F2P kind of signals the end of development coming. I imagine they begin preliminary stuff after RDR2 and are now full-focus on it. Likely see a release in 2025 or so.

>there are people who seriously believe Rockstar of David will ever go back to a period setting when they’ve made billions selling modern-day sports cars to zoomersIt’s going to be modern or near future. You’re not getting a GTA set pre-2020 again because they know you’ll want those Shark Cards to buy your shitty ricer vehicles.

>>520838316Youre retarded, It wasnt too expensive when they that were a smaller company in 2002. contemporary music is way more expensive to license, GTA V had top tier artists and even got new singles made for the game.

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>>520838804Didn’t they say they had no material when it comes to parodying Trump and current day America? GTA 5 is still stuck in second term Obama and it’s starting to show

Don't the GTA games take like 6 years to make? It's only been 2 years since red dead


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>>520838668>>520838962youre all retarded/ if you havent seen the state of GTA 5, then you don't know how profiteering and inevitably stingy rockstar will be with 6

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>vice city againWhat about a new location?

>>520835559Sounds like it's gonna be in the neo-80's style.That sounds amazing.

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>>520838804>>520838980GTA:s hollow and inoffensive satire doesn't work in the current year because everyone is too neurotic, also it will just become reality within six months anyway. Doing anything hard hitting about the current absolute state of the US would obviously be too red pilled.

>>520835559>synthwave reddit meme 80salready know it's gonna be shit

>>520840025The options then are as follows>Rockstar goes back through the years and makes a period piece>Rockstar holds off on all future GTA projects besides updating 5 until we have a safe boring political climateAre we going to be stuck in 2013 forever?

>>520838361>>520838615ffs I thought I could avoid capeshit by not buying comic books.

>>520835559I hope no one is excited for GTA 6.If RDR 2 is anything to go by,>every mission will have the same bland mission structure (ride to shooting gallery with NPC convo on the way, shooting galleries out the wazoo)>gameplay mechanics and movement that are clunky and focus on "realism" instead of fun>psychic police endowed by Rasputin himself>no support for singleplayer post launch, everything focused on GTA Online 2 or whatever the fuck it will be called in GTA 6>more bugs than a chinatownFace it, the only reason to get it is just because it's Rockstar and check out the world/technology then put it away forever while everyone shitposts about the SJW characters and boring story.

>>520837547a cuba storyline would be fucking dope

>>520839289Even RDR2 has original song from some very reputable artists, you dont know what youre talking about dumbass.

Grand Theft Auto 6 is going to be set in the 90's, it's going to be set in Eastern Europe, and it's going to be about Niko Bellic's experience during the war and the collapse of the Soviet Union, screencap this bitches.

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>>520840879I would be okay with this. Niko Bellic and John Marston were the last well written main characters from Rockstar.

>>520835559So they're just going to cycle through the same 3 cities over and over? GTA VII will be Liberty City?

i remember buying GTA 1 on release. title song is still stuck in my head. at this point, who the fuck cares about GTA? It's worn out it's welcome and is stale as shit. how about rockstar's inability to make a good game to save their life? it'll just be some more generic gangster shit single player masquerading as a front for a cash cow online game that drains credit cards.


>>520840640RDR2 had inexpensive indie artists. You try spending tens of millions of dollars to get permission to put popular hit 80s music from prominant artists back in the day who are still rich af. Madonnashit and Kim Wilde won't be asking for 10K bucks

>>520835559Will GTA VI even have single player?

>>520843162>Willie Nelson>D'Angelo>"indie"Fucking retard. They can spend as much money as they want

>>520836946>Since Vice City is not very largeRetards always say this and it's been mathematically proven that VC map is slightly bigger than GTA3 map.

>>520837224Ever been to Mexico? They are literally nothing

>>520843162Mate you have no idea what youre fucking talking about, youre so fucking dense, they have all ready done this in original Vice City.

>>520844517Forgot to link very autistic and very definitive this only accounts for proper walkable/playable space outdoors, and VC has shitload more actually playable and interactive indoors places than GTA3 did so VC wins in both outdoor and indoor space in terms of size compared to GTA3.

>>520843452It's part of the GTA branding, so yes.

>>520844517Not like it matters, they can change or expand it as they please. 4 an5 werent perfect recreations.

>>520844991I know it's not related, I just defuse the often repeated myth of VC being smaller than GTA3 which is straight up not true.

>>520844812I think the only GTA III interiors are the ammunations and that one internet building

>>520835559Vice City comes out and gives a soulfull authentic 1980s atmosphere to it's game. Fans of the series post Stranger Things like synthwave meme garbage that couldn't be less original Neo Rockstar gets a synthwave soundtrack for there next Vice City game.

>>520835559Last one came out 7yrs ago. Next one won't be out for another 3-4yrs. Why bother giving a shit?

>>520846328It's sad

>>520837224>>520837427GTA COME 2 BRAZIL

>>520841057At this point, if VI is in Vice City, then VII starts the cycle over, or they finally break the mold and do something radically different. I think most people would prefer VII to be in a new location, or even a more made up one like GTA2.

>>520837427>Or maybe different time periods? Terminator timeline, medieval times, napoleonic wars, revolutionary war boston?Because that isn’t GTA fucking retard

>>520835756>Synthwaveit'll probably be in the future

a modern day vaporwavy vice city seems a million times better than another game in the 80s. why the fuck would you just want the same thing again?

>>520847927Because the game came out 18 years ago and a very short narrative

>>520847927Because most people, like you, have no idea what vaporwave means. Look at broken reality or hyponspace outlaw for example, it wouldnt be very on brand for Rockstar

>>520847513>or even a more made up one like GTA2.Gta 2 is future liberty city

>>520847927>a modern day vaporwavy vice city seems a million times better than another game in the 80s

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>>520835559This doesn't confirm a god damn thing.

>>520846825>GTA RioI'd play it

>>520848429It could be anywhere. It's just a Godard-esque 60s vision of the future

>>520835559Didn't they have one planned for GTA V called Nightride FM that was going to have Kavinsky as the DJ but he broke the NDA and leaked info on it so they canned it?

>>520848429i thought it was supposed to be more vague than that

>GTA VI with a social media influencer system>make clips and pics in game that can get rated on internal game mechanics>worldstar satirized site scores things like cop killing and explosions highly>insta satire scores coomer content like prostitutes and strippers highly >facebook satire you have to do a lot of socializing with famous side NPCs like bowling or eating at a restaurant with Love Fist or w/e, organizing parties and meetups etc>you can livestream bank heists, makes it riskier but get more rewards / benefits >a theme of the game is very much about everyone being conceited attention seekers not able to enjoy life in the moment without pointing their phones at themselveshire me im an ideas guy

>>520837224Most other countries don't have a selection of criminal organizations it deals withA GTA on just the Cartel or just the Mafia wouldn't be as interesting

>>520848621>>520848749But it has Claude and the layout of the city is the same as GTA 3 era LC

>>520848474yeah, it would. fuck off with your shit taste.

>>520849412>the layout of the city is the same as GTA 3 era LC

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>>520849275god damn that sounds fucking terrible

>>520847927Sounds maximum zoomer

>>520837427GTA Venezuela would be extremely decadent unless you touch themes like Arco Minero. Venezuelan Culture is a gold mine for satire, but unfortunately the cities themselves have become quite boring. I’d prefer that to whatever the fuck Far Cry 6 is up to.GTA only works if you make it on a shallow american city. The only game close to doing something different was Sleeping Dogs and even then it felt quite on rails.

>>520849552Not the actual map but the layout, 3 islands which are commercial/residential/industrial areas

>>520835559Why do people still give a shit about GTA? It's always the same game, just set in a different timeline. How many times can you drive the same cars and shoot the same guns before it becomes tedious and boring?

>>520851120It's only the second highest selling game ever made

>>520851120i had fun with it up until somewhat recently. played the series from the beginning as they came out. when you boil it down, it does essentially all become 'drive here, kill these people, drive back'. the jumps from console gen to console gen were usually the most fun.after the last handful of updates to gta online have revolved around buying an expensive warehouse, then doing missions centered around that, it just hasn't really innovated much. some of its cool, but ultimately, i'm really not that interested in seeing where they take it from here.

Benzies is out of the picture so GTA VI will be hard-poz, by the way. It will probably be all about the AIDS epidemic and your MC catches AIDS.

>>520852016p much all the main people are gone now. it's going to continue to go harder and harder jew

>>520851758So you just buy it because it's popular?

>>520852170No. You're implying that it's unusual to enjoy GTA though.

>>520849275Take that shit to Saints Row. Don't ruin GTA any further.

>>520852571Unusual? No. Stupid at this point in time? Yes.GTA fans are no different from COD fans.

GTA is fucking dead. you know it but just dont want to admit it to yourself. congrats fuckups who actually buy sharkcards and play gta online

>>520852830Games have been dead ever since Magic the Gathering popularized gacha and pay2win. Thanks for ruining everything, cardfags.

>>520835559Why did you think it would, you fucking tard? No numbered GTA has taken place in the past.

>>520840487Unfortunately this

>>520853406You don't know that it's a numbered GTA. Also, that's a coincidence and not an actual rule they made.

>>520835559Rockstar is going to make a more cyberpunk game than Cyberpuke release date 2077, hahahahahaha.

>>520852016Garbut is better anyway

>>520854008The amount of people on this board that post their retarded assumptions as if they're facts is absurd. They do it so abrasively too.

>>520855801Fuck off

>>520835559Wasn't supposed to be the 3 citys united Vice city,los santos and liberty city

>>520835559Vice City will be an expansion for GTA Online, there won't be a GTA 6

>>520836380an open world cyberpunk game would be amazing, still can't believe no dev is trying to do it

who even gives a damn about these boring ass games

I've no idea why people chime into threads to let people know that they don't give a shit about the thread. Seems like a waste of time. Why would anyone care that you don't care?

>>520860793Fuck off

>>520835559>literally whonice source

>>520836946Or maybe there is another map in south America. You play as two characters, a cop in Vice City fighting against Tommy and a drug lord in not medellin sending drugs to Tommy.I'm not hoping for anything though after gtao and RDR2.

>>520837224American cities are easy to make in GTA. Nice big squares and blocks. Other countries have complex citit designs

>>520835559Online people won't like old vehicles

>>520862036This. Did they even have machine guns in the 80s?

>>520863653Only a couple. They had the AK i think or whatever inspired it.

>>520862036Neither would I

>>520861909They're easy to make and even easier to make fun of

>>520844050>>520844792You both literally misinterpreted and misconstrued what I said. I want you both to end the families that failed to raise your dumbasses properly, and then I want you to kill yourselves for being hateful and incredibly retarded