How was this allowed?

How was this allowed?

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Elves are whores. What else is new?

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Fuck I love HotS models. Post Whitemane or mommy dragon so I can coom.

How was THIS allowed?

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>>520835439It doesn't work like that.

>>520835439>Not posting the speedo one

>>520834390Built for big orc cock

>>520834390HoTS characters are whores!

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>>520836269Look at this slut

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>>520834390HotS is where the soul of the company was shunted off to.

>>520835689-girl in skimpy outfit - MALE POWER FANTASY!-man in skimpy outfit - MALE POWER FANTASY!Apparently women don't get turned on ever.

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>>520836727character design, perhaps. but not the gameplay.

>>520837538they don't have dicks of course they're rarely as horny as guys

>>520837856Girls are horny as fuck, they just hide it better.

basically all of blizzard's talent and most of the old guard was working in the hots teamso of course blizzard killed it and left it to rotalso somebody post the pic of the character designer lady with the suggestive anime figs around her desk

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>>520838321>the guy that was in charge of Whitemanes design is gay>everyone thought she would be covered up>she still has her thighs hanging out and now has a boner inducing laugh Why can’t all gays be that based


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>>520838597Was he gay? I know Whitemane was modeled by Tamara Bakhlycheva.

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>>520837538They also neglect the existence of homosexualsLike ONLY men want to see attractive women in their world. The same world where lesbians are precious and must be protected


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>>520837701>character design, perhaps. but not the gameplay.I thought Abathur was pretty soul.

>>520834390>she literally says she doesn't like bestialitythe hots team was based

Cop greymane is a gift to furries, and lion greymane bulges obscenely. Feels good.

>>520834390Because they implemented her primarily as a weird damage/support character and then eventually moved her over to full support whilst gutting a lot of her actual damage.

Is it worth reinstalling hots just to play Whitemane and maybe that OC loli?

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>>520842212Hots gets shat on but it's enjoyable enough. Enough borderline content for thirsty white boys and no downtome in the matches.

>>520842212Whitemane is a bit funky to use; you heal someone with a really shitty heal then all of your damage heals. Sounds good in concept, but her damage output is rather low because it directly correlates to her healing. And yet, at the same time, she does get absurd healing output in team fights with one of ultimates that makes a "fuck you" zone on the ground.OC Loli is strong right now; a good paper to the rock that is Meph, but gets hurt a lot by a singular slow. She plays with a hit-and-run technique with one of her spells, when hitting a hero, making her move quickly in a direction.

>>520842212> is it worth reinataling HOTS-No

>>520834390No one had the balls to fire Samwise on his coventry team project.

>>520842212not for whitemane, or orphea, but blaze however is a lot of fun to fuck people up with.

>>520835439Wait did they nerf it? It used to be a speedo

>>520842212The problem with HOTS is that it's infested with south "americans"secondarily it's really really hard to carry but very easy to feedIt's easily the best MOBA though, and the objective based gameplay means they can get nutty with the heroes and literally if all you can do is push people around or body block, then you're already massive; unlike in LoL where if you aren't fed you're useless

>>520843687They didn't nerf it. There is a speedo version.

>>520838321>blizzard killed it and left it to rotthe game failed

>>520843687The swim trunks are the epic variety. The speedo is the legendary one.

>>520842506I really don't understand how to play her. So I heal someone then do all my damage spells? Is the ult you talking about the defensive one or the offensive one?Can you tell me the rotation for a dumb motherfucker like myself?

>>520843985Wrong.The last financial report before maintenance mode showed that it actually generated a profit. It's just that greedy Jews wanted a bigger profit and that their buddy Jeff was raking in much bigger normie bucks with Overcuck.

>>520843838Anytime you get someone typing portueguese or Spanish on your team in quickmatch, its a guarantied loss for you.

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>>520840124I work with a lesbian. She and her girlfriend spent five hundred dollars at the strip club last month.The true cancer of the world is jealous roasties.

>>520837856>>520838087What's the term called for why human women can hide when they ovulate, unlike other species? 'Stealth heat' or stealth ovulation'? But yeah, they're just better at hiding it than men. And don't like admitting it either.

>>520844085Your Q marks someone so all your damage will heal them for a portion. Your W is free to cast, and heals marked teammates for the first strike, and second if it hits as well, so just drop it off cool down if an enemy is in sight. Your E focuses someone for some moderate damage over time, healing a small but steady amount to anyone marked.So Q each person you need to (and no one you don't because it costs more Mana with each cast) and then W any enemy in range, and E someone who will be nearby for a short while, like a bruiser. One ult damages enemies nearby and makes them weaker, the other heals allies and buffs them. Both are fine, take whichever you need.Don't use her 1 unless there's no enemies and you're healing between fights. It's the same thing as her E, except heals a single ally instead of damaging an enemy and healing all allies.Use her D ability before fights on allies you want to heal more, usually the tank, or an ally that is lower health. It increases healing they take.

>>520844085You mark allies with your Q (or 1 or ulti 1), then any damage at all that you cause to enemy heroes will heal your marked allies.So like, in a fight you'll want to weave as many autoattacks as possible while landing your searing lashes and using your Q to keep allies topped up/ marked, without going too far and getting dived on, as you'll die very quickly if you need to heal anyome other than yourself Laser slows enemies as well, so allies can jump them while receiving a modest heal

>it was a different time

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>>520840519abathur is the epitome of soulless, surface level impression is just smoke and mirrors

>>520845056Thank you kind sir! Will try this!

>>520846395A better time.

>>520834390Hots was the last bastion of cool guys a blizzard it was so dead that no one payed attention to what was going on in it

Why cant they be real bros......

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>>520835439I mean this shits still allowed this was released a couple months back

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>>520847662The only thing I love more than hot, half-naked women in games is hot, half-naked men. Women like to get pissed about how men objectify them, but they would be utterly baffled by how many levels and loot boxes I grinded when Speedo Tychu got released.

>>520846395Looks like a whore who caters to customers with a harlequin fetish

>>520847485If it was anything but a MOBA I wouldve stuck around, the game is both validates itself and kills itself because it is more casual than others in the genre. Its good because you can hop on, have a bit of fun and fuck off, you can squeeze a few games in before going on with your day, but its also terrible because anyone looking for real depth will not find it where they have found it in other MOBAs. Take that roster, take that development team, and make a character based brawler, where you effectively play 4 player coop to defeat stages as lots of different characters and playstyles, charge a fixed fee and move on, or even just make it a fighting game like Power Stone, they were competing with established games in the genre and were the most casual of them all. Their insistence on making a competitive scene was a serious oversight of the community that likes the game, noone plays HotS of all the MOBAS, to go professional, its just not deep enough.

>>520844676>And don't like admitting it either.No shit, they'll get slut-shamed.

>>520847603I'd rather some big tiddie blue (purple) space goats

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>>520834390I've seen that pose and animation so many times that it looked like it was moving

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>>520848482im a footfag and draenei dont have feet so....

>>520848482I want a big fat draeneic futa horsecock deep in my ass



>>520849294>>520849392based and cumerpilled

>>520849294She's niche and only really shines in 2v2 fights and laning. Outside of that, she functions better as an off-healer.


>>520848859Brain damaged

>>520849754yes, and?

>>520849294Tyrande is for cross map owl snipes.

>>520850191>Abathur snipping

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>>520849294AAAA MODS!! A NIPPLE!!

>>520834390HotS is the last bastion of people that give a shit left at blizzard.

>>520848482I want to marry and impregnate a Draenei so badly

What's the best poke line in HotS and why is it Gul'dan getting a call from Darkness

>>520838771Does he still work there? Queen Lana migrated to the Tencent horde.

>>520842212I SWEAR the rest of the OW/WOW dev teams were jealous of the art team involved with HotS showing them up every character release. Then the CG movies were just too much for them to handle and they had to axe them.


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>>520849294She uses her autos on the tank/bruiser to get her heal back and its a stun, not a root. She's been outclassed by Decard as of late, as his root and ruby heal are better, but she works OK in Battlefield because of how much she can help in the race with Hunter's Mark and Trueshot Aura.She does still have the ability to snipe Abathur to death if paired with Mephisto; Mephisto reveals him with R, Tyrande goes the one owl talent that does more damage based on distance and snipes him from afar.>>520851719To be fair, until tentacle loli, the HotS team didn't have to design new characters.

>>520843985Wrong, they were pumping too much cash into the failing OW Esports scene and cut funding for HotS esports instead of pulling back a bit on the OW force feed.

>>520851763Marry TyrandeKill KerriganFuck uhhhh I don't know who

>>520851763Fuck Tyrande, Marry Li Ming, Kill Kerrigan.

The funniest part of HotS to me is how they handled literally every Overwatch character better than Overwatch itself>Mei is a tank because her abilities always made the most sense for damage mitigation instead of damage dealing>She can't completely shut down controls with her primary fire>Blizzard doesn't completely freeze enemies unless they're still in it's radius when it ends>Cryo-Freeze doesn't just make her invincible while her health resets, you can actually destroy it like an ulting Phoenix in DotA>Gave her an Iceman-esque mobility skillShe would be so much fucking better in OW if they just copied how HotS handled her.

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>>520851763death by snu snu

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>>520842212Yes, even if just for hershe desereves to be in a not-dead game

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>>520842212yes, game is pretty fun unless you're one of those faggots who only play quick match and never try ranked

>>520852247I get the impression someone on the HotS team is a Kancolle fan

>>520852124The though of Blizzard making a shooter sounded laughably broken from the beginning. Like if they added Reinhardt to HoTS he'd probably be the best tank in the game.

>>520852176I love my OC goth loli daughter-wife

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>>520852390>Devs actually had to confirm they won't ever add Reinhardt specifically because his shield would either be overpowered, or pointless due to all the placement abilities

>>520852307Probably that team used to be full of weebs

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still waiting on Mekkatorque

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>>520852124The hilarious part to me is how often the secondary ults are better or simply more fun in HotS than they are in Overwatch. Like Genji's X-Strike just feels better than Dragonblade does.

>>520852247>The perfect haircut>Actual white skinJust make her some big tiddie milf and she's perfect

>>520835439>wasHe's still in, ya dingus.>>520843687>>520843915Wasn't nerfed or removed, still in. Pic related.

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>>520852775Milfs are lame

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>2020>Lord Garithos still not in the gameIt's no wonder it died.

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It's really baffling to me that this MOBA is so shit at times but can also pump out some absolute kino designs like Leoric and Abathur

game needs more hot werewolves, or at least hogger.

>>520848727No, they have better than feet

>>520834390the hots devs are based.

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>>520842212>>520852491>oc loliThe OCs are shitty because they're not Blizzard characters, they're shitty LoL characters. Oph especially, down to the stupid faux-anime portrait.

>>520852176Did Orphea ever get a lewd skin?

>>520852664>Reverse Amp>Bunny Hop>Un-mech'd D.Va having actual abilities>Hanzo never lost Scatter Arrow

HOTS can fall under the radar. Even WoW still has tons of lewd shit in it.

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>>520834390By having Chads and Stacies in your team and no beta faggot soiboys.

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>>520852565>used to beStill is. During the Nexo event going on right now, there's some weeb shit. Like Mecha-Yrel and the anime portraits, it's pretty kino.

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>>520842862Samwise gives no fucks.

>>520852124Too bad they made every Warcraft 3 character less fun to play, but maybe that's just me not liking ASSFAGGOTS gameplay. The exception being that Zeratul's moveset was lifted straight from Maiev in WC3, and he turned out pretty fun.

>>520834390Made in 2014

>>520849294I love bubble butts

>>520854170Holy shit i have to install the game again now.

>>520854010If that's winning;I'm glad Im a loser.

>>520854170Wish they made skins with some of the portraits. Suppose theres no real point now considering the game is dead mostly. Really sucks that they made a moba, a game that is dependent on multiplayer, it just means that at some point the game is going to be unplayable as they just shut it all down.

>>520853503Actually, more based shit: Kael'thas, Artanis, Xul, Stukov, JohannaUnbased shit: Hanamura, Haunted Mines, most specialists, every overwatch character that isn't Lucio and Junkrat, Murky

>>520855476oh, and the OCs are unbased too. Make blizzard characters, nobody cares about the HOTS lore. Blackthorne STILL isn't in the game

>>520855476Get the fuck outta here Xul is basic and boring as hell

>>520838087>>520844676Absolutely fucking retarded, the both of you. If you think women are even close to the level of men when it comes to the sheer primal desire to want to fuck something, anything, you’re completely fucking deluded. You’ve probably been raised by American propaganda.

>>520855582He's still grandfathered into being based because he's the D2 necromancer and it's not like HOTS is a complicated game

>>520842212nah the game is garbage, matchmaking is completely random now

>>520855686>noooo women are not hornier than me!!!Fucking weirdo.

>>520855476>Unbased>MurkyOpinion discarded.

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>>520855476>he doesn't like best character probeThe real shit here is (You)

>>520855476>hating on specialistsSomeone has been Asmodunked recently it seems.

>>520855953Asmo's good. >>520855951I like Probe but I don't know if he's based>>520855934>diaper scaly>playstyle encourages feedingno

>>520855434Six of those portaits are of skins.

>>520852573>treated valla/tychus as broodmother during season 1>they get reworkedBLIZZAAAAAARRRDD!!Although that hero is genius, maybe a true Techie should show up too, a real broodmother.. other OG heroes would add more interest to the game.Would Blizzard accept these heroes if the art was donated to them VIA WCIII HD modding?

I don't understand how this game hasn't died, who the fuck even spends money on it? they must be losing more by paying the fuckers that make new skins and characters than what they get from microtransactions.

>>520854010>all these fucking chads and stacies>finding freedom through work and happiness through fitnessacti-blizzard was threatened from within, they sensed danger from these elevated beings that worked on the HotS team.

>>520856075>playstyle encourages feedingThat just outs you as a basic bronzie. Good murkies can finish the game with just a handful of deaths.

>>520834390Blizzard is literally the only pro-fanservice AAA dev left but

>>520856173Wish they did more.

>>520844440I’ve been close friends with a lesbian for the last 5ish years and we exchange porn over facebook and twitter

>>520856307Not everyone wants to grind 20 minutes in a lane before the game begins, hence HotS having a decent playerbase.Same with cool models, different maps and better skins.

>>520856307They barely pay the HotS staff at all. Everyone working for it is basically doing it out of passion, HotS is where the staff gets shunted off to when Blizzard doen't give a fuck about them.

>>520856454You CAN. I'm talking about the average player, who go 'oh I'm only a quarter of a death' and feed harder than a fucking soup kitchen. Just like how Sylvanas can be cool if you get one that actually participates in fights

>>520834390she looks like she fucks green guys

>>520856075>>playstyle encourages feedingYou mean

>>520856592When did I imply that someone must be playing mobas? the entire genre is awful, but HotS was a god damn wreck train from the beginning. I'm just surprised they kept it going this long, I mean it surely has to be the least profitable game in Blizzard's portfolio at this point.

Why is HoTS the only game to have supports that are actually fun to play? Why can’t every game have an Uther, or Kharazim or Reghar man

>>520856075>playstyle encourages feedingOh so you just don't know how to play Murky.

>>520834390She was made to bear Orc babies

>>520855901Not hornier than me, hornier than men in general. This is reality denying nonsense, like saying that trans-women are actually women.Stop it. Stop being retarded.

>>520856932>Least profitableYou have no idea how much they wasted on Overwatch and Overwatch league

>> is the worst designed hero in the game and it's not even close. Her kit is so atrociously ineffective in 85% of matches. Picking is feeding the whole game to the enemy team

>>520857067Once again, I'm talking about the average blizzard hugbox player who are taught nothing they do is wrong magnified by a thousand times because it's a blizzard mobaYour favorite scaly diaper character isn't that deep that people who recognize that shit players play him poorly doesn't immediately make him some character for masters. Go play TLV or some shit if you want to pretend to have a big brain

>>520855434>Wish they made skins with some of the portraits.Most of those portraits are pertaining to skins. They literally released a whole mecha-themed series of characters, and are playing up the whole 90s mecha-anime angle hard.

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>>520857423Oh fuck me then. Last update I played was the one with the cat luchadore Li Li in it, I guess I missed that.

>>520854010I bet that team was so much fun to work with. Coding and having fun while doing it. They all probably looked forward to work each morning.

>>520854010That team is lacking in diversity, I don't see a single black person, something must be done, now.

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>>520852124I appreciate that Hanzo's scatter shot really is simple geometry, requiring you to line up bank shots and not just a clusterfuck arrow.

>>520834390>>520835439>>520836587>>520842212>>520846395>>520847662>>520852906As you can see from the provided evidence in group A, as well as the mug shots in exhibit B >>520854010 I have to propose to the court that HotS was created by the most enlightened video game developers that value diversity in their fan-service.Now to get this report down to the morgue because HotS was sacrificed on the altar of ActiBlizz to try and get the competent team to fix all the other bullshit WoW, Diablo, OW, and Starcraft piled on themselves. Holy fuck I am still mad.

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Remember when Blzzard had literally no black women to pull from their games so they made one up for HotS?

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>Here, let me give you a complete hand-animated trailer for a patch for our free do the good die young?

>>520857727That's part of the same update. Nexomania is still going on.

>>520857727Luchadore Li-Li is the current event. Mecha was last year's summer event. However the mecha stuff is available atm because they're both summer events, so they share loot boxes.

>>520859753They didn't even have the decency to tie her in to an existing map, and instead had to pretend she was from some scrapped world.

>>520859753>Flatter ass than whitemane, Li Ming, Tyrande, and NovaWhy cant they do chocolate right?

>>520859753Cool Overwatch reject

>>520859753Because they wanted to ride in on the "popularity" of Black Panther. Because that movie was a resounding success and not at all mediocrity distilled.

Ana is one of my favorite characters in literally any game. She's just so much fun and can put in so much work depending on how good you are. Only problem is that her level 20s are pretty boring for a game that has ridiculous level 20s.>>520855476>shit out damage from afar man>do nothing in teamfights until you get a root off man>unkillable tank girl>basedNo!

>>520859753Epitome of terrible aesthetic design but amazing gameplay design

>>520859753We wuz predatorz is everything wrong with OC characters just like daughterfu is everything right with OC charactrs

>>520860605Her "shoot really fucking fast" at 20 turns her into like 80% of a Raynor.

>>520842212it's the only Blizz game I have installed anymore. >>520854184dude loved metal. It seeped into his character designs and drawings. I'm surprised he's still kicking around the gaming industry, but God we need him more than ever

>>520837538women do get horny. just not over boys in panties. You want to know what makes panties wet? you should ask a girl.

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>>520860605>Love everything about Sgt. Hammer>Except her gameplayI painfully got her to lvl 8 and I just dont see the payoff of standing still in siege mode. Hell being in siege mode is the cause of every single one of my deaths. Theres just so many abilities that dont give a damn about your extended basic attack range and will hit you regardless.

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>>520861687Metal and pandas. His contribution to Blizzard's games is really underapreciated, just look at Reforged if you want to see what those games would be like without his art direction.

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>>520862502Hammer is bad in QM. She needs a group built around her that can zone/block for her while she shits out damage. If the enemy team has a Mephisto, Chromie or Liming you're going to have a bad time.

>>520860839>unlimited self heal, damage and mobility is worse than unlimited self heal, damage and mobility?

>>520838771Dinner tonight?

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>>520848482Based>>520848859DANGERSOULY BASED>>520850917Absolute key to a lifetime of happiness and bliss.


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>>520863338Between this and Diablo, I wonder if Blizz will learn to stop trying to outsource their IPs.

I like this one

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>>520865302Yo no parlo espanyol, m’agrada més el nou anunciador de Nexo.TAAAR-Nation!

>>520865583Redneck announcer is absolutely based, I like him too.

>>520862714I miss pre-rework hammer. Doing Orbital BFG builds were loads of fun.She’s still highest level, around 105, I like being a lane menace until an assassin or two has to come down and run me off. You’re right though, seeing Burst assassins on the other team is never a fun time, both KTs especially.

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>>520866013>>520862502I bet Hammer has a big, fat ass.

>>520861874>needed a character with nunchuks>took Bruce Lee as the base>needed to add flair>dumped him in Elvis Presley juicesometimes the easiest solution IS the correct one.


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good morning hotsg

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