If you were a serious game developer, how would you run your studio?

If you were a serious game developer, how would you run your studio?

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>>520832980Like Kojima.>never actually work>let all the talented people do their thing>watch movies>fly around the world>let sony pay celebs to hang with me>let fanboys suck me off online and irl if they're hot enough

>>520832980Into the ground.

In an old soviet submarine on a closed network. No leaks. Dissenters will be shot out of the torpedo tubes.


>>520832980like bags of sand

>>520832980Sign the creative talent to iron-clad contracts that totally guarantee that they won't be fired for their decisions in making the game.No Twitter lynchings, etc. They want to make a baby-rape sim, they make a baby-rape sim.If they're game doesn't sell well, they might be asked to make another one though.


>>520832980Isn't the point of a standing desk that you STAND at the fucking desk?

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Id poach everyone from good studios saying im recruiting a team of super power developers id also have an eye patch and id call my company SHIELD Games

>>520832980No women, minorities, gays, or trannies.

>>520834831nobody will know about your gamenobody will buy ityou might as well not make a game at allmarketing is just as important as making a game

>>520832980For one thing, no open office crap.

>>520834993lmao uncomfy faggot confirmed

>>520832980>shared workspace

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>>520835096sadly, this

>>520835294t. browses porn at work

>>520835423>Not shitting and cooming on work hours

>>520835423lmao if all you do at work is what you're supposed to rather than whatever you want (or at least what you can get away with if you're a pussy) then you're not a human, you're a worker drone, an NPC that's just there to make the world work for people who care about themselves.

>>520835423Not him but it's not even that. It's just a bullshit system. They are constantly crowded, noisier than traditional offices, and you constantly feel observed. I know that the last part is exactly why bosses love them, but it is not good for workers and their productivity.

>>520832980fuck thats the perfect size of desk I need. Anyone know where to buy it?

Hire some people to make my game. Slack off in the director's office smoking weed and coming out every now and then spout my ideas to the creative team that they can ignore because I won't remember them anyway. Hire cute voice actresses to have sex with.

>go to the school library>take a corner terminale-everyone knows what i'm about to do, right?


>>520832980No womenNo Americans

>>520836034hello kojima

Everyone gets a private workspace. All devs must wear suit and ties like jap devs from the 80s (except casual fridays). Smoking is permitted inside and at desks. I will promote a culture of comradery and brotherhood, but no forced group activities. My studio will be a meritocracy. >>520835096Marketeers are worthless scum.

Team-based on-demand production line. Each team can demand a product from another team. i.e. designer team can ask for a mechanic from the programming team, 3D team can ask for a texture set from the arts team, ... If I notice a bottleneck, I'll add more manpower.Conceptually this means there will be 2 kinds of teams: the ones that are producing the game,and the ones that are producing assets (including the game engine).At the end of every week I want to see a 'playable' game. I want to be able to play something. Even if it's just another level, or another mechanic, or a bug that I noticed last week.Individually, you do your own thing. Come and go as you please, work wherever and whenever you want, as long as you get shit done. You are responsible for your own results.

>>520836149>>520836178lmao good luck getting any major publication or influencer to shill your game for you if you don't virtue signal like mad>>520836271hello indie game dev #43987568943756329873846573984673 who has his game on steam but 0 sales because nobody ever heard of it, doesn't matter if it's the best of it's genre or literal dog shit, nobody will know one way or the other

>>520832980With an iron fist.

>>520832980Everyone that gets hired must play Flower, Sun and RainNaissanceResident Evil 4And give me their favorite songs in the following genres.Bossa NovaSpaniard 70s popLatin America 80s popJapanese 80s pop Also i need a one page paper as to why Cormac McCarthy is the greatest living author.

>>520836328communism doesn't work weirdo


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give myself very little pay and focus my workers attention on being true to their visions. create the best game ever then commit suicide for free publicity

>>520832980I'd let people have their own offices instead of this new-age startup open plan high ceiling bullshit.

>>520836523Not with an iron dick?

Everyone has to start their shift by giving me a friendly kiss on the lips, and presenting me with a gift. The studio will be decorated in the tackiest 1950's Hawaiian decor. Each day, you're given one free pass to scream as loud as you want, to let out any pent up aggression. You are not required to notify anybody before you do.Every friday I will cater from inexepensive, unsatisfying sandwich shops like Firehouse subs and Jersey Mike's. You are also free to, and encouraged to take shots of alcohol from a communal bar. I will spend most of my time there. You are also encouraged to shill, post fake leaks, and just generally fuck around with our audience in your spare time. Masturbation breaks in the bathroom are also highly encouraged. It may seem extreme to some, but I think my methods would encourage an almost zero-stress environment, and force the team to respect me as their leader.

I would go back to 90's cubicles because the "open space" shit that is in vogue now is objectively retarded and lowers productivity. Beyond that I would just be tightly product orientated and focused on making quality games. I would probably focus on secondary markets like CRPGs and not try to compete in the bloated segments of the market like multiplayer FPS (CoD, Battlefield, etc.) or MOBA space as those areas require huge, sophisticated marketing departments if you want to make money.

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>>520836965There's a thought. I'll buy a codpiece and walk around with it like Superman. Anyone who mentions it is fired on the spot. If the company starts making money I'll have it custom detailed to say>You're on the clock, stop looking at my cock

>>520836468I can market my game just fine without some parasite marketer

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>>520837437give that B a terminal symbol or else

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>>520832980I'd have basically no employees but would post about making them crunch for my amusement and not letting them unionise to bait jim sterling and the cryhole squad (pic related)

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>>520832980I'd have everyone microdose on LSD while working. Full dose for writers doing storyboarding, then microdosing for them after ironing that out and working on smaller stuff.

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Nerf gun fights in the office, but instead of nerf guns, they're real guns. And we're not shooting each other, we're shooting other people.And we're not in an office, we're in a school.

>>520837437>that imageI was always a bit disappointed they left out the Duchess in the Disney movie, best character.

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no women

>>520838350big if real

>>520835423I couldnt even if i wanted you colossal faggot, what kinda of company doesnt monitor their own internal netework.

>>520834993It's for manlets so they're at the same head-height as everyone else.

>>520837437>>520837557>>520838459>incel copeFeels good to not be a woman or beta male.

>>520838748>he doesn't route all of his traffic through a vpn>he doesn't download the company's own games via fitgirl torrent over the company's network

>>520832980I want one of those chairs

>>520839032Last dude you quoted, what the fuck does the Duchess from Alice in Wonderland have to do with your schizophrenia?

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>>520832980Hire a competent newcomer/experienced employees and tell the diversity environment to go fuck themselves.

Immediately fire anyone who suggests changes to the character purely for the sake of "diversity".


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I outsource everything I canEveryone that remains is now a 1099 contractor

We'd be workin hard

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>>520834993anyone know th make of these desks? not the standing one, the other wooden ones.

We would solely design shovelware for legally distanct chinese plug-and-play consoles

>>520832980No Shirt Monday for women, mandatory for those with a D cup and above.

the red areas are personal office spaces that can vary from sound designers to general developers to the arts department, the cyan area in the middle is an open space to fill with whatever like extra desks, concept spaces for drawing boards, etc, the purple is a closed meeting space or for other misc purposes, the blue is a playtesting area with a separate space to watch the playtesting or discuss it without bothering them, the green is for the cafeteria, and the orange is just a nice space to relax on break and maybe there'd be games in there or art or something that puts them into a creative and productive mindset but doesn't have that nasty walmart break room feeling. the lavender offices in the middle are for me and the other heads of department so we're easy to get to but aren't crowded or intruded on constantly, hence the additional outer walls beyond the walls of the offices themselves. the interior walls would be a nice beige stucco, and the floors would be polished concrete in most places except for the personal offices, which would be hardwood, and the break room, which would be mostly good carpeteverybody would have their own personal key to their office and their own personal lockbox, and the offices would be legit shit. especially for the people bordering the cafeteria/break area/meeting area - their walls would be doubly sturdy and proper so they aren't hearing anything going on to bother them. as long as you did your work and did it well you wouldn't be pulling all nighters or be expected to come in 9 to 5 every day of the week. i of course would have final say on any decisions but for the most part people would be given a general outline of their tasks and the expectation to coordinate creatively with the other teams but me or any other superiors wouldn't be busting down doors for small, independent artistic decisions. i wouldn't be hiring retards so i wouldn't expect retarded decisions and that's why this would work.

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>>520842001You've given this quite a bit of thought.

>>520842119i would have written more but i hit the character limit and i'm not about to cont a post that will certainly be the last 5-10 if that in this thread. i've got the thread killer curse.

>>520837387I'd work for you without a second thought.

>>520842001I would just about kill somebody to work here. Very comfy sounding, especially the break area. I'm picture a mostly glass, half-terrarium/half-arcade thing going on with lounge couches and box art of the studio's games along the wall. Does seem a little small though. Only 48 offices in total? How many employees does the average, middling popularity developer have on hand usually?

>>520832980What would your game company be called Holla Forums?

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its literally quite simple: no girls allowed

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>>520843519BRO - Based and Redpilled Organization

>>520832980Like a german sub. Small all white straight male team of competent devs and creators running silent on twitter.

>>520843519Vidya Inc.

>>520843519vidio gaimero companie

No women and only hire minorities based completely on their merit.

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>>520839679Based retarded primarch

my company would undercut all of the companies proposed by anons in this thread. I'd outsource everything to pajeets who are willing to work in mud huts for pennies. I'd rule with an iron fist and call immigration on any of them that displease me. And I'd probably make a decent amount of money before the company implodes after their shit indian code causes a plane to explode or something.

>>520832980No diversity hires. No trannys. No minorities unless proven to have true passion and skill for the project.

Simple, I'll be the office director, producer, and cumdump

>>520843613also everyone hates jews

>>520843809If you're outsourcing how would you call immigration? They're already in a different country.

>>520832980>daily meeting about how much shit is getting done >weekly meeting>monthly meeting>basically tons of meeting>meetings about when to schedule meetingsI like sitting in a conference

no women, no trannies, no gays.

>>520844097Good point. Maybe I'd just lash them or something instead.

>>520844256Quick with the problem solving. That's why you're the boss.

I would hook them on drugs so they would never leave and actually came to work.

Like Rockstar

>>520844256you know what outsourcing means, right? are you gonna fly over there and lash pajeet every time he gets something wrong? good fucking luck, have of india doesn't even have street addresses

>>520834641This but I'd pay my employees well and make sure the work environment was nice and not full of faggot politically correct bullshit.

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>>520844412I'd obviously be outsourcing the lashing too.

>>520835740>you constantly feel observedThis.I'm much more productive at home than I am at the office.

>>520832980Into the ground

>>520832980With an iron fist.

>>520832980no womenno colored folksimple as

No womenNo tranniesNo blacksNo Asians (only japanese)No HispanicsNo MexicansNo ArabsNo Anglos

>>520844421>not full of faggot politically correct bullshit.You wouldn't last a month then.

>>520834641this but instead of flying around the world and hanging with celebrity phonies I'd go home to my beautiful white wife

>>520844581This is the only acceptable answer in 2020.

>>520844926>You wouldn't last a month then.Dat Projection. Holy moly.

>>520844746>t. Russian

>only people good at their jobI can't think of anything else

like how they run my businessI become the program manager and run an actual PLC (product lifecycle) that meets every week with team leaders that determine individual tasks in their teams, then those guys only talk to me about PLC-related decisions and call meetings with me if there's a real decision to make for a program managerI put target dates on the board and everyone complains to me how they can or can't meet those dates and why but it gets managed competently because there's a lookout from bottom to top to easily figure out where people are slowing down

>>520844746video games peaked when every studio was like this

>>520845335wasn't doom made by a mutt spic

>>520837387Let me smoke at my desk and I'm in for half-pay.

>>520836271That workplace honestly sounds awful.


Dont hire minorities only because of they are minorities.No jews, or woman.

>>520834641So once Sony inevitably dumps Kojima after his next flop will another major company scoop him up or will he fade into indie obscurity like so many other legendary devs?

>>520845914white people are minority

I would hire only jewish women and make only the scummiest free to play games with micro transactions on mobile phones. Make a lot of money off of that, then open up a secret studio to make a real successor to Freelancer.

>>520834993You need to stand up from your chair and walk around a bit instead of sitting down at a desk all day and the reverse is also true if you have a standing desk, your legs need a break sometimes.

>>520844746>>520845914You can't pass someone over because of their race/genderThat's illegal.

>>520835084That is called discrimination asshole, you want to get sued?

Cubicles. Efficient, self-contained pods of isolation where the creativity can flourish. The open-air environment is oppressive. Someone's always over your shoulder or peeking from a distance.

>>520846371I wouldn’t, i would still give them a chance based on their skills.But jews and woman would kindly be declined because they don’t qualify as human, ofcourse they would never know.

>>520843519CockSoftware, shortened to CockSoft.

>>520846371Then why can they pass on white people?


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>>520846371>"Thanks, we will call you">Never callWow that was hard.

>>520834993>making your employees stand for 8+ hours a dayPlease don't hire me.

>>520832980Small roomteam of 10Work whenever we can just having fun snacking and writing bullshit ideas on whiteboard and focusing on one thinggameplaysetup a simple 3d render of whatever we are doingPut the entire story in the opening Only one option in menuPress Start to play-

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>>520832980Off the top of my head:>only hire people with skill, creativity, and passion>do not let interns, subcontractors, etc feel like they are anything other than cattle>set realistic deadlines>cap my salary at what ever department heads are payed>give employees benefits and pay them well >have dividends and let employees invest in projects>regular meetings between department heads and within departments>foster environment of collaboration and be willing to listen to input of any employee but do not compromise directorial vision>try to foster passion for each project and get employees socializing>allow employees to isolate or even work from home it helps them work>axe anyone who takes advantage of flexibility and does not produce reasonable results>dock pay of anyone who says "good enough" or encourages half assing and add the notation "This is good enough, right?" to their pay checks>no day one DLC>DLC is either meaningful expansions or frivolous "support the game" cosmetic crap thought of after release>PC as a primary focus in order to avoid wasting time working with limit specs of consoles>no store exclusivity>no daily login / achievement crap that you NEED to do in order to advance (not opposed to laughably minor daily shit just for a little pull)The point is to make a studio full of useful and passionate people who know they are valued and value their work, and then keep these people. Too many studios mistreat the creative and the skilled and kill passion, while also empowering shit eaters all so they can churn out trash that loses them fans.

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>>520844926Man, I thought it's up to the company how they run things.

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>>520832980If I were serious? I'd run it like a mafia. Killing journalists that give bad or no coverage of my games.

Institute mandatory femboy Fridays

>>520846674White people are overrepresented.

>>520846857Human resources will help make sure you have representation though.

>>520846024Say what you want about Kojima, but the shit he makes is never forgettable (even if it is dogshit), so he will never fade.

>Listen to my employees feedback>Hire people with skill/creative>Ask them ideas to make the game better and with more content>No crunch>The game will release when it's ready and polished>Small studio of 5 persons max>Maximum communication so everyone know what the other is doing>Have some comfy place where we can play/have fun time during pauses

>>520832980The only acceptable way.

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>>520848648That is not financially feasible.

>>520848648>5 person max>no crunchGood look with that

>>520848571Anon human resources is the first step to get hired.

Every day I'd slam random employees' desks when they show me what they're working on and scream, "NO, NO NO IT'S WROOONNNG!" but I would never explain what I'm talking about.

>>520848464no they are not

>>520848464White people are the most skilled so they get hired the most. Like black people commit the most crime so they get policed the most.

>>520849061Yes they are. The industry is in need of more diverse voices and talents to help keep gaming from stagnating

>>520849226Thats simply not true.

>>520849228> from stagnatingwhat stagnating


>>520849338which part

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>>520832980>all resumes are user, no name/sex/race allowed>only hire the most skilled/passionate/experienced>end up with a company full of whites and asians>make great games

>>520849475Would never happen. You would have room of fine black men who worked their ass off in schools. Holla Forumscel

>>520849228>>520849573samefag bait

>>520849573whoever said about the company being located in SJW land?

>>520849368When you only have white men contributing you're losing out on entirely new and different perspectives.>>520849408All of it. Whites are hired because of racism and black people are arrested because of racism

>>520849228Diversity does not mean Innovationgo chug some onions cuck

>>520849813Innovation csnt happen unless we give everyone representation though.

>>520849573TYRONE BIXNOODUS JAMICHAELS(foh-fah-semn) - sis foh tree - too wun ayy [email protected]:da streets hahaaa.... ya shwurd dat nigga?high school: martin luther king jr. uptown school of troubled and at risk youths (DNF)PREVIOUS JOB:N/APOWERS N SHIT:crack into locked iphonestell any fast food place by they chickenhate whitydont wash hands afer bafroomVOLUNTEER ESPERIENCE:lit homeless niggas on fire one time.... hahaaa.....

>>520849810>All of it. Whites are hired because of racism and black people are arrested because of racismYou know what.I think you're right.

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>>520849873this sounds like bullshit

>>520849810Fuck off poser

>>520850472You can think what you want but we as a whole will benefit from more diversity in gaming.

>>520850618nigga nobody cares

>>520832980I'd keep crunch to a minimum, and be sure to pay my coworkers well if they do decide to take on overtime. Being a faggot, I'm immune to being canceled, so I'd also be sure to keep things personal to keep morale up while keeping it open knowledge that I'm gay (for the free Twitter clout, of course). I'd keep outsourcing to a minimum as well, since that might erode trust in me, even if it'd technically cost more. For games, I'd try to apply some soul to current trends, then if that pays off and the company turns out stupid rich, we'll just end up making what we think would be cool to play, kinda like how Wes Anderson makes his movies.

>>520850261>POWERS N SHIT:>crack into locked iphones>tell any fast food place by they chicken

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>>520832980Spend years in a garage with 3-5 clones of myself

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Female employees must adhere to the dress code and wear mini-skirts

>>520832980Nothing but SLAVE PITS for the masses. The women will be my concubines and the men shall be my soldiers, my janissaries to conquer rival studios. Should a disagreement on game development be brought up between the slaves, they will be pulled into the octagon with only a single sharpened stick in the middle. The last survivor may make his decision

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>>520850780>kinda like how Wes Anderson makes his movies.I hope your company dies then.

It would be total anarchy. No rules but a competitive hierarchy that dictated salary by work done. Have weekly rewards for the most productive employees such as exotic animals, prostitutes and drugs. Encourage the use of performance enchaining drugs. Encourage bullying to weed out the weak and antisocial. We'd be putting out a banger ever year and rapidly expanding into other industries. Hire hot babes to work the lunch room so my employees always want to be at work. I'd live like a bum and not earn much salary for the first 6 years so I could afford to hire the best talent.

>>520850980Unless you're some sort of video game development savant that can make music, assets, code, design UI and other menus, and pretty much do the other two dozen or so things that need to be completed in order to make a good, finished product, you're just going to end up with 3-5 obsolete lemmings that want to murder you and take your place as the real user.

>>520851242Wes Anderson just makes what he likes because he's got the money to do so without having to worry about pandering to anyone or making his stories accessible. It's respectable, it's what art should be.

>>520851392By your same logic, it's good to be the Nike shoe heir and fund Laika forever while they pump out trash.

>>520852420>Kubo and the Two Strings>Coraline>Paranorman>"Trash"Contrarian opinion discarded

>>520851392This is what I have been saying for ages. Old games were made by people who had sincerity, they wanted to make a game because they thought the end result would be great. Their games sold well, got tons of renown, and drew in an audience that had a similar sincerity and deep interest which fostered communities. Now the creative misfits are shunned because corporate is risk averse, so the fucking hacks who want fame and fortune run studios churning out trash. Their games fail to meet corporate projections, and draw and audience that is either desperate to play anything that might standout in a wasteland of shit, or people who lack sincerity and have a surface interest, which doesn't foster shit so corporate pays for more marketing.

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>>520832980Lots of blow and hookers

>>520852506All adaptions, and the latter two were their establishing films. And about half of their works.Moron.

>>520852796And they were good adaptations. What's your point?

>>520834641>letting more qualified people do all the work while your name and face helps sell their workUnironically based

>>520832980Hire talented people.Focus on results instead of deadlines and hours put in.Places for people to actually play and study gamesDocumentation for everythingMinimal amount of organized meetings, let employees decide when to hold them with each other. Grander design decisions may require some kind of meeting with everyone involved but for little things that only affect artists it makes no sense to drag everyone else into that meeting.Cubicles for those that want it, open spaces for those that doLet employees have a life and personality in and out of work. Don't monitor their social media if they have it. Just let people work. Constant interruptions with bullshit is annoying in any job but especially for programmers.I dunno. I want to start my own company some day and I just want it to be an enjoyable and fulfilling place to work.

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>>520834729came here to post this

>>520849228"Diverse voices" is literally all we have in the western industry at this point and look at the absolute trash we've been getting because of it. Hell, the Xbox event had five (5!) games with generic stronk black women protagonists because of those "diverse voices". Compare this to Japan, an ethnically homogenous country who hire based on talent and have been churning out all of the best games of the past five or ten years because of it. The entire diversity argument is such horseshit. Hire people who are talented and who have vision and you'll almost always make something good. Hire people for diversity's sake and you'll probably end up making propaganda.

>>520852884So you're tacitly admitting your studio will die unless they're contracted to pump out remasters for some company, if any actually outsource them.Think.

>>520832980lmao that chair on the left, what manlet is sitting there lmao

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>>520853128Adaptations aren't remasters, user... If you think otherwise, then you must think that literally any Tom Clancy game is just a "remaster". You know that studios have to talk to right-owners to obtain movie rights, right? Not the other way around.

I'm too deep in the technical side to really think about the whole picture but at least I'd have an absolutely killer technology stack.

>>520832980no diversity hires,no pandering, minimize the hiring of women unless said women are actually talented, get neck beards who are actually gamers and people who actually know what they are doing preferably with a "gaming" exam to know that they're not full of shit, twitter and social media accounts strictly for announcements

>>520842339Make the next thread to outline your ideas more user, this is pretty sick

>>520839152>He doesn't have a bitcoin miner on the company wifi hidden in the breakroom.

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>>520852550>those baby boomer devsyou can't compare those people with the devs from todayit's one thing to program pacman 40 years ago, another to create a AAA title

>>520853540wow, so you'd be like nearly every other gaming studio in existence

>>520853749>wow, so you'd be like nearly every other gaming studio in existenceLMAO

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>>520832980I wonder if it's possible to take a big AAA studio and just portion it off into a whole bunch of small, focused groups with modest budgets in order to make those smaller AA games that vanished with the monumental push for maximum grafixs. One big Fortnite or whatever game to forever keep the company afloat but always have a good dozen side projects going on.

>>520853809>white woman in the front and center even in the first picreally makes you think

>>520853859That's not possible for 2 major reasons. Firstly you'll end up with games competing against each other meaning that you're competing against yourself. Its not like food, clothing or pharmaceuticals where you would have a product line. Secondly the more projects you have the harder it is to manage for everyone.

>>520853642DOOM its arguably one of the most successful and influential games ever produced. Also my point is not as narrow as to be only applicable to games made in the of videogaming, as you can see this trend in other time periods and creative fields. Just think of Disney's acquisition of Star Wars, anything EA touches, whats going on with table top games or comics. People without a clue are in positions of power and make decisions they feel make economic sense without being aware of what they are selling or even considering what people actually want. There is no vision, everything is grey paste passed through the market research focus group machine to "appeal to a broader demographic" but ends up being loved by no one.

>>520842001The quad idea is nice but the only problem is having to cross the entire building to get to the assets or coder guys on the other end to discuss something little

>>520853809female = cancerAlways.

>>520843519Nigs on Parade

>>520855113Have you never talked to someone unless they're in the same room as you?

Only hire nerdy autistic white men

Cut all budget to dumb shit like HR, press, and marketting, and just instead spend all that time and money making a good fucking game. Also, only hire white nerdy males and japs, and if any publisher wants to come see my game or tries to get into any talks with me, I am sending them boxes of feces.

>>520834641I don't think anyone truly appreciates the fact that kojima's greatest skill given his love of fun and weird games is his ability to reliably find funding for themlike there is literally nobody else in the industry who is capable of getting big publishers to sign off on these batshit games with huge budgets and attracting crazy star power the whole time he's doing it. maybe it's not something you can really appreciate unless you've ever worked in the industry. it's seriously a super power, though.his games don't copy industry trends or crib from popular Indies. his games don't cater especially well to streamers. his games aren't optimized for monetization and microtransactions. his games don't have huge post-launch roadmaps or games as service potential. how games are developed by a huge team of expensive industry veterans and personal friends. his games actually get released in a relatively timely fashion. literally he is a fucking finance wizard.

>>520832980Don't hire:>women>minorities besides east asians>gays>libtardsYou all keep saying hire nerdy white guys but you forget they're all sjw faggots who spam Slack/Teams with their cats and rick & morty quotes. Add to the list:>men that look/act like they have T levels less than 500Guaranteed good results.

>>520855969Holy cow, great taste.I would work for your studio, user.

I would molest all female employees

>>520856140>barring yourself from having any involvement in the project for the greater goodVery noble. We'll ring you when the game's done boss.

>>520856603Buttblasted gay balding adult swim watcher detected.

>>520851312Or an orgy.

Hmmm. Probably threaten my employees with cow burgers if milestones aren't met.

No betas. No Anglos. No Americans of any stripe.Create an environment free of politicking by removing these three classes of cancer.

>>520856929Seethe more

>>520857181Cope basedlet

>>520856929Yeah hush now, we're trying to work.

>>520855113skype or some office-based line would solve that problem

>>520857357>workAfter I have IT firewall adultswim and blacked maybe.

>walk into meeting room of hushed devs>approach whiteboard with red pen>rub out some math bullshit the eggheads devs were working on to free uo space>scrawl out on the board S O U L>turn to face the room>tap pen on the board>"well? where is it?"

>>520856983Would you really want to have sex with a clone of yourself? That'd be pretty disgusting and gay unless you're a fag and enjoy that. I couldn't do anything with a clone of myself, because if they're an exact replica of me, then they also know I would never trust a clone for the exact reason I stated before; the second we saw the each other we'd immediately try to kill the other one to be the real one. Never trust a fucking clone.

>>520857526>After I haveNope, not allowed. I don't make the rules chum. If you don't leave the premises immediately I will be forced to call security.

>>520857721Retard. Clones are incredibly valuable for bootstrap paradoxes.

>>520857721>Would you really want to have sex with a clone of yourself? That'd be pretty disgusting and gay unless you're a fag and enjoy that.Woah, now hold on there user! It would just be masturbation.

Bring your daughter to work day, everyday.

>>520857837There won't be any bootstrap paradox when your clone smashes your head in with a rock from behind, buries you in the woods, and slips into your place and your life undetected, you god damn idiot.

>>520859608Just because your clone would murder you to be the one and only doesn't mean other peoples clones would feel the same way.

>>520859689>Just because your clone would murder you to be the one and only doesn't mean other peoples clones would feel the same way.This. If anything my clones would feel relieved to not have my social responsibilities, though they would probably help me out of a sense of loyalty and empathy. My clones would also love being around me since we have all the same interests and aspirations we are working toward, and they would be willing to do whatever it takes to defend us and make our lives better. Everyday would be LAN parties, pub stomping, /tg/ and insane brainstorming sessions that actually get things done instead of burning out because of a lack of expertise or the sheer scale of a project.

>>520859689You think a perfect clone of you is just going to sit around, hiding away, while you live an actual life? You can't have two driver's licenses. You can't have two separate bank accounts under the same name. You can't share the same girlfriend or wife. The moment they are "born" they have already diverged in thought and action; the primary effect and catalyst of this thought and action being their awareness of being a clone. They will hate you for bringing them into a world where they are just a replica of an original. They will hate you for not wanting to interchange in your life and activities - or even trying to shovel all the shit you hate doing on to them as a stand-in. And most of all, they'll hate themselves for even existing. They'll hate themselves and the only way to soothe that hate will be to become you, truly and fully. The only way they can do that is to take your place, but you won't let that happen willingly, so what option do you leave them? Nobody is going to go looking for a body that couldn't possibly exist, what with the "real" you now walking about.

>>520860647Yeah, nah. A clone of me wouldn't care about anything you just said.

>>520860517Just admit you're narcissistic and that you would fuck.

>>520860647I don't think that way and my clone wouldn't either. >>520860517 is closer to the truth. How absolutely wonderful it would be to not have to participate in society

>>520861036How could you know that? With every passing moment they change from who you are and who they are. Like I said, one of the biggest drivers in that divergence of thought would be the recognition of being a clone. What if you found out that a week ago someone, the "real" you, cloned you, and now here you are? Every moment from that time a week ago has made you different from the original, and every moment after knowing you are number 2 has now exponentially changed you. This is tenfold if you're actually living around them - watching them go off to school, or work, or to see friends. YOUR friends. But they aren't YOUR friends, and it isn't YOUR house, or YOUR car, or YOUR money. It's all his.

>>520861481At worst it'd be the same as a two income household.Especially since if it's two of the same person you actually can double the enjoyment of one's hobbies as it's basically double the time.

>>520860647>And most of all, they'll hate themselves for even existing.So my clone is just like me then?

>>520832980I always imagined getting as many non-industry people as possible any then filling in the cracks with those who specialize in videogames. I have a masters in History and so many video game cultures manifest their lore and history from amalgamating real world cultures, but never to the extent that would make it seem like it actually existed.I would start every job interview off with them pitching me thier "dream game", but only as a test to see how deeply they can reach into themselves to bring out their passion. Having certifications is one thing, but if you have no drive or internal fire that you want to keep lit, the stuff you would make would be unironically soulless.I would actually take the time to dip my feet into every department; coding, sound design, enviro design, combat, voice acting, etc. To really converse with my team on their planes of expertise in a way that I could comprehend better than most senior excecs that just nod and scoff at stuffQuotas for medium diversity, as in 1 month getting into games, another into film, another into music, etc. Too many devs just take bits from other games or films but never really explore the medium to see what makes it so entertaining (aside from maybe kojima but I still think he's a pseud)Fuck bros, I really want to make a game.

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>>520832980>If you were a serious game developer, how would you run your studio?Easy.youtube.com/watch?v=VoAfb3f04mo

>>520861038>narcissisticHardly. I know my flaws, but I also have self worth and human decency.>would fuckUnder no circumstance. However we might purposefully get girlfriends with a different body types and ethnicites, and then replace each other.>>520860647>just going to sit around, hiding away, while you live an actual life?Clones would love being able to work less and play vidya and work of personal projects more. That said they may get jobs that we can swap with each other for extra income, a change of pace, and perhaps to maximize chances career advancement.>You can't have two driver's licenses.I'd probably sponsor them as "my cousins from the old country".>You can't have two separate bank accounts under the same name.You can, and you can even use separate banks. Though we would only if forced to in order to maximize interest.>You can't share the same girlfriend or wife.Like I said before, switching.>They will hate you for bringing them into a world where they are just a replica of an original.Like I said before, freedom.>>520860647>They will hate you for not wanting to interchange in your life and activities - or even trying to shovel all the shit you hate doing on to them as a stand-in.Like I said before loyalty, empathy, and genuine camaraderie.>And most of all, they'll hate themselves for even existing.More than anything it just sounds like you hate yourself. user, you are better than that, you are all you ever really have in the world. You might truly be loathsome, but goddamn it you are the beast you worship.

>>520832980>Pay all devs above market to make them want to stay.>No crunch, ever. Hire extra temp devs if more work is needed.>No Micro transactions of any kind.>Make enough money to pay your own bills and to make sure the studio survives, don't be greedy>Build consumer confidence over a few years>build loyal playerbase who anticipate your next gameYou treat the customer right and you'll always have food on your table. Get greedy and nickle and dime them and they'll leave you out to dry, rightfully so.

>>520832980Unless the company was already huge and had hundreds of employees or something I wouldn't even have a dedicated office, just have everyone work from home and leave what their work on a shared dropbox account of discord.

Probably like New Blood games, focus on more old school type games while adding a new spin when it comes to mechanics and what not. They run on a shoestring budget so they can be more experimental with their games to see what sells. Personally I would probably focus more on the dungeon crawler market, make more games like Wizardry or Etrian Odyssey for the PC. Discourage crunch unless it's a absolute emergency though, as in there's a gamebreaking bug suddenly and the game doesn't work for any of the customers. Once you work past 40 hours, your effectiveness as a dev crumbles hard, you're not gonna be able to make good shit without some rest.Too bad I'll never be a dev though, I honestly found that I didn't enjoy programming after taking a year of CS courses. I kinda did at first but after a while I just got completely burnt and hated the entire process of it.

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>>520847724Some other game specific stuff.>never rob people of a reasonable challenge for faggots that can't deal with it>never force players to face unreasonable difficulty>perhaps have a nice exponential difficulty selection for games where it won't interfere with the directorial vision>no game will ever have gear score determinism>dedicated server, with match making for those that want it

Go thousands of dollars into debt buying assets only to hop from project to project, completing nothinghaha imagine if that was the situation for real hahahah imagine that haha

>>520832980On Patreon and Kickstarter campaigns that won't be fulfilled because gamers are mindless consumers that don't deserve respect.

>>520842001Anon, think of building code in regard to fire safety. Also think of the use of the space realistically, like what happens with the flow of people when its lunch time.

>>520869298No reason why the building wouldn't have multiple exits/elevators/fire escapes. You could easily put one on each corner. There's only gonna be maybe 50 people or thereabouts with that amount of offices anyway; I don't imagine lunch time would be a high school-tier rush.

>>520832980Like a fucking slave owner. Work wagies. No complaints, no excuses.

>>520832980I'd liquidate all of my assets and get a job which isn't embarrassing manchild nonsense.