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Is lethal too easy for anyone else?

>>520832468I dont know, im still playing through the first time on hard.

>>520832468If you’re even remotely good at parrying, then yes it can be. I do think its the definitive way to play.

>>520833723Do you hold L1 Shields while parrying or just press O?

Any of you realize that as you become more Sneaky, As the game promotes you to in most situations. The weather Stays stormy? Gets old after awhile.

>>520832468I am playing traveler armor lethal and it's very nicecapturing territories are sort of easy, depends on the extra objective which is sometime hard.Duels can be really challenging on lethal, especially the ronin ones

>>520834817I like how you can completely black out Sakais Family Armor.

>>520834963what do you mean?I only just finished ACT 1 island on 100% and did some ACT stuff

>>520835074The very First mission when you rescue your uncle you have the option to ride all the way to your Home, and get your fathers armor. Later on in the game, you can find the Black Dye Merchant.

>>520832468I felt like it was a little easier once you have everything.

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>>520835074Oh and Masako, is a carpet muncher as well.

The Fox dens get annoying as well.

Ghost of Tsushima side missions are still better than the WHOLE game of The Last of Us 2.

Who made this game? Will it come to PC? I don't want to play it in blurry 30fps if I don't have to.

>>520837053Blurry 30fps? only if you have a shitty 720 screen. If you run 1080 they say it can go up to 60fps

>>520837230I want to run it at 4k 120hz.

>>520832282does getting the Ghost of Tsushima legend unlock anything? I'm still on act 2 and havent gotten the ghost armor yet

>>520837728Are you talking about the 6 keys From the Farming communities? i got that armor. Its kinda gay!

>>520832282you kill uncle at the end

>>520838453so, the ghost armor is the armor from the box art, idk when you get it but ive heard its in act 2

>>520835409I have got my armor and it's kinda uglythat armor with the black die would look like the game cover?

>>520837053If Horizon, Death Stranding and all those David Cage movies are anything to go by, sony should be announcing a port soon.

>>520832282NG+ FUCKING WHEN

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>>520837052Unironically correct. The side missions ARE actually decent. They kind of took the Witcher formula and gave each side mission a contained story. >find man yelling at villagers>ask him wtf?>says he paid to have his family escape>talk to villagers>one runs away>catch him and interrogate>find out bandits been offering rides for cash>track down bandits>find body of mother and child>take toy to give to first guy>tell him his family is dead>mission over>run into him later, says he will donate his wealth to the temple in his families honorThats one side mission and its already more compelling and humanizing than the entirety of TLoU2.

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>>520839108The armor looks way more savage once its fully upgraded. Plus theres like 4 color schemes. You'll find one you like

>>520839514I made a very similar post about that mission around the release. The side quests and the random encounters that take place in the midst of all the beautiful landscapes serve as constant reminders of the importance of Jin's mission.

>>520838664You get it at the very end of act 2. Pretty late into the game.

>>520840030The game takes itself really seriously and I think it benefits because of this. There isnt really any comic relief characters or over-the-top moments. Everyone feels like they are in a war torn Japan. I found it much easier to immerse into because of this.

>>520834697Play your flute then

>>520838535Only if you are an honorfag, ghostschads spare him.

I wish the story had actually been affected by how you played. Except when the game forced me to do otherwise, I went full samurai play style.

>>520838453The Gosaku armor is probably the best dueling armor in the game. That head dress is cool as fuck. I dunno how you think its gay.

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So is there any explanation for why hebhas 3 swords in the ghost armor tier 2?

>>520840683God the first couple missions really make you feel like it will affect the game.>memories training with uncle>the wind picks up the first time you assassinate, hinting at your father watching you without honor>cutscene where Kotal Kahn is basically shitting on you cuz you kill without honorDoesnt matter. Either way Jin is going full Ghost.

>>520840237I think one of the best results of this in the long-term will be the timelessness of the game. It's a great relief that we've gotten something that actually takes itself seriously, and not in the mumblecore tradition of wannabe a24 NPC trash like tlou2 either, but in the way that games like bloodborne and sekiro do. It's analogous to something like Manchester by the Sea or Blade Runner 2049 taking themselves seriously compared to trash like, say, Black Panther.

>tfw you wipe out an entire mongol camp in a matter of seconds thanks to maxed out dueling+ bonus from the upgraded family armor

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I’ve found every tale outside of Mythic Tales to be intensely boring. Are they actually worth doing? ie. are they narratively satisfying/do you get good equipment at the end?

>>520841575Some of them have neat narrative but no they are generally all low budget and meaningless. The character tales are good though

>>520841268Its kind of sad because I think this is why TLoU1 was so much better recieved than Part 2. The characters felt real, they felt stressed and defensive and you could feel them growing to appreciate each other over terrible circumstances. Part 2 is just pushing Abby to be this over-the-top badass because womenz strong and going for sheer shock value with some of the deaths. Sara's death served a purpose within the stories set up. Joel's felt like a copy-paste excuse to do the same thing without the tangible connection as to why. And to not deliver at the end was a total cop out. Theres other games that fail to deliver what they set out for but I'm using a recent example.

>>520841351>see trophy for getting max standoff kills>assume I need to upgrade the skill tree for it>get the upgrades, do a standoff, trophy still doesn't unlock>mfw unlock the Sakai armorThis game is pure soul and kino

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>>520841351>not critical strike launching off your horse at full sprint. Throwing a smoke bomb. Lobbing off the leaders head and Ghost Stance murdering/terrifying whoever is left.

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>>520842498That is not the way of the samurai!


Other than gameplay reasons why does Jin have a tanto on his belt?Don't samurai usually carry a wakizashi as a secondary sword?

>sekiro and ghost back to back GOTYsYeah i am thinking shinobi kino is back

>>520844249Wakizashi didn't come till the fifteenth century, Ghost takes place in like, the thirteen iirc.

>>520832282So is Ghost of Tsushima good? Sell me on it.

>>520846053It's a game about killing bugmen. What more could you want?

Shadow of Batman's Creed: Japan

>>520846053>good combat that evolves throughout the game as you unlock different stances and earn ghost tools. Enemy variety is robust and progressively gets harder with the stories. Standoffs which start off fairly easy become considerably harder by act 2/3. Boss fights are also decent. >fairly standard open world with lots of QOL improvements such as minimalist hud, easy to control horse, and instant looting. There is emphasis on organic exploration rather than following a quest marker. I don’t recall any kind of padding or bloat. Game never overstayed its welcome.>beautiful visuals and decent storyStrong 8/10 that I played nonstop till I platinumed it. Would definitely replay at some point.

What's the coolest outfit?Also, the shrines are 10/10 minigames

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>>520846053Nothing to sell you on. You either like Games like this, or you do not.Its like if Red dead Redemption 2 had a baby with Tenchu stealth

>>520844249>>520845767 this and really katana weren’t much of a thing yet at this point in time either.

>>520846656Kensei armor or ghost armor tier 2 sre objectively the best armors in the game

>>520840819The Fully Upgraded Sakai Armor all blacked out with the deer Horns Fully upgraded is my favorite.The grey hair and mustache make it gay!

>>520846656Right now I'm using>Betrayer's Hat>Haunted Dreams mask>Traveler's Attire (black)Pure kino

>>520846973sakai armor Fully upgraded all blacked out with the, full face mask and Deer horns is badass.

>>520846824Its more like if sekiro and BOTW had a baby

>>520847129Sakai armor tier 2 all black was my main armor up until Jin gets exiled and in my autistic head canon, stops wearing it. I only went kensei and ghost after.

This is the sakai armor im talking about. Fully blacked. This is what im wearing.

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>>520847321he gets exiled? no shit? Im still playing all the side missions in Act 2, I havent recaptured the castle or contacted the Shogun yet.

>>520848983Ima let u see it for yourself


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>>520846973A true Samurai needs no clothes!

>>520848267Soistation literally has a dedicated screenshot button you retard.

>>520850632How do I transfer it to 4chan then Cheesedick? Yeah I thought so.

>>520850789usb, faggot

>>520841351>Ghost of tsushima comes out EXACTLY right when I started to watch a ton of kurosawa moviesFucking based lucky timing


Arkham asylum came out in 2009 and yet every game made in the West is copying its combat

>tfw you weren't given the option to runaway to the mainland with Tomoe

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Is it just me or did the Mongols get a buff in act 3?

>tfw no sweet & sour pork ghost weapon

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>>520846053Best story in a game this generation, best open world in the genre, and best progression of combat in any adventure open world game this gen. Also best art design, and matching caliber of game design to pull everything together. But fuck you, no one needs to sell you on anything, here's your (you). Now fuck off>>520844249It's a game, nigga

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Absolutely beautiful game. Felt like playing a work of art


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>>520852549Yeah I almost never win standoffs against the act 3 area Mongols, fuckers are fast and fake out too much. I kind of like how it make sense story wise, you would have gone full ghost and stopped doing standoffs at that point.

>>520857567Pro tip for stand offs: watch their feet

>>520851574This is how know you’re a faggot and haven’t played it. The combat feels nothing like banham

>game beats you over the head with the idea that you can’t win as samurai and must resort to dishonourable tactics>meanwhile that mission with Shimura had the two of you storming a base and winning as samurai Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great story of showing a good and honorable man like Jin slowly give up on his ideals in exchange for achieving victory, very kino, but it really does feel like the game could have had alternative storylines based on how you choose to play.

>>520850924and then what? magically Bluetooth it to my phone?retard

Just beat it lads.I Killed his Uncle at the end did I do it right? Which is canon for the inevitable sequel?

>>520862556You chose wrongly

>>520862669But it makes sense, retard

>>520862556the director said that spare is the canon ending

>>520862953If you're retarded, sure. I've never seen anyone cope on this board the way killfags do. Very insecure behavior.



>>520839514I just did that mission and it's just standard side mission tripe, it's fine, nothing special.The writing in this game is kind of bland in general though.Fortunately the gameplay is fun.

>>520832282Fucking mongolians deserve to be SLAUGHTERED for what they have done.

>>520850229O-OPEN THE GATES

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>>520832282The Khan has ordered me to stay behind and collect the Ghost's head.

>>520866482Which one

How long until you started to get bored? I'm mid way through act two and the open world fatigue is definitely setting inAlso why does the questing get no hate? It's literally justgo here > kill bandits > that's the entire game

>>520838535Sorry buddy, I have no honor, but I will not kill family.

>>520840237Kenji is your comic relief

>>520839514The sidequests are the worst aspect of this game, not even Witcher 3's had the level of low quality, low budget tsushima ones have.

>>520867376I got very bored and just wanted to wrap everything up quick near the end of Act 2, in Act 3 you get some cool shit that boosts up your interest like the ghost armor and the ghost stance but it dwindles fast combined with the rushed final area and the already burn out from the gameplay loop. This game needed more budget.

>>520862953>honoring someone when you have no honor You might just be the retard

Wouldn’t Shimura just commit sudoku after being spared, seems kinda counterproductive if you let him live in dishonour.

>>520862953Jin would NEVER kill his familyAlso killing the only jito Tsushima has had for years amidst an invasion over petty honor which you spent the whole game fighting against is quite possibly the most retarded, braindead and low IQ thing someone could do in that situation.

>>520867789I'M SO HAPPY TO SEE YOU!

>>520868596Yuna confirms he's still alive

>>520832282Just beat it and even have most collectibles. Damn fantastic game. 9.5 out of 10. A few minor niggles for an otherwise fantastic game. I felt the music could have been a tiny bit better and I also was hoping to get a short mission or two where you just hang out with your allies and get to know them more no killing no combat no crazy shit going on to know a bit more about them. Other than that fantastic.

>>520868886The fox dens got old.

>>520847017Sakai upgraded is objectively the worst looking armor in tha game. Only WoW players would like that thorny edgy shit.

>Kojiro duel >lethal difficulty >Kurosawa modeAbsolute kino.

>>520868886so pc release when?and by pc release i do not mean windows 10 only like horizon and that one other console port did, the cunts.

>>520834697Nigga just play your flute. Also this was never a problem for me because I always fought enemies head-on unless the game forced me to stealth kill them.

>Jin stabs Uncle Snake in the guts instead of being his kaishaku when he sudokusDISHONORABU

does your launch ps4 sound like a jetengine while playing this? I have to put the volume way up to hear anything and I dusted my ps4 recently...

>>520869889Never played WoW, still like the armor though.

>>520870691Motor is going out.