>2020>He still doesn't have a gaming PCWhy?

>2020>He still doesn't have a gaming PCWhy?

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Because my ps4 plays all the games I want.

>>520830067im poor

because i hate "gaming" advertisement term. fucking everything is gaming these days.

>>520830067because im waiting for Ryzen 4 and RTX 3000 series

i'm not an incel

>>520830067>builds $3000 pc >he only plays one or two games hehe

>>520830067being shit at games so sticking to single players. oh nevermind someone posted it in the first post lol >>520830129this

>>520830067sure i did

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>>520830752you will never know the joys of making your own map, mods, or config.youre just a brainless consumer. no offense. just saying you should grow up son.

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Good enough to play the only good game on pc, league of legends.

>>520830067Did he move home with his parents in lockdown? That’s cute

>omg a buff daddy with muscles omg!!!!!!!!time for the hourly father daddy issues thread

>>520830993you really just didnt dish out the extra 100$ for a 2070S? what the fuck

>>520831129and in real life you never did any of those. you just click a button and call it modding.

>>520831250its 200$ where i liveside note, why would i ?

>>520830067Because if you have a laptop, you have a gaming pc.You can game on anything

>>520830067I don't play video games anymore I just talk about them

>>520831241its ok when its the chad meme but as soon as its a real person it makes you uncomfortable and makes you question why youre still a console child huh?

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>>520831324you're supposed to buy nvidia cards go- valued customer!

>>520831417>omg chad le chad omg chadyou fucking queerfind your father

No money. I just blew $8000 this year on porn. I'm in the middle of an emotional breakdown

Because between work, kids, and social life I have only a few hours a week for vidya. I don't have time for troubleshooting, hotfixes, mods, etc. Hell the only game I even bought this year was Doom Eternal on Xbox because I've used Game Pass or Switch Online for everything else. PC gaming is for people with free time.

>>520831531What does $8000 worth of porn look like?

Why the fuck have GPUs gotten so expensive? I remember the top of the line being 600 bucks tops for most of computer gaming history, then came the fucking Titan and good goys started buying it in droves normalizing 1k as the top price for GPUs and giving NVIDIA the go ahead for all the fuckery they pulled after that.Can you idiots please stop buying overpriced trash ruining it for everyone else?

>>520831129kind of ironic he did the same, so is he really a chad if hes a consumer

>>5208316064k happened

I have a ps4 and a laptop, it's all I need

>>520830067>the same twitter thots that salivate all over this would condemn and #cancel a female celebrity who did the same thing wearing a spaghetti top showing off her cleavage or somethingYou know, I wouldn't mind these hysterical SJW types as much if they weren't so goddamn hypocritical.


>I dont have that problem, have you tried updating your drivers

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>>520830752men like to build stuff, you dont build a pc to play on it, you build it, to tell yourself...>i ensabled this, most women cant do this kind of stuff, and only because of this single act, im already better than most of them.

>>520831606It's Nvidia, they've pushed up the cost of GPUs multiple times and because AMD can't go toe to toe with them they stand uncontested.Just buy AMD gpus on sale if you want them cheap, I bought an R9 Fury for $225 in 2016 and I'm still happy as hell with it.


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>>520831606Demand went through the roof during the crypto mining phase and the prices never really recovered. Manufacturers learned they could get away with charging way over $1000 in some cases and people would still buy the shit.

>>520831674Titan was before 4K

>>520831596one popfur pic

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>>520830580How rich are you? And isn't intel i9s better?

>i-i'm straight i swear

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>>520831880sex drive is a hell of a drug.

>>520831606unfortunately jewvidia has a very strong marketing department that successfully brainwashed retards into thinking that amd doesn't have comparable performance* and managed to create a semi monopoly like intel used to have*in the high end of gpus that make up less than 1% of gpu sales, please ignore that cards within the same price bracket that people actually buy are very similar

>>520831312wrong. :)furthermore, the fact you think modding is "clicking a button" is pretty laughable.at least you didnt roleplay knowing what a config was

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>>520831880My friends gf lives off commissions for furries, she was shocked at how much they’ll pay for them

>>520831748My sister built herself a pc, rebuilt her transmission, and generally shits on your outdated mindset by being a solid mechanic/ handy-person. As well as a mom.Just admit you hate women and be done with it.

>>520830129I feel sorry for your shit taste, bro. You must have been a real bitch in your previous life to be born like this。

>>520832046>im super cerial i know everything>can only make maps KEK

>>520831880what the fuck does he draw and how do I get on some of that action 6800 for 2 characters goddamn.

>>520830067Why do people project onto this despite the fact that most people won't even aspire to get into shape in the first place?

>>520832320Most people aren't master race, duh.

>>520832264furries have more money than brains

>>520831670>using the term chad consumer>settling for being a lazy brainlet

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How do I check my pc parts. Feel like I need an upgrade somewhat so I don't lag when I stream league of all things from 120 fps down to 60-90 at times.Also BL3 freezing at points cause too much going on.

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>>520832450You're sexually attracted to him?

>>520832210rofl python is next but mapping is too fun

>>520831129Imagine being this good looking. Life would be on easy mode.

>>520832264twitter.com/Miles_DF/status/1286405322186399745/photo/1plastic fur, this pic alone would cost you almost $10,000

>>520830129But there is like 2,5 exclusives and the rest of it can be played on PC. Why would you bother with shitty blurred out graphics, low fps, minutes longs loading screens and being limited by shitty gamepad controls in every game, then after all that even paying dogshit subscriptions. Difference is so huge you would never want to come back. Not to mention that having ultimate multimedia setup that can do pretty much everything you ever want and not being restricted by proprietary bullshit. I'm starting to think console retards are just lazy fucks that don't want to learn anything new in their life.

>>5208316066 series GPUs are gonna be 400 bucks starting with Ampere. Really shitty time to be a PC enthusiast.

>>520832565you replied to the wrong user faggot.or at least i hope youre not that delusional/schizo whatever

>>520832872or you could just stop being a retarded goy and buy amd cards

>>520831606bitcoin mining + nvidia not having any competition

>>520832928I'm currently using an RX 580 but I won't buy any new AMD cards until they decide to have drivers that work on day 1.

>>520830067I honestly can’t think of a single reason to get a gaming pc. It has literally zero notable exclusives. Multiplats are by far the worst on pc because pc bersion are always broken and buggy, aren’t guaranteed to work on your hardware, and make you waste time on settings like an autist.

I haven't looked at PC hardware for like 10 years. Are there currently SSDs that would match performance of the next consoles? I would like to build a new PC when the new Nvidia cards drop, but I want to be sure it would at least be better than a console in every way

>>520832913You want "chads" to bomb your arse? This is why you are obsessed with them?

Is it just me or does Henry Cavil still live with his parents lmao. WHAT A FUCKIN BOSS.

>>520833106That’s quite pathetic t.bh. What a loser.

>>520833073It's just a PCIe 4.0 SSD.

>>520833106outside of (((20th-century US and UK onwards))) this is rather normal and has been for hundreds of thousands of years

>>520830067Just say you can’t afford one anons lmao so much mental gymnastics happening ITT

What does Holla Forums think of this prebuilt?

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@520833086go roleplay somewhere else faggot.

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>Brother becomes obsessed with computer building after I build mine a few years ago coming back from graduation>Has no Job and no source of income>All he does all day is watch Tech Channels and videos about other people's battlestations>Finally builds one>Starts watching the excact same videos on the computer and never plays anything outside of a Shitty Korean MMO and Telltale shit>So obsessed with the build he opens it up for no reason for "Maintenance" >He destroys his computer reapplying thermal paste because he felt compelled to PULL THE ENTIRE FUCKING CPU OUT OF IT'S SOCKET and couldn't even do that right, breaking and bending several pins trying to reseat it.>Tries to beg me and his twin for the money to replace it despite trying to start arguments early in the week, one of which ended with him destroying his own Monitor forcing him to use the Living Room TV for a monitor.>My face dealing with this shit

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>>520833481Maybe you are just angry because you wasted money on a platform that doesn’t have any good exclusives and only gets broken ports.

>>520830067I did but I hate my GPU and i'm getting an nvidia soon.

>>520832135your mom and sister sound based, if all women were like them, the world would be a better place.

>>520833598That's a garbage price. I wouldn't buy anything for a month since Nvidia is announcing their new Ampere line of graphics cards September 1st and it means prices on the older series will come down.

>>520833598its not terrible but just build your own user its not hard. its like playing with a lego set.

>>520833598not worth 1,200you can build it for 800 probably less

>>520833598>intcel cpu>he doesn't know

>>520833598>1x16Gb 2666Mhz

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>>520834047youtu.be/1kK6CBJdmugGo be retarded somewhere else, any build is fine these days.Well, prebuilts are kind of- 1x16, but that's a simple fix and it should still run fine.

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>>520832584Considering an actor was able to become the face of PC gaming so easily, that would be the case.Then again, Terry Crews became the face of PC gaming when it was his son doing all of the work.

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>>520833598>16gb Ram>It's a single stick and not Dual Channel>1.5 TB>1660>1,249

>>520833598>no mention of MBI mean, it's not exactly a scam but still, a build like that without a RTX card is a waste of cash. You're always better off building your own.

>>520833968literally even if you were going for cheap parts it would still cost about $1100

>>520833598Ram is shitGPU is underpowered for the price>I5Wait for 3000 series and christmas sales.

>>520830067Last component I need to my first PC is going to arrive by 9 PM tonight. Unfortunately I won't even be able to build it because it'll be here so damn late. Tomorrow should be fun, though.

Pc gaming is souless

>>520834659Go slow, dont get frustrated and if you do take a break. Discharge your hands on a piece of metal every 30-45 mins if you live in a dry place. Watch a linus pc building video alongside it if you have to. Remember the CPU clamp will need 50% more pressure to clamp than you think it does and that you arent going to snap it if you go slow, dont use more than a dot of thermal paste the size of a dime on your heatsink. Enjoy, its alot of fun and rewarding when it finally boots up.


>>520834659Ive got to translant my work pc into a new case tomorrow too! CASE BROS!!! jk. but really I built a new pc for working at home but put it in a really shitty old case


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>>520830067But he very clearly does.

>>520831997Holy shit.I think I'm not anymore.


>>520833890>prices on the older series will come down.You mean like they did on the 1000 series?

>>520834381No it wouldn't you fucking retard.

>>520830067because pc gaming has become a sad jokein the 90s and early 2000s there at least used to be PC exclusive games, not all that PC gets is unoptimized console leftovers a year down the line, while technically having the hardware capabilities to run games that are 2-3 times as demanding and visually impressive.owning a modern gaming pc in 2020 is literally the very definition of KEKED.

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>>520831997Yup, still straight.

>>520837174have you ever once in your life actually looked up how much the parts in a prebuilt machine cost in comparison or do you just parrot "prebuilt overpriced" because you heard other people say it?

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>>520836636DELETE THIS

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>>520837174not him but i got 924, probably some parts worse (psu, case)pcpartpicker.com/list/wmFCNq

>>520832604Looks like regular run off the mill furry to me, what's so special about it?

>>520830067>wHY YES, i lOok JuST LikE HenRy CAVilL

>>520830067my farts today smell extra foul :3


>>5208363189600k stomps all over AMD cpus and it's like ~$200. >inb4 muh 10,000 chrome tabs and 7zip decompression speedsStay retarded.

>>520837805This but unironically

Of course I built my own PC.

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Wheres the ultimate arting pc? Like rendering like disney models in like a minute tier. Fuck gaming.

>>520837835>Catches your house on fireThank you Intel, very cool

>>520838097>5ghz @60c underloadOooops, it seems you are stuck at 4.0 ghz on AMD.

>>520838064>arting>Like>like>likeYou have to be 18 years old to post on 4channel.org

>>520838064>Like rendering like things that take entire server farms weeks to render in like a minute tier

>>520832520MSI afterburner

>>520837709>overpriced gaming motherboard>buying windows when microsoft gives it away for free>$90 ram

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>>520838160Anything above 4ghz is a meme

>>520838340i think you might have brain damage

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>>520837509>the very definition of KEKED.You call getting ports of all 3 consoles a bad thing but I think it's a positive. Exclusive PC games have shifted from what they used to be. There's a lot more flexibility and experimental titles on PC. AAA games have mostly shifted to console, but PC also gets those games. Also, it means I don't have to buy an Xbone, Switch or PS4 since I get titles from all 3 on one platform, with better graphics and mods. Can you play with Jill's titties hanging out in Console Resident Evil 3? Can you play with detailed cunny on Console Dragon Quest 11? You simply can't, so to me that is well worth the wait. I'll just play something else, life goes on. PC gaming is bigger than ever and only getting better. Many developers have already gone on record claiming that even more titles will get PC ports than ever before.

>>520837742>>520837709mines probably closer to the cooler and mobo that u get

>>520838423Anything under 4.8ghz is pathetic.

>>520838428So why go out of your way to build a modern PC if all those flexible and experimental games should technically run on a fucking toaster if the devs weren't too lazy and jewish to properly optimize them?

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>>520831250I got my 5700xt for $400 and at the time, 2070Super was going for $620. Enjoy those extra 6FPS though my man.

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>>520838426Bad cope retard, you're inflating the price with shitty, worthless, overpriced ,internals. You don't need to buy windows. This isn't about making the exact same build with the exact same parts , it's about making a equivalent pc in regards to performance that isn't as expensive. You're also wasting money in things that you don't need, like windows. Since MS actually gives it away for free.

>>520838650>higher frames is the only reason to go NvidiaI can also see the image which is a game changer.

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>>520838650y-yeah w-well at least my games are raytraced

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>>520830067i do tho

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What's wrong with staying at 1080p if the picture still looks good and clear?

I do have onewent full amd (3600 and 5600xt), working very well so far for 1200p 75fps

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>>520838773whats this meme, im on a gtx 970

>>520838817>SpeccyIt's time to move onto Hwinfo, grandpa

>>520831997get some pants that fit homo

>>520830067live with my dad and don’t have any room for it.


>>520838878It's been my mantra that you should only upgrade if the gains are more than 35% over what you currently have. To me, this means that I only upgrade computer parts every 6years or so. 1080p is fine since you are more than likely getting over 120FPS. 4K is just now consistently reaching 60FPS, so you can sit on that for another year or two if you want. Higher than 60FPS at 4K will be more feasible by then.

>>520830067>i7-8700k>GTX 1080 8GB>16GB RAMI'm doing fine. I also work in 3D modeling/rendering, so I'm golden and future-proof for the next 5-years

>>520838931Speccy is easy and free. I have been using it since 2010.

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>>520838930They were bricking for a while >>520836636

>>520839243What do you think of 1440p?

>>520833106You can take a nerd out of the WoW life, but you can't take the WoW life outta him.

>>520839342>bloated malware>freeYou are the product

>>520839145You don't have any room for something that's at most the size of two shoe boxes?

>>520838930amd drivers don't work, never have, the hardware doesn't mean shit if the software can't use it.

>>520839342hwinfo is also easy and free as well as gives you actually useful and accurate information. Speccy is completely useless abandonware.

>>520839174True chads use AMD, Mr. Pajeet Inshill

>>520830067PC has no games i want to play.

>>520830640Yeah Henry Cavill sure looks like an incel to me.

>>520839448>amd drivers don't work, never havei've been using amd/ati cards exclusively for over a decade and currently have a vega 64, i've never had issues with their drivers

>>520839342Speccy can't even correctly recognize newer hardware.

>>520839342I bet you still use fraps.

>>520839529AMD is the pajeet brand you brain dead retard.

>>520839174so far everything I've had from nvidia, amd, ati and intel over the last decade has all worked perfectly fine for me, so I just buy based on price/performanceI could've gone with a 10400 and 2060 instead but 3600 and 5600xt was considerably cheaper overall so I rolled with it

>>520839417Skip it entirely. It's just a meme way of coping. Console are just going ignore it next gen. Next gen consoles are most likely going to be 4K 30FPS or 1080p 60FPS. I view it as an intermediate leap for people too stupid and impulsive to wait or for tech shills that need to keep their brand and product in people's mind.

>>520839617I'm guessing you use linux and don't play games if you have never had an issue. If not this poster is delusional.

>>520839617AMD is not ATI please don't sully the good legacy of ATI with AMD and besmirch the ATI 9600 ProAND drivers still don't work for shit, you must be unique.


are mods easy to install? that is litterally the only draw to pc gaming for me


>>520839775>>520839819i'm on windows and i'm not delusional, i'm just actually using the thing that you're talking about instead of repeating what nvidia marketers say like a retarded sheep

>>520839772>almost double the pixels of 1080p>don't need a super ridiculous expensive gpu to get high fps>implying what consoles are doing is important at all for PC gaymin resolutionsThis is a retarded post. Delete it.

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>>520839887depends on the game, if it's made with the unreal engine not really, most other games have mod support officially or unofficially.


>>520839759In usa 3600 is prob better, I just got a 10400f for 229.99 in canada though where 3600 are $260+, plus I already had shitty 3000 ram that is now clocked to 2666 with custom CL13 timings, b460m mobo

I'm waiting for the right time to buy.I've been told to hold on until the next gen of consoles drop.It's gonna be my first PC built from scratch, I hope things turn out alright for me.

>>520839887Depends on the game. Most popular games these days end up with some pretty slick mod managers that make it easy.

>>520839772>consoles are ignoring 1440p next genYEAH BY STAYING 1080P LMFAOOOOOooooo DOA PS5

>>5208400511-2 years after console drop is when to upgrade ideally

>>520840051The truth is that you don't need to wait for anything except the next generation of GPUs. DDR4 RAM and current CPUs will be more than enough for gaming next gen.

>>520839887The more mods you use the more chance there is for errors and you have to spend time figuring shit out. Overall it's easy as pie.

>>520839440and a desk. maybe after his fiancé and her daughter move out I can get one going

>>520840024>>520840069going to get a high end pc instead of a ps5 then, thanks bros

>>520840047I'm in western europeI got my 3600 + Asus B450 kit for 260€a 10400(f) + cheapo Z490 to avoid getting my ram cucked would've probably been close to almost 100€ more

>>520840229unless it's bethesda then the mods fix the errors

>>520831838It'll turn into expensive rubbish if it malfunctions or becomes too outdated.But talking people into not doing retarded things always has the opposite effect.

>>520840278its still good with ram cuck in my experiece, now my gpu is bottleneck had a ryzen 1200

>>520840268enjoy your freedom

>>520830067Honestly, i wouldn't recommend building a pc to somebody who doesn't like mmo's, dungeon crawlers and MOBA's. I'm pretty sure like 70% of console gamers play like 4 games a year, 2 EA sports games, call of duty and 1 of their exclusives, that's it.

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´>>520830129based ps4chad

>>520831838You can't upgrade them. They run hot and thusly degrade very fast. Price/performance over a desktop is absolute dogshit. Tiny shitty screens that break easily.Shitty keyboards. If you have to talk someone out of this purchase they are already a lost cause. Only buy a gaymin laptop if you travel for work and already own a desktop. They are shit.

>>520839887It's different for every game, some games have really elaborate mod management tools that resolve conflicts and configure the load order for you automatically, all you do is download the mods and add them to the manager and press a button.Others require extracting and dumping the contents of the mod directly into specific folders in the game directory and hacking a .dll file with a hex editor to get the game to accept them, and if you want to use multiple mods at once you need to examine all the conflicting text files that both mods have and figure out how to merge all of their features yourself.

>>520840051I usually wait a bit if it's close to a new generation of GPUs. Nvidia's announcing its new stuff in less than a month.

>>520839980The average pleb doesn't know what 1440p is. TVs aren't sold on 1440p plastered on their cover. Normies don't even know 1440p exists. 4k is recognized, 4k is a standard because it's difficult to achieve, 4k is a measurement of quality. You'll be painted as the retard you are in a year when consoles are pulling 4K and your "Gaming PC of $1000" can't.

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>>520840262You sound like a turbo faggot that needs to take control of his life. Just build the fuckin' PC and buy a desk with your own money, if your old man says anything then you deck him in the face. He'll respect you for it.

>>520840154I'm not sure I can hold out that much, my current prebuilt PC really needs to be replaced soon>>520840176Sounds good. Maybe I'll wait until September as many others say, and then finally pull the trigger.Thanks for the advise bros.

>>520830129All? Are you sure?

>>520830067Why doesn't nvidia or intel pay one of those big kiddy streaming like ninja or tfue to build a gaming pc on stream? it would convert so many people.

>>520840657yeah but the more complicated stuff is a great motivator to learn how your computer actually works along with how folder structures and naming conflicts and general computer logic is setup

>>520830580This. Though I might just buy a 3300x and a 1660 Super to ride me over until next year, and then get a RTX 3000 Super card and Zen 4/Ryzen 5000 w/DDR5

>>520840789Who gives a shit about consoles? 1440p on my PC looks better than any console game at 4k, dumbdumb. Also, I can pull 4k better than next gen consoles already but I like 144fps. You're retarded. Stop posting.

>>520840893what are your specs?

>>520840051there is no right time, buying a pc for games is retarded so just do it and enjoy yourself while you have the time to do so.

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>>520841089>ladles a cat fart into her mouth

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>tfw built gaming PC >Only ever emulate PS2 games >Or play games/ports of games from the mid 2000s

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After years of playing on a shitty 1080p 60hz monitor, I finally got a 1440p 144hz G-Sync monitor. Everything looks so beautiful and buttery smooth.

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>>520841002>console games>4k

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>>520840283With bethesda games It's more like there are mods that specifically fix errors, and also mods based on the unfixed game that then reintroduce them due to how the game handles successive changes to the worldspace.

>>520841002>Who gives a shit about consoles?As a gamer you SHOULD care, because consoles decide what ports you get, what gaming trends are popular and get games made in that style. Individually, no console outsells PC but all consoles easily outsell PC if you combine their numbers.>Also, I can pull 4k better than next gen consoles alreadyBullshit. You need a 4K TV or monitor to pull 4K. If you have a 4K set up, why are you saying you don't need it and that 1440p is "good enough". Your logic reeks of bullshit and half assing.

>>520841089well no that's wrong, you can still buy shit boards today that don't come with Thunderbolt 4 USB-C and WiFi 6 and USB A 3.1

>>520841089Why are Japs so retarded when it comes to pets? When I was in Japan I saw a woman chase after her dog to wipe off its penis after it pissed up a post

>>520841405Why would I care what variable resolution consoles play at, user? 4k on consoles isn't even true 4k. It looks like shit. It's not even 1440p most of the time. Stop posting. You're retard is showing.

>>520840859you sound like a retard who can’t read: the only thing I’m missing is space; not money, not permission, space.

>>520840268>pc instead of a ps5idiot

>>520841405Also, I meant that my PC can pull 4k better than consoles. I never said I had a 4k monitor. I could go buy a 4k monitor tomorrow but no PC can run 4k over 60fps and I like playing at 144fps. 1440p looks great, retard. Stop giving people advice when you clearly don't know shit about what you're talking about.

>>520841528Next gen consoles aren't even out yet. You are using the old standard. Next gen is 3 months away nigga. Why do you keep looking at the past? It's time to let go, move on. Next gen isn't going to do 144FPS at 4K but they will do something at real native 4K, not 1080p stretched out. I'll stop posting but only cause I have to leave. Your mom is calling me to bed.

>>520830067Is Henry a LinuxChad or a virgin windowscuck?

>>520841062AMD E1-1500 APU with Radeon HD graphics. 4 GB of RAMIt's a low end monitor with built-in CPU from 2010 that can't even run Team Fortress 2 properly.Just started getting into more PC games until recently.I've been using it a lot more since quarantine and it's getting so annoying to work with it.

none of the good PC games need high specs to run

>>520841779>dont' get a 144hz/1440p monitor because next gen consoles are targeting 4k/30fpsYou're a fucking retard, user.

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>>520841609You're getting cucked by a random roastie and her bastard child.

So how much of difference I would see in switching from 2400Mhz ram to 3200?

>>520841967gross an all in one, what's your budget for a new one?you will need a new monitor you can't use the all in one as a monitor

>>520841989For vidya, roughly nothing except in Factorio when working with megabases.


>not having all platforms including pcone day you will see the light, too

>>520841989that's just a standard XMP profile, is there a reason you don't have it turned on?


Attached: average console gamer.jpg (615x450, 39.87K)

old photo of me.

Attached: working_pc.jpg (640x480, 137.44K)

>>520842259I bet you could melt a sandwich in there

>>520842360u on grindr?

>>520842360is that a Compaq?

>>520841984hey, come on, the daughter isn’t the bastard, the grandson is. and I got a bunch of my own shit taking up space as well. not having my own place is my biggest shortcoming, desu senpai.

>>520842441no, im straight. that was my gfs parents pc

>>520842250I have 2133 ddr4 bare bones ram, there are no xmp profiles, I can only get stable 2400 OC

Attached: PAMIEC-ADATA-PREMIER-8GB-DDR4-2133MHz-CL15-UDIMM.jpg (1920x925, 952.42K)

>>520842360Alright alright alright

>>520842657jeez dude don't buy adata

>>520831838Actual experiences I've had>Battery crapped out after three years. Won't hold a charge anymore.>CPU driver updates come from your laptop's manufacturer, and they stop releasing updates after a year>can't replace anything in your laptop, except RAM sometimes

>>520842505Sure bro, bet you pranked a few dudes with brojobs in your day

>>520842984well yea buts thats just me and the boys

God I wish that were me

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>>520830067Is it okay that I found this video erotic.

>>520834282Terry Crews is the PC coomer mascot cause of his porn addictionHe started playing games like Overwatch with his son to overcome it lmfao

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>>520830540Calm the fuck down, in this context it simply means the PC is sufficiently powerful enough for gaming

>>520831880Somebody's full of themselves.

Attached: 1583193838277.png (370x440, 224.85K)

>>520833767Jesus, talk about pure autism.

Attached: 1587746404036.png (1280x720, 392.91K)

>>520843392>he will never pound you after building a PC together

Attached: 1593986076590.jpg (1080x1920, 263.52K)

Is there a reason to upgrade form an R9 390? RTX is cool but runs on next to nothing, most games play at 1440 very well, and the only thing I can think of that has trouble is Dolphin (which is maybe gpu related?)Its an old enough card to feel like its time, but the only thing it may be holding me back on for the monitor I like is high end emulation.>>520831838They work for something things these days....butesport and simple titles will play just fine on a >cheap as shit Ryzen laptop because its integrated gpu is fine for it>many gaming laptops have not switched from Intel yet so its too soon>Acer Predator is a chunky weird fuck to the point you may as well build a mini PC to carry>Asus chunky laptops and some slim ones but often weird and not exactly what you want them to be>Razer Blade damn fine laptop and stupid thin for something that plays so well, great trackpad....will fail because that is what razer doesIts usually a toaster, huge, or breaks easy and all of the ones out there get part of the experience right and the rest wrong. There will be a day its a good choice for more than just people that are never home, today is not that day. (USB4 will help tho when it launches)

>>520842657It was free with my motherboard at least I have 2 sticks 8 gigs so dual channelAlso is it true that faster ram on ryzen makes bigger difference than faster ram on intel?

>>520830067because I have this instead.

Attached: uz679lzhoxc51.jpg (4032x3024, 692.39K)

>>520844519Meant for>>520842761


>>520830067/v/ doesn't play videogames

>>520844608yup AMD is more dependent on RAM

>>520832135I do hate women but pc gaming culture is gay


>>520830067Should I replace my CPU? I got the ryzen 5 3600 and I feel like it's not gonna handle games that comes out in 2021 or even cyberpunk? Also will my RX 590 hold up too?

>>520832135Your sister has the brain of a man and god decided she should be female at the last second.

I pretty much only use my gaming pc to stream games to my laptop in the bedroom. Pretty comfy. Playing Timesplitters 2 right now.

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I start ordering parts next week. Get ready fuckos.

Attached: chad.jpg (750x1024, 63.1K)

>>520847619>Playing Cyberpunk

>>520847919shut up faggot, can i play the game or not? really worried i might replace my gpu

>>520847619If you have a 3600 and 590 with 16GB RAM then it should be more than enough to handle CP2077 at 1080p/60.

>>520830067it costs too much, and I don't play that much

>>520843790please. i cant take the heartbreak. knowing i'll never be able to please henry...

>>520847967You can fuck off and get better taste in games.

Really fucking poor

>>520848000thanks, i have those exact specs, i hope it will go good>>520848121fucking kill yourself faggot lmao

>>520830580This.>>520830129Imagine only playing current gen exclusives and AAA multiplats. What a sad existence.

>tfw you use coronamoney to build oneI may not be able to afford a nice house, car or gf, but a good gaming PC is always around the corner.

Attached: ahoge.jpg (689x741, 188.33K)


>>520834123thats funny didnt even see it

>>520848443>ywn be friends with him

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Attached: 1592983611740.png (320x312, 205.83K)

>>520848889god every picture of him gets me so erect

>>520837709>>520838426>>520838426>>520838641Stop coping. You can bu windows 10 pro for $5 or les on ebay. Paying over $100 is just stupd

>>520849397Why the fuck did you quote me? I was talking about the motherboard price you absolute fucking retard.


Attached: checkoutthefuckingsponsor.png (661x998, 912.76K)

>>520830067Being a tradesman, watching him try to build a PC was fucking hilarious.

>>520830067Because the PC building market has been ruined by miners and redditfags and I don’t feel like spending 2500 dollars on some ricebox filled with lights

>>520849397I dont get why people "pay" for those keys. you know that MS goes after the resellers and your pc will get locked,right? why not just crack it

>>520830067Because I've got a newborn son, and my job is all encompassing. All I have time for is drinking heavily before bed.

I have a gtx 1080ti skipped on the rtx meme cards because of shit performance at launch and no games using it.Waiting for the 3000 cards price and performance to even think about upgrading, otherwise gonna just buy a console.

>>520849876Theres a site that sells keys and uses phone verification, which is more legit, and the key is only like $20.

>>520842150I'm aiming for mid high.I'm probably willing to part with 800 to 1000 bucks. Although I do need to factor the monitor too.

>>520843287i wish i also had Hollywood money to buy piece by piece for a PC

Just bought a Swift 3 for school. What interested me was the long ass battery life and very low noise level. I was about to get an asus gaming laptop for the same price that has roughly the same cpu but with a dedicated 1650 gpu, but in the end, I decided against that. gotta prioritize shitposting instead of gaming. the laptop however can already run shit like rimworld just fine.desktop at home has a 2070S and 3600

Attached: 1582198280794.png (1186x1983, 345.27K)

>>520830067don't have $700 to throw away, but I'm thinking about it

>>520850498I have an rtx card myself, gonna wait for the 5000 or even 6000 series before I even think about upgrading again

>>520830067I haven't upgraded my PC since 2008. Witcher 3 ran fine on medium but Nioh 1 almost fried my shit, so it's time.Is it wise to just copy a pricepoint build from /pcbg/?

Attached: soul vs.webm (800x864, 1.38M)

I have a high end build for the first time in my life, finally having a salaried job sure is nice. 1440p/144Hz is fucking based and I can never go back. Also fuck 4K it's a complete meme

rx480 and 580 bros what are we doing!? Personally im looking mighty close at whatever the 3070 will be. anything more and I would have to upgrade my PSU

>>520849914>He fell for the 3DPD meme

>spend 10k on a computer>all you can play is console ports>all you can play is watered down games suited for console market>but look at those graphics and frame rate!Face it, PC will always be held back by consoles and they will never live up to their full potential

>>520850615most of that is gonna go towards a GPU, even mid it's gonna be $500 down the drain for that part alone.

>>520851156Perhaps. The little feller has managed to melt my heart into fucking soup though.

>>520832928I wouldn't mind but DLSS is looking pretty good.

>>520832520what do you mean by check? are we talking thermals? clock speeds?

>>520849914Are you winning yet Dad?

>>520851350>>but look at those graphics and frame rate!Correct

Attached: 1592811521057.jpg (295x358, 23.26K)

>>520851602think he means bottlenecks

>>520833598That's an overkill cpu considering the cpu, it's a terrible deal for sure

>>520848324Imagine giving a shit what a sad existence

>>520851743*considering the GPU fuck i mispelled

>>520851350I haven't owned a console since the PS2 and it's been fine. Couldn't give 2 flying shits about console ports/exclusives when 99% of them are soulless moviegames

>>520851675I mostly use pcpartpicker to see if my parts are compatible

>>520831997is this how cavill usually dresses?

>>520836318>we need more amd cpus in laptops to compete with incel!>runs 90c >RIGGED TEST! the only reason ayymd shits are even relevant is due to intel fucking up at every turn >buh... but my manometers embarrassing that intel despite being behind preforms better with a higher nano count

>>520833598>1 stick of RAM

>>520830067>>520830752>>520832584>>520831241>>520831228Reminder he tried to fuck a 16 year old look at the video and tell me he isn't a pedo

>>520833767Is your brother autistic?

>>520852027>>RIGGED TEST!Yes

>>520852075chads can't be pedos according to the internet and Holla Forums

>>520852075>Reminder he tried to fuck a 16 year oldThat's prime sexual age for a female.

I can't into building my own PC. I'm sorry. It's too much for me.

>>520830067work hard my friends save money and again if you save money you'll get your epic pc build.

>>520852327You have to be 18 to post here.

>>520830067Why do people meme on these posed photos of one of the worst actors of the last 10 years

>>520830129>Killing people in a forest: The Cinematic ExperienceShit taste, user

Post your rig, Holla Forums

Attached: mybaby.jpg (2016x1512, 2.17M)

>>520852075That's perfectly legal where I live.

>>520830129is total war available?

>>520838902Enjoy your heat furnace.

>>520852075You realize that's legal in some states and most of the world right

Let's say I'm lazy and don't want to build a PC but want to start off with something with good base specs and is relatively easy to upgrade. I've read a few "best PCs of 2020" recommendations but I'm never fully confident in the integrity of the recommendations.

Attached: maxresdefaultvbnm.jpg (1280x720, 48.09K)

>>520853131and even on some FM radio stations

What is the best of the best computer that you can build and i mean expensive before diminishing returns starts to happen


>>520852860>all those messy cablesPUKE

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Attached: T.jpg (3226x2419, 779.6K)

>>520853180>>520853382just buy a console

WHY IS DUST SO HARD TO GET RID OF i have a stupid hepa filter for this shit and things still get dusty

>>520853645those poor heatsinks don't stand a chance

>>520853180Building a PC from scratch and upgrading are almost identical in terms of skill required.>>5208533822080 super (depending on your definition of diminishing returns), and the CPU depends on what resolution you intend to play. If you want lower res at higher frames get a 10600k, of you're planning higher resolutions it doesn't really matter as your GPU will be the bottleneck, so a 3600 would do.

Because PC gaming isn't as fun as console gaming. There's also not much reason to invest more than the bare minimum into your PC, buying a used office PC and slapping in a new PSU + a graphics card will make 99% of the worthwhile PC games available to you.

Attached: 1594338030069.jpg (1280x1280, 188.8K)

>>520831880what the fuck?

>>520853913by that I mean the cost no longer gives any benefit to performance. like whats the point in spending 15k for a gpu if it has only a slight improvement something like that, And really a 2080 is the best on the market?

>>5208533822080Super would be where most people would say diminishing returns start, but the 2080Ti is still a great card, just depends on your opinion. Anything higher than a 2080Ti such as a Titan is beyond retarded. CPUs are kind of a crapshoot and depends entirely on what brand you want to buy

>>520830580>ryzen 4600>RTX 3060>PCIE 4 nvme ssd>2*8gb ddr4 3200mhz>shit box for case>used 4tb hdd to store animay and maymay>all for under $800But of I know Jensen will fuck it up. It will be good but it won't be cheap.

>>520854042based apuposter

Attached: 1522559052398.png (1027x731, 28.33K)

>>520831986not him but>> intel i9 better>> intel i9 cheaper kek

>hes not going for a retro windows 7 build

>>520854123The best pure consumer gpu on the market is the 2080Ti which is $1200. The 2080Super is $800 if I remember correctly and is a better bang for your buck if we're just talking raw performance per dollar. >by that I mean the cost no longer gives any benefit to performanceIf that's the only metric you're going off of, then 2080Ti is what you're looking for. Do not let anyone tell you the Titan RTX is a consumer/gaming card, it says right on the website that it is not

>>520854427>not building a new gaming PC and turning your old one into a Gentoo machine

>>520854512I take it the titan cards are more for professional use rather than gaming


>>520853645>all those emptyass bays that could've been sacrificed for more airflow

>>520852860>>520852860does no one clean their pc every few months here?

>turn off rtx and meme settings like hair works>playing next gen games on a 2060S for the entire generation at 1080p 60fpswhy even waste your money

So are the 2000 cards dropping in price soon or nah?

>>520854812>every few monthsYou only need to like 1-2 a year

>>520854829they won't until launch prob

>>520830067Cuz my parts r still arriving

>>520854829nah, buy a SeX or a PS5.

>>520854672they are more for rendering tasks and AI as evidenced by the 24GB of VRAM and the $2500 price tag. The fact that they perform 1 whole percent better than the 2080Ti is not why the card was madeIt's a Quadro for people who can't afford to shell out $8000 for a Quadro, and for people who maybe just don't need that much horsepower for what they're doing

>>520854916yeah i was was leaning to 6-8 months

>>520854973forgot pic

Attached: titan.png (1141x324, 44.42K)

>>520854946kill yourself

>>520854946>already have an Xbox One X>was considering getting a PS5 before hearing that it's really fucking underpoweredI just want 1440p/144Hz gaming with keyboard&mouse

>>520843657no he means the pc parts themselvesit's harder to find parts that don't have gaymer shit all over it, and the ones that don't are often the most expensive

aid off and mine keeps overheating. I redid the thermal paste but no dice. Its an aging AMD processor. My laptop is a t440p. Can't do shit. I miss playing games. I play cataclysm dda from time to time and surf pol and god help me reddit out or boredom.

>>520837772There's either so much demand that he needs retardedly high prices, or he has a select few repeat customers that have bottomless wallets.


Attached: 41XAc8YG+8L._AC_SX425_.jpg (372x466, 22.05K)

>>520855123>Xtreme VR GAMING>8 GB RAM

Attached: 1542627035169.gif (400x390, 1.94M)

>>520831606Why do you care that they have $1,000 cards when their $300 cards are just fine?

>>520851350Oh well, at least you can skip like 2 gens, there's more and better sales, you are able to mod and pirate with ease. Not to mention you won't get scammed by paid online.

Why does Cavill look like a fag in OP's pic?As in a homo.

Attached: 1495.png (160x160, 15.01K)

>>520855231really you tryhards that bitch about RBG are more annoying

>>520830067I'm still rocking an i5-3570k and 960.There's nothing interesting on the horizon that I'd need to upgrade for.

>>520830067this is the male equivalent of a gamer girl whoring herself while "gaming" on twitch

>>520852075stop living in your bubble user, 16 yrs old is legal in most countries and besides you really expect me to believe that a mentality of an 18 yrs old is really that big of a difference to a 16 r old?

>>520852075legal in most of the world and most of the states. I detect some jelly. Chad can pull any pussy he wants, even prime fresh pussy. You will never be as Chad as Henry.

>>520852075Have you seen how women gush at him? Its crazy and can make almost any guy jelly but respect him. Henry is no looker when he was a lanklet casual vanilla when he was young(watch the Count of Monte Cristo) but once he got buff and starts caring for himself, its just on another whole level.

>>520852075legal and extremely based, chadvill a best

>>520830067Is Henry in this thread, Henry are you the op my dude?

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>>520839560one rare unicorn represents the majority of competitive gamers - the cope is real.

>>520831739Oh I felt that on so many levels, never in the history of my entire human life has updating/downgrading the drivers actually solved my issue

Attached: 1570565225683.jpg (1080x1080, 188.64K)

>>520830067Why can't a grow a full beard Holla Forumsros?

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>>520830129So you don’t play games?

Attached: D8B2F01D-386F-4BDB-9BFA-9CEE1DE203ED.jpg (900x653, 63.79K)

>>5208476193600 will be good for a long time

>>520841717bad bait try again

>>520830067Enjoy your AMD input lag, Harry

>>520830067Even Meathead Chad can manage the assembly himself. What is your excuse?

It's 600$ and I only have about 200$ saved up so far

>>520830067Wow he is literally me.

>>520830129Did you want to be a fag or was that accidental?

>>520832210>Gets btfo

>>520831606More like why are they so heavy? Why do a need a fucking bracket to hold the fat piece of shit up?

The real question is if you can build a PC then does that mean you cook meals also?

Attached: image.jpg (1281x720, 104.36K)

>>520831531Damn, can't imagine having that vice.


>>520831880Holy fucking fuck.

>>520831838It lasts half as long as a gaming PC and costs 50% more for comparable performance. But your friend is an adult and he doesnt get it yet, then he probably won't get it.

>>520832135Men built everything you see, scumbag. Show some respect.

I think it's time to upgrade my desktop.I hope that second stimulus check happens soon so I can upgrade for free.

>>520830067I'm poor as fuck and live in a shithole countryI'm too dumb to get a job

>>520833767He needs to experience consequences for his actions.

>>520863495When the mood takes me, yes. It's mostly about preparation, you want to cut and prepare as much as possible before heating anything up so you don't leave it to burn while trying to prepare other stuff, if you're just starting out.

>>520863495I cook pretty much all my mealsIt's weird to think about just ordering out all the time

>>520853645Looks eerily similar to the computer I just mothballed in my closet.

>>520863495Yep. I have a perfect chocolate frosting recipe and a perfect potatoes au gratin recipe.

>>520830067Not gonna spend 1000 bucks or whatever just to play games. I don't give a shit about doing mods, drawing, 3d modeling, coding, or spending my time doing configurations on things, don't care about anything of this. Waste of money, it would be. Not gonna dish out a grand just to play old and new games and listen to music.

Intel or AMD?

>>520852075Chad takes what Chad wants, nobody cares because he's attractive.

>>520863495>not building your own pc, cooking your own meals and taking care of both your body with physical exercise and brain with non-fiction booksBecome the modern ubermensch user

Attached: 132.jpg (758x644, 23.6K)

>>520865872Either seems fine these days, there's probably very little consumer grade components that make use of pcie4.0 so unless you're a professional that already has their needs set on something just pick whatever you feel like.

>>520832046Based fella modder.


Attached: butt.jpg (264x270, 8.73K)

Rate my build.

Attached: Computer evolution state 5.jpg (1598x1408, 1.03M)

>>520830129>>520834246>>520840547Your ShitStation 4 plays games at 30fps.

because my GTX 670 Ti has carried me for almost a decade. and all my extra money is spent on stupid shit instead of saving for an upgrade

>dude he's just like me This place went from a place for outcasts to people who worship celebrities who take PEDs for their roles. Christ what a mess.

>>520856451He just looks like that to you because you're questioning your sexuality.

>>520868876Yeah, and?

>>520869195It's not enjoyable at all.

>>520869235for you

>>520869354If you played at higher frame rates you wouldn't want to go back.

Consoles:>30fps>paid online>small libraryPC:>Unlimited frame rates>Best versions of games>Free online>Largest game library in the world>Backwards compatibility going back decades>Ability to tweak the game settings to give you the best experience possible>Mods>Emulators>Cheapest games>Free game giveaways every weekI think PC is the only sane choice for video gaming.

Attached: Luna.jpg (720x480, 41.22K)

>>520869398 i don't care about that

>>520869489You would if you tried playing the game you played at 30fps at 60fps or above.

I haven't built a PC since 2012. I need to upgrade and build a new one, but I have no idea what to even do or where to start. I want a high mid range build, the works



>>520869471>30fpsYeah this sucks, new gen would have 60 but its still little and sucks.>paid onlineFree if you know how to do it>small libraryNah>PC:>Unlimited frame ratesOnly as high as your refresh rate goes, so its 240 fps tops>Best versions of gamesBroken shitty ports that even if they work stable still have missing visual effects because they was made by faggots>Free onlineTrue>Largest game library in the worldIndie shit and early alpha patreon scams are not games>Backwards compatibility going back decades90s, early to mid 00s games does not run or run like shit>Ability to tweak the game settings to give you the best experience possibleYou mean set it to low? Consoles already have unchangeable high. Only thing I actually appreciate on pc is ability to turn off vsynch>ModsSkyrim, just one fucking game, great>EmulatorsWork like steaming pile of garbage>Cheapest gamesDepends>Free game giveaways every weekWho cares, who is going to waste time on random shit given to them.

i guess i could build a new pc but my current one is "only" 4 years old and the only things i play are ps1 games and crpgi wonder if i can sell some old parts like my GTX960

Attached: Ee8uZgVVAAMFvs7.png (136x123, 20.2K)

>>520870289Cope consolenigger.>Broken shitty ports that even if they work stable still have missing visual effects because they was made by faggotsThe amount of truly broken PC ports is nonexistent. Even the ports that get called bad are still multiple times better than the console versions.>You mean set it to low?Tweak it so that the game that runs at 40fps runs at 60.>Consoles already have unchangeable highLower than the lowest settings on PC actually. Witcher 3 for example runs on consoles at settings below "very low".Pretty much everything else you said is also just absolute bullshit. PC remains utterly superior.

>>520830129Only playing games released after 2013 at 30 fps must be a special kind of hell.


>>520871167Whoops this ain't the Metroid thread

>>520830067Poor, dumb, or lazy. Those are the only real reasons.A true ultra-high-end gaming PC, full set when you have nothing, costs closer to 5k. That's about the best CPU, GPU, ultrawide gaming display, and proper peripherals (a $100 mouse and $150-200 keyboard, etc). They require you to actually learn something about overclocking, tweaking settings in games, learning about mouse sensitivity and real aiming etc. and all the other stuff that comes with PC's, like modding, scripting, etc.Course after that, it only costs about $1000 a year to keep it updated, not that much as far as hobbies go but it's plenty for poor fucks. In the long term, a PC isn't really that expensive an investment thanks to piracy etc, but for poor, dumb or lazy people, the short term investment of an easy-to-use console makes more sense. They don't have the patience or the presence of mind to do long term anything, and poor people are usually the first to take shitty deals where they pay 50 bucks a month, every month, instead of just saving up so all they need is 300 bucks a year. That's why they do quickie loans etc.Consoles as a business are a literal scam. They undersell the packages, like drug dealers giving the first dose for free, to get people hooked in. Then they overcharge the services, games and all to get the people invested... after a few years, these people will have spent hundreds more than they would have on a PC. In 5-10 years, it's thousands more.