Nintendo DS Thread (no 3DS)

Let's discuss this boy and reminisce for a bit.

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>>520825689>Nintendo invents a console you must blow to complete some games

>>520825812Pretty neat, right?

Kirby's Canvas Curse is the shit!

>>520825689I have the black, but I would have preferred the white

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Recommended games list (may have missed some).[1 of 4]Shin Megami Tensei: Devil SurvivorShin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2Shin Megami Tensei: Strange JourneyNew Super Mario Bros.Super Mario 64 DSThe Legend of Zelda: Phantom HourglassThe Legend of Zelda: Spirit TracksMetroid Prime HuntersMario & Luigi: Partners in TimeMario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside StoryPhoenix Wright: Ace AttorneyPhoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Justice For AllPhoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Trials and TribulationsApollo Justice: Ace AttorneyAce Attorney InvestigationsAce Attorney Investigations: Prosecutor’s Path (fan-translated)Knights in the NightmareCastlevania: Dawn of SorrowCastlevania: Portrait of RuinCastlevania: Order of EcclesiaContra 4Trauma CenterTrauma Center 2The World Ends With YouGhost TrickWarioWare: TouchedWarioWare DIYGrand Theft Auto: Chinatown WarsPokemon Heartgold/SoulsilverPokemon PlatinumPokemon Black/White 1/2The Legendary StarfyChrono Trigger (best version with new content)Mario Kart DSSpace Invaders ExtremeSpace Invaders Extreme 2Avalon CodeBlue Dragon: Awakened ShadowBlue Dragon PlusKirby Superstar UltraKirby: Canvas CurseKirby Squeak SquadKirby Mass AttackFire Emblem: Shadow DragonFire Emblem: Shin Monsho no Nazo (JP fan translated)Big Bang MiniBleach: Dark SoulsBleach: The 3rd PhantomChessmaster: The Art of LearningFritz ChessFreshly-Pickled Tingle’s Rosy RupeelandTingle’s Balloon Trip of Love (JP fan translated)Tingle’s Balloon Fight (JP)Jump! Super Stars (JP)Jump! Ultimate Stars (JP fan translated)Umihara Kawase (JP)Legacy of Ys: Books I & IICommando: Steel DisasterChibi-Robo! Park Patrol (JP fan-translation)The Legend of Kage 2KORG DS-10 (neat for its time)7 WondersBoing! Docomodake DSKetsui Death Label (JP)Professor Layton and the Curious VillageProfessor Layton and the Diabolical BoxProfessor Layton and the Unwound FutureProfessor Layton and the Last Specter

>>520826471[2 of 4]Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine DoorsInfinite SpaceSuper Control Mecha MG (JP fan-translation)Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan (JP)Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan 2 (JP)Elite Beat AgentsG.G. Series Collection Plus (JP)Nintendogs if you’re into that (shovelware now but neat for its time)Brain Age (same as above)ContactAnother CodeAliens: InfestationCronos TwinsClubhouse GamesThe Dark SpireTetris DSN+Spectral Force GenesisSaGa 2 Remake (JP fan translated)SaGa 3 Remake (JP fan translated)Style Savvy (yes fuck you)Game and Watch Collection 1 and 2Etrian OdysseyEtrian Odyssey IIEtrian Odyssey IIIPac-PixPang Magical MichaelPokemon ConquestPrincess DebutPuchi Puchi VirusPuzzle Quest: Challenge of the WarlordsRiver City Super Sports ChallengeRobocalypseBomberman 2Inazuma ElevenArkanoid DSMario Hoops 3-on-3Rhythm HeavenSands of DestructionOntamaramaNinja Gaiden: Dragon’s Sword (it’s surprisingly good)Electroplankton (nothing fancy but neat)Planet Puzzle LeagueColor CrossSonic RushSonic Rush AdventureSonic Colors (very different from the Wii one)Dementium: The Ward (maybe not that outstanding now but certainly neat and impressive for its time)Dementium 2TheresiaFrom the AbyssFront MissionOkamidenSNK vs Capcom: Card Fighters DSFlower, Sun, and RainLovePlus if you’re into that (JP fan trasnlated)NinjatownNanostrayNanostray 2Nanashi no Geemu (JP fan translated)Dragon Quest IVDragon Quest VDragon Quest VIDragon Quest IXFeel the MagicRub RabbitsPhantasy Star ZeroMaple Story DSLost MagicMagical StarsignMaestro! Jump in MusicGlory of HeraclesFighting Fantasy: The Warlock of Firetop Mountain

>>520826471[3 of 4]Final Fantasy IIIFinal Fantasy IVFinal Fantasy: The 4 Warriors of LightFinal Fantasy Tactics A2Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of FatesFinal Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of TimeDrawn to LifeDrawn to Life: The Next ChapterGiana Sisters DSAway: Shuffle DungeonElebitsMagneticaNevesMight and Magic: Clash of HeroesExit DSHotel Dusk: Room 215Diddy Kong Racing DSDonkey Kong: Jungle ClimberRetro Atari ClassicsScurge: HiveDisgaea DSResident Evil: Deadly SilenceThe SettlersPicross DS/3DSolatoroboBlack Sigil: Blade of the ExiledSoma Bringer (JP fan translated)Mr Driller: Drill SpiritsBatman: The Brave and the BoldPokemon Mystery DungeonLux-Pain (the translation is fucking horrible though)Last Window: The Secret of Cape WestDigimon World: Dawn/DuskDragon Quest Heroes: Rocket SlimeDragon Quest Monsters: JokerDragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2Mystery Dungeon: Shiren the WandererSkate ItMystLogic CubesRayman DSSimcity DStheta (JP)Ultimate Mortal KombatAdvance Wars: Dual StrikeAdvance Wars: Days of RuinAdventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why’d you steal our garbage?Animal Crossing: Wild WorldDawn of HeroesTales of Innocence (JP fan translated)Kingdom Hearts 352/8 DaysKingdom Hearts Re:codedRune FactoryRune Factory 2Rune Factory 3Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2: March of the MinisLuminous ArcLuminous Arc 2Luminous Arc 3Dragon Ball Kai: Ultimate Butoden (JP fan translated)Lock’s QuestLunar KnightsPuyo Puyo (not gonna list all of them)Jam With the BandMeteosRondo of SwordsNew Zealand Story: RevolutionCuldcept DS (JP fan translated)MoonPop TownKonami Classic Series: Arcade HitsCustom Robo ArenaAtelier Annie: Alchemists of Sera IslandRetro Game ChallengeRetro Game Challenge 2 (JP fan translation)Cross Treasures (JP fan translated)Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars – Director’s Cut7th Dragon

>>520826703[4 of 4]A Witch’s TaleWitch’s WishIzunaIzuna 2Little Red Riding Hood’s Zombie BBQCoropata (JP)Crimson Room DS (JP)Age of EmpiresDigdug: Digging StrikeSuper Princess PeachNostalgiaDragladeDraglade 2Metal Slug 7Monster TaleSuper Robot Taisen OG SagaSummon NightGeometry Wars: GalaxiesDodgeball BrawlersHarvest Moon: Sunshine IslandsHarvest Moon: Grand BazaarHarvest Moon: The Tale of Two TownsWizard of OzLost in BlueLost in Blue 2Lost in Blue 3Touch DetectiveTouch Detecrive 2 1/2ScribblenautsSuper ScribblenautsHenry HatsworthTrackmania TurboBust-a-MoveGolden Sun: Dark DawnSoul BubblesWario: Master of DisguiseWorms: Open Warfare 2Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games (specifically this one due to having a semblance of a story mode)Sonic & Sega All-Stars RacingYoshi’s Island DSNinja TownDragon Ball OriginsDragon Ball Origins 2Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the SayiansViva Pinata: Pocket ParadiseMegaman ZXMegaman ZX AdventMegaman StarforceMegaman Starforce 2Megaman Starforce 3The Megaman Starforce/EXE port/crossoverMegaman Zero CollectionSuikoden TierkreisTime HollowValkyrie Profile: Covenant of the PlumeViewtiful Joe: Double TroubleBangai-O SpiritsGunpey DSAgainOrcs and ElvesMr. Driller Drill SpiritsRadiant HistoriaBlood of Bahamut (JP fan translated)The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Anniversary Edition (DSiWare)Dark Void Zero (DSiWare)Shantae: Risky’s Revenge (DSiWare)Children of ManaRhapsody: A Musical Adventure

What was your favorite DS homebrew outside of emulators?

>>520825689I lost my Lite's GBA slot cover, so now I just always have a game jutting out of it.

I had the crimson/black DSL, but it was riddled with shoulder button problems, and eventually the cracked hinge lead to the top coming completely detached.I still have my phat (which works okay aside from minor shoulder button issues) but if I want to play DS games I just use my 3DSXL/N3DSXL.I've been playing DS basically since launch, and there's still plenty of games I haven't played or finished. It's comforting knowing when I get bored of my Switch/PC, I still have a huge comfy library of DS games to play.

>>520826587>The Dark SpireMy negro.

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DS, DS Lite, or DSi? What are the pros and cons of each?

Thanks to the user who recommended Ghost Trick to me in a DS thread. Became one of my favorites.

>>520825689Started booting mine again after a few years and the bottom screen has this white area in the cornerI think it's time to consider getting a 3DS

>>520828790DSL is arguably the best. The DSi is only a slight upgrade, while removing backwards compatibility with GBA slot, with it's main draw being access to a now defunct online shop. If you don't care about the GBA slot, just get whichever is cheaper and has no physical defects - check to make sure all buttons work correctly.

>>520825689DSLite and PSP 1k were best handhelds for my hands.


>>520828420you could get a rumble pak, there are ones for the lite especially

>>520825689Anyone here ever play Lost Magic? Tough game as a dumb kid, but looking back that game was pretty awesome.

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>>520831065The DS had a lot of those RTS-lite games that were pretty fun to play.LostMagic was good, especially considering there wasn't a whole lot of quality in the DS library for the first year or so. I don't think I ever finished it - it had a weird difficulty spike, and the controls and pathfinding could be really frustrating to deal with.

>>520831065I still have my copy but it's been over a decade since I played it, wonder if it still holds up. Only thing I remember is enjoying having to draw magic on the screen.

For me, it's Puzzle Quest

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>>520831824>>520831934Yeah I only remember being it tough as shit.>>520832047Good one also

>>520825812Ngl the puzzle in hotel dusk where you close the ds to flip the puzzle blew my fucking mind

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Should I still try to get a DSl when I have a 3DS? Lost mine awhile back and just wondering if there are things that the DS does better.

>>520826471doing god’s work brother

>>520832390The only thing is that a certain model always has dual ips screen so no screen lottery bsThat's about it and if you already have dual ips 3ds there's no point

>>520832390Personally I think DS games look better on DSL/DSi, but I also prefer n3DS over XL versions. Newer consoles stretch games in really noticeable way, if you dont mind then dont get it.

>>520832390A DSi? Nope.A DSL maybe, if you want the gba slot and prefer the dpad.

>>520832689>>520832706>>520832776Thanks for the info. Seems like there are no significant advantage.

>>520831747>some of those other PoT games that arent really about tennis at all.

I've been slowly working through the entire NoIntro DS ROM by one, just about every title unless I can immediately recognize + discard it as shovel-ware and/or licensed crap (some exceptions sneak in). Jap only games without a fan translate I tend to avoid. Unless they're fairly easy to play completely blind.>>520826812You made me look into Crimson Room. I added it to my collection just for that insane intro track. Anything else I'm missing?

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>>520832198>that gifgot me...sauce on the girl?

>>520826471>>520826587>>520826703>>520826812Is there anything to add?Also recommend some good ROM hacks.Bonus points if they're finished.Double bonus points if it's not Pokemon.

>>520834946Crazy Machines 1&2Basically The Incredible Machine, with loads of puzzles and create your own with the ability to share your machines. IMO one of the most overlooked DS games, probably because I don't think it even got a release outside of Europe.

>>520825689DS was the first console that introduced me to piracy with the based R4 flashcard, said fuck you to buying games since

Isn't the DSi XL the best way to play DS games other than emulation?

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>>520832914Wrong, games look like ass on the 3ds, get dsl if you want gba functionality, a DSI for the superior build quality or a dsixl for maximum comfiness.

>>520835901The DS has such a fuckhuge library that piracy is a huge boon, whether you still buy games or not. For years I could play a brand new game, often before release, everyday - they were coming out that quick.

>>520836067Based just beat pokemon black on mine, I'm working on the post game.What games should i play next lads? I'm already part way through both mario games and have a copy of hotel dusk and phantom hourglass not pictured.

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>>520834946Also Dokapon Journey. It's basically Mario Party + RPG mechanics, with free download play for 4 players or against AI. Sequel to the PS2/Wii game Dokapon Kingdom, known as a "friendship ruiner" in how fun and easy it is to fuck over other players.Also Magician's Quest: Mysterious Times aka Enchanted Folk and the School of Wizardry. It's a better Animal Crossing game than Wild World, and went totally under the radar. Holla Forums had regular threads for a while and they were a blast. The amount of extra options, mechanics and depth were surprising for what was essentially Konami Crossing.

>>520836539TWEWY if you haven't played it yet. Not-playing the game helps one aspect of leveling up, so it works well as a side-piece to whatever else you're playing.

DS Lite was so fucking comfy.I got 17 hours battery life from mine.I remembered mastering snaking in Mario Kart and destroying nubs.

>>520834946lego wars if you're a fan of seeing the minifigures coming to lifeits a really shallow "rts" game but i just love the lego theme

Currently playing Rune Factory 2. Trying to marry the big tiddy fortune teller, wish me luck lads.

>>520826471>Chibi-Robo! Park Patrol (JP fan-translation)why the fan translation? it got an english release

>>520837527Is she difficult to pursue? I love the series, played quite a bit of 1, but I remember not spending much time with 2 before 3 came out.

>>520837864Seems pretty easy so far, you just have to get readings from her and she falls for you. If only it were that easy in real life, haha...

the screen is way too fucking small for my eyes nowadays. I swear playing dragon quest 6 on this thing as a teen fucked up my vision

How do I get this bastard online again? Fuckin WEP encryption bullshit.

Any way to fix a broken bumper? My left one just stopped working.

>>520826471>>520826587>>520826703>>520826812Just make a chart, you dummy.

>>520826471Got something like this but updated for more current titles ? Including 3ds titles if you have a list like that

>>520826471Man once I got a rom cart for my DS Lite I just went to town on the games. The early generation of DS games was truly a renaissance of mobile games

>>520837715Yeah my mistake.

>>520838815Yea i remember getting my first card and going home, i downloaded pokemon ranger and that adventure time game, fun times

>>520837459Nice, I liked using my original fat DS for the clicky dpad.Also, controversial, but I liked StarFox Command.


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>>520837324I'm confused, not playing the game helps me level up? Does it have something to do with the passage of time?

Ah fuck, my DSLite spine has cracked. What should I do? It's not too bad yet.

>>520838653Too hueg and possibly controversial for a proper chart (I did list some things that may be considered shovelware for personal reasons). And there already exist quite a lot of more compact and neat DS charts out there.

>>520839368I'll blow you if you put them all in a chart.

>>520825689For me, it's Meteos

>>520826812use the fucking images you dumb cunt

>>520839368>>520839492Forgot to say no homo

Nintendo's last great handheld console. I loved this thing. I remember playing Mario Kart DS and Rhythm Heaven the most. I also played a lot of New Super Mario Bros., Advance Wars, Phoenix Wright and Scribblenauts.

>>520839316There's different kind of experience points for your Pins. One is "shutdown pp" you get for when your game is off, and you receive points for up to a week when you turn it on again. Some pins evolve better with that type, so it can be beneficial to take breaks.

>>520839606I loved the 3ds too. There are so many great offbeat games between them, the two screens was pure comfort and kino.

>>520839492>>520839594I'll think about it. But only if it's no homo.

>>520839891Cool user. I'll wear socks as an extra no homo barrier.

>>520839156This looks laughable compared to the DS list lol.

>>520839341Buy a new one and turn your current one into a Gameboy macro

>>520840907Can you even find one now?

GTA Chinatown Wars was superb, probably my favorite GTA

>>520841050Used ones are cheap as fuck, it's just harder to find ones with working shoulder buttons.>>520841112I still boot it up for that sweet, sweet drug wars side-game. I've said it a hundred times - I would buy a GTA game focused solely on that in a heartbeat.

Thinking about playing a comfy DS game, what's a good one?>>520839492>>520839891If the guy sucking is wearing socks, a blindfold, and puts on chap stick, it isn't gay. It's not gay if you swallow too.

>>520842943Super Control Mecha MGOr, you know, just Hotel Dusk/Last Window

>>520838474same here, but from all the searching i did if you can't fix it by just cleaning it from the outside you gotta open it all up to fix it. its a shame and stops me from playing some games but im not gonna risk it

>>520842943You're not suggesting any particular genre and the DS library is huge as fuck, but I'd sayLayton seriesPuzzle QuestRune Factory 3

>>520826471>Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor>Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2>Shin Megami Tensei: Strange JourneyWeren't all of these remade for the 3DS? Which versions are superior?

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>>520844332Don't know about Devil Survivor but Strange Journey has points of contention. Better sprites and graphics but adulterated artstyle, more content but of dubious nature...

>>520838474I managed to fix mine by doing

>>520843325>>520843643Gonna look into these, thanks.

>>520846198Ace AttorneyHotel Dusk and Last WindowChrono TriggerClubhouse GamesCastlevania: Portait of Ruin is KINDA comfyProbably one of the Dragon Quests, like 9

>>520839156Ty user

I need more ds and 3ds game charts

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>playing ds in n3dsbased or cringe Holla Forumsros

>>520847395I offered an user a non-sexual sexual favor in exchange for one of the list he made, but only time will tell if he'll make it.

>>520847505>Playing DS games on a New 3DS with flashcartBased. >Playing DS games on a New 3DS with twilight menu Cringe>Playing actual DS cartridges on a 3DS Mega-cringe.

>>520847505Ultra cringe.Original hardware, Wii U, or PC with multiple monitors or bust.

>>520847549Ill post edited cats if you doYou could still get the sexual treat too

>>520847505There's an option to play them in the normal resolution, and I don't know about you but my DS's battery is basically nothing at this point.Hacked 3ds with a DS flashcart feels pretty based to me.

Warioware D.I.Y was the only game I had for DS, it's still fun.

>>520825689had a dodgeballl game for this along with one of the Star Wars games (can't remember); was fun playing dodgeball and texting in Pictochat. Sad that mine broke when I cleaned mine with a wet paper towel; was a dumb kid back then.

>>520847712>Playing actual DS cartridges on a 3DSWhats wrong with this?And whats twilght menu?

>>520847712They look like shit streched out and at original res they come out tiny. 3DS is shit for DS games.

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>>520847964>They look like shit streched outhow shitty is it? post pic

Just bought a n2dsxl, whow do i into pirating?

>>520825812They did it in the 80s.

>>520847964They look fine autistic retard.

>>520847712>>520847712I accidentally threw my flashcart out I was gonna just get twilight menu on my 3ds but I hear mixed things. Really I could just order another R4 since they're less than $10, but why do you say twilight menu is so shit?


The days of endless Mario Kart and Fossil Fighters. Fuck yeah.

>>520847395I beg if you

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>>520848216aint that the original res? post the streched out pic retard

>>520825689I love DS and I love roms

>>520847856>I'll post edited cats Are you sure you didn't mean to reply to >>520839891?

>>520848424A.its another anonB. If that doesbt look stretched af then its a game made by and for niggers

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Who here /PhantasyStarZero/?

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>>520848093I play DS games on a 3DSXL at full screen and it's stretched out, sure, but it's whatever. If you're anal about it it might bother you, but no DS game was graphically insane and I don't have a problem with it.

>>520848702But user, I'm >>520839492, I'm not >>520839891Offer your cats to him instead.

>>520841531I remember thinking the drug focus feeling a bit edgy when I tried Chinatown Wars.

>>520848772I used to work at ToysRUs and while we were taking the shelves down, I found a super fucked up copy of PS0 still wrapped in plastic, hidden by someone years ago. Years of gunk fucked up the box, but I kept the manual and game from the inside since they were in perfect condition. That was in June 2018 and I still haven't played it.

>>520849052That's what was so great about it. It felt like some newgrounds fag threw it in and it ends up fitting the game perfectly and being more fun than the game itself.Selling heroin to bikers and narrowly escaping the cops in a drug bust was, dare I say it, kino. I would rather see more of that than super generically scripted missions we got in GTA's since.

>>520848651>Mario Kart DS>online is fun (if you don't mind the snaking).The definition of tryhard. I'm still mad 15 years later.

>>520851494Mario Kart online was eventually nothing but cheaters. It was always more fun playing locally anyway. Diddy Kong Racing was great for that as well.

>>520849097It's fun but certainly is held back by the limitations of the DS hardware. Low draw distance, jaggy polygons, music with fucked-up compression, etc. I still finished it though.

>tfw just scratched up my 3ds screen by walking 10k steps with it bumping around in my pocket trying to grind coins for soul hackersIt's a surprisingly easy thing to replace but they aren't deep scratches, is it possible to buff them out?Also use a screen protector bros dont repeat my failure

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wow, i had forgotten some ds games.It truly was an amazing console. had a great library and felt pretty nice to play on was also comfy as fuck.

>>520851849How the fuck do you scratch a closed screen?

>>520844332Devil survivor overclocked/record breaker are objectively superior

>start up a DS game for the first time in years>that audio compression

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>>520851939My keys and shit were pushing the top screen into the ridge on the bottom screenThey are really really minor, almost impossible to take a picture of but its driving me crazy. I already have a replacement glass screen on the way and screen protectors, this is a dual ips so I'm super autistic about it especially as non xls are a pain in the ass to get now

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>>520852013Yup, that's the one big reason that I ended up using my PSP more than my DS. I honestly can stomach the PSP's slow load times, but the audio compression of DS games have been God-awful. Especially noticeable for games that are available on both machines>play Elminage on PSP>sweet, sweet music; even if a little blandly composed>play Elminage on DS>that scratchy dirge that makes my ears bleed

>>520852625>>520852013It mostly didn't matter since the speakers were shit.If you were a headphones bro you're kinda fucked though.

>>520825689god dammit that DSLite felt so fucking good

>>520852625How did they fuck up so badly with the vita by comparison?Its SO fucking quiet and sounds like absolute shit, I had to wear earbuds for all 100 hours of p4g. Honestly the n3ds sounds better

>>520825689Games with movement in 3D never should've been on this console, period. The 3DS kind of fixed that and is what the DS should've been. Still hated the 3D.

>>520845698Thanks user

DS games on 3DS looks blurry desuBest way is DS Lite or DSi LL (IPS)

>>520853426I have an IPS 3DS so I'm good.

>>520853426thisEven the small DSi isn't as sharp as the Lite or Phat since it has slightly bigger screens than them. The DSi's screens are also garbage quality-wise. If you're going to give up GBA cartridge support, at least get the DSi XL since it has unique advantages like the largest screen for playing DS games, guaranteed Dual IPS screens and the best speakers.

>>520853581Doesn't matter, the blurry thing has to do with resolution of the 3DS.

>>520853426Looks fine on the non xlJust finished hotel dusk

Got a used but good condition DSi LL Mario Anniversary Edition (outside of the battery which seems like it drains too fast).However, the screens are weird. The bottom screen is fine but the top screen is kinda... yellowy? The colors kinda are too warm, and it's only the top screen. This definitely wasn't the case on my ancient DS Lite.Is this normal for a DSi?

Is it possible to install something like TwilightMenu on the DSi? I recently picked mine up again after all these years, and fucking hell, did the nostalgia kick in at full speed.

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>>520853905Post pic for proof.

>>520853426Best way, for games that aren't touch-heavy, is unironically emulators.

Anyone here tried the VNDS?I got a bunch of novels and they all work fine.However, Ever17 doesn't. It works but the images on the top screen are all fucked up, it's kind of like they're split in two in a weird way.It only happens with Ever17, the other like 10 novels are all fine. I tried two versions of Ever17 for the VNDS and two versions of the VNDS, including the latest one, and still had this issue.Reading the forums, it seems the game worked fine for others. The images themselves are fine, I checked the files, but appear "split" in game. Any tips?

>>520853905You can actually hold the Start/Select button when booting a DS game on a 3DS to display the game in it's original 1:1 format. Not that it really matters though because the giant black borders on the sides and top/bottom of both screens completely ruin the picture quality and immersion too. Interestingly, if you do this on an old small 3DS/2DS, your DS games will display around the same size as a GameBoy Micro's screen.

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>>520853979The DSi had zero quality control with the screens it used. One unit you could have a blue-tinted top screen and a yellow-tinted bottom screen, or a red-tinted top screen and blue-tinted bottom screen, etc. The DSi XL fares a lot better but even it's QC isn't perfect.

>>520848651>no Strange Journey I'm trigge->UPDATED ON APRIL 5, 2009Jesus man, Holla Forums existed back then?

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>>520854839Yeah, I joined around that time, too. Good times.

>>520854226Please guys. If there is any one place left with someone who knows what's up, it's here.Also, what Pokeman game should I play? I only ever played just a bit of Platinum back in like 2010 (and then my savefile got corrupted).

>>520854839>not being around since the news read "/l/ has been removed"

>>520837459>I got 17 hours battery life from mine.Can confirm. I was able to get 20 hours on my DS Lite and I am talking about having the backlight on the lowest setting. Battery life was longer when playing GBA games on it since it only uses 1 screen while the unused one is turned off. Seriously what kind of wizardry did Nintendo do to make the DS Lite battery last over 20 hours? They should've done this wizardry with the 3DS as well.

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>>520854997Why is this, different screen types? IPS vs TN?

Do DS Lites and DSi XLs use the same kind of battery? Can they be swapped?

>>520855613>Also, what Pokeman game should I play?whichever one you want, they are all easy as shit. platinum/hgss are slower than black/white and its sequels so you may want to play gen 4 first.


>>520857730Shame. Thanks for the answer.

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Dslite must be the perfect portable handheld. I wish I got a regular n3ds instead of the xl. If only I could emulate ps1

>>520858330DSi XL is based.


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What about the DSi?

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>tfw we will never get DSi that has GBA slot

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name drop your must-play titles!

I got this shiny bitching one right here, but had i waited a couple months and not opened the box, i could have got the objectively cooler blue version.I miss this lil motherfucker like you wouldnt believe me>>520828168Moonshell 2, i used it as music player and even watched a few movies in it, zombieland comes to mind. i also read a SHITTON of fics there while taking the bus to uni.

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>>520862281Heres the blue onealso, the wiki whit all the>There was a TWEWY one

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>>520862281>>520862384DS Lite is amazing, Sharp and colorful screen and also the best way to play DS and GBA.

>>520825689What happened to the advance wars/dual wars series? Loved them but never heard of it again afterwards.Also interestingly enough I’ve never played FFT and golden sun on it even though they’re my favorite games from the gba area Are they worth it?

>tfw still have your childhood DS lite>mfw it has mushy buttons that you have to press real hard to get a input. And both screens have lines of dead pixels on itShould I bother to refurbish it? Is it easy as like refurbishing GBA/GBs?

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>>520860148>tfw stuck with the manlet DSi

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>>520825689I miss my old blue DS...I want to buy a new one. Is the DSi XL worth it?

They should have made a version of this game for the DS.

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>>520862675that sucks man, my childhood DSi is still intact Granted, I haven't used it in literal years so I'm kinda worried about the battery.

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Alright so I recently bought a N3DSXL and I love but the scaling does bother me.Lites are like 30-40$ on ebay but people recommend a DSiXL. Doesn't that have scaling as well? How does its screen size compare to the 3dsxl?

>>520836067Does those big ass pixels annoys you?

>>520855613They're all pretty good dude and specifically designed to be ridiculously similar with a gimmick tacked on. Content wise - maybe Black/White and Black 2/White 2?

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>>520836539Heard good things about 999. Play it and give me a review

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>>520863341DSiXL is super sharp but the DSLite is more colorful >>520854472

touch controls were a bad ideaI wish we could go back

Just remembered this soul eater game i wanted to try outThanks dudes, almost forgot

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This game was actually pretty interesting to play while waiting for the 3DS, exciting stuff

>>520833023>newer romset is kill>the older one compresses the games as zip>have to decompress them and compress them again as 7z to save spaceahh my autism

>>520857419Its amazing really, mine lasted me a fucking decade and towards the end the battery could still easily go for 5+ hoursI only ever stopped using it because dpad and shoulder buttons went hell, hadnt i been a third worlder back then i would had fixed it.>>520862675Even if cant use it anymore, Keep it around man.>>520862548I played golden sun dark dawn whithout playing the gba one, its a fun adventure, and pretty as all fuck, but it very much was the first part of a trilogy that never came to be

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>>520862281Reminder that neither the 3DS nor Switch had a shell homebrew even close to Moonshell in quality.

>>520825812That looked stupid when I was playing in a train.

Do you like the fat DS? I like it more than the lite for its shape and its clicky buttons but its screen is transflective. I haven't gotten to compare it to a DSi yet.

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>>520863717Here's your review, its fucking great.Word of advice tho, its fucking imposible to reach the best ending in your first try, plus replaying for the alt routes has "speed already seen scenes" which is very handy.>>520863843I got faint memories of that game being really mediocre, what was it about?

>>520825689Fuck those hinges. My family had 3 of these and all the hinges cracked. Had to buy some chinese bootleg shell to replace it with. R4 card was amazing since every game was piratable.

>>520865672Holy shit you are right... Either Moondev was a fucking magician or nintendo simply didnt want to play around whit flashcards casets

>>520853992Yeah I've recently put twilight on my dsi xl and it works great. Playing TWEWY and i havent ran into any issues. You don't have to get cfw or anything either, just open up the camera app and it'll take you to twilight++ (just be sure to turn off all the splash screens once you're set up)

>>520866205Eh, i could never get okamiden and chrono trigger to work on it.

>>520866005Don't know I just started it.

>most of the cheapest DSi are already soldDamn it.

>>520853979It's faulty. My O3DS has that too, it's something that develops over the years.

>>520853992iirc twilight menu was originally developed for the dsi

>>520853979Get a refund, its not supposed to do that

>>520862675Sure, parts are cheap from china

>>520826587>Dementium: The Ward (maybe not that outstanding now but certainly neat and impressive for its time)You nigger, take that back, this game was the tits.The sequel was a great step up, except for the big boss fight whit dinamyte, that one was dumbWonder how the steam remake went?>Its shitOh...

I still have my DS Phat. Works perfectly. Great memories of playing Metroid Prime Hunters and getting rectal ragnarok'd by hackers that were sniping from inside the walls

A while ago I had an R4"i" clone card that had an autoboot that kicked in halfway through the DS startup chime. Does anyone know of a card that I can get nowadays that does this? I have a DS that freezes trying to load the first time setup, and I'm hoping a card with autoboot will let me run flashme to fix it.

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>>520865863Transflective screens are great for outdoor use.Not until recently there are mobile screens that can actually display shit under strong sunlight.

>>520865863The d-pad is incredible on this model. These things are sturdy as fuck too.

>>520866336Moonshell was OSS too IIRC. But there's little use for it now.I think the dev got burned after working with a flashcard company and quit.

>>520866442There are two trillions R4s out there you need a good one if you want compatibility and features.Hell there are so many that they justified moving from fpga to proper asic for them.

>>520826812>Age of EmpiresMy nigger. The Age of Kings DS version is actually really fun.

>>520865863some guy in my local marketplace sell those thing at 10$ a piece (no box and charger tho) should i get it or save up for 3ds?

>>520867523>Original DSJust be aware of the screen

The best DS flashcard to ever existI miss you ;_;

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>>520867098Hahahaha i remenber the lava map one! But it wasnt hackers, it was shitty poligons on the map, like cs_assault on low gravity, you know the spot, near the containers.>>520867523No backlight screen is a big deal killer for me, but danm, 10 bucks is cheap as fuck.

>>520867523If you're playing DS games only bother with a 3DS if you think you would be comfortable with the dpad and screen size, for me it's too awkward. For 10 bucks I say go for it, also the charger is the same one used for the GBA SP so there's that.>>520868197The screen actually is backlit, as in not frontlit

>>520867967Is that the DSTWO? Is it true that it eats up battery life or only when emulating GBA and stuff?

>>520869270It eats battery whenever it runs the CPU. So in any homebrew that uses it and also on the 3DS homescreen supposedly, don't have proof for the latter.

>>520868565>The screen actually is backlitOh shit realy? Nice>>520867523eeeeeyyy Buddy! Mind shipping me one to peru, dont forget the flashcart, plz and thanks

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>>520867967This was the coziest flashcart ever madeThe peak of homebrew/piracy. The sheer amount of fucking features was amazing. UI was wonderful.Only downside was the fucking build quality, my first one lasted a few years, got another and it only lasted ~year, wanted another but they were totally gone by then. Real shame. Miss it.

>Jewgle alarm clock feature on Android isn't working>Resort to pulling out my DS Lite for an alarm clockEven after not playing it for a good while I'm surprised at how great the battery still is.

Super Princess Peach.

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>>520869635sent ;)

>>520870136It had some nice exclusive homebrews too.A decent shell homebrew, a linux port and someone even tried to get a PS1 emu working.

>>520865863Was ugly as fuck but brought many hours of fun to me