You're playing Shadowlands when it comes out, right user?

You're playing Shadowlands when it comes out, right user?

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not unless they remove flying mounts, dungeon finder, and battlegrounds

>>520824123no I've moved on to other games

>>520824123I don't play video games.

>>520824338Play classic, fag



>>520824123>playing WoW>Not Classic or Private Server

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why did they ruin her

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>>520824854? Jaina is friends with Thrall and has been since WC3

>>520824338based retard

Draenei females were made for facesitting.

BfA was actually the first time I never played a WoW expansion at all. They've finally ruined it forever

>>520824123Honestly can you even imagine who OP is as a person? Would you ever want to spend time with that person?

>>520824854I feel like they fixed her in BFA after ruining her somewhere between wrath and BFA

>>520824123no but that draenei makes me want to

How does anyone get hard off dated gfx

>>520824824Classic WoW sucks with boring ass leveling, stupid itemization, shit group finding, useless specs, useless spells, easy raids and point less drama.Fuck you and classic wow


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For a month or two until my friends decide to drop the whole game again because they don't like running through same raid or dungeon more than twice.

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>>520824123Holy shit, that expansion isn’t out yet? like I’m not even playing it, But I’m surprise that you guys are still waiting for it

>>520824123I'm playing Pally and Monk this expac. One Dwarf, one Gnome.

>>520829043>boring ass levelinglol not enough pop culture zones for you?>shit group findingoh no I have to talk to people!>useless specsYou're playing a class, not a spec>useless spellsActually they're way more useful than retail. In retail you have to press 3 buttons to get the effect of one in vanilla.>easy raidswho cares>point less drama.I guess that's what happens when you don't let the game randomly distribute loot for you...

>>520824123yeahspriest rework looks great, looking forward to it, devouring plague is fucking shit up on the ptr

>>520833112>spriests looking great>enhance shamans too2020 is a weird fuckin year.

This is the futa horsecock thread right?

>>520824123Nope, might play Crystal Chronicles instead.

God I want to fuck a blue goat.

>people still think Sylvanas is gonna live past this expansionHer #1 bitch boy gets killed off in the fucking prepatch.

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>>520824123No but I'll keep looking up the world_of_warcraft tag on r34 every few days

>>520824123>long tailfucking disgusting

>>520824123No China. I'm not playing your Communist game anymore. Not only are you Communist, the game is boring honestly.

>>520824123I was at first but now idk

>>520834079It's fine as long as it's a mage.

>>520833919sylvanas gets a redemption arc and ascends to godhood kerrigan style

>>520833919He lets us kill him so he can get into the shadowlands to be with sylvie.

>>520824123what fucking reskinned race did they release now?

>>520834628shocking twist: he turned into a blue girl angel

>>520834725No new race on launch, although the story features furry draenei and blue angels

>>520834727>corruption>genderbending>transformation>bimboficationI will now buy your game

>>520824123only if blizzard gives me a draenei gf

>>520824854? Jaina always loved Orcs.

>>520824123>Giving money to Nu Blizzard past Diablo II Good lord what a tard

>>520834830I really hope we don't get any races from this expac. They should stick to the afterlife where they belong.

>>520833919Sylvanas is a YAAAAS QUEEN character as well as the most popular character in the franchise, hence why they force her down our throat since wrath. You must be fucked in your brain to believe one moment that they will kill her.

>>520834969based taste

>>520824123No, I rather play FF14.

>>520835445What do you like about FF14?

>>520835953catgirl feet

>>520824123No but I'll rip the new cosmetic options for my wotlk server.

>>520836073I see, I see.

I need a fat draenei horsecock in my ass while she pounds me into the floor

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>>520836073i require visual examples


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>>520824338i will now stop playing your game

>>520829302damn imagine thinking normal raids and non 10+ mythic dungeons were anywhere near the actual intended experience of the content. Also that pic is fucking sad, I play retail here and there and I didnt even realize orcs could be priests nor panda DK's. That is fucking retardedI do like kultiran druids though. Humans should have been allowed to be druids forever ago, it makes way more sense than tauren / troll paladins or dwarf shamans or panda dk's ffs

>>520824123>WoWI don't play tranny shit

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>>520833231>enhance shamansbro I been hype about those since tbc, dual wield enh is so fucking tight. Like an elemental fury warrior. Finally gonna get to play a class I havent played hundreds upon hundreds of hours of

>>520834969wait i thought this game was owned by china not jews

Where are all the thread sluts?

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>>520838079what the fuck is that maid outfit real!?

>>520837738>human druids make senseRetard

does anyone have the Turalyon draenei weeb ken-sama copypasta?

>>520838079Did you actually pay that chink man for those?

>>520824854*Fix. They FIXED her. A return to form desu.

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>>520838079>>520838672Mods exist.

>>520824854Jaina has been a race traitor since WC3. she only hated the horde once Thrall left. Coincidence? Unlikely.


>>520824123Gimme a summery on why I should. I'm on the fence since I have given up on the lore after how hard they botched it in the expansion I wanted the most.

>>520824693I had a lot of fun playing BGs in classic.Fuck flying mounts and dungeon finder though... I guess? Or something.

>>520840308let me guess you play a warrior, rogue or ele sham


>>520840545figured because pvp as any other class is fucking awful and only going to get worse after naxx.

>>520837827that's not how you spell FFXIV

>>520840725I mean to be fair, when I said played*, I meant played*, as in like 2005. I don't play classic rn. I had it easy back in the day as a fury warrior when they were the only real DPS spec before people knew anything about anything, so I lucked to #1 on the DPS meters and BGs as fury totally because warrior won the coin flip at char creation on day one. And it just happened to be the right call for a vanilla raiding fury warrior, I was in heaven.It was a fun and slightly lucky experience. Long time ago though. You are correct it was totally imba, no question, I have quite a few fond memories of deathwish + recklessness memories in BWL/AQ epics in BGs. Good shit.Never got the chance to Naxx before life got in the way.

PTR character creation options are rad

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>>520841472>tfw you can finally go full barbarian

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>>520841663Most of the races I've checked so far got fun options

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>>520824123lmao of course notblizzard absolutely ruined their game with cataclysm and it's been hot fucking garbage ever since

>>520824338>flying mounts, Flying mounts really put the world into scale. You hate them, but I bet you weren't complaining when it became convenient to get to point A to point B >dungeon finder,Because fuck connecting with other players right? We all want to wait 3 years trying to find a group just to get in a dungeon. Or better yet asking for a group in a chat filled with ching chong spam.>and battlegroundsAhhh yes, battlegrounds, the completely optional part of the game that you are not required to play.


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>>520840308how is dungeon finder even a complaint, considering if you are doing dungeons at all seriously, you should be doing mythics, and in that case you have to manually put together a team. otherwise stick to raiding or classic retard

>>520825297>friendsNo she will forever be built for gigantic destructive berzerking orc COCK>>520824123And no cause faggs won't buy me a sub

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>>520842645It's really not so much a complaint as it is a double edged sword. I love the convenience of dungeon finder. I also like being in a world I have to interact with more, especially player interaction, and do stuff like running to a dungeon after finding a group by chatting with players. I feel I enjoy my time with that group a lot more than with a dungeon finder, I make more friends that way, and the stories are better.But I do way less dungeons that way. Is it worth it? I don't know.

>>520824123nope they went sjw and it's dead to me now.

>>520839025which are these? i dont think ive seen any of these on darknest.

>>520841472>>520841663Post Trolls.


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>>520824123Blizzard should make more video games with erotic goat women.the more erotic, the better.

>>520842439>Because fuck connecting with other players right?Dungeonfinder doesn't "connect" players in any meaningful sense. The player interaction you get out of it is on par with the game spawning a bunch of bots to run a dungeon with you because you will never see them again.

>>520835148>most popular character in the franchiseIs she though?

>>520849582I've made plenty of friends in dungeon finder. You just have to not being a fucking sperg. What's wrong, user? You don't like talking to strangers?

I'm going to play BM Hunter as usual.

>>520849980do they still let you have 2 pets?

>>520824338It's plausible having flying gameplay obviously, or better de-mounting metas.(>>520842645)Dungeon Finder has replaced a lot of world socioeconomy.

I'm never buying a Blizzard game again.

>>520850087Yes. It's actually the preferred talent for now, although pathing in M+ is a bitch.


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>>520850237based and futapilled

No. I love world of Warcraft, but it's designed to be addictive and I can't have that in my life. Classic sucked up 700 hours of my time over a couple months...

>>520850237Is that fucking Scorn? They have horse dicks now?

>>520824338you can choose not to use any of that

>Hurrr dungeon finder badI will never understand the absolute it takes to think that this is some how a net negative I've been playing nothing but classic and I play a warrior and all I see in LFG is people literally begging tanks to join their party even tipping. Even get a few whispers once in a while if I can tank a dungeon since they've waited for hours.It isnt fun or fucking 'social' to have to form a group its a long tedious process that pisses people off.

>>520850814its about forcing you to join a guild and make friends you autistic sperg

>>520824854>>520838827>>520842548I want to hold Jaina's hand while she gets railed by massive orc cocks

>>520850880>he needs someone to force him to be socialAs if dungeon finder someone prevents you from being social. All it did was enable asocial people to be asocial, and then complain about people not being social.

>>520850814people who complain about it are just parroting what they read on Holla Forums to fit inmythic + dungeons and normal and above raiding still need a group to be formed manuallyso they're either complete casual lfr heroes or they don't even play the game in the first place. best thing to do is hide and ignore their posts

>>520850880Guilds and LFG have 0 equivalence. You pretty much agreed its a shit system and gave me a work around to play with a guild that may not fit my schedules. And who wants to deal with clique shit in 2020? The internet isnt anything like you faggots remember it and need to accept its never coming back.

>>520851098why the fuck are you playing a mmo if it isnt to interact with other peopleits a social game dude

>>520851189I do 'interact' with other players because you have to in classic. I dont want or need more friends in an online video game because I have those already in real life and if I manage to make one in game goodie if not then who fucking cares.Go outside.

>>520851267kill yourself you normie scum

>>520824123No. I deleted my account when they refused to stop being chinese cocksuckers.

>>520851569damn you're a reddit hero dude congratulations you liberated hong kong

>>520851403>dude why arent you socializing in this MMO?>I am and I do it more outside>normie Just accept you are socially inept.

>>520824123I fucking hate how WoW actually lacks any decent foot fetish rule34. Seriously this game is popular as fuck.3d porn animations have great quality especially way how night elf feet are animated but fucking everywhere they have to put worgens and druids in cat form literally everywhere and if not they give futashit. I just want to fap to cute night elf girl soles without that bestiality shit, its fucking annoing to set up screen in way to cut out of frame worgens and cat druids, and keep night elf's cute feet and face and imagining there is no worgen/cat druid.

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>>520829193could you make me a sandwich

>>520851624It’s about not giving money to asshats feeding ants with the shit from their candy asses.

>>520842645Personally i liked being able to sell or negotiate my services as a tank or hold a group hostage

>>520824693>>520824123>playing goyzard games in the year of our lord 2020 AD. At least rest a week, 4 days per month or 3 weeks every 6 months, bleed the retards that fucked warcraft

>>520838079Goddamn we need a WoW 2, this looks like fucking Second Life

>>520852330you should see final fantasy xiv if you think that looks like second life lol

>>520841472>>520841663>>520842089>That paper thin texture-armor

>>520847126>2020>still no height slider>face 9

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>>520843993>buying a sub for a malebiggest yikes

>>520851880And i fucking hate how you haven't inhaled buckshot yet, footfaggot

>>520852460Yeah I mean, that's WoW. Having just played FF14 for a month if I could tell the WoW team to work on one thing it'd be animations. FF14 jobs have some great animations and I care about that more than armor.

>>520843993don’t listen to >>520852594find a daddy to buy you game time

>>520843993see >>520824852

>>520852441uh okay, but this isn't final fantasy, it's WoW.

>>520852687stunning observation

>>520845410the bugman has them in his thread, but behind a paywall

>>520833919How pathetic is his end? After the fucking embarrassment his self-inserter made him into, Blizzard has to know players want his death to be absolutely humiliating.

just play xiv

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>>520852575Oh and I nearly forgot the worst thing>can't change bodytype

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>>520824338for new xpacs you usually cannot fly until later patches. dungeon finder is meh, but find a guild. Bgs, are optional and def not going away

>>520852814he's a world quest


>>520852645FFXIV animations are pretty i guess but at the same time retarded>Ballerina twirly slash animations on paladin>slide around like a penguin while doing anything on Dark Knight or Dragoon and moving at the same timeAlso some of these animations take fucking forever, nah, i'll take WoW's quick and snappy ones any day

>>520832993>Actually they're way more useful than retail. In retail you have to press 3 buttons to get the effect of one in vanilla.No wonder playing the game feels half lame to play. You don't have abilities that you can press and it just always does good damage until you're oom or something similar

>>520852765Yeah, just needed to make sure you didn't forget since you started bringing up this other completely unrelated game for some reason.

>>520852905i feel similar. xiv's animations and movement feel floaty and weightless. wow's are less dazzling and shiny but they feel weighty, almost textural, and fit with the physics much better.

>>520853018Yeah, I agree

>>520852905I don't think WoW's are good though, their only redeeming aspect is being short. I don't want that goofy paladin aoe combo jump either, but WoW paladins have hideous gaudy yellow light everywhere and look far worse.Agreed though, the longer GCD lets FF14 get away with more elaborate animations. I still think WoW could do much better than present. At LEAST have better idle animations when a weapon is drawn, when running with one, etc.

>>520852893Really, you should stop playing MMOs entirely. It's a dogshit genre.But if you're still intent on playing them, you might as well be Stockholm Syndrome'd to the one the developer's at least kind of seem to still give a shit about.

>>520824854Women are already terrible. Theres not much to ruin.

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>>520852905I forgive FFXIV's sliding because it actually lets me fucking SWING a spear and not just poke at people with it. Let me be flashy with my cool spear god damn it

>>520853079>More elaborateI think you meant more dumb. The martial classes shouldn't be doing all these long, perfomative flourishes, it looks retarded and is even just stupid conceptually like bro stand still for a minute i need to do my swishy swashy slish slash strike on you

Night Elf women being broken in and bred by Orcs is the best. Stereotypically strong women being overpowered by men twice their size who they're supposed to be enemies with is hot as fuck.

>>520853274night elves are taller than orcs

>>520853263Look I get your criticism and FF14's animations have their problems but I never thought I'd meet someone who defends WoW's animations, they're dogshit. Run with a 2hander in WoW and run with one in FF14. I prefer WoW as an overall game and wish it had better animations and armor. Because in terms of environments, textures, etc the more recent expansions otherwise look better than FF14.

>>520853450where did i defend them, i just said i prefer them over the alternative, i definitely dont think they're *that* great.

>>520853446Only if the orc is hunched.

>>520853274>all that noname55 stuff of some Elf getting dicked by Orcs on a regular basis Good shit

>>520853176I HATE women.

>>520851189Most people are drooling retards/autists. I'm there to get what I need done. If I wanna make a new friend i'll speak up. Mythics still require manual set-up.

>>520854160>Most people are drooling retards/autists.not you, though. you're a genius.

>>520851189WoW's current playerbase sucks dick. A farcry from the people you would mostly meet from, 04-09.

I just wanted Ogres.

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>>520854385>the people you would mostly meet from, mean fat, bald neckbeards? go back and watch the older blizzcons, that shit was a mess.

>>520854375Have you actually spoken to some of these folks before? Or are you a special retard who can only shitpost?

>>520854385>A farcry from the people you would mostly meet from, 04-09.that's kind of the internet as a wholethe internet is a fucking cesspool and you'll never have the same genuine interactions with actual human beings like you had back in vanilla wow, early FFXI and the likeit's honestly completely fucking depressing

>>520852921>No wonder playing the game feels half lame to play.It doesnt, because I dont have to wait for a graphic to pop up on my screen before im allowed to use an ability

>>520854759>defending classic combatyeah pressing 1 button ad nauseam and auto attacking the boss is riveting gameplay.

>>520833112is it something like legion spriest? because that was one great class

>>520854939it's more like mop spriest with shadow orbsjust instead of spending shadow orbs on devouring plague you're going to be spending insanity on itit also actually has a kit for mythic+ and short term damage in general now

>>520854918It's the same in retail, except the 1 button has been broken into 3 that don't work until you press them in the right order. Pressing 1-2-3 ad nauseam isn't different to pressing 1-1-1 ad nauseum. You get that right? It's the same number of button presses because of the GCD. You understand that right?

>>520854918>hasn't played arcane mage in retail

>>520855439arcane mage gets a lot of shit because like 90% of its damage is arcane blast but it's kind of sad, it's definitely one of the more interesting specs in the game on longer fights where you'll actually deplete and regain mana multiple timesappropriately spending mana in burst phases and knowing how much to conserve to make sure you end every fight at 0 mana takes a lot more foresight than most specsshame it's garbage anyway

>>520854539I don't care what they are in real life so long as they aren't sensitive spergs and complete fuckwits in game.

>>520856510>as they aren't sensitive spergs and complete fuckwits in definitely not people from 04-09 then.

>>520850237>0 resultsWhat is this and where can I get more?

>>520824338wtf is your problem with battlegrounds retard

>>520856956Unreleased game called Scorn. Look it up.

>>520841472>I can finally make my warlock look like gul'dan

>>520854495we all customizations are fun at least

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>>520824504this lmaohow do people still play it? every like 3 years ill go back and play it for a week just to see whats new but thats it

should I stay as monk or switch to paladin next expansion?shaman is also cool but I want both tank and healer options

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>>520858850why are they so organized and beautifulholy shit

>>520824123Why the fuck would I? I quit in WoD and the game has only gone downhill since then. WotLK kino is a distant memory that WoW will never achieve again.

>>520829302this picture I feel like is bait but fuck itKul Tirans I agree are fucking weird, but lore-wise it somewhat makes sense with Drust blood. Still is a flimsy excuse, considering there's only a small amount of Drust. but Zandalari Trolls get their "Light Power" from the Loa, specifically in the PC's case, Rezan. All you have to do is change the names of the skills in your brain, and it makes complete sense. Half the army is made up of these, and they only share the same name mechanically, not lore-wise.And Mag'har Orcs have Shadowmoon Priests. This one has made sense since the very beginning, with fucking Ner'zhul.Pandaren DKs are just stupid though. I get it, Bolvar wants to spawn more to fight Sylvanaas but it's still fucking weird. But I guess it's on level with Arthas spawning 10,000 year old Draenei, and tiny little gnomes, so I can't be mad.

>>520852575every dude's just gonna go max height. You see RPers always mass buying giant elixers for that reason. And every girl's gonna go min height, even gobbos. Game's too hellbent on "BIGGER SIZE? BIGGER IMPORTANCE" and nerds go nuts.

Is this the Draenei thread?

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>>520859686I played on a rp server where players were allowed to change their height, perhaps the average was slightly taller than suggested but it wasn't really that extreme.

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>>520852849>>520852575I want to fuck a goat whore so badly.Why isn't Blizzard flooding the game market with them already?

After seeing the changes to Worgen creation? Definitely.

If this isnt peak badassery, i dont know what is.

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>>520862848Looks like arse lmao, are you fucking blind?>those textures


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>>520859327Lel, they would probably eat their mommy if they could chew through her armor.



>>520866050The thread has finally been saved


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>>520866486>>520866440Disgusting combination of furfaggotry and obesity.


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>Read Prepatch lore>Fucking Calia Menethil is sitting with the Horde leaders like it isn't a problem.I so fucking hate how shoehorned she is. I fucking hate Christie Golden made the best idea for the Forsaken going forward, destroyed it in the exact same book, and made this fucking bitch to be replacement Sylvanas. I see people fucking cheering for her being amongst the Horde but it makes no fucking sense. She would probably not want to be in the same room as any of them. You should have had fucking Lillian there speaking on her behalf if you wanted this dumb bullshit. Or should have stuck with the Forsaken having started a Diplomatic style of Government and make it fucking interesting. Like you should have brought a Goblin character like Boss Mina or Sassy Hardwrench to be the new leader of the Bilgewater goblins instead of throwing Gazlowe in charge who isn't even Bilgewater.Also, THE FUCKING ARGENT TOURNAMENT GROUNDS ARE STILL IN USE 5 YEARS AFTER LORE. WHY?! FOR WHAT PURPOSE?! THERE IS NO REASON TO HAVE SHIT UP THERE!WHY IS THE CULT OF THE DAMNED SUDDENLY A PROBLEM AGAIN WHEN THERE HAS BEEN ZERO HINTS THAT THEY WERE OPERATING AGAIN SINCE WARLORDS!?WHAT D.C. POWERLEVELING BULLSHIT IS HYPING THE JAILER BY STEALING THRALL, JAINA, BAINE AND ANDUIN. I'VE SEEN BETTER STORY BEATS AND VILLAIN IDEAS FROM 10 YEAR OLDS!

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When will trannies and furries get treatment for their mental illness?

>>520824338I agree with everything but BGs. Dungeon Finder literally killed modern MMOs and Ghostcrawler regrets it everyday.

>>520867252you lore faggots are actually the fucking worstgo away

>>520867252Do you really think Blizzard acknowledges, remembers or cares about anything you mentioned? They would kill off Calia to write another story to suit a narrative so that it would lead to a raid encounter or a whole new expansion. Hell, Chronicles was conceived simply to give birth to Shadowlands and be endless expansion bait.

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>>520824123>the amount of cuck shit / entry level blacked stuff in this threadWow who would have guessed wow fags are actual literal fags


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>>520868445Why can't you just be a normal user and fap to elves with glowy eyes like the rest of us?

>>520868445>giving election squatters (you)'s

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>>520868627i fap to both you idort

>>520824123I've never played World of Warcraft.So will I be playing Shadowlands? I will not.

>>520868689you're right, my bad

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>>520824854The only thing they did wrong is making her family and nation forgive her.

I want to marry and impregnate a Night Elf, Blood Elf, Void Elf, Draenei, Lightforged, Human, or Gnome

>>520869491This but Pandaren>Night Elf>Draenei

I just want worgen pussy, lads


>>520860292Which one?

>>520867252Let go of the lore dude, people don't even care about that in RP servers, there's no salvaging it.

Can you have Yrel's horns and hair yet?