When did you realize Resident Evil REMAKE was the best RE game?

When did you realize Resident Evil REMAKE was the best RE game?

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>>520823243When I hit my head on a low-hanging doorframe and lost 50 IQ points.

>>520823243>that dazed and befuddled lookcan't believe they ruined my jill sandwich in 3 with some rando eastern european model with a face deformity

>>520823243How the fuck did this and Silent Hill 3 managed to look so fucking great? They had to have been the best looking games around until Crysis came long, right?

>>520823243Immediately. I was absolutely trash at survival horror, but REmake's quality inspired me to actually get good to the point I was able to unlock the bonus weapons. I was never good enough to beat One Tough Zombie mode or Invisible Zombies mode though. RE4 is great too but it's not a survival horror game.

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>>520823932heres your new jill

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I wonder whats gonna come of Jill after being turned into a blonde bullet dodging superhuman.

>>520824367absolute coom

>>520823243I didn't>>520823829Based.

>>520824168remake looks good mosty because of prerendered bg and they could use more power on characters and lighting. i woudlnt say silent hill 3 looks as good

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>>520824168>Comparing still frames with actual 3D environments that require real time processingnigger u srs?

>>520824168Shortcuts small areas/draw distance with few models and textures add in a lot of loading you can do a lot.

>>520823932Nu-Jill is hot as fuck. You’re a literal kid-raping faggot if you disagree.

>>520824840Her body sure but her face is so weird. I guess if you're into the serial killer incel look but for wahmen she might look hot.

>>520824640For 2003?This is what Prince of Persia looked like in 2003


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>>520824367Jesus christ.

>>520823243Why were the years 1995-2007 so fucking kino for vidya and movies? And why has everything turned into garbage since then. Surely it can’t all be Obama’s fault.

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>>520825598Zoomers and their lack of attention span or appreciation of anything other than battle royale game modes.

>>520825774Dude I don't know how zoomers are going to survive. You constantly see them on here crying about old RE games being impossible without watching a playthrough guide. I know this kid who gets bored in the span of a tik tok video. These people are going to inherit the world. Glad I'll be dead.

>>520826340You and me both, brother.Once Gen X and millennials age out of the trades in a few decades, national infrastructure is going to collapse. Imagine once zoomers start getting into politics.


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>>520823243Never because it isn't. Pic related is.

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>>520823243When I relized it was a puzzle game and not a horror one

>>520823243God I want a girl friend

>REMAKE BAD>except MY remake is better than YOUR remake!this fucking fanbase

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>>520827091remake 2 is the best 3rd person RE, thats for sure

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>>520823243Anon, we all know RE3make is the superior game.

>>520828237REmake 3 is your favorite? Why?

>>520828237funny joke user

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>>520823243But it's not? It's RE2. Both of them, in fact, OG RE2 is the best fixed camera game and REmake2 is the best third person game.That's not to say REmake1 isn't a really good game, though

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>>520828545>REmake 3 is your favorite? Why?

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>>520827091>>520823243The original RE2 is objectively the best RE game, it's not up for debate.


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>>520824367God that's hot. Over the year's I've fapped to Jill getting violated by so many things..

>>520823243The extremely high opinion of remake is only something that occured with the 2016 HD Re-release not the original release. It got good enough scores, and was liked enough, but was considered a flop and didn't generate a lot of excitement. Remember, the context was that it was just another yearly Resident evil game and people were long burned out on the formula and it was seen as another same old same old game. I also personally remember seeing a long line of RE remakes for sale in my game store, like 20 of them all on a line. I bought my copy for like 5 dollars. A previous thread had a magazine from back in the day saying the same thing but I can't find it.

>>520829842you're goddamn right

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I've tried playing it twice, I hate the fucking dogs how can I trivialize them?

>>520823243When I played it

>>520825598>And why has everything turned into garbage since then. Surely it can’t all be Obama’s fault.It was the transition to the HD era of PS3/360 which massively increased budgets. WIth increased budgets you need to sell more games, which means dumbing the games down more and watering them down for retards. So more cinematic walking sims. Something like Demon's Souls was shocking in 2009 since it played like an older video game.

>>520830250It was beloved day 1 but the 2016 port exposed it to a new generation and people who didn't have a gamecube.

>>520823243Not immediately after I played it, but after I played all the others ones and found they all failed to live up to it in one way or another.

>>520830250It's extremely overrated and largely inferior to RE 1996 too. I'm glad the meme that it completely replaces the original is finally starting to die off.

>>520830836Describe in what way REmake is inferior to the original without using the word "soul".

>>520831036Muh pacing

>>520830836>I'm glad the meme that it completely replaces the original is finally starting to die off.I'm probably older than you and you're just retarded. The original broke a lot of ground and was awesome for being a trail blazer but the Remake is objectively an upgrade.

Deadly Silence > REmake Simple as.

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>>520831036>>520831165>Jill's lockpick is nerfed, lowering campaign differences by magnitudes.>Far more linear right from the start, you HAVE to go down the mirror hall and get the Sword key right away, can't go anywhere else.>Mansion goes from having a realistic, modern-ish look appropriate for a house built in the late 60's to over the top 2spooky crypts and candlit halls, someone having lit the candles in the MONTHS the mansion was filled with zombies.>Guardhouse goes from looking like it was actually used (you know, since it was) to dilapidated and old, despite being where all the fucking guards lived.>Neptune's small room is changed from believable to a huge aqua ring where Neptune insta kills you on a timer like it's RE4>We get not-Nemesis Lisa, a boring piece of shit that barely does anything other than pad out the courtyard and caves, and add in pointless explanations we didn't really need in the first place.>The caves, easily the weakest area of the original game, are expanded and made even worse with the gay box pushing.>Barry's survival is changed from subtle to a literal "Yes or No" choice.>Hunters are nerfed and censored (no decaps, despite showing them in the trailers).>the Library is completely butchered, the room overlooking the helipad is cut.>MO Disc collection is dumbed down.>Self Defense items are added to make the game even easier.>Costumes from all the older games are cut and replaced with two of the worst costumes in the series and decent costumes that reference RE3 and CV.>No cool weapon unlocks like the SMG and Minimi from the PC port, just the requisite Rocket Launcher and an burst fire pistol that's barely distinguishable from the normal Beretta.>the only new modes are just stupid shit like turning enemies invisible, no Arranged Mode or Battle Game.>Chock full of padding and awful game design, like the convoluted method to get the Armor Key or being forced to backtrack and slowly carry the fuel canister across the lab.

>>520830396try shooting them

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>>520831435>>520831448Based. Never forget to remind them lads.

>>520831448>its not an HD reskin >old gud nu bad

>>520831435I've been playing Classic mode on an emulator and even that is fun as hell with all the little quality of life features like the knife button and quick turn. I wish someone could mod that into the PC version.

>>520832313We can say new bad if the new is shit. REmake is the epitome of padded game design.

>>520823243After playing it. Still the best remake too.

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>>520832750>paddedWhen will this buzzword die?

>>520832164That's not how it usually goes when Jill has a dog on top of her.

>>520832862He's absolutely correct. You're just triggered by that "buzzword". Embarrassing imbecile.

>>520833190theres a big difference between golden retrievers and dolbermans

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>>520833216No its just another meaningless term to signal that you're hip. What you mean by padding is "I didn't like this part because its not in the OG." But the truth just sounds petty and autistic so you come up with these little words to mask it.


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>>520831448>Mansion goes from having a realistic, modern-ish look appropriate for a house built in the late 60's to over the top 2spooky crypts and candlit halls, someone having lit the candles in the MONTHS the mansion was filled with zombies.>Guardhouse goes from looking like it was actually used (you know, since it was) to dilapidated and old, despite being where all the fucking guards lived.>Neptune's small room is changed from believable to a huge aqua ring>We get not-Nemesis Lisa, a boring piece of shit that barely does anything other than pad out the courtyard and caves, and add in pointless explanations we didn't really need in the first place.>The caves, easily the weakest area of the original game, are expanded and made even worse with the gay box pushing.>the Library is completely butchered>Costumes from all the older games are cut and replaced with two of the worst costumes in the series and decent costumes that reference RE3 and CV.Learn how to separate your faggy opinions from actual issues.>Self Defense items are added to make the game even easier.To balance out crimson heads, which make the game even harder.>Jill's lockpick is nerfed, lowering campaign differences by magnitudes.How is compauign difficulty lowered by Jill having a worse lockpick? She can't open Sword Key doors anymore, forcing her to carry the Sword Key, increasing campaign difficulty.>Far more linear right from the start>Have to go down a particular path at the start, game is ruined.>Hunters are nerfedThey can still insta kill you, so not sure how they were nerfed.>MO Disc collection is dumbed down.In what way?>tno Arranged Mode or Battle GameSo the reason it's bad is because there are no minigames?>Chock full of paddingWhere?>awful game design, like the convoluted method to get the Armor KeyIf the Armor Key was convoluted to you, you might just be a fucking moron.tl;dr you're a faggot

>>520823243Does it have the serum I need?

>>520833652>So the reason it's bad is because there are no minigames?Adding on to this, The game gives you One dangerous zombie and Real Survivor which is harder than Arranged.

>>520833652Thanks. I couldn't be fucked.

is there any good SFM of REmake Jill?

>>520833652Pathetic. Literally cringed.

>>520833885do you like dogs?

>>520823243When I played it on the GC when it first came out.

Claire is remake 2 has some of the best nude mods ever created

>>520834021She is a cutie. And that one with Sherry on the bike. .

>>520834462Or nude sherry mods

Idk. it is. But... I barely seen Voth Jill in ancient vg magazines. She was pretty but I didn't care much when I was a kid. Now, with all the atrocity (western style women protagonists in videogames) in recent games I valorize Voth Jill so much. She is so much very beautiful, I have not enough words to describe how she is goddess of beuty. I also like her inside. courage and good-doing. Kids, respect the elements of the past. The old game designers had better taste than the newer game designers. I hope things get better. Peace out.

>>520829649It has a lot of flaws that tend to get glossed over though. The RPD is linear as hell and heavy on the backtracking. You have to go through some areas at least 3 or 4 times running back and forth across the station. Enemy placement is lazy and usually boils down to slapping a horde of zombies in a room and forcing the player to stand in the corner and autoaim them to death. It's still a good game but it gets a pass on a lot of shit while people nitpick RE2make to death.

>Playing as JillImagine being a shitter.

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>>520824367nu Jill is hot as fuck

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>>520834768>That forehead Nope.


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>>520834879its normal sized

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>>520823243when i saw the first screenshots of the gc version in magazines

>>520833909Cool argument.

>>520834021shes pretty cute clothed too you know

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>>520833548Padding is shit like getting the empty fuel capsule from the boiler room, walking back to the other side of the lab to fill it, then walking back to the boiler room to put it back. It's shitty design and the last game I can remember with that gimmick of walking slowly so something doesn't explode was fucking Castlevania 64.


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>>520835230Jill going naked through sewer water is apex erection material

>>520833548No, that games forces the player through so much busy work it's insane. Watch a speedrun of the original and then watch a speedrun of the remake. The progression is almost completely different between the two. The REmake is full of such tedious bullshit.

>>520835230Yes>>520835304Jill is cute too

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>>520835293Dude you traverse the same areas repeatedly in the OG RE1. And 2. And 3. There's running back and forth in every RE ever.

>>520823243When I first played it in 2002.


wait...do people really believe REmake2/3 were good unironically?

>>520835638Me, havent played remake 3

>>520835472>Missing the point entirely Holy cope.

>>520835638REmake 2 is genuinely one of the best horror games ever made. It's one of those games that you can't help but play over and over.

>>520834739FaceApp is scarier than the Resident Evil games themselves. Also, it's a espionage designed app.

I liked the remake outside the Lisa Trevor sections. Cool concept for a character, bad implementation into the remake.

>>520834768she is not.

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>>520831448>>Mansion goes from having a realistic, modern-ish look appropriate for a house built in the late 60's to over the top 2spooky crypts and candlit halls, someone having lit the candles in the MONTHS the mansion was filled with zombies.This one bugs me. The game goes too hard in the spooky mansion direction which would be fine if it was fantasy rather than one where there is no magic. The other big annoyance is the complete lack of color with grey-green dominating the game. RE1 might have been a bit too bright, but 2-3 really got the right balance with Zero-Remake going too hard in desaturation territory. Other annoyances:>no knife button>same annoying item system as original>now I have to carry something to burn zombies with which adds 1 more item to carry around

>>520835638yes, zoomers are retarded.

>>520835638REmake 2 was OK but REmake 3 was just plain outright bad. They didn't even build onto what they did right with REmake 2.

>>520835638While REmake2 cut out some stuff, I still thought it was good. REmake3 on the other hand was a major step backwards. Even if it improved on gameplay imo.

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>>5208356382 is good3 is crapthe fact you put them both in the same sentence means you dont understand the 1st thing about what makes remake 2 good

>>520823243The first time I played it

>>520835638>>520835885Remake 2-3 are insanely forgettable and is just Capcom trying really hard to bring the RE "up to standard" which means mindlessly copying other over the shoulder shooters. bland ugly realism.

>>520835638RE3 was a crappy game any ways, the remake was the only chance it had of being decent

>there are people who unironically think RE1 is better than modern RE>640x480 incoherent pixelated smear>fixed camera angles>tank controlsLook I know it started something great and they were fun in their day (I'm almost 40) but nigger if you think the series hasn't been improved with better hardware you're brain damaged.

>>520835758don't botherwait until a "massive" discount,it's not worth even 40 bucks

>>520836054you are right. *pukes*

>>520836549Yeah, I'm gonna agree that even the OG RE3 was bad.

Remake 3 would have been great if they'd simply not cut so much out.

>>520836565The old games, especially RE1, were adventure games at their core with horror setting. The new games are The Last of Us shooters not adventures. I want to really explore worlds and discover how to navigate this world rather than have a "cinematic experience". The series has been in stagnation and decline for a while. You can do a modern adventure game with more updated controls.

>>520836574Speaking of, why isnt it cracked yet

>>520836835yea, just ignore the terrible nemisis AI and removed zombie physics and gore

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>>520836565classicfags are mostly zoomer who larps as boomer for the boomercred

>>520830396You have to wiggle the left stick to shake them off, works for zombies too, I don't know how you do this in pc without a controller though

>>520837313PC players just use a Xbone controller mang.

>>520836565>there are people who unironically think RE1 is better than modern REI mean which games are we talking about?I'd say RE1 is better than RE7.

>>520835385The Sword Key in the REmake is the perfect example of that. You go through the crow room and mirror hallway for the arrowhead, then to the crypt for the book with the key hidden on it, mainly so they can show off the new areas right off the bat. In the OG, Jill's lockpick works on Sword doors so she never even gets it, and Chris finds it in the West storeroom on the way to get the Armor key and meets Rebecca at the same time. And speaking of the Armor Key:Original RE:>Get herbicide from East storeroom>Kill mutant plant in the little greenhouse with it and take the keyIn the REmake:>Get the dog whistle from the study>Summon the cerberus on the balcony>Kill it and take the fake key from its collar>Backtrack through the mirror hallway again (mainly so the game can spring the first crimson head on you)>Disarm the trap so you can take the real key.

>>520837505>I'd say RE1 is better than RE7.

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>>520837873re7 is crap, half the game is hide and seek segments against an unkillable enemy

>>520837619So its "padding" when they add steps or make things harder. I think I found your problem. This running around put you in contact with a lot of crimson heads and you got spit roasted by them which made you rage. Be honest.

>>520837971Do you want SURVIVAL HORROR or DOOM?

>>520837990Crimson Heads and burning bodies are a meme. There's more than enough ammo to just blast every one you run across. They hardly add any challenge to the game at all.

>>520838320Pretty much this.

Yeah man it's g->get insta killed by shark because the game felt like it this run-ay as hell.

>>520837971>he cant handle basedjackwhat a shitter

>>520838320t. played on easy.

>>520838473I think you mean>gets insta killed by a shark because I fucked around in the aqua too long.If you just run straight through it's impossible to die unless you went in with no health and died to the first shark that nibbled your ankles.


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>>520836054anyone with eyes can see she's a hot babe

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>>520837971>>520837873It's not even a contest. RE1 is a real video game, while RE7 is some cinematic first person horor walking game. Every playthrough of RE7 is identical to the last so it has no replay value.



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>>520838320>>520838425>>520839236Ammo conservation in classic RE games is a meme in general. RE2 and 3 just shower you with ammo and the last time I played the REmake I killed literally every single zombie, crimson head, and dog I met and shotgunned Yawn until it ran away with Chris and was walking to the dormitory with 30ish shotgun shells and 50 or so handgun rounds. Jill is even easier. The only thing I usually just avoid is the respawning naked zombies in the lab in the original RE. It's essentially impossible to run out of ammo unless you're playing an older game without autoaim and miss half your shots.

Claire is the love of my life.

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puking at nu jill

>>520840468Wonderful Claire

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>>520833381you just KNOW...

when I was 12 I got 4 on gc as my first RE game, I finally went back and played REmake before playing nuRE2 and I absolutely don't blame anyone for thinking the old games are shit. It took a while before I could even appreciate the game for what it is and its far from a perfect game>start Chris campaign>pick up a wooden shield "oh this must do something">locked doors>locked doors>find gun and ammo basically worthless if you're playing on hard>keep wandering around the same rooms >pick up key and get fucked by knight>have to start from the beginning because limited saves>find arrow "oh shit this probably goes in that tombstone I found in the back yard>inventory is full lol you better waste that green herb since you didn't find the arbitrary box that allows you to put away that wooden shield and old key you found to retrieve when its useful>get the arrow back to the tombstone and it doesn't fit>they stole the whole "inspect item to progress" bullshit from that skyrim dungeononce you get going and start to adjust to the poorly dated fixed angels its an okay mansion exploration but that's it. Also tank controls are and were always shit.

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THE CHAD OG ZOMBIE>Original face of the series>Rumored to be modeled on photographs of a real corpse>Doesn't need over the top gore, has an unsettling medical aesthetic>Piercing gaze stares into the soul of his prey>Ate the STARS diversity hire (no one liked him anyway)>Will even eat his legs (and spare magazines) if Jill fucks around long enough>Filtered countless first time players>Haunts the nightmares of thousands to this day>Smart enough to open a door quietly instead of beating it down (remnant of a scrapped mechanic)>Laughs at your puny knife and 9mm>Tanks 3 magnum rounds before finally going down

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RE1 got a fucking E3 trailer in 2019

>>520841714>and I absolutely don't blame anyone for thinking the old games are shit.They're called "adventure games" and they were originally point n' click. The big change that Alone in the Dark and Resient Evil did was to take that gameplay and put it into 3D with advanced modern graphics. As the series progressed the Adventure elements decreased. Right now adventure games are barely ever even made anymore. I like adventure games 10000x more than bland over the shoulder cinematic shooters that sony is shitting out.

>>520840457You can only do that on easy.

>>520830198she's literally built for big b.o.w cock after all

>>520842501>They're called "adventure games"that's why I said its an okay mansion exploration game and you may like that a lot but its very obviously a product of its time and that includes hardware limitations, poor understanding of 3d, underdeveloped controls and QOL. The 90's style adventure games largely died out because they were made as a compromise of the limitations of the time

>>520843104Nigger what? Even on the hardest difficulty, you are given a fuck ton of ammo. RE1 arrange gives you the magnum early and a butch of ammo early on to compensate for the amount of hunters you have to deal with.

Resident Evil is getting filled with alot of incels, Resetera just do your fucking job.

>>520833652>She can't open Sword Key doors anymore,wat? she could do that in the original?I've played this one like, 10 times and could beat it really fast.

Code Veronica sucks.

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>>520824319Exact same here>play it on the Wii>beat it once, find it okay>rebuy the steam port>beat it like 6 times, get the infinite rocket launcher on normalShit's just so fun. >>520824640Silent Hill 3 arguably aged better. It and 2 just somehow look amazing. RE's backgrounds are still clearly really low resolution.

Sorry brother, but the best RE game is the Deck Building Game

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>>520832474PC Version has quick turn, but no knife.

>>520836397REmake 2 will stand the test of time just like OG RE2. Just watch. My PS4 copy will be worth hundreds of dollars in a decade.

>>520840238>>520836580what are you, gay?

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>>520836963Yea I think you should stick to your outdated adventure games boomer fuckwit.

I've been a fan of the series since '98, here's my power rankings:1.RE2 (OG)2.CVX3.RE3 (OG)4.RE55.RE4POWERGAP900. REmake901. RE1102391209740139. RE61023912097401310. RE7 ( the american horror movie tropes and Outlast inspired gameplay make it one of the worst AAA games in recent years)I don't really care for the RE2 or RE3 remakes because they both feel like mods for RE6 rather an a natural evolution from RE4 & RE5.

I'm playing through REmake right now and really enjoying it. Sorry I can't hate it. I'm close to the end according to my friend and I've enjoyed all of it except for the residence and that part with the sharks

>>520845814>RE5>goodOpinion Descartes

>>520831435Excellent choice. All of the fun and pacing of the original people k now and love.

>>520845216Yeah, Jill's scenario in the original is actually somewhat non-linear at the beginning. Off the top of my head she can:>Immediately do the the piano/emblem puzzle and get the Shield Key. A lot of old magazine guides recommended doing this first for some reason.>Go through the art room and do the East wing loop to get the shotgun early.>Get the grenade launcher>Explore most of the West wing>Go through the 2F hallway and study down to the E. storeroom for the herbicide and basically mimic Chris' path.Forcing both characters to get the Sword key in the REmake effectively removes a big chunk of gameplay that differentiated the two scenarios.

>>520845930I guess you don't have friends because playing through the whole game on launch night with a buddy is one of the best gaming memories I've ever had.

>>520845814>Considers RE2 the best but hasn't even played its KINO REmake >RE5 above RE4>Code Veronica in second Could go on but wow I hope this was intended as bait and you're not actually this big of an idiot.

>>520845930RE5 is a good game, but not that good.

>>520845814>Outlast inspired gameplayWhy do people keep saying this? Aside from being first person it has nothing in common with Outlast.

>>520845814>5 above 4Truly fucked it my dude. However, some aspects of 5 are better, like real time weapon switching and healing. Both of those should be the standard for RE.

>>520846076>Considers RE2 the best but hasn't even played its KINO REmakePlayed through it twice with both Claire and Leon on hard. They fucked up big time by putting Mr.X in the first run, cutting content and making the zombies into bullet sponges.

>>520846067I played through it twice with two different friends actually. Nothing special

>>520846006How come I've never stumbled into that? I think I'll play it again just to test it lol.Yeah, out of all the critics, this is the only one that is really solid.

>>520845814>2. CVXYeah, that's a "stopped reading there" from me, chief.

>>520846293Maybe one day you can get the dragon dildo out of your ass and wipe the cum out of your eyes to realize the truth.

>>520846396Yuuuhhhh that's .....

>>520845814>CVX above REmake>RE5 above 4

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>>520823243Pic related is still the best for me it's something about that art style and atmosphere

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>>520831448The biggest fuckup with the REmake is that they didn't even attempt to resolve the whole mess with Chris and Jill's runs both being canon somehow.

REmake3 Jill has great sfm out therethat's my stance

Attached: xckuxk.jpg (1080x1920, 847.98K)

>>520846163because they havent played the game, Holla Forums doesnt play games anymore

ready for RE8?

Attached: clairevamp3.gif (383x393, 1.75M)

>>520849092Even as a Vampire, she still has the 'tism written on her face.

>>520849163well there is no cure for autism, even in the RE universe

Attached: claire.jpg (750x750, 543K)

>>520823243When I heard it from an e-celeb.

Attached: 711202034544.jpg (1920x1080, 145.99K)

>>520849092news when?

>>520845746Look at her in your own pic, she is fucking hideous, jesus


>>520841727>Rumored to be modeled on photographs of a real corpseI already liked this design for how unnerving it really was but that adds layers to why I was so afraid of it.

>>520849379yes we're all looking for your crywank stream too Sue, no need to make a wiki page for it.

>>5208356382 is pretty good and three was shit

>>520850270I've been trying to find a source on that for awhile but haven't had any luck. I would think they would bring that up as a neat behind the scenes detail, but someone in one of these threads said it's probably a cultural thing and the devs didn't want to seem like they were being disrespectful towards the dead.

>>520823243>>520824367>>520824640Literally made for BWC

>>520824640does she have wooden teeth wtf

>>520841714>when I was 12 I got 4 on gc as my first RE gameStopped reading there, your opinion doesn't matter.

>>520851417all silent hill chars have wood/rusted teeth. it adds to the horror atmosphere

Attached: heather_001.jpg (610x348, 39.65K)

>>520827091it isn't even a remake, fag

Attached: DEmake 2.jpg (1280x720, 134.79K)

>>520831448basedadd to that casualized map systemand i like REmake, i just don't think it's as perfect as people claim it is, or that the original didn't do things better. i really dig how colorful og re1 is, and the eerie vibe as opposed to spooky

Attached: 1589044914060.jpg (550x413, 42.79K)

I really love RE2 but looking back I think it raised the stakes way too high, way too fast. The series went from an outbreak in an isolated mansion in the middle of the woods to a city of 100 thousand people getting infected. There's really nowhere to go from that point and I think the series never quite found it's footing again because of that.

>>520841727re1 has the scariest zombie in any game. I hope they make the next re1 remake to have those

Attached: zombie_cutscene_RE1.webm (1920x1080, 463.95K)

Here's something I've been wondering about... what's the most replayable RE game?

Attached: RE.png (300x168, 2.59K)

>>520853107>fagOpinion eradicated

>>520823243It never fucking was and Survival Horror boomers need to stop talking about it. I'd much rather play any of the original RE trilogy over it, let alone RE4 which is not only the best Resident Evil game but is in easy competition for being the best video game ever made period.

While i love REmake i do think the original feels more claustrophobic

>>520824640SH3 was developed with texture resolutions for monitors that didn't even exist at the time in the consumer market. it's like the devs knew what was coming and future-proofed their game.hell there are still brand new games being made where the fully uncompressed textures don't look this good.

>>520853793Umbrella Chronicles.

>>520823243fixed camera > automatically centralizing when you moving just so you throw up on keyboard camera

R3make Jill's default outfit is shit, they ought to have gone with this one

Attached: RE_Jill_Alt_Outfit.png (437x810, 227.04K)

>>520853793RE4.The game has so many different weapons combinations you could you use for every playthrough. And even then I still only use the Red9

>>520853308Yeah part of what makes the original RE work is the contrast between a fancy, but otherwise mostly normal looking house full of zombies and mutant dogs.

>>520854895Hmm.... that's actually an intriguing perspective about it. Agreed.


Attached: jill_outfits_all.jpg (1900x2060, 646.38K)

>>520855152I really do hate Voth Jill. Her nose is really fucking ugly.

>>520824367>something like this wouldn't fly in 2020

Attached: sasquatch.jpg (289x174, 10.17K)

I can accept a "Jill is mind controlled" plot, but why have the boss fight involve groping her breasts?

Attached: maxresdefault.jpg (1280x720, 62.62K)

>>520855552Groping a women's tits is the fastest way to make her regain her senses and remove her mind control

>>520855268she tried her best

Attached: Jillvoth_sandwich.webm (1280x720, 2.94M)

Piano skills:Wesker/Billy > Jill >> Becca >>> Chrisforgot if Claire can do it

Attached: becca_piano_enter.webm (1280x720, 1.78M)

>>520855552>>520855720They should've just fingered her tbqh.

>>520853759I wish they would have stuck with the normal human eyes instead of giving them all the generic milky white cataract look from RE2 on. It's a unique look and creepy as hell because they're actually making eye contact with you. Even the box art and other promo art for RE2 had zombies with normal eyes so I don't even know when/why they changed their minds on that.

Attached: re2-usa-ost1-back.jpg (507x400, 56.5K)

>>520823243>When did you realize Resident Evil REMAKE was the best RE game?No replay value, and the others have better mods.

Attached: Claire lip fix mod.webm (960x540, 2.49M)

>>520823243>play game>wow this is some good horror survival! >3 hours later all horror elements wear off and it just becomes an annoying backtracking cryptic puzzle gamelel no wonder this game gets raving reviews but only like 1 in 10 people beat the game according to achievments, dropped this turd after like 4 hours in, only dumb ass cucks would try to find the solutions to these puzzles while juggling a 6 inventory setupre4 was also braindead but atleast fun

>>520823243*Blocks your pathyoutube.com/watch?v=FUWD0fsz-TU

>>520824367based nips raping our protags

Attached: Bio0-Becca_death_frog.webm (1280x720, 1.1M)

>>520856230I'd rather see a Super FX demake

Attached: Super_Biohazard.png (600x422, 390.88K)

youtube.com/watch?v=-kXzUDvgeWk SOUL

>>520856791At least you would run with the extra buttons the snes controller have.

>>520854895i dig all of the intricate geometric wallpaper and marble

>>520853759>>520856103These remind me of the med school cadaver zombie from Return of the Living Dead. He's creepy as fuck because he isn't made of tar or half rotted or covered in blood or anything. He just looks like a normal guy who really wants to eat your brains and will stop at nothing to do it. Sometimes less is more.

>>520835946don't worry about itall software has a CIA or chinese backdoor so you are fucked either way

Attached: re2_cutscene_leonmeetsclaire.webm (956x720, 1.93M)

If they do a Remake 1B I really hope they expand on the above ground part of the Dormitory some. In the concept art and what little you see in the game it looks almost as big as the main mansion, just 1 floor instead of 2. There's room to do some cool stuff there, maybe new areas open up after Plant 42 dies or something.

Attached: 06.png (708x1063, 1.12M)


>>520857986the ots perspective would ruin it

Official Resident Evil Ratings.

Attached: chadthan_rating_system.jpg (2332x2632, 1.97M)

>>520857986>Remake>Adding content lmao

>>520833652>Learn how to separate your faggy opinions from actual issuesAll critique is opinions retard

>>520826672Yes nuClaire is disgusting, correct

>>520837134Correct. Goes for a lot of other franchises as well

>>520859057That goes both ways you dumb gremlin looking fucker, it's called controlled opposition.

re4 is fun but without the slow puzzle and exploration segments from classic RE and the remakes it gets tiring to play

Attached: leon.jpg (1920x1080, 216.16K)

>>520859195>Boomers LARP as zoomers for zoomercredRetard

When tank controls + weed?

Attached: images.jpg (219x231, 7.18K)

>>520857251I know.

>>520823243RE is weird, probably one of the only vidya series that has divided its fanbase to this point. I really don't get how could a company mishandle an IP to this degree.

>>520857251Every software is a spyware.

>>520823243in 2019, some time before RE3R was announced. Around the time I was discussing here when it was gonna be announced.

>>520859462Yoomers 1980-1994


Attached: FACE MODEL RE.png (1338x616, 1.37M)

>>520855152Baseball cap Jill is cutest

>>520858840just admit you made a mistake and move on

Attached: claire_phone0.jpg (1077x1080, 144.69K)

>>520856943Am I a joke to you?

Attached: 320px-Pad_MD_Gen3.jpg (320x226, 10.87K)

>>520824367>>520856450That's not nips though. RE3 Remake was outsourced. It's literally western degenerates. It's always the same with them.>conventionally sexy/hot chicks NO>degenerate fetishes like vore, snuff, ryona etc. YES

>>520836565Not everything has to be an fps or ots shooter you fucking uncultured nigger. Now it plays the same as every other fucking game released today. Promptly kill yourself.

>>520859632RE should have had multiple series like SMT

>>520861012>RE3 Remake was outsourced. It's literally western degeneratesIt's just that it's not, outsourced yes but not by western devs, eat a big pile of shit you dumb paranoid specimen.

>>520861012It was outsourced to ex-Platinum devs.

Why do people call REmake 3's Jill a tranny when REmake Jill has a jaw line stronger than most men?

>>520862361you can have a strong jawline and be feminine

Attached: Jillvoth_dance.webm (1280x720, 1.37M)

>>520862361Nothing wrong with strong jaws on women, they create men with strong jaws

>>520862361Its because she acts like a guy


Attached: 1551477989365.webm (1920x1080, 2.86M)

>>520862361REmake3 Jill is an attractive woman. The response on this board is absolutely ridiculous.

>>520863086she does not

>>520863212>I'm attracted to menThat's fine listen we live 2020 there's no need to be frightened to get outta the closet, just get out already fuck.

do you prefer Jills campaign or Chris's?

Attached: becca_face_unimpressed4 - Copy.jpg (354x390, 87.24K)


Attached: hqdefault.jpg (480x360, 12.52K)

Post more nu Jill


Attached: jill stars.jpg (424x736, 78.06K)

>>520863575what """"""man"""""" actually looks like nu Jill? No faceblind shit please

Attached: Jill.jpg (1920x1080, 298.45K)

>>520828132Jesus christ Claire has fantastic tits

>>520853793RE2 for me. Been playing it for 22 years

>>520854062>JUST SHUT UP! RIGHT NOW!chill out user


Attached: claire_shower_6.jpg (1920x1080, 345.32K)

>>520856103>I don't even know when/why they changed their minds on thatSince the original game

Attached: CEE9D5A0-D9FB-4B29-8AC3-D8B52279C22B.jpg (480x237, 31.55K)

>>520866781Shame the REmake 3 team couldn't get either their lighting or their eyes right because unlike REmake 2 you can see her eyes don't look real. The lighting exposes the joins

>>520867650>mfw that's an actual doujin plot

>>520867650Anyone got the "bitch u live like dis???" edit?

>>520867962it depends on the lighting, and whether eyeball mods are used

Attached: jill eyes.jpg (1920x1080, 216.46K)

>>520868287>when you dont need eyeball mods to be attractive

Attached: claire3056.jpg (800x800, 204.92K)

>>520868287>eyeball mods

>>520869758oh yes, they make a big difference

Attached: 3D eyes.jpg (1920x1080, 591.79K)

>>520869824That Claire poster is right though, no one has to mod Claire's eyeballs to make her pretty

Attached: A971E01C-E3CB-4384-BA64-E2FD892BF783.jpg (1920x1080, 721.46K)

>>520869824Wait, what is it they do exactly?

Attached: 49772651-8FB4-45F1-B077-F6A845C3BD27.jpg (1920x1080, 137.95K)

>>520869824I didnt know G was in RE3make

she looks way better when she's not caked in shit

Attached: end.jpg (1920x1080, 576.17K)

>>520870114This. The wear and tear feature was actually a fucking mistake and they shouldn't have put it on Classic Jill either

Attached: 4FB0F266-9C29-4AB7-A8AE-1B7BE1C5D2A9.jpg (984x984, 99.89K)

>>520824367Can anyone not fap to this unironically?

>>520870063it makes the iris become like a concave dish. Normally only Claire and Ada have eyes like this.

Attached: Leon3DEyes.gif (1080x1920, 1.08M)

>>520870114>posts a pic of her caked in makeup

Attached: claire3343056.jpg (720x900, 118.75K)

>>520870679hardly. She could just have clear skin in that, like every previous incarnation of her

>>520870424Wait, they purposefully spent more time and effort on Claire and Ada than on Leon? What about Sherry?


Attached: D6BC4D0B-6887-4453-B8CD-0BA86EE6CFCD.jpg (895x750, 205.44K)

>>520870858people with clear skin still have pores, they dont look like creepy dolls

>>520870921sherry's eyeballs are just part of her face mesh. Claire, Leon, Jill and Ada have two layers of independent eyeball meshes independent from their faces. All four are double-layered, but Leon and Jill's inner eyes are not concave.Sherry's model is pretty low-effort, there is like a big crack going down the middle of her face that they didnt bother to fix

>>520823243when the first crimson head i ever encountered scarred the shit out of me