You can scan one vidya girl

You can scan one vidya girl

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>>520820614And for me it's Nico

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No contest

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>>520820614But I can scan the one I choose multiple times, right?

I love Nino!

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dont judge me

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Watch as this waifu thread gets archived while my waifu threads get deleted.

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>>520820614I mean, why would you even consider anyone else.

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Doesn't matter, I wouldn't make the girl I love suffer by bringing her to this world.

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>>520820614I pick ralsei

Imagine wasting this power on a worthless meat hole.


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Butch Hartman is a fundamentalist Christian.

>>520821087It was my least liked nicktoon

>>520821302Sounds like you dont have sex very often.

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>>520821491This is true. I was really disappointed to find this out because Fairly OddParents was my jam.

>>520820614Really, any Vanillaware girls would be an optimal choice.

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>>520821113Be creative and it gets to stay up awhile


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>>520820614Are there any games you'd pay $200 for Holla Forums?

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>>520821087truly the family guy of nickelodeon

>scan girl>she hates me anywaywow great wish faggot


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>>520821491yeah fuck him, we need satanist pagan tranny lesbians to make kids cartoons instead

>>520821675I bought fallout 76, fallout first and its dlc. Was around 240 and change.

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>>520821302What else would you use it for? Something to take over the world? 3d is insufferable, ill take a 2d made real any day.

>>520821675Rule of Rose. If I could time travel I'd buy all the stock from gamecrazy back in the day

I wouldn’t want to bring her into this terrible sad world.

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>>520821491Are you saying this likes it's supposed to be a bad thing?

>>520821491Hey, he’s a DUMB fundamentalist Christian. The DUMB part is the problem

>>520821801Luckily user, Butch believes he can faith heal you of your autism.

>>520820614Today I unleash Satan

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>>520821894He doesn't believe in evolution and is a young-Earth creationist according to Wikipedia, which means he thinks the world is 6,000 years old.Being stupid is a bad thing.

>>520821675Are you implying that image was worth 200 dollary doos?

>only the most miserable children are granted fairy godparents>they give it to a white kid in a middle-high class neighborhood this whole show was bullshit

>>520821159Cause there is already plenty of trannies for you to choose from.

>>520822004what a completely useless character.

>>520822021You're just making me like him even more big guy.

>>520822058>chester doesn't have fairiesyou didn't have to go as far as realism to know it was bullshit

>>520821491because that is worse than the rabid trannies making cartoons today

I didn't see anything about it having to be organic

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>>520820614For me its Sethanie

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>>520821087was there really subtle gay porn propaganda in it or was ED memeing on me

>>520822058Godparents can't be givin to kids the hood no more after they wished for ingredients to make crystal meth and used the copy machine to scan guns

>>520822195You like idiots?

>>520822040Yes. That is a $200 Hartman original.

>>520822021Better than wanting to turn children into trannies

>>520822004An army of caits definitely would render a lot of women useless since she’d sleep with anything that moves.

Why is Guy Moon so good with music?

>>520822314you decide


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>>520822340If that's what you consider an idiot then I guess I like that idiot

>>520820614I scan him

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>>520820614Only because she probably wouldn't reject me like 99.9% of other waifus since she's programmed to serve humanity.

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>>520820614this version of Nia

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>>520821753Butch and Seth were best buddies back in the day, they even worked on a Nickelodeon pilot together and Butch voiced Mr. Weed on Family

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Heather Poe or VV really.

>>520821675XC1 or XCX would both be worth it to me

>>520821675>literally just a shitty version of official artworkLol

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>>520820614In a heartbeat.

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>>520822520So you think believing the world is 6,000 years old is smart?


>>520820941>>520821448>>520822595Fellow Architects

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>>520822764You should see the Ranma one that he just straight up traced.

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>>520822947The world was created last Tuesday You can’t prove me wrong

>>520823004Aaand I fucked up the filename joke.

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>>520822624Woah, never seen this pilot. It's kinda awful. Also I'm pretty sure Mr. Weed was voiced by Carlos Alazraqui, also the voice of Mr. Crocker

>>520822947Well I agree with him on both the issues at hand so, yeah


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>>520823312You realize you're going against established science here, right? You might as well believe the Earth is flat.

>>520820614My beautiful wife Rumia!

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>>520820614what would happen if you copied a version a character significantly bigger than the copier...or the room it's in?

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>>520821067>>520821073Quality taste

>>520823081No one starts work on a Tuesday, user


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>>520823273Butch voiced him in the original

>>520821087This, it was the show I only watched when there was nothing else on.


>>520820614>girlgib neet husband

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>>520821829>Something to take over the worldLiterally yes, what the fuck

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>Schneider, Krisfaluci, and Hartman all complete weirdos and wackadoos>Hillenburg is dead with his creation being sodomized the exact moment after it happenedWhat kind black magic cursed Nickelodeon?

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What if you had your girlfriend printed out and Brian Griffin also got printed out and he walked over and said “woah, hot babe alert” but he was a realistic dog so it sounded like what an actual dog sounds like but English words

>>520823470If I had any objections with going against established science then I would believe in evolution and a multi billion year old earth my man


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>>520823472Just remember to have a sacrifice or two tied up as an offering.


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>>520823614Huh, I didn't know they literally remade the pilot to make a season one episode, it's like word for word but there's also so many odd little differences. Man Butch's voice did not fit Mr. Weed at all.

>>520822624I've heard of this but never actually took the time to watch it. You can tell it was written by Seth MacFarlane though because it's shit.

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>>520823004Nooooo, he couldn't POSSIBLY have traced this! I mean she's holding a teapot in his version so it's TOTALLY different!


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>Spawn these instead>Ask for dragon radarFuck your limited wishes, I'm playing the long game

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>>520823998I will user

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>>520821087It's a shame, rewatched some episodes and the show really isn't as funny as I remembered it. Loved the show as a kid.Shiny Teeth and Me is still a certified hood classic

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>>520820614My one and only 2Dfu. Mine, mine alone.

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>>520822624Wow, fucking hacks flock together I guess.

>>520823004It... doesn't look traced? Just copied?

>>520824373The fact that nobody seems to do anything related to the fact that Morrigan is canonically Scottish is disappointing. I wanna hear that sexy accent, dammit

>>520824650Maybe it's freehanded, which is like a notch above tracing, but this is a professional industry artist charging schmucks upwards of $200 for low effort colored sketches that you or me are capable of.


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>>520820614Canonically for (Me)

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>>520820614for us, it's Aigis

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>>520824064American Dad is good


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>>520823472>>520824325>finally play 2hu after seeing art like this depicting her as some strong as fuck monster>she's a complete pushover and literally the first boss, never to be seen againI call fake advertising, desu

>>520820614My beloved, darling, divine wife!

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>>520825585Well user, my wife isn't exactly the smartest 2hu which isn't a bad thing to be honest

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>>520820614How can other vidya girls even compete

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Cassandra would probably be the only who'd tolerate me because she's generally a good person >>520821087Correct. Danny Phantom was okay, at least.

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>>520820614i pick best girl, of course>>520821087it was good, it just overstayed its premise

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>>520820614>She remains a statue>Drain her and become a literal godThanks, dude.

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>>520821105Is she from vast error?


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>>520825585In 2hoo, you could be the god of everything, but you're fucked if you happen to appear in stage 1.

>>520823569>he doesn't have every Monday off


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I love Kurisu

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I love Reisen!

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I started thinking about various girls, and at each one realized I'd be pulling them away from their friends, family, life. It wouldn't be fair.Then I remembered the perfect option. A video game girl who has none of the above.

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>>520827350Hiveswap friendsim

>>520827735Oh fuck you that's cheating. Okay, if VN's count, can I change my answer?

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I scan monke

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>>520825465He doesn't write American Dad

This gal

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>>520820614you already know

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>>520822947So why do you think it's impossible for the earth to be only around 6000 years old? Because of radiocarbon dating which has been proven to be unreliable?


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>>520821675Steel Battalion steam release if it came with the controller.

>>520821491good, that’s one

>>520822509Single handedly ruined Samsho threads forever because niggerbrains flooded them

>>520821087This, invader zim was better.

>>520825465No it isn't.

finally, bad touch will be real

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>>520821829>Something to take over the worldIf you pick the right waifu you can have both.

>>520821491He also refused to pay kuro the artist his $5.000 he owes to him and said that autism can be cured by praying and by god and said that introverts are hypocrites and he also overcharges his art prices and recently has been accused for tracing some of his anime fan art

>>520822004she's canonically a slut, she'd probably just move in with your best friend and take his dick daily, coming by occasionally to throw you a scrappy blowjob

>>520830372Zoomers like you deserve death

>>520829862Based retard

>>520831039Not a zoomer user, just somebody with taste.

>>520820614>One girlAssuming they will like me as a person heroine from SMT 1. An absurdly strong human able to preform reality shattering magic that isn't a whore

>>520829862>has been proven to be unreliableSource: your ass

>>520821491>Butch Hartman having the mind of an average boomer while doing nothing: Not Okay>Rebecca Sugar and Ian Jones Quartey opening the gates of garbage tranny/homo propaganda cartoons to flood television networks and streaming services: Totally fine, guys!Holla Forums is really a lost cause, isn't it?

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>>520820614People refer to machines as girls right?Ships are a sheCars are a sheTherefore I scan this and rule the world

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>>520823004It can't be traced. I mean, you should be retarded if you trace two right hands and not notice it

>>520831802It'ss one of the few long-running shows that is consistently good, you are Just seething because your favorite cartoon went to shit.

but will she love me?

>>520834994Are you worth loving?

Am I going to get a Red Chin situation in which the charachter I scan is going to lose their minds and enter depression when they realize their whole life was fiction.Because if so, I don't want anyone to suffer.

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>>520820614I LOVE RAMLETHAL>>520821087But this, the show is fucking shit.

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>>520833706I'm not. I hated american dad on episode one. All shows get stale if they don't end after like 5 or so seasons, but American dad was never good.

>>520838685I bet you like South Park and BoJack Horseman.

>>520836395Just pick someone from such a shitty world that our reality would be a huge step up.

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>>520821491but thats not the problem, the problem is all his money laundering with that fake streaming service and the shitty commissions he does

>>520838838South Park has it's moments, like that ghost hunters parody or the sjw episode, but I don't watch any TV regularly enough to call myself a fan.>BoJack HorsemanThe fuck is that.

You have to think bigger, anons.>>520827857How's it going Reisenfag? What're you playing as of late?

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My life would be so much more bearable if she was real.

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I scan my wife Aya Brea!

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>>520839169I actually agree with you. A shitty clicker game like that has no business having such a best girl in it.

>>520821087It was good, but its prime is short-lived. There are genuinely good episodes in season 1. After that, you can count the good episodes on both hands throughout the remainder of the shows miserable life.

I scan my retarded wife.

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>>520820614Palutena considering she might be chill about moving to a new world and won't flip out and kill me

>>520839348It was good until Channel Chasers

>>520821491And exactly why do I need to care?

>>520820614I've got a literally 0% chance of her wanting to be around me, but I could never live with myself if I didn't at least try.

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>>520820614>no one's scanned Jehuty yetI am invincible!

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>>520824252>some of the dragon balls literally hid in volcano and other areas that were impossible to reach without proper tech or super powers.Sounds like an awful wish if we're thinking of the original series.DBZ onward they just kinda got the dragon balls without any issues.

>>520824252Okay but do you have the money and resources to actually find them again once a year passes? not to mention that it's not like no one's gonna notice the fuck huge dragon, even if you have the advantage of knowing where they are if some chink or jew finds one first they aren't gonna let it go for free

Why? Not like she'll love me. Or like. Or tolerate.

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>>520820614>even if you made a vidya girl real there is still that very high chance that they would show no interest in you or even outright dislike you as a person

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>>520839284Based fellow EschadIt would be pretty neat since she wants to be with the player, and she also wants to live with us.

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>>520838685American Dad only got better from season one, retard.

>>520840142shut the fuck up boco

>>520822947carbon dating or any other sort of dating doesn't really matter to them since their line of reasoning is also in line with humans, and every animals and plants, being created in a single day but in their moment of creation they're already mature.

>>520840532Yes sir...

>>520840142She would at least fuck you to death.

>>520821087it really only went downhill after poof


>>520840406I want to discuss free will and the problem of future contingents with her. Most people would be bored to tears with that discussion, but the logical ramifications of a truly free will of of significant interest to me.

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You, soft and only, you lost and lonelyYou, strange as angelsDancing in the deepest oceansTwisting in the waterYou're just like a dreamYou're just like a dream

Attached: aishaclanclan.jpg (576x432, 127.48K)

>>520840998Personally I just want to show her things.See her reaction for listening to music for the first time, tasting a good pizza for the first time...I would also certainly enjoy watching her play Planescape Torment and Disco Elysium

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>>520841108Burn in hell, furfag

>>520841462She's not that kind of succubus.And has standards.

>>520820675dios mio...

>>520824670She's Scottish in the last two MvC games.

>>520839083I'm doing alright, thanks! Not much lately. Might try to get into a new fighting game until Shadowlands comes out since my friends convinced me to play that but I'm not sure I have the motivation.

>>520841493Show me your superior generic anime waifu

She's in a shitty mobile game so it counts, seriously doubt I'd get along with her though.

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>>520841493This, fuck furries.

>>520820614I don't have a vidya waifu I could scan. At least not yet.

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>>520820614Is Pochaco in a video game yet? I'm still fucking mad.


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Easy choice

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>>520842464Isn't she like besties with Steven even though she only got to know him by him doing and saying a bunch of stupid shit like any kid his age would? Im really not sure if the series wanted her to be a loner type who doesn't want to have fun or a normal carefree gal, she laughed at and did fart jokes.

>>520842745Why did they give her stomping tantrum instead of sandstorm? Who thought that was a good move?

She was in a videogame

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>>520832919>butch thought the pinky was a thumb

Attached: yikes.png (1227x920, 748.5K)

>>520830213>>520822972>>520822606homo sexuals

>>520820675Ruined by the tattoos.

>>520842775Her inconsistent characterization is one of the bigger wasted opportunities/fuck ups in the entre show. Different writers didn't really know or agree what to do with her so the general consensus now is that she's goofy around Steven and moody around everyone else.

Attached: 643cecdda0d4596bd23fb54734ce4441295d1a1011eb1064e2e26a91605de0b9.gif (1402x1189, 124.79K)

>>520829878Do your parents know you smoke poles?

>>520843443Iroha is and always will be shit.

>>520843443Ok degenerate

>>520820614nina cortex

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>all these idiots wasting their 1 chance on girls that would 100% leave or kill you because they make your dick hard>not picking girls that are loyal in canon or fit your personalityYou guys are hopeless

Attached: 1517269609360.jpg (354x263, 49.93K)

just because they're real, doesn't mean they'll like you.

>>520844348Honestly, my chances are about the same regardless of girl.

>>520843630You're just being contrarian, overreacting to something simply because it's popular. You've been here too long.

>>520844841I remember when she first came out and was hated.

>>520843580desu I thought the games were alright as far Paper Mario ripoffs go

>>520842186Have you tried pso2 jp? Bouncer class is fun for folks who are more into action, and unlocking Phantom class is badass with katana.

>>520844659I am 100% sure i can make my waifu love me however i refuse to bring her to this shittu world, i wanna find a way to go to her world where we can finally be happy together

>>520842186Can you tell us about your life? Are you a kisses handholdless virgin NEET like the Holla Forums stereotype?

>>520845249Go in the scanner in reverse. Who's your waifu whose world you'll go into?

>>520845221Nope! Shadowbane was the only MMO I ever really liked. Raiding in WoW is fun but I hate everything else about the game. I can't stand grinding.>>520845432Sorry, my life is private!

>>520831945You are a wise user.

>>520845541Man, I WISH I could go to her world...would make her rejection much easier to handle.

>>520844348How about mind-wiped?

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>>520822021Have you read an evolution book? Creationism is a step up in terms of logic.

>>520845818Fine, stay a legend.I have grinding too but doesn't the game having action aspects help? Also you can cosplay as your waifu.

>>520821491okay? and?


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>>520846389Not a fan of MMOs in general unless I play with friends. I don't like shoving her into everything I remotely can. These threads are the only places where I show my feelings for her!


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>>520844659Dagda already took care of that for me. She's my obedient cumslut now.

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My wife

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>>520848148Um, user...

>>520848473You heard me

>>520848148tails is just a boy with big hips don't get it confused

>>520849183He's also a boy who likes baby poop.

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>>520848148I want to marry tails so badly bros


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gonna get my teeth knocked out

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>>520820614I don't know what that is, but based on context, I'm guessing it brings a fictional character to life? In which case, what's the point? It's not like she'd ever be into me anyway.

>>520850783>I'm guessing it brings a fictional character to lifeYup.

>>520832919It would be even more retarded if you actually redrew two right hands.

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>>520820614My wife Kat!

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my wife Kuon

Attached: __kuon_utawareru_mono_and_1_more_drawn_by_konbu_wakame__12ecd94f559815ccd7b4e15d654f6314.jpg (4093x2894, 3.95M)

>>520830213>that one autistic iroha-fag that (around release) would create threads daily with the same handful of images or barge into threads to bitch and moan about her not being in>remember a bunch of anons constantly telling him she'd most likely be in later as dlc>would still bitch and moanI bet that faggot hasn't even played the new Samsho.

Just because you scan her into existence doesn't mean she'll love you.


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>>520852375Sad but true.

>>520822570>Humanity>Not just you Based cum dumpster android

>>520821675A Shining Force Collection that had every single Shining game up to 1998, complete with translated Part II and III for SFIII.

>>520821067Sorry, Nino is my wife. I can give you the papers to prove it.


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>>520820675Impeccable taste my boy

>>520822021there's nothing inherently wrong with young earth creationism

>>520839895Based mommy chad

Irisviel for wish granting and because she's a good person who would help people in need

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>>520842985holy shit thats cool but how?


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>>52082158510/10>>5208209419.5/10>>5208213858.5/10>>520822257LIVING DANGEROUSLY/10>>52082250911/10>>5208238019/10, but a 2/10 if you need Insight to see her move.>>5208241538.5/10>>5208243739/10>>5208263429.5/10>>5208273788.5/10>>5208368398/10>>5208412289/10>>5208503139/10

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>>520820675Holy FPBP

It used to be Valeera from HotS, but I can't say no to this nerdy lovegoblin.

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>>520821675I've spent more than that in 1 day on gacha, so I guess so.

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Hmmm, maybe Roll.Have an adorable robot daughteru.

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Dis is the best!

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>>520821073Stinky unwashed sweaty NEET sex with Bernie!


>>520821225>finally going to put that thicc babe in PvP

oh fuck yes

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>>520856360Imagine the thigh jobs

>>520822021There's gotta be multiple moments in the Fairy Odd Parents where Timmy goes back in time to Dinosaurs and shit.

>>520823892>not okita

>>520820614Id gladly take Naoto

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>>520832158unlike you id fuck my gundams

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>>520855370Holy shit someone else played DS:Genesis?

>>520856601Ah, a Li-Li poster.Would you like some rare art?

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Only once choice for me. Though she'd be aged up

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>>520822624God I love the way Butch draws women.

>>520823004>>520824650yeah, it's not tracedyou can clearly see that the strands of hair are differentit's just that he counted exactly how many strands of hair there arehis mentality is just redraw her completely because otherwise it might not look like her, that's some beginner level thinking

>>520858643Setsuna you are not gundam. Calm down

Guys, I NEED a brown tomboy to go hiking with!

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>>520859643imagine the smell

>>520863257Yeah, imagine her coming home from a long day of turf war and she strips and throws her clothes onto you before jumping you herself.

>>520830849>introverts are hypocritesWhat?

>>520853205>>520854369Trailer trash junkie lovers.

Only the cutest witch for me.

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>>520866314You will never be able to scan her into smash

>>520820614I don’t want to

>>520858692Let's say that I did.

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>>520820614Give me redhead

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My wife

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Either her or Zelda Ig. Maybe Juri but Juri would proooobably be too much to handle.

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>>520869947A man of good taste

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>>520821491wtf i love butch hartman now

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