Talk about teh Wii

Talk about teh Wii

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Best console for rail shooters


The Wii.

The consumer will put the wii remote in their ass

The last soulful console

>>520820208Mine started collecting dust past 2008.

Come on now THE WII?

>>520820883>The last soulful consoleit's funny how it was considered one of the worst when it was out

>>520820208Why does Touhou art looks deviantart tier?

>>520820998it's easy to call it the worst when you don't know any of the good games and faggots giving eachother brojobs over the 360 were everywhere

trauma center is the best series on it, although I wouldn't mind if someone insisted that title went to metroid prime

>>520821086I think it's made by the same guy who makes the games

>>520820998Oh it's still a piece of shitIt just has a ton of SOUL in its UI and library

>>520821086ZUN-sama lives in a state of perpetual drunkenness

>>520821143Justified, the 360 was great except for the RROD shit. One of the best consoles for shmups (besides the saturn, anyway)


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>>520823823Holy fuck, I heard this theme in every fucking video without knowing it was the Wii Shop theme.

>>520820208Hated it back then, still hate it now.The gimmick was so misused.

>>520823823>miiverse is hell

>>520820208>gimmick console that was praised and called revolutionary when it first came out but later over time people realized it was shit Sounds familiar

why would anyone want to talk about tewi when you can talk about reisen instead?

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>>520820208Piece of shit. Too much shovelware scared away talented developers or killed them. Underpowered gimmick, Nintendo's profit margin for Wii was way too high resulting in terrible motion controls that didn't do what it promised. All the first party/3rd party games appealed too much to casual/non-gamers and were incredibly boring for longtime fans. Casual/Shovelware/Gimmick were ignored here as buzzwords even though it was the truth.Worshiped here for being marginally better than the 360/PS3, and the PS3 near the end of it's life was better than the Wii anyways and yet Holla Forums barely acknowledged it and still worshiped Nintendo.

>>520820208Dumb hag

>>520821086Don’t care.Still fapped.

>>520821086The real question is why I like shoddy art so much.

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>>520826528You masturbated to this?

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>>520826767it's soulful

This is a Game Cube thread now. GC game only you played, Billy Hatcher

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>>520820208I used my Wii for GameCube. Wii sucked.

>>520821086Looks better on paper than in-game.

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>>520821086Its very soulful

>>520826870not him but she cute

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>>520821086Because it's all done by 1 guy and he has things he's good at(music), things he's decent at(game), and things he fucking sucks at (drawings)When you have a team, everyone performs at something they're good at, so the end result is high quality. This is a one man project and therefore it has way more SOUL as this board likes to call it


>Zun creates a wide cast full of women who are appealing, but inspire no sexual reaction at all>Zun draws a 12 year old and I'm fucking diamondsWhat the fuck bros

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>>520820208It has fun games.

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>>520829298it bothers me their all the same hieght.

>>520826870you don't?

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>>520828161Just admit it!

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>>520820208It's pronounced Tei.

>>520828161You are a pedophile. What don't you understand about that?

>>520827143Odama, although I know it's the kind of game that once it gets brought up people go "oh yeah, I do remember that" even if they just played the demo version at a store

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what the fuck is this thread? what are we supposed to talk about, 2hu or the wii?

>>520830806teh wii of course

>>520828161Maybe you just want to fuck the American flag.

>>520820783Pls help find this video

>>520830806How good is playing 2hu with wagglan?

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>>520828161>Zun draws a 12 year old and I'm fucking diamonds

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>>520831593Nevermind I found like a charm

>>520831528I'd fuck the flag.

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>>520831663>Waggle to focus movement

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>>520832012Does Eika's earlobes taste like Yebisu?

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>>520831663Could be interesting.

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>>520832201stfu pedo.

>>520832356Since Eika's a dead fetus, that actually makes me a necrophilic fetus fucker, get it right.

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>>520832201>all the newhus are cute>even the kinda popular ones are getting less and less art>first three bosses may as well not existI guess this is past the point of character oversaturation, there's like over a hundred 2hus now

>>520832921It's probably because they're irrelevant and stand-alone 2hus. I still can't remember the mountain hag's name or the jizou that's friends with Marisa, for example. Still, they're all getting art, but it's likely they're just getting lost on Twitter since they aren't ever getting reuploaded anywhere else.

Shovelware bucket. Even for the most well regarded Nintendo franchises, their Wii iterations were either the worst or among the worst of their respective series. It's remembered fondly online because it was zoomers first console, at the time it was seen as the cheapest, tackiest console, and irreversibly did massive damage to the game industry by introducing people with dog-shit standards to gaming that threw money at any gimmicky shit. Also normalised paying out the ass for old ROMs. Genuinely a fucking awful console, and you can count on one hand the number of games that were released for it that are still worth playing today.

>>520833313>Even for the most well regarded Nintendo franchises, their Wii iterations were either the worst or among the worst of their respective seriesThe fuck are you on about?

>>520820208I miss the Wii

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>>520833576Off the top of my head>Other M>Skyward Sword>Brawl>Mario Party 8

>>520833576I didn't make it clear that I didn't mean for every franchise, there are obvious exceptions, but Wii had a far too many duds for popular franchises.

>>520834552Isn't Smash 4 considered to be the worst one at this point? Also there no way MP is considered the worst now. It definitely was on of the weaker ones when it came out, but the newer ones crapped the bed royally. I'll give you the first two, but that's literally it.

>>520834825Just because newer games are even worse doesn't mean the old ones weren't bad.

>>520834953Do you not know what the word "worst" means?

>>520835139Do you not know what "worst or among the worst" means?

I like it because even a retard like me can hack it

>>520833194Can attest to this. A lot of newhu fanart gets lost on twitter because twitter's shit for organizing art for people to search after.You have to do some real digging sometimes.

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whats your opinion on touhou /u/?specifically between reimu and yukari?

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>>520835264So what, if a game is bad but there are 4 games in the series that are worse, does it still counts as "among the worst"?Where's the cutoff here?

>>520835531hags are for hags

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>>520835531Reimu is straight.

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>>520835541 Absolutely, especially when there are 24 installments in that same franchise. You're pretty bad at this.

I've got de blob, wario land shake it, re4, and little kings story, what should I play first

>>520836020oh and baroque

>>520835749something something boundary manipulationnow its plausible

>>520832554You are a higher form of human being. Please teach us plebs how to ascend to your level of deviancy.

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>>520836230Step 1: Acquire ryona fetishStep 2: Fall

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>>520836230>>520832554eika is keiki's older sibling and she's a fortune god in the same group as okinat. versed in myth

>>520821086Its official

>>520836467looks cute.truly even the japanese furfags are superior to their western counterparts.

>>520835749Why does that man have a neanderthal like brow?

>>520836562furfags in the west only know how to draw a stereotypical "wolf head" and then they change itso they all look like retarded derivatives

>>520836562>looks cuteDidn't you read the post?You need to acquire a ryona fetish before you decend. You are sinking at a worrying rate.

>>520828161it's just a freedomboner, you get used to it eventually

>>520832921Shut up crackpot

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>>520836657>implying kemono isnt just the same cat-face over and over

>>520836638Ancient Japanese mythology man.

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>>520837105>kemono isnt just the same cat-face over and over>implying

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>>520836562that's because the jap fursuit designs actually wear more than diapers

>>520837158based artist

mating press tewi over and over again

>>520825962Because civilized discussion usually does not involve talking how you've got a burning sensation in your junk now after fucking a cheap hooker.

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I had one for 8 years, worked almost fine when I sold it (It couldn't read discs for some reason but whatever), though if I had to complain about something it would be that Nintendo targeted the casuals too much on that generation and left gamers with little to no hardcore games.

>>520835627are immortals for immortals?

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>>52083292117's quartets somehow manage to become yuri staples and get art quite consistently stillAlso meme gyates from futaba but that's another can of worms

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Am i koishi?

>>520841316No, you are you.You aren't a fictional character.

>>520841316No, I am.

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>>520841316Yes, I am Koishi, and so are you. No, she's the both of us, together.

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>>520838206Who need a neet?when you have OBLIVION!

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>>520820208That's not how you pronounce Tewi you secondary retard


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>>520841915Learn japanese you shitty moco spammer

>it's pronounced "tay-ee", not "tew-wii">CIRNO. IS. REAL.>Did you know Satori's song came from Star Fox?>sakura_was_traced.jpgDid I about cover it all?

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>>520841963>all the Mokou images clearly show Chinese characters>"learn japanese"

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>>520842014did you know Ringo's song came from SMT3?


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>>520842014Let's talk about the origin of IN's stage 5 theme.

>>520842078Go back to /r/eddit


>>520842180>calling everything you don't like "Reddit"

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>>520842112i require further elaboration

>>520842158isn't that just the work uniform shrine maidens have?

>>520842158pc98 touhou was pure soul, how did ZUN get worse at drawing?

>>520841316I am Alpharius.

>>520842393He stopped tracing

>>520842292>Spamming le funneh chinese moco meme xD>Not Reddit

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>>520842292post No6.jpg, I haven't seen it yet

>>520842487Better than posting stupid fumos

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>>520842567Post all the ones you have first

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>>520842571the grapes are sour in this post>>520842620"no"

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>>520842487>popular thing bad

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>>520820208I've been playing Harvest Moon Tree of Tranquility on it recently.

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>>520842754Get some taste shitskin

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>>520842654There's something wrong with this Youmu fumo.

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at least it's not walfas


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fuck the mii theme is stuck in my head

>>520843023>criticize Walfas>you post that dumb picture like you always doAt least I know it's (You)

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>>520843148The roach queen

>>520842865Why is it so long?


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>>520843204When you raise a fumo long enough, it grows to people size and eats you.

Attached: Ancient Elder Vampire Remilia fumo has consumed millions and her unending hunger demands satiation through the lives of untold millions more.jpg (750x872, 321.9K)

>>520843274Do people put theirs down before its too late? Or do they just get eaten?

>Touhou is real. >Yuyuko is just a stage 1 boss. >EoSD is an overrated game.>Yukari is a young maiden.>Miko is a boy.>Mima isn't coming back.>Walfas, gyate, and fumos exist.You can choose to make one of these statements false, but the rest will be true. Pick one.

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>>520843371How do you think they make more fumos, user?

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>>520843584lazy photoshop edit

>>520843934oh shit user, i didn't notice

This is Alice.Say something nice about her.

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>>520843934wtf, it can't be

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>>520843221cool designdoll trace

Which 2hu farts the most?

>>520844358well roaches are stinky so...

>>520844402Sumireko? I see it. She's got that smelly fujo look to her.

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>>520844168I want to be Alice

>>520844112She requires the highest IQ of all soku characters.


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>>520842927>walfas bad>gyate good

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>>520845157Gyate are good but only if they're of a dog/wolf youkai.

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>>520845157>>520845229i can't look at gyate anymore without thinking of Holla Forumsyou can take every single touhou image combined in the entire history of 4chan, and it still wouldn't surpass the amount of times momiji has been posted on Holla Forumsnot. even. kidding.

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>>520845340Don't let boards you don't like live in your head rent free dude, you're better than this.


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>>520845340I just think of Yachie and deers thanks to lurking 2chan

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>gyate good>walfas bad>bkub good>mokou bad>fumos good>figurines bad>bat good>roach bad

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>>520820208Just sold mine today actually.Its only good for being a gamecube emulator, I can't think of a single Wii exclusive I loved.

>>520842487>mocowait... I thought it was pronounced, "mau-cow"

>>520846516What about that Punch out game the wii had?it was fun


bros howd they put so much fucking soul in this fun little game. it honestly isnt fair to other companies

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>>520846852How do you pronounce Touhou?

>>520846402what's this 2hu's name?

>>520846996didnt even fix the fucked up anatomy of the toes or ankles on the model

>>520846852>"mau-cow"Are you also one of the retards who unironically say two-who? Reevaluate your life.

>>520847069you are skitzing out

>>520821086It's soul when Japanese does it

>>520847013the o's and u's are silent... right?

>>520846324>mokou bad

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>>520847297Ah, yes.

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>>520847013"toe-hoe"Anyone who says "towel-howel" is retarded and needs to learn Japanese

Sumireko is alright

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>>520847131the picture is traced i would recognize the awful feet anywhere

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>>520821258I envy him. I wish I could live on nothing but beer.

>>520847937based footdetective

>>520825962bade for Big American Cock

>>520847937that's pretty fucking based no joke.autism is a hell of a weapon.

>>520847937/ic/ please leaveI'm starting to notice it too


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>>520846854There were a lot of fun games, games I even liked. Just none that I loved.

>>520847937Are footfags actually based?

>>520848092it's industry standard software, most anime artists can spot lazy artists using it purely for tracing because of the anatomy tells

>>520847937>>520847994>>520848092>>520848096>>520848104>>520848247Multiple devices and passesThis is a level of samefaggotry I never thought possible...

>>520843221>>520847937Top kek

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>>520848341yeah i don't know if they're all samefags but there's definitely a huge amount of samefaggotry going on here

>>520848341Yeah, seeing >>520848104 shows it's most likely a dumb /a/ oldfag who is referencing the "I recognize that bulge" samefag thread that was screencapped and spammed over a hundred times.Do not, and I mean do NOT, underestimate the level of schizo posting oldfags are capable of.

>>520848341>>520848550based samefag detective

>>520842654This one is pretty alright though

Attached: iap_640x640.2374005802_gpu15ml4.jpg (640x640, 78.41K)

>>520848550>implying only oldfags know "I know that bulge"I'm pretty sure you could post it anywhere and people would recognize it.

>>520848341>>520848550t. revelations schizo projecting his autism

>>520848341>>520848550You're both retarded.

>>520847937what makes an awful foot awful, user? I'm not a footfag, the only things I can think of that are bad is the lateral malleolus looking a little big and the angle at the achilles is sharp enough that the foot looks a little disconnected when you focus on it.

Attached: __yakumo_yukari_touhou_drawn_by_batta_ijigen_debris__84fb32fedcf05a32a7314d05465249d2.jpg (749x1000, 79.74K)

>>520848684Yes, because it's been spammed to death. However, only oldfags are couth enough to reference it as newfags literally don't care about a decades-old screencap unless they're looking for attention.

>>520848723t. /a/ oldfag refusing to move on

>>520848764What is it about the word "traced" that you don't understand? Traced artwork isn't impressive. Traced artwork isn't even worth looking at. It's Reddit tier levels of cringe.

Attached: file.png (1588x2117, 3.87M)

Attached: file.png (1588x2117, 3.92M)

>>520848764I think the broken ankle is the problem.

>>520826870That damn smile from hell looks like a faceapp filter

Attached: 1441878170502.jpg (305x341, 10.83K)

>>520849043her mouth looks like she just bit a lemon

Attached: 77702456_p0.jpg (1815x1290, 1006.44K)


Attached: 1592016287349.png (149x151, 34.67K)

>>520820208Best Bunny

Attached: 1589436269827.jpg (1524x1679, 585.96K)

>>520848764the toes, especially the big toe, have fucked up proportions and the foot is physically disconnected from the leg, the model isn't made to be used for anatomy reference, it's for posing reference so its really obvious when someone just copies what they see

>>520849093oh yeah, I just saw the earlier bits of their argument where he mentioned the ankles and toes specifically. I guess I just tuned that out, I thought he was raging about it in general.>>520849264To be fair, the fucked up hammer toes make sense for a picture of a hag like Tewi.

Attached: 1593399142366.webm (750x1000, 406.51K)

>>520849264You wrote a lot about the toes, but what about the hoes?

>>520821086Some characters look their best in ZUN's style.

Attached: 1572226350290.gif (256x256, 819.99K)

>>520849565Toe Hoes?

Attached: 31866489_p0.png (680x960, 626.03K)

>>520848813moved on? from where? to where?

Attached: EeYcFSLU4AEnOeW.jpg (480x269, 69.74K)

You aren't even talking about video games. Why are you here? Do you realize what you are doing? Was this what you dreamed you would be doing when you were little? You are wasting your life here. There are any number of more productive things you could be doing right now. Did you wake up this morning and just decide to be useless? This has become a pattern. Can't you recognize that this is just a coping mechanism? You have serious issues that need to be address and this is how you are spending your time. What would your mother think of what you are doing? Do you know how disappointed she would be. I certainly am. You have to start trying harder. Break this cycle before it is too late. You need to listen for once. Stop what you are doing and become a better person. Work harder. Do more. Stop coming here. I am getting tired of lecturing you. But this is for your own good. You should try thinking of others for once. All this selfishness isn't healthy. And speaking of healthy, have you gained weight? You need to exercise more. Start eating healthy. Get some willpower. If you don't this isn't going to end well. Why must you be so disappointing? Everyone is thinking it. Why are you still here? Haven't you been listening to a single thing I've said? This is completely unacceptable. Why do I even bother? All of this is utterly wasted on you. What do you think of that? Actually, I don't care what you think. You need to do better before your opinion has any value. And the first time is leaving here and never coming back. Is that really too much to ask? Come back here, I am not done talking to you!

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>>520850003the kasen in that pic looks FAT

>>520850003Eiki and Kasen nagging (You) to death while blowing (You) when?

Attached: 91b3fd21a15b99fa2161893a6dee5ee8.jpg (1100x1200, 735.84K)

>>520849851>ywn be kidnapped by Hatate and held as a prisoner in her messy as fuck home>ywn lose all sense of time as day after day goes by being sustained almost entirely on a diet of her eggsbros...

Attached: f244e69d2bbede48f5f6871e44b7a98c.jpg (1488x2105, 565.37K)

>>520850231What a useless chain.

>>520850003shut up fatty

The picture the hermit doesn't want you to see

Attached: 1590638971111.jpg (225x225, 10.86K)

Would you drink official Murasa sake?

Attached: 1597277265314.jpg (751x498, 61.14K)

>>520821086because it is

>>520850387What does ghost fluid taste like?

Attached: Murasa sinks a Japanese naval fleet.jpg (1920x1464, 528.98K)

>>520850387What does it taste like?

>>520850231someone please translate

>>520850906she wants you to put benis in bagina, she's ovulating right now

How much stronger is a tengu than a human?

Attached: __himekaidou_hatate_touhou_drawn_by_wool_miwol__8f5d54f92ae9908ab68a120c64d0a227.png (600x600, 174.72K)


Attached: F175B2DA-9D91-46E5-B32D-E0E87E2F7CAD.png (980x840, 635.39K)

>>520851269Yikes. Wish I never asked.

>>520851389A bit weaker than me on average.

>>520820208I want to “replace” my Wii U with a Wii but TV doesn’t have component. I bought portholic Wii HDMi adapter cause good reviews but it has two deal breaking issues. Number one it has black crush, I strangely have to switch my TV to full RGB to get rid of it but it makes dark blacks gray and lowering brightness and/or contrast or adjusting gamma doesn’t fix (or vice versus). Clearly a color space issue which is not uncommon with component to HDMI adapters but usually the TV won’t let you change it cause it detects ycbcr but not in this case. Not that changing fixed the issue. The other major problem is certain loud sounds are clipped and cause static. Some things are fine but it happens in a lot of games. The chipset in this adapter is the same as some “good” but cheap component to hdmi adapters. Anyways I’m probably going to fucking buy this OSSC thing for $150-$200 even though I don’t want to but I guess that will also allow my PS2 to work with my TV too. I should probably just keep the Wii U but it doesn’t work with DDR games (dance pad uses GameCube ports and is incompatible even with adapter)

Spare some coochie ma’am?

>>520843274A glorious death.

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>>520850906She seems to be saying that it's valentine's today, and she's thinking/was thinking of giving chocolate.I'm fairly early in learning Japanese so I'm probably wrong about something, though.

>>520850231>IQDB it>there's two follow up images>both nowhere near as good as the first imageHatate sucks.


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would Holla Forums a mermaid?

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>>520821086The creator drinks his weight in alcohol everyday.

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>>520853761>drinks his weightDrinks three times his weight, more like.

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>>520820208Best console thanks to Homebrew so far.Switch has potential to replace it if it gets good emulators and the controller problem fixed.

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>>520853531Well I'd certainly try.

>>520826870The smile is cute, i fail to see the problem.

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>>520853531if I could find where to put it

>>520853531FIsh are good for you

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>>520853761>>520853825What drinking song should be ZUN's theme?

>> I like to imagine ZUN takes big chugs with every beat.



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>>520820208Looking back, the Wii was an okay console. While most of the games on the system were cheap shovelware and the Wii relied on motion gimmicks that Sony and Microsoft were desperate enough to mimic, the few gems on the console aren't too bad, and the Wii is amazing for piracy.

>>520854439>>520854286Possibly Innocent Treasures which he said himself is his magnum opus.But there is A Drunkard's Lemuria too.

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>>520820208"Tewi" is pronounced "Tei"

>>520836657kemono is way worse for that

Explain Overdrive's music video. now

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>>520847009let’s spread our wings now

>>520856148No it isn't

whens mima

>>520820208i think she's a very cute buni

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>>520858219It was an elaborate excuse to make fun of people who play games on easy modo.

>>520858219eirin talking at incredibly hihg speeds makes my peepee hard


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>finally found decent h artist> /ss/EVERY DAMN TIME


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>>520862472Give me the [P]

>>520862462Yeah, it's annoying.Sometimes it seems like all the decent artists only draw weird fetish shit.

>>520853531She's cute but my heart belongs to another

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>>520861739>youmu curves DOWNWARDSis there anything that dork can do well?

>>520820208Wii? How can I talk about fucking wii when you decide to put a shitty touhou ava in the thumbnailI’m so fucking sick of seeing this abomination of a weeb game being shown 24/7 in /v. No wonder touhou is literally labeled as the fucking MLP of Japan. The style is shit, the girls are shit. The only thing the community has going is a bunch of schizos making their own storylines with these faggot ass characters, and turbo autists with talent wasting their time creating animations that look 50x better than the original. You’d think the guy who made touhou would evolve from using fucking crayola markers for his official art considering how much money he rakes in with his autistic ass fanbase, but NO - he knows he can just drain autists and weebs of their wallets since they’ll buy anything he makes as long as their faggot headcanons stay intactFuck touhou, fuck the shitty bullet hell games, fuck their community, and especially FUCK you for posting more of this trashy ass fandom.

have you ever lobotomized yourself

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>>520847889Sumireko's probably one of my least favourite 2hus, but I don't think she's bad in any way. I just really, really don't like glasses 99% of the time.

>>520863415>tfw do like glasses>tfw the only meganehus are Sumireko and Mami

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>>520861739I wish harumao would return

>>520863747Maybe 2hus wear contacts.

>>520863747Youmu should wear glasses, it fits her.

>>520847889She's the absolute worst 2hu but I guess somewhat bearable if you're drunk like you're supposed to be in setting.

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>>520861823Why Koishi diabetes?

*ahem*This is a PSA for all the 2hus wearimg bloomersSIT ON MY FACE!that is all...

>>520861823I want to throw the koish at someone.

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>>520869267M- Mommy...

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>>520871134Reminder that Mokou still has the body of a little girl.

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