What the fuck was Apex? It came out of nowhere...

What the fuck was Apex? It came out of nowhere, has like 50 million players in the first week and was forgotten and dead a month later...

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>>520817053meme game like autochess, valorant, fall guys, etc.

>>520817053I still play it. It's still fun and played by millions.


>>520817226Same. It's my favorite shooter of this gen.

I don't think they knew how big it was going to be in the beginning. I'm pretty sure it was months before their next major update which means they probably weren't working on new content before the release.

>>520817053No titans no buy

>people still believe there are no paid shills on Holla Forums

>>520817053Shit servers killed it.We have reached the point in industry where you need to make perfect product to succeed, or make indie one and build player base over time.Apex failed.It's the same tragedy as Wolfenstein pulled with Enemy Territory - the first one will be gud in time, the latter was gud by being postponed. ET ended as Olympus of multiplayer shooter, only time will show how Apex will influence the market.

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Its not dead, if the yt and twitch numbers are any indication its at about overwatch levels of popularity. Lots of people still play that game, believe it or not. Ironically its fallijg towards the same shield/stun meta and I will probably end up quitting for the same reasons I quit Overwatch.

I enjoyed the fuck out of it in Season 2, but then they made dumb balance changes and added the new map. I'm still salty about them removing disruptor rounds and making my beloved Alternator fucking useless overnight.The MMR ruined it for me however, I liked to play the game chill just to have fun, but ended up being placed in some high MMR where everybody had TTV in their name running meta comps.Also fuck new Mirage changes

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>>520817053The fact that being a loner means you’ll get stuck with literal SPEDs and children, meanwhile any real team will just wipe the floor with you in about 10 seconds

Unironically enjoyed completing Season 5 battle pass. But as others have said, there is a very specific line that you cross when playing solo, where it stops being casual fun and you dip into TTV tryhard area. Get to Platinum rank, and call it good there. After plat, it's only suffering.

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Still banned for whatever the fucking reason, false positive. Can't bother to deal with EA customer service because it's sure as hell isn't made for customers to use. Kinda sad too, it was my favorite battleroyale

>>520823145It's f2p, just make a new Origin account if you wanna play it, bro, sure you'll lose your skins and such but what use are they if you can't play the game anyway

>>520823329I made. It didn't feel the same without all my bling.

>>520818468This, also no wall running or double jump

Tying certain weapons to crates is gay and I heard the r99 is becoming a crate weapon next season.

I never understood why people liked it so much, I mean if you like it, Titanfall 2 is just a better version of it, so playing it only makes sense of you are purely into walking around for 20 minutes picking up random shit and doing nothing just for a 10 second -2 minute gun fight. Which I mean if that's fun to you do you I guess...

>its another ''I dont play it, therefore its a dead game'' episodeJust Holla Forums things


>>520824264>titanfall is betterNo. Titanfall is a worse version of Apex because of shit hitscan weapons and gay wall running. And this is why TF is dead and Apex is more alive than ever breaking records left and right.youtube.com/watch?v=qzdGo7FBndA5 million views in in 6 days. youtube.com/watch?v=M9Pmf9AB4Mo2.5 millon views in 24 hoursAnd it keeps growing.

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>>520817053I would play it if it still had the solos playlist, but the dev team is beyond retarded. They basically make every wrong choice at every turn.

>destroying skulltownwhy

>>520824915Destroying that shitty place improved the game. Season 5 was the best one yet.

>>520822742>people actually bother to charge up the sentineldisgusting waste of shield cells you should be ashamed of yourself. you know the extra damage only applies to shields so you would have killed them normally anyways right?

>>520819701F2P games don't have good servers unless they're community hosted, and developers these days have a fetishistic impulse to control and micromanage how people play and behave so they don't allow community servers.

>>520817053Because there's no sense of community in any of these games. You drop into a game with a bunch of people and you'll interact briefly with a handful of them and the tagging system means you don't even have to communicate with the people on your team. You might as well be playing against bots. Fortnight throws enough updates at people to keep them interested.

>>520824675>regards flocking to something makes it goodI mean on a certain metric sure maybe, but I a bunch of my friends played Apex when it was new, and no one I talk to at all still plays, and not just friends but just people I talk to I general. The game has clearly peaked and will only go downhill from where it is....sorry bud. Titanfall is objectively better and more fun, it's literally all the fun parts of Apex, but enhanced, and for the entire match, but it's also a lot harder to be good at, so shitters would obviously flock to the easier of the 2, and the one with the more flashy colorful skins to buy, that's fairly typical of younger gamers.

>>520817053>was forgotten aboutIt's still alive though. It didn't replace fortnite as the undying streamer-bait crowned champion but that doesn't mean it's dead you fuckin zoomer.

>>520817226Uh based?

>>520825821>but my friendswhat a retard lol

>>520825980>I cant readYou poor poor thing....

>>520817226Bangalorechads. Where you at?

>>520824915sup ttvfaggot

>>520826079Bangalore's IM SUPER TOUGH MILITARY MACHO voice lines are more annoying than Wattson's shitty electricity jokes and that's saying a lot.

>>520825821>Blah Blah more Titanfall dick-sucking It’s a fun game but you niggers who slavishly invoke it in EVERY Apex thread need to fuck off and make your own thread to blather on about it

>>520826079This >>520826175I can't stand Bangalore. She's supposed to be some military buff, but she sounds more like a dishonorable discharge.

>>520826417Dishonorable discharge? More like flunked out of basic training.

>>520817053>queue up for normals with a few friends who have played significant amounts, probably like 100-200 hours at the most>get matched with apex predators and aspies with over 1k wins who have nolifed the game since releaseDead as shit.

At least it isn't as dead as this game that litterally came out yesterday

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>>520824675Lol are you paid to post this stuff or do you do it for free?

>>520824675Wallrunning is why Titanfall is better dumbass

>>520826728LMAO did this actually come out already? I thot it was still in beta!

>>520826294Sorry that it's better then your favorite BR stevie, dont worry yours gets played more anyway, BRs are more popular then any good games.

>>520826880Make your own thread about it then

>>520817053Bribed streamers.

>>520826175>>520826417Shut up wraith/ziptranny

>>520827491>implyingI only play as Loba, Octane, and Bloodhound.

>>520827491I'm actually a revenant chad and I haven't seen a non-meme pathfinder in months ever since the zipline nerf

>>520826079i don't like to play as a nigger.

>>520826728This game is more like Titanfall than Apex

>>520827603Sub octane for Bangalore and we’ve got the same trio. Rather based fellow user

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>>520824675imagine thinking projectile weapons take skill to use when you and your opponents move at 1mph

>>520817053I have like 0 experience with this genre, is this one any good?

>>520828259yeah it's good just remember the most important thing to know when you're new: do not ever thirst anyone when they've been knocked down - just kill all 3 members of the squad and the downed guy will automatically die. It's the number one mistake new people make - they down someone and think that they have to thirst him and then get killed by the other 2 enemies.

>>520824675lmfao the second trailer being in reversetypically a move like this means there's something egregiously bad about the character animation that wasn't noticed until post and looks a bit better in reverset. aaa dev

>>520817053I freaking love Apex. Just play games for yourself.You'll feel more relaxed about it.Also, I'm not excited for Rampart. She feels very memey.

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I got bored of Season 5 pretty easily. King's Canyon feels pretty shit now with all the new areas being pretty barren and useless. No one drops Rig or Map Room, Capacitor is too fucking big with a whole 1/3 of it being barren land, and Salvage is small as fuck. I was so happy hearing Skull Town was being nuked but it was so much better than what we have. Not having a NEW FUCKING WEAPON for like 3 months is fucking disgusting. Legitimately makes me hate the Management at Respawn, and now it seems that Season 3 won't have a new map after all which really makes me wonder what the hell they're doing. At least we have the Volt and Spitfire buffs

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>>520829825season 6*

>>520829825>>Not having a NEW FUCKING WEAPON for like 3 months is fucking disgusting.>nerf mastiff and add it to the pool>remove peacekeeper for air drops, but don't buff it>precision choke is now for only one gunWhy not just make the choke passive for the Triple Take?

>try to play Apex Legends>sit through ten loading screens and have to wait an hour to find one match>die within 2 seconds because I don't know where any of the weapons are>get kicked back to the main menuWOW SUCH FUN!!!

>>520817053it literally has millions of players

>>520830110>claimed they didn't add a new gun so that the loot pool wasn't bloated>kept Precision Choke when it only works on the fucking Triple Take>kept Double Tap which no one in their right mind uses>past 2 seasons only introduced 2 Snipers which barely see use anymore>L star made functional only a few months ago>so like 9 months of everyone using the same weaponsFucking Respawn

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>>520817053how is it dead? its pretty popular from what ive seen

>>520830190>try to play Tetris>have to press the start button to play>die within a minute because I didn't know you had to rotate the pieces>get kicked back to the main menuWOW it's actually good though

>>520831071no threads allowed on Holla Forums so the people who only use this website have no idea that it still existed past the initial hype.

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>>520831328>moving the goalposts

>>520817053Have they added a solo mode, playing was annoying as cuck when it launched becuse 20% of the people were cool and chill and the other 80% were just cringey streamer kids, screechers, or faggots breathing into their mic, and then bitching at everyone else when they die and shot. Playing the game alone was a nightmare.

>>520831894They only added Duos

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>>520830943I find it hilarious that they introduced two snipers and they're so bad that I ended up preferring the Triple Take, which used to be the only gun I'd avoid at launch other than the Mozambique.

The cosmetics and characters were all pretty ugly. Class based BR is also stupid. The one thing it had was really good quality of life things like pinging items and teammate buyback. I really just want another Titanfall. The perfect game would be a Conquest type gamemode with TF2 movement and titans.

>>520817053It was not on Steam.If it was on Steam it would probably would have achieved Dota levels of popularity.

>>520832118Lool gay

>>520832997>steam workshop support to replace Wraith's fucking faceImagine.

>>520832997Coming to Steam this Fall with Crossplay. Better late then never I suppose, hopefully we can transfer our progress because I fucking hate using Origin. Gay ass launcher

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>>520832997It's coming to Steam soon

>>520833260>>520833284It's too late to resurrect a dead game, sadly.

>>520833385but what about >>520824675

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>>520833457Video views don't correlate with more players.For example, Dota has a lot of people who only watch video or streams and don't play.

It's fun but the only good girls are watson and wraith, maybe loba but just her ass

>>520833824but what about this forbes.com/sites/paultassi/2020/05/29/loba-leads-apex-legends-season-5-to-be-its-best-ever-according-to-ea/#39ea9f9e5883

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>>520833987Loba's face is actually better than Wraith's if you use any skin but the default. Her stupid orange eyeliner thing is terrible.


>Always Be Closing ""Evolved"">They took none of the complaints from the first version>the same shitty game mode just in a different mapLazy fucking bastards

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apex is shit because they went all-in on "hero shooter" and only went halfway on "movement shooter." still the best battle royale but I literally have not played once since the season 1 launch because of how disappointing it was.

>>520834157I actually like white trash faced wraith, but for me the deal breaker is loba's hairstyle

>>520825183I wanna try it with the p20 with hammerpoint. It might actually dump

Because while it's probably the best battle royale it's still a battle royale.

>>520825954What? Don't bother me, kid. I dunno why everyone keeps saying my name and nothing else, it's getting annoying.

>>520826728I just got done playing this and it's pretty ok

>>520834810Yeah, her hair isn't great.Lucky for me, I got her red legendary skin at the start of the season, so I can cover up the weird top it has, as well as get rid of her tattoos.I consider the yellow version to be the best skin in apex.

It's still big though? Just not fortnite big anymore, which is rarely talked about here aswell by the way.

>>520826079I only play as the jewkiller

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>>520835307yeah but most play on console

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>>520826728I watched a little bit and the main thing that stuck out was that the stakes never seemed high. People just dipped out of any fight so quickly that only dumb people or 3rd partying ambushes seemed to get any kills.

it's weird how dead this game is in the west on twitch but dedicated japanese apex vtube streamers pull in huge fucking numbers on youtube. the game in general is really popular in japan for some reason.

>>520836686they have taste while zoomers here play warzone


>>520835310I hate you as a person but love your joke

>>520826175>clip/magazine lineI actually cringed when I heard it.

>>520836734Don't lie no one plays warzone

>>520836686>Top ten mainstay is deadJesus there are several more games constantly discussed here in all seriousness, like monster hunter world that don't even come close to Apex in terms of players or viewers.I don't even want to defend this shit, nor do I play it myself since like the first season, I'm just offended how deluded you people are.

>>520817053>and dead a month later...And then brought back to life once they handled the reins and actually started updating the game.Apex is still insanely popular. 4.9 mill views in a week for their new legend coming.

>>520837257>he doesnt own an ssd whose sole purpose is having warzone installedngmi

I stopped caring by the time they added the electric bitch and the map changes, is the game still good? Loba looking kinda cute

>>520829825>no one drops rig or map roomthats just wrong user

>>520817053Hero Shooter+Battle RoyaleTwo massive trends collide

>>520817053Just play Titanfall 2 instead

>>520838043and create the best shooter in a decade

The OP is correct, the game flatlined immediately after release.If you play and suffer from sunken cost fallacy, then sucks for you but it's how these games go.

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>>520838852>best shooter of the decadePfft

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>>520817053it's the zoomer gaming equivalent to a one hit wonder

>>520824675loba's tits and ass was the only reason I stayed in season 5 for so long

>>520830943g7 with double tap has like the highest DPS in the game

people were fed up with it because it went ~6 months with nothing but a minor balance update, while there were a lot of issues. it was a cool game though, but normalfags have mostly moved on.

>>520836953Especially since she's actually wrong

Reminder that Re$pawn thought it was necessary to inform you that Gibraltar likes to suck dicks and get fucked in the ass.

>>520840363Also Bloodhound is non-binary for some reason.

>>520840147Dropping 90s on children with shit helmets

>>520840520The voice actor is mtf trans

>>520830110>remove peacekeeper for air drops, but don't buff itit didn't need a buff you retard


>>520840876They did buff it. It's shots are thiccer. I always hit 7-14 with the Eva and 14-32 with the memestick but I don't hit lower than 66 with the peacekeeper. I never understood how people would be like " wtf. Thanks pk."

>>520840985I like the wall hax and girls think I'm woke. Never dropping blood

>>520839232I think you need to take a Triple Take old man, the gameplay is mayhem and Havock. Don't be gay (no offense Gibby) and have sex (I'll be your Wingman). Hope you've started to pick up what I'm putting down, I'm Spitting straight Fire


>>520841370Dangerously based

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>>520841370Go back to plebbit

>>520825183>not going all out just this once for the final teamcome on bro

Quit due to the matchmaking, havent really looked back

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>>520839252titanfall 1 was peak movement + shootershame it was mostly hitscan for pilot weapons but it was fun nonetheless

Gibby is a based faggot and bloodhound is a normal old norwegian lady and I don't give a fuck about some gay tweets

>>520826079pathfinder chads only, have fun fighting while I escape to safety im still playing the game every day OP, having a fucking grapple hook is so fun

>>520843030>Bringing a sentinel to the final 3Yeah ok

>>520844226I found the ratCryptofag here

>>520825035>implying season 1 and 2 are worse than 5

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>>520817053This is why You can't take Holla Forums seriously. The game is still alive, you can get matches within a few seconds. This is just blatant misinformation and the same shit happened with Titanfall 2. It had an active playerbase but any discussion on Holla Forums was crammed with "dead game, no one plays it".

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the main issue was the unlockable contentthe gameplay was and is still 10/10, it's absolutely great all over, but the issue is that you keep playing and unlocking those '''''skins'''' that look like absolute fucking garbage and could be designed by an eleven years oldthey probably had no idea it would get so big and thus weren't prepared on that front, game was obviously rushed (though the base of the game, titanfall 3, was working great) also they tried to go for the woke meme, so, they can burn in hell

>>520822742Same, I enjoyed the game a lot at launch but kind of lost interest when it became the same peackeeper/wingman shit every round. Season 5 still has some balance problems but I'll take being sprayed down by an R-99 and having some ability to react instead of getting oneshotted by the peacekeeper any day. Never put any money into a f2p game but got a month of origin ass and checked out some other games while getting the battle pass. It was a lot of fun and I may use the shekels from it on the s6 pass when it drops

>>520845146Season 1 was legitimately trash. Season 5 is better by virtue of just being more recent and having more content than Season 1. The Battle Pass was so bad they had to patch in new rewards later, Octane is cool but was never game changing, It didn't have a new gun or any map changes, and had the awful Bonus Legend XP system instead of traditional challenges. It was the most stale state Apex has ever been in. Season 2 however I would say was the peak. Hammerpoint and Disrupter rounds were so fun, actual meaningful map changes, Wattson, good Battle Pass, Ranked, multiple LTMs like Solos, overall the best season with Season 3 coming close

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>>520834890It's actually insanely good as a secondary, highly recommend. It drops an unshielded person in 3 body shots or 1 headshot + 1 bodyshot. Slightly more damage than a scout with insane rof and minimal recoil. My preferred loadout is a flatline/prowler to pop their shields then quickly pull out the p20 for a finish

>>520817226I still play it too. Probably not as much until season 6, don't forsee getting past plat iv and the risky 2 update just dropped

>>520844634There are no squads nearby.>Ive been downed


>>520822742plat and ranked in general would be much better if you got more points from kills than placement. Currently weighted way too much towards placement right now, plat+ is just a slog waiting for round 4+ for anything to happen

>>520817053Why does Holla Forums think any game that doesn't dethrone fortnite or league is dead

>>520846347I'm still furious that I quit the game after season 1 since the battle pass was dogshit and I didn't see a future for the game, only for season 2 to come out with the best battle pass and like 10 music packs that can't be obtained anymore.

So it's still worlds edge with some changes?

>>520826079Image Board here. You can post messages anonymously on whatever topic you want. Gotta prove your not a robot first.

>>520817053The only people who clung to it were those still seething over Fortnite and they dumped it when it was clear the game was built around team play.

>>520817053Its very popular in Japan for some reason

>>520848919apparently they aren't done with the map yet or something like that, probably wait and see though

>>520848919It flips between World's Edge and King's Canyon every 2 hours now.

am I the only person that doesn't care about new maps so much as balance changes or new weapons

The Japanese seem to play it a fair bit for some reason.

>>520850017vtubber shilling helped

>>520824675> f2p flavor of the month shooterhas more players than> p2p wall-runner/mech shooter, launching as a sequel to underwhelming first outing and smack dab between the two biggest shooters of the timeOh golly I wonder why, you fucking idiot.

>>520830943>>520832153> triple take> badmaybe you are just bad?

>>520850930Triple Take isn't bad, just leaving an attachment for a Sniper that isn't commonly used while claiming the reason for no new gun for a whole 3 months is because they didn't want the loot pool to be "saturated" is incredibly retarded

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>>520850930on that note>double tap>uselessEVA-8 with it is a warcrime

>>520817053All BR style games will suffer the same fate due to Fortnut. They'll maybe retain a fraction of Fortnut players taking a break to try something different but that's it.

I wish the matchmaking in apex wasnt so fucking deliberately designed to give you strings of bad games+a single good game to keep you playing

>>520845429You need to understand like 80% of people posting here are autistic neckbeard spergs that play weeb games and hentai adventures. This place is inundated with bitter contrarianism and the last gasping cheeto breaths of pathetic pc-master-race console war losers.Nothing here should be taken seriously. No opinions here matter. Most people wouldn't walk within breathing distance of these fucks irl, let alone listen to their opinions on anything.

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>>520839252please post a better shooter that came out in the last decade

>>520851554Oh im not the only one? The bad string of (Insta melted by meta guns) matches do not make the one 10 kill (suddenly the enemy is unaware of you and barely able to keep up) matches worth it. Dosnt help that most people want to drop as hot as possible to get downed and then DC.

>>520819701et was inferior to regular rtcw multiplayer you retarded zoomer. et was slow paced, casualized insta kill garbage everywhere

>>520852024EA consulted psychologists that did a study (probably BS considering the amount of people playing now vs around release) that concluded that gamers tend to spend less time in game if all their games are good or bad, and that getting mostly bad games with decent ones spiced in here and there maximizes gameplay time (and thus potential coin buying)

>nerf R99>introduce CARHow would you react?

>>520852024Ya, I enjoy the gameplay... a bit. Shooting mechanics and abilities are all nice. Kinda everything else about it sucks ass. I can't even count the number of times I have landed only to clear two buildings and not get a gun, only to be roasted by a fully geared squad.I only play this game because my friends do. Normie bastards...

>>520852392Jesus christ. Do you know how close to home that hit me? I play this game exclusively with my friends and when we hit a god awful streak of losses, right when I'm about to be fucking done with this game....we win. A set of good games, and back to chain losses over and over.

>>520850930learn2read retardhe said the OTHER snipers were bad which is why he only takes the triple take as a sniper

>>520853305Yup, really fucks with your motivation to play, doesn't it? As far as I know ranked doesn't have this algorithm at play, but then ranked becomes total shit at plat unless you're really good and don't mind camping

>>520817053I dropped it for good when Titanfall 2 came out on PC.

>>520847175I know exactly how you feel, user. I dropped it in season 1 as well and only started playing again this season, missed so much cool shit.

>>520817053EA paid a bunch of streamer shills at the time. It's still popular in a lot of regions. In mine though, you get randomly shuffled into one of like 6 dead servers so noone can find a match. I jump to Japan just to find games.

>>520819907It's way more popular than Overwatch (which is a 4 years old game to be fair). OW on a good day gets about 30k viewers on Twitch, Apex gets 60k in average.It's still the best online shooter out there aside from the piece of shit servers. Just because they don't have a slave dev farm in China pulling updates every hour like Fortnite doesn't mean it's dead.

>>520817226I think PC is pretty dead but it is by far the best BR. Which means of course it had to die out, since Fartnite and other shitty BRs like Warzone are more popular by low IQ mongrels

>>520833260Bad news user, you'll still need Origin.>t. Battlefield 3 buyer

>>520817053Just DL'ed this and finished the tutorial. Now what?

>>520855694Shiffya cacass and click some heads.

>>520835521my nigga

>>520817480Titanfall 2 dwarfs Apex

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>>520852142People are far more likely to have played ET since it was F2P, but I always strongly preferred RTCW's MP, too. Still wouldn't call ET casualized, that shit doesn't hold your hand like other games. If you're good at ET, you legitimately have skill at FPS mechanics.

>>520817053What are you talking about?Apex is the most played BR in Asia, chnks and nips love this game

>>520855309As long as it doesn't need to be open to run then I'm ok with it. The friends list never fucking works on Origin

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Skill based matchmaking ruined it for me, I get better/fairer matches in ranked than fucking casual matchmaking..it sucks cause it's the best fps battle royale but the amount of sweaty fucking predators that are just in casual now ruins any fun.

>>520859518it's not necessarily SBMM, it's this >>520852392>>520851554

I just want titanfall 3Im so fucking tired of Apex and I play Titanfall 2 nearly every single day but the fact the game's abandoned is really starting to hurt

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>game runs like shit in most consoles and has high PC requirements>THEYRE MAKING A FUCKING SWITCH VERSIONthey cant do it.its impossibleand even if they do there will be crossplay with PC and other console players its not even CLOSE to being fair

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>>520846046Peacekeeper is a care package weapon now. It was replaced with a nerfed version of the mastiff. Wingman also has received nerfs since launch

>>520859518This, the game was pretty fun and I'd play it again if I could, but at some point I truly understood at an unconscious level that the better I get the more painful the game ends up being.Here's a rumor - you know that EA patented this special kind of matchmaking that feeds you wins and losses in patterns in an attempt to get you to play for as long as possible? It being in the game might explain why you get sandbagged with teammates that have trouble moving and aiming at the same time while the enemy is a pred premade.

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>>520856659Yea but the only game mode you can play in tf2 is attrition

>>520856659how's that "steam revival" doing, titanfag?

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>>520817226Legitimately fun gunplay, reminds me of Halo with the medium survivability, high skill gameplay. Absolutely love the movement. Team has a reasonable understanding of balance. Only shooter I play nowadays, besides ror2

>>520861586my game runs almost flawless on my ps4. What console are you using?

>>520856659I enjoy both. Don't get this weird obsession with TF2fags hating on Apex so much

>>520863740Titanfall was literally killed by not being F2P ridden with lootbox, unfotunately to be successful in this genre you MUST be F2P+gacha

>>520817053because Respawn is retarded and refuses to add solos to their TEAM GAEM because its UNHEALTHY FOR THE GAEM and NEGATIVELY IMPACTED it when they tested it back in Season 2.as someone who was there when they tested it i can assure you this is bullshit. solos improved the game exponentially just like the players told them it would. solos was fun as fuck and teams had less quitters.SEE? SOLOS SUCK. OK BACK TO TEAMS ONLY. fuck Respawn and fuck Apex. just another sweaty esports game that forces you to rely on others in order to get a win. and dont even get me started with their shitty fucking SBMM in CASUALS.

>>520864785Either that or enforce a solo queue where nobody in a party can join. But they won't do that, it's obvious EA has got it's dick balls deep in this game.

>>520864390they keep blaming apex for ""killing"" TF3 even though EA wanted nothing to do with the franchise and Respawn literally had to beg for them to finance Apex

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>>520864390/tfg/ and /axg/ had a pretty antagonistic relationship due to the latter trying to hijack the former's threads after the revival and being pretty cancerous like everything else F2P on /vg/

>>520865151It was literally one guy and you retards kept biting his bait.

>spend hours pushing rating in ranked>playing extra conservative and boring>go into quick play to fuck around>its the exact same players and I have to play the same metaWhy is there sbmm in a game with a dedicated ranked playlist?

>>520865719ranked is worse as people are more cowardly in that. nothing but long range andies with evos. so boring.

>>520865719lmao u just want to stomp noobs etc etc

>>520865893>Backpack here! Level 1!

>>520865893No shit, how else am I supposed to get damage badges

>>520852142>RTCW 2001>ET 2003>retarded zoomerI used Enemy Territory as an example of fail in delivery based on server side.Exactly the same thing Apex did.Go eat a cookie, your sugar levels are low.

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>>520866081You say this ironically but sometimes I cannot find a backpack for the fucking life of me and it's the most obnoxious shit

>>520865719>>520865850ranked is built more around placement than kills, so every game becomes a boring shitfest with everyone camped in huts until the last circle when action is forced. Should be weighted heavier towards kills

>>520866159It's ironic, isn't it, once you realize how the game matches you the badge really loses it's meaning.

>>520817053fun for a few hours and then it becomes "die because you didnt find gun" like every other game of this naturethe finding shit element of these games that made them exciting makes them incredibly tedious to play after you've done it for a couple gamesalso the fucking combat is just so slow jesus fuck...i miss real fps games..people think this game is FAST!!!

It's decent fun, got bored of it though and haven't played in a month or two. BRs don't keep my interest for long.Heil Octane.

>>520866363Hey man it's got a grapple...you can use it to go fast but then you gotta wait35 fucking seconds

>>520866289they actually changed it and made it so getting kills is more important than placement, idk how recently youve played. you get points for assists too and get multipliers if youre doing good.

>>520817053It blew up pretty hard during its launch and then they bided their time developing updates instead of hard cashing on it, so that definitely killed it to a lul for the first two seasons.

>>520866471>meanwhile, in a game released 23 years ago, everyone is grappling around at the speed of light with no cooldown

only shooter recently to hold my attention. play it with friends quite often, though we go long stretches of dropping the game for a season or so.the servers are so goddamn bad though, and seem to be getting worse. i don't get it.

>>520817053>>520817226>>520829571>>520835521I work at EA as a full time contracted tester for Apex and it makes me really happy to see a thread for it on Holla Forums. We have a massive building of people committed to testing, balancing and changing the game based on feedback. I have noted a lot of things in this thread and will suggest a few changes going forward! Respawn has some amazing announcements and surprises planned for the future and I am excited for the fans to experience it! Thanks to those who support the game because I started working there 2 weeks before Rona and would be an unemployed bum without you. inb4 post proof. I signed an NDA and won't risk my job.

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>>520866536yeah I know, it should be weighted even more towards it

>>520866471And they massacred the slide-hops and momentum building tricks

>>520866970On the off chance this isn't fake and gayposting, I'm looking forward to seeing what EA has in store. After the absolute fucking disaster that was BFV I would wager a guess that Respawn is working on the new Battlefield which is why TF3 got delayed indefinitely.About Apex, I think it's probably the best playing shooter of this entire gen, with great gunplay and enjoyable movement.However, it's a BR and I fucking hate BR.

>>520854950Warzone is far more fun because of Gulag and being able to respawn your entire squad.

>got my first game of 8 kills today>second highest kill count is probably like 3 or 4Mixed feelings, it was cool but you can just feel when you're matched up with literal kids and it's not as fun to stomp on them

>>520868257>About Apex, I think it's probably the best playing shooter of this entire gen, with great gunplay and enjoyable movement.>However, it's a BR and I fucking hate BR.And that's why Titanfall is the best shooter of this entire gen

>>520817226Me too. Fun game but I wish the characters were less ugly.Just one cute girl, ONE>They have to scar up Wattson because it wouldn't be okay to have a cute white girl

>>520868915It would be if the gunplay was good, everything else in TF is so far ahead of Apex it's not even funny but the shooting kind of breaks it.That, and the Titan/Pilot interaction in MP depending on game mode, where either you have an incentive to simply camp in your Titan until you get bored or you're forced out of it for objectives and then you're expected to sit still to complete them instead of running around having fun with the movement system.

>>520856659titan gameplay is boring pussy shit though which is weird cause when i get in a big fucking robot i want to fuck shit up but then i have to play like a fag?? shit gameplay honestly apex is way better

>>520869425>It would be if the gunplay was goodHow the fuck is Apex's gunplay any better? They're almost identical

>>520869632>i want to fuck shit up but then i have to play like a fag??Then how about you play a nonfag titan?

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>>520817053new map killed it desu (plus dumbing down movement options like bunny hopping for some reason)was a lot of fun tho

im japanese player.probably reason this game almost dead in west is you guys are so selfish.even if you are very good player,hard to win on 1vs3 situationwe like to work together and play a role.sorry for bad english and rude.

>>520869672They're really not, TF has random spray patterns and absolutely gigantic hitboxes for hitscan weapons to account for console players trying to aim at flying players.Most TF fights involving hitscan is just hosing people down in 0.2s as soon as they get into your LoS from the hip unless you're using an LMG in which case you're playing it wrong.Apex has fixed patterns for recoil and players have more health along with no regen which makes gunfights way more fun.The most fun to use weapon in TF2 is the Wingman Elite because of this, but using it really puts you at a disadvantage.

>>520869672TF2 has a problem with hitscan weapons not being balanced very well. They're just too good and have few drawbacks, especially at range.Basically the only flaw TF2 has whereas Apex has projectile based weapons across the board to my knowledge.

>>520870050>TF has random spray patterns >source: my assAlso proof that the hitboxes are different compared to apex?

>>520870086>getting stomped on by CAR noobsThat sounds more like a (you) problem

>>520840363Puttin a rubbah on my bruddah!

>>520817053no titans

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>>520870357>Be respawn>Make an elegant and smooth movement system that puts Evey other fps to shame>Add several weapons that take advantage of this and vastly change playstyle>Fuck it all up by adding an SMG that starts unlocked and can outperform nearly everything to the point that shitters just use it forever

I play support and defense:Lifeline, Wattson, Gibraltar, and Loba

>>520817053>What the fuck was Apex?EA killing another series trying to join in a cash grab movement that was BRs. The whole game is recycled assists that were going to be used in TF3

>>520869905>play scorch once>don't do very well and go back to northstar>decide to play him on a whim>I am become death, the destroyer of pilots

>>520870287I can't provide proof, but I remember testing by shooting at walls way back.There's also something funny about recoil and hitboxes while ADS.Try shooting at somebody across the map with the Alternator while ADS, you can't hit shit.Now do it from the hip and every shot lands.Or Alternator noobsR97 noobsR201 noobsFlatline noobsSpitfire noobsAll weapons in TF are balanced, some are just more balanced than others.

>>520870943Also meant to reply to this chucklefuck>>520870357

>>520870943>I can't provide proof, but

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>>520871190In that case please provide proof to the contrary.I'm willing to accept that I'm wrong if you do.