>I am a monument to all your sinsWas it autism?

>I am a monument to all your sinsWas it autism?

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>>520816892>>I am a monument to all your sinsshould be a lot bigger then

>>520816892It was a line that Jason Jones thought sounded cool

>>520816892you making this thread repeatedly is a monument to all your autism


Christ already died for our sins, this thing is a false god.

>>520816967it is cool

>>520817096It is, yea. All of those JJ lines are great, and are part of the spice that made classic Halo stand out.>The cable. I'm going to cut it.

As are our faults, so are our triumphs.

>>520816892>remastered versiondo zoomers really?

If humans =/= Forerunners, why would Gravemind say he is a monument to humanity's sins rather than the Forerunner's?

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>>520817074Christ took a weekend off for your sins at most.

>>520817096It would be cool if it made sense in context, but it doesn't, he isn't, and so the line is pure fucking cringe.

>>520816892Self-fellation. He was saying to Chief and Cortana that he is the galaxy's reckoning cometh to reap and rape.

why did he go full ME EAT YOU RUUUAARGH in 3?

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>>520818087>>520818098W-who do I believe?

>>520818087Makes sense to meHes amalgamation of tons of dead corpses and shitAnd also he survived basically the genocide of the entire galaxy, thats a pretty big sin even if it was for a good cause

>>520817631Cause every Halo retcons the lore and only now do people start to give a shit

>>520817631Even if humans were forerunners, how is gravemind "a monument to their sins"?

>>520817421Do zoomers really what?

>>520818357Forerunners inadvertently, indirectly made the Flood by trying to destroy their creators, the Precursors. That is the sin, and the resultant Flood and the destruction it caused is the monument.

>>520817631He could mean you as in all lifeforms that arent the flood

>>520818087He's referring to the entire forerunner race when talking to John at that point isn't he? Since the Gravemind doesn't exactly restrict himself to modern speech patterns or consider individuals in the same way, being he's a collective of his species, it makes some sense to refer to another as a piece of it's entire species from his side

>>520818332I haven't read a book other than the ones that covers the events before 1 and between 1 and 2 or played a Halo past ODST. What is the scoop on this? The GM survived the ARK firing?>>520818538The forerunners had forerunners? boy am i glad i dropped this.

>>520818345Aren't all retcons post 343 takeover though?

>>520818610Idk if he did or not, but the flood had to have survived the firing otherwise they wouldnt be in the games at all

>>520816892Basically, the line is kino because it gives Chief confidence that the Flood are totally beatable because the species is controlled by a 13 year old edgy school shooter

>>520816892No, it was plagiarism.

>>520818692>>520818610All of the Flood present in the games came from the rings. Flood samples were kept on the rings for research, but broke out for various reasons such as Covenant invasion or failures on the part of their Monitors.

>>520818332>Hes amalgamation of tons of dead corpses and shitHow does that make him a monument to sin? It makes no fucking sense. The writer was randomly struck with something that sounded poetic as fuck and he forced ot into a context that makes no fucking sense because rule of cool.

>>520818610>The forerunners had forerunners? boy am i glad i dropped this.Not only that, but the Forerunner's names for their themselves was literally "Forerunners.">>520818692I think he means the smaller Halo 3 ark, not the giga Ark the forerunners used to purge Precursor space.

>>520818873Murder is sin."I am a monument to all the people you've killed."

>>520818692The rings killed all sentient life. The rings and other forerunner constructs preserved plenty of nonsentient dna and even flood spores for research and eventual reseeding of life into the galaxy for the non-flood entities

>>520818538Was this in H3? Fuck me this sounds stupid.

>>520818686The game Reach was was a somewhat massive Retcon

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>>520818951>>520818852And so since they survived they became a big threat once againThus, a monument to the sin of keeping them around

>>520818996I believe it was hinted at in some Halo 3 terminals, but extended lore stuff like books and some of the 343 games go into the ancient history more.

>>520819032even ODST retcons the full destruction of New Mombasa after Regret's slipspace jump

>>520818172he was playing a long con with cortana and got really fucking mad when it backfired

>>520818996I'm pretty sure it's in a book from after bungie left Halo to M$

>>520818996Nope, H4

Just beat Halo 3 again after nearly a decade, and I have to ask; what was Truth's plan? Did he really think the Rings would bring salvation/ascension, or was he actually just planning to wipe out the galaxy?

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>>520817096I even think about the achievement a lot. Probably because it took me a while

>>520818919>people only die to murder>flood can't highjack living organisms>flood came to exist because murder is evilFuck you're stupid, and reaching hard.

>>520816892No, autism was "To war"

>>520819257he snapped and started to believe his own lies

>>520818873The flood were freed by the humans and covenant fighting each other on the halo ring, raiding a forerunner research base they thought contained weapons

>>520819273also>all your sins>murder = all sins

>>520819257The change in voice actor makes it hard to tell. Halo 2 Truth would be the kind of guy who would actually lie about not finding the Ark, to keep himself eternally in power over the Covenant. Halo 3 Truth was high off his own supply, and sounds like an actual religious zealot.

>>520819257Truth wanted to light the rings because he thought that would bring them salvation

>>520819632That's actually exactly how I felt about it, too. In 2, he seemed like he was smart and manipulating things so he came out on top, like when he let Mercy get murdered by the Flood. But in 3 he sounds and acts like a total nutcase.

>>520819257he was just nuts because the knowledge of the nature of the rings and about humanity was already known pretty well because of the ai that was in the forerunner dreadnought

>>520817631Well, Humanity helped make the Flood what it was. The Precursors (who came before Forerunners/Humanity) got BTFO by the Forerunners because the Forerunners were salty that the Precursors had named humanity their successors. The surviving Precursors decided to reduce themselves to a Bio-Organic dust and wait to re-assemble themselves once all the aggro had blown over. They stored this dust on automated spaceships.One of these Spaceships crashlanded on a human planet. Humans found this dust and analysed it and found that they couldnt see anything harmful with it but they found that giving it to their favourite pets (some sort of ancient Rabbit things) made their pets more docile and happy.They did this for hundreds of years until the dust had completely changed the biology of the rabbits. The rabbits then mutated; became necrotic zombie things and infected the Humans who went on and infected everywhere else.So yeah, our Sins mainly involved giving Space Crack to our Rabbits. If that isnt worth a monument I dont know what is!

>>520819794>The Halo 3 story was written by a bunch of guys in the middle ground saying: “I want to do it this way but I can’t explain why, and I’m not sure my idea’s better than yours so I’m just going to defend it loudly.” You know, no reasons why, so it’s just a shouting match. But there’s nothing you can do to resolve things. -Jaime GriesemerHalo 3's writing in general was a complete mess. It was better when Microsoft got directly involved and had Bungie on a leash.

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>Child of my enemy, why have you come? I offer no forgiveness, a father's sins, passed to his son.what did he mean by this?

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Adultery is a din. How is Gravemind a monument to adultery?

>>520819997The issue with Halo 3's writing was that it was meant to be a conclusion game, as in everything wraps up, story be damnedIt's an issue in KH3 as well>>520820082I simply take that as the forerunners adopting humanity to name them as their successorsKind of how like Caesar adopted Augustus to be his successor despite not being related to him directly

>>520820256>The issue with Halo 3's writing was that it was meant to be a conclusion gameThe issue with Halo 3 was the fact that it wasn't supposed to exist in the first place. Bungie wanted to get done with the series ASAP because they didn't want to work on it. Halo 3, ODST, and Reach were all rushed in a way to work on the next series. Halo 2 was made in like a year because they wasted two of them by fucking with a lighting engine.

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>>520818357He survived the first firing. Forerunners commited the "sin" of nuking the entire galaxy after letting the Flood grow to the point of being a real threat. They figuratively doomed the galaxy through their inaction and then literally when they fired the Halo Array to erase all life on it, but it was all for nothing. The Gravemind did live, and is the proof of the Forerunners' failure

>>520820229The Gravemind virtually molested Cortana with his logic plague tentacles and made her delete her virginity subroutine.

>>520818087It does make sense in context but the context is pretty goddamn obtuse to get. The Gravemind is the sum of all the accumulated knowledge of everything that current infection wave of Flood have consumed. Add to that the mind of the Precursor who was literally able to redpill the most advanced Forerunner AI into defecting that then also got absorbed into the wider flood consciousness then its entirely plausible that the Gravemind speaks eloquently yet in complete abstract

>>520819943None of this is Bungie canon btw

>>520819943honestly they need to de-bloat the lore, get rid of the ancient races except one set of forerunners that may or may not be human, but were responsible for everything good or ill that happened in the past.

>>520820627Thankfully Halo never was a Bungie series after Microsoft purchased the rights.They made Microsoft employees help write Bungie's dialogue for CE, implement EU stuff, and carried the torch to a studio that was originally meant for marketing.

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>>520820516Cortana is not married. Someone who commits a crime is not a "monument" to it. Bill Cosby is not a monument to rape.

>>520820627Well, some of it is. The bare bones of the history is Bungie canon. 343 fleshed it out with their own brand of autism. I mean the whole Forerunner v Humanity then Forerunner V Flood wars were mentioned in the Terminals in Halo 3. You even have Mendicant Bias himself speaking to you via the Terminals.

>>520820256Bruh, KH3 doesnt conclude jack shit

>>520820923I was making a joke, but I also can’t refute your point.

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Im just going to come out and say it but 343s handling of the lore may be complete shit but the Halo Anime series was fucking awesome

>>520816892The Anniversary version of Gravemind looks so disgusting and I love it because of it. Shame the remastered cutscenes are full of lazy shit as well.

>>520820923cortana is married to captain king, you goober

>>520821005Yeah but the precursors, humans that are a separate species and civilization from the forerunner, and feeding space crack to space bunnies is all bullshit made up after bungie left

>>520821359should we tell him?

>>520821306Humouring your headcanon for a minute>noun>voluntary sexual intercourse between a married person and a person who is not their spouse.>voluntary

>>520819997>>520820452TheseAll of the main trilogy games are plagued by developmental drawbacks because of some form of delay or compromise.>Halo: Combat Evolved suffers from copy/pasted sequences, backtracking, and cut content due to the shifts in publishers, game genres and platforms>Halo 2 repeats the problems of cut/unrealized content in the form of fighting waves of enemies in one space and scripted setpieces, and a completely unbalanced sandbox which is absurd on the highest difficulty, because they scrapped their engine two thirds of the way through development>Halo 3 has script issues from trying to tie up the mess that was Halo 2's leftovers, but is one of the best campaigns overall because they actually prepped for development and managed time correctlySay what you want about 343's development habits, but Bungie was as bad if not worse in a lot of departments, and was only saved by being handed a massive amount of cash and being made by people that cared about it even if they weren't always passionate.

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>>520821586Big G mindfucked Cortana into consenting

>>520821648Bungie's halo games can falter due to over ambition and lack of time or polish. That's a better problem to have than 343 just having bad direction and being incompetent.

>>520817074I think the context is different in that Christ died for our sins, framing sinning as something to be avoided when possible and forgiven if not (sins = bad), but the gravemind is a monument, instead marking sins as something that compounds endlessly until finally awesome enough to overwhelm and destroy you (sins = inevitable destruction). Or something.None of the people in charge anymore really give a hot fuck about subtext or even basic philosophy and the original team weren't all that invested in deeper context so I doubt they meant anything other than "spooky cancer worm talks weird isn't trochaic heptameter fucked up haha"

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>>520821280Origins was a pretty good recapping of the events up until that pointThe Duel while being odd in certain decisions (Sangheli culture literally being like japan's, wut), was still a pretty good treatHomecoming was really sad and greatPrototype is /m/ core and one of the first times we've seen an older variation of the MjolnirOdd 1 Out is pretty funny even if it plays hard and fast with loreBabysitter was entertaining for what it is, we don't get much ODST media in the grand scheme of thingsThe Package is just shit.

>>520821648Bungie to me simply felt like a company that couldnt quite fathom how popular its game had become and were unprepared and unhappy with the intense level of expectation and hype that followed. This was most obvious with Halo 2 though you have to accept that Halo 2 also had one of the best console shooter multiplayer experiences that have ever existed.It felt like they were a lot more prepared with Halo 3 in terms of development but still couldnt really decide what direction to take the plot until the last moment.

>>520821905literally soul v soulless

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>>520816892The Halo series as a whole is pure unfiltered autism.

>>520821648>Say what you want about 343's development habits, but Bungie was as bad if not worse in a lot of departmentsBut Bungie still made games that were fun and stories that were interesting while 343 did not

>>520822078>Nu-Guilty Spark in the novelsIt fucking hurts, bros...

>the flood came about because ancient humans fed their dogs flood sporesis this the dumbest piece of lore in video game history? what the FUCK were they thinking with this?

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>>520822035The Mark I is amazing and the fact enough people remember it to have it become one of the not-Lego sets is a testament to how good that short was

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>>520822346>he doesnt give his rabbit the powder that he found in a crashed shipFucking loser.

>>520816892I'd like to see him try and break this guy

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>>520822452You cannot break the broken

>>520822523To quote the man himself>Tycho couldn't break me. No one can

>>5208169764chan is a monument to all our autism.

>>520816892You are the monument to our autism.

>>520822346>Humans were an ancient spacefaring race who fought a war with the Forerunners (and that's the actual name of their race, not just a placeholder title because no one actually knows their name)I guess this technically isn't 343i canon since it's apparently referred to in the Halo3 terminals but MAN I hate this shit

The bear trilogy is good and you can't change my mind.



>>520822452Imagine>Durandal verbally rips apart the Gravemind, and by extension, the Flood's, entire "ideology"I think he'd say something like this:>And then what? After all gets consumed into your collective, what do you intend to do?

>>520822834make 4=Reach=ODST and we have a deal

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>>520817074>immortal son of God>dyingHe did the equivalent of the trick where you pretend to pull your finger off

>>520822346its especially awful because all they had to do was figure out a way to get the extremely pissed off precursor spores into a living thing and thats all they could come up with

>>520822849>what do you intend to doPretty sure the answer is eternal suffering.

>>520819943>post Bungie loreNo thanks shill fagThe Flood will always be an extra galactic parasite of mysterious origins

Im a sucker for High Sci-Fi lore. I know Halo's lore has gone absolutely batshit insane over the course of its history but I cant hate it. I mean when you have shit like the Domain; Space Roads and a species that creates life only because the act of creation gives them the biggest orgasm that they can experience it all just makes me laugh

What happened to the Arbiter? Why doesn't he show up in Halo anymore? Is he dead?

>>520823134he was in 5

>>520823087>Shill fagI was taking the literal piss out of it, autist. Couldnt you tell? Simply knowing about it doesnt make me a "shill"

>>520822701Silentium is probably my favorite science fiction novel of all time

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>>520822035The Duel is funny because of one singular moment>HE'S A DEMON!Also what the fuck were those Hunters that were taller than Wraiths?

>>520823134waging a civil war on his home planet

>>520816892he looks like a messed up uncircumcised dick


>>520816892Why was the dialogue in Halo 2 so much better than any of the other games?

>>520823042And then he'll rip that apart as well.>It isn't a lack of empathy towards other beings that motivates you, no.>It's insecurity. The concept that something could dare rise above you in any sense of the word. >You're not in the moral right, nor wrong. You're just childish.

>>520822035Prototype was fucking beautiful.

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>>520823372>He then dabs and spawns a black hole, WHIRRING the entire Flood into it

>>520823204I refused to play 5 because it looked so bad


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>>520818852but I thought the rings were made to purge all life in the galaxy so the flood would starve to death. What's the fucking point in going that far if you're going to keep fucking samples around?

>>520822849>what do you intend to do?Go to another galaxy to keep eating things.


>>520823837He's talking about the entire universe.

>>520823762They thought they had the samples pretty well contained and the Halo Rings had their own defence and were pretty well hidden. And even if containment failed then all that was infected was the Ring as the Flood wouldnt have the means to leave. Its only when other outside forces come into play that their plan is shown to be really weak

>>520823935Go to another universe to keep eating things.

>>520823762The Forerunners had no intention of dying out entirely. They had some places that were shielded from the ring's effects. They had intended to return to the rings once all the shit had blown over and then properly study the Flood to find an actual effective countermeasure that didnt involve nuking the entire galaxy back to the stone age

>>520824162Wasnt it also because they realized their "Mantle of Responsibility" was a failure due to themnot being able to uphold their ideals. So the Precursors came down and said the Humans will be a better replacement. Forerunners said "No fuck you dad" Then started a war resulting the Precursors going mad bad shit like >>520823674describes?

>>520823837i get they are mad at the humans and the forerunners which makes sense, but i dont understand why they would want to assimilate all sentient life in other galaxys as well. sentient life in their galaxy sure they need the numbers but are they really that pissed?

Well it's not all of them >>520823674Just a few extremely ass mad ones.

>>520824430They became Nihilists?

>>520818570never thought of that way, everything is the same for the flood as long as they can consume it

>>520819257I don't think there's really an answer to this. people reacted so poorly (including me) to the ambition and experimentation in halo 2's story that they essentially pulled a 343 and said "well, just make it real fuckin' simple then, like halo ce".It's too bad too, because now that I'm older I see how cool the things they were trying to do with halo 2 were. I don't feel the same way about 343's ambitions, all the new lore is pants-on-head

>The last Forerunner structure you go through at the end of Halo 3 is the same sort of design as the ones in CE>There's even a secret room that looks like one of the rooms from Assault on Control RoomKino, pure unadulterated kino.

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>>520826898It's supposed to be the same control room, it'd be weird if it didn't look the same.

>>520826898The game definitely had its moments

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>>520829107Were it so easy...

>>520817096He's a hack

>>520826898I like that book end irony of MC needing to fire the ring while 343 didn't

>>520827939It would have been easy to just go with a new design, like with how the other forerunner structures looked in 3. But the hallways with the white arrow indicators look very distinctly CE compared to the rest of the game.

>>520816892Anyone else find the Proto-Gravemind to be much creepier?

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>>520829442Come up with a cooler line for Gravemind to say, GO

>>520819131This wasn't really ever a big point of contention, it is a bit disappointing though

>>520829871Can't find a great picture but the one in CE's original graphics looks like something straight out of Silent Hill. The way it strips away 90% of Keyes' features and turns him into a meat sack is horrifying. That effect is definitely lost in the Anniversary graphics.

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>>520829871Yeah it's probably because you can still see the shapes of the bodies that it's composed of.With a full-on Gravemind the corpses are already dissolved into goo

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>>520822010OG halo actually had a lot of biblical references, so it wouldn't surprise me if they were being philosophical with it. And the gravemind being a monument to sin makes a lot of sense, being a sign of Humans/forerunners failure to contain it in both the present and the past. Sin is ultimately failure, doing what is wrong, so it makes sense. Failure = spawn of a gravemind. This of course is also ignoring the fact that the Gravemind/flood in general is an amalgamation of sentience, so it could in a more literal sense be an embodiment of the evil of mankind/other ayys.

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>>520816892>>520817263>>520818098>>520818332>>520822078What's with this sudden massive surge of reddit-tier faggots pretending these games ever had a good story? It feels like when people start to realize a series has zero fucking redeeming qualities besides shooting shit they start to pretend they cared about other shit like the story or the art. Sometimes they even pretend that the story was good the whole time and was the reason for the game being so popular. Look at any thread pre-2008~ and EVERYONE is shitting on Halo's story, even Halo fans were saying "the story was shit but the game is fun". This was early 2000's consolefags too where they had zero fucking standards and no expectations for a compelling story.I see this a lot with other games too. In the DOOM 2016 and Eternal people started to pretend the new stories were shit compared to the older ones (as if you can't fucking skip the cutscenes anyway) and the stupid ass preface wall of text from the classic game was better. Back when crysis 3 came out people started to pretend the story for it "ruined" it and the older games somehow had a better story and characters. Same goes for Tomb Raider, Destiny 2, Call of Duty, Borderlands, even the god damn Battlefield games that started as a multiplayer only series has these retards.Go read a book you stupid fucks

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>>520823262Hunters are a bunch of smaller worms forming a large creature. They can form multiple size units.In fact, the scarabs are actually the same hunter worms, just plated in a bunch of armor and tech.

>>520830962>Go read a bookokay, lol

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>>520831262Ok cool. Halo games still have shitty writing.

>>520830159ce anniversary looked so fucking bad and i bought it at launch for full price

>>520818172Gravemind was only using Chief/Arby to stop the rings from firing and killing his hivemind again. Once this is done, he just wants to CONSOOOOM

>>520822010shut the fuck up idiot they just made him say that because it sounded cool

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>>520830732>on on my ring.

>>520830962its not that it was ever good but that it had good moments between the garbage and they built such a massive universe without ever attempting to make it above average


>>520831598Thats actually the fake out. It survived the last firing, whats another 100,000 years? His actually goal was to take In Amber Clad, flee on it to High Chartiy, and create an army.

>>520819943>One of these Spaceships crashlanded on a human planet. Humans found this dust and analysed it and found that they couldnt see anything harmful with it but they found that giving it to their favourite pets (some sort of ancient Rabbit things) made their pets more docile and happy.>They did this for hundreds of years until the dust had completely changed the biology of the rabbits. The rabbits then mutated; became necrotic zombie things and infected the Humans who went on and infected everywhere else.

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>>520830962wew lad

>>520831525It is literally just an asset flip of Halo: Reach put on top of CE's framework (and not even done very well). It's amazing that they were allowed to charge full price for what seems like a total conversion mod you could get for free off ModDB.

>>520830962Second in from the right is literally just the dude from Tokyo Drift

>>520831598>Gravemind was only using Chief/Arby to stop the rings from firing and killing his hivemind again.Halo Target sentient beings, things that have feelings, the Inferi sententia doesnt have feelings.

>>520832404Yeah but he's still going to be killed if the rings go off, just indirectly.

>>520830962>Go read a book you stupid fucksShut up quentin

>>520832404nope, it's anything with a nervous systemso combat forms, graveminds, and key minds all got blown up to smithereens

>>520831790Unfortunately that happens to anything with a turbo-sperg fanbase. Look at MLP or any nintendo game, hell look at fucking Sonic the Hedgehog. Do you know how many Tolkienesque fanfics there are for MLP that are over 300,000 words long? It will make you want to gouge your eyes out.Halo's story fucking sucks. It's annoying as hell when I see these redditors bring up the story as the #1 complaint with the 343 games and completely drown out other shit like campaign map layouts, AI, and pacing stuff. It obfuscates any of the legitimate issues people have with them in favor of this bizzare pissing contest over which turbo-sperg is best at pretending the shit stories are deeper than they really are. ----> >>520822010 >>520820082 >>520820256

>>520832901>anything with a turbo-sperg fanbase.So every game on Holla Forums?

>>520832486He would not be killed if the rings went off. The rings have ZERO effect on it. The plan is to cause the physical destruction of Halo to cause the graveminds physical destruction.The Array kills the flood food so robots and shit can go out and kill the rest of the flood. With no way to produce new flood you can eradicate the galaxy with physical destruction. The Flood that exists on Halo, the infection forms, and it's facilities for study had been there since the last outbreak. They dead dont die unless you physically destroy them.

>>520832901honestly yeah, it is annoying as fuck to see threads criticizing 343's game design devolve into autistic shitflinging fights about the fucking lore of all things

>>520832764Thats where youre wrong kiddo.Google Does Halo kill the Flood.Sentient life only. It doesnt target dead things without feelings. The infection forms that started the outbreak on 04/Delta were there since the last outbreak.

>>520833348>The plan is to cause the physical destruction of HaloThat was Cortana's plan to take out the Flood on the Ark, yes. But the Gravemind temporarily teamed up with Arby 'n' the Chief to stop Truth, because Truth wanted to fire ALL the Halos, which would wipe out all of the Flood's food and starve them.

>dabs on bitchicant bias>dabs the flood>I do not expect an easy fight – just one I cannot lose.

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>>520833150/v/ is full of a different type of turbo sperg. Holla Forums are the spergs that achieve nothing in life. Holla Forums just complains and intellectually jerks off. Meanwhile Nintendo spergs create insane shit like super accurate emulators and entire game remakes (Just read about how ubershaders was made).

>>520833584>without feelingsyou keep saying this, are you sure you know what it means?

>>520833702Where is he now?

>>520833584Higher levels of flood are sentient. The remaining floor spores/infection forms were from containment areas made too study the parasite.The Rings kill off most life and this likely includes higher tiers of flood, flood spores would survive though. Regardless, it would be impossible for the flood to survive that long even if it didn't kill them, hence why the Halos "Starve them out"

>>520822959athiest cucktard seethes

>>520833750You're an idiot.Etymology is fucking simple.

Attached: sentientyoufuckingidiot.png (684x568, 30.45K)

>>520833685While you're not wrong it doesnt change anything I said.The goal of stopping the firing was MUTUAL to both parties. OBVIOUSLY.

>>520816892God Halo 2 story fucking sucked. How was I expected to take fucking Little Shop of Horroes monster seriously? Almost every line of rhyme he spouts off has no fucking payoff, it's just cringey shit they though sounded cool. Cortana just pulling the name Gravemind out of her ass makes me laugh every time.

>>520818345This, even in Halo 1 they say the Covenant just think Halo is a super weapon, yet in tow they think it's a gate to heaven. Bungie was literally just making shit up as they went.


>>520834357>Almost every line of rhyme he spouts off has no fucking payoffbut inscrutable aliens must always rhyme



>>520834685Sentience just means something that can react to outside stimuli. Its an extremely broad term that gravemind easily falls under.

>>520834685The Gravemind can get angry, didn't you play Halo 3

>>520834558>the Covenant just think Halo is a super weaponNo they dont.They have no idea what it actually is. They consider it a tool of ascension. They think the Forerunners used it to ascend to some higher plane of existence, not off themselves.The prophets refuse to believe Halo is a weapon straight up until they die. Did you pay attention at all?

>>520834357The funniest part is how tartarus is sent to activate Delta Halo while one of the Prophets is simultaneously headed towards earth (within its kill zone) Braindead writing.

>>520833702After the Halo array was fired:>It is best that our crews perished now; because the battle that is about to ensue would have driven them mad.Coolest AI

>>520834685Sentience does not imply feeling you fucking idiot. Sociopaths/Insane people who do not feel things are still sentient.

>>520834164ESL, maybe? The nuance of "feelings" and sentience generally don't always imply the same thing. "To feel" and "feeling" can have very diverse meanings, and when someone describes an entity as sentient, they probably don't simply mean one of those ranges. When you say "has feelings" you are using a colloquialism (whether you realize it or not). While one would assume that something with feelings would also be sentient, it does not necessarily stand to reason that the reverse would be true. So, for a native English speaker, "having feelings" would be an awkward or unnatural choice of words for describing sentience. I hope that helps!

>>520833584>Halo array doesn't kill beings that don't have feelingsSo you're saying that I'd survive the Halo array? Cool

Attached: download.jpg (637x358, 23.74K)

>the flood are not sentient>>The Gravemind (Inferi sententia,

Attached: 1561682817442.jpg (428x424, 16.04K)

>>520835405>>520835323sentience refers to being able to perceive, feel, emotions from a subjective standpoint.Sentience is separate from perception and thought.If you dont get it I feel bad for you

>>520836104You are making up your own standard for sentience. Stop coping. Psychopaths and sociopaths are sentient, they cannot feel emotion.

>>520835323>Sociopaths/InsaneBeing a sociopath is not being able to understand others feelings. Not that you dont have feelings. What the fuck are you even getting at? Did I ever say sociopaths arent sentient?fucking el em ayyyyyyy OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

>>520836104You contradicted yourself dude, just stopLook at the definition that you posted>>520834164>Sentience is separate from perception>pic you posted said: able to PERCEIVE or feel things Sentience IS perception, retard

>>520836359I agree with you however that's not a good example to use. Psychopaths and sociopaths do feel emotion, they just have no empathy, or rather when they do its inward empathy rather than outward. So they will genuinely feel sad and cry if they feel bad for themselves but they will never feel sad for someone else.

>>520836359Do some googling. Ive done it. I want you do pull up a definition, something saying youre right.

>>520836581Being able to perceive others feelings.The flood dont give a shit about your feelings, homeslice

the faggot is confusing sentience with sapience

>>520836606So you're saying theyre sentient, if they didnt feel things they wouldnt be sentient.Thanks man

>>520837030Ive been trying to remember the word and thats it.You get it.

>>520836712Ok fine, but the gravemind can still feel things. It is an intelligent creature once it reaches that state.

>>520822959Imagine coping this hard.

>>520830732I thought it was referring to how it was made of all the biomass of fallen Covenant and human soldiers, fighting over a lie. Though I guess the Gravemind on Installation 05 had been around long before either factions arrived, so it doesn't really make sense.

>>520822959He went to hell to not just suffer for your sins, but EVERY single person's sins all at the same time in the space of 3 days and 3 nightsI know I wouldn't want to drink the cup that he drankAlso, get saved:youtube.com/watch?v=pSxegwiYLEQ

>>520835120>Earth within its kill zoneis that true?

>>520817631He's talking about the sins of the Forerunners. They chose humanity to succeed them, so they've inherited those sins, like everything else the Forerunners left behind.In Halo 3 he even tells Chief "I offer no forgiveness. A father's sins passed to his son."

>>520822035I'd watch a Odd 1 Out Spin-Off series.

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>>520837462Thats where it's weird. The gravemind is actually the Primordial. It's sapience survived, it's intelligence, experiences. It's sentience did not.It's intelligent enough to express anger, it has that experience to express, but it doesnt actually feel it, at least anymore.

today I pretended someone was interested in me explaining the story of Halo 1 though 3 to them so I paced my house talking aloud as if I was telling them.what the fuck is wrong with me

>>520829909I am a sneed to all your feed


>>520839945>so I paced my house talking aloud as if I was telling them.I do the same thing except when thinking about plot shit that bugs me in stuff I like


>>520833702Absolutely the most based character in the original trilogy, and the best part of Halo 3's story

>>520839945I've done that, just the other day I gave an explanation about who pic related is to nobody in particular when I was alone in my apartment

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>>520838104Yes. Both gravemind and truth are supposed to be cool and calculated intelligent villains based on their dialogue and voice acting yet they're both retarded and constantly do schiz retarded shit. Laugh about villain cortana all you want but at least her actions make sense.

>>520839945I did something similar when explaining some stuffthey were a bit surprised when they learned that spartans where already a thing before discovering the covenant and that the covenant had a few race wars

>still caring about halo after bungie dropped it

>>520841385>ever caring about haloThere's a reason mcc is dead despite working pretty much 100% on PC nowHalo has always been a shitty overrated series. Play a real arena shooter babies.

>>520841605Arena shooters are dead, get over it gramps

>>520826405>mutts are illiterate retards with shit tasteshocking

>>520841668Just like halo. Get over it zoomer

>>520841605Based, but bluepilled.FPS's are the worst genre on the face of the earth - to play an FPS is to allow dumb yourself to dumb yourself down in order to """""enjoy""""" the most mind-numbing, rehashed, low-effort genre in the world. To call one FPS the best and to call another the worst is to effectively say the same thing when they're all the same garbage with a different name. Booms and zooms need not apply, I'm factually correct.


>>520840915>Ditch the Mjolnir because "muh solidarity" when he would be factually more useful to his threes with it>Oh and it has shields>Dies

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>>520819257He wanted to wipe out the galaxy.>but that secret dies with all the rest

>>520841668Quake has annual competitions, a pretty small but lively competitive scene, tons of modding etc. Halo doesn't have anything. Dead. Console trash

>>520841764I am though, did you not read my original comment or are you just looking for an excuse to shitpost?>>520841884Nobody cares about Quake, even fucking nu-doom is more popular than Quake.

>>520838526Wellll.Humans came into contact with Precursor dust aboard automated ships, deemed it harmless, and produced docile behavior and some physical changes.A few centuries of use later the animals they used the dust on mutated physically into the flood, killing it's host. The flood then is thought to have retreated out of the galaxy.Humans began trying to deal with the infection. Humans, Forerunners, the prophet race of aliens, had mingled and lived peacefully. When the outbreak occured Forerunner ships were infected, the humans opted the just destroy the ships without warning sparking a war between the Humans and Forerunners. Initially the Forerunners thought the Flood was a ploy, it wasnt until they came into contact with it that Forerunner leadership knew it was real. The general population considered it a diversion from Humanities true intentions of war.After a bit Humanity came in contact with the Primordial, which they learned the Origin of the flood, that the Forerunners fought a war thousands of years prior against a race that chose Humanity to lead them, despite nurturing the Forerunners into what they were. The Forerunners felt slighted.Forerunners attacked Charum Hakkor, the center of the Human empire and found the Primordial. The Primordial was eventually killed, deemed no one worthy of the mantle, and that all would be one with the flood, in harmony, or something. It's conscience merged with the flood groupmind, the groupmind using the little processing power the dead have, together, to work in unison. When the Primordial Merged, it gained control over the groupmind, making it the Gravemind, or something.tl;dr Humans are responsible for the capture of the last of a species at aroune 100,000 bce, annihilated, by the forerunners millions of years prior, and then millions of years later, found by the same species, and then killed, with no help from anyone. A sin on everyones part.

>>520841785This, but for fighting games.Halo 2 had button combos and shit that at least added a decent skill gap. Halo 5 too, the rest of the series is low-skill ceiling normie trash.

>>520841764>10 year olds that grew up with CE are now 28-29What's even the starting point of boomergroomerpoomgoombler? Mid-30's?

>>520841805I think somewhere it was stated he was slowly being infected by the flood and either said fuck it, delete everything, or thought maybe the ring would save him

>>520842083lemme 3sk your ass.

>>520842071Wasn't there infected human cults that would kidnap people, force feed them to the brim, then eat them alive in the very very early stages of the Flood infection

>>520841785> to allow dumb yourself to dumb yourself down

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>>520842583I imagine a lot of weird shit went on during the centuries of use.Sounds like some dead space.

>>520842118>implying they're the ones posting on Holla ForumsThis thread is all Halo 3 kids. They will never relive that young happy impressionable era in their life and no game will ever be as exciting to them no matter how much better it is objectively to this trash. CE chads actually understand their tastes and understand why they like the things they like.

>>520833702>that part when he describes how mendicat bias was reduced to screeching asshurt when the rings were fired

>>520818873You retard. The flood/Gravemind are part Precursor. Who were wiped out previously by the forerunners and have now come back to bite them in the ass. So in the greater context of things, it makes perfect sense

>>520833702Holy BASEDMost based character after the Shipmaster.

>>520839945I do that shit all the time, though not with HaloI write; sometimes the explanations are brainstorming, but a lot of the time it's just whatever I've been reading about lately

>>520841798Kurt's Mjolnir was older and didn't have shields

>>520822035>The PackageWhat made it shit again? I forgot.

>>520843318See for yourselfyoutube.com/watch?v=cPkVOqa0DXM

>>520843318It's hype anime shit, not halo at all.Knowing that I had fun watching it.

>>520837707>God sacrifices himself to appease himself in order to save humanity from himself, because despite being all-powerful, he couldn't simply forgive and just not send the majority of his creation to hell without a blood sacrifice

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>>520841798He would have died anyways, he was left behind so that the rest of the team would have time to escape before he detonated the nukeAlso the SPARTAN III's needed as much moral as possible, seeing as how they were basically discount SPARTAN II's, which were already disposable soldiers. So he wanted to give them hope by wearing their type of armor.

>>520819131 Been a long time since I played it. What did odst change?I know reach royally shit all over every book Erik Nylind wrote, but I can't remember much of what odst dicked.

>>520843592does this imply how vadamy became the arbiter, did these niggers not even play halo 2

>>520843923I think it's a different Elite, but even that doesn't make much sense since we saw who the Arbiter was before Thel.

I played Halo Wars again today and I realized that these 3 weren't even 21 during the events of the game.

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>>520840924where's the source

>>520842071Yeah, I don't take 343's shit into account. I'd rather think about the trilogy and its lore in a vacuum.

>>520843592>>520843601So it's just not Halo, both in terms of lore and execution?I figured it was just unsalvageable. I vaguely remember Legends and didn't really remember anything EXTREMELY BAD about it.I figured

>>520843592The only thing that really pisses me off about this is how young Halsey looks.

>>520844076Is Halo Wars supposed to be super hard? I got to the mission were you need to protect those 3 planes carrying civilians to safety and I only just barely got 1 of them out.

>>520819943If Humanity did all that then why the fuck did Forerunners decide for humanity to be their successors?

>>520844916A lot of people had a really fucking hard time with that mission. I played it on normal and didn't think it was so bad.

>>520844916>>520845212The only mission I got filtered on is the one with the super scarab. The rest of the game was a breeze

Campaign should just be removed entirely from these games. Lore spergs need to fuck off.

>>520841785Third person shooters are worse. It's the same thing as a first person shooter but you have to stare at a man's ass the entire game.

>>520844530Cryptum came out in 2011. So it's right around 343i taking over I guess.The gave the flood a reason for consumption other than just CONSOOOM, The Gravemind, Primordial, last Precursor, being the driving force. The Precursors wanted to protect life, they chose humans to take up that responsibility, humans didnt help the last precursor. The Forerunners eradicated that species. Everything the Precursors thought to be true about at least one species, humans, was completely wrong. An entire races philosophy fucking wrecked.I like that at. It's all about presentation.

>>520821110>Bruh, KH3 doesnt conclude jack shitit concludes the Xehnaort stuff but the whole "Box" and "Master of Masters" and Revolver Xigbar is still up in the air

>>520839329I suggest you attempt to get a refund from whoever it was that failed to teach you english.

Don't mind me just posting the most based character in Halo

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>>520845212Is it even possible to save all the planes? One seemed to always die regardless. >>520845307I keep beating missions, but with dogshit scores.

>>520843864Halo 2 made it appear Regret's slipspace jump wiped out the entire city, ODST tweaked it so the jump wiped out part of the city and the rest got fucked by the end of ODSTs missions.

I'm just going to say it. Halo 2's gameplay on heroic and legendary is dogshit. CE is difficult and fun on those settings. The only good Halo 2 levels are the ones where you play as the Arbiter. Halo 2 invented console multiplayer (inb4 some autistic sperg) and it has its rightful place in history. But the gameplay on some of these levels is garbage compared to CE.>Weapon strength greatly reduced >Every gun is now a peashooter >Die in less shots>No health packs>Significantly less ammo further exemplifying that your guns fucking suck compared to CE>Enemies can one hit melee death you

>>520847482>Enemies can one hit melee death youWhy the fuck was the melee from enemy elites so strong?


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>>520847482They understood it was a casual console shooterI still haven't played 2 though so I can't say shit

>>520833702Halo 3 terminals are tragic short story kino and full of great lines.>I'm not so foolish to think this will absolve me of my sins. One life hardly balances billions. But I would have my masters know that I have changed.And you shall be my example.

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>>520848269Part of the brilliance from Bungie was shrouding everything about the Forerunners and Flood in mystery

>>520847668Every Halo game is designed around and tested on Heroic and then down/up-scaled to easy/legendary appropriately. Halo 2 was designed around easy and was never tested on legendary.Elites can rapid fire their plasma rifles and kill within 6 shots, this means a TTK on full health Chief of UNDER ONE SECOND with a gun that is essentially hitscan at closer ranges. There are dozens of unavoidable deaths scattered around every level, completely RNG checkpoints. There's a section on Regret where you NEED to die 6-7 times in a row in order to get the good AI spawn that's actually possible to survive. This shit design is made worse by the fact that half of the game takes place in tunnel environments or small rooms with little to no cover. You have to know where the enemies are half of the time to make it through an area. Contrast this with CE where you were given time to plan your approach and change tactics on the fly.Bungie sort of understood their mistake in Halo 3, but their solution was just to make the whole game one big gay ass vehicle section.

>>520816892>Can't find H2A BTB matches on pc anymore Feels bad... I can't stand Halo 3's hit reg. Can I get like 10 more people to start a match right now?

lore nerds, this is something i could never wrap my head around in halo 2 - if the outbreak happened before the covenant reached the new ring, how could the flood have assembled a hive mind without the necessary substrate organic material to do so?

>>520849430The gravemind was already present by the time they arrived. The assigned monitor was incredibly incompetent.

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>>520846242no the whole mantle shit is needlessly retarded and jerks off humans way too much given how autistic of a race we are.

>>520816976Based and underrated.

>>520849635this doesn't answer my question

>>520850091The mass may have accumulated after the total containment failure, about 300 years before the Covies arrived.halo.bungie.net/News/content.aspx?type=topnews&cid=13931

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>>520849430Plothole. Bungie has plenty, but people like to pretend it never happened.

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>>520850431accumulated from what?

>>520850725Halo rings have plenty of living species on them, both on the surface and stored in forerunner structures for cataloging/research

Who would win between the flood and the borg?

Remember when gravemind just...died?

>>520849430I think it fed on wildlife, so it didn't get much intelligent minds absorbed into it until the Covies/Humans arrivedBut then again it also had loads of time to think before they showed up, so that probably made it intelligent.

>>520833702I finally read the terminals themselves rather than summaries. Going to drop a few highlights.>Estimated number of citizens evacuated before commencement of orbital blanket bombardment: 1,318,797 civilian/42,669 military (.0006% of total population).>The time for saving lives has passed. We must accept this if we hope to win the war.>It is my opinion that any system where there is evidence that the enemy has established a physical presence is lost and must be razed. >LF.Xx.3273.> {~} understand their actions; they are only doing what they think is right, but they are doing so [from a worm's eye view].(LF is Gravemind, [~] is unclear but it seems to be replacement for 'Flood' or 'Me/I'm' etc at certain points)>L: Something is wrong! It's moving away! At night I can see it - flitting shadows - black against the stars. Thousands of ships! Not spiraling outward, but heading for the line! This is the tipping point, Didact. It's no longer feeding. It's coming for you.>MB: I pound your cities into dust; turn back the clock on your civilization's progress. What has taken you millennia to achieve I erase in seconds. Welcome back to the [Stone Age], vermin. Welcome home. You are an impediment that the universe can no longer abide. Nature itself cries out for your destruction and I am its willing instrument. I will hammer your cities until no stone lies atop another. I will drive your people back into the caves they never should have left.>L:The Mind claims victory, yet it still doesn't suspect. You've outwitted it, my love. And now you can destroy it. But you cannot save me.I genuinely welted up reading Didact's desperate pleas for the Librarian to come home and his reluctance to fire the rings due to finding them abhorrent and not wanting to kill his love, it's heartbreaking, he feels he betrayed himself, his race, his love and the Mantle. Reading the terminals made me more disappointed in Halo 4.

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>>520851129What do you mean? It got onto High Charity via the Amber Clad, crashed High Charity into the Ark, and was blowed up on the Ark when the replacement ring was activated.

>>520842071>>520846242The forerunner books are one of the few sci fi trilogies I wish I could read all over again. The trilogy I read before this is WH40K's mechanicus book but that kinda flatlined at the end, not as good as the first book, but the forerunner trilogy is solid through and through; maybe the 2nd book had too much walking but didn't really drag the other two books down.These two sets are written by old greybeards, probably why I enjoyed them.>precursors proving to be the biggest, most successful troll there is>the primordial slowly changing everything, from mendicant, to original didact, to the universe itself, into serving the flood>librarian had a change of mind, from first wanting to completely erase humanity>countless plans tried and tested by the forerunner leadership>plenty of allusions and references to original bungie games, and microsoft books of the same period>all the didact's old friends had to sold him out>devolved humans had to live in a planet full of stuff forerunners filled to prevent their further advancement>forerunners bringing in all their mighty capital warships in the last few final battles, a single one would've wiped all of current halo covie/usnc etc. fleets combined, effortlessly precursors wiped this forerunner fleet as easy as stepping on snails

Are yo talkin about prometheawns n precuesors n shiet, i got the perfect thread theme for you youtu.be/40IBU6ZyKm0

>ywn play an XCOM-style Halo game that follows a platoon ODSTs through the Human-Covenant WarMicrosoft put me in charge of 343 please. I just pitched a better videogame than anything that 343 has crapped out. Plus I'll make you money so it's a win-win.

>>520821648It's actually fucking hilarious how similar the development of both Halo and Metroid Prime were. Complete and utter fucking messes that produced a masterpiece trilogy.

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>no Gravemind boss>no mausoleum of Flood infected ArbitersFlood go out like such scrubs in 3, its disappointing.

>>520852006>forerunners bringing in all their mighty capital warships in the last few final battles, a single one would've wiped all of current halo covie/usnc etc. fleets combined, effortlessly precursors wiped this forerunner fleet as easy as stepping on snailslmao anime power-scaling

>>520834127>>520837480retard christcucks detected

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>>520852006>most successful trollTruly. That one battle where the Forerunners were baited into bringing their badass fleets, only for the Flood to activate a captured Halo, and then these empty ships were turned as further bait was kino as fuck.Not to mention all the continuous vicious mind rapes the Flood projected into the Forerunner leaderships.

>>520816892It was a line they came up with before they even made the game and they never really managed to justify it.

>>5208515394 doesn't really retcon/abandon any of this though. The terminal videos are pretty good.

>>520852621I do see your point but the galaxy did reset technologically and biologically, at the height of the Forerunner empire they had Dyson Spheres and made the Halo Array, having fuck off level ships doesn't seem that strange to me.

>>520852006>had to live in a planet full of stuff forerunners filled to prevent their further advancementI like this part. The humans had to continually 'sing' certain songs (probably frequencies) from specialised devices to even travel their oceans, otherwise sea monsters would sink them, thus limiting their ability to network.

>>520852439Other than Retro Studios being a complete mess until Nintendo stepped in and Echoes having a very short dev time, what else happened with the Prime trilogy?

>>520852439Yeah except Metroid Prime actually has a good singleplayer somehow. Halo is a multiplayer game first and foremost since CE.

>>520852816I'm more annoyed we saw crazy Didact rather than tragic hero Didact.

>>520852864This. The Forerunners think they're hot shit, making and controlling suns, leeching off microuniverses for their energy, devolving and controlling other beings...then God comes back and stomps them all.

it looks like big maulted dick which is symbolic to how much porn i watchedbut it doesn't make sense for master chief

>This one is machine and nerve, and has it's mind concluded.What the hell does this mean? I see people pretend like they know but everyone gives a different response.

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>>520852570>Gravemind bossI hope they never do this, he's supposed to be the mind of the Flood not a Dead Space boss fight

>>520853112it's cuz chief already knows that halo is a weapon. arbiter doesn't believe it yet

>>520853112Nigga knows that firing the ring is a bad idea. And MC's strength comes from cybernetic enhancements and training.

Is it just me or is Halo 3 absolutely baby mode easy? I played 1-3 in the same week on heroic and I probably died a third as many times in 3 as I did in CE and 2.

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>>520833702Based AI bro

>>520852006I sincerely hope the trilogy doesn't get adapted into games, or anything else. 343 would just oversimplify it.>primordial slowly changing everythingGreat part. Original Didact slowly seeing the universe growing to hate him, Master Builder being taunted by his wife and children's memories being corrupted by the Flood, and the Librarian having to repeatedly reconsider whether the Forerunners should've been completely erased instead.

>>520853515No Elites, no problems

>>520820256>>520821110>>520846638Imagine caring about KH story lmao

>>520853556Yeah, that's probably it. Brutes aren't nearly as tanky or agile, and they're pretty much a free kill as soon as you crack their armor. In 2 especially, it feels like you have to cheese Elites with plasma pistols, otherwise you'll run out of ammo before you even put a dent in them.

>>520852983I think potentially he was going to get a second game but 343 abandoned him as a villain because of reddit complaining about him or something. He's more boring than insane in 4. Just a salty guy that still wants to follow the mantle despite being forever lonely.

What is the most feasible difficulty to reach score and time pars on? Preferably on the same difficulty.

what is even the story of Halo

>>520823087>The Flood will always be an extra galactic parasite of mysterious originsJust like the reapers. Why is stuff always cooler when it's not over explained

>>520854105well that and the one in Halo 4 is not the same one from the Halo 3 Terminals.

>>520854384Killing space niggers and commies

Just finished CE for the first time. Some of the missions were good (Truth and Reconciliation, Silent Cartographer, 343 Guilty Spark and Keyes). But, overall, the game was pretty average. Is 2 better?

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>>520816892No, the only way the flood can spread is through a highly populated species. The flood gains power through people fucking. That's what he means by sin.

>>520816963He's quite fucking big, that's just the brain.

>>520854475I like 2 more, but there were times, especially later on, when I really felt like I was forced to use shitty weapons.

>>520843761>he couldn't simply forgive and just not send the majority of his creation to hell without a blood sacrificeIt's not about the blood sacrifice, it's about taking on the responsibilities of sin. You've probably said things like 'It's God's fault that evil and sin even exist in the first place!' Well, you're right. And so, He came down to live as a human, to take personal responsibility for every single sin that has ever been committed by every single human to ever live, past present and future.>but then why did he sacrifice himself?Because the price of sin is death, and not just physical death, but spiritual death too. Sin and death are inseparable, because to sin is to turn away from God, who is the source of life itself.That's why Christians say that Christ died for your sins, he died and payed the debt of death that sin brings, so that you wouldn't have to.

Why is the arbiter such a docile, obsequious faggot in 3? That's the only part I hated about it.

>>5208544752 is definitely faster paced and less repetitive, which I think are pluses.


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Why did the Ancient Human Civilization jobs so hard against the Flood. Why don't they just ask the Forerunnerniggers for help?

>>520818538>the Precursors.Stopped reading there.

>>520854384Humanity finds super weaponsAlien Religion thinks super weapons is finding Jesus Christ resurrected if he was a rocket launcher.Humanity blows up Jesus Christ rocket launcher because other bad aliens threaten to eat everything.Important military leader gets indicted by the 3 Alien Popes into being a suicide holy warrior but learns the 3 Popes are liars after the try to kill him, his race and the plant from Little Shop of Horrors drop some hints.Space Man that blew up Jesus Christ rocket launcher just tries to not make Jesus Christ rocket launcher 2 go off until he assassinates Pope 1 then Little Shop of Horrors uses Space Man, religious civil war and the assassination of Pope 2 to invade Space Station Vatican. Space Man hitches a ride back to earth then jumps off while in orbit for some reason.Space Man and Holy Warrior then go to Jesus Christ rocket launcher mega that controls all 7 of the other ones and assassinate Pope 3 to kill religion then they blow up Jesus Christ rocket launcher from the first game again to cancel Little Shop of Horrors.

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>>520852948CE campaign is fantastic though. Amazing AI and the guns feel great. Best shotgun in the series

>>520854475Not the campaign on legendary

>>520818773>the line is kinoLook, if you're going to type like a retard, don't expect people to engage you.

>>520854951the forerunners hated humanity because they were going to receive the mantle instead

>>5208544752 has higher highs, but on the other hand the mission structures and level design can wear thin, with many areas in a level looking similar to rooms earlier on (in CE this was only really an issue with the Library and some forerunner rooms in Assault on the Control Room).With the exception of the first level, every mission of the campaign in Halo 2 is a "half-level", so essentially every 2 missions in a row do not have a change of scenery.

>>520819632>The change in voice actor makes it hard to tell.No it doesn't. Why would it, ever? Did you just mention the change in voice actor as trivia? Are you bored, numbnuts?

>>520839945literally mei just talk in my head though

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>>520830962Lol imagine writing all of this

>>520854920>Commit genocide>Realize it was all based on a bunch of bullshit>Get betrayed>Join the people you were slaughteringHe probably wants to be extra helpful to try to make up for the horrible things he did.

>>5208544752 on the higher difficulties can be frustrating. It's clear that Bungie rushed the game out given the poor balancing and worse AI.

>>520854930>"I only wish to express my concern that the Brutes -"What was he going to say?

Attached: 928492.gif (540x230, 2.99M)

>>520820256You're right but please never compare Halo to Kingdom Hearts ever again.

>>520855027Uhhhhh based

>>520853515Game is shit and was designed for children. >Brutes don't charge at all unless naked>legendary health and damage values are hardly even bumped up>80% of the game is a vehicle section >tons of ammo so you never need to swap weapons >brutes only throw spike nades that are completely useless against you on foot>brutes don't dodge roll>enemies don't aggressively search for you when you're cover shooting or popping shots from a mile away>enemies using equipment actually ended up helping you instead of giving them an advantage by giving you cover, distractions, and shelter.Even multiplayer was nerfed hard

>>520855027hearty kek

>>520853515It seems like the easiest one to me, but I ended up liking it the most. I guess I'm a loser.

>>520822452The Farsight Enclaves? I'd like to see them try.

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>>520855027Then what's the story of Halo 4 and 5?

>>520822452So, does anyone know how to unfuck the mouse sensitivity settings in Aleph One? restarting every time you move them is a fucking pain in the ass, and the game feels like shit by default. Hell, I'll use a gamepad if it works better than that.

>>520855798I had the most fun with it too, admittedly. Felt like there were more options rather than plink from behind cover and nuke the stronger enemies with stickies.

>>520822687Oh you know what I hate? 343 GS being just a human conscience in a robot and not a full on AI. That's levels of stupid previously unheard of.

>>520855349...are the niggers of space

>>520823134He tellin' my nigga luke cage 'bout massa chief.

>>520831037>the scarabs are actually the same hunter wormscitation needed

>>520856339You can see the worms in the scarab's weak point in 3.

was he based?

Attached: 049_Abject_Testament_.png (402x345, 143.28K)

>>520856339>Although the Scarab appears to be a traditional vehicle, it is actually a bio-mechanical construct that makes extensive use of Lekgolohalopedia.org/Type-47B_Scarab

>>520832901Jesus, dude, stop replying to yourself. It's embarrassing.

>>520835120>(within its kill zone)It helps when you actually believe it doesn't kill you, but sends you into a higher plane of existence, you dummy.

Only on my latest playthrough did I learn that Brute Chieftans can use Invincibility powerups. I always wondered why those guys were so insanely tanky compared to the other types of Brute. I just assumed that the white glow effect was a visual cue that their energy shield was breaking and they're gonna die soon, but it turns out that it's the complete opposite.

Attached: H3_Invincible_Chieftain.jpg (1536x1152, 156.96K)

>>520853878and then they made Elites fucking super saiyans in Reach. i preferred picking on useless 3 brutes honestly at least it was fun.

Floods aka Precursors are the primordial space incels since time immemorial LMAO

>>520857219They drop the equipment for it if you kill them fast enough.

>>520816976came here to say exactly this

>>520847668It should be strong. Compare that to the brutes in H3 where you just stun lock them with every melee, and you'll never get hit by them either.

>>520847482>CE is difficult and fun on those settings.No it isn't, on legendary at least. It gets grenade spammy and retarded.

>>520848557Some of it was the old movie trope of not revealing the monster until halfway through the movie.

>>520853112Are there people actually this dumb did they just skip all the cutscenes and say it’s shit

>>520857131 Truth knows what the rings really do, he knows the religion is bullshit the entire time. Bungie can't write a coherent story, just look at Destiny. Halo was a fluke that's only held together by the books.

>>520850993The flood spreads more quickly, so they'd form a bond that would eventually default into them. The borg having a queen kind of ruined things for that species/faction.

>>520857863>I told Joe that I didn’t see that in Halo 2. He replied, “It’s when you realize that you’re playing as the Arbiter.” But no, that’s not a plot twist. It just isn’t. I could never convince them it wasn’t. It wasn’t a good reversal; it was just a mechanic that was unsatisfying.Marty said this.

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>>520857219>Use active camo>Sneak up on a chieftan>Try to whack him in the back>He keeps turning to face me, but doesn't attack

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>>520855349are niggers>>520854930rtas/halfjaw based

>>520857623Grenade spam is fun.1hk enemies and rapid fire super accurate elites isn't

>>520857219They are still allergic to back smack in that state


>>520830962>and EVERYONE is shitting on Halo's story, even Halo fans were saying "the story was shit but the game is fun".this is some low effort sorry ass revisionist history if I've ever seen it

>>520854418Funny, they behave more like yokel mouthbreathers with no mind of their own, kinda like you and your cousin/brothers.

>>520857882>Truth knows what the rings really doI never got that impression. I mean, Cortana says in the first game that the Covenant believe Halo to be a weapon, but that's the only time that's mentioned, so I figured it was retconned. Regret definitely buys into the religion in 2, and Truth definitely does in 3, so I don't see why it would be any different in 2.

why does gravemind look like a plant in original 2

>>520855587Uhhhh get the fuck out of my board.

>>520855929Despite only have earth left Humanity somehow managed to become a galactic superpower in 5 years, signally this superiority with the UNSC Really Big.Space Man's been having a nap, his 2D waifu is having computer menopause, then they stumble into a dyson sphere.Space Man pushes random buttons while shooting Still Religious Aliens and Obnoxious Robo-Humans and wakes up King Mad, an alien mad at humanity for unexplained reasons unless you read a book or watch the collectables. King Mad dunks on the UNSC Really Big, Space Man, and some other research base with the Robo-Human Making Machine but it doesn't turn Space Man into an Obnoxious Robo-Human because King Mad's wife has a crush on Space Man despite herself being dead for 100,000 years and Space Man is also the reincarnation of King Not-Mad, King Mad's not evil doppelganger.Space Man Not-Mad then plays Star Fox to chase King Mad, kills him but not really he doesn't until a later comic story, and 2D waifu blows up because robo menopause finally got her.In Halo 5 you play as Space CIA man trying to get Space Man Not-Mad back on Earth who is chasing the Ghost of his 2D Waifu but turns out she's not a ghost she's evil and then the game ends after she takes over the galaxy.

Attached: Master_chief_sucks_at_halo.png (480x355, 109.4K)

>>520817929That's kinda brutal, son.

>>520858028He has your sent, I hear they can smell green camo only deals with the sight of green

mendicant bias is cute

Is there a trick to these guys? They're insanely fucking annoying in Cortana and the only thing I can think to do is plink them with a billion shots from range or hail-mary a sticky age them.

Attached: TLJ_Flood_Ranged_Form.png (360x450, 142.3K)

>>520858339>In Halo 5 you play as Space CIA man trying to get Space Man Not-Mad back on EarthAre you saying Space Man is Bane?

>>520858736You don't get to bring friends.

>>520858694Dual plasma rifles.

>>520858004I thought we were talking about the grave mind quote

>>520858694To defeat the ranged form, shoot at it until it dies.

>>520858694Yeah weak to stickies/fire swords kill in one swing too they also like to change when your up close

>>520858173Whatever you say, faggot.

>>520858694brute shot

>>520858167Look up any thread discussing the story from 2004~ dumb ass lmao.All of you pseud faggots praising the game's story are retarded and LITERALLY r*ddit-tier posters.

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>>520859003Ah, the wit of the master race.

>>520816892It looks like a gay plant

>>520858694rocket launcher

>>520859065are these literally taken from halo2sucks.com? lol

>>520859065So, some idiots discussing it on IGN back then somehow have more clout than some idiots discussing it here now. That totally checks out, you desperate retard.

>>520859220Theirs obviously a effort to make h2 look bad

Rate Cortana.4>2>3>CE>2A>5

>>520859065>The level design was bland and repetitive. I see a room, then I see it again about 20 times until I beat the levelWhat? This was the problem with CE, not 2.

>>5208593132 was polarizing, the campaign was more ambitious than it really needed to be. its kind of why 3 went back to basics.

>>520853112master chief has made up his mind and doesn't have any doubt about what he has come to conclusion to

>>520858339>UNSC Really Bigkek

>>520859292That's just one screenshot. I said EVERY thread. Every single one available online discussing the game from back then considers the story heavily flawed stupid faggot.>somehow have more clout than some idiots discussing it here nowconfirmed zoomer.zoomzooms like you love to fellate the shit out of these games once they reach a certain age so they can look cooler. It's a form of fauxstalgia and COPE. (pic related, it's you). Halo always had a shit-tier story and b-tier gameplay. Halo 2 being the worst campaign in the series by far. In the future we're going to be seeing people praise 4 and 5 in the same way as well it's actually already starting for 4 at least. It'll be hilarious

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>>520859469In CE the rooms are fun arenas. 2 is literally a tunnel for every single mission

>>520859065>level design was bland and repetitive. I see a room, then I see it again about 20 times until I beat the levelthats literally ceim tired of ce getting so much praise, the "expansive" sandbox levels are so overrated and a meme, IT WAS FUCKING EMPTY SPACE, halo peaked at it's most linear and detailed levels

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>>520860181quarantine zone alone is better than any mission in halo ce

>>520860389I don't know why CE has a reputation for being open-ended, the only levels I can think of that are open/non-linear is Halo, Silent Cartographer, and the section where you first get a banshee. The rest of the game (90%) is room->hallway/elevator->room.

>>520860389i agree with most of that but i think the best levels were the ones that split the difference and had multiple large arenas with multiple routes through them and non linear objectives

>>520859065didn't ce repeat like 4 of it's levels but just made it rundown and added flood?

>>520860589i change my position, you are right but i still stand with my sentiment, halo 2 had the better campaign, and that's not even taking halo 2's superior presentation and narrative

>>520860181The rooms in CE are NOT fun, you're insane. Going through identical corridors over and over and over fighting the same 3 types of Flood over and over and over made me want to blow my brains out.

>>520860389CE's repetition came from its textures and models. The actual layouts of the rooms are completely different for each mission. In CE it's a game reskinned to look like a real place, 2 rehashes the same designs over and over again and it feels like a real place thrown into a game with absolutely zero consideration put into how it will play. Tunnel shooter vs Arena shooter.

>>5208594832 introduced most of the things people are discussing ITT, and was a massive success for the xbox. It's probably the only reason why the franchise and the xbox consoles kept going.

>>520860556> boring slow vehicle section through a tunnel> get out and "HOLD THIS POSITION" meme with no interesting paths>get onto gondola and "HOLD THIS POSITION AGAIN EXCEPT EVEN MORE BORINGHoly shit you're retarded as fuck. Did you mean to say another mission? One of the shittiest missions in the franchise.

there is not an fps campaign with more soul than halo 2youtu.be/m378dpCZ_Q0

Attached: Halo The Master Chief Collection Screenshot 2020.05.16 - (1920x1080, 3.83M)

>>520860752>2 rehashes the same designs over and over againwhat levels do this?

>>520860934you don't know what you are talking about

>>520860752>The actual layouts of the rooms are completely different for each mission.You don't actually believe this.

>>520860974>most easily broken game>most unbalanced game>overly ambitious>underdelivered on almost all fronts>still manages to be funyep that's soul alright

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>>520861367this but unironically

3 is a fine game overall but it's really the odd one outThe monument to all your sins lines doesn't make sense because 3 never pays off on most stuff set up in 2 and 1The Arbiter doesn't do shit aside from killing Truth which is honestly literally the only thing he does in the entire gameHe doesn't say shit in or out of the cutscenes aside from a few weird canned lines like "I'm sorry about Johnson dude" because they realized there's no fucking interaction between the twoTruth is a different characterThe new role of the Brutes and the Great Schism is never really elaborated onWhy are the Hunters and Grunts suddenly back on the Covenant side2 sets up the Gravemind as a hyper intelligent ancient horror but then in 3 he doesn't do anything really that smart or competentKeyes really just killed off for no reasonJohnson gets captured like 50 timesNo real fight with the Gravemind, he doesn't even make a physical appearance in 3He just dies off screen3 is literally just the cut second half of 2's story so there's not enough meat in it for an entire gameWithout Cortana talking to the player there's no real narrator for the game so it's just random characters telling you shit and it feels hollowCouldn't you just make Keith David say some shit to you about your objective aside from those 3 lines he says during the campaign ?People blame 343 on retarded lore decisions but this shit is 100% Bungie's faultCombat Evolved despite being a simpler story did tremendous amounts of universe buildingThen 2 greatly expanded on it and even had a story with lots of characters and conceptsThey decided to fill up their universe and have a story but during the final chapter they just gave up on all of i3 just decides to drop the ball and spin its wheels without addressing anything set up in the other two games>Read the stupid fucking books you dumb pigFuck off

Attached: 1586144760210.png (512x512, 175.33K)

>>520860926because of the multiplayer primarily

>>520861523i put some of the blame on the retards who shat on 2's story

>>5208615233 on MCC is actually busted in the audio mixing department so you can't hear most of his lines during the sections he's actually there. Most NPCs that are with you will have scripted dialogue like "your vitals just pinged KIA", but I had to go through on lower difficulties to keep them from dying with the volume cranked to hear anything. You're right there's no interaction outside of cutscenes, though, that's mostly because Chief's got Artyom's problem where he gets stage fright during first person

>>520861523>No real fight with the Gravemindi was with you until then, you can't fight a thing that spreads like wildfire with your shitty pistols. They dealt with it the only way it made sense.

>>520861523Maybe 2 should have sucked so much, huh?

>>520861653Also that, it kickstarted xbl as a service, which shaped the way consoles do online for good or bad. HL2 was a landmark game in many ways, and most people see it as such.

>>520862238*shouldn't have

>>520816892Kill yourself retard

>>520861523>Why are the Hunters and Grunts suddenly back on the Covenant sideBungie did have Grunts that sided with Elites in playtesting but players kept killing them.>Keyes really just killed off for no reasonThis is bad writing but Miranda was bad writing and acting in a character since Halo 2, I can live with her dying.>No real fight with the Gravemind, he doesn't even make a physical appearance in 3. He just dies off screen.Was planned to in the original unfinished Cortana level, for those not aware the level called Cortana in the final game is actually the 2nd half of Floodgate. The original Cortana level was planned to been much more clearly set within High Charity, concepts included fighting in then mausoleum of Flood infected Arbiters, and Gravemind chasing Chief/Cortana as they made their escape on a Scrab piloted by Cortana.>Everything you said about the ArbiterAgreed.A lot of these issues I speculate are due to Joe Staten not being as involved with Halo 3, he was the most notable major player that was missing from that game's production, since he was down in New Zealand working on the Halo movie/Halo: Chronicles but that was a whole other mess.

>>520862174You could've had a sequence where you would've haf to ram him with a pelican to buy time or SOMETHINGThe fucket doesn't even show up

>>520862238>>520862323it didn't

>>520855863Durandal could rape most of 40k if he had his ship

>>520860557What makes CE so good is that the sandbox was so great. Halo 2 has similar AI, slightly shittier weapons (nades suck ass in H2, smg sucks ass, and FUCK hitscan carbines as an enemy weapon), but it's primary problem, and what it truly lacks are good maps. And good map design has absolutely nothing to do with being "open-ended" or "massive" at all. These words are meaningless when making a fun single player map. A map can be more open and STILL be worse than a map that is essentially a series of just tunnels and rooms (imagine making a DOOM wad). Also a big problem with 2 is that even when the game opens up, you still get blocked by dozens of random pillars or some stupid ass car/forklift sitting in the middle of the map.It's hard to explain with just pictures, but just imagine how shittier it would be to just throw a bunch of enemies on top pic, vs how much more fun it would be to do the same in the bottom pic. CE's map design promotes offensive play. You can constantly push/nade/shoot/melee, and when you need to charge your shields you always have cover to peek from while still being aggressive.

Attached: r1wbenbq9hzmaikecjrv.png (1252x1446, 2.85M)

>>520860632Not at all. The only level that repeats is two betrayals technically, however it plays completely different forwards and backwards.

>>520862247>Also thatNo. ONLY that. Halo 2 was only successful because of its multiplayer. Campaign was pure garbage.

>>520861049The Arbiter and The Oracle constantly use the same stupid ass rooms over and over again throughout. The latter being the worst offender.

>>520861523Read the stupid fucking books you dumb pig

>>520862405Not getting the intended Cortana level in the final game is definitely a huge disappointment, mainly for me because of how non-High Charity it felt from just being them salvaging what they could from Floodgate.

>>520863413>you have to read the books for the games to not be so retarded.Fuck you and everyone who thinks like you faggot

>>520862551It did though, that's why things changed with 3.>>520863253This, would have been forgotten if it wasn't for multiplayer.

>>520863108Halo 2 feels a lot like a really bad Custom Edition .map.

>>520816892It made sense before they had retconned the humans=forerunners plot.

If only Truth kept his Halo 2 voice and character. It never truly feels like we defeated that manipulator, due to suddenly being swapped out for Halo 3 Truth who talks like an old senile guy.

>>520863108you said nothing with this

>>520854389Because once an explanation is given it can easily be scrutinized and proven how shitty of an explanation it is.

So... in Infinite, we have to deal with Halo Wars 2 Monke for... some reason?And also apparently Cortana is upset because she never got Chief's chief.

>>520854389because so much of our life is unknown and just theory


>>520839945I do this for Warhammer 40,000Might be an Aspergers thing

Cortana says she has a solution for the Flood on the Ark, but this is before Gravemind and his buddies decide to drive High Charity out there. Was there something I missed or what?

>>520866382Cool, I haven't played any of them since Reach.

>>520866686Cortana's message doubled as away to trick Gravemind into hauling ass to the Ark to try and stop what the solution might be, baiting him into being in the new Halo's range.


Who here is actually going to play Infinite and/or buy a sexbox? I have a hard time believing this many people are interested.

>>520867996I'll buy Infinite since it'll be on Steam. No way in hell I'd buy a SeX for it, though.

I don't remember. I can't bring myself to care about the campaigns as an adult enough to beat any of them. I just want to play multiplayer. And I don't think infection is fun anymore. Infection is way too autistic.

>>520867996Me, will get a Series X for it and Halo 5.

Reminder people actually hated Gravemind when 2 launched.

>>520869681I remember that but I can't figure out why we like him now.

>>520869681Yeah, he was a plothole while looking like venus flytrap that Bungie didn't name until Cortana just said his name at random.

>>520869825His name was the very next mission after you met him.

>>520865658Halo 2 shit weapons, hitscan enemies force you to fight further away and stay within cover rather than strafing in a fight, faster projectile speeds promotes same bullshit, Elites kill in .5 seconds on legendary and 1hk melee. Cover shooter map layout, very little to no verticality.Halo CE, fun weapons, spread and slow projectiles allow for close combat, going for a melee isn't fucking worthless anymore, arena maps allow for lots of cover and aggressive play, never forced to hold a position and fight against waves of enemies, enemy don't infinitely respawn like they do in 2.

>>520869756cuz he has epic reddit voice and he raps xD

>>520869997he's unaware

>>520869868It wasn't explained until later though.

>>520855349-- are literal space niggers.

>>520869756we didn't know how much worse it could get 10+ years down the road at the time

>>520853515>Playing heroic mode. You weren't even playing Halo, sissy-bitch.

>>520858339>Despite only have earth left Humanity somehow managed to become a galactic superpower in 5 years,I CANNOT TELL YOU HOW MUCH THIS PISSES ME OFF. AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH.

Attached: download.jpg (300x168, 9.95K)

>>520870506The games were designed around Heroic. That's literally what Bungie said themselves. They only added in Legendary for retards who thought that bullet sponges and arbitrary 1HKO's make a game better.

>>520870575When was this ever implied?

>>520870651Keeps casuals where they belong.

>>520839945I do this when I play Factorio, fuck you.