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According to Wikipedia's citation of someone named Herbert Kohl,
"The term “politically correct” was used disparagingly, to refer to someone whose loyalty to the Communist Party line overrode compassion, and led to bad politics. It was used by Socialists against Communists, and was meant to separate out Socialists who believed in egalitarian moral ideas from dogmatic Communists who would advocate and defend party positions regardless of their moral substance."
From this alone, it should be clear how leftists could consider themselves politically incorrect. But in the context of this board, we find other examples. For instance, Holla Forums's general stance on the social justice movement essentially makes it a pariah to much of the leftist elite.
However, this was only a minor consideration in the creation of Holla Forums. Since the concept is simply a leftist version of Holla Forums, the entire name of Holla Forums was retained.

Holla Forums welcomes debate from non-leftists. Non-leftists frequently come here to ask questions and raise topics for debate. Board moderation here is more focused on maintaining a good board index, so non-leftists have to be on better behavior as OP than they do as participants in someone else's thread. If you aren't b8ing or shitposting, your thread is likely to stay up.

While there are a few liberals here, the majority of posters on Holla Forums are radical left. They may still be socially liberal, but their economic stances are decidedly not liberal, and likely heavily opposed to the liberal order. As an extension of this, posters here are opposed to "SJWs," because they see them as economically liberal, and socially oppressive. Stances on Obama here range from indifferent, to angry– and the only poster here who shills for Democrats still does so under the premise that they're a lesser evil.
As for Israel, leftism is anti-Zionist. It is not anti-Jew. Unlike Holla Forums, Holla Forums fully supports Palestinians, and doesn't think they're "mudslimes."
Pretending to be an SJW or Zionist will very likely get you banned.

We may have "left Holla Forums," but Holla Forums never left us. Since Holla Forums is so prominent on such a Holla Forums-dominated website, a lot of debate here comes from Holla Forums visitors who are interested in learning about leftism. You are more much more likely to find right wing posters on Holla Forums than you are to find left wing posters on Holla Forums. Holla Forums exists to help the Holla Forums community focus on leftist topics without being slid or flooded to death.

While posters on Holla Forums have varying stances on gun control (training requirements, mental health checks, etc.), they are overwhelmingly in favor of arming the proletariat, and are against banning guns. Famous leftist heroes such as Marx, Orwell, and Huey P. Newton were all pro-gun.

There are a few posters here who believe that "national" socialism is or can be a leftist stance, but Strasserism and NatSoc are generally regarded as a joke here. You're better off being honest that Nazism is right-wing. Attempting to cloak your hatred for foreigners and other races in pro-worker rhetoric, or similar ploys, might get you banned.

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New FAQ thread. The old one was way too big. Let me know if anything is wrong with this one.

Also, I literally have a folder full of banners that need to be uploaded when Hotwheels re-enables it.

BO, new banners ITT when?



Alright Holla Forums, sell me. I left Holla Forums when it began filling up with people taking it too seriously and started taking jokes as seriousness. Now that same autism seems to of leaked everywhere thanks to Donald Trump running for US president.

The internet has become a shitty circlejerk of "wif us or against us". I might as well see what you guys have to say if everywhere I'd normally go is full of people jerking each other off to how much they hate something. The only other decent board is Holla Forums and they have their heads so far up their arses it's not worth bothering.

Basically I'm

What I want to know is where does the general Holla Forums consensus fall on these issues? And if it falls against them atleast try to convince me why.

I will give a TL:DR of your questions, as there probably is someone who can expand on it.
Note, this is from a Marxist/Revolutionary point of view, the biggest (by a huge majority) of the the population here.

Don't know general consensus, haven't seen much discussions about it.

Generally everyone is pro-gun, because it is allows the working class to stand up against the bourgeoisie and for the population to act as a militia in socialism. You may be against guns because of what is happening in the USA. In the USA, people are becoming poorer and it's become more expensive to live, so people are taking their guns and shooting people, but do it under racial context and don't know why they are actually in the circumstances, which is due to the rich increasing wealth inequality.

Depending on who you speak and the circumstances, but usually against it in the current capitalist society because it only displaces people (causing the refugee crisis in Europe) and can be used by the state to tighten laws and increase surveillance under the name of counter-terrorism.

Generally against refugees in current society for reasons above.

Most are for, just because people should be allowed to do what they want. But the supporters for it aren't the gay pride bunch who will rub it in your face.

Haven't been discussed so don't know.

Currently debates about it but from what I've gathered, most people are against them, and for them to live a good life before they died, in the current society atleast. But in a worldwide socialist society it maybe inefficient for animal farming altogether, as they take way too much space for what is needed to grow compared to vegetables and fruits. Still, debating.

Yes most do, accelerationists don't, they want to make it worse so then people revolt when it the conditions get to boiling point.


Depends on which society. In the current one, there is a mix of opinions so I can't tell the general consensus.

Yes in current society.

Yes in current society.

I'd recommend you lurk here for a bit to see what people think, and feel free to make threads with questions about certain topics.

I added LeftyBooru to the sticky:

It's at the top for now for exposure.

New banners are still disabled aren't they?

I made a Discord because IRC (on a network with fucking awful reliability no less) is pretty archaic and limited for people not accustomed to it.


If any board vols or more dedicated posters want admin access they're free to ask.

Is this free software?

Hey BO! Can we get an addition to the FAQ that clarifies that Mick posting is ironic and satire so we don't get idiot newfags believing we have a bizarre hatred for the irish.

But the filthy Micks really are trying to destroy our nation!

Did you know that old Mick, Bill Gates, is responsible for the Zika virus spreading?




that's a good show

New Hibernia flag when?


Rolled 1, 2, 1, 2, 2, 2 = 10 (6d2)

Gotta need them overmorrow.
Nevada will have caucuses. That means more coin magic.

I heard that in Nevada they use a deck of cards in stead of a coin flip…

is this still functioning? the invite expired.

could you upload them here, please

Why is Not Socialism regarded a joke here? I'm not a Nazi I just think the country should come first.

because if anything the correct position in that case would be national bolshevikism

Ahoy Holla Forums, what do you think about 2ch.hk/ussr/?
It's almost dead, but, however, we have interesting debates and theory sometimes, so do yo want to translate something from here to the CIS post-soviet board? Or maybe to have something translated to you from us?
Sorry if someone already asked this, my internet isn't doing well by now, can't surf it through.

make a thread about it. we're interested

I have a bunch of old thread I saved in my bookmarks, but they are 404 now, is there like an archive or a way to get them back?

Legit all these threads about race

So I get that idpol is spooky, but I want to know more about Holla Forums's positions on those ideas. Any response to any of these would be helpful, honestly. You guys post lots of memes, and I just want to know what you actually think.

I'm not an SJW or neolib, but I guess I would accept the term "liberal" if it's meant in the classical sense. Mostly I'm a rationalist who wants to minimize harm. Right now I think there's some worthwhile stuff in the above greentext, but it's all very badly muddied. Is the Holla Forums answer just "fix class struggle and all the above is solved"?

Yes. Niggers were slaves. The culture that arose from that relation is fading, but it's still there.
It sometimes helps, but it, as everything else, creates a reaction and I would say that politics based on identities such as gender and race has reached its limits.
People get it. "Respekt women and minorities". The fundamental problem is private property.
Largely a joke, but it might have some revolutionary potential.
I don't care who enters 'my country'. Most people are retarded no matter where they come from. My only concern is that Israel has produced a lot of Neet Socialists in the middle east.
Yes. Men have been superior, for either cultural or biological reasons, at producing capital. This gives them a hiarchial advantage.

I would say there are ways to eliminate some of the gender differences within capitalism through politics, but it's a silly game because I do not want women to conform to different gender roles that produce equal capital, rather I would have everyone be socialists.
Well, the above.
A silly reaction to silly bourgeois feminism.
Yes. Same with racism and sexism it gets better, but again, it creates a reaction we don't want right now.
Well, of course.
What do you mean? Do I need a view on why people enjoy dressing up?
Too much 'in your face', but I understand as they have had to hide for a long time.

proposing DirectX flag



maybe alternative

I'm unfamiliar with this meme.

I can't really spoil it for you.

Diversity means chasing down the last white person

Holla Forums get out

Holla Forums at 612 unique IPs right now.

Am I banned or wat

Can someone explain the "muh human nature" meme? Is it just a response to people who say communism/socialism is against human nature or that capitalism is human nature? Something like that? Or is it the idea that human nature is a spook and humans are blank slates?

Blank slates in a sense, yes.
But mostly it's a senseless meme that is used to refute senseless arguments.
Muh human nature argument is usually spouted by people with no scientific background that think genes control everything.

Could we have a flag that we could use when posting books and sources titled ">>>/freedu/" or "check out /freedu/? I think our sister board deserves a little bump.


I endorse this motion!

Yeah let's do that


how do you guys make the red bolded texts?

put two equals signs before and after the text

Having a day off moderating?


post quality went to shit the last few days, maybe 2 weeks.


why isnt there a luxemburgism flag?

come on mods we know you want it


mods you guys are better than this stahp plis

Ily if u do

come on mods we love you so much

come on mods pleeeeeeeaseeeee


Only the Board Owner can add flags. Now please don't make 10 posts over two threads asking for it.

socdem flag when? just use the one that /politics/ has

asking BO ftr

well how do i contact the board owner mr board volunteer

hey mods is it possible to sticky my thread
its for a music chatroom for fellow comrades. come and queue your fav track and talk with fellow /lefty/friends


usually its the opposite for other boards

BO was posting on an anti-trot thread expressing approval.
Maybe she is just a tankie and doesn't like luxemburg.


Only fascists hate Rosa. Surely the Holla Forums BO isn't a fascist…


Fascists, reactionaries or socdems

so basically 90% of the world population nowadays? no wonder why we cant have a nice revolution

mate can I just ask you a few questions about how leftypol is different from pol then? Is it only about socialism/communism?

I knew you didn't go full retard with that SJW shit but that you are against refugees surprises me a bit.

What is leftypol's stance about differences in race? Based on statistics, indians rape, blacks have low IQ, guns don't kill people but niggers do, and whites are less likely to end up in jail. This is what I believe hence I vote conservative.

Also, do you see the gender wage gap as a problem? Do you think it exists? Didn't want to open threads for these as I suppose the opinion of the whole board will be pretty dominant and won't leave much room for discussion

Well first off, I've yet to be convinced of this point by any statistics. Secondly even if these things were true, it wouldn't matter because we would want to build a system where individuals are in charge of their own affairs, and if those groups did commit crimes out of proportion to their share of the population, they would be punished exactly in proportion to their share of the crimes.

Not in the same way liberals do - we see wage labor itself to be the problem, regardless of whethere there is a "gap" or not. If a gap were to exist, it would only be further evidence of how broken and unjust the wage system can be.

It seems to be made up in order to support Idpol. So, no. I don't.

I appreciate it mate. Typically Holla Forumsacks just spam threads about this shit in an accusatory manner and come off as cunts with a major streak of unwarranted self-importance. It's nice to see someone legitimately attempting to understand the opposition's position for a change.

Mods, can we get a Posadist flag?

Mods, can we get new flags at all?

Not sure at this point, but knowing how Holla Forums has gone down the shitter in terms of maintenance, I'm guessing no. IIRC banners can't be added right now, but I will ask the BO about flags just to be sure.

Checkers is being autistic again.

The cogwheels of bureaucracy are grinding slowly.

Hi guys. So basically i'm a complete dunce. I don't know a lot about Politics but I know I identify more on the left than the right. I believe in equality, I believe everyone IS equal and should be able to have equal opportunities. I believe health care and education should be a right rather than a muh privilege. I've slightly read stuff in regards to socialism and marxism and i'd like to know more.

Was wondering if you could recommend me some books or maybe interesting articles that would give me a basic understanding on the left.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau "A Discourse on the Origin of Inequality" is fairly easy to get through and covers some basic philosophical tenents of Leftism :)







Bunkermag is kill?

Post is dead, please explain.

Installáció directx and your games will nevét look the same.

Direct action, terrorism, blowing up or destroying shit, hacking or bank robbery to fund the movement, capturing or killing porky

Socialism for dummies

Whats the best android irc client

No compooper atm

I use Xchat, but most people use Hexchat

Atomic from f-droid

t. kebolio

i don't even know what that is but EW

It can be seen as an overlapping term for any anarchist who is also concerned with a feminist critique of gender relations among anarchists, while still identifying with any number of other anarchist schools of thought. It isn't something that discounts you from being an anarchist without adjectives, or an individualist, or collectivist, and so forth. If you don't concern yourself with a feminist stance within anarchist circles, your still cool. You just don't wear the badge. Is it overly concerned with identity politics? I don't think so. It's a term for recognizing a trend among anarchists going back to the early 20th century, and the person many people consider to have unintentionally founded it simply because she emphasized both her anarchist communist stance, and her feminist stance: Emma Goldman.

If you want to know what anarcha-feminist looked like one hundred years ago, she stands as the original mold. If you're concerned with what anarcha-feminists look like today, you'll have to look at them individually. It's not an organization. It's a tendency within other schools of thought.


proposed Baby Boomer flag

would support +1

I would like to shitpost strawman play devil's advocate with this.

I like it. Lots of potential. +1


How come images aren't showing up?


Holla Forums is not secure

You're inscure



Replace Lenin with Stalin then it's a 10/10. Lenin was not a Russian Chuvinist unlike Stalin.

Bitch ass feminine nigger proposed this flag. (I don't support it, but represent her request.)


OC, btw

Also it's a shitposting flag that makes as much sense for Holla Forums as nazi flags

Happy workers day everyone!

I am very new and have surely not lurked enough, been lurking for less than two days. But it's something i feel strongly about and was surprised to see Pic related because my concept of Socialism was and still is an equal society, and can't imagine this achievable outside an open democratic system where we agree to share, also freedoms help in stabilizing systems for we all know the dangers of internal cracks and how easily it can be hijacked.
Anyway /leftpol/s position when it comes to personal freedoms and political ones inside a socialist society.

I'm pretty sure the vast majority of us are against mass surveillance in every kind of society.
Most of us in Holla Forums, apart from a few edgy contrarian tankies, believe in total freedom as long as you don't interfere with the freedom of others
Welcome to our cool kids' club.

By the way your font rendering sucks, are you using Windows XP?

Windows7 with least graphic rendering to maximize performance Bad hardware

Also thanks for the clarification.

here's the core of the problem, he might be some lelnist gayboy

I guess I'll lurk more ;)

I agree, you really have to lurk

^ Samefag here.

I have several Marx books, the essential -or i think to be- ones. But i am interested in new substantive material, perhaps ones that might shed some light on the general position of the left in modern times.

Books i might need to read to get up to speed?

Your best bet is to check out leftist news sources and get a feel for their positions that way. Ultimately any text by one author is only gonna sum up their own position, there isn't really an easily generalizable one.

What is the best way to ask if anons have any archives of 404'd threads?
I wanted to know if anyone had anything from that How To Be. Bad Sassanach thread; I was gonna archive it, but now it's too late

All you can do is make a thread and hope someone dumps info on the dastardly International Hibernian Cabal.

18/44, my anti-mick brother. HoPoFa! (Holy Potato Famine)

Fucking kikewheels, I didn't sage that.

Please add Zeitgeist flag.

It's a movement that promotes a moneyless, classless, stateless, technologically-automated and ecologically-sustainable society.


You mean Venus Project and it's State Capitalism X Technocracy (though even they don't realize they are just a continuation of the failed Republic of Plato).

And, no.
Used Transhumanism.

This. Money, markets and banks are the best things to have happened to mankind. Only a close-minded state capitalist would think otherwise.

new discord

could someone elaborate on this? i don't get it.

That's not what transgender means.

C'mon guys I'm really trying here.


I meant that a lot of muslims have become Nazi that believe Isreal rules the world.

Posting here because I don't want to shit up other threads with noob questions.

Some people in another thread (591357) were arguing about "commodity production" and "market socialism", prompting one of them to say that "Capitalism arises from commodity production". In what sense do they mean "commodity" here? Surely they don't mean that under communism there's no food/clothing/furniture/computer/car production anymore.

I honestly don't believe there is such a thing as market socialism.

I'm currently trying to make up my mind about that, actually. References would be helpful, especially if not too long. But could you answer my question please?

I'm not very well read, so I'm sorry. I'm just a drunk who feels like writing. However, a market is based on competition. I do not believe in competition based production or distribution of goods. I believe in a needs based production of goods.

Capitalism wage labor. Some people because of being cunts or random historical factors own the means of production. by these random happenings they can exploit others. A market is competition based trade, not sharing. It seems to me to be literally anti-communist. A market creates winners and losers based on, in a significant degree at least, random factors. So it creates a service-bourgeoisie and a service-proletariat.

Of course, it's not as simple as that, but in the end: such a market has no place in a civilized society. I apologize for not having theory to reference to, but at the same time we are all allowed to think for ourselves.

Again: I'm drunk and my hands are hammering with only SOME thought, but at the moment this makes sense.

So instead of a market you're suggesting we transition to a more collaborative, open-source economic system based on social stability (systematic reduction of inequality and meeting everyone's basic needs) and global resource sustainability determined by scientific analyses and statistics?

Fuck off, techno-utopian! Muh fully automated luxury gommunism! Is that you, Peter Joseph? Have you been drinking again?

I am pretty confused right now.

You forgot muh human nature.

And no, I'm not Peter Joseph. But yes, I have been drinking again.



What is "datamining"? What are people talking about when they say it?

Hey there Holla Forums
I would describe myself as a liberalist and I'm certainly not well-read.
But I would like to have a discussion about our political views.

Basically I would like to ask you why you choose your current political orientation over liberalism.
Your views intrigue me and I would like to learn more about them.

Because I support democracy in all forms and thus does not see why we should not have democracy in the workplace where we spend a huge chunk of our lives.

Personal self-interest

By democracy at the workplace you mean having your workplace controlled by the government?

I believe that such a thing would require an enormous amount of bureaucracy and is undesirable since some branches would require the leadership of experts, rather than that of the general populace.

The problem with bureaucracy is that it mainly exists to maintain and organise things and since bureaucracy itself does not produce anything, it should be limited.

The population can easily be swayed and manipulated by tricks which is why I don't believe too much in democracy and why the populace might make poor choices in retrospect.

What are your views and what are your interests?

No, I meant what I said litterally.
Democracy in the workplace. A cooperative.

Is this really what liberals think democracy means? Smh

My personal self-interest dictates me that the means of production should be handled more collectively, that is by the workers and not by the bosses. While there is obviously a possibility that I would end up being a boss under capitalist system, the chance is slim and I might end up being a worker and therefore the one exploited due to my weaker position. "From each according to his ability, to each according to his deed" is on the other hand much more appealing in that regard. Of course I won't be able to cement my power as a capitalist in such case, but I prefer to play it safe.

trips confirm the truth


yes, i saged in a sticky. so sue me you bourgeois servant of porky

We need a Posada flag, a Luxembourg flag and a Lares flag. I realize this might be an issue with the current problems plaguing the website but still.

fuck off fam

Fuck off mate, it might not be an important part of socialist history but it is a part of it.

Besides, most people on this board are American and it's the closest we've ever gotten. Why don't you go let some more refugees in, you cunt?

it was also literally the first socialist revolution ever like before socialism was even exactly like we know it like barely after das kapital volume 1 was even published which inherently makes it pretty important but whatever i won't nitpick

No P.A

Hot site
New and wonderful


Took 2s out of my life and resized a 5th international flag for when you want that extra specific sectarianism.

Requesting individualist anarchist flag

also requesting oscar wilde flag

Also, thought maybe somebody wants a spectacle flag

Also did one of Antifa, inspired by the thread.

Might actually come in handy if someone is active in it / supports it.

I want a situ flag

Pls make it a bottle of liquor BO

Whops, noted both of these are the wrong size.

How i get a flag on my posts?

idk fam.

what's the dimensions for a flag?

requesting again on this thread


good evening comrades

Why "anarcha", though? Connection vowels are of a genderless nature, it's like saying that book-o-matic or YugOslavia are sexist terms.

why do you think they say womyn

I dislike racism/sexism but I'm not an sjw.
I think tumblrtards are insane.

Is it possible for me to still be a socialist? Or am I more right wing?

From what you say, you could range from center right to full blown Communist.

You'll be seen as a Brocialist outside of here, but we generally have no problem with your position.

You and most of the board, you're welcome here.

You and most of the board, you're welcome here.

no bully

Funny how the muslims, blacks, hispanics, and jews (when they aren't pretending to be white) all absolutely think they have races, and all cooperate politically for the advancement of their races, and "white" "liberals" are all totally okay with this and make literally zero effort to convince the non-whites to stop promoting themselves as a race.

It's almost as if the "no race" myth is snake oil sold exclusively to white people.

btw i don't see any real rules anywhere so i don't know whether i'm allowed to say things here but if 'lefty' does - as is typical - translate to 'no unapproved opinions' then i guess i'll see you guys on realpol when you show up to shitpost

Could someone answer my question?

Click "Show post options & limits" and choose one from the drop-down menu (it should say "None" by default).

Why are you all such pathetic, bitter morons? Were you beaten into retardation as a child? Are your parents siblings? Did you huff too much petrol and now blame the seizures on Shell?
Also why are you here instead of /r9k/? We only need one board for angry useless parasites that worship middle-class NEETs that never worked a day in their lives. Why split up the community?

So basically I spent a lot of time on Holla Forums, even I always considered myself being on the left.

>Even if I mention much the word country 'I am not against the principle of internationalism

I think I'll stop there for now.
As you may have noticed English is not my first language so I apologize for potential writing faults.
So can I be accepted here? If this is not the case I would be curious to know the reasons

You seem more in line with neo-conservatism and fascism.

Your English is fine. People learning it as a second language tend to be self-conscious about it, but are also usually better than most native speakers.

Hard to say, you're talking about details rather than big picture. Who do you think should control the means of production?

Why ? This is my compass btw

Public property, so by the social class that controls them

You're fine, just expect shitflinging on certain issues you've mentioned.



Do you care about who fucks who?
Do you care what spook people believe in?
No? Wellcome.
(I guess that with "over-acceptance" you mean "making everything about sexuality and so on).

SURE! As long as it's training and not wasting peoples time, to keep a class of army professionals going.

Ye, ok. +1.

This need definition as it's used by everyone for everythign.
We are all living in America. Is this not "internationalism"?

So… Isn't that internationalism? (they aren't mine either).



Conservatism. Sexual disorders should not be condemned, but rather studied. If they are proven to be detrimental to the individual's mental and/or physical health, then there needs to be humane treatment options if available in the future.

This sounds nice, but you haven't explained why there are refugees to begin with. Have you ever thought about whether the military that you love so much may have contributed to the problem?

Neither are the global elites. The 1% that owns half of the world's wealth transcends borders too.

Dude, this is literally fundamental to both Marxism and Anarchism, read some fucking theory 101.

Delete your post.

Delete this.

Are there any online tests like the political compass test to determine what kind of a leftist you are? I know almost nothing about the left, but I'm probably a socialist





"hatred for foreigners and other races"

top kek


Is there a recommended reading list y'all would suggest?

Those mostly feature marxist theory but there is one infograph including anarchism as well

Can you remove the link to the bunkerchan IRC? It's a constant source of drama and has very little to do with the board.

I only see menstruating janitor causing drama


Just a reminder that communists are not small players. The whole world was in our grasp.

I thought that wasn't real communism.


Implying you cant support Soviet Union even if it didnt achieve full communism.

Implying both marxist and anarchist are not socialists and on the same side.


Implying we should fight our allies when fascism are on the rise.

Fuck this board and its passwords.

Allying with people who are popularily associated with Stalin is not going to help us gain any ground with and large population segment.

Also, say that to the Marxists



Board mods can have mod status here if they like


I have no idea why url is https

Greetings comrades, I am fairly new in leftypol so please excuse my ignorance. I am wondering how can one add a flag?

Click on "show post options & limits" at the bottom of the reply box. Choose a flag from the drop-down list, it starts off on "None".

My entire family are crazy gun nut republicans. I definitely don't feel that way myself.

Would pic related make me a socialist?

Do you support capitalism in any way shape, or form?
You're a socialist!

Your economic positions make you a socialist, not the position on a political square



Redpill me on the rootless cosmopolitans, comrades.


Your tortured explanation of how leftism is actually edgy and "politically incorrect" is just meaningless semantics.

By politically incorrect most people obviously mean a marginalized viewpoint that threatens the current status quo. Something actively being censored.

Antifa thugs and left wing immigrants bludgeon natives to death on European streets and American leftists wield the power to ruin careers with a phone call. In the UK, you can be jailed for tweeting anything vaguely racist or right wing.

So why pretend you're some sort of rebellious persecuted opposition? Why come to Holla Forums of all places when you can express the same positions on mainstream sites or even in public with zero consequences?

TL;DR You're a bunch of hall monitors. Stop pretending otherwise.

Read Žižek.

I don't need more jargon or an explanation of how taking shits is a revolutionary act. What I would like is for you to explain to me how someone whose ideology dominates (often violently) public discourse could possibly be considered "politically incorrect"

Wrong board retard: >>>/liberalpol/

To quote mollyjew.

"Not an argument"



Again, what stops you from using public forums. I would get banned from them for expressing my views. You would not. I would lose my livelihood if identified. You would not.

Why do you need to be on free speech site like Holla Forums? I know why I'm here. Why you here?

Give me one good reason.

Get a load of this faggot.

Where I live, you get fired on the mere suspicion that you're involved with union organizers, much less a full fledged commie.

Today you fuck. Not under good ol' Joe McCarthy. Nowhere in the modern west are you under the least threat by openly espousing communism or socialism.

Admit it. You just wanted to be part of the cool kids club. I bet you use TOR to browse Mother Jones and Alternet because dah FBI might be keeping tabs on your dangerous radical activities.

Dude, FIAT literally fires people because they're in FIOM.

And that's Italy, not some african shithole where might makes right and you tutelate your rights by shooting at people.

[citation needed]

Across Europe I would be censored and jailed for expressing my views. In the US an off color Facebook post can ruin my career and effectively blacklist me. You do not experience any of this. You are not a dissident. You are a hall monitor for the elite.

You don't need to be here and you should not be here.

And Poland for example?

So I've been reading the Anarchist FAQ and I found a section criticizing Marxism (anarchism.pageabode.com/afaq/secHcon.html). It makes some good points, what do you have to say about it.

Booru update: lefty.booru.org/index.php?page=forum&s=view&id=1


how do you do flags? Just put the one you want in the email field?

apparently not :/

You don't even deserve knowing how to get a flag.


found it, fam.

Aka selfishness


Are there any democratic socialists on this board? I get the impression that most people here are either revolutionary MLs or revolutionary anarchists.

I think it's more accurate I say democratic pacifist socialist*

What's happened to Bunkermag?

Hey Holla Forums, I have a simple question. I'm going to be studying law after the summer. Would being a lawyer be a thing in a classless, stateless society or would it be better for me to pick up plumbing or being an electrician at that point?

I don't think lawyers can be replaced by muh robots, so yeah, but it would definitely look different.

Yes they can.
Easier than construction workers.

How could anyone possibly believe a system that instated regulations that controlled production in every way but name and deployed a secret police to enforce them is in any way right-wing?

Curious lad from brit/pol/ here: where does lefty/pol/ stand on the Euromaidan, annexation of Crimea and conflict in the Donbass?

I'm not sure where S█████ stands (given how the American media portrays Russia I think I'd have heard about it if he was out of step with Obama) but I've always given Corbyn credit for being absolutely right on this issue by criticising NATO for provoking the crisis.

Treatment of Eric Hobsbawm hardly suggests an defender of communism is treated as a pariah.

Putin and Yeltsin are porky bastards who distributed Russia's industries to one hundred or so oligarchs. The poverty line of Russia is going up like never before. For the conflict in Donbass and Crimea, I personally don't give a shit. Other comrades might though.

Hey BO, I think it would be a great idea to put a link to /freedu/ on the FAQ in order to direct newfags to a place where they can read lots of leftist theory.

Since we already have this word filter thing going, I request to add auto-replace of "Cultural Marxism" with "Not Marxism".

cultural memism was better.



My old man literally lost his career as a teacher at a community college because he helped lay groundwork for a union of sorts, they simply didnt renew his contract and blackballed him, he ended up working as a prison librarian for 2 years, fucked him up good

you wouldnt even necessarily get fired for saying "all niggers are subhumans" or some shit, probably some places but technically you have the 1st..

you will get rekt for organizing unions in the US however, you may not get murdered coca-cola style but something will happen

Holla Forumsyps are so pathetic.

Being a leftist and being politically incorrect are not possible in the present political climate.

Go ahead and try to organize a union in your workplace if it's not unionized and tell me what happens. I'll wait.

please tell that to the V-schutz maybe they will get off my back

lul yeah that can turn yeh

you forgot "bi-deologically confused Putin fanboy"best of the polish

Keep going commie, we'll be coming for delusional faggots like you first when the only common sense candidate (Donald Trump, to clarify, since I don't trust that you're smart enough to deduce that) sweeps the elections.

Just keep on looking at the polls and keep crying bitch; your shitty (((candidate))) sold you all out, leftypol was/is wrong about your "god," and will always be Holla Forums's bitch on any *chan

Your blood is nothing but kool aid and your brain is nothing but memes

not who you are talking to you edgy faggot but despite the usual flock of tards there were plenty of peeps round these parts poking holes in the bern, who has always been a hilldog lite

this wasnt a "sellout" it was inevitable, anyone that bothered to look at his voting record knew he was shit, a warmonger, an interventionist, a yes-man and economically inept

despite your pathetic threats I agree with you, we should be looking to get trump into office, hes the only hope for serious change atm

anyhow i hope you are keeping your idpol under wraps and tying to talk to people about trump in an empathetic, rational way.

lot of folks are really sick over this DNC bullshit. I would suggest you avoid pointing fingers and laughing at them(its hard i know) and offer these good people a coat

oh and also


he never said anything about a wall or müslis ya dink, or did i miss something.

those are meme topics, i like his actual stance on shutting down the cancerous western union money grubbing that rapes latino migrants and sucks money out of the economy, but you probably havent read that because you get your news from cenk or something

everything you said is

you seriously must be 12, its hard to come off as more irrational than a polack talking about rounding people up but somehow you are doin it muchacho.

nobody gonnas round anyone up. nobody is gonna deport all the muslims. how naive are you people?

didnt zizek just point out suprisingly eloquently that trump is actually a lot more liberal than his supporters think he is, much like putin

you all need to calm the fuck down

Well, here's a thought for you buddy, individuals are not the government, the constitution only applies to government entities. You are allowed to spout sub-human filth such as hating free speech, but I would take it upon myself to give you a taste of your own medicine, and punch you in the mouth repeatedly, even if I'll face legal consequences.

The Mexican president has apologized to Trump and is warming up to him because he knows that Mexico has NO POWER when it comes to international politics, the Mexican president is weak, and if we have to war with Mexico to make them right their wrong, I will more than happily enlist.

Sanders could have kept going, but he wasn't the martyr that you thought he was, was he? How sad, you will never get your ideal president in office, because you are weak, and the economic propositions (like the retarded $15 minimum wage idea) are pathetic. Get out of your mother's basement, cuck.


So let's see here, one of these men has actually contributed to society and the other had/is caused/causing massive bloodshed, economic collapse and the degeneration of society. One of these men also are worshiped by a crowd of degenerates (furries, libshits, cucks like leftypol) while the other is looked up as inspiration to many prospering economists, like Trump (who is one of the most economically successful and intelligent candidates to ever run for office.

Sorry, try again faggot.

Are you a nigger by any chance? Also nice internet threats are you a14 year old nigger?

Having actually faced legal consequences before believe me a retard like you would be butt fucked in jail, and probably a jail run by a trump government would be twice the hellhole that jail already is.

Says the alt rightist, on fucking Holla Forums of all places. We are all basement dwellers here. Only im not, I just got back from the gym, I'm gonna do a little reading and then head out to meet my friends, I haven't seen them in 3 months because I got back from backpacking yesterday. Yup, I get back into a gym and education routine directly after I get back from my trip.

Not that I'm trying to boast or that I think dwelling in your moms basement is particularly wrong, just you are so incorrect it makes me laugh. I know right, your attempt at intimidation made me laugh, so I screen shotted it and sent it to a friend, who also laughed. Tough guy.

Oh and do you use the word cuck outside of message boards or are you too afraid of the consequences? Pussy.

Oh and the countries with the higher minimum wages have the highest standard of living on earth. That's a fact. Y'know even Henry ford, a facist captain of industry, supported paying his workers a lot because he knew it made them work better. A happy worker is a good worker. A healthy worker is a good worker. Now please stop memeing and please pick up one single book

can you even read english retard, there is nothing as impotent and pathetic as threatening violence over the internet faggot, this is the second time, shut the fuck up(unless you have dox nigger lmao then my ears prick up:^)

im basically defending you in some ways but yer such a snowflake you still get assmad, i take it back you are more of a loon than the anarchokiddie you were arguing with, almost insulting that you think you can answer me and him at the same time

its called the bill of rights you mong, some might argue they have already been undermined but thats probably not worth discussing with you.

what are you babbling about you monkey, nobody fucking cares what the mexican president said, stay point you adhd nigger

wew lad

nobody fucking said this you illiterate down syndrome melonhead, nobody even fucking said anything good about the old man, stop firing off fucking talking points, B████ was always an establishment cumrag as anyone that bothered to look at his senatorial voting record knew, he towed the party line 96%!! of the time, there are barely 30 votes where he differed from killary

lmao you pog ass nig you probably tried already and were rejected because of your empty autistic stare, the mils not so desperate anymore as they were in 04ish, USMC wont even fake yer fuckin GED anymore lel

Nothing you said had any value whatsoever, and mroe importantly it didnt address anyone, it wasnt a retort, it was just you autistically shouting into a room, while trying to flex your internet muscles.

trump is not going to deport all the muslims, its literally not possible. Hes not gonna the make the fucking wall 10 feet higher either, you looney tunes ass nigger.

Hes still the best choice, he probably will strengthen our borders, hes gonna start get in on dat anti ISIL US-RUS Coalition which ifs fucking great and long in coming, and he might actually make merka great again in some ways. most importantly he is the trash man, hes gonna take out the fucking trash, and this is the reason hes gonna get bipartisan support and win

you need to get your goofy tryhard shit under wraps or not go around supporting trump, the way you are acting will probably just confirm naive liberals in their beliefs about him

GET THIS MAN A COATand maybe some meds, but something light

save your buttfucking prison experiences for your real friends bruh:^) you may mean well but this is almost as sad as his posturing

just the facts maam, just the facts. Dont bring your personal shit up unless its directly relevant to an argument or topic, even then ye should be wary

Even Pinoshit threw Friedman out after him and his Chicago cronies ruined Chile's economy.

This triggers the Holla Forumsyp.

le-mao, seedman always puts a stupid grin on my face, such a bufoon

anybody see his fight v. shrek, aka cenk, aka the armenian genocider of babies?

good shit, like two chubby hairless monkeys flinging poo at each other

anyho i dont know what you are implying, that im a polack? that im triggered by you telling the internets how great your life is?

im not dude, its just stooping to his level imo, non-arguments

Absent a better place to put this: I've submitted an article for review at Bunkermag.

I'm not really fussy about the feature image, so if it's no good then feel free to find a better one. I'll check back here later on to see if anyone confirms they've seen it.

It was inspired by this thread:

communist doesn't work
the BO is a tumblrite sjw and stalin was a fascist

Someone's butt seems hurt.

Look I don't like communists but even I know that "political correctness" is a term used by elites to control the masses.

What better way to feed debt than by flooding the country with immigration?
I think immigrants should be offended that they're exploited.

I assume this looks like the right place to ask a question if I'm not a leftist (not Holla Forums either, I don't think either camp offers much to someone of a more haute bourgeoisie background). Ban me if you like, but I can't find anywhere yet that has given me an answer beyond "das raycist" and "they're right you know"

Someone from Holla Forums told me that diversity is bad because it creates a lower trust society when I expressed the sentiment that IQ means weren't the end all.

Is there any good argument against this? Its been bothering me for a week now.

either way I don't spend much time in very ethnic areas so I don't really have a ton of experience with a highly diverse environment removed from money

Yes, let's see. First there are stereotypes that exist because second there are material conditions than have force some populations to behave a certain way and they are all created because third capitalism creates inequalities.

Now, it would help if you made your question more clear…

What's the difference between Leftcoms and Trotskyites?

Leftcoms actually read theory.

Leftcoms are against this whole Bolshevik and vanguard nonsense

I'm interested in the subject of automated industries, which I keep seeing people bemoan as bad things.

I think these would appeal to both commies and libertarians because:

Additionally most of the arguments against automation I've seen boiled to two camps:

Conspiracy theories about the producers not being willing to sell such machines to common people - when in fact there is a market just for such things. Commercial machinery can be bought by common people even today, and I don't see this changing any time soon.

And the massive unemployment of people who lose their un- or low-skill jobs to machines. Which seems to presume that human beings cannot (or will not) learn new skills to get a job in other areas and/or apply the skills they have to produce things. Especially with the mass amounts of nearly-free education that comes with even dial-up or mobile internet access, I don't see how these people don't have access to learning more skills.

So why do I keep seeing both sides slamming automated production as a doom of society? Seen some people saying it would result in the need for total-nanny-state to take care of the unemployed masses (universal income, etc) while others said it would result in a massive uprising of workers. I don't think either of these would happen unless instigated through mass propaganda designed to break down individuals' awareness of their own ability and potential. (I shouldn't even need to get into as to why that's horrible.)

Mods, can we please ban the fucks shitting up the OC threads.

Not in the slightest. Only free as in beer.





bumping to increase visibility of a stickied thread

Does Holla Forums have its own archive?
If so,where is it located?



Not sure if I'd get along on this board tbh. 4chan's Holla Forums is really trash, anything that isn't Trump fellating is shouted down almost immediately as shilling and 'degeneracy' is unironically used as catch-all term for "anything that makes me feel socially/sexually insecure"

I used to be a bit of a naive cringy teenage libertarian, but I'm old enough now to recognize that there are some places where 'free markets' fall down completely. I think one of the key issues for me moving away from that Rothbardian/Mises bullshit was their stance on environmental policy and the long-term sustainability of our species. Any ideology that would enable industry to acidify the oceans, destroy biodiversity, clearcut old-growth forests and generally render the planet uninhabitable for future generations is an ideology that is pure fucking cancer, IMO. Natural resources should be nationalized and used in a sustainable, efficient manner rather than squandered for a quick buck.

At the same time, I feel there is a place for mixed market economies, especially some consumer sectors like tech where I feel that less regulation and freer trade can improve standards of living for everyone. I'm certainly not a proponent of trickle-down economics, but I don't believe that economics is a zero sum game and the saying "a rising tide raises all boats" rings true to me in some senses. However, I'm somewhat sympathetic towards labour unions as I feel they're an important check on the power of the managerial/owner class.

Am I just a standard-issue west coast liberal? If nothing else, this board is a refreshing change of pace from having my brain melted by reading halfchan's Holla Forums every day.

Maybe your some kind of mutualist or some other market socialist?

You know you are turning into monkeys, right?

kill yourself

the goal of the graphic isn't to show that the soviet union was superior in an armamentistic way, but to show how the soviet union was forced to develop nuclear warheads to face the violent american reactionaries, in spite of the common knowledge that they developed atomic bombs just because they were evil.

Why cant I join the IRC anymore?

We had to draw the line somewhere

Ok, so why the fuck is Prickly_Cactus still a mod? He brags about how he misuses moderator powers to ban people he disagree with personally, and now he has threatened to do it again.

Fuck sake Holla Forums, this board is filled with trolls and Holla Forumstards, yet instead you ban those few who actively tries to post something resembling meaningful and theoretical thinking?

Have some measure of self-respect.




Would there be brands in socialism? Right now I'm looking at my phone that has a manufacturer name on the back of it. Would this exist in a socialist world? Or would all, say, smartphones be manufactured by the same group of people allocated to do that job?

Can't get my head around the day-to-day workings of socialistan.

Yeah im fuckin sick of this shit!
I think we should just get our own website!

Isnt this open source software or something? anyone care to set it up?
Maybe go back to 4chan? or reddit?
This place sucks!!!


Yeah pastebin.com/4eLVY6rM

you're a fag, infinitychan software is shit and reddit requires javascript.
other than that i agree, but so far everyone who created his own chan sold it out at some point.

What does lefty pol think of neets?

Anyone else having trouble joining #leftypol on Rizon? I can connect to Rizon just fine; it just won't let me access #leftypol.

Finally I figured out that the IRC was invite-only using another fucking client. The retarded Rizon webclient doesn't tell you if its invite-only; it just says that you failed to join. What's the point of having a link to the IRC in the FAQ if it's invite only anyway?

This OP needs fixed. Thanks to a fellow comrade, I figured out that the correct IRC channel is #bunkerchan. I dunno if #leftypol is for admins or w/e, but it should be removed from this post and replaced with the correct channel.

#leftypol was eventually swarmed with polyps and gradually died as the main users from there migrated to #bunkerchan, which was actually moderated

Oh, so it's shit.

Hello, Grouchoflaggot.
I feel like when this post was made it wasn't invite-only. You could probably ask for an invite in this thread but it'd just be a circlejerk of immense proportions anyway, so what would the point be?
Whatever, at least there's the Steam. Someone should make a Discord.

Oh, OK. Never mind.

not even once.

not even once

Join #bunkerchan, I don't think anyone uses the Holla Forums one tbh

god I upper middle class hippiefags. Antifa sucks, you jewish masters suck, you entire board sucks, and the only people who visit this page are

Go back to wanting a big strong leader to solve all of your problems, faggot.

pic related

No u


realized that flags go in FAQ

Distributist conspiracy flag pleaze, testing

Admin gibe the new Tankie flag pls, old one a shit and this one looks like a KV-2

PFLP flag please, you are missing a bunch of important leftist groups in the flag section

Newfag here, why does leftypol hate the irish?

Pretty much every problem in Western society can be traced back to the Hibernian conspiracy. Filthy micks like William 🍀🍀🍀McChesney🍀🍀🍀 managed to integrate themselves into the power structures of the US to the point where basically nobody noticed them anymore, yet you'll see them running media corporations, banks (including the Fed), big companies, and they all happen to be of Irish descent. Hmmmm. It sounds crazy but you don't need to do a lot of digging to realize how widespread it is and how far its reach is.

Many multinational companies also use subsidiaries in 🍀🍀🍀Dublin🍀🍀🍀 to dodge taxes.

It's just a parody of Holla Forums's paranoia about Jews… or is it?


Hate the Irish? No, we just like to point out the disproportionate amount of people of Irish descent in control of the media. Funny coincidence, right? haha

we still need a pflp and ira flag

Make a perma invite my dude

Why do you defend a the ruthless concept of Communism? It cost over 100.000.000 lives worldwide and never worked! Food was rationed in every communist country and their leader killed their own people! How can you defend such a shit concept?

Yugoslavia was a thing you know

Ah, Yugoslavia. Shunned by the communist world throughout its (communist) existence (disregarding the remnant that existed in name only to 2003), subject to long lasting economic uncertainty and high unemployment rates as a result of the above, in addition to mutual distrust regarding the West, hyperinflation the likes Germany in 1922 would be stunned by, IMF debt, failed labor programs, and managing to even underperform the Eastern European countries in terms of GDP per capita throughout its entire existence (though being shunned by the Eastern Bloc might've had something to do with that), needing to import food past 1970 despite 30% of its population employed in agriculture … Do I even need to go on? It was nothing more than a front for Tito. It was shit while Tito was alive, and it went to the dogs after he died, collapsing under the weight of its own ethnic tension.


Wow. 1/14 countries was not a complete failure! It still split and a lot of lives where lost!


there are 195 countries in the world, only a small group of them are not total shit

pls end urself cuck


I like hyper-consumerism because it allows those with abilities previously adapted to basic agriculture to feel satisfied without realising their lack of usefulness in the post industrial world, where food is many times more efficient to produce.
Also I'm fascist because I don't think of others as equals (I like to make judgements in my head) and I don't know any other power-hungry political party that may be able to institutionalize open-source infrastructure as to reduce the potential effects of greenhouse gas emissions. Can I stay because I love the pretty animals, Holla Forums?

very nice autism fam

Sunday at the Men’s Day program hosted at Union Temple Baptist Church in Washington, DC, Nation of Islam leader Minister Louis Farrakhan said to President Barack Obama, “Your people are suffering and dying in the streets,” of Chicago, so “you failed to do what should have been done.”

Farrakhan continued by saying it is time to let Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump do “what he wants to because he is not destroying your legacy.”

Farrakhan said, “So you Democrats, you been in their party a long time. Answer me, what did you get? You got a president. He is worried about his legacy. You want Hillary to get in to protect your legacy because Trump said the minute he gets in, he is going to reverse the Affordable Care Act. Because that is your signature achievement. To show you how hateful the enemy is, he hates that you achieve what you did achieve. So he said I’m going to tear it up when I get in. So he don’t want his legacy destroyed. Mr President, let the man do, if he get in, what he wants to because he is not destroying your legacy. If your legacy is bound up in an Affordable Care Act that only effects a few million people and they are trying to make it really difficult for those of us who signed up, that’s not your legacy.

He continued, “But I just want to tell you, Mr President, you’re from Chicago and so am I. I go out in the streets with the people. I visited the worst neighborhoods. I talked to the gangs. And while I was out there talking to them they said ‘You know, Farrakhan, the president ain’t never come. Could you get him to come and look after us?’ There’s your legacy, Mr. President, it’s in the streets with your suffering people, Mr. President. And If you can’t go and see about them, then don’t worry about your legacy. Cause the white people that you served so well, they’ll preserve your legacy. The hell they will. But you didn’t earn your legacy with us. We put you there. You fought for the rights of gay people. You fought for the rights of this people and that people. You fight for Israel. Your people are suffering and dying in the streets! That’s where you legacy is. Now you failed to do what should have been done.”



she always smelt of centipede to me

How do I add a flag for my specific kind of socialism?

You make a flag and then bitch for a few weeks until BO finally gives up and adds it.


A Starry Plough flag would be lit.

a flag of this would be great

Lenin kinda looks like Two-Face there.

Lenin kinda was like a Two-Face



Yes in current society.
Yes in current society.


When is censorship and surveillance ever a good thing?

It's called being an autistic tankie.

Not a tankie, but thinking that there won't be some form of repressive apparatus is just naivety imo.

Here's my modest proposal for a Hegel flag

And here's the Žižek flag

here another zizek flag

That is a great idea, thank you. I do feel the design for both needs some work.

Any chance for a KPD flag? German LeftComs are a good bit different from Italian LeftComs.

something like this?

I'm genuinely curious about this, could you elaborate on these differences?

That looks fantastic, though maybe you can make the hammer and sickle more pronounced. Maybe darken it and the star. Thanks, comrade.

German/Dutch LeftComs were essentially Council Communists, and Italian LeftComs are the Bordigists you tend to see here. This discussion on Left Communism should probably be on its own thread, though. The page for them on the Marxist Internet Archive explains it pretty well. I suggest you read the Wikipedia page as well.

Here's the thread:

Thoughts on 'Basic Income'?
I for one find it to be a step in the right direction in a time where automation is soon to shut out jobs and lower the already stagnant wages of then-existing jobs due to large-scale displacement.


Why are the majority of the subreddits of Reddit involving the 'lefty side' so angry about 'brocialists' or 'manarchists' and generally point fingers to here and some fucking Facebook pages?
t. bored Holla Forumsirgin

They're mad because we choose to be more than anti-racist, more than feminist.

Because Holla Forums emphasizes the importance of material-based class while lefty subreddits equalize it with being womun/trans/black/whatever stupid shit they come up with. Just look at pic related if you want to understand why do we shit on them.

Because the "lefty" leddit pages have been infiltrated by government agencies agents with the objective of neutralizing any leftist threat by transforming every "lefty" organization into controlled opposition and a joke.

Stop posting that shitty cap as "proof" of being Anti-SJW or whatever your edginess inclines you to do. Marx did not advocate for the removal of Woodhull because of her feminist or even minority pandering sentiments, and you would know this if you had better understanding of the history behind the international and if you had actually read Marx.

Fuck off back to reddit, COINTELPRO.

Don't you have some funny pictures to post on fullcommunism for that sweet karma?

That's not an argument. Seriously, Marx already wrote about Woodhull and doesn't need your input.

We already wrote about SJWs, reddit and an arguments, we don't need your input either, FOUR EYES!

I'm not a Holla Forums user, but I'm seriously curious where all the new users are coming from. I've noticed this board has shot up a fair bit in the boards index over the last few months, it's at #4 now.
I haven't really looked around on the board and I'm not really sure what it's about, but I'm guessing your similar to Holla Forums strictly in the sense that most of your users didn't come during the first exodus.

Dissatisfaction with what calls itself "left" in the US, sometimes it can be a worldview-shattering experience, occasionally even to the point of being an existential crisis proper, but for the most it's making everybody abandon ship. You can thank Clinton and her sponsors for that.

The question is: where do you go from that?

In their quest for answers and people who could have them, some turn to religion, others to the alt-right, others still to leftists.

I should know because my journey went through all of those, the more I read, the closer I came to Holla Forums.

Holla Forums was founded long before jewt fucked with 4/pol/, but it got big shortly after that period, since the increase of stormfags meant that left-wing discussion on Holla Forums became almost impossible. Thus, it became the biggest left-wing imageboard community, attracting people not only from Holla Forums, but also cuckchan and a myriad of smaller imageboards.
Many non-chan lefties also come here because a) moderation is lazy as shit, so you won't get banned for having a dissenting opinion b) this place has certain unusual views in comparison with other left-wing hangouts, notably dislike towards identity politics of any kind, attracting people with similar views..

Ah, so my suspicious are confirmed. Most people here didn't come around during the first exodus (that name is a bit of a misnomer, there were others before that, but it was the first big one).
You see, what you're talking about happened in December of 2014, while the first major exodus happened several months beforehand when mass bannings occurred on halfchan's Holla Forums over the whole GamerGate controversy. The Holla Forums on Holla Forums has technically been around longer than either Holla Forums or Holla Forums.

Communist must overtake the United States before anywhere else. The capitalist of the United States incessantly ruin leftist countries.


didn't notice m8

tbh I came here to 8ch via the /civ/ board and server, before re-remembering how autistic mineycrafta was
this was just barely a month or so before the 2014 mass emigration

stats.4ch.net/Holla Forums/displaytable.php?file=leftypol#year2016
It was founded on September, so we can actually count it as a first exodus board, but I've already said what factors contributed to its increase.

Judging from all the plebbit talk in the American Politics thread and all the newfags who expose their inability to cross-thread/board link lately, I'm guessing a huge amount come from r/politics.

That, and the fact they act as if they had something to gain by nourishing to the worst and weakest of trolls.

Don't mind me, just czeching em

Can we get a Rosa Luxemburg head flag?

Hey I am not from Holla Forums but used to browse /new/.

I am looking for resources/information on leftist stuff. I have checked this sticky to see if there's anything in here, and there really isn't fuck all.

I highly recommend you use 8ch.net's board pages feature and then create links in the board announcement and you put up an FAQ and so in there, just like on >>>/fringe/

I want to learn what I can from leftism and take from it everything of value for my own political enlightenment while discarding the rest.

Is there any kind of leftism btw that would be ok with an all-white world? Exterminating niggers?

But there's already a red flag

the left never learns


does this board have an archive anywhere? can't seem to find one

No, sorry. You'll just have to remember the best you can.

I just wrote an article on defining liberalism, anyone willing to do the reviewing of it?

Socialism =! Luxemburgism
And the leftcom flag isn't accurate either

A KPD flag would be cool too.

Feminism is dead.


A based user already made one. BO just hasn't added it yet.

any tripfags or anons wanna share their twitter handles? or if an user knows a number of twitter handles for leftypol users would you mind sharing? I'm trying to enhance my content form thank you

Can we get a Fourth International flag?


Why is life so cruel?

BO pls KPD flag. I'll suck your dick.

So how many of you commies are deeply triggering and problematic? Do you support anuddah shoah like 🍀🍀🍀George Soros🍀🍀🍀 does?



don't listen to him, we do

The next posts would be maybe, but nooooo, fucking pirateshit had to storm in.


Can I get an invite to the Discord?


I got banned from Holla Forums for literally just disagreeing with them.

What is the ban time? It said that the ban doesn't expire but I can't believe that.

Identity politics at work. Are you surprised a fascist board has nazi mods?

That means three months IIRC. Permanent bans on Holla Forums aren't permanent.

How come nobody uses the Rizon chat here anymore? I was thinking, it would be a great place to talk tactics without Holla Forums over-hearing. With some proper organization, we can win the meme war.

There are plenty of people in the Rizon channel, and Holla Forumsacks (not annoying at all, though), too

We do. Everyone is on bunkerchans IRC :^)

HOLY SHIT, Get who now owns #leftypol.

kys kys kys kys kys kys kys kys kys kys kys kys kys kys kys kys

Calm your tits prickles.

anyone know good themes for Holla Forums

IQ testing.

How far left is this board? Is it open to those of us who are not quite socialist/anarchist but lean left nonetheless?

Hey BO

Okay what is the Rizon channel? As it says in the OP?

#bunkerchan on Rizon

Very far left. As long as you're not trying to censor people, you're probably fine, but expect to be insulted and thrown ad hominems at. I mean, we allow autistic Nazis to post in here (even though they're not part of our community), so…

It's an imageboard, of course there will be insUlts and ad hominem, that's part of the format.

What did she mean by this?

Why does this board love saging so much?

Many of us are oldies who know sage isn't inherently negative but merely a tool to not move a thread to the top.

I like having blue field

*squints suspiciously* why not RED field comrade?

You're brilliant.

BO should add this to the CSS

.email,.email .name{color:red}

No real reason to erase that Republican and Democrat thread, I mean some ameriburgers are p dumb but it was not that shitpost-y


Holla Forums sucks ass


Praise dialectics.

Who is this gulagposting faggot and why won't he stop?

Get the fuck out you faggot

Discord still around?

Just want to greenlight this real quick. It seems relevant to our interests reddit.com/r/Postleftanarchism

This needs to stop n1x

Could someone explain the bourgeoisie to me? I understand that they're the 1% and horde all of the resources, but don't people eventually reach a point where even money alone can't satisfy their current or future desires? Are they bad or good? What's some testable evidence or things that make their actions questionable? My questions are really general, but I don't know where to really start as I just know the bourgeoise as rich people that can control the means of production.

Right now I'm struggling to comprehend whether the bourgeoise are a plague to society or whether they have the potential to help society.

Well, probably, but the idea here is that we don't criticize capitalism due to the bourgeoise being bad people or anything, unlike Holla Forums our criticism does not end at the individual, we aim to advance the transition of capitalism to whatever economic system follows, prefferable a socialist/anarchist one, different theorists have different ideas on how to get there

simply "being rich" doesn't necessarily means you are bourgeoise, as a poor champagne socialists and a roich champagne socialists have no revolutionary potential, despite their wealth inequalities

the bourgeoise the, is more of a idea, an entity which seeks to mantain the current economic order, even if he is just another cog of the machine, as in the case of petty bourgies

basically all the criticism towards the capitalism mode of production, you migth agree with central planners or you might agree with stalinism, there is no unique theory

well yeah, but perhaps if a bourgy understand dialetical he might be able to help the revolutionary

The bourgeoisie are not only the 1%. You have the bourgeoisie, 1% to Fortune 500 and down, and then you have the petty or petit (small) bourgeoisie, who own small enterprises and often work alongside their hired labor. You also have landlords and bankers – truly the scum of the earth – who, while not exploiting labor, extract revenue from things like interest and rent. In general, landlords own physical property while banks deal in finance, both necessary components to the functioning of capitalism. Landlords and bankers, while distasteful in the extreme, are not the main problem.

The bourgeoisie are exploiters and expropriators who can only maintain their position by the existence of their opposite: the proletariat – the working class – who produce all value in society. In this sense, they're bad. Not evil – usually – but definitely a drag and a drain on humanity. Also, you misunderstand: they don't "horde" for the sake of their ego, though some would take pleasure in it, they do it because of how capitalism functions. Capitalism's reason for being is profit-making, capital accumulation, and it facilitates this very well; not much else, though.

The bourgeoisie exist to increase world capital by pursuing profit. So how is that questionable? For one, it's not that they can control the means of production, it's that they do so at all; in fact, the bourgeoisie control so much property that they operate an effective monopoly on the means of production. Workers' cooperatives and single owner-operator businesses aside, it's impossible for the proletariat to become both the majority class and own the majority of productive property. This is nothing less than a minority dictatorship. The bourgeoisie dictate what is produced, where, how, and for what purpose (profit); they overwhelmingly dictate government policy via lobbying, private donations, and sheer corruption; and they keep their position in society via lawful repression and ideological manipulation.

As for testable evidence, there's plenty. Prominent Marxian economists have analyzed the current economic malaise as being rooted in the tendency of the rate of profit to fall. This is one of the famous contradictions of capitalism. Perhaps the ultimate contradiction. But that's outside the scope of this answer. Have a read below if you're curious.


Is a revolution not a rotation of 360 degrees, so you are back where you started?

wow… will leftypol ever recover…?

Why is the entire site bleeding users? End of US elections?

Possibly. Let's hope Holla Forums will also lose some retards in the process


I wonder if anyone around here would be interested in a Leftypol Board Reading Club™ of sorts. I think that it would be great if we could actually raise the amount of people who actually know anything about leftism here.

I was thinking maybe Wage Labor and Capital or maybe Value, Price, and Profit?

I don't think that a lot of people read these things on their own because they think that the information in there has already been covered through leftypol shitposting, which it hasn't.

Would actually like an answer to this myself.

I would personally say that yes, there would be. If one group of people don't appreciate the way that the current big organization of people who makes things does it, then they can create their own organization to make the same thing differently.

An example would be a publishing organization who just doesn't give a proper binding to their books, or doesn't appreciate design enough. A new organization could do the same exact thing they do, just under a different brand, with better binding and better design.

Now that I think about it, the rise of crowd funding in the past century or so could give insight into this. The reason they need the funding at all is so that they can support themselves while they work on projects of passion as well as to raise money to gain the production ability and resources needed to complete the project. With socialist economics in place, it should take care of at least part of that already and people putting support behind a project allowing it to be put into consideration for public supply.

I suppose the trouble area would be determining how to balance resources between redundant suppliers (say if one group was making a new apple (technological equivalent) phone while the other was making a new samsung (technological equivalent) phone (note that these groups would likely not be the same companies but simply groups given a resource allowance to produce the items in demand with those specifications))

We would also have to consider if the older group's product is worth producing anymore and if the new object should be discontinued to save resources or allowed to continue production due to there still being a demand.

*old object

ESSR fag here.
Was communist for a while, Trump changed my view, now a part of me wants to come back into this again.
I might need some facts that will help me get into that ideology again.

What exactly did Trump change in your worldview that made you a non-gommie?

Going to admit, I had to pick a side since everyone was at each other's necks.
I was brainwashed by the media, add some Alex Jones to that mix and there you go, a standard Americuck.

Forgot all the reasons about this and/pol/ wasn't make it better at all. I just want a ideology that we can all work for something and be proud of it. And to make it worse, not giving retards more money then people who are struggling middle wage.

.t Autistic sperglord

I'm pretty sure the ideal of bringing a communist society is definitely counts under that.
"To each according to his contribution" falls under that, doesn't it?

Jesus I was blinded by the dark truth of it.
Also the reason why I said about the retard, is that they put no effort into nothing and paid paid like 500 a fucking week

I guess we agree. So what exactly holds you back from becoming a pinko at the moment? You said
But what kind of facts are you talking about?

How Capitalism fails in many ways or something like that.
I just keep getting the simple it never works replies..

From the economic perspective? The most basic argument is that extraction of surplus value causes cyclical breakdowns like the one in 2008, since workers do not receive the full pay from what they create and therefore are not able to afford shit that gets produced on the market. The natural trend of capitalism is driving the wages down to ensure the maximum profitability for the capitalists, which also explains why jobs are shipped overseas and why has economic immigration to first world countries become so massive.
I'm sure we could get more depending what interests you.

Excellent point there.

Is there some particular critique of current economy or society you want to hear?

Well equal pay.
That really is on my mind now.
I just don't like when people have more then others.

Point three is the one that might interest you.

I may be home.

But you guys arent Holla Forums.

Just a pale, insiginificant shadow of a speck of Holla Forums. Why do leftists always copy us?

Holla Forums is fucking trash now. they failed to man the gates. so fucking retarded there right now, and .net/pol/ is an insane asylum
I fucking loathe Democrats, left the Rs in 2007 because bailouts, loath Demorcats so much, but already like the discussion here better.

Leave your posting habits at the door.

This board still aims at a moving target for posting quality. It will not be your hug|box 2.0

board quality*


No it does not. Holla Forums is a torture chamber, but for rightists. In fact, I was banned not long ago for "defending Jews". They are literally banning you for disagreeing with their world view. I was not insulting, not rude, and was clear I was there with the intention to learn about their views.

Holla Forums is a hug box, a safe space, an echo chamber, a hivemind or whatever else you want to call it. Is Holla Forums the same? I don't know, I've never been banned from here, nor do I hear stories of people being banned simply for espousing their view.

Holla Forums has become an echo chamber for bluepilled faggots. It's compromised. That's why all the aut rightists are going here.

complete newfag here.
Can anyone explain to me how do i get one of those pretty flags?

faggot new-speak child*

Maybe not the best thread to ask this in, but I didn't want to make a new one.

I am having trouble understanding why authoritarian leftists only physically target right wing "fascists". I'm not saying it is or isn't okay to assault people, that is not what I am getting at. If capitalism and the bourgeoisie are to blame for exploiting people and making their lives hell then why not target them? I never hear of lefties physically assaulting bankers, CEOs, and investors, it's always fascists with a small following of people who nobody takes seriously or it's people who are non-fascist right wingers.


Nazis are always an acceptable target, and since they're generally ignorant lumpens, nobody with power really gives a shit if you beat on them. There's a lot of ignorant children who turn to antifa only because it lets them feel like they're making a difference and will somehow inspire revolution through their acts of violence.

If they went after bankers or CEOs the security apparatus of the state would just outright crush them, but I suspect a lot of them don't really want to face facts and admit to their complete powerlessness in the face of capitalism yet to decline.

Mind you, I understand antifa as a form of self-defense when facsist goons and hooligans target left-wing activists & politicians, but beyond that it's the revolutionary equivalent of jacking off in your room.

ANTI-FA only target fascists because the capitalists fear them more than they do communists. Most communist organisations are controlled opposition and ANTI-FA is made up of low testosterone cowards who are only there to feel good by beating up people. The even fail to do that if they don't outnumber fascists 30 to 1 and that might not even turn out well for them. See that Golden Dawn MP who held his own against ANTI-FA who tried to murder him.

Click on "Show posts options & limits"

Because nobody really cares if fringe retards to beat up other fringe retards.


Red this and still do not know what is Holla Forums

why are shitposting threads bumplocked and not deleted? rangeban those fags and erase their filth

Relatively new to being someone who actively discusses their political views. I find myself agreeing with a lot of the ideas on this board but I've yet to truly identify what I should "identify" as. Hoping you guys can help me out here.

Many small local governments (let's call them counties since I imagine them to be only a little bigger than the average US county which can vary in size and can be extremely small or big depending on population density but obviously only the fraction of the size of a state) elect reps for a series of technical branches (2 per "county" per branch). The branches cover "Logistics", "defense", "education" and "Law management". Each candidate is elected based on party representation using the "STV" process. youtu.be/l8XOZJkozfI

Counties are run by regularly elected officials, 3 for each branch on the local level which are interviewed publicly on their background and technical qualifications. All elected officials locally are reelected (or not, depending on the citizens) each year using "STV" again

Logistics handles resource production, land managment, resource distribution, and currency exchange.

Defense covered military training doctrine, placement of armed forces and installations, international intelligence, and handles military specific RnD.

Education handles public education and civilian research ranging from official civil projects to requisitioning research space and materials for independent studies.

Law management handles law making, law enforcement (including both catching and trial) as well as correctional measures to counter illegal acts.

Public area cameras, police cameras (vehicular and personal), but active monitoring of personal homes is illegal without consent or county order. Internet surveillance is an issue I don't have fleshed out yet but generally, if it's publicly available then it's all good, if it requires you to access a system without permission from the owner then fuck off without a court order.

Necessary for allowing fair exchange of excess materials and tracking those who contribute to society and those who don't but is ultimately just a management tool and no amount of money is worth compromising the sustainability of the nation. Interest does not exist on a county level and is only allowed on loans to foreign entities at a federal bank level and is handled on a case by case basis to ensure it will not cause issues within the nation. It may be paid back using materials in demand within the nation as actual resources we can use are always priority over money. All excess state resources are priced to manage and limit inflation.

Age, race, sex, place of origin and other things that are not in your control should not deny you human rights, jobs, or other advantages if you can still perform the required tasks for them in an objectively better way. Since there are no tasks required for things like basic human rights as defined by the law management council, it's kind of a default that you get them…

Beliefs and belief systems should only be only protected in this manner if they do not actively encourage or require you to discriminate against other discrimination protections or actively encourage or require you to physically harm or act with explicit intent to harm another person or to explicitly cause suffering to any living thing. (better figure out which parts you're going to keep in that holy book of yours because violent, bigoted zealots need to gtfo.)

Self defense is a basic human right. This extends to most types of weapons designed to instantly stop an attacker. That said, once the attacker is stopped, you need to stop and get a short distance away before waiting for attempting to contact law enforcement. Further use of a weapon on a noncombatant is illegal, however justifiable you might find it to be at the time.

Citizens should also attend basic training for a brief period of time to learn basic discipline, fitness, and self defense including with firearms as a part of their public education.

If you have any more questions I didnt cover, let me know.

identify as the unique one

No, he is not unique one, his brain infested with spooks:

Why individualist flag so gay?

Thanks mate!

Do we have a discord?

Yes youd need an invitation though i think the dubtrack is better and friendlier though

Other colours were already taken

Was the Liberal Crime Squad thread deleted for being against the rules?

It seemed to disappear pretty quickly.

seems individualistic

The fuck? Nobody on IRC? Do we have a discord?

How are we supposed to get organized, connected, and communicate during ops without real time chat?

we use the Holla Forums discord



too bad there is no leftypol irc anymore.

Other places were already taken by collectivists.

yep that's a Holla Forumsack alright, nothing to see here

Aren't you special

They're at least going to team-up after the obligatory first meeting fight.

I suppose this is a pretty basic politic question but from my understanding, Right wing is kind of pro "elite leading the many" and left wing is pro "everyone decides for themselves" or am I looking at the stances wrong. It's hard to get a good read because people seem to use "left" and "right" to describe so many different aspects of government and the words themselves don't seem to offer context clues. (like social in socialism or commune in communism)

that dichotomy is a false one, the dichotomy between the left and the right is the dichotomy of idealism vs materialism


link because can't find .pdf

So, then the left is based on idealism and the right on materialism? Those don't seem like mutually exclusive things but perhaps that is rooted in my perceived definition of the two.

For example, my thoughts of what materialism is that it is a way of thinking putting physical gains and loses as the way of defining success and my thoughts of what idealism is that it is a way of thinking that seeks to prevent undue suffering and being everyone to a state of mutual morality and fairness.

So by that logic, I could declare myself a far… centerist(?)… by supporting strictly policies that made sure everyone had at least enough resources to not suffer with a little extra reward for those who contribute to society more as would be "morally fair" so I would be a "material idealist". Sounds a bit like socialism in it's base form to me as materialism defines the measure of success and the idealism defines how that success should be distributed.

Beyond that, this ebook link looks like Scientologist propaganda using Marxism as a lead in and then going off into meta physics and eventually dialectics which I've only heard shady as fuck things about from anyone who isn't a Scientologist shill and even then it sounds like typical brainwashing and hypnosis.

I'm impressed that despite being handed a very easy source you've still managed to get everything wrong.


Man, I'm surprised you can read at all.





I have problems replying to some threads.

Posting goes to 100% and freezes. Am I alone in this?

It happens to me when I try to post with a URL in the body

Apparently, long posts for me are enough.

What is the limit? 5000 characters?

I was told there weren't limits on leftypol!

There is censoring tho.
try typing:
without the spaces

I had the same problem two times, last time it was because of an arbitrary short sequence of non-alphabetic ASCII characters (single quote + minus sign, or something else like that)

And right now I can't post pic related in for some reason

I forgot to add that it's not due to the trademark signs

Sorry to fill up the thread with my shit, but I just wantna be like a nice user of some open-source software, and now I remember, it was single quotes just at the beginning and the end of a spoiler tag…
Double quotes worked fine


It's the season of consumerism and it's getting to me. Especially where I live. It's almost like a cancerous thought that's been installed into everyone's psyche.
Would communism destroy this capitalist notion?
I assume it would. People may value spending time with family and enjoying their work rather than chasing material objects.
I'm also interested in learning how a communist views the united nations, and whether they find the group valuable.

Thanks in advance

Yes, in all probability. Christmas as a concept would be reduced to a few traditions carried on by those who wish to keep them alive.

It's a relic, the result of two world wars and the Cold War. It remains because it helps, to a degree, the five permanent members of the security council manage their antagonisms. It also serves to legitimize whatever bullshit they're up to, though as we've seen with the US and Russia, for example, they really don't give a shit. It's nice to have but it's not going to stop them otherwise. Everyone outside the security council better watch their step. That's the UN in a nutshell.

simply epic

Posting in parts because fuck codemonkey

Traditionally social conservatism and economic liberalism has been identified with the right, social and economic liberalism with the centre and lastly, anti-capitalism and social liberalism with the left. The placement of newer ideologies with different positions than those above has been usually based on the similarity or at least affinity with these traditional positions.
And so, social democracy usually stands for centre-left, as they are more left than centrist liberals, but they opt for capitalism with welfare rather than getting rid of capitalism, which means they cannot be strictly classified as the left. They can be also tolerated by both centre and left, which is another argument for such placement.
Christian democrats are sightly less conservative and even get some regulatory("left-wing" for the sake of simplicity) economic policies, additionally they are bearable for both trad right and trad centre, which is why they are classified as centre-right.

This division starts fucking up when you get heavily conservative people who prefer heavily regulated capitalism or even socialism, with most famous example being fascists. Nevertheless, they are still usually seen as right(and far right in case of fascism) merely because they share greatest affinity with regular right-wingers despite not being economically liberal. Even so, they are full-blown nationalist socialist ideologies like National Bolshevism or Asserism who without a doubt are nigh-impossible to place on the conventional spectrum.
Similarly lolberts and ancaps are also hard to place, since they have strong opinions and other configurations have been already taken. They are without a doubt "radical", but far-centre sounds silly and far-right is already taken by groups with almost completely different policies(statism, anti-liberalism, anti-individualism).

thanks for this

so not guarding against internationalism is somehow pro-worker?

I belong to an international union. People look at me like I'm insane when I point out that foreign workers drive down our wages.

Then those foreign workers should unionize to demand higher wages

I'm new to chans and am still lurking but would you guys recommend a proxy while posting?

And a few questions about socialism.

1) How would healthcare work? Specifically, if I take care to be healthy and active my entire life while someone else does not, is there any benefit of needing less healthcare? Say they need several heart surgeries as early as 30 and continual treatment/surgeries while I don't need any.

I understand "to each according to their needs" but what if the needs of one are significantly higher than the needs of another?

2) If I develop a really useful software in my free time, what do I do with that software? Do I turn it over to be distributed among the workers? Is there any reward for developing such a software?

3) How are luxuries handled in communism? Say I want an in-ground pool in my yard. How do I get it?

I understand that I could not get my in-ground pool unless the needs of others were fulfilled first. But if the needs are fulfilled, how would luxury be distributed?

In a communist society, most people would be workers therefore the actual time needed for work from the individual would be lowered. Say 3 day work weeks. What is there to do on the other 4 days of the week if there are no luxury items? No pools to swim in and so on.


Do you think that your variant of socialism can work today without any modifications in a globalized world? What books show the way to build a socialism for the 21st century?

The whole point of my variant of Socialism is that it had to be modified to existing circumstances, not applied willy-nilly.

That's not how any of this works

is Holidays wordfiltered? wtf why


i came as a Holla Forums falseflagging retard here after your little raids have started
and so i kept making posts and threads ranging from normal things to utter nonsense
but now
i kinda want to give up
the last few days this place is full of nonsense
the number of leaf tier threads here made me stop posting, my services aren't needed it seems
oh well, rip Holla Forums

Good riddance

replace "jew" with "mick" on the wordfilter

can I get a new invite for this Discord please?

I think that the funniest part about this post is that I absolutely know that he went and started bragging to his little discord buddies about how his "raid" 'took down leftypol' or some shit along those lines, as if anything he did here even mattered lmao

kek not me
but nice to know there are more autists posting here

I check the IRC and no one is really in there. Where is everyone on a discord? Or is there another IRC I could go to?

Discord server owner here, BO still won't put the discord link up on this thread so here:

why are so many lefties prone to infighting? Holla Forums and Holla Forums can majority cconcentrate into their own autistic hivemind of whats considered proper opinion, but why not here?

Believe the word here is torture chamber, without different opinions in a group that's what a group becomes. Thing with Holla Forums is at one time going back to the days of 4chan before moot got cucked it was not filled with just one mindset but over time the board was consumed and anyone that didn't agree with this main mindset was automatically just called a "kike/JIDF".

And the case with Holla Forums as far as I remember it's been like that a while but I rarely browse Holla Forums.


Holla Forums BTFO

we sure did, user. we sure did.

That was one unintelligent hillbilly with an equally uninteresting song

where is my Buddhist Socialism flag

The Soviet Union has finished the transitional phase to Nirvana.

He's a parody
Thanks to librul fact checking skills he even made it to Rachel Maddow.

This. pleasse make it happen mods!
Why do only Christians and Muslims get their flags?

Although, I think someone should make a better looking one.

i made an attempt but quit, looks kind of bad to me. what do you think?

I think the wheel needs more detail and needs its proper shape. I wish i could help but I don't know how to edit images. I think the flag should not be attached to a background. see the christian commie flag or freud's cigar.

Is this actually the Desu BO lmao

hey Holla Forums can someone recommend me a good guide to understanding marxism? i want to learn everything from hegelianism to trotskyism, but i dont know where to start

Marta Harnecker

Okay, your neighbor here. What is about? Did you guys donate money to some organization so that you could get featured or something? Thanks for your answer in advance.
t. Holla Forums


What was election night like on here?

I haven't been online since mid-2016 since I had surgery coming up and needed to sever my relationship with image boards to clear my mind of all the slurs used on here so I wouldn't say anything awful or stupid while waking up.

Not sure if it's really a good thing to be back but I feel a sense of reunification nonetheless.

i was really worried i was going to blurt out niggers or something else when i went under for my wisdom teeth last August, ended up just rambling about Basketball

top fucking kek, I also worry about saying racist shit when I get sedated


you know, I agree with most of the theory posted around Holla Forums , minus the `equality all races the same` bullshit. in a real socialist country, blacks will never work with beaners, gooks will never work with whites, and so on.. someone will try to screw over the other

I am a cumskin and my main work partner is a beaner, one of the persons who screwed me hard the most was a "fellow" cumskin

You are wrong and a cuckold

don't mind me just seeing where those sweet quints landed

where is that delicious get

Proletariat of the Sea

Communism for Coxswains
Commodore Communism
Capital Ship Communism
Communist Captain
Catamaran Communism
Sailor Socialism

underrated: Liquidationism

As someone who used to be in the Marine (eng: Navy), this flag appeals greatly to me.

Kronstadt and Kiel

Can you please ban all those shitty Holla Forums tier bait threads? I get this is a SAFE SPACE for all kinds of Holla Forums but when they leave their shit everywhere it gets kind of annoying. Or at least contain all the Trump protest posts in one megathread. This is what happens if you don't - it's either a Holla Forums trickster or even worse a regular who fell for Holla Forums LARPing yesterday.

could do with a french election cyclical tbh

kek thats a good one

the basic ethical question is what is to be done, and this only matters when we have agency.

And that's why I'm not a liberal.


How can people here unironically pretend that liberalism, Obama and Hillary are worse than Trump even though Trump is the definition of rich CEO who will abuse his place for profit directly and might even move towards fascism with his "only trust me guys" attitude and the fact there are people who unironically do trust him and believe him.
The media might be lying and influenced but he is way worse with his lies

I guess some of the reasoning is that he won't put much effort into hiding what a scumbag he is, whereas Obama and Hillary does it constantly and even pretty well at times. Also, and related to the first point: he's easy to hate and it's easy to point out the shit he does. TL;DR: He is Darth Sidious, Hillary and Obama are Senator Palpatine (two facets of the same characters, if you don't get the reference, where Trump is obvious evil while Obama and Hillary are the two-faced schemers).

Also, there's the accelerationist perspective.

But many people outright celebrate or support him which makes people think this is just as bad as Holla Forums, like i could understand that you feel good about him ruining shit for the right image wise but there is a difference between saying "i am happy this terrible person is in charge because it will cause x" and "trump is great, leftypol loves trump" which is what you get anytime says something bad for Trump as if we were on fucking Holla Forums who suck his dick daily.

Also that is still a risk to a degree, lets just hope he doesnt fuck shit up too much that it wont be able to be saved

I honestly don't share that impression of leftypol. Maybe the defense we see here of Trump is because of the hypocritical outrage, and you see kneejerk reactions to that?

There is a risk, and I don't think anyone has a good estimation of how big that risk is. Still, I guess that even though he is likely the worst choice when human suffering is concerned he has an element of unpredictability which the others lacked. They were an already opened present and everyone could see it was shit, while Trump is still a wrapped present that just reeks.

IDK, I'm just speculating here. I'm not American and would have voted blank if I was.

You also have to remember that like 1/3 of the users on this board come from Holla Forums.

Trump's plan is simple, and it is far worse than hillary or Obama because you morons dont even see it now.

-Spam autistic tweets and do retarded things causing the media and the world to spend all their day talking about you and nothing else
-Do some things you promised like the TPP to look like you are doing shit to your supporters since you dont lost profit from it(mainly it was big tech companies, pharmaceutics industry etc who used that, and Trump isnt big on that)
The russia cocksucking could either be because of point A but because he so desperately defends Putin it means he must have some big profit behind it and that is why he wants to remove sunctions
-And now that everyone is busy, most of the people with your autism and most of your retarded supporters with "lol he is doing it" use your totally qualified and not corrupt billionaire cabinet to fuck things up for your personal profit and the profit of the rich people who support you. But unlike Obama and Hillary that wont be seen because he is hiding behid the 1st and 2nd layer of autism.

As if that wasnt enough Trump is a fascist, simple as that
He is using the anti media and anti establishment anger as a way to consolidate his power by telling how everyone is lying and he is the only Trust worthy person
He is obsessed over military and even said he wants to "parade" in coincidentally 2 cities that voted overwhelmingly against him
He is appealing to nationalistic emotion more than any other candidate, he wants the worthless poorfags to feel "good" and "pride" for voting for him and being American which is A grade fascism and capitalism since who cares if you are poor and have nothing, you should feel better cuz your emotions

So it looks far less worse than it isnt and that is his plan, both Obama and Hillary wouldnt have done anything like this

Liberal shills getting more unhinged by the day.

I think most users here know Trump is porkiest face of capitalism so far.

idk. Trump supporters on this board are the exception, imho…
But, Trump supporters happen to be a very vocal bunch of folk though, in general… I dont quite believe there are many as trump supporters on this board so much as there are just some very outspoken Trump supporters on this board.

Holla Forums does have its own special brand of autism which is hard to resist

Voting blank is the only true American vote on ballots without Ron Paul's name on them.

I think this might be the cause, along with



Dunno if I should make a thread for this or post here but here goes: can we please have something in the FAQ saying we are pro-gun? It might reduce the number of 'how do you expect worker revolution if your liberal candidates keep disarming the workers lol chexmoot, loftypool in spermicide wash lel triggered lel XD' threads we keep having. They don't produce good debates or OC or really much of anything else, just 3d6 responses of 'we're not liberal and we're against disarmament' per thread. Seems like a lot of wasted effort to me.

whoops, I'm retarded and missed it myself in the FAQ.


100% mad

Explain this pls

What about it?

where is it

Babies show preference for their own race.

Babies shit their pants everyday aswell


Anyone got a working discord link?


That expired fast

Yeah… wonder why… 🤔

What if users were able to select a thread that would be cycled and stickied for a week or so, as we've kind of been doing with the webm-archive and reading threads? Although it looks like we have 20 pages now so maybe keeping good content up isn't so much of a problem, but I think it would be good for the board imo if we were somehow able to highlight especially quality threads.

can someone explain what dialectics are?
how they work
how to think dialectically
and why do you believe they work

I read few books on the subjects and it's so messy and misty, pretty much the only reason I found is that some human descriptions of natural processes appear to work slightly dialectically

I torrented that big Marxism torrent, it's like a 1GB of books about marx. But stil

big marxism torrent?

also this. Why do "people" on reddit keep using this word? The way I understand Marx(could be wrong) it's all about economics right? So isnt the only right way of doing things is to focus just on economics? All these little "oppressions" are absolutely dwarfed by the economic oppression.
All these little inequalities such as racial or gender inequality absolutely pale in comparison to the economic inequality. So essentially they shouldn't be taken seriously because if you do take them seriously and "fix" them, all you did is waste time and resources on stupid shit that would have been fixed once you fixed the big problem.

I see it as a way to splinter the leftist movement into million these subgroups that you can pit against each other. If marx came back to life and saw Emma Watson calling herself a leftist because she's oppressed by being a woman because she gets 9$ million from speaking into the camera when her male co-star gets 10$ million, I think at that point marx would just shoot himself in the head and go back to sleep

this one

Thanks! I appreciate it.

The whole brocialism/identity politics thread is a tangled one. My understanding is that it partially evolved out of Maoist-Third Worldism, which if I understand it right is the theory that the developed Western world lacks revolutionary potential due to the cushy lifestyle provided by capitalism, and intersectionality, which is a method of analyzing "vectors of oppression," you know, that a Bangladeshi woman faces different sorts of oppression from her society than a Zulu male living in the Bronx, etc.

They've both been kind of divorced from their Marxist roots and almost entirely co-opted by bourgeois Liberals into a vulgar sort of racialism/genderism (if that's a word). White people are inherently bad because they've benefited from Capitalism more than others, while everyone else is unironically lumped into the "People of Color" group. It should be obvious how ridiculous this is for a number of reasons.

So yeah, you're right in that economics/class is or should be the dominant issue, but this tends to be dismissed as "class essentialism" or more vulgarly "brocialism." "Because white men have it so well they only have to worry about their class/bank accounts/whatever." Again, the irony of using a gendered pejorative seems completely lost on them.

That isn't necessarily to say either that issues affecting particular groups are unimportant or should be ignored. What matters are the nature of the oppression they're facing and what their manner of dealing with it is. Much of identity politics now deals with integrating discrete identities more fully into bourgeois society, such as the effort for "gay marriage," or the summer before last iirc when there were all those demonstrations at bourgeois Ivy League schools complaining about bathroom graffiti and wanting more black/female deans/department chairs/etc. The class struggle isn't materially affected by the color of the person sitting in the throne, you know? More black professors at Harvard and Yale isn't going to do anything to end black poverty or diminish incarceration. More female executives won't do anything to end the exploitation of the millions of working females those executives employ. Through the magic of identity politics however these things don't matter, because the problem isn't capitalism or bourgeois society, it's evil white men.

While well meaning, the majority of these people are the epitome of Useful Idiots. Like you said, the logic of identity politics atomizes people into essentially infinite numbers of groups based on the similarity or dissimilarity of lived experience. Aside from lived experience being ultimately reactionary in nature, if you follow it to its logical conclusion then these groups disintegrate as the boundary between one and another is completely arbitrary. The lived experiences of every individual are going to be necessarily different, so how far do you take it? Identity works fine as a cultural shorthand for groups of people that possess certain similarities, but treating it like an objective fact is absolutely nonsensical. As you wheedle through every possible difference, you pare a group down into increasingly smaller and increasingly ineffective segments.

Identity politics have many bourgeois uses, most of which involve obfuscating the historical sources of oppression as well as their contemporary realities, but this post is already rather long.

I mean outside Bernie Sandals, when was the last time you heard someone on the left mention workers or money?

The real political issues according to the modern leftist movement are gay cakes, tranny bathrooms and black criminals being shot for attacking black police. It's mind blowing really…

No, it's no really all that mind blowing that bourgeois movements are portrayed as revolutionary, especially when their whole point is to actively distract people from actual revolutionary politics.

Is there any way to contact BO-san through some more private way like email?

what for?

where dem quads at

where the quads go?

Tor user image posting when?

KCIA wants my ass :'(

why does the thought of Holla Forums 'raiding' Holla Forums or Holla Forums send users into a thread-derailing shitfit? is it from people histrionically remembering the older intl/ints/freech raids (when all they ever raided was /int/ and /operate/)? Holla Forums already has its own self-derailing problems when tards proudly go all the way to 244 fucking posts in a single thread.


Images have completely stopped showing up for me on my phone. I even tried using the site in another browser. Is anyone else having this problem?

why does the thought of Holla Forums 'raiding' Holla Forums or Holla Forums instantly send users into a thread-derailing shitfit? Is it from people histrionically remembering the older intl/ints/freech raids (when all they ever raided was /int/ and /operate/)? Holla Forums already has its own self-derailing problems when tards proudly go all the way to 244 fucking posts in a single thread.

Because Holla Forums and Holla Forums are safe spaces for autistic children.

Is bunkermag still being maintained?

You guys understand that stuff like this:

Is why you are explicitly and objectively SJWs, right? Do you get on the case of everyone who express hatred, or do you save it for white people? In either case, you're proliferating hatred by doing so.

Nonsensical and self-defeating "muh feels" ideology masked behind ten thousand layers of esoteric, impractical nonsense literature to make unemployed 23 year olds feel intelligent.

If your system of government is not simple enough to be comprehensively explained in three sentences, it will inevitably fail.

"Workers own the means of production." That's one sentence so suck it faggot.

If you submit something it will probably get published if it's not too shabby

Lurk moar faggot


That makes no sense. Some workers own the means of production right now, fucking dumbass.

The vast majority don't.




Why can't we embed videos here?

Youtube haxes your anus.

tbh we need to do what the Holla Forumsyps did to /r/the_donald. set shop on /r/socialism and bring them here as newfags

I would prefer not to


I am tired of seeing this image.

t. Richard Wolff

Can someone post the leftypol discord here plox


Maybe, not sure if correct link

Nah not giving me anyhtin'

New User here.
I need to be taught about this new ideology, can someone give me a quick rundown please?

The history of all heretofore existing society is the history of class struggle. Communism promises to bring an end to that history by eliminating class as we currently understand it.

dude lmao

where dem quads



after 1 year we still have no GDR flag
what makes you believe we'll get one for the KPD (which i'd much prefer)?

Frederick Engels 1847
The Principles of Communism

I'm left-leaning, how do I go further left?

u walk forward lmao

Can someone post a discord link?

"This is why you lose so fucking always"!

You call us all racist, yeah? You think we hate all races that aren't white, right? You call us all fascist, right? We all "Nazi's", correct? You think the
language we use….is literal right? (Not just a descriptive characteristic of a certain area or action) You say we hate women…You say were "All Wrong"….everyone
who doesn't agree with you. And that "You" are on the "Right Side Of History" while blatantly saying that everyone else who doesn't agree with your bullshit….is NOT.
You preach of "Free Speech" while condemning "Any Speech" that doesn't fit into your agenda. You "Preach" peach and "Non Violence" while destroying your own
communities and assaulting people. You "Preach" of "Tolerance" while NOT tolerating any opinion that does not fit your agenda.

Well, I am racist. I didn't use to be. I mean I believe EVERYONE ON EARTH is racist to a certain degree. And everyone says racist shit. But mine didn't really pick up
until 2 years ago right before the election bullshit, and seeing 1st hand how "Your Media" lies. We just embrace it. (We use words to indicate a certain type of
behavior, or origin, and we don't give a fuck what you…or anyone think about it) It doesn't offend us…nothing really does. We laugh. And as you saw on HWNDU….it's
not just white people. In fact only a small portion actually was white.

Nature instead) until I saw how much they hated me….I feel differently now.

It seems "You" who are the one's who are wrong, wrong about everything. This is why you fail. You divided yourselves….and the whole world watched! "You" showed us
how racist "You" really were Each time you chimped out….1 million more came to us. And each time thereafter. The world now see where the problem lies…..even loyal
(Ex)Democrat friends i've had for 25 years, see where problems are coming from. And it's not us. They watched as the Media told loyal white democrats….they were bad
people and NOT wanted! Then called fucking racist!

Soo to the bitches, niggers and spics here who "AREN'T" productive non racist individuals like they preach for everyone else to be….ty, ty soo much, for starting to
unite white people again. I mean it, ty. We honestly couldn't have done it without you! And ty forshowing the world "Your True Colors". Keep up the good work!

And in closing….."You" are the ones who made "Me" racist. You best think about that.

@MODS let people see this. It's an honest opinion from a republican (Not a nazi, right, far right, fascist or alt-right…just a republican)


noun, plural bourgeois.
1.a member of the middle class.
2.a person whose political, economic, and social opinions are believed to be determined mainly by concern for property values and conventional respectability.
3.a shopkeeper or merchant.

4.belonging to, characteristic of, or consisting of the middle class.
5.conventional; middle-class.
6.dominated or characterized by materialistic pursuits or concerns.


1.the bourgeois class.
2.(in Marxist theory) the class that, in contrast to the proletariat or wage-earning class, is primarily concerned with property values

It's not hard.

I quite like that piece I did on power, state and myth. You guys should hurry up and let me know if you want revisions, or don't want it so I can put it somewhere else. I submitted that like a month ago.

Sorry about the wait fam. You did a good job.

You fags got a tl;dr version of Communist Manifesto? I tried reading the whole thing verbatim, but Marx, or whoever wrote the fucking thing, is an old windbag who goes on and on and on and won't shut the fuck up after he already made his point. I want the cliff notes.

tl;dr: free shit lmao

But yeah we could actually do well with a Communist Manifesto that is updated to 2017

why do you identify as anti-zionist? does that mean that you don't support an existence of Israel? i agree that Israel has done many bad things, but it's not enough to send all Israeli Jews back to Poorland or drown them in the Mediterranean

The Principles of Communism, by Engels (1847)
Very short FAQ written by Engels 170 years ago.

Try reading it and say what you don't like.

Maybe I'm a fucking retard, but I don't quite follow the grand scheme here. So, they want to abolish free market competition and divert all means of production such that everyone gets their fair share, but that's just a basic idea on paper, the specifics of which are not divulged. It's all pretty vague, if you ask me. I do agree that industrial capitalism is too unfettered for its own good, but I also think that a free market and competition are good things, as long as there are sanctions put in place that prevent dipshits from gaming the system. Government kickbacks, incredible tax cuts or tax havens for the rich, and lobbyists who fight for corporate interest at the expense of every day citizens, for example, are things that should be thought about by great minded economists and incorporated into our government, such that the system stays fair. There's such a thing as earning too much money.

In short, industrial capitalism is too fucking efficient; it needs regulatory stipulations, and doesn't need some lofty ideals about everyone holding hands together and working like some god damn homogeneous unit.
Sounds like a pipe dream. Who's going to regulate the regulators? Isn't that sort of communal system prone to the same weaknesses as our current system?
Yeah, but it's that same greed that keeps people in check, and it's through that greed that socialist ideals can flourish. The capitalist needs human resources to modulate the means of production, regardless of how efficient it is; therefore, it's within the banker's interest to ensure that his people are capable of providing their services, such that his product, and therefore wealth, can be sufficiently generated. So, competition, motivated by greed, breeds the ascent towards excellence, but it can also be used for the sake of humanitarian purposes. If the capitalist becomes a tyrant in a free marketplace, his human capital is free to find other opportunities, which can itself be a natural deterrent against inhumanity.

At concentrating wealth, yeah.


You wanted cliff notes. This is an introductory text, that was considered insufficient and Manifesto got written instead.

Keep in mind, Marxism itself is a philosophy, historical analysis, and economic theory. Lenin in The Three Sources and Three Component Parts of Marxism (also short and also recommended) outlines it all:

I'd say it is impossible to understand Marxism (fully "follow the grand scheme", so as to say) without doing research on all areas.

Not exactly. Competition itself can exist (ex: Soviets had so-called "Socialist competition"). What needs to be abolished is market exchange (of industrial goods; you can keep your toothbrush - that's was a meme).

Basically, industrial economy and competition (that arises from free market exchange) don't really mesh together: Capitalists are forced to (as you say) "game the system" and abuse workers (what is commonly known as "class struggle"). This is what Marxist economic theory is about. Reading first chapter of of the first volume of Capital is often recommended as it is not overly complicated:

But it's not sufficient, obviously. Otherwise there wouldn't be 32 more chapters and 2 (arguably, 3) more volumes.

It's not about "fair" share as such - Marx clarifies this and other misunderstandings in Critique of Gotha Programme:

Primary reason for Central Planning (to be precise: "abolition of private property"; it's just some people started to interpret this as "co-ops everywhere", which is not what was meant) is to prevent people from being forced to "game the system".

It is only after this it becomes possible for everyone to gets their "fair" (see CoGP above) share. Until everyone can get whatever they want, of course.

Except Marxist historical analysis (historical materialism) in no uncertain terms says that sanctions won't work. Not in the long run, at least. Historically, it is economic relations (Basis) that influence socio-political (Superstructure).

I.e. however great statesmen you have, "human nature" will take over and fuck things up. Because that's how things work.

Well, yes. There could be no "One True Program" that would fit every nation at all times and in all circumstances. Most specifics got rendered obsolete after 170 years - unless you really hate those French Royalists who fled 1848 revolution, of course. But Manifesto has those - and some are relevant. For example, US still has some weird shit (Federal Reserve) instead of proper Central Bank.

If I understood you correctly, what you want would be political programs of modern Marxist parties, not Marxism itself. It is a method for creating and evaluating those specifics you want.

You logic has progressed way too far down the path of post-truth for me to follow and I have to set some ground rules. Definition of "efficiency", for starters.

If you mean Capitalism is "efficient at extorting wealth" - then yes. Capitalism is very efficient at extortion. However, if evaluated from more practical perspective (satisfying actual wants/needs - see Marx's Capital on "use-value"), it is extremely inefficient in this respect.

Capitalism creates fake wealth (not unlike money of Monopoly game) and then substitutes real wealth with it. Consequently, what you are really shown as a measure of efficiency of Capitalism is not the real wealth, but the bullshit fake wealth.

And we got to the strawmannig.

You people are so fucking stupid. Just kill yourselves. You have no reason to live.

Marxism has failed dozens and dozens of times and has never once been sustainable because of the compelling force of the government. People have historically moved away from central planned economies since antiquity you dumb champagne socialist literally kill yourself.

Lol this idiot doesn't know about Incan socialism

kys my dood B)

lmao incan socialism. dude literally kill yourself the incans never heard of marx or the finer points of socialism. None of the systems in place in a western world your weird sub human microcosm isn't replicable in the 21st century

Woah, you caught me. There's no escaping your laser guided insight.


Yea I know you're wrong too whatever to save face my guy

It was obviously a facetious remark you relentless dipshit. The central point is that the Inka had a centrally planned economy that produced massive surpluses of goods.


Looks cool.

Only a less developed half of it.

I blame 8ch.net/recent.html for this

lol I thought you guys love immigration

Someone please explain cultural marxism to me. I get loads of different definitions when I look it up.


I wish more people were aware of the importance and utility of using sage more often for a tidy Holla Forums.

Why do you have rizon in the OP but not the discord


No one cares about your gay chatroom

Fucking this. Five other boards I browse regularly get discord spam. There's always faggots trying to leech users off of imageboards and into discords. I want to talk ON THE IMAGEBOARD not on some gay chat.

Indeed. I wish Holla Forums board owners had morale and banned shills, especially NSA shills.

What would you guys consider the 3 most important books that represent your ideas? I never gave 2 shits to politics, but I decided to start caring now, so assume I know literally nothing.

Also, out of simple curiosity, how does Holla Forums sees the whole gamergate thing?

They didn't go far enough tbh

Depend a lot on who you ask.
If you look at a relatively broad overview of leftist thought, i'd say What is Property by Proudhon, Wage Labour an Capital by Marx (Das Kapital being for black belts), and The Next revolution by Bookchin are entry level stuff of the largest tendencies of this view.

Looking back it didn't accomplish much in itself, but it was my first exposure to idpol libtardation, and accessory it thanks to the first exodus that i found out this website the this board.

tendencies of this board*

Socialism BTFO!
Obamacare 'Explosion' Could Come Soon… Why? Because Obamacare Depends On Taxpayer Bailouts!

After a stunning 'defeat' last week, delivered at the hands of his own party no less, Trump took to twitter to predict the imminent 'explosion' of Obamacare.

"ObamaCare will explode and we will all get together and piece together a great healthcare plan for THE PEOPLE. Do not worry!"

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March 25, 2017

"The Democrats will make a deal with me on healthcare as soon as ObamaCare folds - not long. Do not worry, we are in very good shape!"

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March 28, 2017

As it turns out, that 'explosion' could come faster than anyone really expects as legislators and health insurers have to make several critical decisions about the 2018 plan year over the next 2 months which could seal Obamacare's fate.

As the Atlanta Journal Constitution points out today, the Trump administration has until May 22nd to decide whether they will continue to pursue the Obama administration's appeal to provide subsidies to insurers who participate in the federal exchanges.

Of course, any decision to remove those subsidies would likely result in yet another massive round of premium hikes and further withdrawals from the already crippled exchanges where an astounding number of counties across the country have already been cut to just 1 health insurance provider. And, as we've pointed out before, higher rates = lower participation = deterioration of risk pool = higher rates….and the cycle just repeats until it eventually collapses!

As background, in 2014, House Republicans sued the Obama administration over the constitutionality of the cost-sharing reduction payments (a.k.a. "taxpayer funded healthcare subsidies"), which had not been appropriated by Congress. Republicans won the initial lawsuit but the Obama administration subsequently appealed and now Trump's administration can decide whether to pursue the appeal or not.

The Trump administration and House lawmakers have to report to the judge this spring. If the Trump administration drops the appeal, it would mean the subsidies would stop being paid — a huge blow to the marketplaces and millions of people. If lawmakers wanted the payments to continue, they would have to find a way to fund them. One opportunity for that is coming up fast, the continuing resolution that must be passed by April 28. If the Trump administration continues the lawsuit, it will be in the odd position of fighting its own party.

The CBO estimates the payments would total roughly $10 billion in 2018.

As we've noted before, several large insurers, including UnitedHealth Group and Aetna, have already made the decision to exit Obamacare due to financial losses. Now, Molina Healthcare is also pondering whether it would be able to continue to participate in the absence of federal subsidies.


Holla Forumsacks never learn.

Obamacare is a fundamentally right-wing idea, even for american politics.

You've been bamboozled.

The OP should probably be edited to clarify that the Holla Forums board on Bunkerchan is supposed to be the backup board. Doesn't really matter at this point, though.

This obviously has nothing to do with leftypol, but please allow it because its very important and Im trying to make it viral. Its my plan to survive suicide.

protip your mind emulated is not necessarily you. you'll still be dead.

trotskyites are opportunists

From the theoretical perspective trots fully agree with Lenin's ideas of running the revolutionary state, functioning of the Party and so on while leftcoms reject said ideas, either parts of it or as a whole. From the perspective of praxis trots also agree with Lenin's demand for participation in the parliamentary democracy, ultras on the other hand completely dismiss said parliamentarism and opt for other forms of organization, which is really the main reason why you have Bordigists and councilists grouped under one term despite their blatant differences

That's true in case of libertarian marxists, but for example Bordigists are vanguardists, they even dismiss in-party democracy in favour of organic centralism.

Why are you considering migrating to endchan?

At a glance it doesn't seem to have moved past Holla Forums in development at all. It looks worse, runs slower and misses quite a few of the same features.

If you're in contact with the site owner you should badger him to iron out the glaring problems that stopped posters using it while Holla Forums was down.

endchan != bunkerchan, although they use the same backend, the front end is different.

i personally am interested in writing a faithful 4chin frontend but web dev drains me

what does the four leaf clover mean

It was just a BO having a PMS, it should pass soon.

This is not related to anything, but what is the purpose of anchoring a sticky?

Probably so it stays at its current position.

what does the Holla Forums utopia look like?
how do you want to achieve it?

are there any points Holla Forums and Holla Forums generally stand united on?

For a point on which Holla Forums and Holla Forums can stand united on to exist, there first need to be a point on which Holla Forums can stand united on.

lol nah

Generally it's classless, stateless, and moneyless. Mine also involves transhumanism and constant spontaneous orgies
There's a billion books about that and they all contradict each other
Pic related

The Holla Forums utopia varies wildly from poster to poster but can be distinguished from the mainstream left primarily through its radicalism. Many here are socialists in the original sense and want to implement workers' ownership of the means of production rather the system of private property and its defence (i.e. capitalism) that exists currently.

Holla Forums and Holla Forums are generally pretty unified against unnecessary wars (i.e. the US-Syria situation right now). I would have said a couple years ago that we're both hold contempt for identity politics, but now Holla Forums seems to be openly embracing a white identity politics, so you can't really say that anymore. Aside from that we're both pretty populist/anti-establishment, but that's basically it tbh.


Giant zionist capitalists steal ridiculous amounts of money from the people, do bad things on a daily basis and must be removed from positions of power so that an economy with no theft could be established.

There is a theory that is actually becoming more and more widespread and accepted: communists and nationalists were divided by the abovementioned zionists to fight each other instead of the common enemy. Above everything their ideologies are unappealable to masses because of media demonization and we both would've been more successful if we united and removed ideology as the primary moving force and instead focused on dealing with the common enemy.

That's not the reasoning of the majority of Holla Forums.

capitalist shlomos are where both board agree, but since Holla Forums is not favour of turning all jews into a detergent and barely any Holla Forumslacks have a non-shit definition of socialism(most of them actually advocate class collaboration kek), it would be hard to reconcile those two
I'm kind of fine with Asserists at least when compared to other right wingers, but they are critically endangered species anyways

Last I checked, any criticism of Islam was considered 'hatred for foreigners', according to most leftists.

And while I understand what Anarcho-capitalists want out of the destruction of national identities, I can't help but think you people are the kinds of people paving the way for the E.U./Bilderberg group to stomp all over Europe, undoing hundreds of years of social progress.

Every attempt at communism has led in genocide and autocracy.
Mao and Stalin have killed 100 million people, together.
What are your thoughts on that, hmm?
You think that can't happen again because we're 'civilized'?

Anarchy and communism work on paper.
They don't work in real life, where people always pick a pack leader.

Feel free to counter-argue.

Feel free to get some arguments and make a thread, idiot


Sure doesn't seem like it.

If you can make a thread without sperging out about niggers and kikes then you won't get banned

If you're just here to try and tell us how inferior non white people are then you're not going to last long

We are obviously wishing to remove central banks with the zionists too. The banking system ran by gentiles instead of jews and chinese would be a softer tyranny, but it's still tyranny

I think you're badly confusing me with someone else, pal.
I actually have an add on that blocks this site because I think the entire site is a cesspool of negativity.
But I'm here today because I feel I can handle it.

So, you gonna respond to this:

Or just ad hominem this entire time?

Islam must be criticized because all bad ideas must be criticized, and Islam is like the mother of bad ideas.
Why someone criticises Islam is an independent matter, and in turn shapes what useful critiques they can make of it. If it's from the perspective of abolishing class exploitation or from enlightenment secular values, it's going to be able to reach different and more useful conclusions than, say, theocratic ethnonationalists that find the key or only issue to be that it isn't their theocratic ethnonationalism. A perspective of "hatred for foreigners" is a less useful way to criticize Islam, because it misses a lot, and assumes too much.
I agree with you that mainstream social liberals have successfully misframed a great deal of valid criticism as "hatred" to dismiss it out of hand, and trying to tease out the "wrong" motivations from someone's claims in lieu of refuting or accepting them is dishonest. I wouldn't even call it morally wrong per se to hate foreigners. It's just that insisting on an a priori "humans vs orcs" framework risks obscuring the real causes of the social ills associated to immigration, which we can study through the fundamental economic incentives people experience.

Capitalism is really what has eroded national identity. Neoliberal globalism and the "one world market" are a natural culmination of the bourgeoisie's economic incentives. They don't need leftists to erode national identity in the pursuit of their goals, because they already do so on their own through both policy and control of cultural institutions

Holy crap, an actual, proper response.
I'm genuinely happy about this. I really wasn't expecting it.

I agree. I have no counter argument with this.

I half-agree, but still think the loss of selection process for immigration has done and will continue to do enough damage to where we can just plain call it a bad idea.

Lack of regulation of megacorps, I'd say.
Capitalism, itself can work fine– (well, better than communism has ever worked).

I have a hypothesis that it's the over-sheltered nature of 'rat utopia' that's causing the 'accept and tolerate, remove all the borders' shenanigans.

Psychological more than political–
The same psychology that makes the 'neoliberals' think disarming the citizens is a good idea and can't lead to truly horrible things like genocide, gulags and tyranny.

Mouse utopia, I mean.

Capitalism is a global system. Its contradictions exist on the world stage, and it's all about the bourgeoisie responding to incentives. The relative advantage gained by a group of capitalists in acquiring cheaper resources, forcibly if the outcome financially justifies the cost, led to colonization, where the entire world came to be dominated by capitalists of a few nations. You can't be free of these contradictions simply by cordoning yourself off in some corner of the world and declaring capitalism to "no longer exist" there, because there remain economic incentives for the bourgeoisie to access that region's resource and labor markets. Markets tend to expand in this way because market expansion coincides with cheaper resources or labor acquisition, and greater volume of sales. As stability of the overall system is itself inherently valuable to the bourgeoisie, it's in their interest to undermine and subvert opposing powers (both those capitalists of other nations, as we saw culminate in two world wars before the western bourgeoisie was more "collaboratively" restructured, and those nations which presume to "opt out" of the system.) Leaders who insist on maintaining a "part-capitalist-part-not" world preside over a sort of stable instability, and in indefinite, "status quo" opposition to the historical forces that point towards destroying their supposedly "non-capitalist" enclave, they are both more able and more incentivized to use repressive, anti-democratic measures and exert their own violent control over the productive forces akin to the bourgeoisie's. Some level of violence is in essence needed under these circumstances to match the international bourgeoisie's violence in the same spheres, to prevent the domination of this society by the capitalist governments of other nations (remember, the bourgeoisie or its agents like the state tend to use violence when appropriate to their interests according to cost-benefit analysis.) The point here is that the choice between "anti-capitalist domination" and "capitalist domination" is not only an undesirable but also a false one. The solution consists not of making the right balance between the two choices, but of changing the circumstances themselves that underlie the limited choices. This means resolving the contradictions of global capitalism and liquidating the whole bourgeoisie.
The economic incentives to own the means of production are not an inherent fact of life but a product of circumstance, and these circumstances can and must be changed. The growth of the productive forces mean that so many areas of socially necessary life can be, and have been, automated or brought to the scale where the labor of very few supports the whole of society. But we have masses of unnecessary jobs, inspectors of inspectors and manufacturers of parts for inspectors to inspect inspectors, because capitalism requires mass consumption of what it produces to avert crisis. These jobs advance a very slim competitive advantage to the bourgeoisie, but next to no actual, socially necessary or socially useful labor. The conditions exist to meet worldwide social need, and reorganizing the productive forces around social need as a matter of course would eliminate the basic incentives of the bourgeoisie to remain bourgeois (i.e. today, "lose control of the productive forces" means "become a prole and need to sell your labor power to survive," which means a sort of financial insecurity, loss of control and dependence on others for survival.)
Socialism can only truly be "achieved" in just such an irreversible sense. If it's reversible owing to some historical force, we haven't truly resolved the contradictions of capitalism

A key idea in Marxist theory is that the state is a device of class rule, as I've already implied. Social liberals identify under-regulation and ancaps identify over-regulation as problems, and they're both right. Both under- and over-regulation are mismatches between the bourgeois interests determining policy and the actual social need. When we have immense regulations on a given sector, say, food biotechnology, regulatory compliance creates large barriers to entry and prevents small firms from competing, so that the market remains dominated by a few giant firms - to the ultimate benefit of their shareholders. When we have under-regulation, companies damage social welfare because it is profitable to do so. I don't believe it's possible for the capitalist state to properly regulate because it doesn't serve the people, but instead the bourgeoisie.
The rolled-back "selection process" in immigration certainly has been undesirable in some ways and has caused some damage, I don't dispute that, but again we have to look at the most fundamental forces at work. People usually immigrate for economic reasons, i.e. according to rational self-interest. In the absence of regulations immigration would explode and the world would rapidly "equilibrate." Historically these regulations have been made either to protect the bourgeoisie's interests of cultural and national identity, which many people do appreciate, you're right, as long as they weren't overridden by economic incentives as they are today. Restrictive immigration also serves as a concession to the proles, i.e. "we will protect you from competition for your jobs, and you can get a higher wage from it" akin to welfare, minimum wage and so on, which all serve to stabilize the system.
The issue with immigration is that there again exists a contradiction between immigrants' and native workers' economic incentives - immigrate to get better wages and conditions, but depress wages and bargaining power in the host country. This issue traces to the fact that the means to do socially necessary labor, an essential fact of life, are gatekept by private owners - the bourgeoisie - who seek profit above general social welfare. In their absence, where everyone has the opportunity to earn the full fruits of their own labor with the productive forces, economic migration will become obsolete and immigration will be due primarily to genuine appreciation for the local culture and desire to assimilate, family/social ties, and so on. There's some graphic out there that has a guy say something like "I'm a devout muslim and want to live under sharia law. Now which country is the best for me?" where he passes up Saudi Arabia and several other countries before settling on Germany. And this argument has a point. Aren't the economic conditions which lead people into incompatible cultures they resent, themselves inhumane?

Perhaps, but I try to connect all these to the fundamental material forces in society and not merely to a defective cultural fabric. Culture is itself a product of material conditions and class relations, too. Is it possible that cultural institutions have taken a sheltering character as a partial means to liberalize immigration policy, and in the name of bourgeois self-interest?

I should have added "to both parties" here

Maybe we should remove Obama from the FAQ already, it's not like he really matters anymore.

Wouldn't it make more sense to put the backup website in the announcement section instead of making a stickied post? It's not like Holla Forums's tags feature has been working for past couple months.

Just jam in a if you want shit on a second line.

The BO is intentionally being incompetent.
Those tags haven't even worked for over a year, there's no reason to keep them there.

There's a quite a bit of difference between the two:
>Eye of sauron ( endchan.xyz/.static/sauron.html )

How so?

Such as a couple of minor missing features? They've even added a bunch since 8ch was down.

We still have plenty of Holla Forums refugees

Is that why it has experienced repeated catastrophic failures every five to ten years for almost its entire history

"mouse utopia" is meme science my lad

And since China, India and Africa hold half the world's population, it's reasonable to assume, the quality of life in 1st world countries would drastically degrade from an overly quick 'equilibration'.

I think that human natural tendency toward serving self-interests and desire makes communism IMPOSSIBLE without Von Neumann Nanites and particle manipulation–
That is, the ability to make whatever you want, provided the required elements are available.

Without 'infinite wealth' as I call it, it will ALWAYS devolve into a caste system/statism, just like the U.S.S.R., China, Cuba, Vietnam, N. Korea, etc.

People will always pick a leader, and that leader will always be unfair.
The closest we've come to fairness is the U.S. Constitution and even that is being ignored whenever convenient.

"mouse utopia" is meme science my lad

You just need to look at the collapsing native birth-rates in Western countries/SK and Japan to know that there's at the very least a kernel of truth in the mouse utopia experiments re: population density and urbanisation

I mean really, what's the alternative explanation?

Communism isnt 'necessarially 'lets all share and help each other out'.
although you're wrong about human nature. It isnt strictly self interested. we're social creatures with a strong ense of empathy, strong community and familial ties have always been a part of every human culture because they're innate to our psychology. and far left ideas in general dont rely on people helping each other out and sharing any more than thats just a part of human nature.

It doesn't matter if some people have empathy.
It just takes a small number of sociopaths to warp communism into Stalinism/Maoism.

The mass graves of the past were dug from the good intentions of communists.

oh fuck off

What a nice, rational and intelligent rebuttal.

My friends its the traditional spring festival and workers day! Drink a lot of vodka and be merry!

Your first image contradicts your post. Also:

Life is hard work or struggle for survival. Every working man deserves his holidays.

But you do realize that we do need to keep working endlessly to bring about the end of Capitalism, right? And that stopping and smelling the flowers and dancing around a maypole like a fag will just prolong Capitalism's existence?

Your reasoning is flawed.

How? Why should you stop working toward the Party's goals if you still have life in you? If you have nothing more to supply to the Party, then you might as well see the truth and die.

Gosh I dunno how your class cucked analysis could be wrong

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soundboard.ass-we-can.com/static/music/BillyH/You like that.mp3

Fuck discord. Use Matrix. riot.im/app/#/room/#lefty:matrix.org

leftypol discord: discord.gg/mREbnqv

don't go there ever

it's owned by a fatty snow, jew discourse and has trannies and pedophiles in moderation

endless drama and coups

Something wrong with that, Holla Forums ?

this is supposed to make me not want to go there?

Does someone have this Irish pic?

google filename


Nobody uses this IRC channel. Everyone is either on Rizon#bunkerchan or the Discord ( discord.gg/mREbnqv ).


I think the board is being slid, threads are being bumped without any posts being made. (because they were deleted)
I don't know if mods have the power to fix it but it's happening.

Referring to specifically because it happened now (you can look at the post's timing), but there's probably more.

It's the mods who are doing it, dawg.


What do you comr8s think about this vid?


Is there a way to change flags without posting? Whenever I navigate to a new page, the flag defaults to whichever one I had selected the last time I posted, which often leads to me accidentally leaving an ironic flag on when I'm trying to be taken seriously. The statement "whoops, accidentally left my shitposting flag on" seems to be fairly common around here, so I don't think I'm the only one with this problem.

Maybe you should just stop shitposting

ignore me, lloking for gets


Can somebody explain to a newfag what a tanky is?


Why do you ban Asserists posters

Because they're Nazi cucks

Am I still on infinitechan or have I accidentally crossed into tumblr territory?

Nah, you're just a fucking retard, the same as you've always been

You all realize communism is a tool for Jewish supremacy to overthrow governments and enforce global slavery right? Take the ultimate red pill




“It is the eternal struggle between these two principles — right and wrong — throughout the world. They are the two principles that have stood face to face from the beginning of time; and will ever continue to struggle. The one is the common right of humanity, and the other the divine right of kings. It is the same principle in whatever shape it develops itself. It is the same spirit that says, "You toil and work and earn bread, and I'll eat it." No matter in what shape it comes, whether from the mouth of a king who seeks to bestride the people of his own nation and live by the fruit of their labor, or from one race of men as an apology for enslaving another race, it is the same tyrannical principle.”

― Abraham Lincoln, The Lincoln-Douglas Debates



does anybody have that ms paint meme of the crying stormfag wearing a white pride shirt?



Are syndicalists welcome here? In particular, national syndicalists. I've seen that I don't fit in on Holla Forums and I want to know if I'm welcome on Holla Forums

start a thread about it and find out

We accept nazbols so I guess we'll take pretty much anyone.


syndicalism is welcome but you'll be bullied for the nationalism

Pls no bully for nationalism. I'm new here.

Syndicalists welcome, nationalists don't

I won't bully you. But nationalism divides the working class and is therefore anti-leftist.

Hi. I am a Marxist. I found leftypol through my Ecuadorian friend in a college class. I always liked how Latin Americans are more friendly to socialism than Americans, just wanted to give a shout out to the ones here (please immigrate more here!).

I believe Marxism is feminist because it equalizes and eliminates muh privilege, and I think Marxism that isn't feminist is bourgeois Marxism, and that an integral part of male, bourgeois muh privilege is monogamy and patriarchal attitudes towards women in the home and workplace. Every Marxist guy I meet in my school clearly isn't comfortable with open relationships BUT THAT'S WHAT MARXISM IS! Why? Is leftypol different?

I imagine the revisionist garbage you must be studying to utter shit like this.

What the fuck are you talking about? I came to this conclusion after reading some of Engel's book about the family and some of Zaretksy.

Lol at this bourgeois tankie that doesn't believe in sexual liberation and the communal raising of children.

This is unimportant in regards to the end of capitalism exploitation. Marxism should not be reduced to simple catchphrases, especially things that are absolutely irrelevant to the realization of communism. As well, the liberation of woman is implicit in Marxism, and calling oneself a feminist is simple to engage in partialist movements when this is already included.

LOL! You accuse me of revisionism. And this projecting as well. I've never spammed any catchphrases. You're prejudiced against feminists (something all too common with tankies) when I started reading Marxism far before I was interested in any feminism. The realization of Communism directly involves in part the family unit that allows for the succession of muh privilege. People aren't betrothed or fixed to each other. It's a bourgeoisie invention, and it's obvious tankie prejudice to simply disregard that as irrelevant.

Why do you keep calling me a tankie you moron? I said that to say that open relationships is what Marxism is, is absolutely idiotic because it goes far beyond such things, especially because that is secondary. What happens with feminists is that they all too often place their partialist struggles at the forefront rather than the only thing than can end the subjugation of woman, which is socialism, which are then coopted by capitalism because they are not necessarily its destruction, which is socialism.

All in all I can correctly diagnose you have never used a chan before or came straight from reddit because you say things that were never said, like calling me a tankie, saying I am prejudiced, or saying that I accused you of spamming.

Literally none of this is a refutation of what you said other than "it's not important." Good job. I don't pick doctrine from a cafeteria line like partialists, in fact, that is precisely what you're doing.

Right-wing Stalinists are keen on bourgeoisie attitudes towards women.

I really meant to paraphrase your argument as

You cannot deny one atom of the class struggle because they are fundamentally linked to each other in their exploitation.

Sigh. I recommend you visit Marx so you can get a good look at what Marxism entails, because this is going to be a waste of time. I also recommend you stop projecting politics onto me, it makes you look like a complete liberal.

Not one line of this is against what I said. You don't want to let go of your bourgeoisie attitudes towards women. I understand because as a political reality it would be a gradual process.

You accused me of being from Reddit lol.

Nothing she said isn't Marxism.

Here >>>/marx/.

you need to add a State Socialist flag

miss me with that gay shit

What does "polyp" mean. I understand it's somebody from Holla Forums but where does the term actually oroginate


A polyp is some kind of tumor.


how do i get flag

Click [▶ Show post options & limits] and choose one from the drop-down menu. It says "None" by default.

thanks comrade


Actually you guys don't sound too bad. We even share some sentiments (like the arming the common people). And I happy to see, that there is still reason on the left side. (Not that the right side is always reasonable or rational). I was beginning to fear that the left lost it mind due to the crazy and hysteric SJW's. You almost sound like the old-left. :p

youtube.com/watch?v=6_HsEMSmzXw&list=LL1mgeeZTHj78Y64mrzPuXMQ&index=8 …..




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Can some Russian tell me if this song is (ironically or unironically) nazbol?

It's a song that randomly showed up in my youtube recommended video after watching too much pop music
All I understand is that it's about MOTHERLAND

Letov was an actual unironic nazbol when he wrote that song

Translated a little bit from the video description:

can anyone drop me a discord link?

ironically. It mocks overly patriotic individuals who are too blinded by nationalism to the point of celebrating a pyrrhic victory, arguably an accurate portrayal of the dick measuring attitude that we once had and still have in the post USSR

What is the historical reason Strass.er is filtered ? Was there an influx of Asserites somewhen in the past ?


We used to get people here somewhat frequently trying to say that we had common cause with s.trassers, nat soc, nat bol, and other "we hate capitalism but we hate niggers more" tendencies.


good lord, progressives are so uncreative. you just make your version (even if it makes zero sense) of ideas other people already did. Don't you all get bored af?

I bet this post is coming from a guy who doesn't even know what capitalism is and thinks it's something to do with "free trade" and "private" sectors.

Is there a discord?
I need new lefty friends

You don't, this isn't a parlour to make friends and have a secret meme club to fit in like Holla Forums, educate yourself first and then agitate others.

It may sound harsh, but even IRL Labour Party meetings are like this, I'm one of the few full time industrial workers in my group and they act surprised at me for not having the time to change my dirty work clothes for the meetings and they act all chummy with their meaningless prattling whilst I can barely get the time in to raise concerns about legislation and union politics.

I need the sauce of this.

some trotskyite fag




I added a list of rules and cleaned up the stickies.


why did you delete the moderation feedback thread?

I like how "not deying the problem of imperialism" is a rule, but "not denying the problem of capitalism" isn't. Really shows your priorities.

I think it's probably better to just use this thread for feedback.

Imperialism is a form of capitalism. The rules for people who deny the problem of capitalism are just the rules for reactionaries posting here. The rules about imperialism are meant to deal with people who claim they are against capitalism, but don't see a problem with the most extreme and deadly form of capitalism.

So if a guy says "capitalism is good" he doesn't get banned, but if he says "imperialism is good" he gets banned? The first statement implies the second, so it doesn't make any sense.

If someone says "I'm a fascist," that also implies they think imperialism is good. But open fascists can post here to ask questions and learn if they are on good behavior. There are separate rule sets on this board for leftists and reactionaries. Leftists have far fewer restrictions on what they can post, and the few restrictions are meant to prevent reactionary entryism (ban on Asserism, Zionism, etc). The ban on support for imperialism is just an extension of that.

Lad, can you do me a favour and change bunkerchan.org to bunkerchan.xyz please.

Ok. BTW, your certs are expired.


how do i redtext

read the global FAQ

Thanks for the heads up in this text, TOC looks promising


I think the board would benefit from filtering "Aryan" to "Atlantean."

Rather than having 2 backup imageboards have you considered having a forum instead. It would be nice to talk in a place where old quality threads can live on.

I'm not a communist but I've been lurking this board for a while and feel more drawn to it. That being said, how do you guys live as communists in a capitalist society? Let's say there's a jacket in a store you want but you don't need, do you still buy the jacket or not buy it because it's just giving porky more money? Do you guys try not to interact with capitalism as much as possible by not buying things or am I overthinking it? Apologies if dumb question

The usual answer is that there's no ethical consumption under capitalism. Whether you need the jacket or not, it was still made by the same slave labor in Bangladesh.
Some people here will accuse you of "lifestylism" but it isn't really important one way or another. If you feel like you should cut down on consuming things you don't need, then that's fine. If you want to live your life "normally," buying and consuming as you please, there's nothing wrong with that either, from a moral standpoint, anyway. An ascetic isn't any more or less, or better or worse, a communist than a profligate.

It's good to be thinking about it and considering the ways in which your consumption impacts the world around you, but ultimately buying this or that brand or not buying this or that gadget isn't going to affect the Capitalist superstructure to any great degree. In fact, an insidious facet of Capitalist ideology is putting that moral responsibility onto you as a consumer. "This coffee is fairly sourced from poor Colombian farmers, blah blah blah," to make it seem like the onus is on you to "buy responsibly."

It's a rudimentary question, but not a dumb one. If someone bites your head off for asking something, don't take it personally. Epic trollmasters blow through here frequently and sometimes ask entry-level shit like that to try and bait people into an argument. Nothing personal.

Thank you for the detailed reply fam.

No sweat.

The only thing that I might add would be that you're more likely to have luck asking where you can find the answer for something, rather than asking for an answer in itself. I don't know how seriously you take what you find here, but there are as many answers on this board as users. In that case, if you're trying to make up your mind about something whatever you ask is going to be colored by whatever ideological filter which that person happens to be high on. If they might actually know what they're talking about, then they'll have a link to the literature (just about all of it is online), or you might get some sap to save you some work as he searches in a panic for something to make it look like he isn't just full of shit. (much of laugh)

I don't know how long you've been here, so please feel free to disregard if this is all old news to you. Our unique user IDs have skyrocketed over the past couple of days though, so this is intended to maybe help some of our other newcomers as well.



We're at 1695 now. That's a new record, isn't it?

Damn you must have downloaded that back in 1999 or something.

I don`t think you know what fascism means.


From the first post in the FAQ thread, see :
From the thread:
>The bourgeoisie exist to increase world capital by pursuing profit. So how is that questionable? For one, it's not that they can control the means of production, it's that they do so at all; in fact, the bourgeoisie control so much property that they operate an effective monopoly on the means of production. Workers' cooperatives and single owner-operator businesses aside, it's impossible for the proletariat to become both the majority class and own the majority of productive property. This is nothing less than a minority dictatorship. The bourgeoisie dictate what is produced, where, how, and for what purpose (profit); they overwhelmingly dictate government policy via lobbying, private donations, and sheer corruption; and they keep their position in society via lawful repression and ideological manipulation.

Fuck, posted in the wrong thread. Sorry. Well anyway, it bears repeating I guess and the other thread is a troll anyway. That one:

posting via tor still sucks… I tried literal 30 different combinations of end node but it was all banned by some retard who spammed smth about Marxian penis. Knowing the risk, is posting via https over Tor the best option for now?

What happens when questions are asked reguarding a "Don't" subject such as NATO's usefullness or lack there of and how big the greenhouse effect really is?.

Also, is hollocaust denying off the table too? I see no mention in the rules.
What about flat earthers?

To be clear, I do not have a opinion on NATO and climatechange deniers, holohoaxers & flattards are dumb.

Is that Ed Milliband?

why do you censor real problems

Why are you not the worst people on earth?


why does Holla Forums only come here to bitch and whine?

To be fair Holla Forums only goes to Holla Forums to bitch and whine too.

What's the black flag?

bunkerchan sucks. I block cookies and the captchas are really hard to solve.


Space_ what happened to bunkertube?

Server restarted it's self


Why do so many damn self-professed leftists proudly use proprietary software like Discord and Skype and Twitter?

Same reason why people with brains still use Windows.

I'm not even asking for people to immediately evacuate all of their MS Live/Google accounts and install HaikuOS, but for acclaimed activists to be more less of hypocritical bootlickers.

theres CP and a raid on bunkerchan

Hey, I don't want to create a separate thread for this, but I just wanted to get the news out that I started running a Holla Forums archive under sub.god.jp/lpa/, so if anyone wants to look up old posts, or redirect basic questions to threads where is was already debated in depth, feel free to do so.

It's still a bit rough around the edges, but that should improve over time + I'm going to work on a search function this week, so that old threads and files can be more easily found.

Eg. Pic related is a screenshot of

Forgot the image

Cool! Original filenames miss their extensions, though.

Leftypol should have a discord server

We have five, that's quite enough.

Looks messy, but it's a good start.

Just why?

Nazi board infiltration

night of the long wives

Because Asserists are shit you fucking moron

requesting discord link

Any tips on what's messy? Also, are you talking about the picture or the site, since the CSS was recently updated.

Why do you leftypolacks refuse to admit that you are no different from sjws/idpollers?
Also, to anybody who's not yet banned, what are some good places for a "reactionary" leftist? Preferably chans or independent forums, not a big fan of reddit.

For someone like you I would recommend >>>/suicide/

pick one

That's why I put reactionary in quotes, unlike the local mods I don't think my views are actually reactionary.
But the thing is, regular Holla Forums isn't particularly eager to discuss Asserism or anything having to do with socialism. Well, at least what they do is just call you a dirty commie and spam some memes in your threads, instead of using banhammer at first sight.
I guess I'll just go back then. Keep wanking over your animays, sissies.

Someone mentally damaged enough to be a asser has stupid thought? I'm astonished.


Am I still banned?

Never mind.

Why is the Rojava general still uncycled? What's your reasoning BO, and please elaborate on it instead of just saying "it's imperialist" or something akin to it. Posting this in the mod thread to because I'm not sure which one it belongs to.

He really believed that Rojava is democratic state.

you don't understand fucking tankie WTF it'sNOT A STATE also democracy fuck oyu it's ANARCHY ok??
you are so dense stupid tankies ffs it's like you dont even read lol!
it's literally lend lease and german money for the bolsheviks ok!
the US army will go away when we win the war for the… for US! i mean us! for real communism!

stalin stache this is pathetic even by your standards

Feels bad man.

Oh God, thank you for your initiative. But I feel I must complain about a simple fact: saving the full pics and thumbnails ought to be the main function, because all the text is already in Archive.org. Don't ask me why, but they archive almost all of Holla Forums several times a day, but all full pics and some thumbnails are missing.

Anyway, I said a while ago that I have some server space to spare, but I'd like to run FoolFuuka+Asagi.

Added a rule I forgot to put in. Don't directly incite acts of terrorism or shit like that. Usually people just sagebomb that kind of thread, but it might as well be against the rules.
Before people freak out, all I mean is those posts where someone says shit like "hello fellow leftists, let's go to this govt. building and set it on fire!"

Can I still advocate bombing police stations?

You have to be vague about it.

I hate to be that guy, but maybe put a cyclical on the "Vegas shooter" thread here:


whoops wrong thread, my bad

did one of the discord servers vanish or what? I don't remember leaving but I was in one that had a picture of Marx

What about punching nazis

So long as it's advocating for the idea and not "hey my dudes let's go blow up this LAPD station"? Alright.
though they'd definitely have earned it

Just don't post here like "tomorrow we are all going to go to Richard Spencer's house and beat him up, throw bricks in his windows, and slash his tires. Be there."

Someone can give me a quick rundown on the differences between council communism and autonomism?

this should be somewhat helpful, even though dauve is associated with communization and not autonomism… and i'm not sure if those are different.

Communization theory, autonomism, and council communism are three distinct, ultra-leftist tendencies within Libertarian Communist theory.

Council communism was a tendency within the Dutch-German left communist movement of the early 20th century. It centers around the establishment of workers councils, both as revolutionary bodies, and as post-revolutionary governing bodies. Below is a link to the most important text associated with council communism. marxists.org/archive/pannekoe/1947/workers-councils.htm

Autonomism is a late 20th century to contemporary movement which stemmed out of Italian left communism, but took on a more libertarian character as a reaction to the perceived failures of the Italian left, and is now even inclusive of anarchists. Their ideas center around the ways that individuals can wage a class struggle in their daily lives. As you can probably infer from this description, it is a bit of a clusterfuck so there is not one text I can point you to, but here is one short read to get you started.

Communization theory is a contemporary, post-autonomist, theoretical movement, the ideas of which stem from insurrectionist anarcho-communism, but are also influenced by various other ultra-leftist tendencies, including Italian left communism. Here is a good introductory text on Communization Theory. You should read the bread book as well if you haven't already, as I believe this is where the concept originates. libcom.org/files/Dauvé with Martin - Eclipse and Re-emergence.pdf

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Is it offensive to abuse antifa on this board?

I've seen some people on 4chan comment about how the banning of Asserism here turned them off Holla Forums

I think we are losing a lot of potential lefty Holla Forumstards because of this

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Why combining leftist economic thought and rightist social thought is bannable on Holla Forums?

it's unscientific

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And 9000 flavors of leftism like communalism or all the anarcho-things isnt?

some position are, but they kept here because of memes. That is why you should look into immortal science of marxism-leninism. Read "wage labour and capital" by Marx, it's only 30 pages long essay

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what is wrong with that? Do you think that scientists appeared around the times new iPhone was made?
I'm not saying that.
I'm not saying that, but it's generally good approach. USSR went to shit when they decided that Marx was outdated.

The fact that given the material conditions at that time and state of knowledge it can be outdated or plain wrong

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