If they can pull off this bullshit how long till OOT gets the same treatment?

if they can pull off this bullshit how long till OOT gets the same treatment?

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No shit, Nintendo should hire these dirty fuckers.

It basically already happened with OOT 3DS. Totally pointless.

>>517569313I'm astonished they haven't expunged this from the internet already


>>517569013God I'd love to play a real mario 64 remake

>>517569316>OOT 3DS is a fully functioning PC port

>>517569573>Citra>Upscale Resolution>higher poly assets and textures already part of the game

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>Guys look i can play a game 24 years after it was initially releasedI must honestly say i pity people who didnt play this at release. No ammount of mods used is going to recreate the first feeling you would have had playing this in 1996.Imagine that these original graphics were literally mindblowing on release. The best looking graphics in that time.And OP has what now?An ugly, upscaled clunky looking game with the polygon ammount of a girls ass in todays games.The despertae attempt to emulate something you will never be able to emulate:Soul.I wish i could be happy for you OP i truly am but you are chasing something you can experience anymore and the desperate attempt is making me even more sad.The obsession with something people played 24+ years ago is also a sign how thin the Oc-Only content is.I mean i can play this game on Switch btw (if i would crave to play it again) but i dont because the Switch has tons of others games.

>>517569013Wow, that... actually looks great. What happens when Nintendo unveils the official Mario HD Collection and it doesn't look half as nice or faithful to the original?

>>517569923you are legit fucking retarded

hopefully never.looks like ass

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>>517570107>it doesn't look half as nice or faithful to the original?Like Mario 64 DS?

>>517569013They're working on it, though it'll probably be another year or so before it's fully decompiled

>>517569968Believe it or not the first time I ever played SM64 was actually back in middle school circa 2006 with one of my friends sharing a flash drive with Project64 on it.

>>517569968I will never have another gaming experience as mindblowing as playing Mario 64 for the first time, but I still appreciate what they're doing to preserve the game for future generations.

>>517570192Mario is suppose to look like the official prerenders for the game. I think its a neat twist instead of realistic HD textures.

>>517569013oot 3d is perfect already. go play it

>>517570192dude its literall the same fucking game, textures and all. There is nothing changed in this screenshot except base resolution/draw distance, mario model and hud elements being higher quality.you legit dont know what you are talking about.

>>517569923>citra >fully functioning direct PC port running natively these are two entirely different things

>>517569923>Emulation = native PC executableBy the way, nice self portrait

>>517570192You do realize this project actually tracked down the original texture files in some stock texture packs given to developers in the 90's right?twitter.com/SM64SGI_Project/status/1282857023013629952

>>517569968shut the fuck up tripfag

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>>517570494That's fucking wild

Hopefully they find the sources for OoT too.

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>>517570494It's a cool find for sure, but it still looks like ass because the polycount isn't being changed.

>>517569450Far too late for that

>>517570494Know i know why Mario 64 always looked "generic" to me. Its literally stock assets slightly modified into an entire game. on top of the generic enemies and basic stages.

>>517569968OP here you are aware i played mario 64 when it released right?

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can i play this?

>>517569968I like how the port burns you, you ugly trans motherfucker.

>>517570732That's how smaller games are still made. Everything is on textures.com.

>>517570702I think the ultimate goal is to update the entire game to look like the original Silicon Graphics renders. I would doubt they could pull it off, but the character models already look fantastic.

>>517570186>>517570405>>517570445If it accomplishes the same thing, then what does it matter? Why are you so insistent that it has to be native PC executable? I'm not the retard, you guys needlessly want a reinvention of something that already exists just because... why? Is it more psychologically appealing to have a natively compiled program instead of a 'hack job'?

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>>517570761At this point one can never been sure. Most of this board is just 18 to 24 year olds.

>>517569923Always the soijack posters that are retarded

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>>517569013Who the fuck cares

>>517570897Just stop posting, and the fuck out of here.

>>517570732SM64 is literally a pre-alpha grouping of actual test stages that were textured at the last minute and cobbled together into what was released. It's quite literally a tech demo.

>>517569013High resolution textures with zero bumpmapping on low polygon surfaces will always be HIRE THIS MAN tier.

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>>517570892It'd be a super cool feat but goddamn I just cannot imagine it being done. They would need to completely rehaul most levels to increase their polycounts on top of completely overhauling the game's lighting system amongst other things

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>>517570846Sure, why not?


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>>517571041nintendo should release more tech demos. mario 64 and luigis mansion are their best games

>>517570897My dude you are actually fucking retarded lol

>>517570897Don't try to reason with these purist retards

>>517571068It's much easier with source code available so maybe

>>517571096Mario looks off.

>>517570897You keep outing yourself as a literal underage dumbshit. just fuck off back to 9gag

>>517570897>using a ton more resources to pretend to be a 3ds is literally the same thing as running the game on your actual hardware

>>517571101Sometimes tech demos can turn into something really great. Star Fox SNES, warts and all, is a legitimately fun game.

>>517571051You dont get what is trying to be shown here. stop posting.

>>517571154Spotted another retard

>>517570494Watched the trailer and realized the game looks cool with a VHS filter and ass without it

>>517571068They have the source code, they could just remodel every single stage into modern HD and keep the collision maps if they really wanted to.

>>517571318I get that they replaced the textures and models and now it looks worse.

>>517571214It's fucking spot on, autist.

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>>517571335shut up nerd

>>517570892Looks great, but its literally an impossible feat because they would have to remake the entire game's topology, level of detail, lighting engine, rendering stuff. and then it would kind of "stop" being Mario 64. or at least thats what i think, and ignoring that, its still a fucking huge task to do all that to the point it resembles old renders closely. They will get very close to it though, and i hope they succeed either way.


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>>517571395Textures werent touched. only the model and hudThats literally how they look in the original game.

>>517569450The people working on the PC port aren't stupid, they don't provide the SM64 rom so Nintendo can't do anything to them. Same thing with Kaze providing patches to apply to roms instead of providing hacked roms from the get-go.

>>517571572>>517571572Did he change his trip?

>>517571514I'd like to see even the original models with raytracing applied.

>>517571492Yes, he's got the same color overalls, hat, etc. You don't need to post a picture to say that.

>>517571572Truly shows how far this board has fallen if he got so many replies.

>>517570732So Nintendo should hire... themselves?

>>517571514The only difficulty is man hours, source ode means they can literally change whatever they want and import entire libraries.

>>517571796You're actually retarded

>>517571606>Textures werent touchedWrong.

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>>517571973>Wrong>posts a picture proving himself wrong??????

>>517571934Look at the picture more closely you dolt. Hat shape is too wide, renders from 64 era don't look like that from the front. Color, lighting etc. just makes him look like a modified Mario Mart Wii model.

>>517572098If you really are incapable of telling the two apart, see >>517570494

>>517572098Are you actually blind?

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I hope ocarina of time comes to Steam, can't play a game if it doesn't have achievements anymore.

>>517572098if you cant tell the difference between the textures in that and the textures in OP you need to get glasses

>>517569013I like how they attempted to remake the Mario model used in promotional material. Much better style choice than just ULTRA HD MARIO.

>>517571492I looked at it a bit and I think I figured out part of the problem, he's a bit too shiny. prerenders like that have more diffuse lighting comparatively.

>>517572435That's fucking sad. It never will. I pity you for thinking cheevos are important at all.

>>517569013Do we even have the Ocarina of Time source code like that leak that prompted this for SM64?

>>517572604Druggies don't think drugs are important at all, they just do them because they're addicting.

>>517569013when are people going to start using this sourceport to create actual good mods & custom levels like the Doom community?

>>517571973>>517572367The textures are currently upscaled, rather than replaced.

>>517571973>>517572367>>517572459they are the same fucking texture, placed in the same way. but upscaled to look a bit sharper.

>>517570897"I'm not the retard"-Retard, 2020

>>517572684So you're addicted to achievements? That's even more sad.

>>517569968Lmao I played the DS version first (zoomie here) and it had tons of soul. The OG Mario 64 is ugly. Souls don't exist Christards!

>>517570958>>517571038>>517571128Still none of you attacking me have made any argument as to why I'm wrong.>>517571154Yeah I don't know, they won't even try to explain why, they just call me a retard and thats it.>>517571269I'm sorry you can't afford an i5 from 5 years ago that can run Citra at full speed for the games that it is currently compatible with.

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>>517570958Calling brainlet "soijack" is an insult to the quality of brainlet.

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>>517573080There's no argument, you're actually fucking retarded. It's just a matter of fact.

>>517572842>but upscaled to look a bit sharperAnd that's the problem. What's wrong with it looking like this?

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>>517573354there isn't one, they just want to try and recreate the SGI look as best as they can, and in their minds that involves detailed textures. the old Mario 64 will always be therejesus christ why are you people so fucking retarded sometimes

>>517573470I just don't understand what about Mario in particular attracts ugly graphics mods.

I never really liked the idea of playing a game with a gay enb installed

>>517571617Nintendo has went after Kaze before. Nintendo legally can still take it down because its their property, trans-formative or not.

>>517573587>ugly>its literally the same texture????????????????You are retarded or just pretending.

>>517573039Absolutely everything about your post is incorrect. Reevaluate your life. Eat a bag of mushrooms and call me in the morning.

>>517573587imo it's not just Mario, a lot of 5th gen games attract people to try and make """improved""" graphics mods. FFVII comes to mind with all of it's nonsense

kinda hilarious that they're gonna put out a collection that doesn't look half as good

>>517573827God isn't real and neither is souls, science proves it!

>>517573906or runs half as good. because they will probably not even go for 60fps.

>>517573661They've taken down his work when he was distributing already hacked roms. They can't do anything to him if he's just distributing a patch that can be applied to a rom that you obtain elsewhere, which is how he does things now.

>>517573820The same texture with photoshop filters applied to make it look worse. Never has there been a graphical overhaul mod for any game that was better than the original.

>>517569013It'd be nice so people could finally see that the remakes changed the art style for the worse.

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>>517570662>>517570787>>517570913>>517571056Disgusting real world textures. This is where you need an actual artist to handcraft original art based off the in game textures.

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>>517573970No, they've literally went after him over Super Mario 64 Land which is just a patch as well.

>>517573906>>517573938It will be emulated and have the official Nintendo Dark Overlay™

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>>517573974They nailed Link's character model in the remakes, alongside a few other character models. OoT3D for the most part was done pretty well(outside of stupid shit like ruining the lighting during the ganon fight)MM3D is unforgivable though. What an awful direction for a remake

>>517574145My point is that they have no legal authority to do such a thing. That isn't going to stop them from attempting to scare people with cease and desist letters.

>>517574160Yeah, i'd say that in terms of assets. OoT3D was pretty much spot on besides the awkward brightening up the game for handhelds and the censored blood. With a few more tweaks it would pretty much look like all those guide and official artwork designs hopping off the page.


>>517574423AI Upscaling literally fixes that.And they even got the original texture. so whats your point here?

>>517574257They actually do. If they feel its damaging to their intellectual property then a judge can uphold it in a court. Now most companies aren't actually going to waste the time and effort going to court, but they would be legally allowed to do so and likely win such a case. Even then people like Kaze make money off this stuff by promoting it on youtube where he was suspended for 3 months. So that's 3 months of income he lost, which he already doesn't make all that much in the first place off of it. Regardless if Nintendo wanted to threaten this people they could, not that it would ever get truly taken down since its already circulating, but they could if they really wanted to and take it further. Either way, its a messy romhack in my opinion. There is a certain charm about the blurriness of the old N64 textures compared to more upscaled textures and models.

>>517574423So are you trying to argue that they should use a different texture because the original looks like trash?

>>517574160>They nailed Link's character model in the remakesI don't see it. The new art style is similar but full of minute differences, and that's what they went with.>OoT3D for the most part was done pretty wellThere's a lot of stuff that wasn't done well actually.

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>>517574486read my FUCKING POSTthe source textures, the ORIGINAL TEXTURES are SHITthe fact that they're SHIT was hidden by the low quality textures of the N64

>>517574486AI upscaling is a meme, I mean it's better than going into photoshop and cranking up the sharpen filter but it still results in ugly art.

>>517574538Sony attempted to sue the creators of Bleem!, an early PS1 emulator, several times. They never won a single case because no copyrighted material of theirs was actually used.The existence of Bleem! could be seen as damaging to Sony's intellectual property, as you would not need to purchase a PS1 in order to play PS1 titles, and some titles did not run correctly in Bleem!, but Sony still never won a single case regardless.

>>517574607>but full of minute differencesexplain then>There's a lot of stuff that wasn't done well actuallyagain, explainyou're a big guy, you can use your words to tell me what wasn't done well. I'm not going to say that the game did everything perfect because it didn't, but you should at least type out what you believe are all the things it didn't do well IN OOT3D. I already agree that MM3D was a shitshow and looks terrible in comparison to the original

i hate you anons none of you helped me with the problem i had last thread so i had to dust another computer and fortunately it compiled right in that one, now i can finally play bing bing wahoo in 4k

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They really need to go low poly. The level geometry will never look as good as the character models these guys make. If they just tried to make low poly models that resembled the promo art a bit better, we would have a true Super Mario 64 PC remake.

>>517574818I'm not saying they would win, I'm saying a judge would uphold the justification for it actually going to court rather than just dismissing it outright as a bold claim. And most average people who are making romhacks aren't going to be able to afford actually trying to fight back in those cases. Regardless, if Nintendo wanted to try and take it to court, they could. What hurts most people in the romhack/emulation community is that they get excited to promote their stuff or make money off of it and blab about it early, it gains traction, and then they get hit with a C&D. Rather than just dropping a finished project and letting word of mouth spread as it circulates around to the point that it's impossible to stop regardless.


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>>517574989It'd be more simple to just remake the levels entirely honestly.