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Requesting Coco Bandicoot taking a polaroid selfie at the Orient Express level. Optional suggestion: a juxtaposition between the original Playstation One graphics on the background and the new model from the PS4 N.Sane Trilogy as the main focus.

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Requesting Parappa singing "Sweat" by Inner Circle: youtu.be/5M65q33b6hc in front of Lammy and Rammy with both of them reacting differently. Lammy happy and humming around, totally unaware of the double entendre. Rammy trying to hide her blushing and flipping the bird.

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>>517564950Requesting Pit from Kid Icarus working at the beach selling popsicles and popcornHe is quite dumb so have Lady Palutena using different disguises to buy stuff from himHave Dark Pit making fun of both

Requesting Sunny and Blade Wolf visiting his ancestor - the original AIBO.

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>>517565151He isn't that dumb

Requesting the comic on the left with Wii Fit trainer and Ring Fit Trainer

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Requesting a Viera headpatting a Gria, the latter being a head or more shorter than the former. Alternatively, the Gria floating slightly above the taller Viera and smugly headpatting her instead.

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>>517565207You're right...He is actually dumber

Requesting Red Queen using a set of arms to drink a cocktail, another one to hold a cigarette and the last one to hold her chin either looking bored or smug.

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>>517565426How cruel can you be

Requesting 2B in an elegant loose-fitting outfit that definitely does not show off her ass.

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Requesting a butt P.O.V of Otter 2B.files.catbox.moe/sp84jp.jpg

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Requesting Link and Epona riding to the sunset

Requesting Pearl and Marina robbing a bank with Pearl trying to intimidate the hostages and Marina being too friendly with the guards.

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Requesting some smug motherfucker, your choice of who, grabbing Widowmaker and Iroha's asses simultaneously. The innocent bird maid freaks out appropriately while the seasoned killer spider looks highly annoyed, perhaps contemplating adding one more to her tally.

>>517564950OP IS A FAGGOT!!!!

Requesting Min Min doing a new promo add for her ramen stand with her butt painted like two juicy pork buns.

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>>517565921WarioOr Donkey Kong

Requesting you draw a mass produced version of your waifu.

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>>517566161Android 21

Requesting Animal Crossing style Marina having a duet with K.K. Slider

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Requesting Nakoruru in a red/white race queen costume while she smiles at the viewer with her arms behind her head (pic related)

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Requesting Mipha wearing fishnet leggings (made out of an actual fishing net)

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Requesting Charlotta from GBF sitting up in bed, leaning against the headboard with a couple of cute pillows with a pair of vintage oversized 80's headphones on. The headphones need to have the curly cord instead of straight (seen in ref pic). She's wearing a pair of white hotpants with a pink heart pattern (like the ref pic but white with pink hearts) and an ever so slightly see through string tanktop. She has her eyes close and is wiggling her finger in the air beside her to the beat of the song she's listening to. She's listening to the Second Season OP song to the anime "Stay With Me" by 7 million Dots. youtube.com/watch?v=oEREzJBnJCo

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Luna from Mighty Milky Way saying "ayyyy lmao"

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Requesting to pick 2 or 3 girls from here and rape some lucky but also unlucky guy by draining his semen and blood entirely.(I know these girls are boats, but I wanted to request them as vampires anyway because this pic looked kinda cool to me)

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Requesting Angry Sun & Majoras Mask Moon, taking on Mr. Shine & Mr. Bright.

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Requesting Captain Falcon ordering ramen at Min Min's place.>"I'll have two number 9s" >"a number 9 large">"a number 6 with extra sauce">"a number 7" >"two number 45s">"one with egg and a large tea."Have Min Min either delivering the food asap or replying to Captain Falcon with a very serious >"We serve food here, sir."

Requesting Elora and Spyro depicted as cryptids from the Native American folklore.>Elora as the Deer Womancryptidz.fandom.com/wiki/Deer_Women>Spyro as the Piasa Birdcryptidz.fandom.com/wiki/Piasa_Bird

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Requesting Ashely trying to call her broom, but accidentally summoning Wario instead. Everyone looks confused.Please make it cute and comfy, perhaps even adding Luigi to the scene thinking he got into Smash or something.

Requesting double paizuri by Bellelba and Caitlin.

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Requesting Mipha playing hide and seek with Sidon

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Requesting C-Sha. She represents Capcom in Neptunia, so anything Capcom related (cosplays, parodies, crossovers, whatever) would be great. Also anything cool or lewd, or summery.Further ref for action stuff maybe: youtube.com/watch?v=NHEQK3q8b7A

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Requesting Black Knight kicking down a doorway with his son Flame Emperor behind him, viewed through the broken doorway staring at Black Knight.

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Requesting a trace of this but with Doomguy from Doom.

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Dan Hibiki doing the Raging Demon on Sakura, But instead of obliterating her soul it obliterates all her clothes instead.Raging Demon: streetfighter.fandom.com/wiki/Shun_Goku_Satsu In the game only Akuma and Ryu can do it. But in the official Street Fighter Manga Dan can do it to although with... mixed results

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Requesting a short comic with a slightly older Link and Medli, who is now VERY well-endowed. Link gives Medli some adorable present, and she's so overjoyed by it that she excitedly hugs his face into her chest. Anything else is up to the artist, just make sure Medli has a nice pair of boobs not something gross. Older Link would probably be similar to his OoT self but who knows.Thanks drawfag.

Requesting Crash and Coco staring at each other similar to the comic on the left.

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>>517566967Have those fighting each other causing a massive eclipse while other Smash Bros characters watch the whole thing.Or just lewds of them, that'd be interesting for sure.By the way you forgot the Sun Pokemon.

>>517568038You got this TWICE.

Requesting Solana sunbathing

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>>517568038You already got this twice.

Requesting the reference on the left with Emma and Gumchi from Ninjala.

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>>517568329He doesn't care

>>517566121I meant artist's choice, but Wario would definitely fit the bill. Still kind of hoping to be surprised.

Requesting Fierce Deity and The Hero's Shade drinking tea together

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Requesting Nana, Saki, and Mio on vacation.

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Bea from Pokemon getting full-nelsoned and tickle tortured by two Machamps. One Machamp is behind her giving her anal. One pair of its hands is giving her the nelson headlock while the other pair is holding her legs open, forcing her into a spread eagle. The other Machamp is banging away in her pussy with one set of its hands tickling her armpits while the other pair is tickling her ribs. She should have the expression in pic posted as she's on the verge of cumming really hard.

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>>517568086>>517568329They were troll deliveries, neither one counts.

>>517569395if you expect a very good delivery, then commission one.

Requesting Makoto caught masturbating and inserting acorn-shaped anal beads up her ass. Probably trying to explain that she's only storing them for winter

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>>517569304>>517569395>60 seconds apartOh dear, he's spamming requests and denials of deliveries again.

>>517569395Don't expect commission quality

>>517564950Can I just get a cute Senua smiling?

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>>517564950Requesting these guys hanging out while playing vidya and just being comfyColoring not required

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requesting you draw anything with complex facial expression

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Requesting Phonon unknowingly getting her ass licked by an user.Reference:files.catbox.moe/n051bb.jpg

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>>517559019feel free to rerequest>>517564969

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Requesting something with KI2 Orchid.

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>>517569989>no ass

>>517569395OK, autist. Free art is free art, you're not gonna get commission level art, you greedy faggot. You should be happy you got something.

Requesting frottage

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Requesting Ms. Pac-Man with big boobs

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>>517570209Why not with all the curves?

Requesting Shortstack Shuten showing off her body in a similar position to this pic:files.catbox.moe/ad19gj.jpgPlease

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>>517569395What are you, Mariel?

>>517570209>He doesn't knowRequesting pic related Ms Pac-Man in a micro bikini>>51757050I got youfiles.catbox.moe/7of9nn.jpg

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Requesting Bishamon from the Darkstalkers series fighting Samurai Jack.

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>>517570896We're pretty sure he is actually, yes.

>>517569113of all the internet you choose a powerpoint image as a reference,man people already dont want to deliver to you, so at least put some effort

Requesting Gum and Cube giving a implied buttjob to the same spray can

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Requesting Twintelle ass expansion

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>>517566548you forgot to say which method youre gonna use to pay the artist.

Requesting my MMO character from the game "Mabinogi" wearing a simple black two-piece swimsuit with one of those partially transparent beach black skirt, similar pic related, doing beach related stuff to celebrate summer like resting on a white beach chair under an umbrella, enjoying a colorful drink at a seaside bar, walking on the shore while the wind waves her hair, swimming happily with a tank-shaped swimming ring, diving and looking at a beautiful coral reef, watching the sunset at a dock or a shore or anything else you can think off that is related to the beach.Character reference: i.imgur.com/fdxo87C.pngA swimsuit appearance (can use this one if you find the other swimsuit a bit too simple): i.imgur.com/QQnnMnZ.pngNo lewd allowed, it will be ignored, instantly rejected and sealed away.Please and thanks!

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Requesting Nemesis crashing through the wall and interrupting Jill while she's doing some mundane thing. More annoying than dangerous.

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Can i have an easy to draw solo female request for a warm up? Generic twiggy anime female to slightly milfy body types preferred . Thicc, loli, muscle are beyond my meager skills

Requesting Bayonetta, Morrigan and Ultimecia wearing Maid

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Requesting Siege from Arknights with short hair (like a pixie cut or tomboy haircut) so she's more like a lioness.

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>>517569395You got a perfectly good delivery the first time, you greedy faggot.


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>>517571876Sierra trying a thong bikini

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>>517571672You got this.

>>517572089No i didnt.

>>517571876Kaede from Killer7 slipping on a wet floor

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Requesting Nichol from Fire Emblem Fates making the David Silverman meme face.

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Can someone draw my actual wife Tharja from Fire Emblem eating a deluxe hamburger?

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>>517570875>shortstackHow much shorter can you get

>>517564969>>517554382>>517543334>>517554748>>517555131Forgive me God!For I have Sillied!files.catbox.moe/dfqimo.jpg

>>517569989Bretty nice, although her left arm is too small, and as user said, needs a better ass

>>517570954...I want to fuck Ms. Pac-Man.

>>517572685>SilledTerrible pun

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>>517572019I LOVE YOU MIKAN!

>>517572685>For I have Sillied!

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>>517571876Mermother from yokai watch relaxing on a beach towel

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pailoli request?

>>517572720Sorry she already has a husband


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>>517572720She's married!

>>517573131Pailoli Klee

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>>517571876Etna dunking a prinny in the air jordan pose

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>>517573131Trucy using magic to get bigger boobs

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>>517573131pailoli spatsune in a spandex leotard

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Requesting Krystal, Carmelita Fox and Tails posed like this.

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>>517573131oppai koume doing a school swimsuit shoot at "that pool"

Attached: 480px-KoumeShirasakaRare1.jpg (480x600, 138.07K)

>>517573131fake loli with fake breasts

Attached: futaba_anzu.jpg (550x450, 81.74K)

>>517573131Lulu getting hit with a spell that causes a pailoli status effect.

Attached: lulu.jpg (612x480, 64.71K)

>>517573131pailoli Shuten and Ibaraki.+

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Requesting Edelgard in that nightmare scenario where she's in class in just her underwear

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Requesting Ri-class as a robot girl based on the 4 guardians from Mega Man Zero.Anything is welcome, cool stuff like her shooting her guns or in a stylish pose, cute and sexy ideas are also welcome if you find robot girls cute.

Attached: ri class zero.png (1784x2360, 3.91M)

>>517573131oppai loli bikini Nobeta with thicc thighs and butts.

Attached: LittleWitchNobeta.jpg (1200x849, 170.77K)

>>517573131pailoli Neneka with her breasts pressured by her clothes, please!

Attached: Neneka.jpg (1000x1400, 379.7K)

>>517506152>>517564969he's trying to make a sandwich for fiora

Attached: witness the monado in action.png (1000x1000, 265.6K)

>>517573131Castlevania witch using her student a a guinea pig for a breast expansion potion

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>>517570209>>517564969Definitely one of the worst things I've drawn this year files.catbox.moe/ll2xho.png

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Requesting Kazooie dressed as a black cat, possibly holding a gun/aiming a gun that's floating above her.

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Requesting Abby in this costume, giving a thighjob like in this image link below.files.catbox.moe/nonqx0.jpg

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>>517572697gotta keep studying the mystery of asses and boobs.

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Requesting Tataru from FF14 getting the WoL's(Shadowbringers version) measurements but with her hand down the his pants groping his junk with an intrigued yet smug look on her face.

>>517574418those are both udders and breasts at the same time

Requesting Loli Cia

Attached: Shia_Hyrule_Warriors_Artwork.png (360x450, 193.4K)

>>517573131oppai Nanako in the newest JUNES commercial

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