>finally order pic related after wanting to for 5 years>bc of corona-chan the delivery takes months longer than it...

>finally order pic related after wanting to for 5 years>bc of corona-chan the delivery takes months longer than it should>hype myself massively over this time>it finally arrives, rip open the packaging and get more excited than I've ever been since christmas day when I was 12>don't play it immediately, I'm tired after shitposting on 4chan all day and decide I need to be wide awake to properly savour my first few hours playing it>go to bed, wake up next day>still don't play it>instead I lurk and shitpost on 4chan for 16 hours then pass out, again>and the next day>and the next>mfw it's been a week nowI want to play it but I'm just not strong enough to overcome my anhedonia by myself, maybe you can help mepls convince me to play it by telling me lots of cool little known shit to do in it, maybe if the pressure comes from an outside source it could bypass the fried sections of my brainI already know the basic plot and stuff just from being on here and youtube a lot, so don't worry about that, although pls avoid spoilers for interesting story details/side queststy in advance

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>>517564870>ordering it>2020fucking buy it online or pirate it ffs.

>>517564967fuck u I like having a hard copy, its comfier

>>517565057and this is why you havent played it yet.Go install it now. Put it into your pc and launch it. If you dont i'll tell moot to ban you forevers.

>>517564870it's a really fun game user, you should play it right now instead of posting here!

>>517564870It has this little friend

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>>517564870>ordered a physical copy of a PC gameyou only have yourself to blame

Goodsprings is a great starting town

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youtube.com/watch?v=GD6PreqIz6o>this playing as you see the strip shimmering in the distancethis game is super comfy

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>>517565152>pcits on console>inb4 reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeego shave, your neckbeard is growing into your soul>>517565206i want to so bad....but I can't stop...I think maybe the whole reason I made this thread was to give myself a reason to stay....now I won't be able to leave until it 404s, not even to pee.....

>>517565637>tfw sitting at the prospector saloon while the radio plays

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>>517565670>on consolePoor, deluded creature. You shall never experience the pleasures of modding.

>>517565745what did I just say>>517565637>>517565735that does sound like the comfy kind of vibe I need rn....

>>517564870one piece of useful information for you is to start stashing the loot you pick up around town and off of dead bodies. i usually pick a house in the town you start at, any house will do, just remember which exact house it is, and then start throwing spare guns, health items, stat bonus items, etc on the floor in there. use it as like a giant "safe" so to speak

>>517566102will remember that if I ever manage to make myself play it

>>517566037I'll have you know I shave daily. It's part and parcel of being a man.

>>517566037mods enhance the NV experience massively.

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>>517566326yeah I bet you'd have to, high s o y intake increases neck hair growth by 10000%

>>517564870Jesus... It’s going to be bad because you’ve hyped yourself up to an unsettling level of expectation.How about you just play the game already?

>>517566603>How about you just play the game already?>oh, you're failing? just succeed, lmaoi hate you>>517566449too late now

It’s a 10 year old game btw, expect it to be pretty repetitive and boring.

>>517566861It’s fun as hell what are you going on about

>>517564870It’s a bad game ngl, not as atmospheric as Fallout 3

>>517566861>>517567054extremely unhelpful, anons

>>517566861it's not repetitive at all, what?>>517567054true, fallout 3 has a darker, heavier atmosphere. new vegas is more about feeling like a cowboy which i think it does nicely

>>517564870Compared to the following F4, it’s too dense of an experience. It’s start out great, but then becomes very laborious of a game. I suggest playing for 10 hours and thenshutting off

3’s atmosphere is cheesy and cartoonish to the point where it rivals 2.Stupid shit like incest cannibals and comic book characters prancing around breaks the atmosphere, and then its attempts at a “desolate, bleak” world are skeletons unmoved for 2 centuries and an ugly vomit filter.I have never understood why people praise it for its atmosphere.

>>517567693>it’s too dense>very laboriousWhat the fuck does this even mean?


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Combat is broken with a majority of the weapons. Npc’s are all very samey. Enemies dont vary too often. And most side quests devolve into fetch quests in a big empty world. The partners are cool tho

>>517564870Good bait

>>517567713The bgm probably adds a lot to it.

>>517567713i didn't play any of the earlier fallouts, so i can't really speak on how it compares to them, but i thought 3 was fun, charming, and relatively atmospheric. think of anime with dark themes vs films with dark themes if that makes sense. bethesda makes "anime" games

>>517565670What console? I hope it isn't PS3.

>>517567693>play it for 10 hoursdid you not read the op or>>517567858>>517568018great posts anons, ty so much>>517568497you already know it is

>>517564870>buy New Vegas on steam sale the other day>download it>read I need mods>i have to download like a million of mods before even playing the game>uninstallIs there like 1 link download all the shit I need to make the game playable or something

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>>517568852I swear, you people have the attention span of a 9 year old

>>517568661>you already know it isOh. You poor, stupid bastard. PS3 has serious issues with this game. I've played it, and I wouldn't wish the experience on anyone.

>>517569039Yes I do

>>517569150if you do it enough times, you can install all the mods you want in like an hour. which mods did you install when you were modding?

>>517569074Be nice if I was invested to the point where these problems affected me>>517569039yeah that's the problem, now help me solve it boomer-san

>>517569235I was doing this vivanewvegas.github.io/index.html

>>517568852You don't need mods to play New Vegas. Only the tick fix if you use a monitor with above 60hz refresh rate.

game was nice, got all achievments in a few days, caravan was annoying to learn especially on pc, enjoyed the DLCs ALOT

u hyped it up too much, just play something else

>>517570006I can't let it go to waste, I paid $2 for it

>>517569398okay yeah that's retarded. my modlist usually looks like this>nvse (duh)>yukichigai patch>stutter remover>nmc texture pack>ojo bueno texture pack>nevada skies>more perks>enhanced blood / enhanced camera>interior lighting overhaul>monster mod>few weapon mods of your choice>few radio mods>whatever mods the mods above need to functionand you're good to go

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>>517568852i completed the game and its save system was really good, yeah i had frequent crashes but at most i would lose like a minute of progress, didnt use a single mod and i only used that 4gb core patch thing or whatever its called and i dont know if that even did anything

>>517569398>>517569559>>517570563all this is very interesting I'm sure but can we pls do my thing first

>>517570695shut up nerd

>>517570695i'm not sure how to help since you're on ps3 and already own the game. i don't wanna spoil anything and the game's fun so play it dummy

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>>517565627Oh dear what is this?>>517564870Nexus Mods -> Radio Free Wasteland. Thank me later.

>>517570483its a sunk cost, dissapointment wont make ur money worth it.

>>517564967>not having a physical copy

get outta here and get me some money too

>>517571286I got spurs...

>>517570862fuck u faggot>>517570895>play it dummyI'M TRYINGI just want to know some cool tricks to make stuff easier and cool places to go that aren't quest related, is that so hard

>>517571742go left

>>517571742>I just want to know some cool tricks to make stuff easier and cool places to go that aren't quest related, is that so hardOK, then step 1 is to buy it on Steam. It's $20 for the game plus tons of DLC. And if you notice $20, then, hey, the sunk cost fallacy should motivate you to actually play the damn thing.Step 2 is head northeast from the starting town at the beginning. Just hoof it and you get a shortcut to the end game area.

>>517569342Yeah uh, but he's not wrong. If you did happen to get it for PS3 of all things, it can actually brick your system or at the very least force you to reformat the PS3. Skyrim has similar issues on the system. Pretty sure it has something to do with the PS3 not actually having enough physical RAM to properly run either of them but I can't remember.

>>517564870God id love to feel your skull crack as I smash my boot on your head

>>517573965Ah, a Legion man.