Here's your new YanSim bro

Here's your new YanSim bro

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it's fucking ugly

I'm like 99% sure the people who follow this retarded shit are zoom zoom as fuck

Was it so hard to hire a Japanese character designer?

>>517563032THANK GOD we can customize the yanderes looks.

>>517563032You guys are seriously excited for THIS?

>>517563032Tumblr tranny art style

Do you think YandereDev will forgive us after all we've done to him?

>>517563351yet here you are

>>517565173we should each write him an email about this, to show we care

>>517563032who the fuck is making the art for this game? it's awful

>>517565334It should be one email with one word from each post.I'll startDear YandereDev:

>>517565487Make a new thread for that retard

Its the fucking nose. Idk why every tumblrina insists on drawing it like that.

I guess all the good artists got scared away and all that's left for him are tumblr faggots

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I've never paid any attention to this shit, but I assume Yandere Sim was weeb as fuck, hence the name. Why would ANYONE think people want these fucking atrocious Tumblr models, especially if the game they're stealing from is anime waifus?

>>517565603send email

What kind of brainwashing makes people think this kind of art is good? Why is every character chubby or fat? Why are their hairstyles never straight? Why do they all have frog faces?

>>517565617this is what happens when you don't want to pay for art, and you get your autistic "dev" brony friend to whip something up

>>517565617There are plenty of decent artists making non-fat fanart, he's just not using them.

Piglike nose and BALD Rise Up

lovesick is a spinoff of yandere sim you stupid fucking retard i hope you get raped by a jew


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You can change her body in the game.

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awful steven yuriverse/tumblrverse/jewniverse art style. Why do western artists do this?

It's not bad. If anything a psychotic killer girl ought to be a bit weird physically. God fucking damn you people are thinskinned.

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>>517566864the art is still trash

>>517563032At least this shit's actually moving somewhere. Whether I like the end product or not, I'll get to see it some time this century.

>>517563032>ruins your fangameRemember, Aspies wanted this artist and he gave it the go ahead

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>>517563646Dev is a furry faggot. It's gonna be dozens of different kinds of fat.

>>517567413carrying over your autistic crusade from the last thread i see

>>517567181>>517567365Go back

>>517563646There's no skinny option. What are you, aneristic?

>>517567501Nooo stop disagreeing with me I posted this thread expecting everyone to hate it stop disagreeing with me lmao fucking faggot

>>517567501To what, obsessing over the never-was dev of YanSim? Pass. That hasn't been an interesting train wreck in years. Never said I thought it was good or bad. I just want to see some fucking progress being done.

>>517563032wait i thought this was a yansim clone, is it not made in unity? whats this art for?

>>517567664>lifting code from yandere sim>progress

>>517563032Swing and a miss. Quick! Someone else start making a Yansim fangame before these devs put out any meaningful content!


>>517566792I know boyscouts will have eagle scouts up to highschool. But more importantly I don't think it's a thing in Japan to begin with. If I'm not mistaken after school clubs organized by school staff is more up their ally, though I'm not Japanese so I wouldn't know.

>>517567801[citation needed]


There Holla Forums.You can kill everyone, this should include any minorities you dislike.

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>>517567181It's better if the psychotic killer girl looks just like everyone else or is even super attractive. Do you think only ugly people can be villains?

>western gameslooooool

>>517567983>youOk sure buddy

>>517567413Kinda hard to ruin it when it was never good to begin with

>>517567864Project RY is still being work on quietly. They haven't gotten into any bullshit so, it might be smooth sailing.

>>517568023>minorities>japanShouldn't be in the game to begin with. I'm not even being edgy, that's just factual information.

>>517563032Fucking cringe

>>517568173japan is nowhere near as homogenous as you think it is

>>517563646Gonna make R63 Eric Harris

>>517563032Tbh the art style isn’t that badThose noses are fucking awful and unfitting though

>>517568173It has not been stablished if the game takes place in japan.And, well, you can kill whoever you dislike and make the girl skinny, so, it shouldn't be an issue,

>>517568286>Steven universe art style isn't bad spotted the tranny

>>517568248Its literally 98% one race. To be clear that's 98% ethnically Japanese, not something as broad as Asian.

>>517568286It's a downgrade from YanSim's artist, but this is apparently free, so that's to be expected.The face really is just terrible.

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>>517563032if this art actually winds up in the game then it's dead in the water

>>517568248nigga just because you saw one black dude in tokyo 5 years ago doesn't mean that 99% of it isn't Japanese and seeing one isn't a unicorn- tier sighting.

Why do I keep clicking on these threads? Do I have brain damage?

>>517568571>unicorn-tierfucking hardly, go outside

>>517563032Fuck this board, I'm going to play something fun.

>>517568595Its like smoking.Its bad for you and you know it, but it just scratches that itch.

>>517568595I'm here to talk about yandere girls in other media, so we both might have brain damage

>>517568595I could click on a porn dump thread on Holla Forums, or follow the shit show of chubby chasers. In short, no

>>517568595Use a different board for a day or two instead. Or take a break from 4chan for about a week. Burnout on social-media, imageboards or forums is a real thing.

>>517568286No, it's all terrible.Bad interocular distance, no forehead, stubby arms, neck thick as a log, massive jaw, where the fuck are her ears?

>>517568651>go outsideWhat do you think I live in Japan? I'm not Japanese so of course I won't see anything of value outside! We established that! You fucking idiot!

>Underaged little shits on Holla Forums >seeking approval FROM Holla Forums Why?

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I hope my questions have helped you be a bit more informed about the Love Letter game.Comfy times will come to you if you reply "thank you based vic".Anyways, here is my card if any off you like ERP.Victoria - Psychic Empress#1119

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>>517568967>>517567181You only want people to agree with you? This isn't your safe space

>in one of the voice channels just because of morbid curiosity >one girl says she’s in 7th grade >there’s another that sounds much younger, like, ELEMENTARY >one of them is a very flamboyant fag>the rest of them sound highschool at best

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>>517568838Yes it’s awful, but this is probably the worst criticism you can give to an artist, you’re basically saying unless a drawing is anatomically correct it’s awful.>WHY DOES MARIO HAVE A BASEBALL FOR A NOSE?

>>517569230You could try having a post that's at all relevant to anything you're responding to, next time.


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>>517568651>everywhere is america

>>517569432hahaha where'd you get this picture of me?

>>517569425Your being cryptic about your fucking post user. This isn't your place to vent on the state of Holla Forums

>>517569551I said talk to me and not around me, you dumb wank-stain.

>>517569349Some things dont change I guess

>>517568126Hadn't heard about this one. Something to look out for. Thanks.

>>517569349Dev should not be in public discords, they're too hard to quality control. Either have a private one with your team and volunteers or just don't have on at all.

>>517567181>>517568050Yeah I agree. I want her craziness to be subtleoh god why am I even in this thread

>>517569360I don't mind stylization but it needs to have appeal. And that sure as hell has no appeal.

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>>517568595are you me?I known eva since his days of scythe girl, and I never been able to stop following his retarded anticssorry fir poor engli h I am russia

>>517569816Why are you questioning yourself, user? Do you not have your own free will?

>>517569054I talked to this person a few months back, they're a retard

>>517569610What do you mean, ESL? I am giving you (You)'s. Maybe you should explain your green text instead of moral fagging of being better than anons here

>>517565617I've offered him several times to use my art. Talked down each time. Not bothering with this server anymore, it's obvious he's just doing this for twitter clout now.Again as long as Yandev gets fucked, just leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

>>517570003Oh, Jesus, stop pretending to be stupid, your type is fucking exhausting.

>>517569360What sort of criticism can you even give then?

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why does a game about murdering highschoolers have so many underage fans?

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I hope yandev realises this new game project only helps him. This other developer guy will never be able to live up to the impossible expectations of the fan base and he’ll probably get doxxed by someone with nothing better to do. A lot of the negative attention will shift from Yandere Simulator

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>>517570258and pray tell why would i trust a single thing he has to say about himself after years of him sucking his own cock and mismanaging money

>>517570258Yandev is still a shitter, this guy is just slightly less shit.

>>517569349What a major red flag. This project might get done but it won't be a good product.

>>517565603Cause your game doesn't fucking work HAHA

>>517565472technology is scaring me

>>517569360The best criticism you can give artists is simply anything that can break their delusion. New artists are always full of themselves. You have to convince them of something, anything really, otherwise they'll keep being shit but remain overly prideful.So no, I don't entirely agree with that.

>>517570303I guess its like if Rockstar's Bully came out at the right time, for kids to take out their frustrations on virtual anime kids

>>517570052Imo the best thing I can tell someone Is basically just throwing shit to the wall and seeing what sticks.Imo the best way to learn is to basically trying to copying and take from multiple sources until you get something you’re comfortable with and make your own style.Art criticism is kinda hard to give everyone draws differently, even if someone tries to 100% copy someone else style it won’t be the same.

That art...

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>>517569054ERP fags are the worst.

>>517570738Thats not critique and not useful at all.

>>517563032>We're not gonna apologize or change the name>Apologizes and changes the name really guys?>>517570258oh fuck off

>>517570567I never said not to do that.All I said calling someone’s art terrible (which it is) and the only criticism is “it’s not anatomically correct” is bad advice.

>>517570738For something like that technical stylization might be identical to the point in which figure drawings of the same model can't be said to be either artist, but greater abstract concepts like intention, action, and thematic presentation are too complex to replicate. Just copying somebody's style directly is a risky path because you'll likely fall flat on grander concepts and have difficulty understanding why your work lacks panache or doesn't resonate.

>>517566792>Japanese school>"Can we have Tyrone's and Holocaust class?"

>>517571538>Holocaust class?"not gonna happen Holla Forums schizo plus who cares if a game features more diversity than the average japanese school it's just a videogame for crying out loud!

>>517568248Don't be to obvious

>>517568248It quite literally is

>>517571825*too :3

Thats it, I am gonna roll doubles

>>517563032Yes, these people are fat and ugly in real life.Very realistic.

>>517572408Just like us!

>Getting this upset over over free art that isn't even going to used in the final game Why?

>>517572610/v/ bitches more than the teenaged girls it bitches about.

>>517572610>thinking something looks bad means you're upset about it

I dunno why don't they get a better artist, awful presentation, but at least they're working on the game unlike Yandere Dev so I guess there's that. Love Letter itself looks like it'll be more of a polished game, but you couldn't tell that from this shitty art.

>>517571538>Holocaust class

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>>517569360Holy shit you're the worst type of artfag

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>>517572830Thinking it looks like shit is understandable, but some of us are treating it like the end of the world. It's just shit art, my dude.

>>517573015Like who? Everyone in this thread not defending it is just mocking how obviously bad it is.

>>517572610You can keep seething over those post because you'll stick around either way

>>517563632Not hard. But they are furry tumblerites.

>>517572610>>517573015The fact that you interpret written posts as aggressive when in reality you cannot see any spoken tone behind them is telling about you and how much of a ball of sunshine you are.

>western fanart is ba..

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>>517567801It would take more work to de-spaghettify the existing code than to recreate it from scratch. This is the entire point of this game existing you tonedeaf tard.

>>517567413God, she has the same downsyndrom face as modern Squirel Girl.


>>517570305>oncel>delusionalOH NO NO NO

>>517573771Based and truepilled

>>517573771This is truly a case of "better the devil you know"

Maybe the real Yandere was the dev all along.

>>517573771>Belligerents:>United Front of>Discordtrannies, youtube "devs", Dr Asspie. >Vs>Cum Chalice + Roach >Decisive Cum Chalice victory.

>>517574185maybe we are the yanderes...

I'm not gonna buy any of these ironic weeb games unless it's made by a Japanese developer.

>>517574564What if...Mankind was the Yandere this whole time...

>>517570021Show us what you offered

>>517574750so, we really are The Last of Us...