Only two days until Golden Sun makes its triumphant return, anons.Are you excited?

Only two days until Golden Sun makes its triumphant return, anons.Are you excited?

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>>517562942Never really got into this series. This was the one with djinns or something?


>>517563054>This was the one with djinns or something?That's correct. They each have their own effect when used in battle and the Djinn you have equipped to each character determines their class.

And when where how and why is it returning exactly?

>>517563107I played the games as a kid and liked them because- puzzle-style dungeons like Zelda with psynergy having out-of-combat effects- mind-reading- awesome summon animations- nonlinear overworld with plenty of secret areas+bosses- great soundtrack- personally liked the dialogue w/ emojis

>>517563520>Nintendo filed a trademark for the franchise in several countries where the original didn't release - this was NOT a simple renewal like they regularly do for their properties regardless of whether they're making new titles>Camelot hasn't released anything for an uncharacteristically long time; if they were making Mario Golf, they would've revealed if not released it by now. Furthermore, Takahashi mentioned he left the Mario Tennis team once development of the main game was finished and DLC development started, because he needed to focus on another big projectIt's coming back. Could be a remake, a sequel, or a reboot, but it's only a matter of time.

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>>517562942I see nothing about this online, only articles from 2019 saying it would be a good Switch port

It's going to be a grim day when people replay these and realize they were never good.

>>517562942>HDIt's gonna look like shit.Some fucking FFVI phone game looking bull shit.

>>517564429Mario Tennis Aces looked fineCamelot isn't Square, they aren't gonna phone it in

>>517562942I thought the release date was august?

>>517563107It's pretty much the only decent rpg on gba that isn't a port plus it's a fun Dragon Quest style adventure with fun gameplay

>>517562942Thad wood be preddy coole desu!!!!!!

>>517562942>>517563054>>517563107I honestly have no idea why do people shill so hard for this series. It was boring as fuck. 80 hours RPG with the same 4 characters

>>517562942I never actually finished this should I give it another go?


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>>517562942Golden Sun sucked

>>517564742It's like 20 hours and who gives a fuck how many characters there are?

>>517562942Wait what?

>>517564912Play 1 and 2 and whatever you do, ignore dark dawn’s existence

>>517564384They're still fun, basic JRPGs. You say that as if people have never replayed FF6, FF7, Paper Mario 64/TTYD, GS1/2, Pokemon FR/LG, Emerald, SS/HG, and such already. People just LIKE playing fun, basic JRPGs.If you don't like them, you don't have to play them, and you don't need to waste your effort crapping on things people like. You can easily instead play games and discuss games you DO like.

>>517564912Might as well, it's pretty fun. Some shit can be cryptic so there's no shame in checking a faq or a wiki or something to find some of the obscure shit like the map djinn.If you play a lot of RPGs and are worried about it being too easy, try the Reloaded hacks which turn the game into an actual challenge.

>>517562942Directs are normally on wednesdays, there is no Direct, Nintendo don't have enough content to fill a Direct, or even a Direct mini, they could fill an Indie World, then again they could fill an indie world with just a weeks worth of E-shop releases.

>>517563107Baby's first JRPGThat's one of my reasons for liking it anyways. Its focus on environmental puzzles is still pretty unique among jrpgs, even today. I don't really see this happening anytime soon with Bravely Default 2 coming and that looks a lot like how I'd imagine the GS games woulld look in HD.

>>517564975Turn based RPGs need a very varied cast of MCs to keep things fresh.

>ReturnCamelot has been dead for years. nintendo cant "return" it EVER.

Favorite spellFavorite DjinnFavorite party memberFavorite trackGo

>>517564257>Nintendo filed a trademark for the franchise in several countries where the original didn't releaseThat was over a year ago. They renewed shit like Rhythm Heaven and Wrecking Crew at the same date. It doesn't mean anything.

Aers rock is a blight and anyone who likes it can jump off a cliff.

Golden sun is literally sub-par Tales of even down to the music, so no idea why you're all excited. Play more JRPGs please.

>>517565349It was actually two years ago kek, means fucking nothing

>>517565294>Favorite spellAnnihilation>Favorite DjinnKite>Favorite party memberGaret>Favorite trackMars Lighthouse

>>517565038>They're still funOh god no, it's going to be a grim day when people replay these and realize they were never good.

>>517565349Keep reading>this was NOT a simple renewal like they regularly do for their properties regardless of whether they're making new titlesThe new Golden Sun trademarks were separate and weren't renewals.People often confuse this with the time Nintendo renewed Dark Dawn's trademark among other random properties, but I'm not talking about that.

>>517565349Two years ago actually but the trademark "renewal" also covered new things that the trademark didn't before unlike what happened with Rhythm Tengoku and Wrecking Crew.

>>517562942What's the best way to emulate portable games without it looking like shit?

>>517562942Only two more days till absolutely fucking nothing happens. You don't get Golden SunYou don't get 3D All StarsYou don't get a directYou don't pass goYou don't collect $200

>>517565294OdysseySapFelixJupiter lighthouse

>>517565691>The new Golden Sun trademarks were separate and weren't renewals.Same goes for the games I mentionedIt's probably just an internal change on how they approach handling their IP And again it was almost two fucking years ago so what makes this wednesday anything special

>>517565665So you're just going to copy/paste your original post over and over? Why do you even bother posting? You're not convincing anyone of anything.

Golden sun was so basic that a parody of it did it better.

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>>517564384they are good.suck my fat penis

just play Lost age, because 1 literally does not matter.

>>517565954While i wish the puzzles were a bit more complex, golden sun is one of the only jrp games that got out of battle/dungeons right. The slog of "mazes you run around in and grab loot" is one of the biggest crutches of the jrpg genre even today

>>517562942Why are you rubbing salt in this wound? Just let be unhappy. Don't make me hope.

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>>517565038Golden Sun is not basic. I don't think you know what basic even means.

>>517565208The feature that sets GS apart from other jrpg’s is the complex class editor, normally you would match every elemental djinn with it’s appropriate adept, but once you start to mess up with them and assign them to different characters you realize of the new classes available, all of them with exclusive spells and varying stats, GS2 toyed around further with this concept and introduced class-changing items which introduced new possibilities for your team building, add to this the inclusion of the first game party and the data transfer feature and you have a game with a simplistic jrpg mechanic on surface for the newbies to the gender, but a complex team manager for the more veterans

>>517565893>You're not convincing anyone of anythingI don't have to, it's going to be a grim day when people replay these and realize they were never good.

>>517564257>>Nintendo filed a trademark for the franchise in several countries where the original didn't release - this was NOT a simple renewal like they regularly do for their properties regardless of whether they're making new titlesHave you ever considered that this is just standard IP protection? It's not an uncommon practice. It's so if some chucklefuck in Korea makes some mobile game called "Golden Sun", Nintendo can sue

>517566396 (You)

>>517566232>skip the first game>have no fucking idea what's going on or who any of these characters are>can't transfer data so you can't get all the Djinn and are locked out of the final secret dungeon

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One important thing is that in today's Spawncast, leaker DirectFeedGames said that tomorrow another game will get a twitter account and be linked to the same email as the Mario 35th and FZero accounts. Doesnt this basically confirmed that the F-Zero thing is definitely happening??

>>517565364Not gonna lie, I wasn’t prepared for such a long and intricate dungeon, I can’t understand people hating on it, for me I got annoyed that there wasn’t a boss fight in any of the rocks

Was 2 better or something? My friend made me play 1 and or was unbelievably awful in almost every regard outside of the combat and animations, which I didn't spend enough time with to judge adequately. The combat basics didn't seem nearly good enough to make up for the rest though.

>>517566490>have no fucking idea what's going on or who any of these characters areWhy does it matter? you're felix not issac. and it gets explained to you in 2 anyways.>can't transfer data so you can't get all the Djinn and are locked out of the final secret dungeonLiterally irrelevant with emulators. so a non issue. >>517566707one is so painfully generic it makes FF1 look like a good game.

>>517565250Hard disagree I much prefer small parties, who cares about characters who join 10 minutes before the game ends

I hope someone at Camelot has some sort of idea how to actually design a challenging game this time.Back in the originals they had a great idea with the Djinn system but they had no idea how to make a game around it. By the end of the second game they gave up and just buffed weapon unleashes to the point of making everything else obsolete and had all the strongest bosses be able to just straight up turn off all of your Djinn.

>>517566232The first game is better overall. The size and complexity of the dungeons in the second game is honestly insane, and the story gets boring.

>>517565294RagnarokRefluxFelixSaturos Battle

>>517565364I hated it when I was young, but absolutely loved it on a second playthrough. Admittedly, it is a little out of place for how early it is.

>Thinking we'd ever get a sequel after dark dawnCute.

>>517566906Wait, you're saying the size and complexity is a bad thing?

>>517566306It is basic, by modern JRPG standards of real-time action combat + strategy elements + combo systems, etc. Every character's customized and can summon things based on the djinn they have equipped, then they got like 5 standard equip slots, and there's basic turn-based actions they can take, attack, defend, use djinn, summon (using their djinn on standby), or use a psynergy. That's it. Battle still proceeds on the usual, deal damage, heal party, revive downed allies if they die. Enemies have a given weakness out of the 4 elements.There's not a lot of overly complex systems going on.

>>517566983Why is Dark Dawn shit on so heavily? I haven't finished it but what I played was alright

>Golden sun has such a memorable OSTYeah, of stolen

>>517565364Air's Rock gets flack because it's your first real fuck huge dungeon with droning music that gets introduced so early into the game. The actual dungeon itself it pretty fucking cool.Now Magma Rock. Magma Rock can go fuck itself.

>>517567120>but what I played was alrightEnemies can literally give themselves extra turns infinitely and softlock you out of combat, it is anything but alright.

>>517567038There is such a thing as too huge and complex, yes. Running around in circles for an hour looking at the same visual tileset and fighting the same monsters over and over while you try to navigate a confusing labyrinth isn't very fun.

>>517567120By comparison, instead of using pre-rendered CG like was done in GBA (to the same effect DKC had on SNES "graphics") it used real-time rendered models for summons, and everything looked pretty blocky, and didn't push the system graphically. Overally, the game again had points-of-no-return where you had to scour all the djinn before proceeding else miss out forever. And overall, the composition of the game (mechanically) was a paint-by-the-numbers using Lost Age as a skeleton. Story-wise nothing really advanced forward on Alchemy and lighting the lighthouses, etc, and they teased Alex here and there and nothing really came of it.It's a "golden sun" game, but people were disappointed by it failing to live up to expectations. It's not a terrible game, but it didn't blow people off their feet.

>>517566621Technically Gaia Rock had a bossBut TLA definitely was sorely lacking in bosses, which sucks because boss fights are the only time the battle system is interesting.During the Eastern Sea segment you need to do>Shrine of the Sea God>Ankohl Ruins>Tundaria Tower>Gaia Rock>Aqua RockAnd only ONE of those five major dungeons have a boss fight.

>>517565468>Play more JRPGs pleaseSays the Talescuck.The franchise with one good game.

Favorite song off the album?

>>517565774Integer scaling

I guarantee you the people complaining about Golden sun have never played an actual boring JRPG.Go play Secret of the Stars and get back to us.

>>517564429trials of mana looks great. wtfh. Nintendo/camelot can fix it up fine you fag.

>>517567223Damn, how dare the same composer use the same 10 notes 2 times?

>>517567320>Enemies can literally give themselves extra turns infinitely and softlock you out of combatThe fuck? I've never heard of this, which enemies can do this?

>>517567223Golden Sun came out first, retarded talestranny.

>>517567503>Phantasia>Nakiri X>Eternia>Hearts>Rebirth>VesperiaI count 6.

>>517565294RagnarokCannon, cause he a bitchFelixGaroh

>>517567120It took the first two games flaws and doubled down on them>silent protagonist that is given a dialogue choices that ultimately not matter and have zero impact in the story>long and boring dialogue that usually have nothing to do with the plot>bland party members that have zero background and just happen to join you (only the indian guy and the furry are decently interesting)>incredibly small world compared to the first two games>lore that barely builds up from what was stablished from the previous games and just drops any ties mid game>TONS OF BACKTRACKING

>>517565294>Favorite spellToss-up between Skull-splitter and Pyroclasm>Favorite DjinnGranite because it's such a strong defensive djinn>Favorite party memberFelix because his base classes were cool as shit.>Favorite trackI'm picking three because

>>517567223Wow it's like Sakuraba is a fucking hack that can only write same same three

>>517564384I replayed it around the time people were thinking he was in Smash Ultimate and I still like it a bunchThey just need to make the characters actually emote outside of emojis and make it so you don't waste a turn if an enemy you target dies before you attack

>>517565954is evoland on the switch? keep forgetting it exists and everytime I see it I want to play it.

>>517567670>That music on a gameboy advanceHow did they do it


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Was this game in a similar vein as Golden Sun or no?

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>>517564384Booted up the first one and didn't even get out of the town. Took ages to do anything and the annoying bleeping every character made when they talked got old fast.

>>517567841Japanese black magic

>>517565294Ply wellSapFelixElemental stars

Fuck this series>Finally get to see the "golden sun" at the end of lost age>CLIFFHANGER HAHA>Aww.>Dark dawn comes out>Do we finally get to see the gol->Oh the golden sun? that was 30 years ago, Haha i remember that good times, now about this plot about darkness and miasma-

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>>517566613Why would they make another account right now when the other accounts were created months in advance?Also, how would they know when a Twitter account was made?

OP, you tricked me. Fuck you. Goddamn I hate you.

Best Casual Filter ever made in a game.Prove me wrong

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>>517568395I just remember that part being tedious as fuck

>>517568187Hey user, remember me? i was bad, then I was good, then I was bad again, then I was good again

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>>517566832this, >>517565250 is low attention span fried adhd zoomer brain retard

>>517565294leaving out>Favorite Summonwhat the fuck, bruh

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All I want is a remake that actually make your party members actual characters instead of plot devices with barely 2 lines of dialogueThe wind girl in 2 had an emotionless portrait but no fucking dialogue reflected that in her personality

>>517566820ff1 is a good game fuck you

>>517568724>Grind on the overworld for 5 hours until you can beat the final boss>Good

>>517568714>All I want is a remake that actually make your party members actual charactersYou are basically asking for a new game in another franchise, if there’s something that even golden sun fans can agree with is that Camelot is awful at writing

>>517567946No, "dungeons" (most of them are just 2 screens) in Octopath are absolute shit compared to Golden Sun's.

>>517567997There’s an option to turn them off. Makes the game much more bearable.

Obvious false flag is obvious. Fuck off, faggot OP.

>>517566306Golden Sun is not basic, but it's easy as fuck, and that kinda kills any depth the game might have. >Djinn affect classClasses from stacking the same element have varied enough skills, and you don't risk completely changing your skills by using a djinn and having it go on standby>SummonsOutclassed by literally mashing A for weapon unleashes from the standard attack>buffs, debuffs, status ailmentsJust nuke shit with weapon unleashes. The only boss that required any strategy was Star Magician, and that's because you had to choose which order to nuke his helpers. Everything else is just mashing A and healing when HP is low.

>>517566832They dont have to though? Look at the old FF parties, all of the characters were present less than halfway through the game. Not every JRPG is like Persona.having the same 4 characters for the whole journey, with the same skills and weapons makes RPGs boring. Rotation makes RPGs feel fresh.

>GBA game on switch>No graphical upgrades or HD retexturing to amke it fit with the current genFucking stop this. I'm so tired of generation 8 and 9 being FLOODED with ancient low effor pixel shit. We have gorgeous 3D anti aliasing now, gens 5 6 and 7 didnt look like gen 3 and 4 games, so why the fuck are most gen 8-9 games the epitome of bad NES recolors?

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>>517565868>>517566917>>517567658>>517568158Absolutely based Felixbros.

>>517569353>FF4 >get Ed literally right before rubicante in the next to final dungeon AT LEVEL 1

They're only fun if you emulate them because without turbo mode they are the SLOWEST rpgs ever made. In 2 when you get the boat it moves at a snails pace and you're constantly needing to traverse across the entire world map over and over again during the game.

>>517568187Does it really matter? It's just a big yellow light. I actually thought they DID show it in TLA at least briefly.

>>517569595>>517569446You're not funny.

>>517569382>graphical upgrades or HD retexturingPlease fucking kill yourself

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>>517569595This is the furthest thing from comedy I've ever seen

>>517569547Edge joins you at somewhere around level 20-25 and it's nowhere near the end of the game. Are you retarded?

>>517569937>I WASN'T TRYING TO BE FUNNY! I SWEAR!Yes you were, and it didn't work.

>>517569574>they are the SLOWEST rpgs ever madeNot even close.

>>517569382They'd make it 3D because Nintendo doesn't make 2D-heavy series anymore aside from Rhythm Heaven, and that hasn't had a game in five years


>>517565294>Favorite spellOdyssey>Favorite DjinnFlash>Favorite party memberFelix>Favorite is a hack

>>517569353>having the same 4 characters for the whole journey, with the same skills and weapons makes RPGs boring. >Using FF as an example of doing it right when everything past 6 has had characters do the exact same shit just with different skinsAnon are you ok?The variety in golden sun and party composition is more varied than FF of the same era.

>>517567529At the End of the Road. Knew it would be after the album trailer.

>>517569789I dont mean pixels dipshit. I'm talking gen 8 expected games like BoTW and bloodborne, yknow games that dont look like aged pixel vomit?

>>517570106Did the guy that shat out that unfunny ebonics stuff actually delete his posts? What a coward.

>>517569875>playing the DS remake over the originalare you?

>>517562942Great, now all the contrarians can come out and start invading the threads because this board hates actually discussing video games

>>517570760You realize that it takes about 10000 times more time and money to make a game like BOTW or BB than it does to port a GBA game to a new console right? These resources are finite.

>>517569382>Wanting to turn an old classic into a soulless piece of shitEnd yourself

>>517562942No steam no buy.

>>517571281Thats not the point. the point is a low effort 200's era game on GEN 8 CONSOLE, which has newer higher end tech. You cant tell me it isnt jarring to see pixel trash like fucking terraria in stores next to bloodborne, red dead redeption 2, and other big name AAAsEven previous gens we never had this. Its like they just got fucking lazy and mixed the entire genre. back then you could tell the difference between an N64 and a gamecube game, An NES indie inspired platformer is akin to a AAA budget masterpiece, and then you have literal ports of 6 and 7th gen games thrown in its all over the fucking place.

>>517571375>Old classic>2001My god the zoomer meme actually exists. An "old classic" is 89' or earlier

>>517571810Considering that the game's probably older than you are, you don't have the right to decide what's an old classic and what isn'tThe only zoomer in this thread is the one whining about how everything needs to be updated to modern standards because he can't stand pixels

>>517571810/vr/ defined retro as anything 18 years or older now.If the game is old enough to post on this website, it's a classic

>>517571810Take your pills gramps, the fact that people even call anything pre-2010 as "games" is a praise you shouldn't take for granted.

>>517571561Previous gens going as far back as the PS1 have had straight ports of older games, you have no idea what you're talking about.

Imy really drru k and know nothing about this game, what genre is it and does it have replaced value!

>>51757204838. your move "teenager".>>517572271Yeah "retro" not "old classic". Those are two completely different things. and old classic is that, an old classic. its not going to stretch the umbrella as the years goes by. thats what makes it classic. Things after the first 20 years of its conception do not count as "old classics"

Is there actually something announced or just speculation?

>>517565250But there's over a dozen classes.

>>517572681Retro and classic are pretty much synonymous, boomer"Classic" vidya just means old vidya, old vidya being retro, so that's 18+ yearsThe definitions of those words don't mean "only the games from when I was young" like you seem to think

>>517572714It's just speculation/bait to get a thread started

>>517572681Imagine going on an anonymous image board and thinking people will believe you when you say you're 38. You're a fucking 16 year old who whines when he sees pixel games next to his precious AAA blockbusters and is trying to claim he knows what constitutes a classic to try and fit in.

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>>517562942The first two games were perfect.

>>517572681The boomer RP is real


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>>517573202>New Pokemon Snap>New F-Zero>Golden Sun>All announced on the same fucking year.Fucking hell man.

>>517569789That's an art style failure, those environments look good, and could be a lot better, but the people.Golden Sun uses pre rendered graphics, but ideally the game would move away from tiles and render characters in real time while using pre rendered backdrops.

>>517573360crab nicholson main here

>>517565294>No fav classDeath LeapKindleFelixDark Dawn Boss 1>>517568670Catastrophe