You guys do realize stuff like this is why video games will never be considered art, right?

You guys do realize stuff like this is why video games will never be considered art, right?

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>>517562642and yet, this proves objectively without a doubt that games have produced some of the finest art we as humans have ever created.

art is for fags

>>517562642Bruh have you seen all the softcore paintings in museums? This would definitely belong amongst that.

>>517562642Why do we want them to be considered art?

>>517562642And that's a good thing!

paintings have nudity in it all the time. fuck are you on about?

Arts and culture have been shit ever since they stopped caring about aesthetics.

>>517562642Didnt you know we here at Holla Forums hate women in games???fuck offwe only like games with st8 white cis men.

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i know this is bait but a lot of art is inspired by sexual drive

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You guys do realize stuff like this is why sculpting will never be considered art, right?

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>>517562642explain how this is art to me

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>>517562642I thought it was because the only cultural phenomenon video game is smash, and you aren't really art if you only have one cultural phenomenon

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>>517562642I mean, music's still considered art even after the wave of trashy rappers, "djs", and "producers"

>>517562978dick too small

>>517563013Wow? Mario?

>>517562642>artWho the fuck cares about that?

>Games have literal teams of artists producing art assets to go into them>But they're not artOK

>>517562978>white race.jpg

>>517562642Then hopefully they'll never be considered art.

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>>517562642Do you consider this art?

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Dont care white boy thats a good thing

Attached: IMG_20200628_105712448.jpg (3264x2448, 2.37M) Sterling made a pretty good video on why video games aren't art. They're juvenile, childish, and built on the backs of mistreated laborers.

>tBros is this art?

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>>517562642Except that game was objectively and figuratively art.

>Video games have made me cry more than any book or movie

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>>517563364Isn't she underage?

>>517563224No, not really.

>>517562642Go back to the grave, Ebert.

>>517563364Someone post that gif of Smithers covering his eyes while strippers dance next to him


5000 years or more of human civilization sculpting and painting ass as art says otherwise. That ass is beautiful. That slim slender shape and sexy, femenine power walking is what womanhood is all about. If the great forefathers of art saw that ass, they would become full straight. Raphael would tap it. Michaelangelo would paint God slapping it. Women love 2B, men love her. That ass is what technology, art, sculpting, painting, texturing, computing, and internet were created for: To make that ass possible.2B's ass is more artful than any pozzed AAA game could ever hope to achieve. Fuck your gay ass agenda. Exalt your Maker. Hope to become one with perfection, like that ass.

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That's like saying movies will never be art because of Paul Blart Mall Cop.

>>517563290>and built on the backs of mistreated laborers.Not this shit again, if they are mistreated then they should find a better fucking job, holy shit. Game devs sure are a bunch of fucking retards if they can't figure this shit out for themselves.Nobody is forcing anyone to work for a shitty boss.They are ADULTS, and perfectly capable of making choices.of they chose to stay with a shitty boss in a shitty company then they need to suck it up and stop acting like a whiny entitled little bitch.

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>>517563679>if they are mistreated then they should find a better fucking job,Then video games won't exist

>>517563679You're retarded and probably never had a job

>>517563497do it yourself you entitled zoomer.

>>517562642more webms in slow mo please?

>>517563657The problem is that literally every game is akin to Paul Blart Mall Cop.

and that's a good thing

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>>517562642I don't care if video games are considered art or not anymore I used to be really hung up on it back in the PS2 days, but now I couldn't care less

shut up fag

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>Ass>Being considered art by pretentious "journalists"Hmmm, tough call

>>5175626422B's ass IS art.

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You're right because they are actually VIDEOGAMES. Art is just a part of them.Mario Paint is a good example.

>>517564510are there mods to make it even bigger?

>>517562642Your post is art.

Video games are absolutely not art. They are toys. They have no sentimental or emotional value. They are replaceable toys.

>>517564180Oh fuck, lemme smell

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Yeah dude before video games there was no sign of sexuality recorded ever

>>517562705>some of the finest art we as humans have ever created.That’s seems like a stretch.

>>517562715>>517562806>>517562978>>517563006>>517564180>>517564957There's a huge difference between depicting the beauty of the human form and just creating low effort trash for coomers.

>>517563290I hate youtubers creating drama for clicks so much. what is with all this gay shit, no one even discusses video games anymore, its just retarded drama. i hate this fat fuck

>>517562642good. Modern forms of "art" are terrible.

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>>517565264and the difference is...


>>517562642A fuckton of art has sexualization faggot

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>>517562642>Coomer statues are art>Coomer paintings are art>Coomer music is art>Coomer films are art>But not Coomer Video Games

>>517562642If I paint a shitty painting, are all paintings bad?

>>517565386Are you implying that masterpiece is terrible?

>>517565264Sexuality has always been part of the appreciation of the human form, its not my fault you have some Madonna Whore complex dude, go to a shrink or talk to your mother or something, you have the male version of daddy issues

>>517562642>video games will never be considered artas a whole no, some are more than others. papers please is definitely an example of something that's good vidya and good art.

>forced to go to some shitty art museum in school>all the art is ugly, serious, and boring>assume art has to be ugly, serious, and boring>"video games will never be considered art"

I love ass!It's the best!Ass!

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>>517565264>-oomersfuck off tourist

>>517565387The purpose of one is sexual enticement, while the other is meant to make you think.>>517565591You're projecting. I don't know what else to say.

>>517562642how can videogames be art if they are made to sell?

>>517565386this is not modern art anymore is right, very few games meet the proper criteria of something that could be considered true art. Nier is a toy, a well made, good looking, and fun toy, but a toy none the less.

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>>517562642>Writers wroter the game>Artists and modellers made the environment and characters >Musicians made the music >Not considered a form of art

>>517565657God I just want to take a bite of that

>>517565739You know you can apply the same to movies, right?

>>517565264most of the painters/moviemakers/photographers "depicting the beauty of the human form" are just coomers. There's literally no difference

>>517565702>The purpose of one is sexual enticement, while the other is meant to make you think.why do you think these things are exclusive?

>>517562642I'd rather games not be seen as art desu, the industry's bad enough as it is without an even bigger group of dickheads trying to make movie games or games with almost no gameplay in the name of "art"

>>517565386bitch nigga can't handle Duchamp

>>517565702There's more to 2b's game than just her ass. If you focus on Venus' breasts or David's penis and remove the rest, you get a different context

>>517565702I'm not projecting. You seem to be obsessed with some virginal purity and view sexual attraction as a negative thing

Because videogames are becoming a larger part of American culture, some people believe they should be classified as more than just “games”. These people believe that videogames should be referred to as works of art. The idea that videogames are art stemmed from the recent lawsuits against video game developers. Reclassifying videogames as art would grant them, and their developers certain judicial immunities (those which are currently held by radio, painting, and film). And while (some) videogames do hold some artistic values, they are not works of art like film or painting. Videogames are not art because they are enjoyed for their interactivity and immersion rather than their aesthetics. Some might defend videogames as art by using the Oxford dictionary’s definition of art; “The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination...” (Oxford English Dictionary) This would imply that anything created by an artist is art. So if videogames are created by artists, whether it be environmental, musical, or even graphical, then they must be art. videogames are about more than just being artistic or pretty, they are created with user interaction in mind. Videogames are a conglomeration of the works of many different artists, presented to the user through the aid of user interaction. As Hideo Kojima, producer of the Metal Gear series, stated “art is the stuff you find in the museum... What I'm doing, what video game creators are doing, is running the museum - how do we light up things, where do we place things, how do we sell tickets?” (Gibson). Videogames themselves are not art. Videogames instead, are a way for the player to be exposed to the work of artists at their own pace.

>>517565932>There's more to 2b's game than just her assHAHAHAWhat? The piss poor """story"""? The generic choirshit music? There's literally nothing going on with Nier Automata besides the ass.


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Ah yes, art

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>pic related's ass is art>2b ass isn't arthuh

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>>517565589>>517565930CIA psyops arent art

>>517565781This guy is a retard and his fanbase is exclusive to people who grew up with a dad and now are looking for some sort of father figure on fucking youtube of all things.You have no idea how retarded you look from the outside, like the male version of some dumb art hoe who thinks she is deep or something

Fuck "art" games, fuck art gags, and fuck art in general. It's all snobbish, head-up-your-own-ass trash at best and straight up tax fraud at worst.

Video Games could never compare to true art such as

>>517562642Forgetting that art can and often uses erotic imagery. why the fuck would I want games to be art? They should be games.

>>517566135Pure projection, nothing in your post has anything to do with the argument or topic in question. Your toy was made for the purposes of entertainment and nothing more. Suck it up princess.

>>517563679>if they are mistreated then they should find a better fucking job,terrible arguement1. every job sucks ass2. yeah let's just tell all the mistrreated exploited ditch diggers to learn to code wait a ditch needs digging? fucklibertarians are FUCKING RETARDS

>>517566026So you're already saying there's no artworthy stories in videogames

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>>517566009This is such a long winded, stupid, roundabout way of saying "video games aren't art, they just have art in them."And this point has been debunked so many fucking times it's exhausting.

>>517562642>considered art>criticizes artImagine being this retarded

>>517566309Yeah pretty much.

>>517563126David was a kike.

Nope, there was no eroticism in classic art.

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>>517566240You have absolutely no idea how immature you sound.

>>517566053that's a penis

>>517565657>2B>having an assI love this meme!

>>517566423Current AAA games? Maybe.>>517566474You don't have anything going on in your head other than how immature I sound. Sad.

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>>517566469Not a bit.

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belly > tits > ass

Fucking sonic the hedgehog is art. Whether any videogames qualify as HIGH art is the only thing up for debate. And frankly who gives a shit?


in all seriousnesswhy would you give a fuck whether or not people consider a medium you like art?how does that affect your enjoyment of it?and is film not allowed to be art because of the constant sexual gratification in modern blockbusters?

>>517566592thighs > all

>>517566547Yeah, I guess I need to watch a few more youtubers to have a meaningful opinion. Thanks for the tip user

is there a mod to play as 2pi will actually play the game if so

>>517566547No, there is literally not a single game that has any artistic merit whatsoever. Literally every single game is derivative of either literature or movies. There is not a single piece of original work in gaming.I don't care if you think your obscure Japanese indie game that deals with """heavy themes""" is considered art. It's not. Seriously, read a fucking book.

>>517566670>t. Irishman

>draw picture on paper >art>scan picture into computer >no longer art???

>>517565781Pretty high on the list of most cringe looking shit I've ever seen. And I post on 4chan.

>>517562642i'd rather it be considered fart

>>517566685>why would you give a fuck whether or not people consider a medium you like art?because if videogames were art maybe they wouldn't get censored as much

>>517566768clearly you have not placed a certain game called "the last of us part 2"

>>517566804>Take Mona Lisa>art>Scan Mona Lisa into a computer>Turn her into a cat girl maid>Slap a bunch of robots and dinosaurs all over the place>Make it so Mona Lisa is out for revenge to kill her father>Her father is actually god>No ARE the aliens...And that's why video games aren't art.

Going by your logic op, movies cant be art because the Transformers movies exist.

>>517562642how is porn not art?

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>>517566971at what point does it become not art?

>>517566908Censorship is unironically a good thing. Games are way too promiscuous and edgy for their own good.

>>517566097Based schizo

>>517566908Mainstream videogames are as explicit as mainstream books and movies

>>517566872Still not an argument.

>>517567060This had fucking better be bait


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>>517566469>>517566569But this here is porn for coomers

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>>517566768I don't think you have any idea what gives something artistic merit. Papers Please isn't japanese either you dense fuck.

>>517566872>Pretty high on the list of most cringe looking shit I've ever seen.On that note, are you enjoying your first day here?


>>517566693Hips are better and most important. A woman with bad hips is not hot no matter how nicely shaped the rest of her is.

>>517566971Gaudy art is still art. The Divine Comedy is self insert fanfiction. Beowulf is ancient Drgon Ball Z. Most art of Mary and Joan of Arc is preindustrial waifu faggotry. Is all of that not art?

>>517567015When they learn to tell stories that aren't made for teenagers.This is Sorcerer. This movie has fantastic characters, compelling motivation, and gripping scenes. You know what Sorcerer doesn't have?It doesn't have fucking lasers and bing bing wahoo collecting toys and epic meme references. It doesn't spew lofty exposition with nothing to say. It doesn't waste my time trying to preach to me about revenge being bad. There isn't a scene where the main characters aren't being chased by a dragon and you need to use your ultimate laser plasma sword of friendship to destroy the dragon's HP bar. There isn't a cringey as fuck scene where a cute cat girl maid tries to sit on the main character's face solely for the sake of fan service.It's just a mature movie for adults. THAT is why movies are art while video games are not. It's fucking embarrassing.

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>>517567090You didn't make an argument, you posted what looks like the dumbest youtube video and a baseless assertion that could be applied to any work of fiction.

>>517567405so children are unable to enjoy art?


>>517567357But ALL video games are gaudy.

>>517566908well you have to consider that they're only being censored in order to be sold on private platformsyou're totally free to make a game that doesn't comply with any standards if you're willing to distribute it via irregular channels.its no different to the film industry in that waythough a lot more is allowed in popular film than is in video games, which is stupid

>>517567425>that could be applied to any work of fiction.Yes. Do you think dime novels, shitty romance novels, superhero comics, capeshit movies are art too?

>>517567460No, but if you enjoy art for children past a certain age you will be stunted. This is like an entire generation of adults exclusively watching Barney into their 30s.

>>517567608I'm pretty sure there's many videogames intended for adults though

>>517567157>>517567165I'd much rather live in a world where the state censors out degenerate tranny shit than the absolute libertarian nightmare that is modern gaming.

>>517563414>he cares about the arbitrary assigned age of polygons

>>517567518That's not universally true, but even if it were, so fucking what? How does that disqualify it?

>>517567673Except there isn't.

>>517566026So you're confirming you didn't actually play the game then.

>>517563086the genitals are deliberately de-emphasized in western statues you moron.Because people with large genitals are associated with savagery. Savages make crude artworks with huge genitals, civilized people it's the opposite

>>517567781I'm pretty sure that you're not going to be able to support that with evidence

>>517562642That ass is art

>>517567751Don't you feel like on some level if an entire artistic medium is filled with nothing but juveline trash it might just be a trashy medium that's not worth anyone's time?Like, if your standard for art is that low, fine. But I'd much rather live in a world where people are actually smart about the media they chose to consume.

>>517562642Video games are ABOVE art.

>>517567673enough bullshit Holla Forums. what makes something "art" to you? yes YOU. i'm legitimately interested

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>>517567705I'd rather trannies kill themselves and no one fucking censors my loli marrying simulators, thank you

>>517566240I've noticed how people without good arguments tend to just scream "projection" without understanding what the term actually means.

>>517563746They would because devs would have to start treating their employees better to retain a work force.

>>517567705well I hope you won't complain when your party loses, and the state starts censoring everything you like and forcing tranny shit in everything

>>517567873This. It has the potential for ultimate art, particularly VR.

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>>517562642>movies have boobies and butts>they're art>books have boobies and butts>they're art>music has toilet sounds>it's art

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>>517562642Art is bullshit word used to justify bullshit things. Change my mind.

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>>517567884Does it having something meaningful to say? Does it evoke the intended emotions? Is there skill?It's very nuanced, but I don't think gaming is art because they don't fill any of this criteria.

>>517567593Same could be said about works of Van Gogh, Homer, etc

>>517562705Absolutely based

>>517567884I would define art as an emotionally expressive medium, created with intent, that has aesthetic value.

>>517567405Youre just a fucking pretntious troll. Video games have been telling compelling stories for years and not just ranging from edgy teenager types. Goes to show you dont know what youre talking about and just here to shitpost because you have nothinge else to do

>>517567849Watch, I'll do it right now.Hmmm...looking on Google...hmmm...nope, still don't see any games for adults...hmm...nope, nothing but infantile trash...nope...only weebshit, normieshit, and gachashit for whales...Yeah, no, I can say with utmost confidence that there is no such thing as a game for adults.

Reminder that proper art does not give a fuck whether it's considered "art" or not.

>>517562705fpbp>>517565059t. gaylord

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>>517568006>I just learned what words are

>>517568095Name one.

>>517565264yeah, a difference of about 2000 years

>>517567916I've noticed how people without good arguments tend to argue and shit around the semantics of how the person is arguing or who the person is rather than focusing on the topic itself.

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The most pretentious poster of the day award goes to: >>517567405

>>517567593Well, they can be art thanks to the message that they have, if they are beautiful in a graphic sense or show things that are useful (architecture it's considered art for this reason).It doesn't matter the medium were they came, just that these points can be seen in a way or another.

>>517568103Being obsessed with whether something is adult or not only highlights your immaturity.I put you in the 16-20 age range.

>>517568010Dark Souls invoke emotions and has skill. And has meaningful journey.

>>517567872The vast majority of all movies and music are just as "juveline" (IE, contrary to your tastes).

>>517568193>I just tried to use sarcasm and failed


>>517567973>2B model for BayoHOW

>>517567884if you make something relatively creative and that you want to see for whatever reason, that's art enough for me

>>517568103>Critics who treat 'adult' as a term of approval, instead of as a merely descriptive term, cannot be adult themselves. To be concerned about being grown up, to admire the grown up because it is grown up, to blush at the suspicion of being childish; these things are the marks of childhood and adolescence. And in childhood and adolescence they are, in moderation, healthy symptoms. Young things ought to want to grow. But to carry on into middle life or even into early manhood this concern about being adult is a mark of really arrested development. When I was ten, I read fairy tales in secret and would have been ashamed if I had been found doing so. Now that I am fifty I read them openly. When I became a man I put away childish things, including the fear of childishness and the desire to be very grown up.- C S Lewis

>>517568010It requieres skills to make, can have a message and can show useful things.Not all vidya it's art. But like other media, it can be art (not all paintings, movies etc

>>517568202TLOU, MARVELS SPIDERMAN, HELLBLADE, Witcher 3. Etc.



>>517568327>Using bullshit words to try and justify a response to me

>>517568010There's definitely video games that exist and meet that criteria.

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>>517565264>>517565702lmao yeah I'm sure the dude drawing some ass and titty back in the day was doing it to "make people think"get fucking real you pretentious snob

>> art&client=ms-android-oppo&prmd=ivsn&sxsrf=ALeKk02qu6IW_zzU6KTyx1OYomGPmCE9RA:1595136068480&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjonOv1yNjqAhWTZt4KHXe1DWwQ_AUoAXoECBIQAQ

>>517568267Do you not feel like on some level it's dangerous to systematically dumb down your society by feeding them juvenile garbage? I'm not an asshole, I like watching cartoons and anime sometimes. But I also want to be a director. I want to actually stimulate my brain. I really like philosophy and literature too.The vast majority of our society does not.>>517568321I fucking dare you to compare One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest to fucking Mass Effect. I dare you. You would be laughed out of any academic institute.

post vidya that's undeniably art

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>>517568518So do you have anything meaninful to say or just here to regurgitate bullshit?

>> was on the bayonetta modding discord

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>>517568608>I also want to be a directorThis explains a great deal about your personality.

>>517562642what the female form isnt a piece of art?



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>>517568658It's very abstract art.It has a meaning, but isn't pleasing or it's useful.

>>517568725Yes, someone that actually has a future. Thank you.

>>517562713cheers brother

>>517562642Yet porn and all other trashy flicks don't stop movies from being art. Wow man, sounds like games are really fucking weak as a platform if some random butt stops them from being art.



>>517568789Art doesn't have to be pleasing.

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>>517568798>he thinks he's actually going to become a director

>>517568202Silent Hill 2Shadow of the ColossusMetal Gear Solid 2A lot of Fallout: New Vegas

If you genuine think that displaying 3D graphics on a 2D screen with the help of trigonometry is not art then you are a retarded faglord.Video games as a technology alone are fucking mind blowing, I dont care if you are some wannabe director pretentious faggot

>>517568658I was thinking about this during The Last of Us 2 controversy, and I realized that fucking Mario is the epitome of games being art.Mario games just fucking explode with personality. There is so much meticulous love and care put into these games (some more than others of course). These games shameless wear their hearts on their sleeves, and they just radiate passion. The main character is a lovable and relatable goofball, and his friends are all iconic as fuck.These games are fucking shamelessly passionate, and that's why I think they're worthy of being called

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>>517568798You want to be a director but you're name dropping basic bitch shit like One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest like we're supposed to be impressed. I doubt you have more than surface level knowledge of film, the average baneposting shitposter on Holla Forums probably has better taste than you.

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art is and has always been about beautiful women.

>>517562642Why, because there's a game with voluptuous ass?Funny that you attached a film with a voluptuous ass as evidence, an image of your screen would have been better.

>>517568450>MARVELS SPIDERMAN, HELLBLADE>Serious storytellinglmaoTLOU counts but only kinda considering it's just The Road

>>517562642>video games will never be considered artOk, and?

>>517569129And yet one single movie absolutely blows out the entire gaming industry. Get raped, nerd.

>>517568964That's what i'm saying, it's art because it has a meaning.But it isn't beautiful (other point of what it's art).If you want to know the method that'm using.I have 3 areas to make something art, if a thing checks in one area it's artThe areas are: meaning, beautiful to the soul or eyes and having a real skill.

>>517568010So...>Does it meet my heavily opinionated definition of 'meaningful'.>Since I already think it's stupid, it is unable to invoke the emotions it wants to in me, so it has failed.>Nothing that goes into making a game requires skill.It's almost like trying to put strong definitions on what art is leads to the definition just reflecting the prejudices of whoever is spouting it.

>>517569259I'm not even defending vidya, I'm not any of the dudes you've been arguing with. I'm laughing at you for being a pretentious faggot with basic bitch taste.

>>517568010Any well-made game fulfills your last requirement, and plenty of story/atmosphere-driven games achieve the first two.

>>517568608I might be laughed out of some faggot english department I guess. Most of my labmates just wouldn't know what I'm talking about cause they're a bunch of chinks. Also while Mass Effect's writing is enormously overrated, so is One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. Of all the books you supposedly love, you went for highschool literature class required reading, with a lame unreliable narrator gimick?


Attached: venus.jpg (1800x1800, 575.25K)

>>517569301Before you say that this method puts porn as art.Porn it's sexually stimulating, but it's not beautiful in nature, doesn't have a message and doesn't requiere skill.It's not art, but it's pretty liked.

>>517569259The Dark Knight Rises was pretty good.

>>517568149It's great that she's been modded into a bunch of games. Love using her in MHW.

It really fucking annoys me how leftists are trying to gaslight the nerd communities into thinking their hobbies are meaningless and bad. You see so many breadtubers make passive-aggressive comments about gaming being immature and stupid, or how comic books are secretly bad and nobody wants to admit it. It's legitimately disheartening sometimes, and I think that's why gamers don't really have much weight to throw around when it comes to defending their hobby.

Attached: botan_annoyed_irritated_eyeroll.png (480x361, 152.05K)

>>517565264I know this is bait but reminder the same faggot drew a bunch of dicks on a chapel wall and it made the Vatican seethe so much they hired a guy to come paint over all the cocks. Volterra's entire career is now overshadowed by the fact he painted a bunch of diapers in the Sistine Chapel, thus his nickname "Il Braghettone"

>>517568798This is more deluded than >I'm going to make video games!and explains a lot of this thread.

>>517569301>The areas are: meaningok>beautiful to the soul or eyes Completely subjective, this is worthless and not correct. Drop this part of the "method" because it's wrong.>having a real skillElaborate.

>>517569613Comic books are fucking bad though.

>He thinks the term art gives a work any value or merit innately

Attached: da698i0-4173eefc-b715-4743-8bfa-93655726868b.png (818x1100, 875.22K)


>>517565702>while the other is meant to make you think.Lmao what jew told you that was the sole purpose of "art"?

>>517569737Uh huh.

Attached: a.jpg (720x960, 144.7K)

>>5175652642B's ass have 300000 polygon or some shit. it's definitely not low effort

>>517569746This, we've had these shitty bait threads so many times and not ONCE has someone explained why video games (allegedly) not being art is such a bad thing. The vast majority of art is trash, and the vast majority of reality isn't art. If the games are fun and fulfilling experiences (and games like this do exist), who cares if its not art?

Attached: 417412-valkyrie-profile-playstation-front-cover.jpg (800x808, 94.7K)


Attached: WebsiteSocialShare.jpg (3556x2000, 386.67K)

>>517567839>idealistic form of the euroid male form is having a small benisfitting

>>517562642>you guys realize stuff like pornography is why video will never be considered art, right?

Attached: image.jpg (694x488, 264.39K)

>>517562642Photography and film went through this shit decades ago do we really have to do it again with games?Just because something makes your penis hard doesn't mean it's not art.


>>517569746you're right, the truth is that art is work that has innate value, instead of work being given value by its name

>>517569826Because of the broader implications. I don't want to live in a world where the state can start banning games, and their only response is "Who cares? video games are for children. Get over it."

>>517565264look at this fucking faggot thinking people didnt jack off to these sculptures

>>517565264Uh huh tell me more

Attached: 1481689626881.jpg (988x1024, 1.09M)

>>517569901How about instead of censoring sexy females in games, we just allow sexy men in games to be normalized so everyone is happy?

>>517569912anon you fucking retard. the supreme court has ruled that video games are protected by the first amendment. please just fucking kill yourself

>>517565739You realize galleries are selling most of their works right? That's how they stay in business?


Attached: ahegao.png (497x680, 525.16K)

>>517569737Only if you read bad comic books

>>517569912That only matters in european prison states where expression as a whole isn't recognized as a right.

>>517569301>skillWow so I guess a ton of games really are art, since making a game takes a ridiculous amount of knowledge, time, skills across dozens of disciplines, teamwork, experience, and resources.Oh I'm sorry>real skillI forgot none of those skills count because you said they didn't and are in charge of such things.

>>517570076Yes but that's only because we view games as art now, faggot.


Attached: 1515229781882.gif (367x265, 558.48K)

>>517569912I don't realistically see any situation where the state will start banning games, we haven't had anything that big happen since Mortal Kombat came out. The most that will happen is old ass politicians use video games as a scapegoat to avoid properly tackling mental health- or violence-related issues.

>>517569912The state can do whatever the fuck you allow it to do, you don't actually have "rights"

>>517569996I'm on board with this which is why anytime someone on twitter or whatever talks about how things won't be equal until there's dick physics I tell them to watch the Dofus movie

>>517569996They already are. What women consider sexy is not what you think.

>>517562642can't believe i used to care

>>517570168Just wait until the next shooting. This happens constantly.

>>517569685I know that beautiful can mean many things, but what i'm saying by beatiful it's that his visual quality it's good and it's generally liked because of that.Many pieces of art don't have a obvious meaning (an outdoors painting for example), but for the general public and the artist the painting it's beautiful, making it art, obviously this depends, but this is the most subjective term of what it's art.Having a skill it's how it needs a skill from part of the individual to make it, this thing makes things like architecture art, because it has a real effort from the part of the creator of the building, statue etc.

>>517569746This, there's good art and bad art. There's good vidya that's bad at being art and there's nothing wrong with that. I'd say Undertale is art while Dusk isn't, does that make Undertale the better game? No, not by a long shot.

Attached: 1567584854953.png (2560x1440, 3.24M)

>>517569301>things arent art because my opinions >> your opinionswait so you arent a newfag

>>517562726so they attract even more insufferable normalfags, as if the last decade hasn't been enough

>>517570194Case in point people being shoved in unmarked van by unidentified police right now and nothing's going to happen about it.

>>517570151No it fucking isn't.

>>517570224Then what's the fucking problem?

Attached: 1485701751613.jpg (681x1024, 159.87K)

>>517570126Friend, vidya requires skill to make.I'm not saying otherwise.

>>517570315What the fuck are you talking about? Yes it is.

>>517570151you are the dumbest fucking low iq gorilla retard nigger you know that? porn isnt classified as art in the US and its ALSO protected. things dont have to be art to qualify as protected speech or expression

>>517570245Someone could massacre an entire hospital in the name of GTAV and nothing would happen, in America at least. It's the mass shooting cycle:>Mass shooting occurs>People grieve, and rally for gun control and preventive measures>Politicians in charge do nothing, using scapegoats like video games>The movement dies down>Mass shooting occurs

whatever you think about games being art the main issue here is that the AAA industry thinks, movies = artfucking why?

Attached: 1572480385789.png (500x375, 95.11K)

>>517570337There is no problem. But lots of people claim there is a problem. Mostly women, who feel insecure when comparing themselves to women in videogames, because they're fucking retarded.

>>517568420Holy Based

>>517570268Your opinions are fine.It's just the way that i see art.Art it's really subjective

>>517570245Yeah, I'm sure the government of any country is going to just eliminate a multi billion dollar industry from its GDP because of digital asses or blood.Get fucking real.

>>517570375>People liked chubby bellies even thousands of years ago

>>517570375boobs dont work like that incels they arent fucking balloons gravity exists

>>517569996There is no winning against the people who think attractive women in games is problematic, even if it makes sense contextually. A male character in the exact same position is just view as a male power fantasy and not representative of what women want. If a woman made it, that is just the result of the culture of sexism she was indoctrinated in. What will win in the end is what sells.

>>517570428No, it isn't! Art isn't protected by the first ammendment, ALL EXPRESSION is.

>>517570490Unrelated but how fucked would Poland be if CDPR went under?


Attached: 1485690445783.jpg (450x600, 85.58K)

>>517570464Movies are absolutely fucking art what kind of take is this? Are you a time traveler from 1916 or some shit?

>>517570450I can absolutely guarantee you that the conservative party will push to ban porn within the decade. Guaran-fucking-teed.

>>517569832It's just my weird way of seeing art.I'm not saying that it's the best you sperg

>>517570485>2Bs ass isnt art you dumb coomers>your opinions are fine but like its not artkill yourself


Attached: 1480256299626.jpg (236x452, 29.04K)

>>517568420Based beyond mortal man

>>517570597It will return to being rightful German clay


>>517570627No you fucking dingus I mean the AAA industry thinks "making vidya more like movies will make them art." Cool off, hothead.

>>517568010>I don't think gaming is art because they don't fill any of this criteria.You've gotta be baiting

The real question is:who cares?

Attached: 1494613788308.jpg (736x1082, 187.7K)

>>517570632I can see it being a joint effort with the sexy=bad leftists yeah.Thankfully those groups are incapable of cooperation.

>>517570632this is your brain on Holla Forums, nothing is going to happen to porn (in the US, at least)

>>517570650I'm not the same dude that insulted 2B, you fag.Nier can be art, and many of his games are (drakengard it's a good example)

>>517570556What I want to ask these women is what they view as attractive. What if we had a perfect 50/50 split between attractive women and attractive men, with no power fantasy implications whatsoever?Why burn another person's candle when you can ignite your own?

>>517570632They already do frequently and often at a local level.I live in a midsize midwestern city and there was a fucking panic when a Victoria's Secret opened in our outdoor mall because kids might see a bra

>>517570632no they wont you brain dead sheep holy shit. the reason its protected is they already tried. now its the lefts turn to try and ban it because it regularly depicts violence and misogynist themes torwards women

>>517570632Good. Porn is degenerate.

>>517562642The argument isn't all. It's some are. Who's gonna call COD or Battle Royales art?

>>517570795pretentious faggot is the only one who cares

Why do all games have to be art? Not all movies are art, not all books are art, why does every game to have meet your standards for what art is in order to have the entire medium validated as an art form

>>517570823>leftists>when sexy=bad is literally a conservative idealgo back to Holla Forums

>>517570876Being attractive is itself a power fantasy, dipshit

Anyone who thinks "art" has positive connotations is a smooth-brained actual fucking retard.

>>517570792Make it clearer next time, movies have an AAA industry too.A game that's close to a movie can absolutely be artistic and have artistic value, same as if it was just a movie. If you make a great movie but in one scene the person watching has to walk the character down a hallway or something it doesn't suddenly lose that value. The most impressive art in games imo are the works that use the medium to their advantage, but that doesn't really detract from the ones that don't.

>>517571061It's an ideal with both at this point you moron.Horseshoe theory has become more and more accurate.

>>517571061>sexy=bad is literally a conservative ideal1996 called

>>517571020Because sadly, retards don't believe that art can be too many things and just think that the "TRU ARTS AND SKILLZ" are art, when in fact many things can be art, even normal things like architecture.

>>517571114Wait, isn't the argument that men aren't sexually objectified because the attractive male characters are just a male power fantasy? If attractiveness itself is a power fantasy then isn't everyone being objectified every single time there is an attractive character, regardless of sex?

>>517565386>People still talk about it>Every time they talk about it, they talk about the merits of art, which was the intent of the artist

>>517571061It's pretty much both at this point, user. Liberals do promote sexual promiscuity more, but for some reason they have an absolute fucking hatred towards male fantasy.

>>517570528It's more about having enough body fat to achieve a nice big set of tits, ass, and shapely meaty thighs. Notice how the waist is still pretty slim despite the slight belly chub.

>>517570556The truth is that there are a lot of sex positive feminists out there who do support sexy women in games. Some of them love them, and some of them are weirded out by what men find sexy but will make statements about how that's their fantasy and their business. There's a lot of small degrees in there, too, some are a-ok with any costume but find issue in the way certain relationships are portrayed and shit.Honestly I'm pretty far left socially but I'm also 100% for artistic freedom to and extreme, and that includes pornography. Maybe keep it out of the hands of kids and make sure there's media available for them that depicts realistic relationships (currently does not exist) but just because something horrible floats your sexual boat doesn't mean it's morally wrong to enjoy it as long as you understand that it's fantasy and it remains as such,

>>517565264Art depicting the female form was made for that generation's coomers and their artists were just as degenerate then. Take the life of Van Gogh for example

>>517571337>isn't everyone being objectified every single time there is an attractive character, regardless of sex?You catch on fast

Attached: 15723257515s92.jpg (274x256, 10.49K)

>>517571061i fucking hate people like you. you are fucking told what to think and you jsut go along with it without question. actually fucking euthanize yourself. like another poster said 1996 Mortal combat conservative soccar moms talked to the devs saying that the girls were too scatily clad and too sexulaized and to make decent outfits and less sexualized content. the dev gave them the bird told em to fuck off and made the game more violent and the girls even sexierAND NOW THERES YOU FUCKING PROGRESSIVE FAGGOT SAYING THE SAME SHIT AND THEY COW TOW TO YOUR DEMAND IMMEDIATELY. i hate you subhumans

>>517562705Based and asspilled

>>517571490But then...who cares? The whole point of escapism is to feel empowered. Who wants their escapism to feel disempowering?

>>517565781is he actually smoking a fucking cigar ahahaha

>>517562642considering the state of modern art, I'll take it as a compliment

Attached: ART.webm (640x480, 1.92M)

>>517566053Is the dick shooped in or what?

>>517571476>Honestly I'm pretty far left socially Moron.

i have literally no clue how someone can experience ending e and not consider NieR Automata to be one of the most excellent forms of art in this entire medium and I say this as a gay man who has no interest in 2bit's message and the way it conveys that message is so unique compared to anything I've ever experienced and the only people I've met who weren't moved by it turned out to be fucking sociopaths

Attached: 1545669009058.jpg (520x520, 141.01K)

>>517571578>Who wants their escapism to feel disempowering?Wrong question. Who wants YOU to feel disempowered?

>This is why video games aren't a fart sniffer franchise.>Not because the "Citizens Kane" of video games is a fucking zombie game.Alright.

Attached: 1411969625048.jpg (460x450, 65.65K)

>>517571706Well feminists apparently

>>517571647HOLY JESUS

>>517562642>sexuality is NEVER in artFine with me either way nerd.

>>517571689it's alright. it was fun.

>>517571830She used to do porn.

>>517571647Sweet mother of mammaries.

>>517563290>built on the backs of mistreated any other old monument? that doesnt make it less art

>>517566612The fuck is high art? Are you talking about high culture or fine art?


>>517566316btw the last few days of his life he was addicted to mobile games, said his wife Chaz

>>517571430The reason is simple: they think that women should be able to do whatever they want without consequence or cost, but that guys should not.

>>517571647dunno user, current state of art looks pretty good to me

Art can't be video gamesVideo games can't be artSimple as that

>>517571843sometimes i feel like some people literally didn't get nier automata's ending or they were already at a point in life where they came to the same conclusion yet somehow weren't impressed with the way it delivered that point of view

Attached: 1547861859211.png (769x1000, 327.63K)

>>517571915Ted Kennedy

>>517562642Bless shit like that then, artfags are obnixous

>>517571927Here's a hot take: How about EVERYONE can do what they want without consequences?

>>517571578Women want guys to not be able to escape them. That is the point.

>>517567405As someone whose favorite director is William Friedkin and considers Sorcerer to be in his top 3 best, you're an insufferable cunt

>>517571979No. People are different. Not sure why you can't accept that.

>>517571689because most of shitposter didn't even play the game

>>517571687That really made you so assmad you just had to say something huh? kek

>>517569301Those areas are an uneducated man's entry-level tier take on art you should really fucking read more

>>517572020It's impossible. If men behaved like women do, society would collapse.

>>517571951Name me another medium that is capable of telling a story that's point is that there is no meaning to life, and then having real life nonfictional people make a sacrifice for the sake of helping the audience and then providing the audience with the opportunity to make the same sacrifice for the sake of others, pushing forward a message that your choices are meaningful even if the world you're in is not

>>517571995Mmmm such large breasts

Attached: Ted_Kennedy,_official_photo_portrait_crop.jpg (1158x1500, 279.86K)


>>517569613>gamers don't really have much weight to throw aroundheh

>>517571979haha, pretty girl slice robots

>>517562642Some of the greatest artists weren't recognized until after they died. Same goes. I consider myself cultured for appreciating it during its inception.

>>517569301NieR Automata has meaningNieR Automata has visually appealing aestheticsNieR Automata clearly took a lot of effort and nuance to createwhat is your argument

>>517572080Yes. I've now forced a part of your brain to associate your liberal identity with at least a small degree of negative emotion, pushing you ever so slightly towards being a better person.

>>517572118Oh. He's a Holla Forumstard. Good day, nigger.

>>517572210You won't consider yourself anything after you die.

>>517571951What is the things that are used to make the game then?The backgrounds and designs made by concept artists?The music made by pro musicians?The narrative written by the writers?

>>517571658it's an actual bernini sculpture depicting a sleeping futa

This is clearly harkening back to baroque styles with it's heavy contrast between black shadows and bright skin tones bathed in warm light.


>>517570375crazy how artist depict plastic surgery instead of just depicting natural beauty baka

>>517572246Unfortunately for you I find you rather embarrassing and I'm simply pushed farther away from wanting to be associated with people like you.

>>517572264>current year+5>not being Holla Forums

>>517572246/pol/tards should be dragged out of their homes and killed

>>517566221kinad want vidya to be art now

>>517571512lol calm down

>>517570876>>517571337They tend to view the women as being used as trophies and sex objects. It's not something I think is really based on rationality, which is why it can't really be reasoned with. Along with the reality that if you really tried to dive deep into exactly why something was bad and what would be an appropriate replacement, you would end up with a bunch of wildly varying and contradicting responses from different people. People whine about cancel culture and there certainly is overblown stupid shit that happens, but at least it puts the focus on the actions of people and not the content of the art. Video game titties doesn't hurt anyone, Ubisoft's corporate culture of harassment can cause real harm and should be the focus, as an example.

video games

>>517572397Perhaps. It's a gamble worth taking.

>>517572410Sorry, I actually like vaginas.

>>517572410I'd sooner die.

>>517562642You do realize paintings like this are the reason paintings will never be considered art right?

Attached: download (17).jpg (1252x786, 205.42K)

was Nier automata ever fixed on pc?

>>517572419Go on then, make it happen.

>>517572410Kill yourself election tourist

>>517568608>I like watching cartoons and anime sometimes>But I also want to be a directorKojima?

>>517562642I think it boils down to intent, OP.

>>517569912>Because of the broader implications. I don't want to live in a world where the state can start banning games, and their only response is "Who cares? video games are for children. Get over it.">video games are for children.Well, they ain’t exactly wrong about that...

>>517572476>Along with the reality that if you really tried to dive deep into exactly why something was bad and what would be an appropriate replacement, you would end up with a bunch of wildly varying and contradicting responses from different people.I don't think you'd get varying responses. It all feels pretty unanimous to me.>Ewww make the the icky thing go awayThis is the entire political scene now. Nobody is willing to empathize with others anymore. We just treat others as an inconvenience - a disposable piece of trash.

>>517572502Then why allign with faggots?

>>517572580Aren't you guys complaining about white civilization all the time? Looks like it'll happen soon buddy lol

>>517564180I wanna fuck a piece of concrete so bad

>>517572673I dunno, let's ask your mom m8 lol

>>517572476>People whine about cancel culture and there certainly is overblown stupid shit that happens, but at least it puts the focus on the actions of people and not the content of the art.

Attached: maiden.jpg (1977x2048, 587.47K)

>>517572575the FAR mod and the 60fps cutscene mod fix most of the issues

Attached: NieRAutomata 2020-05-09 15-28-41.jpg (2560x1440, 924.85K)

>>517567928>They would because devs would have to start treating their employees better to retain a work, they would just start outsourcing even more to cunts who will work for cents per hour. Take a basic economics class you dumb fuck

>>517572890good to know, thanks.

>>517572926western economics is literally all fake

>>517573023ok brainlet

>>517573023All economics is literally fake.

>>517562642Yes and there's literally nothing wrong with that. Cry more.


>>517573294what the fuck are you going on about?

>>517563679When a person's ability to buy food and survive is tied to them continuing to have a job without interruption that's obvious pollution in the marketplace. The market isn't free when someone's livelihood is potentially at stake.

>>517573367We all know the first rocky movie was so good because of its incredibly large budget

>>517573367>m...muh rational markets>m...muh invisible hand>m...muh trickle downneck yourself

>>517562642Your point being? Fuck artfags

>people getting this assmad about the truth that this is just some shallow, comer trash and not artT O P K E K!OPKEK!

>>517573428Your job as an American citizen is to keep America alive. If you starving is beneficial to my country then so be it.

>>517573523>muh -oomerfuck off discord tourist

>>517571731>"Citizens Kane" of video gamesWhat is this game that is a technical marvel years ahead of its time that made audiences world wide ask "How did they do all that?".

>>517573574I mean it's not, that's the point.

>>517573645Unironically Mario 64

>>517573574Then America must be destroyed.

>>517567060Based and pro society

>>517573675That's not it because apparently its a zombie game.

>>517573523Nah it's art. It could be coomer trash and still be art because the word "art" doesn't denote quality, but it's actually really worthwhile art.

>>517573667It seems like it is if your boss wants to fire you lol


>>517573762Does my boss know what's best for America? Does he even care?

>>517562642So? Shakespeare used to write erotica, not all art has to be consistently high class bullshit.

>>517573917He knows what's best for the company, and keeping the company alive means keeping America's economy alive.

>>517573834>>Not because the "Citizens Kane" of video games is a fucking zombie gameIts a zombie game. Who knows which one, but its apparently it features the undead and this fact alone invalidates all of its "Citizen Kane"-like technical mastery.

>>517574080This is literal, actual word salad. Speak English.


>>517566469>>517566569>beauty of the human form>skill involved to create a perfect veiled effectBut all the coomer sees is something he just wants to fuck, because he has no higher mental function.>>517567171Not even sure how you're trying to prove a point with some generic anime girl concept art.

>>517574112Anon here is just being a retard about pretentious fags claiming TLOU is the Citizen Kane of videogames


Attached: nod of approval.gif (319x240, 250.28K)

>>517574005Giant fucking lmao

>>517574005>He knows what's best for the companylel

>>517574162>Creating games takes no skill and nothing in games is beautiful555-Come-on-now

>>517562642Art is bullshit anyway

Attached: Art.png (1170x666, 405.96K)

>>517562642That ass is art tho

Attached: Capture.png (443x520, 226.45K)

>>517562642i dont want them to be art, i dont want them to be movies and i do not want them to be a media for sociopolitical messages.I just want them to be fun.

>>517566026Play the game dumbass

>>517574389>strawmaningalright retard, if you can't muster an actual response I'll call my job done

>>517574408>Tripfag gets mad someone didn't worship something he didWho could have forseen this

>>517574546That seemed to be your point. If I'm wrong, please elaborate what you actually meant, because it's not as obvious as you think it was.

>>517562642>implying this isn't art

Attached: file.png (727x1028, 1011.96K)

>>517574162>But all the coomer sees is something he just wants to fuck, because he has no higher mental if someone look at the statue and all he can think about is jerking off to them it's not art?

>>517574112Anon, I know its late so I will give you the benefit of the doubt and walk you though it.First an user says:>>This is why video games aren't a fart sniffer franchise.>>Not because the "Citizens Kane" of video games is a fucking zombie game.>Alright.To which I ask which game (specifically the zombie game the first user is talking about) is such a world renown groundbreaking accomplishment in video game technology and it application.Then you said it was Mario 64, which ignored the fact the first user claimed it was a zombie game. Then I corrected you.Then you were confused.Then I quoted the first user and reinforced that he claims it is a zombie game but he failed to mention which one. I also reinforced that he thinks the existence of zombies in a game means all its technical achievement doesn't count as technical achievement. Then you didn't understand.Now we are here.

>>517574442>the face alone is enough to make my dick respond

>>517572091I know that this shit is too basic and they are many things that are art.But what i wanted to say is that there's too many things that are art because of these very general and common reasons.

>>517574764No you disingenuous faggot, go fap to death


>>517562642Piece of Art?More like piece of ass lmao bros


>>517566452Yet the statue is obviously based of of a white (Italian) model

>>517562642Nier A is overrated af