Smash already has so many fighterswho the fuck could you even want added?

smash already has so many fighterswho the fuck could you even want added?

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>>517562025every character that has ever existed

>>517562025Bub & Bob

>>517562025Characters i like, duh

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a better developer

>>517562025Chunga Wunga

>implying I play super pedo bros

>>517562025Travis Touchdown. Shantae.Cut out all the fucking echo fighters, just make them alt skins with names ala. the Bowser Jr. alt skins.

There's like 30 different pokémon that I think would make for a fun unique smash fighter. But they'll never add a pokémon fighter if it isn't for the purpose of shilling so there's no reason for me to get my hopes up.

dorian gray

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>>517562025More little girl characters please

>>517562025Well I would say sans undertale, but he's already in the game as his alternete form, snes


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>>517562025Midna>inb4 trophy and two Spirits

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Dante from the Devil May Cry series.

>>517562025For me? It's THE RED MIST IS RETURNING

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>>517562245I was about to say something, but then I saw this>>517562386So, I guess I don't have an argument anymore.

Our Holy Arbiter of course

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No one, really. I was perfectly content with the Castlevania love. If it never got any more characters after that it would have been fine.Banjo was a nice surprise though. Pity the rest of the FP sucked.

Toa Tahu

>>517562025me but not as a mii, i want myself in the game


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>>517562025I want playable netcode. Tired of 10 fps matches and it's why I picked up simon because it's way more fun spamming the fuck out of people in lag than trying to actually play the game

These two characters from Lobotomy Corporation. I'd like to think they'd play similarly to the Ice Climbers with their own unique oddities.

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>>517562025I want a goddamn giant robot in Smash Bros as a playable fighter and there's nothing stopping me from having it asides from Sakurai's desire to add more JRPG protags as DLC.>>517562549Also a good choice

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It's his turn.

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>>517562804but Roland's Amnesiac Ex-Wife In Drag still doesn't have a move list

all I want fuck everyone else

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please atlus

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>>517563168>NuAtlus>Acknowledging SMTBro...

I don't have any burning desires left but it'd be neat to see a PC based series receive a fighter, if you mixed an Atari series into the game too (Not much fighter material so probably just spirits) you have every major gaming platform in history represented>Nintendo>SEGA>Sony>Microsoft>SNK>Arcade>Atari>PC

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>>517562025Characters that I like? What kind of dumb question is this?

>>517562025There's still a lot that could reasonably be added in the form of bringing in new characters, first party or third partyFirst party:>Paper Mario, King Boo, Waluigi>Dixie Kong, Cranky Kong, Funky Kong>Impa, Tingle, Ganon (beast form)>Dark Samus with an actual moveset>Dark Matter, Bandana Waddle Dee >Krystal>Grovyle from Pokemon Mystery Dungeon>Porky>Samurai Goroh, Black Shadow, Deathborn>Celica, Lyndis, Hector, Ephraim>Medusa, Hades>Captain Syrup, Jimmy T., 9-Volt>Tom Nook, K.K. Slider>Doc Louis>Rex and Pyra>Octolings, DJ Octavian >Karate Joe>Akira Howard>Isaac, Felix >Lip>Mach Rider>Mike Jones>Saki Amamiya>Dillon>AndyThird party:>Raiden>Pyramid Head>Bomberman>Goemon>Bill and Lance>Eggman>Tails>Shadow>Arle>Kiryu>X >Zero>Dante>Virgil >Phoenix Wright>Monster Hunter>Amaterasu>Ms. Pac-Man>Lloyd Irving>Yuri Lowell>Heihachi>Kazuya>Jin>The Prince of All Cosmos>KOS-MOS>Agumon>Klonoa>Nightmare>Chosen Undead>Chun Li>Akuma>Terra Bradford>Sephiroth>Noctis>Jeanne>Rodin>Alucard>Soma Cruz>Jack Frost or any other actual SMT character>Crono>Neku>Sora>Lara Croft>2B>Master Chief>Steve and Alex>Marco Rossi>Crash Bandicoot>Doomguy>Vault Boy>Rayman>Ezio>Travis Touchdown>Hayabusa>Sol Badguy>Billy and Jimmy>Kunio>Just a straight up fucking Tetris blockEven then I probably missed like a fuckton of shit. It really isn't hard to come up with new characters. If Sakurai wanted to really bend a knee to rosterfags and ruin the rest of his life he very easily could

>>517562167Out of all the TF2 characters, why Pyro?

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>>517563528>you have every major gaming platform in history represented>Arc sissy >Koei Techmo >Falcom>Level 5 >Taito

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>>517562025ShantaeKOS-MOS or Valkyrie

>>517564416Based retard

>>517563603None of those are capable of upholding a cultural phenomenon.

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>blocks your path

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I don't give a fuck anymoreMost of my remaining dream picks have been humillated and or AT'ed to death

>>517564275Pyro is da best

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>>517562025Ammy from Okami and Dante


>>517563168Never noticed how silly his shoes look

there are literally tens of thousands of video game characters

>>517565663Spoken like a true phlog main.

He'll be revealed the 20th. Seethe.

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>>517564275Most easily translatable to smash besides demoman. Hits an classes would be hard to actually make work in smash and something like soldier's main gimmick being rockets would just be shit.Pyro has a lot of gimmicky things they can use. Thermal thruster up special, airblast down special or something. Flame thrower neutral of course and an easy flare gun side special. Axe for normals. If there is a way to switch load outs to use other weapons as well that'd make him pretty varied with shit like a degreaser+flare+axtenquisher. And backburner+detonator+powerjack, etc.


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>>517562025I would also accept some real SMT representation.

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>>517567389Is this what a stroke feels like?

>>517566650I don't understand why anyone is believing this "20th" leak when Nintendo flat out said they're dropping Directs for Paper Mario-esque stealth reveals.


>>517562025it's a mystery wrapped in a riddle wrapped in an enigma hidden inside a Rubix's Cube

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>>517568079This was exactly two months ago, why isn't it possible that they started planning a Direct some time after this article was made?

>>517568692Because Nintendo doesn't do nice things like that anymore. They decide on something, and stick with it whether the rest of the world likes it or not.

>>517569031>>517568692Nintendo's suits are out of touch. This isn't new knowledge. It's a bunch of old people. At least they are still more consumer friendly than Sony and M$

>>517569147It really does feel like things are falling off a cliff doesn't it?>Charisma god Reggie's replacement appeared for a Bowser joke and then disappeared never to be seen again>Directs are kill>Pokemon guy is steering the ship>This whole year has been awful outside of Xenoblade DE, which is just a remasterWill things change for the better soon? If nothing does this looks like it could be terrible. Maybe the Switch was a little TOO successful for the company's own good.

>>517562025This whole time I just wanted Samurai Goroh to be playable. But since I can't have that, Storm-1 from EDF would be interesting.

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Why do you faggots keep trying to push that there will never be a Direct again? Because they said that Directs are great, but wouldn't be forever and that they'd look into alternatives if needed?Considering the only alternative they've done is a Treehouse Live, and that didn't go so well, they probably aren't ditching Directs anytime soon.On top of that, you can test the alternative and plan for the tried and true method at the same time, so just because there was a Treehouse Live earlier this month, it doesn't mean they're not planning a Direct.

>>517562025any kingdom hearts characterany zelda characterany fire emblem characterthis post isnt even ironic btw this is real shit, come the fuck at me

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>>517562025Any of these, but I'd also like to see returning modes

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>>517571554Boss Battles 2, BAYBEEIn all seriousness though, I hope they do bring it back, and if possible, add a new boss.>pic related

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I would fucking love having the Black Jewel as a boss

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DQ Hero style SMT Hero with Jack Frost and Pyro Jack.Sami from Advance Wars.I don't really need anything else.

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>>517569571I still don't understand why they'd kill directs. They are 100% better as they drum up more interest for non big name Nintendo IPs

>>517562025Laetitia from Lobotomy corporation

>>517562025>Smash is a celebration of Nintendo!>We can use Smash to introduce more niche Nintendo properties to players.>Let's throw in a couple guests to boost interest in Smash alongside underutilized characters fans would want.>Shit! Who the fuck should we put in that would satisfy the fans?!>This is a perfect chance to promote some of our new partnerships!>Let's bring in all these guys, they seem popular to our player base>againslippery slope

>>517562025Tony hawk or john madden

dr eggman is probably the most iconic character not in smash

She's in.

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>>517573279>john maddenHere's his final

>>517566057>he doesn't recognize RustleJesus

>>517573279>john maddenHE'S IN

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>>517573426If sonic ever gets his much-needed moveset rework introducing that at the same time as an eggman reveal would be really cool. Imagine a trailer showing some alterations Sakurai and the team made to existing characters, ending in a cool showcase of the new sonic moveset that so many were hoping for, and then out of nowhere eggman shows up. At first it looks like an animated boss battle with sonic showing off his new moves and then eggman unexpectedly lands a hard hit and gets his cool intro splash page and his trailer takes over the presentation with no warning. It all ends with a DK vs. K. Rool-style animated clash. Would be amazing.

>>517573528Holy shit, who thought that was a good idea? WHAT WERE THEY THINKING!?

>>517562167>chellbased but never-ever

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Gimme another Zelda character

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>tfw my never ever most wanted is already in the game>Incredibly unlikely to appear in any future versions of Smash

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