Holla Forums, it’s okay, don’t worry. I’ll always be with you

Holla Forums, it’s okay, don’t worry. I’ll always be with you.

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is death stranding a good game

How the fuck does this director cunt expect me to deliver 1200kg of defective carts? He wants me to make 4 trips? Fuck that

>>517561948I enjoyed it quite a lot, but it’s not something everyone is going to enjoy. It really depends on what kinds of games you like.>>517564636Use a truck or get a bunch of those little hover cart things. If you don’t have access to those yet then it might be too early to do that delivery efficiently, but still possible if you wanna autism it out and make multiple trips. Probably not worth doing until you’ve got a truck that can survive the trip though.



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>>517565279Can a truck even take 1200kg of load?

>>517566436Load up the truck. If it fills put the rest in a bike then park the bike ontop the truck and drive the truck.

>>517561692I just want to get a real gun so I can murder mules and other porters to feed them to a furnace

>>517566538I think you get some from the guy in the Texas part of the map.

>>517566630Good. My first kill was by slamming a mule with a reverse tribike. It lit a fire in my heart

>>517566776Cool. Just remember like any good and professional murderer you need to clean up and dispose of the bodies.

>>517566535You can put bikes on trucks? Holy shit

>>517566436You can load some of it up on your back and also some in the truck as well

>>517566959If you fudge shit. You probably aren't supposed to but I managed to pull it off once. Had to stick to roads though.It's as simple as parking a truck below a ledge then driving the bike off the ledge and landing on the truck.


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>>517561948It was a neat aesthetic and the first few hours are interesting. But the open world is objectively empty. Theres nothing to discover, no towns, no NPCs, the entire game is traveling across barren biomes to deliver interchangeable fetch quests. Kojima has no interest in level design anymore and has replaced them with big open fields since V. There is combat and gadgets but they're clearly tacked on and lethal weapons literally have no purpose to exist. The writing is as bad as MGS4 if not dumber. And once you've established a zipline network/highway system it becomes a game of zipping around the map with no thought or gameplay involved. I still finished it. It's a 5/10 game that I will never play again but it has just enough interesting ideas to get through it. If you want to qualify my opinion MGS3 is my favorite Koji game

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>>517561948Very good. But also pretty different.


>>517568119MGS Trilogy > Death Stranding > Snatcher > Policenauts >MGS4 > MGSV+GZ > PW

>>517561692>died scratching my balls

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>>517567942You can VERY rarely see other porter npcs but god i wish there were more of them roaming around. All this shit about making connections but it always feels so lonley and empty

>>517567942I personally prefer an empty world over one stuffed full of shitty repetitive filler. It means I can just walk from point A to point B and not have to worry about collectathon bullshit. Exploration becomes about pure traversal and taking in the sights. Though Death Stranding's side content (i.e. star grinding) is pretty boring and repetitive, definitely something they could improve if they ever made a sequel.

>>517568410Maybe because its a dead and dangerous world where people live in bunkers and underground? You connect with other players and preppers, of course the world is lonely and empty to empathize how disconnected the society is ingame and your job is literally to fix that. Sometimes Holla Forums is so fucking retarded I swear to god.

>>517568410I think the isolation is the point of the game.Although I've been seeing the porters a ton recently.Taking out the MULE camps should make them appear more often.

>>517561948GOTY 2019 for sure

>>517568410I saw them a fair bit. Especially by the end when I had all roads built and areas connected. I would often see them walking about.

>>517568727I said porters. Sam is not the only fucking porter in the game so it would be nice to see other people with the same job you have walking about

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>>517569164Thats literally what happens you retard. Except they dont have DOOMs and repatriatre super powers like Sam to fuck around all day.

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>>517569164>post dumb shit>get called an idiot>post more dumb shit with smug anime picgive me her name so I can look up guro

>even the moon>no moon level

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>>517569397>he didn't find the rocket ship

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>>517569293Yes, I see your webm, im saying MORE of them

>>517569572There is more than enough, you can run into them all the time

>>517561692Mads' character was only slightly less shit than Troy Baker's faggot ass.

>>517569572There are more. You ARE doing things that increase NPC porter presence right?

Official character rankings:Deadman > Heartman > Cliff > Diehard Man > BB > Sam > Higgs > Mama > Fragile > Amelie

i want to replay it offline but not like this, i need the very hard mode at least.I'll even give up on my dream mod and replay on PS4.

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>60 hours in>still on chapter 3>starting to get burnt out autistically 5 starring everybodyShould I just do nothing but story missions? I don't know if i can finish this game if it keeps up.

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>>517570307Yeah, if you are ready to move on then move on. #1 Rule is don't rush. #2 Rule is don't grind. You need to play at your natural pace.


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>Be at single digits Bridge Link for the entirety of chapters 1 and 2>Get to chapter 3>Casually build the first few highway segments due to taking a bunch of ceramics from a MULE camp>Bridge Link stat jumps from 9 to 31Fuck, it actually does feel good. Dammit Kojima, you actually got me with your stupid likes oxycontin bullshit.

>>517570307That's why i tell people to relax it's an easygoing game. Look at this poor fool, he's not taking it easy at all.Nothing's there to punish you. It's not a punishing game.

>>517570247>i want to replay it offlinewhy? The whole fun of it is working with other porters to rebuild America

>>517570004>Die Hardman that lowhow dare you? That nigga gave the best performance by a video game actor of all time, and it's not even close

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>>517571089Yeah I'd swap Die-Hardman and Heartman.Maybe bump Higgs up two.

>>517570972I already did that. I'm glad i had that experience once but now i want to actually take a hike and humiliate the terrain.Anyway people build their safehouses in retarded spots and the likes are fake.

What's the point of non-lethal rifle? Bolo gun and blood grenades both seem to do a significantly better job

>>517567545the day is ending;_;

>>517571089He shines too late into the end. Great job but lack of a strong presence for most of the game.

>>517571679Also, how do I raise my delivery level faster? I'm on chapter 5 and its only 13

Can you put .mp3 files into the game just like in MGSV?

I don't have the game so i wonder if anyone would be willing to upload some game files for me to try and open them, see how it's like inside ?

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>>517572167To what end, user?

>>517571807Do deliveries, as stupid as that sounds. Make sure you're grabbing lost cargo as you go. The further the distance from the cargo to the turn in = more likes

>>517572293To see see what kind of values i can modify. It's not for playing obviously. I'm curious. A mega please? Mediafire, anything works. Put the files in a .zip, upload it. It's not illegal.

>>517561692>slaps your girls ass and gives you this look>what do you do

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>>517572628I suck his cock

>I've been here for over 12 yearsI know Holla Forums will always be with me, unfortunately.

>>517572582just torrent it

>>517572582son this is a Kojima game, do you realize how big the install size is

>>517572628suck his dick

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>>517572806You're right. Forget it.How about a simple screenshot of the folder's insides then ?>>517572784 I don't have the right connections for that.

>>517572765>pushing 11 yearswhen will it end

>>517573140bruh it's literally on piratebay, the most normie torrenting service available

>>517569570Would've been kino.

>>517573140>I don't have the right connections for that.you sound like a cop

>>517572582Are you trying to make a mod or something?

Shhhhhhhhhhhh! Sam is sleeping.

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>>517561948Depends on what kind of games you like and mechanics you find fulfilling.If walking simulators with a movement minigame is your cup of tea this game is great.

>>517569570The fuck is this? Sequel bait? Next obvious step for Bridges is to fuck off away from Earth before the EE's return

Whew boy, literally almost dropped the game at this part. I kind of hate how Kojima dedicated AN ENTIRE EPISODE to just this one boss fight and it was trash. This game didn't really even need guns or a combat system. Fuck Episode 4.

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I feel like the game is one mechanic away from being a really good game. But what that is I couldnt really say. But something to give the world more life. Rainy areas are really interesting until you quickly figure out just how easy they are.

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>>517570004Heartman was jarring. Before you meet him in person, he came off really arrogant and a cunt with a resting bitchface. Then when you actually meet him, he's one of the chillest, coolest guys in the game.

>>517573635>he hasn't seen the art for Kojima's next gameOr maybe you have. That's a pretty accurate guess.

Can someone tell me why I saw a holographic Tallneck from Horizon walking around? Can you just set it to walk around the area with a level 3 structure? Or is it like a hologram award you unlock from a quest/mission? Kind of neat either way.

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>>517571679Basically to give to the mules to fuck you up. Since it's ingame, you might as well be able to use it too

>>517573707The one thing Kojima does right is military stuff. Everything about the warzones was awesome and seeing the shadows of past people or whatever was really cool as were the environments.However the gunplay is really shallow so I can see where you are coming from.

>>517573707>didn't appreciate the inna war aestheticI feel sorry for you

>>517573707>He thinks this is a one off thing

Alright, FAGGOTS. I'm not sure if you know where this is but I went ahead and built a fucking zipline across that giant ass rapid river at the bottom of the waterfall. Go down there and start upgrading it so the timefall doesn't destroy it. It was a bitch to build. Had to set one anchor point then go AROUND the fucking waterfall, scale down the cliffside, and set up the second anchor point. So now everyone can easily cross over the rapids/river without having to go around the waterfall. Shower me with BILLIONS OF LIKES.

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goddamn this thread is trashdoes anyone here even like Death Stranding at all?

>>517573826I havnt actually, just know it's set in the same universe>>517573862Basically an Easter egg since it uses the same engine. You can use Aloy on them too

>>517573707These were the highlight of the gameCliff was the best character

>>517574001>>517573975Let me rephrase my argument. I thought the warzone and aesthetics were KINO and cool. The gunplay and combat was trash, that's what made it so frustrating. I died probably 5-6 times before finally beating the bastard. You can die really quickly.

>>517574104It's set in space.

>>517574039I just started it, it seems alright so far. I'm excited to go back to it, if that means anything. A bit too cutscene heavy but I expected that.

>>517573707>I kind of hate how Kojima dedicated AN ENTIRE EPISODE to just this one boss fightDon't worry. He didn't.

>>517574032This the waterfall near the cosplayer?

>>517573707The war segments were pure kino.

>>517573281What that old piece of infested junk? Well shit here it is, why the hell is anyone still magnetizing on this ?

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>>517561130Probably because of me. I just spent nearly 3 hours building roads in that entire map because of Autism and laughing at people not building roads to where I get an easy 9999 people liking my shit on waking up to restart.>>517561948It's not for everyone, but I'm enjoying it. The gameplay loop of delivering things gets a little old, but building things that other people can use that makes the deliveries easier (like roads and the infinite power-strip on them to where motorcycles and trucks never run out of battery to make the deliveries easier) is compelling.

>>517574039Have you not been lurking all the Death Stranding threads lately? Tons of people love it, and I love it as well. Almost got 20 hours on it and I've been playing a little bit each day since it came out. I'm off tomorrow and I just got done playing like a 5 hour session.

>>517574032Thank you for your service, semper fi.

>>517574154Sweet, more ludens. Love their asthetic. Any more images?

>>517574032>he didn't just use the otter cap to swim across

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>>517574142gotta throw everything you have at fuckface to get through them anonthat or be stealthy and sneak up on him

>>517574297Several pieces of concept art. That pic user posted on the moon is fake though.

>>517574039You're trash, why would you think people hate it?

>>517574283I expected people sharing their favorite moments/cool screenshots and discussing what they loved about the game, but so far its just bitching and nitpicking

>>517574196Yeah>>517574286Thanks >>517574304Wait, I did get the otter cap but wasn't sure how it worked or what it did? I thought it was just a fucking hat like as an accessory? So it actually lets you cross bodies of water without losing stamina or something? Even while carrying a ton of shit? Goddamn it.Makes me feel like building the zipline was pointless if the cap just lets you swim across any body of water.

>>517573707That was the best part of the game.>>517574142I only died once, and that's because I couldn't find Mads at first. Use the Bloodbags, there is plenty in the area. Load up on them, even if you overload, you can go back and pick them up later once the empty ones are thrown away/discarded.Worst case: Eat the worms/Cryptobiotes for quick healing.It wasn't THAT bad.

>>517574441You drop your shit, but you roll into your back and can control yourself through the water

>>517574265it's got name recognition which is both good and bad for itI think everyone thought it was dead for good for a while there so now it's not the worst thing in the worldbut it's still pretty shite

>>517574441>So it actually lets you cross bodies of water without losing stamina or something? Even while carrying a ton of shit?Yes. You can cross the deep-red scanned rivers with it, it turns them into Yellows.>Goddamn it.Don't worry, I only learned about it after like 20 hours.

God, roads and ziplines are so cool once they're actually set up and built in specific locations. Having an almost complete road going from Port Knot City ALL THE WAY to the distribution center in the south is pretty kino. Once I beat the game I'm planning to just start running around upgrading roads and ziplines and shit. That's what everyone should be focusing on. Hell, if everyone focused on upgrading roads and ziplines then you could go anywhere without any problems and also in the blink of an eye.

Getting across the water to Edge Knot City took me way longer to figure out than I'd care to admit.

>>517574596>>517574525Oh, so you still lose your shit and fall over? That's not as impressive as I thought. I still think the zipline will be superior and quicker, so I'm glad I built it. I'm sure lots of people will appreciate it, ESPECIALLY because there is a quest you get where you have to go down to the waterfall to collect rock minerals and it's a quest for Sam, not a standard quest. You get some good shit for turning it in as well.I know lots of people will be doing that quest, so hopefully they'll utilize and appreciate the zipline I built. Also you have to collect FOUR samples and one is on one side and the other three on the OTHER side, so now that there is a zipline you can zip right across, pick up the samples, and zip back across. Boom, easy peasy. I should have set up a third anchor point on top of the mountain or something, so maybe people can just zipline straight from the bottom of the cliff to the top of the cliff as well.

>>517574732Better than cutting the mountain to return to Mama's after going in a circle.

>>517574441>>517574525You can keep anything that's strapped in on your back, but whatever's on top gets knocked off.It makes BB really happy too.

How far in until you get that rain cover for your cargo?

>>517574732Bet you felt good when you figured it out though. Was pretty neat. Dunno how the fuck you would know what to do if you hadn't been caught by BT's by then though

>>517574837I didn't lose mine. So I dunno, I didn't cross that particular waterfall with it, but I know for a fact that it changed a deep-red river into a Yellow and I waded across with no cargo loss on my back.

>>517574941level up the Collector up to level 3

>>517574551Ain't no warez without wirus. These binaries better not be hidden behind some strange proprietary encryption scheme.

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>>517573862they added those platform striders you see in HL:A too in the steam release

>>517575014I was referring to if you lose your stamina or go into the red. I didn't realise it changed some reds to yellows