Christian gaming

What are best vidya games for christian gayming?

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>>517561267>fight the hordes of hell using your glorious all-american arsenal.what else would you want?

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The You Testament.

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>>517562681fuck off anti-christ

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>>517561267Every game with a loli in it. t. roman catholic

>new testamentFucking basedboy edition.

>>517562836based>>517562959cringe and kikepilled

>>517561267Rabi Ribi

>>517563193oh, i thought he was praising it. I forgot about the filter. Why is s oy filtered and the n-word is not filtered?

>>517563417because dipshits couldn't stop spamming it

>>517563417you mean nigger?

>>517563526well it been stop and the jannies are faggots for doing it. >>517563562yes, just trying to avoid getting banned for a day.

To give a serious answer, I'm guessing sports games.And Doom

>>517563682since when do u get ban for saying nigger. they literally call each other nigger back and forth and complain when someone of different color says it.


>>517563952since 4channel wanted money from advertising. I could report you for racism out of Holla Forums if i felt like being a fag.

Most of the people here are now unironic christians and I fucking love it, imagine telling someone from Holla Forums even in like 2012 that this would be a majority christian website in just a few years. I love you all, and so does our lord.

>>517564193contrarianism is a hell of a drug

>>517564193certainly nobody who comes here is pure christian.

>>517564295nah people here grew up and have turned away from the degeneracy of modern times.

>>517564319says who faggot?

>>5175641932016 was a mistake


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>>517564369you just switched to a different degeneracy

>>517564369this pretty much.

Nier Automata

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>>517564193I don’t disagree but most of this is all larp

>>517564597>>517564369do you genuinely believe this? this shithole is still crawling with trannies, faggots, weirdo fetishist coomers, etc. etc.

>>517564725this so called shithole has many different types of subcultures like Holla Forums expatriates.

>>517564913>so called shitholedead give away you're here from 2016


>>517561267how about the "quit being a faggot and go back to >>>Holla Forums you crossboarder" game

>>517561267Go find good reviewers actually

>>517565352i haven't been there since april.

>>517564193not really. you're just under the influence of confirmation bias.

>how about the "quit being a faggot and go back to >>>Holla Forums you crossboarder" game

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>>517565495sounds like (you) are mad

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>>517565494>nn--n-n-n-no we're all faggots and tranny atheists b-b-bro!!!!lol. The 2016 election saved this stagnant cesspool of a site, admit

>>517564193>Most of the people here are now unironic christiansOh you cute little saint, you actually think this website is for you. lmao

>>517561267dark messiah

>>517565452>all of the games with the lowest morality scores are decent-great>all of the games with the highest morality scores are shovelware

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>>517565969>tfw no collect the foreskins game

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>>517565810it's definitely not for you faggots who invaded from /lgbt/

>>517566076lmao christfags literally believe in these jewish desert fairy tales

>>517565969It's pretty hard to make something like pic-a-pix lewd while still being on a console

>>517566084Go away, you election tourist.

>>517561267Can't go wrong with a good bullet heck game

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>>517566463join the 43%

>>517566492Sometimes it's even ok to read a nice visual novel.

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>>517566594An RPG can be a fun diversion from everyday Christian life as well.

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>>517564193no it isn't, fuck off Holla Forums>religion is mmmmmm-BASED because it DABS on those LGBTQRJDSOGHALKSDJ'S!this is the same logic you've applied elsewhere>al qaeda is BASED because they oppose the US>china is BASED because they oppose the US>anti-maskers are BASED because they oppose the left!you are wrong, every single fucking time

>>517566714Did I mention visual novels? Because reading is an essential skill for sifting through bible verses.

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>>517566874whatever makes the libs seethe is based

>>517564193i don't know, this place seems pretty godless to me. i feel like most people here are the usual mostly atheist people that still hold on to christian values because of how ingrained in our society they are. but i have noticed that lots of people are going harder towards traditional values as a counter movement to how society is going

>>517567007so communists are based? okay, noted.

>>517566945>Moral Warnings:>using God's name in vain>breasts jiggle and move>frequent sex with catgirls>lesbian scene>most sex is in the form of a threesome>polygamy>Gamer Score - 82%I like this guy and his wife

>>517566945A nice dungeon crawl can be a reminder of the work ethic and dedication required to be faithful to Christ and the Holy Family.

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>>517561267dragon quest

>>517564193Christianity is weak to jewish subversionI also think a lot of the crazy sjw people, are people with the genetic behaviour to be religious, but instead of having Christianity programmed into them, they get nigger worship programmed into themWhites need something better, something like love for their own race

>>517566560suicide is almost exclusively performed by straight white males. the "43%" are all attention seeking cumdumpsters; they don't actually commit suicide. they "attempt". >>517566463this

>>517567245Fair evaluations of games that have such content are difficult to come by, now that everyone has become a virtue signaling SJW.Ironic how men and women of Christ are now the ones who seem to be the most reasonable. I suppose it comes from years of being told to fuck off whenever they tried talking to others about Jesus and The Good Book.

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>>517567398okay tranny, whatever you say

>>517563562no its normalize

>>517561267Crusader Kings 2though EU4 if you want to be a gay protestant.

>>517567473I remember around five or so years ago this website was just operated by two people, a wife and her husband. Looks like it grew a bit, but they also used to visit Holla Forums and /vg/ to talk about games. Legitimately better and more objective people than anyone on Holla Forums and from looking at their reviews, seem to always give a game a fair shot before shitposting about it.

>>517567289>>517567473did you know? the historical jesus was born in nazareth (modern day palestine), and is therefore ineligible to be the savior.this is what the whole crown of thorns thing was about; it was a joke by the roman empire: they were basically calling him a simp of the jews (who weren't worth being king of at all). if he had stuck to roman principles, he may have done something better with his life as opposed to being a dumb raghead responsible for nearly every war in modern history.

Umineko was, in the end, taught Christian values about belief, faith, and love.

>>517567826but nazareth was jewish since the old testament

>>517567826the seethe is palpable

>>517564193i hate prots and pagans especially the cute witches

>>517568195Palestinian jews exist; they just aren't light-skinned like the ashkenazis (false jews). >>517568214what seethe? i'm just stating archeological truths.

>>517564193Grade A bait right here

>>517567826>born in nazareth>actually born in bethlehem

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>>517565452Reminder that they posted on Holla Forums several times.

>>517568801that's the fictional jesus; census records dictate that the historical jesus would have been born in nazareth, not bethlehem.

>>517565452That is unironically the best and most objective review site for vidya.

>>517568989>fictional census records

>>517565969have you ever noticed the lack of violence in capeshit

>>517568956Can they still be summoned if you type out Christ Centered Gamer the right way? Pretty sure they said they have some thing that notifies them whenever it's posted anywhere online.


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>>517565969lol why do they hate japanese games so much?

>>517569263They used to but I don't know if they still had it. Something about a twitter scraper bot that notifies them whenever their name or link is posted.

>>517569380>hate japanese gamesBut user they don't. In fact they're almost in love them them

>>517561267christians are still a thing?i thought they went extinct in the 80s along with smoking.

>>517569241no, roman census records are actually real. if the records are false, then a historical jesus has no basis. tacitus' annals is the only real reason historians believe that a man named jesus was even hung on a cross; they most likely used rope, and not nails.

>>517569380because Shinto is "occult" to them. christcucks cant handle real ethnoculture religion

>>517569529Even as an atheist this is just plain ignorance or retardation user.

>>517569263Dunno. Although I do find it funny how the last time they posted was in the Senran Kagura general on /vg/ a couple of months ago.

>>517569386>>517569263so they're like yanderedev but worse?

>>517569380Anon the picture you quoted directly disproves what you just said and their reviews in this thread do so even more. They even liked nekopara

>>517569480they say that they are the most immoral though, and the bible says you shouldn't do things that are bad/unholy. “Therefore, come out from their midst and be separate,” says the Lord.“And do not touch what is unclean; And I will welcome you."

>>517569537>not a single roman census on israel in herod/pilate's time survive>this somehow proves that jesus was born in nazareth

>>517569732Nah, CCG never comes to defend themselves or lecture people, they just chat and say hi. That's okay in my book, unlike YandereDev's obsessive ego and need to control what people say about him.

>>517569752If anyone here was an actual christian... they wouldn't exist, or they would be proselytizing. This is one of the least holy, most degenerate, unclean shitholes to ever exist.

>>517569732they're based though

>>517569752There's nothing bad or unholy about the games they're playing user. If it was something like Satan Worshiping Simulator or something they'd just deny playing >>517569732They never confront people who disagree with them because they just don't care. The times I've seen them around were at most, saying hi and replying to how their thoughts on games came about when prompted

>>517569529well, they don't exist in educated spaces as much, so if you have a bachelors degree, you probably won't ever see them. additionally, people are becoming more and more secular over time; christianity is rapidly becoming less and less attractive due to its views on certain groupswhen expressing "christian values" gets you cancelled and friendless, religion loses its function.islam is still increasing / replacing christianity, because those communities are more tightly knit. they'll get obliterated once they become more well known to the public, however.

>>517569932ok loser

>>517569879records of where the censuses were held does exist. and besides, just use your brain. it makes absolutely no fucking sense for joseph and mary to travel way the fuck to bethlehem when they were located right the fuck next to nazareth.literally zero anthropologists and next to zero historians believe that historical jesus was born in bethlehem.

People who answer with Doom as the "most christian game" are the same faggots who say Die Hard is the best Christmas movie.>HAHAHA GET IT??? BECAUSE MY ANSWER IS NOT TRADITIONAL TO THE GENRE???also pic related is the only right answer

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>>517569965>There's nothing bad or unholy about the games they're playing anonthey literally ranked those games in the image I posted as the least moral ones though lmao. They went out of their way to say shit like Catherine and Witcher 3 are bad/unholy.

>>517570008Being this out of touch is bad user. Christian values keep evolving and is more prevalent than ever in both acadamia and in regular life. What you're thinking of is the era of Christianity back in 1950s alongside radicals like Westboro-level churches that try to vehemently deny homosexuality and abortion.

>>517570232>fedora goes dude trust melol

>>517570324Just for you I went to those reviews and looked for instances of them calling the games unholy but couldn't find it. Unethical maybe, but not commandment-breaking.

>>517570314>mc is a mormon literally killing demons???

>>517570324not him, but Witcher 3 is Pagan (traditional white religion) as fuck. Catherine goes into full occult mode towards the end.not a christfag, but this isn't exactly "going out of the way". christcucks are known for destroying anglo saxon culture and hating succubus stuff.

>>517566076>>517566342Acolytes of Odin and Zeus are here, I see.

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>>517561267Kingdom Come Deliverance Europa Universalis 4Light crusader Medieval 2: Total war

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>>517570324Anon they're directly stating that they review gameplay and content offensive to Christian values separately. They even state they love the games you're trying to claim they hate

>>517570525>Mormon>ChristianPick one, heathen.

>>517570646christians adding fanfictions are still christians

>>517570325this isn't peer review iirc, but it's reliable.>>>517570409hey, it's your cognitive dissonance, not mine.

>>517570584>Kingdom Come DeliveranceIt took 112 replies for someone to finally give the only right answer?

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Christianity is a vehicle for white supremacy because Jesus was a white male

Dragon Warrior/Quest. There's crosses and churches everywhere.

>>517570608Why do you say "user" in every single one of your posts, you sound like an election fag trying to fit in. And those games are clearly not made to be in alignment with Christian values and the Bible strictly forbids things like that, but you'll just ignore it because it's inconvenient to you. Really makes me think when "true" christfags only pick and choose the rules they want to follow.

>>517570545i'd rather live next to butt-buddies than kikes any day of the week

How come in the like 50 years vidya has been around, no one has made a good crusade game yet?

>>517570773and that's a good thing

>Fedoras trying to make one of the most objective review sites look bad because they believe in Christianity >They don't even read the reviews they're trying to use to make them look bad

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>>517570773>Jesus was a white malethis is what Holla Forumsfags actually believe

>>517570773but he was a Palestinian jew.

>>517570863>crusader kings and total war games

>>517570916>video game reviews>"most objective"It honestly astonishes me that literally no one on this website knows what objectivity is.

>>517570730Holy fucking shit, Henry's here?!

>>517570824Because Christian values aren't all the same which is something that seems difficult to get through to you


>>517570835But you literally serve kikes by defaming the name of Christ.

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>>517570916i'm not giving you ad revenue, man. also, it's not the most objective review site. that would be Dee's

>>517570824>And those games are clearly not made to be in alignment with Christian values and the Bible strictly forbids things like that,Do you have any bible verses or references in dogma that specifically forbid the consumption of media that is not strictly Christian in nature?

>>517571084>>>/mu/fuckin' hipster

>>517571095Read the reviews posted in this thread via screenshots if you're that afraid

>>517570968>strategy/RTSI said good


>>517571057you're objectively a huge faggot and love taking it up the ass

>>517571190sounds like you need git gud instead

>>517571185reviews are for faggots.

Is there anything on this earth more retarded than christians? Doubt it. Basically every stupid inbred subhuman you'll ever meet in life is christian, and not atheist.

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>>517571057>Website centered around reviews made by Christians for Christians >Instead of just having a combined score, separate it into a score from a gameplay standpoint and add a second score representing it's morality >Doesn't allow stuff that goes against their values to lower the score of the game itself>Somehow not more objective than kotaku

>>517571094>implying christfaggotry is the only option when it comes to religion i can shit on both as much as i want to. the last religious function i went to wasn't even semitic.

>>517571103“Therefore, come out from their midst and be separate,” says the Lord.“And do not touch what is unclean; And I will welcome you."Now watch, you're going to pretend that there's nothing unclean about Witcher 3 even though you play as an atheist who has sex with succubi

reddit is seething

>>517571432Only Christianity is true

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>>517571479It can't be helped when they're destined for hell

>>517561267Kingdom Come Deliverance where you can abstain from premarital sex (and get an achievement for it), chastise other people for not being a good Christian and join the monastery and serve the Lord.It's still hilarious that Henry will still chastise other people for asking him to do sinful tasks like stealing, defiling a grave or murder even if you play him as a sinful bastard who gets drunk, kill innocents and have sex with multiple women, even married ones.

>>517571394Please, tell me what objectivity is you humongous faggot. Explain to me how a video game review can be separate from subjective taste unless the review is literally "this game is a video game. It has graphics. You can press buttons to perform certain tasks in this video game".

>>517567007damn, didn't know trotsky was based

>>517562634MDickie's games rule.Dude made a wrestling simulator engine for a wrestling game and then used it for every subsequent game he made.So while he's a christfag who wanted to make a game where you play Jesus and do Jesus stuff, you can also fucking suplex people

>>517571439>Now watch, you're going to pretend that there's nothing unclean about Witcher 3 even though you play as an atheist who has sex with succubiI've never played that shitty game though rofl

>>517561267Chrono Trigger

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>>517571592Taken directly from the dictionary: >lack of favoritism toward one side or anotherHoly fuck it's like english words have multiple definitions based on usage

>>517571592Nigger come the fuck on. That is extremely pedantic just for the sake of being an argumentative cunt. You know what people mean when they say subjective but you take it to an extreme that no one would reasonably assume it to mean just to be a faggot.

>>517571508>jesus this, moses that, abraham hit me with a wiffle ball batwhatever mate

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>>517571592>lays out bias up front>evaluates game on its merits as a game separate from where it stands in terms of Christian moralityWhile most of Holla Forums would still happily ridicule sites like Kotaku, Polygon, IGN, etc, they would be more legitimate if they too could post their biases to give readers an idea of how that would affect their reviews.Just because there's tiddy in a game that you personally got offended by does not mean the gameplay is worse for it.

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>>517570545>that picnot a pagan but man there's more buttfucking in the catholic church than ancient greece and rome combined

>>517571986you do realize that those kotaku and polygon writers are largely chirstian, right? most liberal arts majors are.

>>517572124How does that change anything he said?

>>517570932Its a good thing we have frescoes and icons to remind us that Jesus was in fact white and based.

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>>517572124>These people on a completely different website might be christian so the ones we're talking about now are also biased assholes

>>517571185deez nuts hahahah got 'im

>yfw (((they))) are seething because Holla Forums likes a christian review website

>>517561267Basically any "woke" game from AAA and to indies, because progressivism/nu-left/whatever you call it is a Christianity of modern age. The more brownies in it the better, because Christianity is a majority non-white religion.

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>>517572225>>517572267the only difference between the two is that one splits their scores and the other doesn't. being more upfront about your protestant ethics != more objective, just more transparent.

>>517571819>some shit ass bloglmao>comments offYou don't say? top fucking kek

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>>517572373Christianity makes no claim to being for one race.LARPaganism does. Oops!

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>>517572402I disagree because if you look at the screenshotted reviews in this thread, you can clearly see that they don't let their religious leaning affect the overall score of the games. If they were not being objective they could very easily dock points from story, writing, etc and lower the overall score of the games while still rating them highly in gameplay.

>>517572402>Hey this is a great game because of X and Y but if you're looking for something more friendly to Christian values it may not be for youvs.>This had 17 year old underaged lesbians in it so the entire industry should disappear

>>517564193Based cross cutting femoid

>>517572578huh, weird how pagan blacks are much more civil than christcuck blacks.

>>517572402They accidentally got a review copy of Nekopara thinking it was a cute VN for girls and ended up rating it highly instead of the standard "this smut is a sin" stuff you'd expect.

>>517572625>you can clearly see that they don't let their religious leaning affect the overall score of the gamesthis is because the scores are split. >>517572667it's pretty similar, especially to someone secular.

>>517572578>If you don't grovel before jewish foreskin demon, that means you're part of some gay new age cult!Lmao this is shittiest strawman I've seen in a long while.

>>517572786You must be, in all sincerity, autistic if you see those as similar

>>517561267Install temple os

>>517572239This is memey but he was christ was a levantine, and modern levs basically look just like western europeans. Gotta remember the hook nosed gargoyle jews of the present look nothing like ancient jews.

>>517565352>all christians are crossboardersthis is mental illness beyond belief.


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reminder that j*ws are behind the failure to force paganism on 4chan and deny you of your Christian heritage.j-ws hate Christ more than anything else because they are filthy low IQ animals, ergo you should love Christ. btw, Cathokikes and Protesteins are following a false church co-opted by yids and other satanic bottom feeders

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>>517572786>this is because the scores are split.Yes, and that is being objective you retard. They could just say "well this story doesn't follow this or that christian rule, so we're deducting points." Splitting the scores so as to not affect the overall rating of the game outside of the scope of religion is very much being objective, even if for some reason you don't have access to a dictionary right now to confirm that this satisfies the definition of the word.


>>517569634no joke, i'm Aussie and i havent seen or met christfags since University and that was about 20 years ago. it's basically impossible to find any nowadays, and the only people that appear to actually go to church are 60+ year old boomers who are only in it for free coffee and biscuits and some socialising every sunday.

>>517572776so? even kotaku gave saya no uta rave reviews. get back to me when ccg reviews that plus something like evenicle.actually, the evenicle review would be interesting for plot reasons.

>>517572712>>517572790All I'm seeing is>REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDilate, tranny LARPagan

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>>517572971If only Christians hated jews back lmfao

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>>517573032>and that is being objectiveno, it isn't. it's being transparent. two different things. reviews are subjective.

>>517573048How is Evenicle any worse than Nekopara? Nekopara is literally about catgirls fucking a dude. It's not comparable to Saya no Uta even if they both have sex scenes.

>>517572790funny how you said strawman and he responded with another strawman>>517573117LULZ

>>517573048>I don't like the porn game they reviewed so I'll ignore it until they review a different porn game I liked

>>517572921He spoke Aramaic and was born in eastern part of the Roman empire.>>517572515.

>>517573048Is that really necessary when CCG reviewed >>517567473of all VNs?You already have a pretty good idea of how such other reviews would end up going.

>>517573097And here I thought that your typical judeo-christian is capable of something more than random meaningless Holla Forums buzzwords.

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>>517573172Oh you're that same guy from earlier.

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>>517573117>>517573256Why are Christians holding pedo j*wess ghislaine maxwell hostage dressed in paper? Epstein and Weinstein? wtf pedobros, Christians are waking up and coming for us

>>517573213>How is Evenicle any worse than Nekopara?it doesn't require a patch for sex scenes. i'm just kind of curious what a chirstian would think of it. the church is pagan, but some of the rules are in line with what christcucks believe.yes, saya is beyond both. and saya is best girl.

>>517571660You don't play AS Jesus. You follow Him around. And throw fireballs at people by aligning your chakras.

>>517573409i can't even begin to decipher your post. also you don't need to censor anything on Holla Forums other than product codes (skimmer bots are everywhere in this bitch, only post giveaways as images)

>>517564193Can't tell if bait or just sounding gayIn either case, it is rather interesting that if/when a young person turns to Christ, they turn to more strict and traditional denominations instead of nu-church shit with rock and roll.Its not just the Holla Forumsbabby highschool LARP

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>>517567007This is called being a contrarian, which incidentally is not based.

>>517573487based low information posterwear the mask!


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>>517573332no im not

>>517573409go to bed you shitposting fuck

>>517573619hit a nerve on this j-w. bigly. induced full on shizo nervous breakdown panic attack and dissociation.

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>>517573409>Bringing religion into federal pedo investigationsNo other straws to grasp?Just wanted to remind you that judeo-christian authority never raised hand on jews and always tolerated them on its lands, even as it was openly persecuting basically any other religion including other denominations of judeo-christianity with lethal force. Even when jews literally murdered toddlers, worst things judeo-christians did to them was expelling them to lands of other judeo-christians so jews murder their toddlers instead. Although mostly it was done by civic authority, while religious authority interceded on jews' behalf if locals wanted to lynch and murder them for that shit.

>>517573546oh fuck, you're one of those nutters that thinks they'll suffocate on carbon dioxide if they wear a mask, aren't you?

>>517573410They reviewed Utawarerumono's trilogy which is legitimately worse than Saya no Uta in regards to offending Christian values and have rated it to be some of their favorite games

>>517573698>this postnot the j00z! the jewwy jew juiz! oh nose!

>>517573749you really are posting this shit when pic related exists and it's literally becoming a mainstream meme about "109 times"

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>>517573261Yes. This is how reviews work.


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>>517573924They're talking about how the reviews are scored for games, not about the reviews of individual games themselves.

>>517573331trust me, they aren't

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>off-topic recruitment/propaganda thread>still here after 200 postsbased mods

>>517573868Christcuck retard with rotten brains from foreskin demon worship completely misses a pointShit they did warranted total physical eradication, not explusion so they could do it to others. And it would have happened had those peoples were not pozzed by judeo-christianity and its gay universalist ethic. Jews would have ceased to exist by late medieval if not for Saul of Tarsus creating christcuckery and some desert goatfucker creating pisslam.

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This thread is retarded but it is really fishy how there are so many Jews and descendants of Jews in places of power in traditionally Christian nations. The fact that there is still a Jewish religion just means they reject Christ and should in turn be rejected themselves, but it’s probably true that it’s just Jews all the way down so it will never happen. I hope a meteor takes us all.

>>517570325>Christian values keep evolvingit's been a dead religion for years. literally the only people who go to church are 80 year olds who want free coffee/tea and some social interaction once a week. outside of that the only young christfags you'll ever meet are the rare 1 or 2 awkward home-schooled kids who are trying to recruit people into their club at University.

>>517574146what are your thoughts on hitler

>>517574232Hitler was inevitable reaction for communism and Weimar shit. If he for example stayed home to paint something, someone else would have took his place.

>Fata Morgana>A game about trannies, torture, witches, sodomy, literal satanic blood orgies, homosexuality, and debasement towards god>One of CCG's most highly-rated games sitting at 93% Fucking based reviewers. I don't see how people are hating on them

>>517574374yes good goy, buy our narrative about our top golem adolph. we still hate Jesus for flipping those tables

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>>517574148yeah, it's pretty fucked up. i'm probably just going to move to japan or east germany at this point. Shintoism/Zen-Buddhism is pretty chill. honestly the only positive 'religious experience' I've ever had; meanwhile east germany is irreligious as fuck, nobody gives a shit.

>>517574110they're too busy deleting Lobotomy Corporation threads. I mean, fuck those threads, but still.

mods are asleep, post plants

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>>517564193You are a fag, most people in America are catholics, quit acting like it's some special secret little club

>>517574718garden this,

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>>517574148There is hierarchy within abrahamism. Judaism (racial supremacy cult) is for chose tribe. Christcuckery, pisslam and communism (racially egalitarian abrahamic religions) are for goyim who must serve chosen tribe. This structure seems like something powerful, but in informational age when you no longer live in darkness it is more threatened than ever.>>517574443>Posts descendant of family who came to power because christcucks safeguarded jews' monopoly on bankingLet me guess, those were not real christcucks? Oh and sure kike rabbi who openly acknowledged supremacy of jewish race before yahweh (matthew 15:23-28) will do something about it because once he got into conflict with other kikes over doing business on yahweh worship house and not some banking place. Level of judeo-christian delusion is unfathomable lmao.

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