Itt good games with female protagonists

itt good games with female protagonists

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>>517560617That's a dude though.


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>>517560617based also, trans rights unironically

>>517560617Didn't you make this exact thread a few days agoStop it

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>>517560865all the op ever talks about is that the protag is tranny. and thats it.not once have i heard if this game has fun gameplay, good music, etc.its always "oooooohh a tranny mc. how quirky tee hee" with these threads

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>>517560617Mirrors edge 1+2, Little witch nobetta, shantae, momodora, bloodstained ritual of the night, heartbeat, bleed, bot vice, control, the cat lady, freedom planet, a hat in time, LISA the joyful, long live the queen, portal 1+2, they bleed pixels, Our darker purpose, and undertale.And that's just games I own.

Grapple Force RenaFreedom PlanetBleed 2Super CloudbuiltBot ViceTransistorAssault Android CactusDeathsmilesMushihimesamaBayonetta

>>517561303You are probably one of those baiters as well then considering the amount of times ive gone in threads with celeset OP and people try their hardest to discuss gameplay in the midst of shitposting

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>>517561632I forgot nier automata.

>>517561869Never played it. Seen footage, seems meh to me. What does it have going for it besides muh pantu coomrag idol and novel wailing for music?

>>517560617there are none

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>>517560617Okay, now all you have to do is post a female protagonist.

>>517561303Gameplay and music are good. Gameplay isn't 10/10 or anything but if you like Super Meat Boy you'll probably like it. I appreciate the game tying overcoming gameplay challenges into the narrative too.I'm pretty sure her being trans is just a meme, or at least intended as an ambiguous thing. Like the MC's problems are supposed to be a stand in for whatever your own mental health challenges are.

Bayo's 1 design >>>> Bayo's 2

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beyond: two souls

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>>517560838back to /lgbt/ troon

>>517563285this. Gameplay is pretty good but itll vary depending on how much you like its dash gimmick.And yeah a lot of the issues are ambiguous. The only things really set in stone are the whole depression and anxiety but cause for depression is vague

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Rabi Ribi

>>517560617Shantae and her pubes

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>based>also, trans rights unironically

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>>517561303The game actually is a really enjoyable platformer. It has a load of accessibility options in case you're retarded and have a learning disability but it also has enough challenge to keep you really engaged if you want to go for completionist.I'm not actually sure if the main character is a tranny or not. She's really whiny and unlikable and the whole point of the story is supposed to be her struggle to overcome her anxiety disorder, which I can't relate to because I am not overloaded with estrogen. Just skip the cutscenes.

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>>517563787anxiety disorders arent linked to higher estrogen. its actually the opposite.

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>>517561303>Celeste is about mentally illWhat? I played it, and I'm pretty sure it was about anxiety and having low self-esteem. Did the creator retcon shit for twitter points or is OP just wilfully misinterpreting the narrative at a ludicrous level yet again

>>517564064The game has a lot going on even more than that honestly. I think it's core message is a rejection of nihilism more than anything, but it deals with a lot of separate issues and plays around with some really fun death-of-the-author meta shit.


>>517564232I think MC's issues were supposed to be ambiguous so you could project your own shit onto it, and it worked and a lot of trans people identified with it and now shitposters are memeing about it like they do

>>517564401did you forget about the trans flag trannoid?

Trans women are women

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>>517563285Story is unironically the shittiest story of any game ever. The plot outline is ok but the writing reads like a draft of a bad tumblr post.Still a 9.5/10 game and I love it to death but it succeeds in spite of its shitty writing.

>>517560838no one cares

>>517564232People who suffer from bona-fide anxiety disorders are mentally ill


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>>517564448I probably just didn't give a shit about it because I'm not obsessed and putting a trans flag in your game doesn't make your character trans

>>517564448Oh no, a visual easter egg the creator put in to show their twitter allegiance to a flag that doesn't exist anymore. Shouldn't you be in a deadly premonition thread shitting that up because of its actual tranny or harassing swery on twitter for letting the mentally ill alter his game or something

>>517561303It's an ok game, nothing special but it's not awful. I'd not recommend it due to it wanting to be political, though.

>>517564664Well the devs put it in to also promote themselves as two of them are trannies

>>517564470they aren't but it would be nice if they were

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>>517564671It doesn't want to be political though.

>>517564470If transwomen were women they would call themselves women and not transwomenGender Disphoria is a real mental illness and should be treated appropriately like other conditions such as Schizophrenia instead of enabled and given life altering surgeries that don't correct the underlying flaws and leaves them in a fucked in-between state resulting in mass suicides from legitimate sufferers and band-wagoners seeking dramatic escape from mundanity

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>>517564797I'll have to play ths one sometime. I can feel it's one of THOSE games. You'd better no trick me, Holla Forums.


>>517564470hoo hoo

>>517564797The game is great and Kat is an absolute darling, but she is terribly one dimensional. Generally good game, but not a good example of a good female protagonist IMO.

>>517564958schizophrenia is fucking based though. trannies are cringe incarnate

>> one I don't feel like spamming


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>>517565048Eh honestly I don't think that's fair to Kat. I'm willing to hear you out though, how come you think she's one dimensional?

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>>517564884>tranny flag>doesn't want to be political

>>517564958I don't get trans boys, if I was a guy with the body of a girl that would be amazing, why isn't "I'm a girl in the body of a boy" encouraged as something perfectly acceptable instead of gender reassignment surgery. Like, if "not all boys have penises" then fine why not be cool with that

>>517564972Gravity Rush is honestly of a niche appeal. It's a superhero open world game that plays with cool mechanics but never quite pushes them to their fullest potential. There's still not a lot of games that emphasize orientation and spacing the way it does, but even so the combat is quite simplistic, the mission designs are limited and the level designs rarely push the great mechanics to logical extremes. On the flipside though the aesthetics are absolutely fantastic and the dialogue is very charming, even if the story is a bit of a hot mess. I'd recommend it if you're into those kind of flawed but ambitious hidden gem types of games, or just have a boner for gravity manipulation.

>>517565393Thanks that's a nice review. I wish I could demo it.

>>517564958I'm legitimately willing to consider that possibility and kind of wish that idea wasn't being launched from the same ships as slinging slurs and telling people to kill themselves because otherwise I think it would be seriously considered. However, I'm no psychologist and a close family member who transitioned well over a decade ago is very happy he did and is living a wonderful life with his wife and adopted daughter so I can say that in that case it definitely helped. My guess is that different things are a better solution for different people, and especially if we get medicine to a point where alternate functioning organs can truly be transplanted I wouldn't see any harm in fully transitioning even just because you felt like it--though of course we aren't really there.

>>517565048Kat's the kind of person who will help anyone in trouble, and even if she doesn't really know what she's doing she'll figure something out. Basic, but funcionally motivated protag that you can throw into most any situation and she can handle it.

>>517565562GR2 has a demo actually, pretty sure. I remember playing one.The original goes on sale from time to time digitally.

>>517565562There might still be a Gravity Rush 2 demo up on PS4, but I would still recommend playing the first before 2 as it's less developed mechanically and is much shorter/smaller in scale. On PS4 though it does run at 60FPS since it's an upscaled Vita game while 2 runs at 30FPS but actually tries to push the PS4's power.

>>517565365Because fuck you, you cannot self actualise and have masculine or feminine traits or hobbies that are typically associated with the opposite gender you must align with your gendered roles and if you don't it's time to pump you full of hormones and perform radical surgery. Metrosexual, nah you're a chick bro. Trust me. Tomboy? Are you sure you're not a man? Let's get a fake dick on you so you can fulfill your inner desires trust us we're mental health professionals.

Genuinely surprised this game didn't get more attention. I guess that's what happens when you're a niche series on a niche console.

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>>517565794I just want my sibling to feel comfortable in their body

>>517565794I'm not saying people that extreme don't exist because they definitely do and need to slow their fucking roles but in general I think many of the same people are very supportive of people breaking out of traditional gender roles while continuing to identify as their original gender.

>>517565883>digital only in the us>on a console with no storage spacewhat were they thinking

>>517565883NoA's handling of the game got a lot of blowback but they had a sort of podium to stand on as Fatal Frame never really had the sales to back up its legendary status within the genre. Believe it or not, some people actually do find these games to be too scary to finish, which I suppose is a double edged sword. I wish it were more popular though, on average per entry it might very well be my favorite series across the board.

>>517566187Probably not investing too heavily in a series that might sell 100k in the states. I do think they were on to something with that "free to start" business where you could demo the first 2 chapters for free.


>>517566187>Digital only>Almost zero marketing>Not even listed on the storefront on launch, you had to search for it manually>Rated M but still censoredI would beat someone in the street over NoA's handling of this game.

>>517566439did 4 ever get released outside of japan

>>517566439>Almost zero marketing Never

>>517566187I had to delete every other single game off my Wii-U to download it, fuck them.>>517566314Europe got a fucking physical and if they hadn't fucking region locked the goddamn console I could have just imported it. Limited Run tried to do a run of it but got shot down or something and the project died I guess.

CELESTE IS NOT A TRANS ISSUES GAMEITS LITERALLY JUST ONE TINY DETAIL IN A POSTGAME CUTSCENE WITH NO PLOT MENTION AND NO GAMEPLAY RELEVANCESHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT THE TRANS ISSUES ALREADYSeriously though I hate trans virtue signalling as much as the next guy but can't we just ignore tangential details and just enjoy the game for what it is? Is that so wrong?>Lena Raine is trans>who gives a fuck the music is really good>person who makes game makes nods to leftist values>who cares its not intrusive to the gameplay or plot at all>Theo is black and his sister is a civil rights lawyer>who cares its an optional side conversation

>>517560617 >female

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>>517566654>Europe got a fucking physicalDon't fucking remind me, I'm still jealous. That shit looked nice.

I am the only human being who played this game but I had a lot of fun with it.

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>>517565230I want to pump Kat's cute brown butt!

>>517566705>Lena Raine is transWait she is? Damn, she looks good, I never noticed.

>>517566913I'm happy Deception exists but God, am I trash at it. Still don't regret getting Nightmare Princess though.

>>517563287Her look in one reminds me of Sarah Palin. Which is a good thing since I've blown countless loads to the thought of breeding Sarah Palin.

>>517565568we can never be there, changing sex is pure science fiction. every cell in your body has an XX or XY chromosome.take some lithium to quell delusions, talk to a proper therapist to help you live with reality and stop placating the delusions of the mentally sick.

>>517567179Use the rake, the rake is control incarnate. Sideshow Bob those motherfuckers.

>>517566654I put it on a flash drive

>>517560617tranny shit. dilate

>>517567075are you retarded?I knew the second they cut to him during the game awards.

>>517566705dilate tranny

trannies would be based if the biological/physical development for them was mastered already, but it's not so you get a lot of scary looking freaksalso, it seems like there's a bit of an overlap between trannies and anime/maybe some mental illnesses/etc. too, which can be undesirable if it was mastered and a dude was able to convert into a hot girl no problem, it would be supremely based though. Maybe in the future

>>517567372I don't watch dumb meme award shows but I followed her on twitter for a while.

>trannies would be based if the biological/physical development for them was mastered already, but it's not so you get a lot of scary looking freaksalso, it seems like there's a bit of an overlap between trannies and anime/maybe some mental illnesses/etc. too, which can be undesirableif it was mastered and a dude was able to convert into a hot girl no problem, it would be supremely based though. Maybe in the future

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>>517567269If you're functionally female it doesn't really matter what it looks like under a microscope.

>>517566913Cool art, what the fuck is it

>>517567479you should watch his part. Looks like a boy who was made mentally ill from the internet, and the voice, oh god the voice. really bad case of hormone overdose voice.

>>517567538>So mad he can't even greentext right

>>517567439kill yourself

>>517567345wow. we've found the only person who gives a shit.

>>517567798Why would I want to watch it? I'm not obsessed with trannies.

>>517561609what is it?

>>517567576what the fuck does "functionally female" mean user, what is that some kinda newspeak nonsense?Functional females have xx chromosomes.

>>517564715Good for them? Isn't the counter argument for character's being remade black that "they should make their own______" and these trannies did. And they made a pretty good game.Maybe trannies are alright

>>517568151Are you really such a brainlet you can't put two words together and figure out what they mean?

>>517567641Deception IV. First released as Blood Ties but got a rerelease called Nightmare Princess that basically doubles the content. It's a series where you fight enemies by laying traps and using the environment to rack up

>>517568151Are you unable to infer things from his sentence user? Functionally clearly meant looks+sexual organs not being axe wounds in this context

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>>517568213I don't really give a shit I just want to point out that's the most likely reason it's in game. Not cause madeline is trans

oh boy! another thread where the retards on this board hate on a good video game for having different politics than them!isn't this the kind of shit you guys complained about sjws doing? it's ratshit stupid

>>517564527R E N T F R E E

Haha if course this has just become a thread full tranny arguments. To actually answer ops question, pick almost any metroid game

>>517568257Best song in the game

>oh boy! another thread where the retards on this board hate on a good video game for having different politics than them!>isn't this the kind of shit you guys complained about sjws doing? it's ratshit stupid

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remember me nilin was pretty hot tho the game was a bit on the strange side

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>>517568625Still want a sequel that fulfills all of this game's good concepts properly.

>>517568559>another excuse to break out the wojak folder

Celeste isn't a good game though, its a meatboy clone. And it only got big because journos shilled it HARD at vgas, giving it awards over better indie titles just because it had a tranny working on it and because it had a game journalist modegravity rush 1 and 2, og tomb raider games, og resident evil 2... which silent hill was it with the white bitch mc? that one was pretty good.

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>>another excuse to break out the wojak folder

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>>517568778SH3I enjoyed Celeste though. It's not GOTY material but it was a solid game.

>>517568778It's pretty different from mwatboy though for a mwatboy clone with its physics and dash

>>517564297Nier would have been near heh perfect as an experience if they open world wasn't so shoehorned in

>>517563525>go up rickety gondola>get fucking nervous because it's a goddamn gondola in the middle of the air on an old abandoned mountain>badeline decides to start rocking it even more just cause she's a cunt>start having a panic attack because it looks like the damn thing is going to break and we're going to die in midair>badeline doesn't carethat bitch

>>517569142Made for a funny looking selfie though

>>517568257This game is extremely

>>517568839>>>another excuse to break out the wojak folder

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>>>>another excuse to break out the wojak folder

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>>517569491>>>>>another excuse to break out the wojak folder

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>>>>>>another excuse to break out the wojak folder

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>>517566081I just want your sibling to be another statistic.


>>517561609dangerously based

>>517560617>FemaleGas trannies

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Senran Kagura.>>517560827Based.

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Don't mind me.Just posting literal PEAK PERFORMANCE.

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>>517563285>Your own mental health challenges.But I don't have any? I'm a perfectly rational man who doesn't have breakdowns or emotional turmoil? Does this game only work if you're a mentally unstable hag?

>>517570762Wtf I love Edelgard now

>>517571058>posts on 4chan

>>517571368I've been posting on 4chan since I'd technically be underage B& back in 2005-ish when somebody was talking about those cool 4chan hackers on the roblox forums. I just never liked any other online community since they were very close minded on everything, and there was no freedom that was offered like on here. Oddly enough, I didn't turn into a horrific trainwreck of a person somehow.

>>517570891Only for the first 3 games. Shit gets real shaky after Deep Crimson.

>>517571058Then you can enjoy it from the outside bu yeah, sometimes art is made assuming the consumer has some specific life experience or knowledge. That's extremely common.Me!Me!Me! probably just looks like porn to anyone who hasn't lived it.

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>>517571827Yeah, I heard it was meant to be a deep look at the Otaku lifestyle, but I stay away from anime. Guess that makes sense. I just never understood the whole mental breakdown thing since I never lived it myself.

>>517568494>R E N T F R E E but despite this you feel compelled to spam a slogan consistently unprovoked



>>517560838Trans rights to what. They can already get a sex change and legally change their identity. That's it. That's all they could ever need. What else are they being denied? What "right" is being denied?

>>517572368There was a public outcry against grown men going into girls restrooms so they rebranded that into "Trans rights" to try and make you sound like a bigot when you inevitably ask what rights they are denied.

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>>517572368Until last month it was potentially legal to fire someone for being trans, but we did get that one out of the way thanks to Gorsuch.They should have a right to live their weird lives unharassed but Holla Forums thinks the path to societal change is hurling endless slurs so they probably wouldn't understand that.

>>517572701Sometimes I miss Tumblr. At least their autism was contained. Twitter is a blight on the internet and irl

>>517572701Remember, you want this man to use the women's restroom

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>>517572821Twitter is actually hell but to listen to 4chan users who's only interaction with it is screencaps on Holla Forums you'd think it's some kind of lock step bastion of leftists and not just a place where everyone in the world vomits unfiltered thoughts into the ether.

>>517572701That's what it is? A right to not be called weird? That's not a right. That's a privilege that MOST people don't have. You're gonna get shat on for any miniscule flaw you have.>>5175727941: You are vastly overestimating the power of Holla Forums.2: Nobody has a "right" to avoid ridicule. It's against human nature. People need to be taught to defend themselves, you can't teach people not to fight.It's like those "Dont defend victims, educate aggressors" shit, that doesn't work. You need to defend, educate, and find meaning within yourself. It's a lot easier to change yourself than it is to change the entire world. You cannot under any circumstances change human nature. No matter how many chemicals you put in the water, no matter how many gay marriages you shove in kid's cartoons, no matter how many videogames feature transsexuals, you will never achieve this unrealistic impossible goal to change the nature of humanity.Nobody is safe from ridicule, and nobody is safe from criticism. You seek to create a safe space, it will be torn down for your own good.

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>>517572794No one has a right to live without criticism. Not even your precious faggots, niggers, and shemales.

>>517573054>You are vastly overestimating the power of Holla Forums.I think you misread my postSocietal change and perception is absolutely possible, we stopped the Catholics and Protestants from going ape shit on each other every time the throne switched.

>>517572995I just hate how garbage it is to navigate>see nice fanart on twitter>didn't save it like a fool>I'll never ever see it again because the artist didn't post it with any text

SenuaLara croft

Violated heroineClaire's questFumika fantasy

>>517573275Oh yeah it's hell itself and the fact that it's one of the major sites used as an art archive is our damntaion

>>517573221You can change society. You can never change human nature. The 90s conceptualized a "Being bullied? Literally kick their ass!" attitude and it now devolved into a "Zero tolerance both people are punished" anarchy instead of a Meritocracy.It's created a generation without pity, without taking matters into your own hands, nothing gets resolved, people grow up and subdivide themselves, the blues are bluer, the reds are redder, and discourse is at an all time low. You cannot change humanity, all attempts to do so in human history has failed. Human nature always wins, and the people trying to change it always die.


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>>517574521i'm convinced OAG is a satire account

>>517574521Fucking kekThis dude is gonna someday reveal that it was all a big shitpost to make everyone who agreed with him look like retards. Screencap this post.

>>517574650I don't see why. People like this exist in real life. I am sure they have internet access.

>>517560838I agree, every trans person should reserve the right to kill themselves. Fighting the good fight user.

>>517572368You know how some people consider it women's rights for the government to fund tampons for women who would otherwise be unable to afford them?Trans rights is actually an argument for government funded hormone replacement therapy. They're asking for your tax money to go into fucking up their bodies.