What is the most impossibly difficult game you have ever played?

What is the most impossibly difficult game you have ever played?

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>>517560519what is hard about this?

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fuk u

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>>517560812>he had to go through wallsyikes.

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>>517561018how did i cheat? i'm the first dude, btw

>>517560519königsberg must've been a pretty city

>>517561210Going through walls is cheating


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>>517561284The rules don't say that

quite simple really.

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>>517561332you can't go through your own line

>>517561332Congrats you win 1000 a month disability!

>>517561441yes i can


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>>517561393>>517560976so do these guys passing it without tricks make them normies or autists?

>>517561332You missed a door, just below your start point.>>517561393You blocked a door.

>>517561441It doesn't say you can't go through your line, just not through the same door twice :)

>>517561514The only one who followed directions.

>>517561393Almost didn't catch that. Fucker.

>>517561551>Pretending a door doesn't exist>Going through = walking up toThe only autist here, is you

>>517561589>draw ONE (1) line (LINE)

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>>517561652you dont understand the test


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>>517560519Brainlets all of you

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>>517561816yes, he in fact drew several individual (1) (ONE) lines through the doors

>>517561816yes it says one line within the doors, not one continuous line

>>517561816Draw one line through all of the doors. All of his doors have one line through them.

what do i win

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>>517560519What do I win?

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>>517561994missed one top left

>>517560519I just noticed "through" is misspelled as "trough" twice

>>517561816> there is only one (1) line thru every door, never two (2) or morei don't see a problem here

>>517561816I see [one line through all of the doors], don't you? Or perhaps are you looking for [one line][through all the doors] like this?

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Just so you're all aware, "autism tests" like these are used to see if you'll even bother doing them. The fact that you wasted your time and did it means you have autism. Take it with a grain of salt though because there isnt a single professional who uses tests like these to determine if youre autistic or not.

There are no doors in this picture. It's just a bunch of lines itself.I win.

>>517561816>draw one line through all of the doorswhich he did each door has one line through it nowhere in the instructions does it say the it must be 1 continous line

>>517561589So does that mean he's the autist?

>>517562168so what if i have autism id still fuck your mom better than you or daddy could bitch ass nigga


>>517562117I was just doing this

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>>517562168Nah, anybody out of curiosity would attempt it, autistic or not.

>over 40 posts and only one guy figured out it's bullshiten.wikipedia.org/wiki/Five_room_puzzle

>>517562168Just being in a place that you'd see this means you probably have some degree of autism. Normal people are out having sex, not looking at image boards about telebi gaemu

>>517562517>only one guyI've probably known about this since before you were born.

>>517561374You have autism.

>>517562709yes, and?


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>>517562880Nothing bro, just glad to see others out there with the same passion for puzzles as me.

Cant be solved as intended. Will keep an entire class busy and out of your hair if you promise the solver like 20 bucks.

>>517562443Precisely why i said professionals dont use it retard.

>>517562982I intentionally looked. Do I get my autism medal?

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>>517562982>if twice>no f in any of the three instances of "autism" on the picturewould do I win, a free meal at Ass Burger's?

>>517562153What the fuck is the solution then? Rules dont say shit about going through lines.


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>>517563449Fuck off retard.

>>517563498Do newfags even get this joke?Old captcha has been defunct for years

>>517563551Take the test user if you're so fuckin smart.

>>517563136I'm not contesting it's validity, its pretty clear that these are not an indicative of autism. Was simply pointing out the flawed purpose behind them.

>>517563449The image is trying to recreate an impossible problem and bait people into trying to solve it. Being the retarded image it is, it's failed to include every single rule that precludes a solution, so yeah, there's all kinds of things you can do if you reinterpret what the rules are.The very fact that we're talking about this means we pass

>>517563597Seriously just shut the fuck up. Youre making a fool of yourself.

>>517563449the bullshit, implicit answer is >>517561864, other than that i dont think it's supposed to have one

>>517563728To be precise, the test is to see how much time you waste until you give up. Any normal person would just concede and accept that its impossible. An autistic person would refuse to accept the possibility that it cant be done and will keep trying, possibly making excuses. Another little side addition to the test is the misspellings, an autistic person might point those out as well.

You dont even need graphing theory to prove this is impossible you literal children, Jesus Christ.

>>517564046whats graphing theory

? 2 ez

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>>517564046didn't know better, thought it was a neat little puzzle

>>517564207Stay in school, you'll learn after junior high.

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>>517564046And how do you prove it without graphing theory?

The autism is strong in this thread.

>>517561914>>517561940>>517561975>>517562087>>517562175>one line through all of the doors>not one line through EACH door

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>>517564329i graduated high school and never once was taught the term graphing theory maybe this is some euro cavetroll thing

>>517560519Now post the one with the houses

>>517560519>troughWhy should I take a test that can't spell for shit itself? You know what? I think this test has autism.

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>>517564537What in the actual fuck is wrong with your brain?

>>517564582The whole point is that its an impossible test and anybody trying is actually autistic. It's the entire fucking point, its a troll picture newfag.


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>>517564630its discrete mathematics, way past the high school curriculum

>>517564329gatekeeping education get a load of this guy

>>517564773>anybody trying is actually autisticThere's absolutely no basis for this. Being curious and attempting it alone isn't an indicator of anything. Attempting it for a long period of time might be. Trying to force a solution when you can't find one might also beI want to have sex with a boy

>>517564537I think this one might be the answer

>>517564537Well, when you put it that way...

>>517560519ez game ez life

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>>517560519the get a gf game


>>517564942ITS. A. FUCKING. TROLL. PIC. The very fact that you're still arguing for it proves you are fucking autistic. Holy shit.

>>517560812Based kool-aid man BTFOing faggot OP.

the only true autists are the ones who go through all the trouble of making bait like this and still can't spell "through" correctly

>>517564630>I graduated high school but never touched a graphing calculatorDoubt.jpg

>>517564773I don't care what you think the point of the puzzle is, you said there's a proof without a graph theory -- present it.Hope it's something better than brute force

heres your continuous line bro

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>>517565201why ye so pissed about it mate, chill out bruv


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>>517564773>troll pictureIt's a mathematical exercise older than you, newfag.

>>517565201maybe the real autist is the one who spergs out while other people have fun with a puzzle and debate the semantics of the puzzle's premise? it really makes one contemplate things

The assburgers is strong with these anons.

>>517564908Cant read a thread before posting get a load of this guy.


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>>517565201chill dude, people are just knowingly having fun interpreting the test in different ways, if anything you're the one taking it a bit too seriously

>>517565201>ITS. A. FUCKING. TROLL. PIC.Not everyone knows it's impossible. Not everyone knows everything. Simply not knowing something doesn't make you autistic, user. Again, attempting a puzzle doesn't make you autistic. We'd need more information to conclude that.

>>517564942>I want to have sex with a boyhahah, I didn't know qt grils browsed Holla Forums?!

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>>517565326Hey wow so epic you're the forat one to try that haha wow amazing.

>>517565576Oh I'm a qt alright.

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>>517565576Shut the fuck up retard.


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Would getting the Peacekeeper in Battlefield 1 count?bfee.co/index.php?title=Battlefield_1/An_Omen

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>>517565201>I know it's a troll so everyone doesYou legit have autism

>>517560519I finished this in like 10 seconds, was it it supposed to be hard?

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>>517566096here's you prize, bend over and suck my fat cock

>>517566186No thanks, that's not a very good prize. Then again, it wasn't a hard puzzle either so I guess that level of reward is befitting

>>517565730I was thinking of doxxing myself to give you my location, but after you sent that gif of the man biting the tip off. I dunno, I want to keep my head intact, qt user.>>517565743Why do girls have to out themselves this hard for attention?

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>>517560519>>517560976>>517561018>>517562153There's nothing saying we can't go through the 'walls'Make your puzzle better, loser.

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>>517562982I don't get itI've looked at this for the last 5 minutesNo F anywhere


>>517566259>hurr durr nobody will notice my epic editing skills I'm so smart and original nobody has tried this, surelyKys


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>>517566785I still see some hole there

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>>517560519>tfw you did it without going trough anything

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>>517566096you didn't complete the line

>>517567000If the fucking walls dont count as things and you ignore the part about passing through a door only once then yeah, you did it champ. Fucking dumbass.


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Final Boss go.

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>>517567107You dont have to complete the line. I dont know why you're seriously responding to attempts when multiple people have already pointed out it's an impossible puzzle.

>>517567000I know, rightI don't see any troughs in this puzzle, I ain't violating no fucking rules

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>>517567272Clever girl.jpg

>>517560519Euler proved this shit was impossible hundreds of years ago. Fuck offen.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seven_Bridges_of_Königsberg

>>517567107>you didn't complete the linenow I'm interested in knowing why you think a line has to connect to it's origin to be considered a line

>>517567302I've thought of an interesting way to explain probability for those who don't get it.Probability changes with what we know. It's an estimation of the likelihood of something, and that estimation is made using our pre-knowledge of the outcomes. Adding or subtracting to that knowledge before the event can change our estimation.Imagine a scenario where you're in a hotel and have 2 packages to deliver. The packages are identical and don't have names. You know one is supposed to go to room A and the other is supposed to go to room B. What are your chances of getting it right? 50/50? Yes.Let's say you deliver one package to room A and you're on your way to room B. Still 50/50. All of the sudden, room A opens and the guy inside says "Thanks, this is exactly what I was expecting!". What are your chances now? Still 50/50? Even though you haven't even delivered B yet, you have more information so your odds of delivering the correct package to B have increased to 100%The host opening one of the wrong doors is the same way.

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>>517567221seethe retard and learn to read

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>>517567552wtf retard

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>OP can't even spell>He can't give good instructions>He makes an impossible to solve (his way) puzzle>He gets mad when other people still find a way to do itYeah, it's all adding up to one thing: OP is a faggot


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>>517567541The difference is you can't switch, you dingusMonty Hall problem explains a different concept. It's not about probability, but how intuition tricks you. In the case you describe, there is no second choice to apply the probability to. The probability was still 50/50 at the time you chose to deliver the first package.


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>>517568383It's a simplification, you autist. And yes, it's all about probability. Having 2 choices looks like "50/50" because that's usually what we know about probability. But having more information tips the scales. Of course we might still be right if we stay. There's a 1/3 chance. But the information we've gained has changed the odds as we perceive them. If someone peaked behind the door and told us that our door contained a goat, then we'd further tip the odds in our favor of making a better choice. It's all about information.


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>>517568383>The difference is you can't switchDoesn't matter. The probability of two doors you didn't choose remains the same -- 2/3. However, since you know one door is the wrong one, the probability for that door is 0, which means another door has the remaining 2/3 probability to have a car behind it.It's exactly the same as with the packages.

>>517567302Secret Boss go.

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>>517567221newfag detected

>>517567000based and checked

Are you guys just pretending to be retarded?

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>>51756919828920Now the real final boss: how did I come up with that number?

>>517569667meant for >>517569198

just use the rules against themselves

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>>517569557Based rule abuser

>>517560519Not possible.


the japanese pooh home run derby nogodheretodaycristopherrobinbloodyeyes.webm

>>517569827200 iq

>>517569557>>517569830Missed a door

>>517569827You don't have autism. You're just a supervillain.

>>517569557God damn how did you do it?

>>517569827This is like being told to name your character in a game, but the game doesn't properly limit you to 10 characters and you proceed to trounce all over the fucking stack. I approve.

>>517570369Thanks for pointing out that I'm actually the retarded one.

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>>517570486I didn't even bother reading your post until now.

>>517560519>You have to close the DS to solve the puzzle

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>>517570486....I thought that was the joke. That you were being snarky by breaking the rules but you ended up fucking up anyway.Now you just look stupid.

>>517571175My now or your now?

time for the TRUE final boss

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>criteria: 0 or 2 nodes of odd degree>3 nodes of odd degreeits not impossible

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>>517571574bo skeleton rp

>>517571751>criteria: read the wikipedia entryCongrats, you have autism


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>>517571840>you have autismYes.

>>517571840the puzzle is almost 300 years old user...



Do you even autism?

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>>517561262you made me check if i was on /lit/

>>517571574borp skeletonNever said I had to type it out in order or that skeleton had to be inside when I typed it, did you?

>>517572112Is it now

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>>517571574boskel(spoi[p[le]eton[/s] rpoiler

>>517572702No but your mom is

It is impossible.

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>>517560519I have never played one that's impossible. Worst ones I've played are ones that turn out to require RNG to be on your side and fuck that.RNG is fine but if you cannot deal with something without good RNG constantly, it's trash.

>>517564686Can I get a sauce for that webm?

>troughtest is impossible due to incorrect syntax in the instructions.

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>>517560519autist here, you suck.

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>>517573345You're like the 10th autist to post this

>>517572906Your source clearly didn't graduate from Devry University.There have already been several groundbreaking posts on how this can be solved including the "Red Jug Man Theory"Dr. Stallman?More like Dr. Stautisman

My first reaction was to draw along the lines, completing the squares.Does that make me more or less autistic?

>>517573724A little this, a little that

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en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seven_Bridges_of_KönigsbergIt's not possible because three of the rooms have an odd number of doors, you can only "solve" a pathing problem like this if two of the nodes (rooms) have an odd number of paths to take to/away from them, beginning at one and ending at the other, otherwise it cannot be solved.

>>517573326clever fucking bastard

>>517561514That's not a line that's a segment

>>517560519It did say I can start wherever I want.

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I have no way to edit photos since I'm on my phone, but the solution looks like this>m---,>[-/,_][-v-]>[x][z\][-n]>`-----w----/QED, bitches