Do you want to die?

do you want to die?

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Who is cute!

fuck off danganautistgo back to your general

fuck off danganautistgo back to your general


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>>517560493Yes but only by Maki smothering me with her thighs

>>517560493Shut up, Maki. Go back to making out with Kaito in the corner.

>>517560493Red Kyoko is shit.


>>517560493Why are there literally no porn of her? It's all Kaede.

>>517560841This but Tsumugi sitting on my face

>>517560493I want to live, goddamnit.

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>>517561095Why wouldn't the main girl have the most fanart?

>>517561095Commission it yourself.

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>>517560493This bitch should have died

>>517561095Shuichi's oneitis deserves only the best

>>517561095bland edgy bitch doesn't deserve fanart

why everyone hates maki so much?

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>I'm gonna be an obnoxious shit and get the most innocent person killed then do a suicide setup to trick everyone into thinking I killed someone by hiding in a robot when it's blatantly obvious it's not meWas there anyone more stupid?

Remember these characters are fictional

>>517561495V3 definitely has the worst survivors.


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>>517560854Kaito's dead

>>517562316to be fair, it had the worst characters


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>>517561785Uh, she's a literal murderer? She screwed over Kokichi's plan to save everyone? She almost screwed over Shuichi trying to save everyone? She's pretty much Genocide Jack without the humor.

Shuichi is lucky as fuck, ended up with the hottest 2 girls im the game, alone. Those threesomes must be wild

>>517561095It's funny, because the one piece of porn I remember seeing of her is where she's dressed up as Kaede for Shuichi to cope

>Nobody fucked the shit out of miu everyone is gay

>>517562428she didn't do it on purpose

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>>517561095No one wants Kaito's used goods


>>517562540K1-B0 did, that's canon. There was a (mandatory I think) scene of it

>>517560493Poor Maki could never compete when Miu Iruma exists.

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>>517562762He didn't get the fuck, he only got the shit.

>>517562541Maki's so cute, I don't get why people hate her

>>517562823*streams her pussy to the entire world*

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>>517562762coulda swore she just installed the scat camera

>>517562428she's not a murderer tho

>>517563316Did you play the second chapter of the game?

>>517560493Reminder that Maki is an unrepentant murderer who killed at least one of her friends for corrupt people's money because "muh complex circumstance".

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How long until ABIB notices this thread too?

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>>517563542He's probably referring to the fake memories and all that garbage

>>517562474>ended up with the hottest 2 girls>HimikoWhat?

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>>517563681Why is abib throwing a temper tantrum today? Did he drop his hotpocket in the toilet?

>>517563943What did he do other than ban the Lobotomy Corp/LoR threads?

>>517563943After ruining /a/ he set his sights on Holla Forums

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>>517564085He deleted music threads and more. Apparently videogame content doesn't belong on Holla Forums, but posting gay furry porn is a-okay.

>>517563803you know what I mean

>>517560493yes mommy

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>>517564085Some milsim and Cute&fUNNY threads were deleted as well.

>>517560493One thing I don't get was how she was so atrong but had those smol arms. Like I get the>le fake memoriesPart of it but she was shown to be actually stronk. Like I get women won't look like steroid junkies but still, at least have a little muscle mass


>>517564204Yeah I went to the catalog and saw a thread complaining about his rampageWhen the shit is this retard getting the boot? He's done nothing good.

>>517564229She looks like ten and probably smells like piss. Why?

>>517564296It's kayfabe but with hypnosis

>>517564352never probably. Only thing you can do is ignore him and ip cycle when you need to.

>>517564139if he's so serious about moderation why doesn't he just clean 4chan of redditjaks

>>517564463>Only thing you can do is ignore him and ip cycle when you need tohow to ignore a thread nuke

>>517560654Maki roll

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>>517564549Abib is like the personification of cancer and narcissism. He's only ever going to do anything if it ruins the board.

>>517560789It's from a videogame retard

>>517564758VNs ain't video games

>>517564706Unplug your router and post it again. Fuck the mods, we own this board.

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>>517564837doesn't make it sting any less

>>517564834then ace attorney isn't a video game

>>517563803I fail to see the problem in that statement

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>>517564960It might sting but weaponized autism can still beat them and eventually they'll give up.


>>517560493>>517560728brainlet 16-19 y/o gamer sighted

>>517565073good on you for sticking to your principlesnow fuck off

Maki is super cute ~

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>>517564296The injected memories part was a lie, their backstories are actually true.

>>517560493Bruh not even a good waifuThe best waifu in danganronpa is pic related

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2 had the worst cast, or the most underutilized cast atleast

>>517564296Kokichi just weighed like 50 pounds

>>517564834But Danganronpa's a shooter

>>517563617She didn't.She likely never killed everyone.She was just LARPing as an assassin, just like how everyone else in V3 were normalfags LARPing as Ultimates thanks to the fake memories.

V3 was awesome, too bad the series is literal tik tok tier garbage now


>>517565462>literal tik tok tier garbage nowexplain

>>517565418What's the point of discussing the characters at all if we're just going to go with "lol it was just a tv show"? May as well forget the whole game even happened at that point.

>>517565239>people still think Tsumugi lied

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>>517565462No new games have been addedThe series has pretty much ended, with the big news being a mobile port, and a new game being an april fools prank


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>>517565671>>people still think Tsumugi said the truth

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>>517565239how do you even get this retarded?

>>517565729holy shit that fucknot the worst V3, but definitely terrible

>>517565547they love to dress as Danganronpa characters for some reason

>>517566014oh, that kind of tik tok garbageto be fair, it was tumblr and twitter garbage before that

>>517566014Who is they?You're not talking about Holla Forums's (((they))), right?

>>517566156rent free

>>517565912>he literaly doesnt get the main point of the gameHow much of a speedreader are you?

>>517565671>>517565789>people still think

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>Tsumugi lied about everything>Tsumugi told the truth about everythingI like how everyone goes to one extreme.Saying she mixed lies with truth isn't even a option.

>>517560493>>517560728>>517561785>>517562541>>517565191>big fucking twintails>himecut>no big boobsRUINED design tbf



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>>517562474>ended up with the two hottest girls>Kaedead is dead>Angie is deadLol neither of the girls alive are in the top two.

>>517567035angie was shit


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>>517567035Oh yeah and>Miu is dead

>Himikofagsell emm AYY OHHH

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>>517567109Yeah I don't like Angie because she was a pagan cult leader but she is cute though

>>517567035>Angieshe's garbage

>>517565474>>517565671>>517565912Did you guys not read the epilogue or something? Shuichi (the Ultimate Detective mind you, so we know he's not wrong) deduced that the "volunteer to be in a killing game" shit that Tsumugi said was a lie, and he doubts it's "all" fiction because Tsumugi said she was "copying" someone.

>>517567148Nice designShit personality4/10

>>517567321>The ultimate detective mind yousure about that?

>>517567392Well he did solve all the cases, and in case five Monokuma put his trust in the "skills of the ultimate detective"Which probably helps the theory that tsumugi lied more, since why would she place trust in a fake talent?

>>517566358Clearly, you didn't get it either.Everything about their identities was fake, but they strove to create something real out of them.

>>517567148Cutest girl. I relate to her hating men.

>>517565462>nowRemember who the most cosplayed character in the world is

>>517567392Their talent are technologically real. Just implanted into them.

>>517567748Men built the world, bitch.

>>517567930this entire thread is full of fucking smoothbrains I swear to god

>>517567962>Being proud of that

>>517567708>Another fucking speedreader who didn't see the true ending after the last case

>>517568025Monokuma trusted the "Ultimate Detective's skills" in case 5 to stop gremlin rat lying boy's trap

>>517567708>This girl has lied about absolutly everything all game long>oh no,but this thing she said was absolutly trueNext you are going to tell me that the virus that killed Kaito was real

>>517568037It's better than mooching off the accomplishments of others like a parasite and then proclaiming your superiority as if you weren't worse for it.

>>517567321You need to read the epilogue again. Shuichi says he's just guessing and that it doesn't actually matter.

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>>517566634This. The game even has Shuichi pinpoint things that he thinks are lies at the end, like how he thinks Tsumugi copied someone for real instead of just a fictional Junko, and how he doesn't think they signed up for a killing game for fun


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>>517567109>>517567265Take it back!

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>>517566634>>517568269they'll probably accuse you of being fencesitting centrists

>Despair girl style game taking place after V3's ending neverIt hurts.

>>517568241>>517568372It doesn't matter =/= it's not true. He's just guessing, but it's fucking Shuichi, so of course he's right.

>>517563706in the situation of the Danganronpa games, there is no functional difference between being a pre-Killing Game murderer and thinking you're a pre-Killing Game murderer.>>517567148boobs too big, should have been flatter.

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>>517568495You look like a fucking inmigrant who gets their clothes from the garbage and salvation army

>>517568593>Should've been flatter.That's never true and you know it (except in the case of hamplanets)


>>517568593No I think his point was that she didn't kill anyone at all, they pretty much just told her that she did.


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>>517560493>2015+5>Still no Danganronpa fighting gameI would main Korekiyo

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>>517568802Besides the fact that Tsumugi could've been lying about that part, we also don't know how extreme they went in falsifying their personas. Like, Keebo turned into an actual robot, Tsumugi has actual cospox, and Kaito was actually sick, so it's not farfetched to think that they made Maki an actual killer beforehand

>>517569204Kiibo was probably just an actual robot they stole and plugged the antenna onto

>>517568583Your argument is self-defeating, because Shuichi is the one who deduces that the flashback lights are created by the mastermind to implant people with fake memories.

>>517569204>>517569335It's not that hard to build a robot or inject someone with a virus.

>>517564758No it isn't. Fuck off.

>>517569394>It's not that hard to build a robot that accurately simulates the human body with an AI personality comparable to humansFuck off smoothbrain, either the software or the hardware would be amazing advancements today. Though I guess Monokuma had to be an AI since Tsu wasn't controlling it at all times, unless someone outside was controlling Monokuma

>>517569345He deduces that they implanted fake memories throughout the killing game, but he doubts stuff that happens before the killing game, like being shown that they're excited to join the show and stuff. So as others have said, the concept is mixing truths and lies, where they might've made up some memories but not others, like Maki being a murderer

>>517569640This is the same game where we have levitating stands so it's most likely in the future

>>517569779>Levitating stands = human-like AIthe stand probably just uses magnetism or something. They can only go upHell it might just be an invisible string or something

>>517560689>>517560690>Implying there's a general for danganronpa

Who is the best Danganronpa character and why is it Juan Gonzales?

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>>517569743We see them getting their talents from the flashback lights, and we know for a fact that the flashback lights implant fame memories.

>>517566634There's really only two options - you either accept the ending as it is presented by the game, or you make up your own headcanon. Whether that headcanon is Tsumugi lying about half of the things, all of the things, or just one thing, it's headcanon all the same. You are actively rejecting the conclusions that are deduced in the trial in favor of conclusions that you imagine yourself.

>>517570296Kaede outright says she's not an Ultimate in the prologue, but implies she already plays the piano.

>>517570413>that are deduced in the trial>ignoring what happens after the trial

>>517570413The epilogue makes it ambiguous. It literally presents an alternate theory that makes there be not just one possible canon ending. Until another game or anime comes out there's no way to know (kind of like with what happened to the characters after the first two games, before the other anime came out

>>517570296The moment when they got their talents is what Shuichi was most skeptical about's just like case 5, two viable possibilities exist, but we're not supposed to know either way. They could've used flashback lights to fake their talents, but just because they could doesn't mean they did

>>517570848Wait but if it was just like case 5, that means that whatever Shuichi was thinking was correct. So what Shuichi said in the epilogue was real?

>>517571252>The main protagonist is always right>The Ultimate Detective is always rightshocker

>>517571447>The Ultimate Detective is always rightHave you people forgotten Makoto also doubted that the world was in shambles and was then proven wrong by the sequels?

>>517572037But then V3 proved him right :)

>>517572037Meant to quote>The main protagonist is always right

>>517572037He didn't doubt it at the end lolAll the main characters were wrong at some point, but never at the end

>>517572365Also Big Mac was the Ultimate Lucky Student, not the ultimate detectiveThe Ultimate detective was Kyoko

>>517570550>>517570703>>517570848>>517571252>>517571447You guys really need to read the epilogue again. about the context of what just happened in the story. The characters are trying to process what just happened to them, and are wondering what to do next. The topic comes up of how they have to go to the outside world, and they briefly discuss what it could be like. Shuichi is just spitballing random possibilities, which he admits are not logical or based on evidence. He doesn't even decide on a single theory, and also says that Tsumugi could have been telling the truth as well, so the idea that "Shuichi is always right" falls apart when Shuichi has multiple contradictory theories. Then this conversation is used to transition to the big speech about the game's overall theme and message which is the actual purpose of the epilogue, and then the game ends. The whole thing basically just boils down to guesses and wishful thinking. That's not enough to override the conclusion to the 6th class trial which was actually based on the evidence and logical deductions of not only Shuichi, but the player themselves. There is not nearly enough information in the game to support the theory that Tsumugi could have lied. Any variation of this theory requires you to make up headcanon to fill in the plot holes that you create by denying established plot points. However, if you accept the ending at face value, everything fits together perfectly, because that's the ending the game was written for.

>>517566703She's got thicc thighs so it's saved


>517573280>He keeps samefagging the "vns aren't vidya" me despite no one caringPathetic bot

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>>517573209Gaze upon their softness.

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>>517573758Why were the CG's so half-assed this time around? Especially since they presumably had more time to work on it compared to the other entries.