>literal shape shifting reptilian who created a false religion to control the world>orders high school students to kill...

>literal shape shifting reptilian who created a false religion to control the world>orders high school students to kill "heretics" within her own church who deviate from her made-up doctrines, criticizes them for not doing so with sufficient zealousness>so drunk on her own Kool-Aid she's convinced herself that everything she says about Sothis is realIt's time to accept that Edelgard is the better option Rheafags.

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FUCK Rhea.

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>>517562471I will!

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>>517560082>false religionWhat part is false? Sothis is a literal goddess

>>517563378Edelgard hates the goddess and adores Nemesis because Sothis didn't save her and Nemesis was against the Goddess. The Goddess Sothis didn't save Edelgard because Nemesis killed her.Ironic.

>>517560082>Ignoring the evil super-illumanati she created all this to work against, who are bent on world domination, that genocided her people, can create weapons of mass destruction and routinely manipulate world politics through subterfuge>The same illumanati that Edelgarde allies herself withEven if she tries to justify it as being only temporary, Those That Slither are way worse than the Church of Seiros. Sothis is also inarguably a goddess, so the argument that the church is a complete sham falls flat. Milf pope > Nazi Greta Thunberg, everytime.

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>>517560082Have Edeltards played any route beside CF, let alone other FE games than 3H?Dragons like Mila and Naga have had religions centered around them and have been treated like Goddesses because they do have real powers. Sothis literally controls Space and Time. Everything Rhea says about Sothis IS real.

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>>517560082but rhea a cute

>>517564258Very fertile too.

>edel does the same thing if she winsLOL


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>>517560082>Marginally better than the major antagonist of the game if you maybe think about things in a roundabout wayI legit do not understand Edelfags

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>>517560082>to control the worldKind of the opposite. She did it to give the world freedom. And peace. And succeeded in giving it both. Also while the church tells a lot of lies, the core tenants are true. So the extent of which the religion is false can be argued.

edelgard did nothing wrong

>>517560082yeah but she’s got a fat fucking ass so idgaf

>>517564769>Eventually, I too will fallDamn I miss this lad

>Edelfags and Rheafags forever at war>meanwhile I just want a nice home for me and my crazy wifeWar is hell.

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>>517563378>Sothis is a literal goddessThe game kind of implies she's actually just an alien from space with weird biology and that brought advanced technology.

>>517564641>>517564174I am glad that people accept my cute and funny wife

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>>517560082Honestly, if a woman who looks like this orders me to kill heretics, I would obey her without thinking

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>>517565213I mean she still is a Jesus like peaceful creature so who cares if she is an alien

>>517565213That's a fakeout, where if you dig deeper, she's not just from "outer space", but from heaven.Her magic circle says:>"The goddess always lives in heaven and Fodlan.">"It is watching over us, for the mother of all living beings.">"As support of all mindful things."Plus, she even calls herself a god, as opposed to someone like Naga, who denied being a god even when everyone claims her to be one.

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>>517565504This, all a female villain has to do is offer her body to the hero and thats it, story over, bad ending


>>517563809>Edelgard hates the goddess and adores Nemesis because Sothis didn't save her and Nemesis was against the Goddess.>The Goddess Sothis didn't save Edelgard because Nemesis killed her.This. It's so extremely ironic that it's difficult to digest Edelgard's character at all. Her extreme church hate boner just doesn't make much sense. If anything she has more reasons to be supportive of the church than many of the character who do. Yes Sothis didn't save Edelgard because Nemesis had sliced Sothis up already, which makes Edelgard's adoration towards Nemesis ironic already, as you mentioned. But the funniest thing is that if Sothis hadn't been forced into a slumber by Nemesis, then Sothis would have most certainly indeed have saved Edelgard just like she wished for. And the most irritating part is that Edelgard fucking learns of this in the story yet disregards it and keeps hating the church just as strongly as ever. And what's more, to make the church hate even more ridiculous. If you remove Sothis from the equation altogether, the church in the empire was speaking out against and advocating against exactly the kinds of blood experiments that ended up causing Edelgard so much grief, and was actively acting prevent and or put a stop to them. And had they just been aware of the tragedy beforehand, they would have acted in Edelgard's defence and or come to her rescue. And the biggest reason for why the church was unable to do this, was because of anti-church sentiments within the empire that weakened and ultimately drove most of the church out. Significantly weakening its reach and influence. Which Edelgard herself cranks up to 11 when she gets the opportunity to. Even though that's exactly the kind of thing that prevented Edelgard from being saved in the first place.

Dimitri and Claude are both still cooler though

>>517566432She idolizes the bandit king who slayed the goddess who would have saved her, and calls said bandit a hero. She commends the anti-church sentiments of the empire, that were the very same anti-church sentiments that prevented the church from saving her even though it tried. So the few who actually had her best interest at heart, she hates and despises with a passion for how they were unable to save/protect her, even though they were both willing and trying. And yet she is surprisingly fine with the countless who did nothing to help her whatsoever. And actively helps (it doesn't really matter much if she planned to betray them if she also achieves short of all their goals for them) the people who actively inflicted her with all the suffering to begin with. Edelgard's whole character is so fucking backwards it drives me crazy.

>>517565896Holy shit. Her magic circle has readable text. Now I wish I had actually taken a closer look at it much, much sooner.

>>517566159>Female villain tries to do this>Hero no way fags her>She gets so horny at this she just gives up and lets herself get turned into a weapon so you manhandle her for the rest of the game

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>>517566482I see the BASED house has joined the thread.

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>>517566525She's a puppet of the slitherers, through and through, it all makes sense when you look at her like that.

>>517563378Rhea never mentions that she's Seiros, or that Sothis is dead. Rhea falsely attributed her miracles to the goddess while trying to resurrect her. She also lied about the 10 elites and Nemesis which led to modern-day crest worship. Still a better authority figure than Edelgard though.


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Edelgard ultimately is a puppet: She destroys everything that could possibly defeat TWSITD, even in her own route. That her route ends without mentioning them again shows how little of a shit IS gave about Edelgard being anything but the game's main villain.

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>>517566687>>517566838And so did Sothis decree "Homies over Hoes", and it was good.

>>517566432God Edelgard is one of the best written Nintendo characters of all time (except when in CF)

>>517566840I know. And it's sad. But it's frustrating because as she attains more power she obtained all the opportunities to change or at the very least learn more. And she doesn't. In fact she does learn more and just doubles down on her stupidity. Even after attaining freedom she still acts like the puppet she has been groomed to be. It's incredibly frustrating. It really makes me wish the game would have just doubled down on that aspect of her, and made her a pitiful villain through and through instead of trying to justify her actions/perspective. I can swallow an antagonist like Edelgard. I can even appreciate and praise such an antagonist. But when the game tries to have its cake and eat it too in regards to Edelgard, my appreciation for both kinds of Edelgard falls off a cliff.

>>517567036this picture appears to not show the rest of her attractive body

>>517567104The ending art still shows a few of the Slitherers around so she doesn't even get all of them when she turns her genocide on them.

>>517567249dimitri should just throw claude at edelgard and the war is over

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I'm actually amazed that we still have threads on this when it was proven that Rhea isn't evil and Edelgard is pretty stupid.

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>>517560082Bigger tits than Edelgard and that’s what really counts

>>517566432>>517566525I'm saving these for the next time the Edeltards show up.

>>517567631Edelgard isn't stupid, Alois is stupid, Raphael can be stupid.Edelgard is a fucking retard.

>picking some barren, psycho bitch who killed your dad>not repopulating the Nabatean race with your adoptive mommy and imouto

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>>517566432>And the most irritating part is that Edelgard fucking learns of this in the story yet disregards itI agree with everything you've said but I don't think Edelgard learns the truth in Crimson Flower.

This thread is missing something...youtube.com/watch?v=9UEH6DMuBvc

>>517568197She learns parts of the truth. Enough that you'd think it'd make her motivated to learn more or at the very least question what she thought she knew. But I guess not.

Is Edelgard and Crimson Flower proof that brainwashing and propaganda are a real think?Most of the people who followed her as their first route think she is the saviour of Fodlan and did nothing wrong

>>517562568>>517563148You were supposed to KILL the lizard, not join them!

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>>517568223This video was really based, until the villain showed up and turned it into a tragedy.

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dimitri goodedelnerd bad

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>>517560082making rhea moan loud enough for edelgard to hear!

I am genuinely concerned at how many people I know think Edelgard is correct.

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>>517569439They are right.

>>517569439you could end it user

didn't read any post in this thread lol

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>>517566159>bad ending >implying

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>>517560082At least in the true route (Blue Lions) she has the good sense to step down and let you become Pope, probably because she realizes that she would get fucking slaughtered by Chadmitri with little effort if she tried to start shit

>>517570092More green mommy

>>517570092you can fap to at least 5 parts of her body in this pic

>>517570121>implyingRhea and Chadmitri don't hate each other

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>>517567891I dislike Raphael as a character even though I'm usually a fan of the simple strong cheerful type, mostly cause of Lorenz. His dad probably killed your parents and their support is about fucking table manners.

>>517570293>>517570121In Blue Lions Rhea and Dmitri don't even interact with each other, Rhea is practically a non-character in AM.

>>517560082Immagine creating such a 10/10 female warrior design and not using it for the entire story.

>1 year later>still simping for edelstupid.

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>No Argarthan party memberIt hurts

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>>517570493I know thatthe pic is for cf

>>517570121>step down and let you become Pope,doesn't that happen in all routes, cept CF, unless you marry her?

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>>517570723I don't think that user played the game he seems to get a lot wrong.

>>517563378Sothis is just an alien. Rhea drank her own koolaid.

>>517565896Naha was being modest. Girl sent a entire army to a parallel universe three times without issue. Even anankos(hydra?) said that was beyond what he could do

>>517570601Surely your father would be redeemed if you gave the woman that killed him a good dicking right?

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>>517566942>or that Sothis is deadSothis isn't exactly dead though.

>>517571435No, mount her head on a pike, as we kill all filthy murderous whores.

>>517570601Sometimes, I wonder if:>Edelgard gave the order to killor>Edelgard knew Jeralt was gonna die but didn't say anything

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>>517571573Can I rape her at least before killing her

>>517566432>Edelgard fucking learns of this in the story yet disregards it and keeps hating the church just as strongly as ever.Could be because shes sacrificed too much and come too far in her mind to turn back so shes trying to delude herself into believing all shes worked and sacrificed for is still correct? It's not easy to give up what you've worked all your life for and accept it was wrong. All the time, emotion, suffering and energy ultimately wasted.

>>517572302This I could accept. But the game doesn't even try to hint at such a thing, while working really hard at trying to justify Edelgard in spite of everything.

>>517571983She's complacent in either scenario.

>>517571983I initially planned to join her and do her route my first time until this happened. I thought the same thing>you either killed my dad or let it happen>or are allied with the ones who did>why the fuck would I ever help you?>>517573672I think the word you're looking for is complicit.

>>517560082>Imperial propagandaDidn't read LOL

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how do I replay this game without getting bored? I could obviously pick a different house, but maybe a new playstyle too?

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>>517571983>Edelsimps would still try to hit that after she got Byleth’s father killed>They would still try to argue she’s some 100% justified hero, and that Dimitri, Claude, and Rhea are all bad people for opposing her

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>>517567521>not claude firing dimitri as a projectile from failnaughtReminder that BOAR rounds are lethal at any velocity, but especially at 200kph

>>517574120Claude wouldn't be able to carry Dimitrihe's a manleth

>>517572143No. You can only have beautiful, loving, consensual sex with a member of the Church or any of its allies

>>517570493>Rhea is practically a non-character in AM.its because they realized too late that AM was rapidly approaching golden route territory, and decided to write the ending bits of the SS/GD route out of it and just handwave the conversations with rhea to offscreen epilogue territory because it had to lack *something*.

>>517571573i'd mount her head on my pike every morning before breakfast