a game using Simpson screencaps>Other anons guess what game it is

frinkiac.com/>Describe a game using Simpson screencaps>Other anons guess what game it is

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>>517560836That one's pretty good, user

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>>517561735Mother 3?

>>517561735Disco Elysium?

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>>517562920Fallout: New Vegas, although the last panel makes me think of 4


>>517559871Katana KINO

>>517564332Bingo, fucking finally. Didn't think anyone was gonna get it.Free expansion DLC soon

>>517559871is this loss the thread

Filename refers to the quality of the post, not the game. Couldn't exactly find what I wanted but it's all there.

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>>517559871>tried to make this thread on /a/ a year ago>nearly got banned for shitpostingStill, glad Holla Forums has these threads. I used them in a video game pub quiz for an intermission round and everyone loved it

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i made a couple a good while back, repostin'

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I feel like this one came out pretty well.

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>>517564858This sounds like an amazing game. I wish I had a clue what it could be.>>517565262If the robot was in the 3rd slot I'd say Conkers BFD, but Cowboy Apu is throwing me off.

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>>517559871Looks like the guy that thought he was the ripper

>>517565534Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

>>517565832That's the one.


>>517564938cuck simulator


this one is easy

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>>517566239Could be literally any Castlevania.

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>>517566434>>517566330I was thing RoB specifically but pretty much

>>517566672That's a pretty good one for BK.

>>517566927guh huh

Shouldn't be too hard>>517565567It's not an obscure game, but the references aren't all from the more easily recognizable bits

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>>517567651A Homer chooses: A Smithers obeys.


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>>517565262hit and run


>>517570785You got it.

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>>517571363Bioshock Infinite?

>>517564858VtmB? >>517565471OFF>>517571363Fallout 2

>>517571363Fallout 2

>>517572917>>517572823yes, fallout 2

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>>517571905The last of us part 2

>>517573007EDF, All of them


>>517570616Sea of Thieves

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>>517574183Hotline miami?

easy one

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My first attempt

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>>517564858sekiro pog

>>517574328If it wasn't for the flood panel, I'd say Borderlands 1

>>517574590super mario sunshine?

>>517574328Half Life 2: Episode 1

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>>517559871How the fuck do people know the Simpsons well enough to find the perfect panels from episodes to describe video games? I haven't watched this show since I was like 12 (I am now 26). Do people really still watch this show on the norm? How many episodes are there now?

>>517574850close enough, correct

I think this one is pretty easy..

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