Can we have an Atelier Ryza thread?

Can we have an Atelier Ryza thread?

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>>517558910I don't know niggy, do you have something interesting to discuss? Otherwise fuck off.

Sure why not


No love for Ayesha ever

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It depends. Are you going to spend this time helping each other out on areas you may be stuck in, or discussing powerful plot points and character moments? Or will this thread be wasted by showing the female characters in compromising situations?

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>>517559058I'm interested in the marine life on Kurken Island.

>>517559257Best game

>>517558910Are you a cultural phenomenon ?

>>517559541A what?

>>517559710A cultural phenomenon !

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She's in.

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So what's the chance the alchemy in ryza 2 will actually take effort to make good equipment? Item rebuild makes it no effort at all to get max quality gear with all of the traits you want on it, so hopefully they don't bring that back.

>>517559257>>517559456Good gameHorrible alchemy, and don't forget the comically dumb equipment system.Ryza was ok I guess, the biggest thing that was weird to me was how they had almost no secondary characters.hopefully they'll fix it in ryza 2

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As much as I'd love to see the salt from Ryza getting in Smash, the leaker said the Direct was going to be on the 20th. One would have been announced by now if it were happening on that date. At least we're getting a Ryza 2.

>>517560490Is posible that is a mini

>>517560490Not that I'm particularly upset that it's ryza 2 but it is weird, I suppose they want to capitalize on thigh impact financial violence

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>>517560430I haven't played Ayesha since it first came out but I don't re8having any issues with the alchemy or equipment. I know you had to use your alchemy abilities in certain a certain order to get the best results, but otherwise I thought it was pretty typical wasn't it? Tbh the games all kind of blur together at this point.

Enjoy them before they become smash threads.

>>517560625Her popularity pretty much guaranteed she was going to have a big role in the next Atelier, but I was expecting her to share protagonist duties with another character. Like an apprentice or rival or even that alchemist the doctor was searching for in the first game.

>>517560681I just played through all of dusk in the past 2 months.Ayesha's alchemy isn't inherently bad but it is certainly weird and dumb, though the worst part of it is how they handle traits.Equipment though is just objectively bad, I've never seen anyone try to say otherwise. You can't make any and you just have to get them as random drops from monsters (i think slags have a higher drop rate? or something) and THEN you have to apply the whetstones and dyes to them, which themselves aren't explained well at all and it wasn't until I had 100%d the game did I even notice one facet of them.

>>517560856>Her popularity pretty much guaranteed she was going to have a big role in the next AtelierThat's always the case though, outside of Ayesha and that was because her seiyuu was expensive.Rorona was a fairly big deal in totori, they were in meruru, sophie was the first big plot driver in firis and is effectively treated as a goddess in lysue and firis is kind of a big deal there too.It's probably just called Ryza 2 but she's teaching someone else, you can't really have her go from end-game atelier protagonist who are all demigods back to making ointments and crafts.

>>517560625They said they were considering a new game with Riza shortly after the release during an interview, but that was so vague nobody paid attention. It must have been seriously profitable.

>>517559541Her thighs are a cultural phenomenon.

>>517560951OK, I remember making the whetstones but forgot about not being able to make the actual equipment. I don't remember it being a problem for me but it definitely sounds dumb. Eventually I'll get around to replaying it via DX but I'm currently slogging through a tiny hat-wearing princess's game.

>>517560625It honestly didn't come off that surprising to me. I figured Gust would break tradition to ride the wave. And besides, like >>517561219 said, the producer was considering it.

so which game has the best alchemy system?

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So this guy was gay for his bully, right?

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before i post anything, how old is she?

What do you guys want from the sequel? I'm hoping they tone down the main story elements significantly and expand more on good side quests and exploration. Kinda bums me out how many areas in Atelier Ryza were locked out due to lacking story progress.

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>>517561406that's one of my favorites yeai really prefer the alchemy in games where you do something instead of using a menu but everything else is good.>>517561691500%, though I'm surprised the bully got more character development than he did, though character in general was very thin in ryza.>>517561624LS>Escha>Sophie>Ryza>Shallie>Ayesha>Firis

>>517561694old enough


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Where┬┤s a good place to start with the series? Atelier Ryza looks nice

>>517562041ryza's nice, other big starting points are sophie and roronai think they're all pretty good games outside of totori and firis which have some pretty big flaws to memost people don't talk about the ones older than the arland games but those exist too

>>517562143Thanks mate

>>517558910Made to be bred by futa cock

>>517561906Considering the first game had a summer setting, I want the sequel to have a winter one.

>>517562219Who's futa cock?

>>517562296Ryza in frilly winter clothing would be nice

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>>517561906Definitely a bit less story focus. I'm all for having a more serious plot but it shouldn't monopolize the bulk of the game. Developing the character relationships and having them interact with each other is half the fun of these games.I'd also like to see item use retooled. Either make items finite or limit their usage so other way. And get rid of the overly generous fast travel. Being able to warp back to the Atelier for a full heal and then right back to the field areas made the game too easy. Maybe make warps rely on tokens you need to earn?

>>517562194I've never had an issue with any of the time limits in the series even though I always saw people talk about how hard they were, but if you care about that then rorona, totori, meruru, ayesha, escha, and firis have time limits. presumably the series won't have any more time limits since it's been a thing to not have them for 6 years now other than firis

>>517562383Kilo's of course. Where do you think she got that name from? It weighs that much.

>>517562424>sequel has Ryza wearing feminine clothingYes pls

>>517562041Ryza is your best bet. It's the most newbie friendly and the most polished by far. If you want more after that then do one of the trilogy starters, Rorona, Ayesha, or Sophie. Just be warned Rorona and Ayesha are the best in their trilogies (IMO) so it's downhill after that. Sophie is the opposite, being the weakest (again, only IMO so any Sophiefags can put down the pitchforks) and the sequels getting better.

>>517562041Ryza, ironically.

>>517562757LS is certainly better than Sophie but Firis has way too many fuck ups for me to think it's better.I like most of the ideas they tried it's just that most of them also really suck.

>>517562557I just hope she lets her hair out in some fashion.

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They also leave one of the best characters in sophie but decided to bring along fat childhood friend for some reason

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>>517563005Maybe they'll give her long hair like in her prototype design.

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>>517562926I can respect that but disagree completely. I think Sophie handled alchemy better but I preffered the exploration focus of Firis, not to mention having a defined goal. I enjoyed Sophie a lot, don't get me wrong, but a lot of it felt aimless.

>>517563575>but I preffered the exploration focus of Firisit was nice but i felt like it was really hampered by them shoving in time limits again and also making it real timei spent a while in the first area doing some sidequest to save a tree before I realized I had spent a while there and had to go so I just had to drop the sidequestit's like shallie where they didn't have a real time limit but didn't know how to pace anything

>>517562757>Just be warned Rorona and Ayesha are the best in their trilogiesI thought everyone loved Escha & Logy?

Klaudia is so fucking gay holy shit

>>517563970>Klaudia is so fucking gay holy shitmost secondary girls are nowadaysthe entire plot of lulua is how gay she is for a robot girl and then her childhood friend is into her as well, then there's sophie doing "maintenance" on plachta for over a decade

>>517558910Super fucking easy and boring game. I hope the sequel is better.

>>517563732Yeah that's a complaint I see a lot. I didn't spend much time doing side stuff (other than getting the extra letters) before the exam so it wasn't really an issue for me, but I bothered enough people that I think it's a legitimate flaw. I think they should have communicated better that the game was going to give you unlimited time after the exam to do side stuff.

My wife Klaudia.

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>>517563890It might be more popular. I liked it a lot but I thought Ayesha was better, but I don't know what the general concensus is.

>>517564308>I botheredMeant it bothered

>>517564425how they handle the time in escha is pretty much the only knock against it, you'll always have 2+ months left over to do shit and you can't start progressing onto next assignment so you just run around doing nothingcolony collapse disorder was kino though

>>517564458How dare you bother people and pass the blame to Firis. Have you no shame?

>>517564623firis is dumb and brattyi couldn't stand her personality in her game, turning her into a shonen autist for l&s was at least an improvement if weird

>>517564568That was my biggest issue with it. I found ways to kill time but it did get annoying at times to be gated like that. I also wasn't as keen on the cast or OST (although it was still good) compared to Ayesha's.

>>517564804The new characters aren't as good but the jew loli was nice.Ayesha has 3 songs I can remember and Escha has 2 so I guess that has it beat.

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>>517564730>brattyDumb I can see but how was she bratty? Ilmeria was the bratty one. Firis was naive to a fault but that was her charm; seeing the enthusiasm of such a sheltered girl experience the world for the first time was great. L&S Firis was ruined except for her usefulness in combat.

Lila bros wwa


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>>517565105It's mostly just a meme, I don't think she's bratty but I couldn't stand her attitude in the first half of the game. It kind of goes away in the second half but she's still the one whose personality I like the least.I was fine with her being sheltered and seeing the world but what annoyed me was her "I'm helpless and can't do anything and I Want To Prove Myself"liane turning into imoutofucker 9000 was weird too but I don't think anyone really cared about her personality in the first place

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>>517560365Why would they take away something that made the alchemy easy when Ryza being casual as fuck was one of the reasons it sold so well?

Do you think there's a possibility for a Ryza OVA?

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>>517563890E&L is the worst Dusk game by far. Shallie used to be hated for being an unsatisfying conclusion to the series but Plus did a lot to improve that, though not totally fix it.

>>517560490>As much as I'd love to see the salt from Ryza getting in Smashutterly delusional. worse than reimufags and slayerfags. seek help.


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>>517565304>liane turning into imoutofucker 9000 was weird>turning intoLiane wanting to fuck the shit out of Firis was literally her only character trait to begin with.

>>517558910>Ryza will never be in SmashWHY EVEN LIVE

>>517566201She was protective of her yea but they cranked it up to 20 in LSNot that I'm complaining

>>517565996Dipshit I was saying the leak was bullshit

>>517566494I didn't even play L&S. In Firis' game Liane was comically gay for her.

>>517566789If you think liane was comically gay for her in firis it'd be entertaining to see what you think of her in LS.

>>517558910she makes my pp hard with her fat thighs

>>517562296Would her thighs get even fatter to store heat?



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>>517560054Of the thousands of Ryzas that exist, I want to say this is the Ryza that I would like to impregnate.

>>517558910Can we have a fucking EXA_PICO thread instead?

>>517573579I mean, I'd bite, but I'm pretty sure it'd fall off the index in a matter of minutes.

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>>517574078I wish I had a reyvateil gf.